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Programming Note


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Hey it's be day with a quick programming out, so we had a new episode riding over this week with a light fun ramp up an episode, doesnt hurried up cherry now we're living in the same country early the same world as all of you. We are human beings here. Processing and reacting to this same as you guys. You here, the subsided, some point, probably we open it out before things the world really feel good, but for now, for this week, growled it. In the meantime part. The way that we are trying to understand us is to try to figure out, What has rightly be time, whatever questions, we can be asking like how to be useful have something useful to say to this moment. We will say it. If not, we will shut up for many other people talk. We will be back soon in meantime. Please just take her yourselves. Thank you,
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