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American Rehab Chapter 4: Cowboy Conman

2020-07-18 | 🔗

He’s a liar, a killer and a wannabe country music singer. Luke Austin finds Synanon in prison and borrows from its philosophy to create Cenikor. But graft and violence nearly destroy it.

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Goods which tackles race and identity. Frankly and without fear, its bycatch, remember, you're. That makes all of us part of the conversation because we're all a part of the story, fine codes which, where were you get your bike ass from the centre for investigative reporting MP, are ex. This is reveal a reality. This chapter four of american rehab cowboy con man, I'm here with reveals, Osanna Walden Show has been investigating drug. We have that send people the work and keep their pay and a few years ago I came across Santa corn rehab with locations Texas. In Louisiana. It's one of the bigger work pastry Hap's I found centre is a spin off of cinema that quality. Genius and abusive organization
died in our last chapter, a spin off that's unique in that it has kept going mostly the same for decades. The same work therapy I heard about from TIM row back and chapter one. I was told that you would help me find a job. I was told me just thrown into a van and hauled off the sun job and I and be told that I like it or not. I have to do it. Now. That's all they do is just work. The dog shit out of the n n n. You don't get paid the same kind of weird punishments. The verbal chair where I would sit with my hands on my knees and I'd have staring straight ahead now. Some of it seems to echo synonym, but some of it is a mystery and the question I had was
who launched than a core who was the person that started something so strong. It can last for more than fifty years on the Centaur website. It says the first Santa core chapter was founded inside a state penitentiary in Cannon City Colorado. Corruption is short in meets gathered together to discuss the issues with drugs and alcohol. There's no mention of a founder, so whoever organise dispersed cynical chapter is written out of the organizations history.
I did learn the founders name, James Lucas Austin. He went by Luke once I found out that Luke grants and a call for a decade. It seemed even stranger that his name had been left out. It was Luke's vision that would end up sending thousands and thousands of people to work when what they really needed was addiction treatment. Our colleague, lost or Chaskey loves digging way back into the past. Following the trail left behind by old documents and photographs, so we sent lawyer to find out who Luke Austin was. We begin in Colorado prison in nineteen sixty seven, the birthplace of cynical. When he got the idea to start Santa Claus. Luke Austin was Awayward country singer stuck doing time in the state penitentiary in better days, he'd toward with Johnny Cash. And played at the grand all operate in Nashville. That's when I picked up by
eating. Grainy newspaper account about sent a core anyway, which was the first thing I tried Luke told the pay first. His idea was to start his own synonym chapter, but the warden I know Cinema already had a bit of a bad name. So Luke changed it to a word. He made up a court for the centre of the core of the person that innermost part of us all, the soul, the part that look and Singapore could fix it's getting harder and harder to raise money because of the economic problems it would have in the country and being a former and she, western artist myself. I decided to go into this in trade some money for cynical this. What we're doing this is the one recording of enabled a fine of Luke talking about Santa core. It's from Houston local TV broadcast a little spot about the cynical
banned from nineteen. Seventy four in one shot there's this huge tore bus with Luke, Austin and Country Kingdom, USA, painted on the side in a room, inside of Seneca, for building a few ban members fiddle with their instruments. Look talks to the camera with Cigarette burning down and one beefy hand he's wearing us we're chain around his wrist and chunky turquoise ring he's a big man, even bigger lapels on his brown suit jacket he's got the blue eyes, red hair slipped back and fluffy sideburns, we have an album out. Now we have a single its being released today. We're playing out a dance town USA on Sunday December AIDS, the tickets are two dollars and fifty cents a piece hope everybody comes because you have a good cheer and, yes, I found them
Small boats worthy of this sum is called Louisiana, Swamp man Luke the song and that's him singing it. The lyrics till this
we have a young outlaw desperate to escape the swamp but destined to die there a wanted man. The next thing I did was request Luke's prison worker. The Colorado State Archive sent me two pages scanned from an old log book. Luke had been convicted of assault with a deadly one. In nineteen, sixty six, that's why he was in prison. Serving a wonder to your sentence. The log book said Luke was born in doctor. We're nineteen thirty two in Fredericksburg Virginia okay, so not a Louisiana swamp man, his occupation, was listed as musician and the more I read
more versions of Luke Austin. I would find he told one newspaper. He got the idea for sent a core, because he had heard about synod. He told another one the way he was a member of sin and on for a little bit, then. And he lived at sin and on for three and a half years out in California. In one account he said he had a drug problem that had been using pills and present in the next. He claimed he'd never actually use drugs himself. Spent months digging into looks back story I, more old newspapers I requested records from other states called up early sent a core members. I even put in a records request with the FBI to try get beyond the legend of Luke Austin and discover the true origin story: here's what I found Lou!
