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#83 Voyage Into Pizzagate


A conspiracy theory, a pizza related map, and a website fighting for its very soul.

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people in each so print Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes, they ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for it. Listen unspent fi or wherever you get your pot This episode is brought to you by a Sana. A saga is an app designed to help teams, plan, organise and execute all the work they do together. It helps you make sure nothing falls through the cracks, so you can focus on the work that matters most learn more, Try us honour for free visit, assign a dot com to get started. That's a ass, a dot com from gimlet. This is reply. I am Alex, go and be given. So last Friday we see
down to do a segment that we do a lot on. The show called yes, yes, now with our boss, Alex Bloomberg and at the time it felt like we were talking about a facet of sort of strange, tiny world that reply all inhabits. Just this need internet story. There was never going to escape the orbit of the weird stuff that we are fixated on and between Friday and today the story has exploded, but we will get to that first, the yes, yes, no, we recorded on Friday at six p m. Welcome once again to yes, yes, now this again on our show where our boss Alex Bloomberg. Card carrying member of the eight hour p, as I have a couple weeks ago for a card a registration card throwing out member of the eight hour. I do not carry the kind. I would care to guide the my way through the way when again in the mail comes to us with a stuff.
He doesn't understand on the internet and we do our best to explain it to him. So what do you have for us this week? So have a series of treats I'll read them? Ok in the order they were treated They are all from somebody named tony baby at its twenty now, first, wheat, Giuseppe, we have a bigger problem pizza, it's a no good to a call eat that eat. Eighty call it that something about a emails we gotta call a Mamma circular, pies now ass. If her sweet as the first rate or guy your actions,
wonderful, secondary, Giuseppe Allah, the flyers about a circular pies. They are no good, it's even worse. The designer made at the sea and the peace with Meda does see and be too big right. Ok, fine or treat juice happy the new flyers we gotta find and destroy them. The designer big mistake: kids eat free, not eat, kids free, we are ruined. Wow upper God so were what what what what fresher is right in and around so Let me just ask PDA Pda. Do you know what this is somebody making, I guess, acceptably racist jokes about italian Americans. I've known you! This is.
Alex women do understand the series of tweets? It all know there is a reference to emails which I feel like went in reference emails. I feel like. I know it's emails, referencing Alex Coleman. Do you understand, yes- and I liked apologise in advance for everything that you're Butler Aragon over we're going to bed ok. I know four percent of us, ok direct you and I drop your four percent knowledge. There's a thing called pizza gate. Do you know what it is? No I've I've? Actually, this has been one word: seen it I've known there. I don't want to know it. I avoided which is a new thing for me, and up until the moment, and work out really well sorry, but ok, so it all started with the leaked John PEN, ass, the emails. Ok right, ok, ajar worried us the leaked like they were hacked their hats ass, the hacked the apparently russian
Prs broke into the DMZ computers right, they said. Actually they sent to dust. I like em, I think, was like one of those like password reset things. So like pertain to be from Gmail or whatever you click it. You enter a password and then they get everything he got fished. He fished. John Podesta got fished yeah. So when the Whales were hacked. Your people who wanted to find scandals in them immediately started pouring over them and looking for clues in there what stuff in there that was not great like there was evidence that Donna Brazil from CNN, had given the Clinton campaign debate, questions before the debate, but beyond things like that people started to see things that well were really there. I don't mind.
