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Overtime - Episode #513: Dr. Jay Gordon, Ronan Farrow, Christina Bellantoni, Dennis Prager, Richard Stengel

2019-11-02 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 11/1/19)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO real time you're. Here we are with the questions road and we are surprised that you are able to win the trust of the black cube agent hired by Harvey Wine steam to stock and intimidate deal negative to explain what that means. Folks from her lack Cuba's and israeli private intelligence firm that touts its close connections to them. Aside its run by a lot of former massaged another is really intelligence and military personnel, and they did have a sub contractor operation where there is a russian spy and a ukrainian spike and of chasing me around for a lot of the plot of catch and kill and look one of the inspiring things about these events. Despite all the darkness in them is time and time again there were whistleblowers who saw bad stuff happens.
And said enough? I'm going to report it and one of those guys chasing me becomes a source Sonny. You know one chafing, you know for a time it's but of its paranoia of seeing the same car over and over again sings guy over and over again, and then I was merely it is receipts and an attorney and sceptical investigate reporter and I get all the contracts showing exactly how the operation when and one of these guys at the heart of it was one of the many sources who stood up and said I care about the free press. I don't wanna, be tracking reformers and what are the craziest things in it, as you describe getting all these text, messages like just doesn't anthem that Diane like that is not a way, a met that I would have thought to be spied on, but now it's made me paranoid. They use my phone to track me there's a lot of different methods, but it actually thyssen to some very high stakes issues globally to right, because Jamal who show geese friends had this kind of spyware on their phones and israeli company called S. Own group is one of the meetings. When you wanna get serious revision, you get Israelis there,
when I went to Europe to tour like four years ago who protected me, Israelis that so we got. We got fuckin, Israel ears, a great private firms of Israel to do good work on security raised. I'm just saying I didn't Damien. I was able to ask other agents. So a ringing endorsement. Ok, doktor, Gordon! How concerned? Are you about the new report that says ninety five percent of baby food contains toxic metals. It does. I tell people to please make their own baby food. I don't trust the manufacturers of children's products, whether its pharmaceuticals are baby food, and I worry alot about about on the new vaccine laws which have taken the decision about vaccines away from parents initially gave it to me and now there's gonna be a government comedian. California, deciding whether or not you medically qualify for vaccine exemption and those laws are going to spread across.
It states and ass? We saw them down and the sheep not applauding. Ok, Dennis. How can you justify saying truth is not a left wing value and Donald Trump has lied over thirteen thousand times taking office. He does lie. You would agree with that I thought I would not so easy way. We first of all what
we're going to make someone like you, studied, talk too much more complex and mention the candles, and we never had a conversation. Ok then does at present live like battle. Allow me to explain my coming: ok, first World Donald Trump, Donald Trump Donald Trump is not right wing or our concern. Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Ok, the left. When examining the left wing I'll, tell you what I'll tell you what it means and means that the left wing is infinitely larger than one person I dont lose one left wing person who tells a lie. The left wing says I'll give you a gigantic lies that the United States is a racist country. This. This is a lie. This isn't a gargantuan lie. This is the least racist, multi, cultural, multi, ethnic country in the history of the world that these people believe it is proved to me. What about it? effective lying, but you will be aware. This is an unbelievably none voracious country. Have you people been to Asia? Do you people
No doubt worship uneasy and not allow one vietnamese boat person into Japan. Ok, cause they're, not japanese, outwardly allowed them into American. Whether one is that where that is our joy, no rather than the Jack no representative, I want a market. We are less racist in any country, with many races that in its national law, which have some one has ever been down. I've half coarseness right, I'm in You are right to show much in America is a giant lie that America is Anti Semitic, I taught jewish is drying, Brooklyn knowledge. I know what I will call books on June. This is the least they are targeted. Many country, Jews, have ever lived in to say their work is anti. Semitic isn't lie to say this, This is a lie. This giant left wing line. My degree shea that men can menstruating is a lie, and that is now
That is what I said that I think one says what not menstruating was considered transport. I missed this whole story, not only where resort where you letting just google it can then menstruating, but who is saying this you're saying you are, is really that: how do you allow men, the biological meant to one against women in the races in Connecticut and sit all the household reckoned? Ok, they're called men. No nation. I wouldn't said there are there other women, but I would agree with you on that. The way you framed it is nonsense. We don't like what are you
perfectly I don't know, no, you didn't what you're talking about is yes, someone who is transgendered was a man now claims to be a woman. Is a woman. Ok is beating the dog shit out of other women in the race, because of course they are more muscle, mass and even martini Navratilova came out, and this is ridiculous when they might not mine, I'm not have women's board. This is a far cry from saying men commenced or wait. I agree that where anyone with Ruth ok at the University of Burke Lee Men's room tampons are given out check it out, can't you see Berkeley men's rooms. Have dispense with you sad because men are pussy whipped and their girl Tampa. Moving on to the next. The Dennis, I remember you were in the ocean
you were a little more reasonable see that was. It really is that we think that men men generated no one. Does we have you heard about it? I missed that when I confess you weren't machine, I was absolutely yell Geezer. These people are very dull Canada, trees, one. I would break the resolute get that you that the energy be he Q normative statement. Is men can menstruating with North America generating most sites that talking about another kind of gusher with north, with North America happening with North America.
