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2019-02-02 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 2/1/19)

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Welcome to each year from each year. We have time him. Ok, all right! So here are the question. John Medium. Does the posts civil war era offer any lessons and how to seize upon a post trump era to enact real lasting? political and social reform. Our we're in reconstruction times? Not really, unfortunately, because reconstruction really was a prelude to a century where we are still fighting Jim Crow. And U S grant got a couple of things right. Eve fought against the clan, and that was important, but it didn't. Research didn't come back until the twenties, but the Justice Department was founded actually to fight the plan for the for the first time in eighteen. Seventy, I do things like reconstruction in that the most analogous president, which is
like say, you're the best restaurant hospital, certain small category. That is- and I gather Johnson because John of our yeah, he was Johnson trying to undo the verdict of the war and was doing so, and I am page stem cell research. Let's get on with the engagement will your you voted against the resolution to request the president's tax returns you dead, it was do you really want there wasn't an actual resolution on war, but it was a puppy about emotion, the table, but if it comes back on me, I'm sure no one questions go, and I think we should see the presence of we bring republican dearly. I re under that we bring gave very running right, exact, ok, Jennifer. What do you make of this at its latest warming against warning against precipitous, withdraw from Syria? Does this signal a shift in
public and push back against drums foreign policy is it whenever they can deal with more than they have been doing, which is exactly nothing so every little bit should be encouraged. Now, perhaps they can start pushing back on things like the wall on things like. Non existent victory over ISIS, so if they can smart start small ways, hopefully this will become a pattern and a trend. I think what is interesting is that there are no longer completely cowed by the sky, that they have some inkling of independent, some sense of selves survival. Maybe so this is a good thing. I don't think it's gonna be enough, frankly, to save a bunch of em in two thousand twenty someone like quarry gardener Caput by pate. They want to start and they ones are actually taking the drop seriously. That would be great
javert. Don't you think they should go the next step and actually decide and vote to authorize are military actions rather than just letting them happen. How well you then go back to the constitution. This is this is that I hope this leads to a bigger discussion with all due respect to the congressmen where's, the war powers actually needed. All these wars have happen without congrats authors, asian and somehow the Congress has not clamouring out to buy, make that that was a byproduct of you ass to give up that they would in a large ass. The last time we declared war was right, two thousand one.
Was it not even the authorizing you're bored. I can you actually dont want to declare war right now when you declare war. That means the present gets these. All these powers here in the United States has widened, authorize use of military force that that's that's. What ever should only in Chile, since we ve discovered now a whole bunch of these emergency power, which sounds like these things are still on the book. Some of them have been on the box for sixty years. We don't even know what they are so to the mayor's point. It used to be like back when I was a member of the Republican Party, the deep dark ages, that the Republican Party was against it with all respect, like two years years, like twenty, like you're, like that, so you'll stop either party that didn't like executive power. It used to be the power. Paul Ryan would give speeches about
worse with the power that wasn't was. President is completely everyone. George, W Bush was saying that no simple, always late executive power until they have both parties. Both parties do this. Let's be clear, shows parties in the Congress have stepped away from responsibility, left it to the president, and this is something we should be asking questions about. Americans why Why were we in Saudi Arabia and watch you mean Yemen Why would we only backing Saudi Arabia in Yemen? Why would we part of a humanitarian crisis? Why we're our tax dollars, killing families and children and the Congress said nothing until very recently, something's wrong with that equation. To two points here, I think Jennifer is obsolete,
right that Congress in the past and to get I've only been kind of four years, so I use that that past tense has given power to the executive branch, the Congress, both vehicle, equal branch of government and that's where they have given too much and that's and we're trying to claw some of that back. There was a vote earlier this week about saying our port for NATO and because NATO has been responsible for seventy years of peace and prosperity, we're in Yemen, because the Iranians were creating a human, a humanitarian crisis in Yemen and in so so there's no vote by the Congress to authors. Eyes military support for Saudi Arabia, and we know that salary Arabia, exacerbated humanitarian crisis. There was no actual debate and vote and that's dangerous when you think about the from getting a guide to pass over thirty people to get security clearance, who the experts I shouldn't have security clearance
Could someone who will grant Kirshner and thirty eight and thirty people who were went through the normal channels which, at the top levels is the old, is the CIA and they said? No, are you kidding this isn't white collar criminals? They got here, they can't hear humbler and their up to their next with other cut, and he found some stooge to say. Oh no, you have security clearance, I'm pretty confident, confident that the distinguished from the state of Maryland, Chairman Eliza Cummings, will be investigating. That
and he showed very sound and once we had here use what what's always parties when we actually agree when one person of one party agrees with some of the other party, we always I'd be more like me right, but can't we do say for once. We are in agreement because making sure we have two strong parties, in point for this country. The competition of ideas is what made has made this cockade, but but one party is enabling Donald Trump and one party is enabling all these things that we're talking about the fact that he is able to get away with giving security clearances to people who don't deserve them is because the Republican Party as a whole is not standing up to him and is allowing the reason why he gets away with having meetings with Putin and nobody gets to take notes. I mean what
on in these meetings with Putin, it's the Republican Party, it's not a bipartisan endeavoured why he is able to get away with this, and that's why many of us who were in the Republican Party said they have to lose. They have to lose really badly. So there you either fail to either start over or some other party will come up by. You can't have a party that has lost its mind, lost or ochres mister, where, were you surprised to learn that the Trump Foundation is being forced to dissolve after allegedly engaging in a shocking pattern of illegality I I have to say: I did not recover from that report. It was so shocking, and now this is the great guy has been a con man. It's amazing is back than nineteen eighties.
And he's done disgusting, he called for the execution of five young men in the central park, five case who are proven innocent right. He took full page as to call for the execution this guy. He is stiff, Tis workers, every step along the way in the hotel industry he's a con man got away with it for decades, I gotta get away with it. This time I hope not only representatives we haven't had inherited a watch him. Any more information, not mind each be oh dot com
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