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#141 Adam Pisces and the $2 Coke


This week, a flood of mysterious orders plague Domino’s Pizza stores across America. Who is Adam Pisces, and why is he ordering so many cokes?

Domino's Responsible Disclosure to report any vulnerabilities on their app

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people. In each episode Francesca Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for, listen on Spotify or wherever you get. Your pot casts this episode is brought to you by a Sana. A saga is an app designed to help teams, plan, organise and execute all the work they do together. It helps you make sure nothing falls through the cracks, so you can focus on the work that matters most learn more. And try Osanna for free visit, asano dot com to get started. That's a ass, a dna dot com so before us are the show tie announcement, there's actually summit. We need your help with busy for them. We can always liebenheim other thing which just like stuff from our past. That is still online, that we would like removed from the union
and started turn into like a very fun and horrifying thing to discuss so, like our government has an incredibly teenaged live journal, which we actually tied round the show, he tried to delete that it was archive. Buy me a man over producers has apparently ferry harrassing movie Review blog then install mine, despite his best efforts, were looking first stuff like that. From you, it doesn't just had to be embarrassing, like they can be sad, egregiously. Anything that you want. He off the internet browser doesn't recently written me like a local news story that you were featured in that you wish you weren't just to be clear. We are not going to delete these thing for you. We just want here the stories. If you have one citizen email at reply, given
media dot com. Subject line forget it! Here's the upset Frank about this reply off, I'm hegemony and I'm out and also to see or thus is damning remark. Eddie, eyes. A high domino are used in pretty good. Just a lunch feeling for yeah You have you azure doing it. I just asking whether your full or not foreign, I'm also kind of four case does not without its were today, has fearfulness size them. What Oliver fall yeah I was wearing the silken Zack always
How can this woman aims Betty Sadie, yeah yeah, it's Bulgaria and its skeleton key y? See no data, yet fatty argues that are perfectly nice. Is she just had dislike wonderful little. Mystery. I would call it ok and I went into it thinking it would be relatively easy to figure out like this small simple question must have made a small boy! I was so wrong. Okay, so what happened? steady. She lives in North Carolina, and just but when she was, but she got a you got a job at domino smiled and player? I used to be a dominoes Peter. I knew that one of the better job add ok. So he was working, Damas actually kind of they worked away up. What were the things that you must liked about working there in that first job,
this family aspects, you cause, you work, you work through these, like stressful shifts, with all these other people and leg. One of them would teach me how to drive like when it. Slower like after tat and me in the general manager. You select go drink at her apartment, so you know it. It's just a whole big family, so she's working in the back for you probably know this but like when an order comes in, like it shows up on a screen. He shows up on a computer and then there's like a sort of back room where you make it and its super, they like why things that go as they can Clearly automated area. So you take down sir damage already done in any, but the toppings on, and then you just put it on a conveyor belt and then comes at the other side. You can go as you can hear on pizza is that are now on the menu and gets pretty exciting archived. So I studies of sweaty, so there's a screen were that the orders come in and she's working Wendy.
And this sort of like a strange order comes in? so I remember lake. We got an order and whenever we an order that has nothing that needs to be. In the oven at all. Then it's gonna pop up on the screen and give you message leg no items to be made. We gotta north like that- and I was like ok we're, so I break away walk of to see what it is and look at it and I see it's just a twenty on Coke just occurred, not just a coke. You can make heard her. I guess so so like like the Coat beard Right right. She just somebody is like please drive to my house. And bring me one cup, and it was even weirder them that it wasn't deliver me a coke. It was a an order for pickup that so far we are taken. Are the freezer fridge fridge I'll come by it from you? Yes, but I'm calling a head. First just say: I'm coming: ok and the weirdest
the order was the name. It was Adam Paces, Adam Pisces, like that astrology sign, yeah, exactly and Adam Pisces never shows up to pick up his coke and then a week later it happens again I don't think the order was lake too soon after the first one, we like the exact order, came in again like Adam Pisces, twenty ounce, personal coke, yes, yeah! and what did you? What is you Think when you saw it again at that point, I was like What is going on and those prejudice. I just gonna like syrup looking round and we try to figure out what is happening with his orders. So she goes to the one place on the internet. She knows for sure P, Martin, one figure it out to this wonderful place of DE life. What's de life dealing is like It's like the internet for dominoes employees isn't like from the corporation Yes, oh it's lake you can.
