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#1 A Stranger Says I Love You


What happens when a woman sends a stocky blond stranger to tell her ex she loves him. 

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but I need extra com to get started trading binary options. That's an aide de Yak, Stockholm features options, swabs trading of risk and may not be appropriate for investors. Just a quick broke No before we had started this week's episode is a real broadcasts of our first episode were proud of it now them. You have heard it. We thought we'd re, run it and take away to work on something else. You guys are gonna like just now that we somehow accidentally added an extra segment to it in the re broadcast. That is really good. We like found, saw other character that we couldn't find the fur semi reporting it and the really interesting and- and yet you like it, I enjoy the shop. So can you tell me where you were like? Can you just sort of tell me the story of what happened at the greatly? question
from gimlet media. This is a reply, are unsure, show about the internet, I'm heatwave and I'm Alex Golden and the guy you heard up top is our friend SAM. He works above a bookstore and one day at work. He got an email from the owner of the bookstore saying, eight there's someone down here. Looking for you and so walked in the bookstore and there's this do there is kind of you like blonde short hair, a kind of stocky and on- and he looks at me and he goes SAM. I said yeah and he goes it's me, Ariel and then he walks up to me and he puts his hand on my shoulder and he says fucking love, you and I dont, know how to tell you. Salmon, never seen this stock longer before, but he was involved with a woman in aerial
dated on and off for a year and when he received this message, Ariel just moved across the country to Washington DC for work are really gotten a stranger to deliver her message through an app called somebody may be heard about it was created by Miranda's, lie the writer artist, filmmaker genius and here's how it works. Somebody's messaging, but instead leaving a message on your phone. You receive your message from a total stranger so like. If I want a message Alex and tell him that we need to record today are sending the message, but it won't go directly to have somebody who is physically close to him a stranger we'll get the message and be given directions on how to deliver it to Alex. You knows include stage direction. Second, asked the stranger to yell at Alex, though we need record today or to tell our so. We need to record today, while crying the ideas to make technology more human, but it also makes it way more awkward by introducing a complete stranger into an intimate interaction, and, as you can imagine, this particular interaction was very:
where did not just for the people involved, but for everyone in the bookstore my coworkers jaw dropped. The bookstore guy was like there were, like other people in the store they're all like, and then that kind of in the in the air for a minute, and then he says, K lay. Can I can I ask you what that was about no. Like. I don't know you and was was alright what we selfie because leg the app asks you to take. A self awareness has just delivered, and so I cannot give us like big uv, grin and then I was like I do they gotta go and then I went I took high. Is this aerial? Well, yes,
I really appreciate you doing this. I dont know if I would do it yeah, I'm up for it. Why would anyone used this to send a message so important. We also curious about why Aerial SAM's acts would do that. Ariel says that she first heard about the somebody out from San back her dating, she decided to send the I fucking love you message later at a particularly low moment right before she was getting ready to move across the country, every starting q, killing adviser and city, and I got my life and I think it finally came down to a particularly difficult moment: hadn't them. You know that a little better that sad can go mild depression that that thing when you leave your home on eleven being in my room, and I can I find it- Errol actually sent him a bunch of messages through the air but before they broken up after they broken up before she moved
after she moved and the others was really innocuous for aerial it didn't you crazy to send a bunch messages to SAM? Because- and this is the one thing everybody knows about this app if they know anything about it- barely works most the messages, users and just never get to their intended recipients. Though a kangaroo felt like I was singing something out into the ether in it felt like a little bit of advice is a nice. I think of it working my way after thing, something that, with a very low probability bag, it would actually ended up To him of all the messages, areas and Samuel replied once and nothing about the one replied that he did send suggested that the message that had gotten through with that message that I fucking love- you message he sent me now
hey, I got your message here. Somebody message ever super three and I am glad that we can t friends even at you move across the country. I was a girl guy. He guy, you know at that time we have been talking, he'd been having a specially Ethel couple weeks in so I'd also that him more recently than that message, a message like here keep her chin up your great you're, a great kid. You got this kind of thing that thou be funny, and so I assume that what he received, though the rich month I got from him, feel totally upper reared through the message I believe you can see. Why should make that assumption that was super sweep is an odd responses.
I fucking love you, but in SAM's defence, the medium kind of obscured the message it wouldn't let you call him on the phone or sentiment email I mean. How seriously are you supposed to take a message? No matter how heartfelt, if its delivered to you through internet performance are like, I can't tell if it was meant to be heavy for her, for whose us, or if she was just meant that as a joke or as a as just you know, a thing that she'd fire off three hawk the morning via text that instead of setting a taxi centre. Somebody message I don't know like. I don't know what that message meant to her. I didn't I didn't it and never never crossed my mind that people would use it for sure you no real communication. Of course area was confused by our own motives. I don't know that. I really thought through that much in that moment that you sent it. What was your like ultimate fantasy idea of what would happen when he got it?
I think it best. I thought maybe this in this weird way, with plans to feed their would sit there, maybe for a month, maybe four years, maybe forever. You know we can indeed in some way you gonna carry. You know that one time leg, let's China's again, but I may do do you feel that do you of him they do. They probably still don't know, I don't know how to say that there were many, probably still won't say that to him, and even if we talked about it, I feel like a comedy.
