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Overtime - Episode #514: Judd Apatow, Gov. Steve Bullock, Rahm Emanuel, Steve Schmidt

2019-11-09 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 11/8/19)

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Welcome to reach me apart from HBO making real time raw material. Do you think, met more vainly will be thrown under the bus. Republicans trotted defend Trump against impeachment MIC Movin! Yes, in the rue de they're gonna go to thirty, I mean there's no one. He wouldn't run under the Bossi another out I got thrown by really together. You have. Wields you got a lot of people are. Those are the perhaps like know in advance that they're gonna get thrown under. Thus he's drone manifold and rides Michael Colored, like don't you know, going into the hands of discussion on this just like payable to paper when they say that the president
like you, it's like just put the clock and, as a matter of hours me I'll be out on the South launcher, never heard of a university Steve. What do you think of the anonymous senior official in the Trump administration? Writing? Well, like the war, a warning which seems like reading late, but I mean we have this anonymous. He wrote the op add. This is apparently somebody who is so on the inside that he can quote Trump on a daily basis. I have trouble with this because this only a limited number of people who could be wouldn't can they find this out its else. Fifty two million Erasmus evidence. I know she's amazing, he's upstairs reading brightening books and doing its job. I mean he's up there and how many people could it be? How could this person be this anonymous? How many people are in the White House everyday talking to trumpet?
the time, including up to now. Apparently this book goes to windows. Maloney s book come out right right. Maybe one look ass. If you work in a cleaner Obama, White House, you had a problem with a policy that hit you morally, you left and I actually don't accept the notion that anonymous amateur write a book about how trouble you're you trouble leaf and speak honestly in that be anonymous about and then be call it all out matters, everybody that leaves mattress and all the other rex. All they tell us in all these other people. They have not sold their sole you're selling your soul. Staying there in doing this and not being able to stand up there and say well, here's what did the other providers do? You know they would say without they haven't protected us forget about it. I don't buy that, but sometimes that is the argument column now they said this.
Same thing about him. He should have left the Bush administration and I think he did the nobler thing. No, I'm going to stay, because now I'm the only smart person in the room, you think who else is going to rein in Cheney and Rumsfeld me you didn't do it. He went to the United Nations and their active talking point. I know you don't know what they could have. They could went into a ran if he wasn't there. I do we don't know what didn't happen novel we do know what he had to do to stay in the price of staying when he gave was lips thinking what they gave him to read at the United Nations, easy for you,
I'm scared that I hear about. Suddenly, I agree with Scarab Muti medicated guys over it's ok, Governor Bullock, as someone determined to get money out of politics. What are your thoughts on the news that Tom's Dire sought to pay for endorsement in Iowa yeah? I mean I've been earning endorsements, the old fashioned way. I've been burning them talking to people not bind him, but I think this still show even more the overall problem, Tom Stars, a guy who bought his way out of the debate stage, he's buying this way along and then you have one billion air and the race and want to want to be Billy there in the White House and with all due respect to judge Judy, I dont think we need another billion air in this. Raise folks turnaround time and time again say their voice doesn't matter in this system. If this election, such wassail mean the Kennedys, we're rich, Sdr was rich,
I feel like we judge people too much, not on the content of their character, but he's too young ease to all these to register that, but he's just judge them on what they are staying and who they are rich people could be ready. As to the plight of immediate, look, I'm not saying that rich people can't be good people, but what I say is judged aspect You fucking, radio movies. I read this guy, but what does it mean when regular voters, you say their boat? Doesn't matter? Are their voice doesn't matter when someone can turn round say are at all spent forty seven million dollars in the last two rounds? just elevated makes the rest. The vital need actually always win. Trump got out
Hilary Tutu one and better? It's when you, when you used Roosevelt and Kennedy, then user wealth as a way to prevent other people from having an opportunity to actually saw their role in public life to make her other people had a chance to and got walk through the door of operating, and they made major changes from the g. I bill to actually also bring peace corps to give people a chance. A wealth doesn't describing it's what you do with your life to make a different browser. I would say I just sitting there in anything like that.
I worry that is always a rich guy. Just done everything is like other leopards, a rule, the world. You don't love it's for us than their during a judge. Why are you against Netflix is planned to allow users to speed up or slow down the play back of movies and tv shows way, and we heard about it. Can't we do this already smug Youtube. You can do your time and actual links of if you like you like, with like, if you're Apple and Elizabeth had gets a button right now. You know like twice ass, yes, and then there are talking about having a button so like maybe you just wanted to watch the godfather in an hour you could Are you kidding you know comedy is timing is only every move. I make will look like a Benny Hills Sketch and they must be doing this because people are demanding this people demand will surgeon
he'll people, my going, I wish I could you watch. You know this show with a laugh track. Let's get around. Where will add a laugh track to run on me, this is probably because there's just too much content now, there's just so many things that we want to watch our attention on the order and then any of it. This is the problem, you don't remember any of it. My wife and I were watching narco season two and had been like a year since he's in one without and we're like is our good guy or a bad. I could use a site couple cabinet means I could use the speech. I get our eyes. Thank you Thank you. Ideas, you're, terrific episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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