They get into this internet for if you're dynamism, plague dominoes using your and probably after your time, Peter yes and on There is like a message board, so cool. Yes, if she goes onto live and types Adam Pisces into the search bar, immediately is just post after post after post of people being like. I got this weird order from gaining Adam Pisces lies for personal coke advantages disappeared from all. These are predominantly olive replacing across the country no hair, and they would ask you know hey. What's what's up with this, order, I keep getting from under a name. Adam Pisces carry out Twentieths co like the same exact like there are six as the orders. I would let her I would like very well. Worlds going on. I like I was just I was actually drawn in. I was late. I have to figure out what is going on with this, so sweaty is dying to know. What's
because you know, what's gonna without an Pisces. Yes, you like him other things. I truly care out. Life would doubtless be that's kind of high fuel. No two so, I wanted to figure out like who is out a Pisces and what is yet to and I assumed like from the start and Pisces got to be like a pseudonym but just make sure I went online and I start searching for a Pisces. Let me know where so I had to take a different approach I heard it is when it gets cold, condemn this website and I walking to go and pick it up also asked of Adam Pisces
I hope that I can get some answers. I'm here to do this. I can't hear you hello. I do it I ordered I really just a coke under the interim Yonah Adami. Thank you guys. You question Can I see you like? Have you ever gotten an order? I am working on a story about a weird thing that seems to be happening at all kinds of different domino's near me. How do I, how do I use my stock to you baby through this? Like a split in the partition? so there's this weird thing: that's happening of Europe on an order like this for just a coke from a guy named Adam Pisces UK, their meagre.
Have you ever got an order, so I'm working on a story? It's about this thing that seems to be happening in all these different dominoes, where they just get in order for a coke from it Adam Pisces. Never so really weird thing words like all these dominoes all across the country. It's like the just get this order. I too am I do honey I'll pay for it way too. So you're saying like nothing like that's ever happened to you before. I'm sorry to Serbia you know I d livestock, whom I thank you very much
Ok, I success. I start to have a little bit more like just calling dominant stores. Thank you for asking David Oliver your carrier, it's for neither do jobs just like one. Second, I'm actually a journalist and I'd have a quick question. So I'm doing I'm we're gonna story and I'm trying to seems like this sort of strange thing is happening in a bunch of dominance, which is that this man Adam Pisces is ordering just like twenty ounce coke and then like never showing up to pick it up. Is that happening there? Do you guys it is happens at all them. So can you like? what is its? Is such a funny thing like? When? Is it happening to us and then you here, I'm kind of like put the funding,
I'd any can cure him in the background. Taken was manager, internal thoughts about the atom biting thing at a pace that happen these onto us, so they don't wanna talk but pretty quickly. I have another dogmatism place who were totally game, and I learned so much from them, not just about Adam policies, but also about like just the completely absurd world that is dominoes pizza, so the thing that you have to understand what dominoes is like a lot of other fast food chains, the whole thing is actions right like they want standardized pizzas delivered as quickly as possible. And they have all of these systems in place to make that happen, but the people who these sums are meant to control delegating year olds, who go to work, make some money and, like me, don't
I really enjoyed talking to them and they, like all, had theories about what was happening with these enterprises orders. One of the first guys I talk to anybody yellow Benny. Yes, this is our main from via high doing just peachy area peachy, while those good yeah. Where are you Oh, I ask why are you already know I'm actually currently? work boxing up an order where to Domino's for a long time. He actually works at a different place now, but he had two theories about what was going on with his Adam Pisces orders and the first theory. It was just kind of wonderful. What, if I was going on with the dominoes ordering system was being tested by this like vessel elite squad of Dominoes employs called our pizza. Testers. O ye are yards.
