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Overtime – Episode #589: Marianne Williamson, Vivek Ramaswamy

2022-02-12 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 2/11/22)

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Welcome to each year pipe from each year making real time him? Marianne for you, you ve, been evasive about your political future lately, but you're a champion of progressive candidates, and it is, could you see yourself potentially being an effective leader in Congress? Will you ran for president? What about Congress? I guess who's the quest actually man for Congress, we will now enable two thousand for so. What's the answer, you know what I'm gonna. Do you don't know what you're gonna do? What I think and I in your own, head twenty four hours out. Of course, I think a lot of people think about running. some of them well and some of them one by one. But why are you in a position to do what I share with tax you more
John John Quincy hackers. He became a congressmen after becoming president and he did it and then executive ecological in that order. That's it I say. Second, John Quincy Adams. Are you going to do so like we did that issue tonight above the PPP programme, eight hundred billion dollars that relative I know, but do you understand why people who pay a lot? It's because the rich do pay the most taxes I mean. Look, I'm saying that's not right. Of course the red should pay the most taxes, but you understand why people go like what am I I'm giving up all this money? I mean I don't remember the last year I paid less than more less than half I pay more than half another, I'm not Amazon, where the army of lawyers on this one guy, eight years very generous, but the government amendment thirty nine percent federal California takes thirty. That's over half
you take over half and you still have everything fucked up. You understand why people are like. Well, I wouldn't give it except you will fuck it up. We rejected the issue through a hundred billion dollars at only a quarter but went where it should say. Look I don't the capitalism, the perfect system, but I think it is the least imperfect system of allocating capital, because when you leave it to the government in actually courts the very people who it is supposed to help in the first place, you actually saw billionaires print much more money over the course of the pandemic, precisely because of these government policies that been fed a stock market that deep became addicted to loose monetary policy and loose fiscal policy. To guess what makes stocks go up and who own stocks rich people? So no, no surprise that there's a populist outrage both on the right and the left, but we need to find a different way of ultimately separating politics from
free market capitalism be free market capitalism. If some guy ends up with more green pieces of paper than the other, so be it as long as we're all equal in a democratic system of governance. That's what I did. I ever tell you about a french arrest aristocrats a week before the masses made it to the Bastille. This is not about what you think. It's all about what you think, because you are an end. I listen, I'm very glad. Free market capitalism has been wonderful to you. Wonderful do it hasn't been bad to me. I understand the high side of this party. If you're in the party, it wonder Not enough people can get into the party today we're sailor surfing the sink into a policy that actually favours the people who are in charge of Aristobulus, been raised with the ppp thing. It's not that were I'm gonna give you half, but then what are you doing with it? But we are not giving in to the people. I wanted to go to your giving
back to these assets, buying jet skis. That's what most of the people who do not want to pay higher taxes who have a lot of money are not complaining about where the ppp loans with they you know a thing. She said. If they give it to poor people, they call it a handout if they gave it to reach people, they call it a substitute. This didn't go to poor previously livestock boy. You are the ones who do not want to pay warrants and something like President Biden, if you wanted to declare a national medical emergency and expand Medicare to everyone to night, if President Biden wanted to, he could cancel. Although comic lead, you stood up visions night. The next question that we are sent in, why isn't universal health care, making any progress? Even a liberal state like California
The majority of people want to a new trade, not because of the insurance company, the majority of America. No, I didn't say that I'm not just look at how that what happened in California, with that million dollar check from the insurance companies will literally, honest suitable companies that are most suitable companies make more than the insurance companies a lot more and their, and our goal is not to make you healthy and safe. Railways, because there's a lot of you guys we're saying, but at the end of the day there able to deflect accountability for these questions by actually changing the subject. It's a big part of what we are talking about with this cultural leaders. Them is ultimately part of the reason that you see Pfizer decide or give the corporation decided, there's gotta, be a certain number of people who can the staff its ranks who are diverse? These are the press release. Is you see from pharmaceutical companies today, not actually how we gonna bring down the cost of it?
