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Overtime - Episode #517: Ingrid Newkirk, Michael McFaul, Alex Wagner, Erick Erickson

2020-01-25 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 1/24/20)

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Welcome to reach me apart from HBO, making real time hello Ok? Here we are run overtime, Alex and struggling with the campaigns occurs. I were affected your opinion on whether or not I wish you'd be first in the democratic Reimer. Let me say one thing and I think this is uncertain of unsung ets unspoken. There is the reason steam king isn't congressmen. Maya is because the demographics of our changing there are a lot of immigrants in Iowa. Some of them are in document, and some of them are not, but that, in the face of I always changing and changing rapidly, especially in the labour market,
so we shouldn't just dismiss. I wasn't always state having, so that it is pretty down wait. So do I think that I mean I was interviewing Lillian Castro this this week and I think that there is a reasonable arguments to be made that the party, if it wants to accurately reflect its electorate, should read these rotate among states. But have higher hispanic an african american population. What do you think kernel of Trump saying he'll go after entitlements if these reelected ownership, Bullshit very sad and are not going to do it not nobody's gonna do it. I mean this is what the President says, but why say it because he wanted more money from the Republicans in his budget for nuclear events, so they gave him more. Money by say will be within titled. What's next time around and next time around, just like George W Bush that he'll do it, he won't actually do it. Well, you ve got it out.
Following up on all the big promises I mean like, where there's no way in even the republic is Paul Ryan wanted this bravery had both houses Congress Anna Republican Present, they wouldn't touch of its when we finally go bankrupt. Designation they'll all deal with these issues and until then you're not going to, but he did not do well with that. I mean he's added like it. Trillion dollars to the devil. It's horrible. Are I mean? Are you still remember? I don't even I used to be an elected Republican for God's sakes, I have no idea what the Republicans where he stands for others in helping the presence like these days. But what you are going to vote for the leg here, that there are no I've seen the other side it. You know, I honestly about myself. It's like gods judgment on the I dont like the guy in their enough of its policies. I do versus the people who I really liked you buy, needs a fine human being. I would sleep well with it was
but the policies can I just tell you referred by no return No, I would sleep well with Biden. No six live well with you can sleep, we wait if you'd sleep well with them when they voted. I am I really life. Isn't is a big issue for me, the life causes and insular. So I was right about. It is not by the word as your line of twenty years ago in the dim. Don't the Democrats, donors it. They would wipe out the republican Party. If you had a pro life Democrat, because a lot of people don't like the present will vote for a month. Tissue who really believe, like the Republican Party anymore, at least twenty Elise. Don't talk about abortion like you like it there? Yes, You used to know how to do that. Better Clinton. How to do a Google, it you know, is a good example sending with guns. Don't talk about it with such glee. You know like. Oh, I get it,
like all the goods that are going to be here with you alone in aviation I mean nobody by and large democratic parties now running, I mean better work can say things on a debate stage, but by and large democratic parties not running, Don't think we're gonna take away all the gun, Samia Banana voted on abortion either arrogant. But if you look at the pulling data, this is not at the top of the list for years. I think that I can bear it. That's a republican binary. This only two camps right, there's only two teams, everything that the blue t. Anybody on the blue team does gets thrown in the blue team hopper and we all have to answer for it to your right, not every democratic, doing that, but when they make the ads the people- and I will finish the blue- he doesn't have as much to answer for these days. That's approve, but yes, double stick it. There was no Ingrid. How old trouble
Repealing of all- and this is a horrible story- this we really mean get you trumps repealing of Obama era. Water protection is affect animal populations in the wetlands. Are you now? with no back to dumping, pesticides and fertilizers directly into waterways and to destroy wetlands for construction in this is gonna, be a big issue for you. I mean we really can point to any president has done magnificently found among us, but certainly this administration, that is, they have put in charge of the Department of Interior, the department of the sudden, the other at their no friend
of animals. One good thing has come out of the Trump administration. I had to sign a bill. He say signed a bill. He also the EPA has said it will move away from animal experiments and we ve been meeting with them and they have come further in this administration than they have in past administrations. The use of animals is gonna, go, but no in any other area. It's been a disaster. Ok, so I have one last question and that a culture being really daddy, just one more, I didn't get to it during the show, but this is I read this before it's a transcript of of a recorded call between Paul Ryan when he was the figure, the House, Kevin, Mccarthy and Steve Scalise right. This is June 15th, two thousand and sixteen I didn't know they were being taped, but we've heard it Mccarthy, there's two people, I think Putin pays.
The trump swear to God. Ryan says this is off off the record, no leaks right. This is how we know where a family here Scully. That's how you know that we're tight Ryan what said in the family stays in the family, so Mccarthy says Putin pays Trump and their reaction is not my god. Trump is on pollutant payroll its. Yet we keep this in the family. Run that doesn't bother. You see, I don't think more Bachar. I wouldn't be surprised when Amity City, the president, said it. I think potentized Robot Your end, Trump swear to God, just in case we didn't tell them apart, I mean. Doesn't the spectre of that or the idea that history can determine that. In fact, there was summary doesn't that shape. I. What do you want? You know my warm weather patterns.
But all I don't know the facts on that. Any I've been talking a lot about factory verges, that's that's what they say, but what really bothers me about folks like this: they don't like chrome. They they talked like you. I mean they all talk like you that they didn't lying. There are probably those guys I mean. You know whether there are talking in the family. That's what they saw him on the family and yet when they come out in the public right as they care about taxes. For you, maybe our issues are maybe power. They just they just forget about all this other stuff, and that's what I can't respect. I will support any republic concerning, gets up and says: listen all the evidence and you know what it for my beliefs. My opinion this president should be removed, because that is what I can't stand is when they won't. Let us see the facts when they
They are saying it's my. I can't hear the facts. I can hear the facts. The facts matter and I am optimistic about America has actually, if you look at the data Americans care about Stu most of Americans by the way are not polarized their purple? We, the elite, We, the media, we, the republic of the candidates, because of remembering and money we're polarized Montanans polarized guess I'm gonna put out. Guess how many montanans voted for Brok about two thousand and four into those names on tenants. Forty three point: eight percent, pretty close forty seven, why forty seven says that number that tell me we're polarize we're polarized what we may be our polarized. You had your I'm doing. Did you hear that thing? Is that it?
I told me when he said that we are having fatty night watch him. Any more information, not mind each be oh dot com.
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