In for operations, evaluation report to do in encounter that, in your time or dominant. I don't think so so there, these people who work at Damas Corporate and they like about a dominoes randomly announced to perform like this weird audit, so basically like they're there, and it's like a pop quiz to make sure like everyone at that store, is doing everything completely by the book may come through, and it's like I'm very stressful time, like I remember like the dominoes fifty miles away we just got hit by our shit and we'll be like we'd, have to like clean up everything. Really quick and it was, it was always very odd and the things that they care about like they can feel completely random and arbitrary. Let its lake is your shirt. Tucked it is the lake size of the bubble on that pizza to code to corporate us like a letter of really
and I started to this woman Romana who was working at a star one time when we are shut up like completely unannounced as usual. I was alone in the store with a seventeen year old, making the pies and Lake M Awaken Baker, so I was probably probably still toast in God and you, your guy goes into the kitchen He called me over and was like. How would you get when you think of the speaker has like Alex good think what you think of the mushrooms nicely, They look good site. You think there are enough mushrooms, almost pizza. Like I said, yeah like well. Well, there aren't I like, I, don't I don't I I'm sorry, I I didn't even make the pizza like. I don't know why I was being like interrogated about Peter is like. Were you going to deliver this pizza as like? Yes, I am a delivery driver. What's going on he's like why, don't you go call this customer and let them know that their PETE didn't have enough mushrooms on it and we're gonna make them another one?
so do not cool wild misunderstanding of why anyone orders dominoes pizza, so crazy it was so weird and the guy took it so so so seriously and we re made her pizza, but you know what that means. We ate her old pizza, it was fine, so, ruin is really used or we are just like showing up. Have these sort of like weird and byzantine, like rules about how everything seems to go and be doing all these like tests and taking all these things and it always feels like slightly arbitrary and mysterious thirty, two people, and so Benes, like maybe it's o ye, are who sending these items disorders, like maybe they're, checking something I know exactly what would be taking public now willing to dollar, covering up his like some obscure test that their testing them on yellow kudos, like is the fridge radar cold enough, like are you getting the coax out fast enough when, in a fits perfectly with the weird retraining of the tests that they already perform in in the store, right. Sometimes they will put orders and they will do testers a lot of the time it's like
but it needs our order in and then these it's a secret shopper, putting it order it will be like half ass. His speech are getting the thing that didn't make sense to me about this theory. Is that, like with Oh yeah, testers, there's always a point where they're like they're, like you did this thing wrong. Right, nobody showing up and saying you just failed that sell somebody, a coke tat, three like no one pops out of closet to be like you here are the idea of somebody testing the dominoes system. Somebody like inside of donors has a system that made a lot of sense to me and Benny. He actually headed an idea of a different person who would be testing system. One elegant grew people who actually make a lot more sense? Who that so his idea was that it might be franchise owners, people who have to keep tabs on a bunch of different stores the guideline, no one.