Generating most of the oil that used in the United States. Why is the? U S? Still in the Middle EAST, I read this week that we get sixteen percent of our oil from the Middle EAST countries. That's not much only thirty billion dollars to we spend on most have we get from us. Canada get half candidate, we like half and they
zero warlords and Mexico? Why are we so? Why are we spending untold billions to protect this area that we only spending thirty billion on oil for makes no sense? Well, it should be liberating for us. I mean we. We started to get involved in the Middle EAST in nineteen, forty five, when we wanted oil when those oil discovering Saudi Arabia and ran. We are now as the last two years, the world's largest energy producer. Not just oil itself, but all kinds of other forms of energy, and it should liberate us from having to be there. What's ironic and silly about what Donald Trump has done is he's taken out a thousand special operations forces in Syria by the way, the same guys who got out back daddy, we have fourteen thousand people
wait. We have thirteen thousand people in cutter, let's bring some of them home. I agree. We should have a smaller footprint in there in the Middle EAST and the person who try to do that was Barack. Obama is also reasons to be present strategic other than military presence, and we ve talked about this before we have strict mind our diplomatic apparatus and in a lot of these countries, we now have primarily a military posture that is completely needless. It costs us in multiple ways and its changed the face we before to the world. We need new, I mean that's in these places. Look, I think the fact that we had a small number of troops in Syria, but still american troops. All you need is a couple of thousand, and- and this is why, before trumpeted his thing three weeks ago, we didn't lose. Jury now ran.
Has an overland route into Hezbollah. I thought you were big: Israel, lubber you're. Ok, with that, your boy, Gale, Syria, to the Russians and the Arabians, and now Israel is going to have your rainy and you're right. I'm right for the record, wait just for the record. I want everyone can over the Wall Street Journal and every single republican and conservative columnist. I have read in concluding people. I've had my show disagreed with the President on Syria. So just know about the cult issue. I dont know who's in that cult, because every republic- and I have read- oppose the president on that issue. Well, I would advise you to look at Linsey Grams comments on that because at first he said what you're saying now and I agree
it was like present things out of the box. This could work, ok, maybe or I'd go. I'm the only one that this idea that the present doesnt have enablers and lackeys right. Did you read the comment from his press secretary, who said General Kelly quit because he couldn't you couldn't take the genius that is, Donald Trump did you see I have. I have noticed for secretaries unfair to pick on them. They have what they would again Annabelle rolled it. For a secretary ever say that anything like that. It's ok! If that's what she said, it's a silver she'd. She did talk amongst yourselves, I'm gonna find this guy, ok I'll, say some. We are in the Middle EAST, not just oil wherever american troops are. Liberty expands that look at Korea. Look at Germany! Look at Japan, the the if there if they gave the Nobel Peace Prize to those who deserve at the american military would
get it every year. Here's the comment she said. I worked with John Kelly and he was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great president, you're telling me that sounds like that's that's what fucking Kim Jong Pete Brown, like it's not right now, if you handle the genius of our great residents that in what we do, I would add a tool which not Porth North Korea. Is it where laughing at the president's surprise secretary, if you last John Jay Right Secretary, you dead we're looking at the trajectory of where we might go today were laughing tomorrow. Who knows? Thank you Peabody Hotel, new episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com
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