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Overtime – Episode #604: Danny Strong, James Kirchick, Krystal Ball

2022-06-18 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 6/17/22)

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Welcome to an h b, o podcast from the h b, o latency and real time with bill Maher. The ok here are the questions. Jamie and your new book. You write that Ronald reagan's administration proved to be the gayest of any residential. Frazier? Yet why is that The sheer number of gay people working in it didn't well actually one of the big scoops in What was that in nineteen eighty, three weeks before the republican national convention, it was brought to the attention of Ben Bradley, who was at the time the editor of the washington post, the allegation that ronald Reagan was being controlled and I'm not I'm not lying here that he was being controlled by a homosexual network.
Of right wing, anti communist gays that they were controlling him as a manchurian candidate in the hope and the washington post investigated. This they sent out bob woodward was was one of the reporters several other reporters. They investigated it and they did find that there were some gay men working for reagan, but the notion that this was some sort of conspiratorial plot. When the log cabin republicans started it sort of started two years earlier. Actually in california, when there was a ballot initiative to ban gay school teachers and Reagan actually came out against it and Reagan was really decisive in defeating it, there were nineteen. Seventy eight and log cabin republicans occurs refers to link who was gender fluid, there's robbers, he shared a bed with me. For several years on the american frontier with was not that unusual in the nineteenth century, although if you read the letters, the exchanged with the sky, they're pretty hot and heavy
We also want the taiwanese every year. What still seen and new boss once the network to steer away from sensational hyper partisan coverage. Yes, I saw that cnn. You can't say that you can refer to the election. Is the big lie or drums big lie as the big lie, which again see I mean I'm totally on the page of it was the big lie, but I think that's the right thing. I mean you know your msnbc, even though its like jack. He's totally wrong, but I defend is right to be wrong. Do you think cnn will actually stick with this new plan now
my issue is an actually with opinion journalism. If europe front about what you're lenses, what do I have no problem with that whatsoever? I do have a problem when it blinds you two facts and honesty, and I think both CNN and MSNBC their max most ideas in terms of russia didn't end up working. So that's the issue I have there. Will it work? No, because, ultimately, what's going to happen, trump's going to come back guess, what's going to rate the people who go, you know the furthest day in on trump. That's what's going to get the best ratings, this is a business. It's a business model. I think it's an abhorrent one that leads to a disaster for america. I think it's a cancer on society, all of the cable networks,
But ultimately those are the incentives they respond to you so now, and I think it so. What do you mean by max formalist ideas about road flag, up key tapes? You know and its immediate dossier, semi floating that he has been a russian activate since nineteen eighty file, that sort of the Senate intelligence committee, which is controlled by Republican, said the trumps involvement with russia was a grave national security threat. Ok, but that's not the famous thing building has a p d been another version of bat bouncing back and forth each. I was always lurid and who knows that, if you don't like that one, then let's talk about the. I believe, an idea of where the corona virus came from and the fact that these outlets said that not only could a runaway, please allow all races to say so had been all over. That's what I'm saying is that have an issue when Europe's ideology blinds you too
How do I don't u? Every week on this issue with them, pinion rationalism, lebanon, the idea that russia and trump we're inappropriately intertwined- I mean he s- campaign manager, men afford- was getting sharing, pulling information with this guy calumnies. Who was the mulder report found that there was no pollution? Can we were promised your promises Three years they overpriced area is really in a cable news, but there wasn't enough those every day it wasn't. You know something. I know it wasn't like somebody was it not what the truth was bad enough with trump and redirect what they have to holy shit? You're right? Why did they have to relish it? What was what what he did in public was bad enough right with disqualified him for the presidency. Rightly said that maybe crimea, maybe russia, can keep crimea to me about, was disqualify siding with putin that to helsinki right, like my seventeen intelligence agencies, tell me one thing that is going to go with you. It was a disgrace, but I couldn't
people just side with america is not a big problem with so many people, the media they couldn't. They couldn't take that alone. It had to be this baroque conspiracy going back to nineteen eighty seven, he was recruited by the kgb right I mean it was just it was. It was such a scandal. Actually, when you look back on it, how we were deluded by that's. Why we were so. It is what we want reality once we're not a thing. I don't think anyone, but since he doesn't care about is clinical nor support standards. Generally, let fall. I know him, but the idea that he would do that is completely believable and he would have done that win. That's why people bought it. But here, if you're in whose business I mean that right kilometres there is such a cancer is because, ultimately it is just about the ratings. They don't care. They got a wrong there, never going to correct that renault iraq and to change with the new boss
It's just about saying the things that make your audience go. Yes, I leave that. Thank you for reinforcing what I or letting the bubble in and let me say that exactly yeah, ok, danny. If you could write a screenplay about the twenty twenty electorate, okay, so right, I was going to ask you the game, change, okay, that was about two thousand and eight and Sarah palin sure that was great love. That my boy woody house and was in the ring, I reiterate, guide actor. Ok did the one you're the one you did recount was about the two thousand election, so yeah you're a kind of do for writing an election living.
This question is what would you title it and are you thinking about doing a deal or romney obama? First, though, that's the real action. Is there that's an exciting movie. Yeah yeah, I mean look at the the problem with doing a trump movie, because the guy who directed those two movies, Jay roach- and I have been talking about it for years- is Every day is crazier than the day, but yes right How do you? How do you turn that into a piece of drama that has something to say that doesn't become you know irrelevant the day after you start writing it. He could be president again and then there's a new movie. And then put you in guantanamo bay for everybody, I appreciate you telling us in real time, with bill Maher every friday night, I'll watch them anytime, the more information log on to h, b, o dot com.
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