Austin was actually born in keen New Hampshire He was in New England or not a southerner. Luke was born on October, seventh, nineteen thirty one I mentioned the day because in some of the records I found he tweaked the day or the year His real name was J, Sanborn Thompson, Junior, so Luke's birthday was a fake His home town was a lie, his name was an alias. Next is criminal record. I got records from Colorado, Nevada and Massachusetts? Luke started serving I'm when he was eighteen years old, he was to a military prison camp for stealing. Cigarettes and beer when he was a private in the air force, he was dishonorably discharged. He was arrested eight times by the time he was twenty one. Mostly for drunkenness over and over and stealing a truck once, and he was pretty much can
annually in prison for the next twenty years. As I pieced together, charge after charge crime after crime prison after prison, I saw a pattern. First, Luke was always begging for a guitar in letters he wrote to prison officials. I had an actor read a few excerpts. All referred in merger drifter to deputy superintendent J, J, Daisy, Norfolk, Massachusetts. Dear sir, I know you may get angry at me, but if you understood how I feel that I know It's your way clear to. Let me have the one thing that is almost a part of me, my guitar of prey,
night after night for the Lord to let you see your way clear to. Let me have it. I am a good guitarist, I'm not a beginner. Please do this one thing for me April: Fifth, one thousand nine hundred and sixty two Captain Orville Jackson Senior Captain, sir. I thought perhaps I might be able to explain a few things in writing better than talking with you. I believe you know and understand how much I want to be able to play guitar again and how much it means to me. The fact that, because I've been in trouble so much as the reason I never became a big success. All in all, I've made a mess of my life completely the second thing I noticed in the records work at state and federal prisons. Inmates, like Luke, had been made to work for decades.
Unpaid prison labour is a long standing american practice and after the civil war, when slavery was abolished. The federal government made one exception: work as a punishment for people convicted of a crime across the South states, exploited the loophole to force recently freed black Americans right back into involuntary servitude effectively extending slavery inmates were forced to farm on plantations. They were leased out to private. Come
needs to work on railroads and in mines. Government leader tried to sell prison labour as a reform effort. As you can hear in this film from nineteen thirty five harm, honest work is usually the most potent force in the reformation and rehabilitation of the prisoner. You must learn a respectable trade or vocation. We talk to earn his red five sweat of his brow fire. While he was an inmate Luke worked in a prison kitchen, he worked in a prison, concrete plans. He worked in a prison mill in a boiler room on a farm city. Boys wish to learn trades get. There are lessons on actual construction to teach the prisoner. The habits of industries, so he will be able to keep pace with his fellow men when he leaves prison. You must have a hand in the production of useful articles and commodities. Sometime around the late nineteenth fifties, Luke went to a federal penitentiary in Virginia called Wharton. Lord
Was America's iconic workhouse present Teddy Roosevelt set it up and nineteen ten designed as an example to show that hard work could Four men who stole beat their wives or were addicted to alcohol and drugs, and while Luke was there, they would have had a farm dairy, a foundry, they would have been teaching prisoners had become electricians and plumbers. They had brick kilns where the prince. Errors, made the bricks and built the buildings that they themselves would be imprisoned, and I started to think that if there was any place they gave Luke the idea to make sent a core participants work to teach them. That hard work is the key to changing yourself. It could have been Wharton Luke Cricket violent when he was angry inside prison and when it was out, but he didn't seriously.
