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Overtime – Episode #593: Ernest Moniz, Max Brooks, Kristen Soltis Anderson

2022-03-19 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 3/18/22)

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Welcome to an h b, o podcast from the H b, o latency and real time with Bill Maher. The remarks worry about the Russians launched a cyber id tat on the? U S yet: oh yeah, that's a good question. I thought. Maybe that would happen after the unpleasantness started with well, I'm not. That would be the where they would get back and, as you know, people would see their bank accounts try. Oh yeah, no they're trying all the time, but you know we ve had since twenty fourteen we ve had a lot of time not just to get our tech together, but also to get our doctrine together. That's the most important thing: we have the tools. Now we have the strategy, you know he's been fighting, it's called fighting in the Grey Zone and he's been fighting in the grey zone for quite a while and we're just starting to get better, which may explain why he rolled in the tanks when he did, because they were a generation ahead of us
symmetric means, but we have been catching up good so as not to say they won't- I mean that's. I mean this is something very important. Everyone should back up their data. If you ve got something in the cloud: it's not a cloud, it is a data park somewhere and it could be hacked and wiped out. So you got some important put it on a drive, put the drive in a drawer Note to self yeah for Mr Secretary: how is russian invasion of Ukraine affected a possible revival of the IRAN Nuclear deal? Where are we with the IRAN Nuclear deal? We had it. We we get rid of it now we're trying to get it. Well. Russia was threatening to undercut it but seems to have backed off on that. Let me say one thing bill which is not recognized enough, and that was in two thousand and fifteen. When the deal was cut. Russia was the most helpful country and the IRAN Nuclear Deal with IRAN that we as
Zack. I, like six countries to have similar countries the table, we're not going on around. So U S written three europeans- Uk French, Germans, red Russians, Chinese, ok, and why would the Russians the most helpful because they stepped up in an allowed IRAN's to come into compliance? They took all their crap back to Russia, which was a great service,
That's how they were helpful. I mean why why why? What was in it for them, because they don't do things just because it's there, because all the countries there, including Russia, really did not want IRAN to have nuclear weapon it was in. It was in nobody's interest right now. I think we will learn within days whether or not this deal will go down. Let me say unequivocally: it would be good for us if it did come back. There's a lot of you know a lot of white noise on this, but I'll give you two reasons. One is that we will go back to the most important part of the agreement for a long time verification. Secondly, a very important part of the deal was limiting IRAN to three hundred kilograms of very low enriched uranium. That will come back for nine years,
use, the nine years better than we use the last four years in which we accomplish nothing with IRAN and meaning use the nine years to get around to be above friendlier nation toward us. Friendlier or aren't use unfriendly means, but we ve gotta redress the hoodies, for example, what the Hutus in yemen- that's the those are, the political level these. Yet I open Actually, that's how I pronounce it. I don't know what it looked like. It was goofy. It's th who see who can say who can I say who he is when I smoke out the smoking caterpillar the radio but well, for example, we want to drag them into the hook because he's the reason. The reason we
what Saudi Arabia and the Emirates to help us we've been asking them to make more oil. You know they're kind of annoyed that they get to keep getting hit by rockets and drones, and we haven't done goddamn anything so that's the reason, watch your language and make sure the hell you are kidding. Do you think we're lumping. The Russians mean too much with their government. I feel like in this country what we're doing now everything russian is bad and every Russian is bad and that might have first of all, it's not fair. You know if, if they weren't white, I feel like we would call that racism. You know I tend to lump everybody they're, not every amene blood of the russian people, don't know what's going on. I don't live any of these stories. You hear about you know a young russian pianist being cancelled remedies performance like that. The Montreal symphony right he's
shit? I mean they're just there is. There is a way that this has gone. Wait also strategically its unwise, because what we were very smart about doing in world war, two as we knew the war was going to come to an end, and we knew that if we punished all Germans the way we did after World WAR, one road would back them into a corner. So we crafted the narrative that you, Germans are led astray by Hitler. When you, even if, in some cases it wasn't true. You know we said to the average Nazi. You still gotta run the post office, so we have to think we cannot back the Russians as an entire group into a corner. If we can Great Putin's from the Russians in general, then we don't only have a victory. We have a post war plan
Could I ask that you know like NATO and Russia back before twenty fourteen? We set in motion a new mechanism to talk if there were crises as soon as a crisis k, we said we're not going to talk, makes no sense at the Red bone, the famous red. No, no, no! No I'm talking about the NATO Russia that, but at some point they did put in was it. Cannot use that establish. That was after the Cuban the right to say that a hotline hot lot, Lhasa, that, like the should rose down, call me first strike right, but this was NATO yeah
Also, I mean, I must say under Trump Milly who is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs assured the Chinese? Yes said this, not who I work for if it gives the order, I'm not going to do it. I would like to think that Putin has someone around him like that. We know we have a big problem on the scale of the around nuclear deal, because what happened was Ukraine was born nuclear right. It was born independent journalists, soviet nuclear stockpile. It only agreed to give up their nuclear weapons with the Express promised that Russia would never invade, and now they ve done it, and so basically
But that says to every small country in the world that is non aligned. The only way to protect your survival is with an atom bomb, so the IRAN Nuclear deal is just one of many many nuclear deals we're going to have to you. It's not even just like non aligned in Australia in the last couple of months has said. You know what I think it'd be good for us to be a little bit more of a nuclear power that they're even a country like them. You who you used to be able to say well, they're under the protection of the United States, it'll be fine, even they're, saying we'd like to be in charge of our own defense, a little bit more, how many times, Vietnam, Iraq, with the courage Afghanistan this incident, you just mentioned how many times can we do this to countries say we'll, be there and then not be there before? Well this? This is the big picture. This is what we need to talk about build. This is a turning point in history with this war. This is the Haley Selassie.
At the moment. This is the moment when the emperor of Ethiopia went to the League of Nations in nineteen, thirty, six and begged them highly Haile Selassie. He begged them to stop, with this dictator Mussolini from invading his country- and he said today is us tomorrow. Is you and the world did nothing and that gave the green light to another dictator Adolf Hitler. You know, you've got you've, got a production assistant on this show this kid. His family is swedish they're in Sweden right now, and they know what the Europeans know. What we don't seem to understand is that if we don't stop Putin. Now he will keep going and I'm not saying we get involved. There is aligned. Nato forces must never under any circumstances fire on russian forces. That is the line, but a few craniums are willing to shed their blood, not just for themselves for the entire world. We owe it to our children to help them, because if we don't stop put then we'd.
we condemn our children and our grandchildren to another century. Real journalist in answer me this. Why did the rest of variance worship highly What is that all about? I know a little bit about it. Tell me what that is a religion that they just let it is similar to the ancient Hebrews that Ethiopia is Zion. The Caribbean is Babylon and they are a diaspora. The slaves brought to the Caribbean is the diaspora in Babylon and someday they will return. Design, but where does the pot come in art? Is this last a fairy highly Selassie and we never stop smoking blunt all day where what is that always been confused about the year?
alright. Thank you very much real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching anytime, on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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