You tell me I'll listen. I will provide you with the evidence of how come up with the conclusion yourself. So the first very here is to see how this goes to pizza there. So first email, that people really be in this year. That is why I got I ride up. So let me bring up the Patesi emails on Wikileaks hold on a second and the first email that, like they're, right wing, blogosphere, got really wound up about and is part of the chain that leads to Peter Gate. Was this Oh, that was written by the performance artist, Marina Abramovich wait really, yes, baby. We needed. I felt this rising We don't between explanatory eyebrow ravages Rina. Abramovich is a yeah, I don't know she is really oh, no, and other fuck you up. There was a big, though those uprising, snob direction. I really enjoyed it
You don't have a robber girl, you do you dear oh ganglia, so Marina Brown with each is this performance artist she's been around for about forty years. So when you think about performance artist, you're, probably thinking about her basically, does these like very confrontational, very physical performances that usually involve like a lot of nudity and direct interaction with the audience? So, while, yes, her work, disturbs and provokes our great our does so Marina Bromwich wrote this email to Tony Pedestrian, who is the brother of John PIC Esta, who is like killer ease, right hand, man like component campaign manager, guy and twenty, but asked as a big time lobbyists and easy regiment? He runs the produced a group, so it was
email that Tony had forwarded to John from Marina and had said dear Tony. I'm so looking forward to the Spirit, cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to? Let me know if your brother's joining all my love, Marina, the end of what is spirit cooking according to Marina Abramovich, Sir cooking is just like this normal dinner that she was doing as a reward for people who donated to this Kickstarter campaign. She did, but the name is a reference to this performance, our peace. She did like two decades ago. That was also called spirit. Cooking in which she would write in pigs, blood on walls like these kind of absurdest recipes. They would be like fresh morning, urine sprinkle over nightmare dreams? That's one of them as like something you tweet, Does I'm pick up the everytime here's another one with a sharp knife, cut deeply into
middle finger of your left hand eat the pain. So she did this performance. Audit, art project called spirit cooking. She claims that the spear cooking she was referring to the pedestrian. Just like a nice dinner having rights, so she wasn't saying, come over to my house, ease the pain right she's like come over to my house and eat some sweet potatoes are going I come to my house and we will participate in desire, left wing, elitist performance, art rituals together. Well, the way that places like drudge and bright bar and right wing media places ran with it. Is that Marina, Abramovich and the possessed is, and probably the Clinton's are performing a cult rituals? Okay, so that is the first email that is the email them.
Brings us into this fantastical world. This second email is the one that gets us into pizza gate territory. Ok, I forgot your evening on anywhere right. This is nicer. Are itself on his, let's presupposed for a minute that the that the that the Clinton's the possessed is are a contests who worship Satan or whatever liken just President rituals. They really get together. They do rituals, yes, ok, this is an email from a guy named James Elephant is to John PIC Esta and it says great, show great speech raised over forty grant. My only regret is that I didn't make you a nice pizza. When can I is this guy a chef for something James Elephant. Us is a guy who owns this Peter Place, called comet ping pong, which is a rock, then you and ping pong place in a pizza place in Northwest Deasey, ok and James Elephant is connected.
To like the Washington DC, liberal establishment by the fact that he used to date, David Brok, who founded media matters and who ran a pro Hilary Super Pact during election. Is here this vague basely. What we're getting is like that kind of like Facebook, social graph of like the organised laughed like it's like, artists and business owners and whenever but like emailing, about fund razors and hang out and rank ok, so that people who are trying to sniff at a conspiracy and pedestrian emails. They think around onto something really big ants. They're, all sort of sharing information on sites like fortune and read it, and there are a couple of serve far rightwing blogs. Reporting on it and they look
to this guy elephant us and his pizza place and, through a course, a very big logical leaps, like the fact that there are a lot of children in his instagram photos, even though he doesn't have a kid, a high and the fact that, apparently on the dark web, the word cheese pizza is slang for child pornography. Ah, they decide that James Elephant. This is running a gigantic child. Sex trafficking ring out of the basement of his Peter place. Well, ok, While I knew I didn't want to know about this right arm and here's a thirty minute, this is this is the weirdest one, and this is the one they always talk about. Ok, it's an email. Prs named Susan, who is a friend of John possesses apparently, and it says as the real to found a handkerchief.
I think it has a map that seems pizza related. Is it yours? They can send it. If you want, I know you're busy so feel not feel free, not respond. If it's not yours or you don't want it, it's funny cause that does sound. Maybe now just that, I'm up up up up up over the blaze ever that right now, but it sounds did and weird I ah ah, then that the pizza related napkin rare, like white. What what's a pizza, related, napkin. I take that even will mean it's a handkerchief that hasn't that has a map that seems pizza related, a handkerchief that has a map that seems peace related that Israel there is so in another email, a member of it, family says. I have a square cloth, handkerchief white with black that was left on the kitchen island and now that they ve made the presupposes that anything pizza related has a view it forever with child abuse they were like will handkerchiefs. Ah,
gay men in the Sixtys and Seventys used to use what they call the handkerchief code, which was away where they were. A handkerchief out of their back pockets so that you can identify that they were gay and what kind of sex they were into okay, and they have decided that a white with black handkerchief means underage Saito, masochistic sex. Why? Ah, yes, under age, Sado Mass So from these three emails and then a couple other pieces of evidence, they decided that there was a massive child trafficking ring, which implies embroiled not only the processes, but Hillary Clinton in on it. Och Obama's in on it a couple of other high profile media people are on it and they have an.
