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Overtime - Episode #515: Jaime Harrison, Donna Brazile, Ian Bremmer, Frank Bruni

2019-11-16 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 11/15/19)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO real time Here we are an did anything good come out of air to one's visit to America. Well, the fact that you actually had a bunch of republican senators right behind tromp who were giving no sway on the russian missile system he's bringing in on the sanctions that they're gonna keep Trump wants to pretend that he's his body. What we ve seen with all these dictators Trump wants a cosy up with the american system. Still works, actually stops the present from doing what he wants to do will we'll president from Pardon Roger Stone
I prefer the election would be my gosh well he's going to be sentence on February six. I hope he rose in her well that son of a bitch WAL Mart Rear work. What Wiki leagues to store you're, not Jes democratic, but to destroy our democracy, travel, be worst inhale, and I wish I met the sentencing hearing cause I'm gonna, where the best looking address a courtesy and trying to work with a foreign government that is trying to destroy our country, destroy our candidate in day to day work to destroy Hillary Clinton. They worked so discord between helium, Berne and guess they took. I e mails took our personal information and then they turn.
And against us in threat now lies in harasses got up in jail. Thank God what a damn jury you? What are you wake me up like this? case as I a bit Never hateful, really work, Rob Mcgovern, just wrong where I have to work very hard to begin. Jamie knows where I'm coming on that date threaten us. They went after us and he understood what was at stake in. You saw what the testimony say: they were gleeful
screw the bunch of baskets gas regularly. That way, let me say something about Roger Stow Britisher thought. Now I've gotta go now. I mean he was closely Atwater, so you birds of a feather EU aid to brighten, bring a dirty trickster. I share her jubilation about Roger Stones, conviction its way eclipsed by frustration right, so poor man afford has had a moment of reckoning same from Michael COM.
Now Roger Stone Windows, Donald Trump moment of reckoning prostration about that way. Eclipses my jubilation about justice being served and not to always be the person, those looking for doom and gloom, but that's one reason why he can't leave, because MR erases either stay in power or go to jail, so I risk or sell that's a mean. This is what happens in third. World countries is dictatorship, you gotta stay in office or those are the only two choices it is x and it's tough debate, an incumbent when the economy is good and he's got tons of money. I don't think people we're like all you'll be has raised so much money way more than the Democrat. You point that he wouldn't leave certainly willingly if he loses, but this
also the question of when he is acquitted, he's going to believe rightfully given the process right, but he can continue to interfere, always going to run on it right, I'm a nor is he going to us to actually ensure the security of elections, visa fees, external forces like the Russian. So I mean there are a lot of people out there. They're gonna think that this twenty twenty election is not legitimate like an emerging in one case, gonna run farmers. The mullah record didn't get me this didn't get me. You never got me down. Re, never got me down, that's what he's gonna run ranching bull, God help us if you re elected, because he acts like this. In his first exactly tell I know, and if he was trying to break the country is not competent at it, but he might get a right, a NATO eyes. You know believe me, I'm shooting in my pants every day about that.
Because he's a vindictive pursue an engine make medicine. For I know the Japanese is actually legal in this date will lessen my ball. You too, I feel like the three of us should go away, they also allow baby Avenant I've been watching. You touch, you bill is my brother from another mother. Well, they that's around,
we will truly be able to give the Supreme get the Supreme Court to protect his tax returns from being released. Ok that came out today is taking it all. The way to the Supreme Court is tax returns New York's as we want them. I never thought this would be that I didn't think a guy could keep even These present could keep tax returns secret because the IRS has them. Yes, it's like they're, just in his safe. Why are they not been leaked? I dont know why. Why aren't they? Why kid someone do a covered action and just steal them or something America on a microfiche. This put it near Mount underwear either them having on papers to take out
reams of actual paper- god damn it. Maybe we ought to go. We have appointed a guy. I told me when he said that we are having a watchman removing these novel and each be oh dont. Com.
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