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Overtime – Episode #587: Ira Glasser, Fiona Hill, Matt Welch

2022-01-28 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 1/28/22)

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Welcome to each year from each year making real time him. Sorry, I have a correction. I did make a mistake. It is. It was Sonya sort of my or the Supreme Court who asked courses to wear a mask. I said it was even Briar Stephen Briar. I said you know it was but time difference if you're around. My point by point was your around in any free or old. That's my grandchildren say to me right. I want to visit me anymore, because you're afraid of inspecting the right, but you look Healthy- is a horse much else he's in there,
Zack. I didn't I didn't get to this in the show, but one of the things in David Leonards article I read about this week that I thought was so sad- was that he made the point that older people are the ones who should be more scared of the virus and it's the reverse, its younger people. They have so scared. The kids they raised them, they cuddled the myth, helicopter parent and that a bulldoze parent them to the point where they are afraid of their own shadow. They have like a minuscule possibility unless you're having some yes, people with coal morbidity do, but mostly I mean you got the good immune system just to read these statistics about a coup
the eighty two thirty four year old, being very worried. Very worried of fog me row a pair if they get if they gotta go to college nature. West coast booster requirements have incredible restrictions being abandoned. Anyone in this country between ages of sixteen twenty three we had to go through that, like the normal stuff of adolescents and youth, you ve just had it out rely on my parents died specially my mother, I was very happy that you never know what I was doing.
streets in Brooklyn were right because the first, the fundamental rule of playing in the streets, was that you should never have adults around right and you notes DOW. They want you to come watch them play and and and and the parents can be very destructive watching their own kids play and- and you know what I, what I used to love about growing up in the forties in Brooklyn was that we went out and we came back when it was dark and it was time to have dinner and if my mother ever knew what I was doing. I didn't do anything terribly dangerous. I'm talking about dinner, doing in writing. That was really, but we were out in the empty lots. We climb them garage rules. We are you know where I mean: that's, that's what I'm and and- and
I know this wonderful book that was written in the I think of them in the late fifties called. Where did you go out? What did you do? Nothing quite vibrating? Now you no one. Would my kids grew up. It took him to the to the playground. I didn't leave him. Let them play you sat there in the benches and if one kid got into a scrap with another kid, the mothers jumped up and mediated through dispute sometimes also have ordinances that it's actually a league of your kids. Indra sat next to walk to scale up on its allergy associate. I've got a nice awoke to scale from we live
they train, you would be a rested for if they see a kid working alone. It's like a crisis crisis. Well, when I was eight, are willing freighter, ass, great, a Dutch on combating the fact. Is that most objections of children are by their relatives in custody disputes? The imagine that every kid is being found by a clown with his dick. I am, but I mean I was always kind up. I mean I wasn't a perfect them, but I was kind of current Wasn't bad, but I was kind of proud that I always protected my parents like from the stuff your time, and I did all things a little worse. I mean when I started in comedy you know as living in New York at a shit box apartment, but it wasn't cheap. Nothing is in New York and they never really ask me. They must have known. There's no money in comedy at the beginning. They never Reich asked me
I didn't tell Inez them for money, but I was selling pad I just ride. It was like, don't ask don't tell, and that was what you always like girl. She was like cursing. Everybody was afraid. The appearance found out that take First, whenever our industry, our fuck you- and I always knew that- I knew too early- I figured out what the rule was. The rule was is that your parents could curse and you could curse, but you must never cursing the presence of each other. That was,
Go back the streets. I never heard it expressly so right. You should hang out with you would love to hear our money, but you're right. You know. I'm sure my pet we'd just didn't, do it in front of each other. That's right, and if you did, everybody would be Mobutu I, like. Oh my god, he's learning about these words. Learning about these words. I used it. You know I was a link language, it wasn't a separate language, for everybody knew those words. The best most honest discussion, neighbourhood with my father, was when I was in college and I was home to elect the summer or something and I commend laid being stoned and had three martinis and then we can talk. You know ok,
why not start Africa, Asia? The questions now? What does it say that about genetics that the most likely candidates for twenty twenty four are two guys over the age of seventy five? I guess they mean by an trump is biting going to run again. about one for if they will amount, I spoke he supposed to both in particular, we lotta wheeling needle with rubies both well well. I think, I think to the questioners point. Then it's a good one. Is that its yet another reason why genetics rules is because we never really like politics to begin with, never got into it overly much in the most generous politics. Now there is a guy who started up interesting, but a serially embarrassed himself, better work like with every skateboard run to losing whatever is lucky. This position is an end in Texas, we're we're on other things, going it's great, but let's sent me a just about the thicket this. It's not right to judge P,
There are people a hundred in this world who are still working the fields. Look at this. How do you like I'm almost eighty, four, eighty one and only one basketball hours? I would say that. Do you know what I will do absolutely you won't last guarantee really I can do it our country and even the applause I find patronising fuck you, I was a kid, nobody will dare sixty two. I didn't know what I mean. If you said you were a eighty five that was like now, I open up the oh, that's every day,
the times and a moment if you're, not everybody is older than I am, but I mean there's something about its like the way you talk that way. You move your energy, your acumen, nothing about. You suggests a specific age other than you're, obviously immature man, but I mean I don't Are you couldn't be president, I only by its approach when I know I made my dad, who is your age shouldn't be present, for example, tat your dad case by case basis and with the case of Biden them the case and trump right. We'll trump was crazy before he was all that's he has so many old is the least of his brow migrate. He does not mean that is one of the trunk great weapons it he s going for him is he doesn't come across his old he's, a robust tender. The eighth kind of you know just strutting
they just you know you see him, you don't think all you think knots and away a man who became a platinum blonde and Seventys like reading that hamburger. You don't think as two portions of ice cream, everybody. Gets one Vienna. You started working as a great said grace here as a young teenager too, like made selling pot We support your family. What do you think is the best way to instil a strong worth work ethic among young people to the definite getting a job?
eleven honestly, I mean the problem. Actually right now is of course gets, but to all the rules and regulations, and I guess that's what you back. In the day, we tried to stop people from working eleven, twelve. Thirteen will that we should get what you did, but definitely having a job early on as a great thing to do. I think much of it covered all the jobs. Kids have dried up. While delivering newspapers, also hardware and getting in ammonia phone. I did and it hasn't been differ greatly in their usual people's phones and upset the more we recognize my bowing low shortly we arrive ways. That's what my parents thought I was living on when I was sewing. that lawnmower money really know. What did you get the part to sell? Let's talk about that.
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