They decided that they I done to fight this trafficking, ring the people who were who decided that this is a real thing. They see it there. They ve just collected like mountains of crazy evidence, as James Elephant is his name sounds surprisingly, like Jem liaison far, I love children, so theories that his parents just new yeah, or maybe he changed his name. The way the huge euro having a secret pet of our aim, was to have a name that those they secretly the fact that he's a pedophile wanna game. I mean nothing about the speed of light and covers a thing about conspiracies is like they want to point out how the people who are who are the masterminds behind it are operating with impunity. Trying to signal like how powerful they are right, and so the other thing is that these Ding dong to believe this conspiracy theory. They call it combat pizza, even those called comic pingpong, and it's like comic pizza. The acronym would be C p.
Same as child pornography. So, ah yes, I mean even for conspiracy theory. This is like this is crazy, There was another document that was part of another wiki leaks dump, which was FBI document. That was all about symbols that people who are involved in child pornography used to employ that they are involved in it. Okay. So this was a real thing. This was a real thing, so it is that actual FBI document that does use these sort of coded symbols. That people How can I ever so? There's one! That's like us, that's like sort of like a triangle that spirals in on itself and the peat there's. A pizza placed two doors down from common called best, a pizza tell very recently, their logo looked similar to this triangle, logo. So people like, oh, they have this triangle logo on their on their. So now all the pizza places like on the block are part of this ring yes and there's a bookstore across the street called politics in prose in the
percent in between policy. Politics is famous bookstore sort of looks it's like kind of a spy RO and there's also a Ellison. All aren't all represents sort of spirals, yes, but they thought that when look conspicuously like another logo that appears on this FBI document. That is a code for little boy lover, as we their believing in a world where there is kind of a business district where every business is actually just a front for child born, yet it also some assumes covertly advertising that based on sort of like, if you're in the in the no by either the first letters of their names or by we signs re, essentially they're, trying to broadcast to other people who might be interested in child trafficking gotta. But this is the place to get your pizza and politics and Also, you know it's a venue, it's a music venue and they frequently have all ages shows and to people who have never been to Iraq concert before, oh all,
ages sounds deeply sinister with their taking issue with all ages. Yeah all ages to you, and me means like it's a show where there's no alcohol realized that that would be a weird turn. I thought I'd rather be a term like no turn on red or something. They pretty much. Everybody. Everybody in in America was familiar with like the concept, a concept of knowledge a show, but I guess not so all ages was like a very Mr Santer, to them. Yeah I mean to them. It sounded like bring your children to this to this. Whatever satanic ritual, we might lie so wait. So so, ok, so there's like a couple of there's a couple of committed people who were like determined to try to find a conspiracy where where there isn't one. I don't think this get just acted. Hustle go anywhere generally, when you think about an online conspiracy. It's like, oh, I believe in came trails, but I mean I just read about high believe on income trails on my twitter account Red,
People are actually going to combat ping pong every day and protesting how many people like half a dozen, but there there every day and they say common Pisa, stop being a secret child pornography distribution centre. Yes, One of the way that I sort of found out about this is my friend John got in touch with me and he was like Alex. I need to talk to you My friend, a mandate in this band call heavy breathing and heavy breathing has played at this place. Com, a pink on and on people found videos of her banned on on the internet who plays chooses like a voice modulator and she wears like a Balaklava and
and they ve decided that she's, some kind of like high priestess of their satanic sex, called in their like harassing her. Oh no, oh, it's really not an Amanda. Actually Amanda sent an email to all of her free pens and she basically said like I'm, removing everything from the internet like I'm going to go dark. I don't want to be a part of this. I don't want people to misinterpret things were doing. I want to take down all the videos I want to get off Facebook does has hiding everything convinced the peoples are a paranoid that she has nothing to hide. Absolutely not the people who are paranoid think that every time someone does something like James Elephant is made
Instagram profile private, on every time, something like that happens there, like a hot. These people wouldn't do this if they had nothing to hide so I'm rather than coming down after the election. It's just it's like gathering ahead of steam. I looked on twitter today, and they were they were. They were pizza, gate tweets coming up every couple of seconds, and until very recently there was a sub read it about pizza gate, the head: twenty two thousand people talking about this very thing. Ok, I have one question sure what is up with the map on the napkin, because it doesn't sound like every outings old May Goldman, I
