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Overtime – Episode #519: Fareed Zakaria, Andrew Gillum, Sarah Isgur, Ezra Klein

2020-02-08 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 2/7/20)

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from the HBO realtime reader officials, under playing the global economic consequences of the corona virus, corona, I think most general. Two people, dont know where it's going right now and I think it's probably fair besides likely to get worse, at least on the basis of what we're looking at now see. The Chinese have been very good at dealing. And all the technical aspects of the problem. They started out slowly because, we're trying to deny deny it sort of very typical of a dictatorship? The initially bad news doesn't travel, but then they got on it. They built too hot for those in a week me not only in China, can you do somewhere. I say hospitals, a big room with beds. That's not a hospice, not been India. You know that will count for. I believe that try to quarantine a lot of people, the challenge, think is: what do you do about the psychological
political ramifications of what's happening so now. There is this whole, movement, mostly on the net of people saying? Why did the doktor, who, who But it everyone to them the virus get punished. So this the Chinese, are stuck between two impulses. On the one hand, they don't like bad news getting out that want to punish people for spreading bad news. Then they want to solve the problem and the two are coming into conflict right now, but so far it does look like again It's looking at least as bad as Sars. They send us a lot of bad stuff member, the poison dog food in the other. Toys were paid, they try it, I don't think it's personal, but how will that
from pre election teams, one billion dollar, this information campaign further polarize, our political parties Ezra, who it's not gonna, be great, so there I think two things worth thinking about here. One is that I am not a big believer that all these facebook, micro targeting efforts, etc. Work as well as all the bullshit were fed on them says? Like Cambridge Analytical, no evidence and worked at all allotted, I mean you ve looked at in ABBA mine, you buy a bike then for three months: something pushing back. Would you like a bike grave? and so a lot of this stuff. It looks good issue when it campaign ways and it turns out to have not been that effective. The issue with this information, Stephen in the guest relative, talked about this. The way you can stop the media for being able to report on anything is to give them so much that they are trying consulate report on everything the thing the Trump understands better than anyone else in politics. Is you flood the zone and
Then you can one control. The conversation between you can make sure that nothing. You do know scandal no issue. No effort can get that much attention and see you're just constantly moving. The next thing. The villain media needs to be able to do is focus on what is actually important and not as a hard thing for the media to do the media's very destructive, bolts, gotta short attention span And its way to online so report of her always on twitter, always on Facebook, always chasing latest controversy, and what the trumpet illustration is often figured I gotta do is use that almost character flaw to drive the entire media crazy and through that drive the country, The crazy cope reporters to cover Nancy Pelosi, ripping up a speech than it is to cover this.
What was the morphine union it's more fond and doesn't makes a good my anyway it on her lover it because it's just how you see the liberals can go. We're willing we only this we're gonna win it. We're gonna, be just me, but my mother, mother in law. I spent a lot of time forwarding around on Facebook. All of these articles, You look at the sourcing of it. You have no idea where it comes from its knowledge, a legitimate source. I don't think we can underestimate the power and, quite frankly, if it wasn't powerful, they wouldn't be spending, at least- and I said no to the tune of six million a weakened and in some cases, targeting certain constituencies online. Just a push thickness. They built a vast apparatus, The right of all of these different accounts that look like it's a new source only so they can give somebody the validation that they know something and
sharing information or news which is better than my political, add or your political add, but a third party source that looks like it's validating something true that is absolutely made up and out a whole clause in fairness, the Russians, ray a lot of those two fought for sure, but I have to say I I I wouldn't underestimate, particularly in a place where elections are one in the margins by state thirty thousand votes, ten thousand votes in the: U S and race, we're not talking about moving a whole bunch of go here, we're talking about moving a couple of thousand people at a time resulting in twenty nine electoral bullets weakened exacerbating. I think that Democrats, practically after twenty sixty and gets a freaked out about Russian, just info, that they forget that the biggest problem they had in TWAIN Extreme is haven't you. He covered Hillary Clinton, emails or real story army way out of proportion. Russian may not russian Army, this media and the boy you're saying is true, but the upside of coal position, which I don't get to talk about. All that much is that in this decision for campaigns, people don't get move
so much information and their own there already mostly chosen aside and the people who are easy to move around. The accent anybody's move around they're, pretty turned out of it. There, not the folks on Facebook, getting tons of political news in interest, because at the people facebooks algorithm knows don't we politics, or they would have already more or less chosen aside. So I think people need to worry more real news and stories done badly and a little bit less fake news is We can all agree on its bad. It shouldn't be there, but it's not the key thing to worry about in the house, with a virtually be worried about the majority of Americans who are registers to vote and are not turning out to via growth, that what is it that we could do to one ensure that when people go vote, their vote, our actual leaking count. If the social wings he's the one who actually. Finally, a lot of people keep talking about how to turn these Obama Trump voters back to
Democrats when we are not talking about how to turn the Obama nobody voters outside the law, that is more million people. If you look at if you look at, why would the most distressing news for Democrats should have been the our turn out? Numbers? Look like twenty! Sixteen, not two thousand and eight two thousand and five, in other words, the Obama Surge, didn't didn't happen. I think it's important people always think tromp is enough to bring out the Democrats it turns out. You need a positive vision. Negative energy is not its enough. You need positive to liberate them. The only other thing I was almost four Bernie now now: that's why that was the point of my end. There is people are acknowledged enough to actually get in the streets and flight because I've been here's. The next question are there any solutions to de polarize? America is their religion The risk of violent conflict, if we don't there are totally, is that risk, and I dont know how you do polarized,
but I'll give you what I have been saying, but I notice that was sort of not a big answer in Europe are used that they put a read the title it. This is the path my solution- oh yeah, I don't. I don't play with subtitles enclave solution there you go, but let me say this about it. We are not People are as America. What we can do is make Amerika were better amidst polarization and the single biggest thing we can do to make America workmates polarization ease to democratize America. The only reason that polarization can break the system so completely is. When you actually have a majority, the majority still can't govern. The problem is not that people disagree position just disagreement. We had that before the problem is it our system grinds to a halt. Amidst discreet meant, you have the conall and Brok abandoned during marriage garland. So if you didn't have things like the Electoral College, like the sense disproportionate way of representing states like Jerry,
pandering like the filibustering of you, could actually come in if they want a majority, the population. That majority could then have things happen, and then the public could decide that they like it or not like it. We'd have a lot healthier for politics, and people are being angry that nothing happened and blame shifting over whose too important, as happened with the South gonna happen, and we Europeans is that one out there I don't live in solution is for people who wants to do it. Other media disempowered. I know what an important aren't you, how I do. We have inherited Michael Bloomberg, Device Fox NEWS. Yes, that's polarisation, I think, is really too weak a word. Its hate people hate each other. I mean you look at social media, it's it's so much hate a good example of it is we didn't used to like shit on people right when they died. I saw. What do you have your died last week with when Kobe Bryant Right same day did brought up his trial and shit we used to, like
Wait, a little bit better care anymore, I mean, slumber. No luck, I'm not going to pretend that and been guilty when the CUP brother died last year. Why was I mean. But he was already dead and in TAT he could hear it They just families watching. Rushed Limbaugh. Yes, I'm not a rush. Limbaugh fan didn't some terrible things, but I'm lookin to jokes about that. Defended we after nine eleven rush, Limbaugh did never forgot it and maybe that We just pull back a little on the dead people and the sick people about. That is a start everywhere. What do you think that's not be sitting on not thank you very much. What's part, I tell me when he said that we are having had a united watch him any more information not on each be oh dot, com
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