He and I would have about this issue and I think that, because neither of us really knows what they ve done, so why didn't you want to follow up with her afterwards and find out exactly what happened or or find out exactly why she saw I mean was just too heavy was goes it just too much I was I was. I don't really know for an answer that birds I mean I was it, you know I was afraid I was you know. I was afraid of there being a mismatch expectations in terms of you know where we were at. And I wasn't talking to you now, I'm like really nervous about hurting her feelings. Somehow cuz, I really don't want to do that. I don't know. I guess I guess I just didn't know how I used to know how to
About fifteen years ago, I was in a very similar situation aerials as I imagine everyone has been at some time or another. I just moved across the kind. For college leaving behind a relationship. I was still incredibly invested in. I spent most of the first few weeks in college, crying crying in my dorm room, crying in the line of the food co up crying in the bathroom between this is when you're in that situation, feeling something not sure the other person feels you're in this weird limbo. Part of you want to tell them to find out if they feel the same way and part of use terrified to tell them, because what, if you find out that they don't, when I came home on spring break, I did the low tech high risk version of what area I went to her office during work hours and I simply said what amounted to I fucking love you and I don't want to tell you how response was you're. Embarrassing me at work.
For aerial the somebody apple out her to show up its hymns work and make a big romantic declaration without showing up its aims, work to make a big romantic declaration, we sending a message to a stranger equity, app tell him something, though bag is kind, a inherently that I dont want to look straight. Either. You know, and it gives me out of not having a luxury that it has on meeting both I can It gave me a little space to put something out there. You know and knowing that you got it, they put something out there and know that it's been exhausted but doesn't have to be fully acknowledged. It doesn't have to be on the fact that it's just out.
Well, not until the radio producer comes in and makes you go on his podcast to talk about it, you can't make either virtual really acknowledge Jimmy today, what we think of it, so you guys can do you guys will just held this conversation through me. You become a practice of irony that might fail relationship. When somebody first premier Miranda July released a short film to accompany the app it open. A woman sitting at the foot of a bad weeping, she reaches for a fund to make a phone call, but then she stops herself and begins giving women
The July imagined at the wounds, boyfriends and a public park he's a tall good, looking bookish guy, not unlike San, gets approach by large man and attracts you SAM characters, picnicking alone, James Caleb, moves us all. Totally. Love you just. I can't I just can't be your girlfriend anymore. I can't it's not anything. You did your perfect. I just need some space. You'll, be. I'm you got this since opting out in August, the coverage of somebody's been pretty uniform initial excitement and then a wave of stories about how the absent glitzy mass the barely works.
Watching this trailer has an area on SAM actually kind of exactly to use case the Miranda July. To imagine how often does that happen that a prototype end up being used exactly the way it's creator intended the bugs Miranda July's taken as somebody up off line for the time being, with a promise of somebody to point no coming out in the near future, but maybe that glitch inconsistency is less above than a feature, an emotional russian roulette that will embolden users to tell people how truly fucking love they are after the break. We talk to the guy who delivered aerials message to say. Our shores is Friday. This week swear space. Simple, powerful, beautiful and really a box a month. You a free domain. If you buy scarcely for the year like. Everybody else are favorites, whereas most page right now is one created by big Lebowski actors: Jeff Bridges who
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father email. So, Animals and those right now then, like all I caught, was like that, I'm supposedly blonde and stocking so like walking around like hey, which you described me, a stocking as you know, the slow just be honest when First saw the somebody message from aerial: he was in his car driving from San Francisco to delay any actually got off the freeway to deliver it. When you saw the message that was supposed to be sent to SAM, like what did you think this is a good one. If its sincere, no normally like, if, if you ever exe want to deliver somebody message: the person see the message has to say that their available, and only after that doesn't send you the gps, and so like I drove to the intersection and looked around people industry in like women too, like various bars text,
an amount of fearlessness to do this to let go in Hunt, someone down and in the world It was crazy. I felt I felt like internally to raise looking for the kid in his. Have you seen this boy, because I was walking in the places like like a you know, this person and they d like no and I'll, be lit by and then just now and then will any. I finally found the bookstore like either SAM we're here and then he came down with one of his co workers. So as it SAM and this is then it's me area. I mean I feel like I would say. Oh that's cool app, that's that's really clever idea and then I would never use it now is an obsession. So how many messages would you say you delivered
averred exactly sixty nine messages, wow what what was the particular appeal? for you that made you want to become the messenger all all. Ok, I just broken up with a girl, and that was the difficult and then the very next day like today, that I started to read messages. I found it that my dad had cancer, and It was a thing like everybody in the family knew he was dying but he really didn't want you admit it so, right up until the end, every conversation with him. There is this layer of like we can talk about the real thing, so you think, I mean that was hard. That was that was hard for me
in both with my dad and with flags there were. There were communication problems there that I like couldn't overcome and this is like a weird, a kind of way if, like kind like help. Somebody else communicate something that was hard for them to communicate. Instead of like dealing function, So so in lieu of being able to talk to you too, like collect scream the truth in your dad's face you got to deliver, tiny little nuggets of truth, other people around the city now only like that. But I was just weird that it like came at that, like the exact moment where was like fuck, I need something to like do I don't know I just I latched onto it. You know- and it's like like somebody has to fucking, deliver these messages. Why-
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