you haven't disproven that this I mean I don't know it sounds like listen. If I could get John financed on the phone to ask him about the Peter related Map. I would I mean how hard it I dont have dried and try. If I could try to get done. Rest on the phone were dry succeed, but I'm not going to work out. I can try. That is the kind of I guess, that's the kind of talent we have around here so harsh. I know anyway, then a hiding right. I think the time has come for me to perform my sacred duty and that sacred duty rise, I'm glad they even as it now I dont have summarised because I dont think that I could do it at this point and so I wouldn't let my fellow passenger and the new train PDA vote, no one. I was
You didn't do it, I heard you wanna, do it ok, now nope, that's not eat, kids, three, we are ruined, Giuseppe Allah, the fires about a deserter pies, their new good axed, he'd, say even worse designer made at the sea and p too big giuseppe. We have a bigger problem pizza, it's no good to call it that something about a mouse. We gotta calmer, circular pie. FR! I am the designer bigger mistake and trying not to deviate somebody. You can read it without any accident. Kids free, not eat, kids free. We are ruined, Giuseppe Allah, the fires about a circular pies. They had no good
axed itself even worse. The designer made at the sea and p to beg, Giuseppe. We have a bigger problem pizza, it's no good to call it that something about a emails. We got a calmer circular, pies now, so the joke is that in this like Simpsons World stared, typical Lake italian pizzeria owner has accidentally Miss printed, a bunch of promotional materials for his pizza restaurant, implying that he is a penny file.
Funny. I apologize. It is funny and the end there and the reason this joke is funny is because in real life political operative, what he wants, the noun for jump at Esta political insider, political insider jump at Esta had his email hacked, probably by Russia. Those eels were disseminated to an internet that included a lot of people who wanted to find evidence of a vast and evil conspiracy. Them. Some of them took a few ambiguous or not ambiguous emails chain and together and decide they were evidence of a secret pedophile rang because all the way to the top it goes all the way to the top, and even though the Democrats
a machine that they think runs as part of our ring was defeated in the election. That has not stopped them in their quest to stop it, which is basically the plot of true detective season. One yeah that's worth thinking to wait, but I still don't understand is tony be a believer in the conspiracy is making a joke he's, making a joke at the expense of the believers. As you make a joke about the idea of like a pizza place. That would be that would realise suddenly that they can use the word peace anymore, because it's a code word for it. I like it forever. Child pornography is like I gather Galliot circular pies now, which is also, which is also problematic, because circular pies is your fee. If, like sketch calmly that only an extra good in the world of re, it's like ethanol for conspiracy, theorists, roar about conspiracy, Harris.
Ah, yes, where it? Yes, yes, yes, we are I'd like to apologize. Thank you for bringing us do yes, yes, yes, so it's been three days since we recorded that yes, yes, no powers that are very weak and no the tone of that. Yes, yes, no is sort of like oh, we are covering a something pretty niece. A very silly conspiracy, theory, that's kind of knots, but doesn't really touched the ring. World in any significant way, and then this would have happened. Yeah did you see? Did you Father news at all? Oh really know anything about what happened. No one happens. We
a man with an assault. Rifle went into com, a ping pong fired it. He held up in there for an indeterminate period of time. According to the news It unclear exactly how long and he was there according to his own testimony to self investigate the rumours of child abuse at this place and actually agreed to surrender PETE peacefully to police when he was satisfied that there was no grounding to those rumours so holy year, crap and the first thing, wanted to do, of course, is like see what the reaction of the folks who leave this conspiracy was
a person going in to appeal to this very pizza place and leaving when he was satisfied that there is no conspiracy, and apparently people had dug into this guy's background. Seen that he done a cup of acting rules on internet media David, acting or else I owing to the still he was crew on a couple movies. Well, he did play a victim in a movie hold the bleeding, so he wasn't actor in one room. He was vaguely associated with the summit the right and the sort of consensus decision with, as was that this person was a crisis actor or a false flag, like the government had we needed this person going in there? It wasn't real, it had actually happened. No one was in any real danger of almost terrifying thing. You ve told me the segment yeah yeah,
pretty grim, and it went from being a thing that we were like. Oh well, we can discuss. This is so ridiculous that, like we can make fun of it to their it's just not it's just dangerous! Now we're just feels like toxic, not not good yeah. I don't know how we got here actually been doing some reporting on kind of how we got to the like where everything is broken. Just I've been doing some reporting, unlike how we got to this point where, conspiracy theories that are propagated on places like read it and with a guy walking into a pizza place within us our rifle, and I will tell you all about it. Ok, after the break. Ah, this episode is brought here,