Heard anyone until the summer of nineteen sixty one one night in LAS Vegas after drinking two quarts of gin with some friends and his girlfriend Lou thought he saw one of the friends embracing her according to prison records. He stabbed his gun. A friend once in the shoulder, and then he stabbed the man to death. Luke got a sentence of ten years to life in the Nevada State, prison road from my own country of my former colleague. Has it about loop. It was in that prison where Luke Manner Old friend, candy lots and one of these original members of cinnamon but the boy knew and and and I could see him Jeanne re Gator candy had been in-
added into the Nevada State prison to start a sin and non chapter. Four inmates storm groundwater from all the onslaught of the jail was nineteen years old and hopelessly, but do not got it. On twenty nine March, two thousand taken so much an aspirin since joining seven on six years ago. Is now regular, unwelcome visitor Nevada State Prison, Bulgaria under these walks an idea that crime like door is an addiction to put to see Yes, nooses Charles corralled covered this new idea that cinnamon could help people who use drugs and people who committed crimes. Com interviewed candy on his show. The twentieth century will be going over to discuss in prison. I ruined the kind of things
usually talk about our they taught you get through to the other. You make them talk about things they never talk about before was guided. Prison guy got an image you know You have done time a couple of times about respite about thirty times and they know me- and I know them the same, walk and talk as they do in jail. Play, walk and talk. I did what I was in jail and we were late more as human beings like I don't have. No that's where Luke became a member of cinnamon not out in California. But inside a prison. Would you please tell me what is the game? It was candy taught Luke how to play the game that group therapy born at seminar, Do you like this they say
Europe as your secrets, so you advance pop that seek with lack of them their plight and added drain some of it out with candy, this teacher Luke soaked in all the behaviour modification techniques that sent an unused an inside that prison. Just as he was supposed to be using the roles and tools of sin and on working to confront his past his drinking a murder. He committed Luke started to weave a new persona. He claimed he'd been friends with Elvis Presley and nineteen sixty one. He wrote a letter to a gossip magazine called screen stars asking. Help from his old friend Elvis this time he explained he was a musician from Tennessee. He said he'd metal.
Thus in Memphis, Luke wrote I've to go through heard, longing disappointments, tragedy and finally, present to really be free. I've found something more than a new way of life. It's something great that. I can't even explain. I know with gods hell I've been moulded into a man with something worthwhile and laughter really strive for come out of here and make belong climb back in nineteen sixty four just three years: into his possible life sentence for stabbing Amanda death Luke was released from prison, but he didn't make long climb back just yet, that's reveals
for a start. Chaskey Laura continues to follow Luke's path to cynical next up the country music bars of Denver where he needs Pauline, a woman was How to see his dark. I honestly have allowed a body experience that I was up above looking back. I don't know how this happened, but it's true. That's coming up next on american rehab from view Hey hey out here and a quick heads up that will be dropping and extra episode of the pod cast this week will be releasing chapter. Six
american rehab on Wednesday. We should check your party s feet and then back to the show from the seller for investigative affording a p r eggs. This is reveal. I'm outlets in law Boston was a man known for lying stealing and killing yet he's about to create what would become a respected, rehab network cynical reveals, lost our Chaskey picks up Luke story in Colorado. In one of his prison records. I saw that Luke had written down his contact. As someone named Pauline Funston in Denver, the log book said she was his girlfriend, so I started looking for Pauline, I tried.