I work at you and over a hundred dominance locations around the. U S so could be something that that certain franchise owner is doing. I'd like to see what the store numbers are like how much revenue they're making for those days, because because if they aren't making enough it could be, those thinking- oh well, this stores and making enough there on line orders must not be pushing through. There must be palms and they might force one to go through its like a testing out when you think you re most down yeah. That's exactly How is he d? Overly get. One of those days were like no one's texting. You bad you just sectors tax pathetically, like maybe my text messages don't work. I've never done that, but I, we have had so many thought, like Adam Pay,. She's just has to be the name that some franchise, owner somewhere has-
it s like all of their different locations and he really excited about the idea of trying to figure out. This was true. Ah I love this. This is crazy. Now I'll reach out to some people. And see what they know about the situation and see if they know anyone who knows anything about the situation. That's amazing. Thank you. So much money, oh no problematic many good news, yellow many familiar? As a gallon good man, how are you I'll just peachy again, so we hung up the phone? What did you do
I immediately message some of my friends who still worth a damn, knows and had them look at live and they saw all the stuff about Adam Pisces and now it is this kind of her hand em again, then that was essential We all they could do, and so I had I've another friend I am fairly close with and he was able to bring up revenue. It's for those store, allow yeah and saw no correlation there, so no correlation, which means, if it were the franchise owners, were behind the atom paces orders. Benny would have seen that, like there would be a bunch of Adam Pisces orders at stores were having like a really bad El stays threat, but there's nobody saw he's either the atom Pisces orders were all over the place, sometimes there at the source that they get sales a day and really bad days like there was no pattern to it. So they have. I saw a little hole in the theory of like that. It's a what's gonna wire test texts, yes and
in the other thing is if they were doing some kind of internal test, why would they use such a conspicuous name over and over and over again? I know you think they use like Johnny Normal name yeah giant, or they would be very slack so Benes contacts cannot tell him what was going on with these orders, but Benny did not give up. So I went higher up the five point, one more guy who's in direct contact with everyone in the company, a ceo. If I were, you knows how I had no idea that you had set too high dominoes contacts yeah. So up until this point, we thought that all these orders were a test from within dominoes, but according to Benny, his contact thought that actually towards overcoming from
outside of the company. From this, like the city dominoes underworld, he thought the atom paces orders were actually somebody testing stolen credit cards. So he said it was a credit card that tactic that people would purchase a small purchased with the car to keep. It was an actual carton. And if it went through, they would purchase other expensive items and gift cards in line with the credit cards. But dominoes was always the first an easy first purchase because it would be completely anonymous because you could have that guest account. Really, yes, but the thing and understand about this theory was that, like a lot of these Adam Pisces orders are to be paid in cash: they're, not credit card orders. So how could this be about testing credit cards? If the orders are in cash, the air, and then he was ache? Here's what's going on at the franchises, I know
When you order through dominoes online, you can order for pick up or or delivery, and if your credit card gets decline, dominoes still once that order, so they just switch. It took cash and. And so that the car gets decline which, if it had died and that's how he knows that the card isn't going to work, and this dream it all sounds to me like when someone says a credit card, they want to see the card works and so a lot of times. The first person to make on the card is something cheap. Like a coke dominance, it's funny. That's happened to be passing, my cards been stolen, roylake hammer, Mcdonald's, sorted CBS, expensive, laptop computer just like other, are hungry. Yeah
and I mean it also makes sense because it's like those small purchases are less likely to be fight. Also by your credit card company rise like you can see, the cards working and no one's gonna be the wiser, and so it seems Billy possible. That Adam Pisces was like this front for a group of like up a crater. Our group of Kennicott hackers who had a bunch of different credit card numbers. And they wanted to sort of like create a programme that could test all of them caught it and and I found this other group of thieves, their entire scam is using stolen credit cards and what main targets is Domino's itself and it felt super possible to meet that. Maybe it was them that were behind these out of my co workers. They're called pizza plugs, hey, this is Diana from require high. Do men man. These make up. Yes the Avonlea night here, someone broken my car I share, MRS Guy. When a call edgar-
and I found him advertising himself online as beats bug, a pizza blog is like a person on. And often like on twitter their advertising that big you order from them. You can get ready. We discounted dominoes pizza, sometimes a dildo like for five dollars. You get four metres. How are they getting four pieces for five bucks so Basically what they're doing something called credential stuffing something we talked run the show many times, probably many Customers are we using a password that has leaked in some data breach of some of their company, and so the hackers are using those bad sports to get into their dominance accounts, and there are basically like worrying as many pieces. They cannot account before the account gets flag for fraud
and EDGAR Tommy. He got in daylight being a piece about a couple years ago I was playing a fortnight. I remembered I saw the news of gear got in trouble or ordering piece of work, and I would ask whether it had time. That's what people really like start a blow up already it a gay real. I heard it all before that it would mean that we would have got it for you saw. How did you learn about the method at the guy started, accusing keep one day, and then I say you shall be a picture. You bet the soul of the privileged people they have this software called car boats is aware, like a code to crack, help distilling people's dominoes accounts ever using the great hard on the hill. The ordering food. The problems ordering rubies about is that with the pizza blog is doing is illegal
and so, when you buy pizzas from them, they send your address. Dominoes ends like hey, deliver these illegal pizzas that his person so now dominoes has your address, which doesn't work out. Well, wait: vices club Only five: this is a social media scheme. You need to know about. If you're looking for deals on pizza, you could be set up to take a huge fall. Asleep, the University of Georgia didn't think twice when he saw deal advertised on Twitter to get fifty two dollars worth of pizza for ten dollars, even if he was sceptical, there's plenty of rave reviews from real people who are satisfied. Customers across the country there, mostly young people, just like nineteen year old Nick Thomas, I thought he had employed s house.
