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Overtime – Episode #522: Brian Cox, Rachel Bitecofer, Caitlin Flanagan, Anthony Scaramucci, Ross Douthat

2020-03-07 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 3/6/20)

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Welcome to each year from each be only real time. We reduce the Democrats, be able to take back the Senate and twenty twenty, what you're production on the Senate, because we don't get this all gonna move. So now that the socialist prospect has been vanquish and the party will not be running against itself, which is a really critical element. Yes, Colorado, The main are definitely flipping, as Will Arizona. So the question is whether it's wonderful Colorado in Arizona Ochres, when my forecast for the House and the Senate come out, will we talking about at least six how seeds, in addition to the ones they gained in twenty eight in the bats, because they didn't understand in this new environment where to spend money? It's these realigning suburbs which are by the way, realigning because of the millennial generation, who are now four
either balding. They don't houses right or not. College worsening on their ass, not voting before, but now there freaked out to K, and so when we look at the suburban revolution, it's not a republican women singing come by and having like buyers remorse. In fact, if you look at my analyses, which are really urge you guys to do anyone whose hearing this please do you're gonna see Republicans are or are stoked on Donald Trump. They love what this man is doing. There are not disaffected, they showed up, they increase their turn out in twenty. Eight teen and Democrats are actually flipping seeds because of independence and Democrats who are changing the composition, the electorate, making it less wide, younger, more female and better educated, and that's what saving America, someone raise your Britain's National health service. What do you think some Americans are so hesitant to embrace Medicare for all new idea
Well, I can read them and I think you know the national health services phenomenon in well and each Gus sub. Well, you know each government tries to screwed up by importing appalling middle management and it's a middle management is done. The job, not the people on the ground, not the nurses, not the doctors, but the management. That's been shit began. Doctors in England are paid a salary riah. Ok, I mean that's gonna, be a tough cell in America. Will of course,
crimes, a tough cell he right- and I'm just just so what's new right now as an observer in the idea of a national health service started by Clamorously, an iron bevin too great politicians that we probably being the greatest prime minister. I think we have a hat right after church and he was right after church we managed to come to our church was doing. The war was the interesting thing about him and he was right quite very quietly, but anyway, I think that the national health Services is dinner. They they try to destroy. It will try and sell it, though China, Germany, in particular the Tories, but it still goes on and then there's great Ross is the corona virus. The kind of event
good forces out of our state of decadence, which of course, is the subject of your book. Terrific question. Thank you mom. So yet so I mean it's a little weird because I'm out promoting this book about how we're stuck in these loops of you know, decaying institutions and stalemated politics and the same star wars movies over and over again, and I'm doing this while the corona virus is basically sweeping through and putting it all to the torch. So yeah I can say definitively you know, pandemics or not decadent, there really bad, but there definitely not decadent, but it is a test for I mean what I was talking about earlier. Basically, the institutional fail.
At every level that we have had in response to it. That is decadence. That's what decadence looks like end, and you know I mean more than you. I think it's it's going to be worse than the flu. I think. What's gonna be worse than the corona work could be, we will have. What are you basing them? You know ITALY, mostly IRAN, even Eve I mean even South Korea. The best containment we ve got has a that. We attach to the rate of point six and the flu is point one. So that's for every person you said dies of the flu every year, which is too many. You could have six people dead, which is well under the thousands of people. So I think this is a debate about that. Your boy, that's a lower that yet that's the lowest w H read today that I am it's the people
most in work to worry about. This, of course, are over eighty eighty number and even among eighty, it's one at a sick. What? If I was eighty yet I still had sixty one little through those worst. When your eighty, I mean that we have death, you no part of decadence. I think it's the people, we you're right, it's always about victim of your own success. When you think of the the French, you know kings and at the time of lowering the fourteenth, I mean everything was just so so a faint and nothing they could they could you couldn't stand any sort of pain. They sat on thousands of billows, that's where we are now people sitting on thousands of pillows. Absolutely right. I got a pandemic, sir! We're I mean. Yes, ethics are worse than they are.
But it's not that can't you can't yet another rooting for it. I'm not! I'm not. Let me be clear. I am a chance. I always check Lyra boy about my record I lost out and also on the campaign last June this year. Cable. What does the corona virus do the campaign? How do you get that trunk is so screwed right, because it's gonna totally?
Everybody says everything that happens in these men are no. No, no, he is definitely definitely not helped. My life and you can see there is total. Do I think jostling, though, is that little hand again I have, but one of them is that we can get it right. We had all of these rich people who were able to say what I've got. My conservative judges, who will one day redefine american citizen ships or minority population, can hold on to power, and I have money right of the stock market. While my parents are living off of retirement funds, they lost like forty percent of their stop. You said his mouth was two trillion dollar one hundred per just just what he said.
Percent that more surprised by what it would have been? Look, I'm a clear, eyed money manage running a love. Yes, you are I. Why will like money? I? Why do you have had a lot of high tech ice Prescott? Forget my politics or opening hours. They said. Okay, the market is going to sell off on this, be shares its science. You want to say that the trunk Tower condominium is ten thousand square, feet when one thousand problem will get back to hit the science right cross and then he opened his mouth and shown have a show and in that course another thrilling and I'm really southwest me. That's a huge. This is
I think that is and will remain out of vehicles in in one area, search like echo economy. Right people argue terms in this great position, because the economy, a strong, bullshit right in the old days, the economy mattered. So Carvel was right, one time, but not anymore right, but the bad economy on a guy that everyone hates just about every Lord or how that went further, not everyone in America hates while their level bubble that shit's about forty, it's about forty three percent and he's gonna get another. Forty seven percent of the question will be: can the Trump team make enough? Not Trump loaders vote against their own interest certainly made my point, not everyone. What are your thoughts panel on Bill Clinton saying in the new documentary? Guess this good man today that his affair,
Monica Lewinsky was a way of quote managing my anxieties and let this is addressed deal, but I put it to the whole, why you say it? I was silly taken out of context. Dancing to redress is anxieties. He did very well. I know it's a president. You know sounds write to me. It is indisputable that it really is ended. I think it only does help your own he's back blow. Job normally go ahead, but I just think it would be. They would be better served as Democrats to stay out of the way right now. Why surfers that and bring up the fact that he was impeached and all the other stuff is colors battle?
Britain, has never miss an opportunity to have this opportunity unnecessary to eat mom right. I Democrats, like I just got a strategy, a note to say symmetry him getting in peace and plus. Yes, can I for one second channel molecule, Owens anything Monica likes, we very much. If I may, about a few jokes and jointly, I tried you when you came out a few years ago and Vanity Fair and rapporteur, I tried to defender omen that she was like your defence was not good enough, for it was the wrong kind of defenders. I get to her, but I just got to say that the blindness of a man saying that I had this affair with this person, was to manage my anxieties. How do you set make her feel like it? Just just take it
terrible thing to say: if you don't mind me when people are with like their second wife and they just go on- and this is the love of my life and I didn't live before- I met- allows the first white. I still feel when she hears us. They do this all the time and the findings are very blind to that that that might they had a callousness. They really do. This to me was very carefully Like manage my anxieties, you know really, there was not a human being. Their pleasure heroin is revealed that she was in love with him and she opened up about what she felt about it and then and light, and that was more than just managing mines.
As I recall the water that book of poetry, but it was like him- and there was no- such aid was like good morning. Does he got a blow job that day? You know he was more than that. Our right to tell me where she seemed to be hiding watchmen, removing these novel and each be oh dont com
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