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Overtime - Episode #509: Salman Rushdie, Gina McCarthy, Barney Frank, Linette Lopez, Noah Rothman

2019-09-28 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 9/27/19)

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Welcome to each year from each the only real time, and they re all right here are the questions Noah by this could be for everybody. What would it take? The Republicans to break with Trump publicly I heard was then SAS or just like one of them said if they took the vote privately. Thirty to thirty, five Republicans would vote to impeach, but that's not publicly. What would it take yeah, that's kind of hard to believe, but it wouldn't be. It wouldn't be off that by that much I mean every half hour, I've, ITALY, privately yeah. So what would it take? It would take for them to believe their political prospects are imperilled that might sound like you know, it's a moral failure and you could do it that way, but it's the fact- and so, if you start to see poles of impeachment, that begin to swallow up.
Of independence and twenty percent. Thirty percent of Republicans than yeah you're gonna see we're some Republicans jumped ship Barney, giving democratically able to stay united in on message throughout the impeachment process, or will the or the divisions between progressives and moderates re emerge it is. It is a bit of a minefield for that. That's true! Thanks to Nancy below he, we will a united and she took on the people of the region, and she has impeccable. Couldn't you now again Anyone who said I you would just looking for new pigment he's been very firm on that and now there is one possibility. I hope- and I know this is her position- stay on the interference in the action by trying to smear the candy most feared by holding up weapons at the Ukrainians needed, to defend themselves against your friend, going back into some other side issues about paying the Stormy Daniels
and I hope they oak standard. I believe they will- and I think that gets on this question now of focusing on, I think, the defence of the national interests and democracy by going after what prompted she'll have almost public unanimity, what do you think Lynette? You are business, your business insider, of course, of the? U S centrist beer reporting income inequality is now at a fifty year high. I mean, I think, that it sounds like it's time to deliver a message, a lot like the one that tromp delivered four years ago, and I don't think he's going to be able to do that. I was just in a room, a message. Everything is fucked up.
And I alone can fix it after four years of trauma, I see his surrogates out there. I was just in a room of whilst readers and my pants and he was doing the victory lap. We won. Capitalism is back we're here to win love of lively ones, winning and that didn't even go well down. Well enough, suits. I dont understand how tromp is going to be able to circle that square and say not only by the victim and I'm screwed and everything's fucked up, and you know wrong, but also I just one the last four years and you should react me, the winning message. Jazz yeah anyway, quality is terrible. We have a corrupt society, crony capitalism that still a winning message. I think for a lot of Americans and it's gonna be really hard to see the Trump Administration say We did it. We are winners, but also say you're fucked, your victims. Let me when it for you can I just out of gratuitous conservative talking point to this So that's, that's daddy,
yeah. That study. Also show that the media in american income is the highest its ever been in the mid sixties, so well, income inequality is broad, more Americans are doing better. You can, I say in response that the median doesn't help the people are moving and the fact is that medium is one thing, and they were people doing well, but not only People are not doing well, but trumpet failed to help them trumps. That's the other, manufacturing. Isn't a slump, we're seeing that slum move into the services sector. The recession isn't just to fear it's something. That's a distinct possibility, especially given the fact that we are going to continue this ridiculous with China, and now we ve we ve started ship with the EU. There are also a big, it is it's. The world is starting to be met.
No matter how much central banks listen policy. We're still seen as an economic growth is decreasing, decreasing healing shelf was working. Fish gape, go forward, economy that getting worse and when I'm politically by the way is the trend is what count even more me absolute, but clearly, inequality is worse than when we started and he has done Euro to make it better make it work. See say I'm winning, but what your legs? That's, how you know what was gratuitous? He wasn't arguments let's make right so that we can go through with it. But I understand all this trumpeted promises of deliberate on. May I remind you in sixty eight Nixon ran on the idea that pledge I'm going to the war in Vietnam. He didn't
Four years later- and I did seventy two- he ran on the platform, I'm going to end the war in Vietnam. That's a salesman! Ok! He also drew Mcgovern Mcgovern, which, unfortunately, the candidate ok are Gina, which Democratic Canada has put forth the best policy, To address climate change, all that's it that's a good one was I will. I will take them all, because I was so excited that they actually had a climate debate is somebody's about climate less than what was being here. You know the winner in the climate debate seem too big Governor enjoy ruin their right because everybody storm is plans and gave him credit for it. So, but I think the most important thing right now is to recognise how much people now our feeling and seeing the impacts of climate change? How much that that people running for office recognise that they are not going to pander to the developing real plans? We
Do something gets Senor exactly yard. California, you, but I mean things used to be more alive. They would birds and butterflies. And Every day I see bees walking when we make me almost cry like the old in the commercial, I see a be walking like bees are not supposed to be walking and this by bees outer Sidney between it, and I think it's up domestic politically. This is the first project being ever in which climate change has been. If you give you and it's entirely because Donald Trump deposition literally nobody gonna took it for granted that maybe sites about more or less but trumpets, elevated it and I think. Disadvantage? Ok salmon indian Prime Minister Modi recently appeared it if I was in Houston Sunday. My luck, I'm in Houston, once every two years and there the
fats are arriving. Modi, do you think and- and there was twenty five I was in screaming Indians year. Therefore trump they were holding hands in voting. Yes, I saw ok, do you think Trump first to appeal to Indian Americans will be effective. It is a seems, a saint popular there and whose, because, unfortunately, I am sorry to say about my people- that a whole chunk of the voted for trouble ass time round, they didn't they did and the Modi B and I'm immodest pitch and trumps are not so far apart bright. Imagine that they well it's a particular kind of nationalism. Is they both invent a fairy tale of the past in order to justify actions in the present? So tromp. We have the red hot, this golden age of America that we're supposed to get back to an movies. Do the same thing is inventing a much more distant golden age.
Golden age of Hinduism predated. The arrival of the muslim invaders uses that to justify attacking minorities, produce print and breaks it. Some say or think is a very similar. I very tale of England. You think it's a fairy to yet because the golden age is always a fairytale. The idea that there was such a thing as a golden age of universal happiness and prosperity The fact is, and what about Camelot? Wasn't there a place? They had Camelot you break into Thank you very much everybody every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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