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the reason that plus managed to gain so much traction in spite of the fact that black, on its face it's totally route. Just is because, There was a lot of discussion around it on read for a while, It was like one of the main places that people discussed this theory and like people to meet their talk about it. Push each other further and further down this sort of absurd rabbit Hall and the pizza gay community on actually spun off from a much larger community, a community that, over the past year, has managed to gain a ton of influence over the way. The same ex. Essentially they manage to game the site so that their idea, were always at the forefront so the way read it. Works, if you ve never been there. Is that read? It is made up many smaller sites which are called sublet. It's there, during a primaries. This sub read it started. It was called the Donald and its
actually pretty small. Originally people just posting Donald Trump NEWS and then at some point they decide make us have like the anarchic insane spirit of the Donald Trump campaign. Here, let me play you some tea. I got from a conversation I had with one of the moderators. He asked me not to use his name, so the Donald is pretty much an online twenty four slash, seven trump rally we have three hundred and fourteen thousand plus subscribers. I always have to go back and check We get a couple thousand a day now and I just it just as non stop. It's a non stop trumped rain, so the members of the Donald basically use this summer in it as a base camp for activities like on and off the site. So, for example, when making
Hell ease book came out. They all went to Amazon and gave it one star Reviews when Wikileaks was coming out. The doll gotta, spearheaded that effort where we crowd source the investigation with me said: ok, listen, they're dumping, thousands of pages a day. No single person can go through this, so essentially would pose the Wikileaks article on the top. It's ok go through this and everyone post, what you fight and within minutes, sometimes the things that we were. Finally, we're getting posted on the news, and the other thing that they started to do was that the front page of red it is called, are all That's the page where everything that is most popular on the site shows up, and this is important, because if something makes it to the front page of red it that's kind of like having it reached the entire internet, because it will get shared everywhere, so the more
the more something gets up, voted the more popular becomes and if it gets a voted enough times it ends up on the front page of read it, but the people in the Donald figured out that if you start, if they just upvoted everything, no matter what it was that appeared in the Donald, it would just totally clutter up the front page with stuff from Adam, so they could just like take over the front page right. Most of it was just like goofy trolling stuff like like. I saw one just now that says: Trump is here to Emma Jane, which means make Amerika great again and it's a picture of a pet bay with Donald Trump Hair and its fist is cock back. Like he's about to punch someone, that's it that's the entire thing America he's about to punch America,
that puts the people at midnight great on the night. Us on the night of the election, we oppose that made it to the front page, which was posted by aid. The Donald moderator it's just text not owing to anything it says: hey losers and S J, w that social justice warriors of red it. How does our dick taste go? Fuck yourselves, where the future in Europe and a hundred per cent losers? I openly laugh in your face. Oh now, very small and another thing that the Donald would do is when people would talk about Donald Trump in another sub, read it they would go to that sub. Read it and do what's called brigades in they'd, flooding, conversation, completion.
A basic right, and the thing is that the folks in the Donald had this belief that moderators on other subjects, especially like other politics, operates where antitrust stuff was being posted, were actually being paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign to keep Donald Trump Material off the page. So since they believe that they felt totally Rachel in, like sending them harassing personal messages or threatening them or just abusing them. One person we spoke to actually said that she would get. Hundreds of messages, threats, abuse people threatening to kill her dog horrible yeah so the Donald is established itself is kind of this toxic force on this website, and it was in the Donald Sub, read it that some of the first pizza gate stuff began, and it became big enough that it broke off in me,
its own community of it, like amateur investigators who wanted to get the bottom of this sexual abuse ring and part of what they were doing on this subject. It was, they were posting. The personal information of people that they suspected to be a part of pizza, gate and posting personal information is a bright line, violation of red, its rules so and over twenty second rate before thanksgiving. Ah, they shut down the pizza, get separated and that's an event any time while read it shuts down an entire sub, read it it's a big deal, they turn it off of the tens of thousands view there are the pizza gets around it, they go to read it. What happens They try to go to the suburbs in says the submarine it has been banned quo. They all those term for that, but is it it's got kicking a hornets nest.