Next item is the key runs almost arrest, but reality hit hard when undercover police showed up at his door, dressed as peace, a delivery drivers and then three police officers came of potatoes, pointed at me from those that tomorrow the air with teasing guns pointed at me so like yes, it's very risky for the people ordering from pizza blogs. Even if you don't get arrested, you still have to like trust, a complete stranger on the internet, whose, like promising that they'll, send you a pizza if you send the money
and, like all you really have to go on, is like a twitter feed of just like a bunch of people being like sweet pizzas bro. Thank you. Presenting the pizza EDGAR. The guy found advert has himself on Twitter as a piece of like he's like a whole. Twitter feed is just like retreats of pictures of people being like Legend Hashtag pizza, plug and then like four pieces stacked on top of each other. They got twenty on squirt or something and anger so that, after awhile of being a piece of like you really like those reviews that he was retreating of his great service, there is no way for anyone to tell if they are real. Buddy Shabata you, I M, not a row pizza plug, I'm a scammer. I take its money. So when you we all of those like those those things and your gs. Others faker accounts that I dick
It is better to make your profile. Will you know their fake if they don't have any retweet? So nobody knew by like the pizza blogs and the credit card hackers. My theory was that one of these groups was behind him Pisces. There are ordering coax just to make sure that the credit cards at the Hague on access to actually worked and a coke was like the cheapest thing, the coroner. So this theory to dogmatism play that I knew just run it by his name's Blake, so them than the main theory right now that may seem is make more sense is basically that, like someone was you Seeing the dominoes ordering portal to test stolen credit cards really yeah, basically like if you put a credit card in to the fore form on line and the credit card bounces back, it will autumn
ironically turn the ordered a cash. You don't I'm saying you, I guess I can't get it edges, so am I store at a credit card bounced? We would have label that would burn out and tell us that it was our doubts, so I would say interesting yet I would say: hey confirm this. This person Ah my London to that effect and women he sees us out, imposes oars he's not seen that guy is never see matter before so he was like that their. It doesn't make any sense to me, and I was like shut up up up up. That sounds like a really good points. After the break. I guess
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and able to talk to anyone who work like high up in dominoes. Now I finally make some headway, though, when I am in contact with a guy named era, Nelson hello, the from seven years basic, there's, wonder, run the thing we ve been you good good and worked on. The software team dominance corporate from seven years, basic there's one run by you. Like the thing we ve been looking into focus and I was getting halfway through my speech that I've done a hundred times about what was going on Are these weird orders, Madame Pisces, it was just for a twenty Onest coke, like a personal sized, I am on the order of the way to set a high security know what this is about. I already have a sneaking says: and because I've ordered my fair share of toys coax during a certain time. Oh
in two thousand and nine domino's hire Darren to help them build their like big new fancy online ordering system domino's. It never ever done anything like this before and Aaron. He said it was like this very long and arduous process, and then we finally got up and running and when you get those things set up at the end, you have to test. Does it work right from the development? By? Does it work? You mean like to place an order down to a store, and inevitably, if your testing, all the time you dont want to test with, like actual production food that they have to make them they're just wasting. So the very classic pattern was you test with a coke because it doesn't have enough food costs associated. It is if no one picks it up. Please put back in the cooler there's. No that's. Why that's Mark of test order. Is it's a coke, so is that software named Adam?
