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Overtime - Episode #501: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Seth MacFarlane, Max Brooks, Adam Gopnik, Joy Reid

2019-06-29 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 6/28/19)

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Welcome to each year pipe from each be only real time. Joy. Your new book is all about trumps impact on America. Do you think, will be able to recover from his presidency. One c finally leaves office. I keep saying you never were well, you know what he keeps it you never will rather usually need. Now he's doing it, you know it's can be very hard. I interviewed a lot of people from all around the world to all said. One thing: the thing that America has said about itself since world war, two we kind of suspected might be a bit bullshit Donald Trump has made us feel. Yet it was always bullshit. We don't believe it anymore, so getting the world to leave again to believe that we are capable of the good people, the leader of the free world, real democracy, the multicultural democracy they got when pretty for done after we began, but he's keys created it and the other thing is this like severe, I change right, so Donald Trump does a tariff war. People start buying our soybeans. You think, because Kamel Harris is present, suddenly that we like organ of buyers,
I deem again not have already found other people to buy right and they don't know yet back so economically, a lot of damage to be really really hard to get a case of wire. What are your thoughts on twitters new policy that it will lead to the tweets of national figures that break the platforms rules? That's a really fuckin hard question. That's that's! That's states have met their will. What are the again this? This falls under the category of you know. If I was running twitter, I would not know I would curl up into a feeble position and and hide in the corner. I it's the hardest question the world ass, because it's it's. You want you once absolute freedom of speech, but at the same time twitters impact and the impact of Facebook impact of of social media is undeniably potent. So there is some regulatory responsibility to prevent the dissemination of bullshit information. But
How'd you get here, how do you do get row? It's the only. The only advice I can give is to the to the people of topic. Just use your use. Your brain case by connecting out- and I would say to most of the normal people out there- you have to stand up to Twitter, you that's what has to happen. That's what liberals are not doing. They do it private. The problem is that easier, said than done. Because you have the press that lashes on rights to say go right of way. I don't know we gotta innovation, rather than are educated, only wouldn't be susceptible to enemy. They write this all over. But now Russia has an it's been one year and I think we also need to be responsible to push back on. Just on a personal level, I mean I had a friend ones who posted article on Facebook said the Russians are feeding people in a leper. Why are we doing that? Why click and the link which were not linked to another link which went to Bashar Al Assad website, and I had a cholera Do you realize you are forward? the article of the dictator, she didn't know, she's got no idea. So if we smell bullshit,
we need to be community leaders as well as big in public about absolutely true. It also is important to turn off your phone. I mean it's, you know it's to remember. Their twitter is not reality and is something that I think he saw in the debates that if you believe that the twitter mob is the real world you gonna get in trouble and it's easy enough to turn off your phone and walk out in their view. What were you doing? It's getting to the point where this thing that we have created is getting so powerful and having such an impact, It's it's almost like a department of social media created as well, but then what would they do it? And yet well beyond Ryan's. What are all that? That's that's right, the only they say, but that's it is that when you think about it, twitter only works in a context where you have the institutions that allow free speech to be propagate a I'm, not I'm not unlike wreck.
Forget it- I'm just ass. You know myself, member in IRAN at the time of the so called green revolution. Twitter was alive and sparkling and they shut it down and Harry and will do the same thing in Hong Kong. The Medina in China to write anything save two. So given those choices in twitter is properly protected by liberal institutions, that's more important than the fact that bad information does get out. When we have two then correct with good information. That's the way the that's away system should work, and I can tell you that companies don't accept any responsibility. I was at a conference in DC for the Atlantic Council and they were asking about national security and social media, and I won't say.
Company, but a rap basically said like hey, hey we're, just the cart. Just we're not responsible for the aid inside has nothing to do with the other day. You're lying you, it's it's at the end of it all comes down to the conscience of Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg into they want to do what is right and what I do, and I dont know what we re asking you posted a face, but the first thing will happen when you post when you, because I sang thousand six item- and I have only been recently doing it for the marketing stuff. The first thing you get his boost post. So there immediately trying demonetized your posting, the metric cat. Then what do you want to send this to twenty one people? Thirty dollars, you can do it, I mean they're about they are trying to make money based on how many people use it. Even if the people are real people natal care, if their humans, I don't care. If it's a troll farming, you know do Brodsky, they don't care, they just want the money, and so the problem is saying: they're just a platform. There are no there also monetizing us we're, not the customer where the product- okay. So do you anticipate
Robert Mothers public testimony. Another story that happen we didn't mention, but it's not gonna happen until July. Seventeen carbon Mahler will testify. You anticipate his trip up because we will reveal anything lawmakers don't already now, we were- and I don't have you really can we please democratic Party, can can. Can America stopped outsourcing the responsibility to contain the President to Robert Mueller? as long as I'm not running job of bloggers Congress? If you want to rein in the president, you have all the power you needs in the constitution. Stop outsourcing you're jobs to Robert the absolutely were absolutely right, joy, but with one addition I would make a modern, nor did he had a very narrow area. They are very precise, realistic inception, none the less. What did he say? Indians it? I can't indict the guy because I'm not allowed to- and I and even say, I think, he's a mega download, I did but right now, but nonetheless he was taking it by the letter of the the office
Then he said- and it was like you Know- trying to help somebody when they are getting a question wrong on a test. He said if we could say that he was innocent of obstruction of justice, then we would say but we cannot say it is calculated. Executives was saying: he's loyalties, obstruction of justice. These values are trying to go on democratic congressmen at the same time, why these subtle? Isn't it the instigators and I'm gonna kill us just where he's trying to be such a avoiding out about it? Not, but there was one history all maybe so, but the conclusion is perfectly clear: if you read the mother for him to get with politicians. What do you think this cards it would? You know they did a reading of the Mulder report that church, yet what You are right. We lot hours with a lot of celebrities. Just in long played call me knows, played some, but just in timber lake may not just on it couldn't be
determined, like I'd Brown. This now, but there were some big names are generally. We Dreyfus was their John. Let's go and they read the Mulder report. I dont know what this accomplice, the other matter where we differ boy eyes. I might we don't know we don't know. What's gonna happen until the votes are cast, unless it there might be a lot of people to come out of those voting boots and say listen. I was hard core right wing bag that guy the third Reich. Everybody knew anything we're having Friday night watchman remove Venetian, not ninety HBO dot com
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