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Overtime – Episode #518: Michael Eric Dyson, Mitch Landrieu, Mikie Sherrill, Rick Wilson

2020-01-31 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 1/31/20)

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from the HBO Realtime Congress, we defer. Do you believe the house passage of the. A war against IRAN Act yesterday will effectively curb trumps ability to take military action without congressional approval. So this is how we spend the cave great, wherever we passed, two resolutions line was ending the two thousand and two a mouth our relationship has met with where we got into work. That was widely seen as we got an that was, there was two thousand and the two thousand one are you on mass, which is fighting I'll, Kate and terror, so were fighting under that? The two thousand and two a map was largely seen as set out to take out these Saddam Hussein regime. That's the one burdens always open to explain.
For a right that so he's so Marlborough early years about the only person to vote against that is represented barbarously from I am thinking of the one that many, like twenty seven democratic senators voted for it to give Bush or Oh I'm sorry, TAT Day in the house, yet also in the house, Barbara represent a barbarously was, was the only person to vote against that? If I recall correctly, Anum Northern that's the one that was right after all, But I think more people were for the Iraq war right because by then they had sold it as that is what we want I do not have an anti, ok and- and she like that, and because field, this one to two thousand to another House House: half ass, the one person servant at like I
we would like a two. I would like to ask the Senate because I don't think we need these long outstanding authorizations shears military force. I think congresses abdicated many of its responsibilities, including with respect to war power over and do you know to have these unending war powers out there? You know, I think, is what we should definitely stop the two thousand and two a m f. I think we need to actually modernize the two thousand and one are you a math, but I've been hesitant to repeal it. I'm not co sponsoring that until we have a sense of what a new authorization would look like. I think we need like many people that we need to find a pathway to ending our fight in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, I dont think its healthy for a country to do that. Precipitously road is simply pull out, and then we voted to not authorized funding for a war with IRAN and and specifically saying the president does not have the authorization to go to war with IRAN. We had passed
Both of these as amendments in the National Defence authorised Asian ACT. They were both stripped out in conference when we went to conference with the Republican Senate, so we pass them both on the house. For now Joker Work Wilson will be with a Lincoln project, formerly endorse a candidate for twenty twenty Lincoln Project. Is you explain the Euro a beat me and a bunch of other former republican guys who The Liam Neeson joke in always is a little tired, but we have a specific set of skills. We do the thing you talked about just now about going after the dirty, no dirty stuff well, and that we have acted stuff and the effective. And it's it's it's it's the group of us that that put it together, we're gonna target both done. Trump and Donald Trump enablers now we're not trying to pick the democratic nominee. We're not trying to run their race or tell them how to do their policy, their ideology, but as an outside force. That can do things that that the Democrats of considerably failed on doing a lot of the time like actually get
in people shit, we we're sort of a pirate ship in that regard. So we're gonna go out where to go in a lot of folks on their on their supported, Donald Trump. We're gonna go at a lot of votes in the Senate, who have now put their put their their heads on the chopping block by following these votes. That are that that basically empower Donald Trump to be a lawless, reckless corrupt president. So globally, put up a candidate the earth and you're not going to run a candidate. There's there's not a candid. I can endorse we. Well, that's that's a matter! Would you like a little welders running again? You know immaterial look there. The math doesn't exist right now for Publican candidate. No in the primary and Donald protest shut off all the state Caucasus that matter arctic primers? That matter, so you can't really get to the nomination. So we're on the outside of that we're gonna do as much as we can to make sure that Donald Trump is not reelected, using all the tools and our toolbox, and some of them
pretty for when I think of the day and see adjusting its debate qualifications. Is it fair to the other candidates that Bloomberg may be able to qualify thing and they d rules out to be the same for everybody, meaning what they should change. They sent him. They had a big argument about him and they ought to stay the way that they are May I blew Burg is: is out there spending tunnel money in areas that are not going to do in a pretty good job from what I can tell for those shouldn't? We need animate. Lady ended up yet some point time, but under there the dust up with this early on about some of the other candidates not being able to get in it at some point in time. I suppose so, but it's a really difficult case for them to make today after taken the position that they took a couple of months. If you like, when people lose this right about the rule here in many ways I mean: what do you think about inquiry? Booker drop down common Harris dropped
And there were some support for that, and I mean they were. I didn't know what the argument was because it's like they were in a party that is trying to be diverse or that you know ban them from the ballot box if they didn't. The votes here, but they couldn't get in on speaking to change those rules they couldn't get in on that right. They would like hey. We have less than one percent and you're going to reach out to the grass roots, so the chain, dreams were blown by right now, a kind of tricky, but I think now here's my theory. Probably I'm the only person who thinks this part live. The the ball back against Camelot and Corey had nothing to do with them. They were perfectly fine candidates. I think it's. The kind of delayed reaction of grief over some Democrats to Obama, love as a person still a great hero, but its policies? Not so much so they say they see comedy and korean kind of look like album
a politically speaking and they go yet we ve had enough and we need to go into the next room and that's my theory about. Why is it that much disappointment about Obama policies, amene saving? They occur sailing out the feeling I wanna know industry, but but health care I mean for women. They were, they were, they were, they were complicate and is not just policies of the possible politics. The art of their assets with people don't get these, but but he went around. Country, also picking on black people in a particular kind of fashion Obama, kicking buyer like what we give They also want to moorhouse college any collecting them and he's telling them that their graduating from college anything you know, nobody's gonna, give you anything you didn't deserve, or did you didn't turn well, the only person who got an honor degree that day was u of Amr because they work for theirs and then he really kind of excoriated them. But when he went to Barnard, color
he had none of it. So he was like. I was a young person. I know what it is. I claim the white man was being races against me doubt that, but and he turns around and goes to bonnet and doesn't excoriated them for the sexism he went to the congressional Black Caucasus. It stop complaining, stop bitching put on your bedroom. Slippers go out there and war because they were come. They were saying to him. You gotta have policies that are at least more respective up a fourteen percent blue unemployment, so yet there was no longer important right. Have today, love me, I bob Ollinger a little taken aback, notwithstanding vested who I love the polling. GotTA reflected the Democrats in this country have a very high opinion of president bombers. Italian.
It would take it back in the saddle arrived here. Everybody not only makes sense if we want to make a more information, not on each bio dot com
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