cs. I don't know who the again and places couldn't Adam paces could be totally made up. Name I'll, give you an example. Whenever I tested, I always used urban Johnson, because I'm a big man you can say in basketball fan, so I knew my my fake orders always came in and the name urban jobs in like manner Answer. Yes, so errands theory is that the software engineer that came after was they pick their own pseudonym, Adam Pisces, and they put it in like the test. Software and whenever they ran it, some dominance in the country We'll get an order from Adam Pisces for twenty outskirts. Interesting, as I was very happy that, like vital thing, happened, answer and then at, and a clock. Last night I got a text message from error and that you said hey. I got info, I'm really sorry to say I was wrong. Ok,
so we get on the phone with him this morning and he's acting very different from how he had been in the past. He was being very sort of tight lipped choosing his words extremely carefully, and he said he talk to people in its network and people work dominoes and he be able to get information about what was happening, but these orders, while also his here's. What I found out, what I can say is, I still fully believe and attacks as well, That is a scripted in thing. Ok, so you but wait when you say scripted thing. You still think it's like someone testing like the dominoes system, yet some scrapped yeah programme but I don't I don't know if it's farmers and
no even those five issues in the kettle anything more and can I ask like using its the credit card, thing. I know one tell me anything in that in that regard because no one tell me anything that regard I guess now. Do you think that there is also wrong? I think it it's probably a Europe, but I don't know I'm at this point. It is to meet the mystery. It's kind of a mystery. It's our only mystery. Someone is testing something the thing that their testing is topsecret or whose roots test
he's asking is necessarily an internal hast like is not a zero dominoes testing, their own system, correct and he'd damaging. It's not dominoes testing its own system. If he's suddenly saying, I can't tell you of its rights, yes, that makes sense to me too, but it is our dominoes like who else would want to test the domino system that my question, and so I started to think The only people who want to test the dogmatism besides dominoes and who would be using this like weird signature, Adam Pisces, had to be hackers but made packers doing it for some reason that I just haven't thought of yet so I called an expert on hacking. We've had him on the show before it's the guy who runs website. Have I been pwned? His name is Troy Hunt
hello, Troy, hey how's, it going good. How are you a good night for a good, so I told Troy the story about the atom Pisces thing. Like I told many many people before, and it was really interesting just to see how differently like you just started kind of inspecting it an anniversary on line of our fine, their ordering an online yes and they're, putting the name out of paces any every time right. I can't ever leave your online Porto. They got anonymity that could be anywhere in the world. Exactly so, that's that's surplus engine and what sort of right are they doing this? I, how many orders are not well for each store. It will be like once every couple of weeks, but like or the totality following hundreds. Thousands, tens of thousands of cross country like in total, yes,
so it's not someone really trying to like messed with the store as well the soldiers Gaga. Why, like one right, we had order and I in a dilemma likes tying up resources or anything like that. No and then try he's really put together like all of these clues in a really interesting way. You gotTa Halleck recently, if you like, they're, just like all of these big acts like couple years ago, there's a big target hack with all the credit card information around, sometimes I think there is another similar one from home depot, yet they come easy. Early Irene arise that they had my data yeah so Troy. He started wonder if one of these big hacks had examined the dominoes. Some just checking on have event pine because denies its messages
brand, their online, they gonna be the target of a text that turn of phrase found that in two thousand fourteen dominoes was also act. The hackers got into the servers a huge dominoes franchise. He got a ton of customers, personal information and then actually have their ransom. So there are like dominoes. If you do not pay money, we will release all this information. Well, yeah dominoes refused to pay them, and then they really stepped back six months later, that hack into doesn't fourteen had actually been targeting this big franchise e in France and Belgium, which had barely go nighty systems. What Troy thought was possible was, at these Adam Pisces orders that they could be a prelude to a new, totally different attack. That would be targeting dominoes in the: U S how it this way,
so what he said is an eye at the beginning of a story, but never have thought that something as big as this would be the most likely answer. But what he said is that what the atom Pisces orders might actually be doing is they might be checking to see if the dominoes website has these like vulnerabilities, basically like testing the locks and when he thought I might look like in this case, is that they would be checking for something called anti commission, ok, the way that a website supposed to work like when you go on in like fill a former website now, most of the time these days, like there's like an anti robot part, were you to fill it ray. I says, Spect, like four pages, have assign rains and how many of these they stop on them, weren't. You telling me that you were like. I can ever do this, because I can never figure out which parts of this are actually the crosswalk. I fail. These has constantly hell you constantly it's like. I won't notice and
give a sign, or I won't notice crosswalk for there'll, be like a tiny bus. In the background like I do, you computer would have more these s an idea. I've been light on my email so many times, because I can't read my gear they're. Not I also think you're a robots tat, even a robot, exactly so looking Adam Pisces Tray thought. Maybe this is a little scrap that's running to test. If on the Damas website, any anti automation somewhere running the something like an ordering process. Really have anti automation they, because you could call such havoc right, you think about it like this is just one coke at a time. I'm an it's, it's a frivolous kind of thing, but what if it was ten paces and you at ten times a minute and you're doing it from different IP addresses in Europe.