Greece, Jokers Organizer, interjected factual, that I recall a Meda, the facts exactly right, but they have done this. They ve studied this. Why can't we have you know because it is popularizing idea hallowing when people want to end the United States, ok, but when they do when they crunch the numbers here in California of what it would cost Tab universal health care. like tat. Taxes would have to be like eighty percent for everybody. Does it didn't we design Lee you that the numbers and that's why they give up Why would they diverging views? It don't work here We then the corruption in this system, because I again again. The pill covered tell that their working on its. I think it costs seventeen dollars to make and it's gonna sell for over seven hundred. That's the problem. We can tell the gouges to stop doing
there's a different way to get a universal health care, and I think one has no one is talking about is actually you might take the administrative bureaucracy, that's responsible for administering those dollars, just like the bureaucracy that administers PPP by the way that waste a lot of money sends the wrong places, and I would say, let's actually dissolve that entire apparatus, cms informatics or services, take the money and distributed to the people who can afford to buy private health insurance too. By private health insurance crunch those numbers it's about five thousand, most of the way of bureaucracy and give the money back to the people who know what we need to remove the profit making middle man of insurance companies.
I think the last time I read about new. Maybe the number is not here. I think that the profit of a healthy industry with something like eleven billion dollars right and downright I don't know, it's ok and our health care bill is like two trillion. I'm guessing not all there, not all their basis is actually mean the penal ppp that are allocating help because dollars that's the problem. It is the insurance companies. Yes, they do from terrible things way than they used to ten years ago, when Michael Mermaids, echo. They got away with whatever they wanted, and after that movie things changed. But right now it's they. We do not stop this gouging. We do not stop. I've read this. There's a hospital lightwood one part of the city that charges. You know a teen hundred dollars for a new replacement and a hospital
miles away and its fifteen? That thousand I mean, there's your I embrace angel. Why we ve all been or known someone in the hospital been the husband. You get the bill and you like this lepers, forty five, dollars, Series or didn't ppp czech government is just and and people go over to european countries where it's a fraction of all of that right. They do have socialized matter
a penguin social rights. Stop this a mean if it can. Yes, if that's what is involved in socialized medicine, I'm all for it what's going on in Europe, the myriad is it. This is just an important issue to see four for Americans actually to bring money back and is one of the executive would give even the last ministration a good amount of credit for ITALY spotting this issue, their free riding on what happens in the United States, its irony biotech companies can take any company that runs the numbers of whether drug is worth developing, looks to the United States first cause. They know the United States pay the highest price. If the United States paid the same price as Europe that drug wouldn't have gotten developed to Europe, that you're doubt is actually the drug is gonna get developed anyway, and once the companies already gotten to market there are going to give it to us anyhow, so we can get a cheaper. So that's actually what you're saying there's gamesmanship on the part of Europe free riding the innovation in the United States, that's a complicated issue with some men and I think I'm going to write a letter to the bureau, as I'm not argue with the above their. How fucked up our system is. One reason why we went through this nightmare with covered is because hospitals
run like airlines. Airlines want to sell every seat, hospitals, one every bed filled. That's what I got the hospitals overrun. Yes, because you don't want to have any empty beds lying around. They want them to be overrun, but not now they want to be out of the impasse. That, I think is that's that's good for the private hospitals themselves, shouldn't be a profit You are the points I have really fucked up about. The system is actually the number of covert case cancer. Cadets do Corbett are over counted because somebody shows up for different causes to their hit by a car, but they ultimately actually happened. A test positive recovered their should get higher billing rates in return for actually counting that person as positive recovered, which just tells you that people in a system whether or not we like to respond to incentives. We have to get into account when we set
the system. That's what I said all right. Thank you very much. Everybody I told me representative. We haven't had united a watch at any time for more information log onto each be oh dot. Com
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