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Overtime – Episode #602: Eric Holder, Michael Shellenberger, Douglas Murray

2022-06-04 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 6/3/22)

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Welcome to each party from the hbo real time whether this is really, why is implied in pushing for a federal ledges legalization of marijuana? I think it's probably something we oughta do given the fact that it is something that would have a great political benefit and also deals with the reality. You know People are using marijuana, its being legal. I've heard that's, what's it like a gun? It is something that I think we need to catch up. Drug or drug policy needs to catch up with what the reality is. Marijuana, slow schedule, one drug its remit,
It is ridiculous. Republicans are gonna stay here. I think. Eventually, I made some like John vainer works, remiremont accompanied her. I mean it could be one of those freedom issues and, of course, republican smoke. Lots of part two There was not enough.
I knew him, but there was something that was passed in the house, but the republicans against it because they said it had too much stuff about equity in there now. I understand the impetus to want to like, for example, if we're going to have new businesses that are legal and the marijuana field, yet they probably should go to the people who suffered the most during the drug war. Right republicans, of course, are saying this is a deal breaker. What do you want half a loaf? It will if they, if they said, ok, no equity, is it better to have the law passed, are changed or is it better to hold out for equity, it's better to have the law changed and, as I said, deal with the societal reality that we have by any means and try to make it is equitable as as possible.
Can, but I wouldn't want to stop the movement that I think makes sense for the sake of, for the sake of equity, ok panel, what are your thoughts on elon musk mandating his workers? Oh yes, said the workers have to go back to the office. I love this, as this become a dated concept for companies. Now give it some I'm delighted to see that, because everybody knows offices where all workers who tricky younger ones are saying things like this. If they must either working from home thing, it really helps the productivity, and if I do, become in could I coming like, maybe chooses on wednesdays flip the working week, so we have a couple of days of work and a five day We can. I think I think
I think we did an issue. There are some jobs that the EU can do better from home, but a lot of people have to get back in view of his people have to stop this pretence that scared to go into work for the reasons for this day situation be anything other than they don't want to be in which most do something else. It's good to see. People coming back to this, it is a new. We need our cities we ten twenty years ago, we'll talk about walk about livable cities, but leave let our cities deteriorate per. This was a progressive idea, livable cities, and now we have allowed them to be turned over to open our drug scenes homeless. Encampments cities are the lifeboat.
innovation of civilization. We gotta bring it back. I ask myself the question be possible that people can be more productive at home in certain sectors in certain circles mean my law form we do it. We do a lot of work from home and we ve had record breaking years the less last couple years, not spending nearly as much on travel as we once did. On the other hand, we don't mentor are young lawyers in a way that we did in that that we somewhere in that way, but it does lined up looking leaders. Does it not because the people who like through you know yes, I work, I always thought it was bullshit during the pandemic whenever, like we're all in it together
No we're! Not some people are at home in their predominates. Getting food delivered to them for another people, our delivery and the jobs of ten debating. Where you can't stay harvey tat, you can be a plumber from home people, but I gotta go to where the sink it won't or construction right. Some that you have people in the factory floor. I notice that the peace that gardens liked working from home like twenty something, a city with a pang of thousands of dollars, mama rebecca sit and was stuck in it running, did want to get back into the office. You know right fancy tat. What do you make of the
Ursus dapper! Ok! Well, you brought this up. Does this trial mark the end of the me too? Are? No, it just marks of right. Think a restoration of you know sanity, like sometimes the jury doesn't believe somebody and we buy
you? Never know you never know what goes on in a marriage. You never know what went on between those two people. I don't have a hundred percent assurance. A jury said: Johnny depp is innocent, betty's innocent, I dont know, but that's the best. We can do we're just humans. We try, and this is the worst system, except for all the other. The only thing that might suggest it is the enemy to err is human, the beginning of it in twenty seventeen, twenty eighteen. Clearly there was a correction that needed to have yet there was some powerful men got away with too much and bad things for long time now, and then that growing, not just powerful men. Those are just the ones we heard about sure it was also ones at the. But but the point is this: is it there was a correction that was needed and very swiftly ran past the point of correction? We know these things like shitty media men. There was a list, we will just lost their jobs for a crowd sourced google spreadsheet right there were. There were in the comic and sorry he like he'd basic got done.
Over forbad date. Yes, if there was any where I was, there was a period where we had these completely do ranging claims that are typical of our era. Where people set things, I believe all women and really know that's as mad saying believe, all man right. Why its right, of course, is believe people listen to people is rightly argues in their experience. Don't just come out with these things, so the thing with the herd trouble her death toll is interesting. Is the jury did here? They did hear her contradicting her own evidence on the stand and, as MR hold a nosegay juries, really don't like that. They really don't like it. When they can see, somebody has lied and they could see that she'd like she pretended cheap, given the seven million from the was to charity, and then it turned out that it was a problem.
pledge she'd men. She said why think a pledge and the donation of the same thing you know I didn't so- maybe maybe maybe just after this, we can remind ourselves, as you say, bill like marriage is a tricky people. Tricky is always more complex than we know, but it certainly more complex than these fucking fresh tax. You know it's more complicated than the hashtags built. Also understand that, for too long, women were not her shawl and they need to be heard, and we need to take seriously the claims that they raise and we should not have a presumption that, because this coming from a woman is something that's meda, insane wage. What we all agree on that well well, there is a danger that sometimes, if we think that we over corrected that we in fact don't go far enough to saddam's it. I also has an idea if you
but try to completely reformulate or we brand or refrain sexual etiquette between the sexes don't base it on hollywood. Why don't do it very weird industry which actually came up with the return of casting couch right, where people actually advance for their looks for their sexual ino wiles and much more like start in some? the business. Yet we had to remain. We reaffirm our civilization in one of the differences between civilization and not civilization, as you have a system of justice rather than a system of revenge right in the systems of revenge, are endless cycles of violence and when you break free of that, for a justice system are much more likely.
It will have that civil peace that we all want to have a job. You emphasised the real time my every friday night watch him any time for more information. Levant each be oh dot com.
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