Random rising the user agent stringing you're doing all sorts of things to make each oughta legitimate enough in appearance that dominates couldn't manually pick it up, and then they start Michael these pages. So it's just like the robot tries to place a bunch of orders and if they get blocked if a blocked, and they know that a human would have to do it, that smart rate and if it is the case, the hackers behind Adam Pisces are just like going to dominoes to check the locks like to make sure like can we still get in here? Try said it's very likely that they were doing that in order to attempt a kind of hack called the sequel injection. Ok, here's how a sequel interaction, so if you're dominance website and you're like on the order page and you just click on, like the pepper, only pizza, like a torrent, pepper, any pizza, weekly, going to avenge pepperoni pizza, it sends like a little requests to dominoes being like just pull, pull up the tolerance.
We're only pizza rain and if you look at the url, you might say something like product equals, pepperoni, pizza and literally has in information in the euro. So someone comes along and I modify that euro such that it changes the query and instead of pulling back a pepper, any Peter pulls back a pepper, any pizza and everyone's passwords threw out so Try can say for sure, but with the information he has, he thinks that this is the most likely answer for what is going on here and actually fell. Preside aside by that but actually what made me feel even more confident about this. Was that, after, like weeks of back and forth with dominoes, I've only got a comment from them and was really interesting with it They told me that if they are aware of Adam Pisces, like actually very aware
so, the Atomizer service have been coming in for two or three years, and the security team has been actively monitoring them, which makes it sound like it. It lends screens to trace their that this serious, like its other matters to them. When I feel confident about at this point is that Adam Pisces is a threat to dominoes a threat whose, like little shark fin, has been set with them for years now and so. Well, I don't know who Adam hi is. I do know that this story has like two possible endings in one Madame policies is completely spurred. Like the security team, Some squarely in their sights and just like in any day or Adam places is completely legible, I mean, despite knowing about these tests on their system that been happening for years. The security he has not been able to stop them so that they will find out either Pisces will be led away in him.
Our work completely disappear off the face of the earth or dominoes will be cracked wide open. I just keep thinking about Michael Myers, how will mean serious. Strangely, like every time you think you ve stopped him. I imagine this curdy teeming like are right. We ve got him. We figured out a way lock him out and then like every time you that you stopped him his head slowly like rises up, It appears in the written he's. I hate comforted reply. All producer, Damietta marketing,. My reply always hosted by pda vote me. Our torment, reproduced by shooting, predominate if we abandon damianus kitty and a fully
like a young and a manual Georgie, dearest him Howard were mixed by required fact checking by Michel Harris are in turn, His Christina Ayala to Joseph special thanks this week to Danby Filippi. France was Xavier, Damer RE in Patterson, Paul price arm on and all the key in former dominoes employees who spoke to dummy, offer the story, a theme song by the mysterious, brig cylinder and our add music is by bill buildings. Not labour is drinking coffee, new front steps in the morning listen to the show on Spotify, or whether you get your podcast thanks for this Was he into it?.
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