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Overtime – Episode #595: Nicole Perlroth, Laura Coates, Andrew Yang

2022-04-02 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 4/01/22)

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Welcome to an h b, o podcast from the H b, o latency and real time with Bill Maher the four Laura. Do you think Merrick Garland is taking too long to press criminal charges related to January six. Will the movement lose momentum if he keeps stalling? Yes, I think that public perception and the patience of the american public has a shelf life of dairy, and I think that it's time to have more insight, more transparency and, of course, public hearings on the congressional side too, but he
down something that's true, but I think people want more given the volume of people who are allowed to walk out of the capital. That day- and I mean I saw that those seven hours missing on the call logs bade the this January, six committee, looking into the events of the day, wanted trumpeted turn over his call records and he did, except for seven hours when all the ship was going down its. It seems like this is not the first time. He is just blatantly give you the slap in the face, and nothing happens that I think would people are upset about, is something like that can happen, and it's so blatant, and then Merrick Garland, as attorney general maybe he's the new Robert Mueller. You know somebody we thought was going to be a bad ass and it's just not working out when I talked to people all the time who are making the case that look, maybe
Won't run again in twenty twenty four because of the legal proceedings against him, and This is what a lot of Americans are asking themselves right now. Is that or some of the actions that led up to January Sixth, actually going to result in something that derails. What looks to me to be him coming in winning the republican nomination in twenty twenty four year. You think is going to run and when I do to at least denomination I get yeah I mean he does he he. He is faltering in some ways: the crowds and so forth. But when the campaign starts again and he starts attacking the people who- you know challenge him. I know some of the people who I think are going to challenge him for the republican nomination. I'm obviously rooting hard for them like because I got that I have their their permission and all that jazz
there are a number of people gearing up the challenge of the republican nomination demagogy, respect for yes, yes, I call them saying Republicans this. There are many some say they lie there, I'm any that Larry Hogan in Maryland, a guy like that you target, but I like it in my earlier. We hope in a great deal so that there would be an example of someone who, I think could make a very, very strong case if the republican primary electorate is actually ready to hear that case and move on from tromp right now, though, Trump still has a very, very strong hold among the you know like the most fervent party activists. So but you know, but I do hear from Republicans were going to run against him. like, maybe some legal action will will come in and you know take trump out maybe trumps actually just posturing, because he wants to keep attention on him so that this
one of the major variables they suggest to me if something's going to happen, I agree with you. It has to happen soon. I mean until if, if there were to ever be a criminal allegation against Donald Trump, until that happens, I think he remains Teflon Don his entire base. This is somebody who, within recent weeks, has praised Vladimir Putin as a genius and then wondered why people thought about illusion and Russia, and then sued Hillary Clinton and the Dnc and others, including James Comey, for having the audacity to say that he was in favor of rush In conclusion, I mean I don't think this is somebody who use any part of the Justice Department to date as being truly threatening, what's happening in New York and the idea of the and children a that might be something to raise enough eyebrows enough eyebrows among people until that happens, why the concern is until there is actual action taken.
He will be able to say, while a ha, there was no there there, whether its true or not, but I think that the american people have to realise that the department doses has taken action. They have prosecuted and much. If we talk about at how much there is disdain for the notion of Republicans catering to an audience of one. The d o j does not cater to a defendant. Prospectively of one. There were hundreds of people inside of that capitol that day, and there are other crimes happening every single day, and so they have to balance the priorities of it was over being perceived as political? Maybe I'm just naive, but I heard this is again with Trump. I only go what I actually have heard, so we don't have to talk about speculation. What I know like like when he said you know I did. I said to call me that this is a this is a hoax. I or Russia, if you're listening, you know the crimes that are committed right. I heard him on the tape say to the guy in Georgia who counts the boats, if you could just fine
eleven thousand more. I'm not a lawyer, but what do you, think you could, finally just why you won't get caught, but David Soft on crime bill that that went out, and you know you can't do that why didn't you promise? Like my old golf clubs, and I mean it- was like It was like such a lesser version of that thing the hell, you ok, Republicans hold a seventeen point advantage. While in voter enthusiasm the last time
Is this why Democrats lost more than sixty house seats? Wouldn't a third party at this point: oh, is a team. This is probably I least for me. Thank you, as somebody said this one up for you. I see Gordon at this point just hurt. Democrats, oh, no, no and then a laptop camera that wasn't a third party. Hurt. Democrats! Oh sorry, you got stuck are there well, so if you look at it picture our system is uniquely vulnerable to attack, terrorism, because you have this to party system where one parties that comes to terrible leadership like Donald Trump, then everything falls under him. If you like it either streets around the world, UK has five parties, Jeremy has seven parties, Sweden has eight parties, and then, if one party loses it's mind, the system goes on: it's not an existential threat. So the question is: how do you get from a two party city?
and by the way is getting more polarized, more dysfunctional, more people are getting fed up and the reason why so many Democrats are unenthusiastic that they came out and were told. Look you get trump out, then all these great things will happen and then as their lives. stay the same or in some cases gotten worse than they are saying. Why do you want me to come out again and twenty two? Why do you want me to come out in twenty four? You can't make every election existential and fear based or else eventually your voters are due to now. Ok, you with great. I did want to mention that my pod cast, which has only been out for
two weeks when the number one, I think everybody here, a great crowd, Joam you ever since my having fighting. I watch him any more information, not mind each be oh dot com.
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