So they all immediately re group on the Donald and start posting threads with so the ceo of Red. It is named Steve Hoffman. He goes by these new spends online Sb Easy, and so they it will go on to the Donald Start, posting threads that are like fuck. You spare spasm pedophile specifies a cock, spares letters way, fuck, whoever, which is kind of redundant as enemies are talk right, fucking, Spaz, fuck. You spell on and on and on and on and on fresh, so they're doing this for their doing this nonstop over and over and over again for twenty four hours, and after a day of this.
Eve, Hoffman the sea over at it and did something that is totally. That did not help his case at all, which is that he went in to read it that comes database and started editing. Other people's comments. To do I. Instead saying fuck you spares, he change all references to his name to the names of moderators, of the Donald, I am aware that is widely unprofessional, but so is satisfying it's like, but also just so bad, so bad you can. Do that. You really candidate had do that. It's like it's like it's like me. Am I so sympathise I so sympathise. So I talked to Steve Hoffman and according to him, he just thought that he would like trolling the trolls and was just sort of joking around in the Spirit of the Donald I allus
like us, extending them an olive branch which, like hey, I'm a real person like I can play this game. You know something in common and that we can toy with people on the internet, and I thought there they would notice they freak out a little bit. We'd have a laugh. I change it back and we move on. I, like you, kid slake never like where humans we made a decision like Wikileaks, like never says, like hey, I'm a guy with a grudge, and so I decided to like completely destroy american democracy. Figured it out, and they were super mad, they immediately started calling for his resignation right now like this guy. I really do You should do that dude yeah, you really can't hear, but it's just like. I think that what you don't what you're not thinking about is is these people
people who are conspiratorially minded and believe that, like yeah yeah you're holding believers of power, the dyke they had also like this is the thing that Europe. This is the thing. This is what people who fear Hillary Clinton fear that she's gonna dunes of absolute fear, Donald Trump, fear that he's gonna do, which is to sort of like get into power and then fuck the rules and then just do things you're not allowed to do. I understand air Senate. My love of this action is basically a love of fascism. But yes, but the reason I like it. The reason I did it because, like what is frustrate me so much this year, is that all these websites, that lake convey information and that have a job to do they d never present a human face like Facebook is being used to this end, fake news and then like well, we don't know how to fix the algorithms and like there never like where humans we made a decision like Wikileaks. Like never says
like hey, I'm a guy with a grudge, and so I decided to like completely destroy american democracy for a little bit like I get that when someone shows a human face, you don't want to be a juvenile miscreant human face is but the problem I mean, is it more simple than that, though? Is it likes literally the the did the pleasure of seeing somebody with power stand up to bullies, yes, that you mainly that weight Alex. So what actually happens next in the story? Well, Steve happened to see YO. He ends up apologizing, but he told me that editing the comments was kind of a turning point. This whole events. You know it is a big mistake on my part, but there are some silver lining sent in one of which was that it's a big as good wake up call for the company we removed huh. Of our most toxic users, and we made some technical, the changes that prevent communities like the Donald from kind of gaining the sis
and having a more dominant voice seems like a very mild fix to not mild problem yet well, you- and I think that this sounds pretty mild. These have been thinks that he's cracking down on abuse on the on the site.
And the Donno moderator that I talk to keep just feels like there being censored, I see and read it the same thing that liberals are grappling with around the country and and read it. I don't think the problem is that the comments and the post themselves, but the realisation that wholly crap this stuff, more popular than we thought it was people, went into the election genuinely thinking the down shop had zero chance of winning yeah. What what you're sing on red? It is not the realisation that wholly crab, we ve been living in a bubble. We need to accept that there are people who disagree with us, we're not seeing that. Instead, we are seeing an effort to push us out of the conversation in reconstitute the bubble, so he basically argues that
But the problem is, nobody has said we have a problem with their message. What people have said is we are wrong with their tactics like we have a problem with the specific way they manipulate the sites engineering to forced themselves. In the conversation, unlike that, we have a specific wrong with the way they target individuals for abuse. It's like one You know you ve been in the subway car and then, like somebody, comes on instead loudly loudly loudly preaching yeah from oh, yes, the gospel from a Bible and like it, you're just like taking over this space, for your position that you hold very very strongly but like an thou making everybody else here it and nobody nobody listens to that and whether they agree with you. I don't agree with you: it's not. The words anymore. It s about your right to yell and, like I don't know what you do with this, because it's like we're gonna have,
In the next year or two years, five years, whatever we're going to have a lot of conversations about like how we want to argue on the internet and like this fight that is happening right here- is also just like a fight we're going to have as a culture and, like I don't see, anyting to be optimistic about here. I don't see anything to lake like it just feels like the same stuff. Yeah. I've were ass. Well, asked the moderator of Donald that I spoke to. I said you know it. Basically, there is pretty ugly divide right now and I'm curious, how we are going to talk to each other and make this divide feel less ugly. Monoplane answer well in that question is kind of in an inherent question of how are we gonna do
and these relationships. I that's why I get your kind of asking. How do we bring people together and I dont think we need to it? It's it's really funny how trump one the presidency, the Republicans, retained the House and the Congress, and now it's all, we need to come together. We'll know Donald Trump, one, the presidency, because he flipped blue states that having voted for Republicans like an idiot, Wait when you flip those states any wind like that. The first agenda item is not compromise. Everything you're fighting for and seek middle ground, its
There's nothing to apologise for that. That's that's it. That's! A very liberal way of thinking apologizing for winning the american people are tired of identity politics. There are tired of being forced to toe the line with political correctness and they don't see the they'll see value in the argument that words are as damaging as actions. So when I heard was like we, we don't talk and things don't get better, but you know Steve the Red Sea YO for all that he's been through for all of the times, he's been called a cock and call the pedophile like he has a much much much more positive view about discourse in America and on red. It specifically than I expected like I asked
What would it take for you to decide to shut down the Donald sublet? How toxic would it have to get an? He basically said. I dont want to do that. Full stop. So when we take a step back and look at the entire country and though in resolves play to the last election, about half the country that feels alienated and unheard, and they are elected a candidates despite many flaws that felt like that they felt like was giving them a voice. And the last thing we want to do- is take away that voice. We will do the best we can to provide them that voice and do our best to prevents the toxic minority of users, from undermining its. So the position read it is it's like
We want to hear what everybody says and we want to preserve everybody's right to say it sort of like he's trying to preserve the voice of somebody who doesn't want to engage other people's views. Yeah weirdly, it's it's a really some more attention to what is happening in the real world, which is that a lot of people feel like a lot of trumps. Lately trumpets had a lot of things that suggest you to do things that really basically at a democratic but he's a guy who one in a democratic process, and so you somehow have to lake. The system has to incorporate somebody who's like antagonistic to the system and every impulse. I always have to be. We'll take those people out, because if you let the men they're gonna break it, but if you take them out the new procurement system yeah, it's really tricky yeah. It's really hard to know when a proportionate responses and- and I asked Steve like do- you responsible for you.
In allowing this conversation to appear on your website that results. Since but a going until I get a minimum of a pizza parlor with a gun right and surprisingly, he said yeah to some degree in even though the pizza gate sub read. It wasn't up that long. He still wishes that they got into it sooner, but the egg is that's. What I that is, what I wonder is leg, is the problem. Rather, it is the problem. People like you there wasn't a red it would. People have found some other place to gather and convince them work themselves into friends. If it is to me, I feel like the question if like well, if you put fences up on the on the Golden Gate, bridge people find other things to jump off of its like yeah, that's true, but it's a big landmark that people typically go to to jump off of re as funny, though, talking about this, like the thing it makes me rise, and I did not expect to feel I have a feeling which I would deny for to feel which is like, if
who did if I read it had if revealed an alternate universe, where, two months ago I read it had been like you know what we were doing more harm Getting the world British gonna call up, shop dared still be bright. Bar did so be Infoworld there be like a section of the internet for people who believe that Hillary Clinton is a pedophile who hangs out at a pizza places or oppose Julia, and you still have
people in the trunk transition deem who were tweeting links to those places like you'd have a more closed loop of conspiracy. Shenanigans, unlike this as ready, actually is like the one place where, even though their behaving horribly the people who believe things that are dangerous and scary, and not true, our hang out with like people who are there to post picture there pats or talk about like anime or whatever, like they're all in one place until like. If read, it can find a way to get people to behave enough to talk to each other, like that's the one place where people who believe in peace, a gate and people think it's absurd, might run into each other and have a car station right now. I guess that's, like is closed. Optimism and I get a reply was hosted by people vote and me Alex Coleman. We are producing,
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