Few different phone numbers, but none of them worked. I sent a snail mail letter to an address in Denver and after a lot of back and forth, I finally got lean fun stain on the phone. Eighty one years old now and she met look around nineteen sixty five. How did you even meet LUCA Ok, I met him out on with cold facts Ricky's and he had recently, I guess I got out of jail, I'm not sure, that's what I was told later. But anyway we met out there. He was very nice person great personality and weakest kid it off pretty good and We worked together for awhile. I asked Pauline, which he looked like a nineteen sixty five. She said she
many skirts and a bow in her red hair. She was quote one of the sexy girls out they're having a good time, I'm just wondering if there is any anything else, Only about like what he looked like or like guinea lady was about six three poor, maybe an he way to eighty, but he was never was in fact even get a Guy beyond all will enable solid y know. I danced was, and you know it wasn't gladly man, I know, even in good shape, then he sang good. And he had a guitar. What's he like a friendly guy with a mile, or was he more like reserve? Oh no, he was, he smiled. A beautiful smile, it show is key. And he had a twinkle in his eye, always looked like even five p m,
you gotta know my kid. I had two children at the time, a boy and a girl. Well, I still haven't just few months into their relationship. Maybe six paulinus ensure Luke makes a sweeping gesture if one day decided to get engaged. You gave me a beautiful, beautiful diamond ring the gorgeous and they decide to move in together, so low. Bring some of this stuff over and boxes. One life there was bunch paper should stop, sat, learning, stuff, little training,
so I started going through him and then I found this article. That said, he went to prison for killing a man over his wife or girlfriend. I can't remember what she was, but he attacked this man had attacked his girlfriend and when we got to get me into a pulp, this was the guy look stabbed to death in LAS Vegas. The man had naturally attacked Luke's girlfriend according to his prison record, he just embraced her. But details aside, scared me, and I told myself, you know, I'm gonna give you your ring back, I'm not gonna be engage but will be together, but I have to get to know you a lot better. I've got to children story short. He just grab me.
My chin, it s a huge man and he just picked me up under my chin, and he said: let's get this straight. If I can have you no one will, then he sent me back down not that now that scared me. She says her jaw hurt for a month after that, later that day, Pauline ran into a friend who told her that Luke was out looking for her and he had a gun with them, and I worry the hell. Did you get a gun? That's what everybody else, one that would get the girl and I said well what time was it may set a small one? Why twenty two short gun will way way up in the back of my closet effect. I forgot about it so far, back in
he found there. I'll never know very did the next morning Pauline went over to her friend, Barneys House and right through the front door, came Luke Indefinite how Sweden not lessen pages open the screen or almost all up there, and he came in the kitchen. Grab me and I can't remember what always said to me: it wasn't good. I know that he's scared me to death. You threw me on the poorly put my face. You This is all this was. Nowhere was expecting you to tell the truth. I still got
and I put myself into like a sitting position and he said to me, and I said no, he said, look at me or I'll shoot. I put my head down between my knees and he shot in the back of the head and Barney screamed at him, something and he, out the front door. I came. I honestly have now the body experience, because I was up above looking back. I don't know how this happened, but it's the truth and when I told. Only what I heard she said you could never heard, because you were on the four gone. This
the assault with the deadly weapon charge when Pauline told me this part, I was like how are you calling, how are you eighty one Pauline says: the gun, Luke Fire, It was the one she had in the back for closet. It had been there for so long, maybe didn't work correctly. Maybe the bullets were whatever the reason the bullet didn't go through our skull, she was bleeding a lot, but she was more or less ok. Paulinus, with some nerve damage and a bad concussion, I wouldn't know, I can remember is every time I let tried to close my eyes and go to sleep. I'd come up and I couldn't see that gun. In my face, I never saw him but that gun was in my face every time I try to sleep for years after Luke was convicted, he had a two year sentence. He wrote her letters from prison, he rode up
I'm for her daughter. He asked Pauline to buy him a Gibson dove guitar, which would have been really expensive at the time and one day the warden called her and said I am looking for a reference for Luke Austin, like a positive character. Reference. And Pauline said. Why are you calling me I'm the one he shot but see the same? Only by the nice that are better leave was there another fields? I guess the do whether you daddy gave up a lot of his life for going after people These may add an it wouldn't be the last time that reveals lost our chaskey when we come back legalised in those legit. I stayed in Senate for eleven years. Eleven years their under a dictator in Saint Luke Astern. That's next on american rehab, this
reveal from the centre for investigative reporting and p r ex from the centre for investigative reporting in p r ex this is reveal a mallet We're back with the final chapter in the story of Luke was a criminal and want to be country western singer, founded cynical before the break. We heard about Lou shooting his girlfriend Pauline and landing back in prison, but He wouldn't say they along his reveals more such
Luke would end up serving only about fourteen months at the Colorado prison in his prison file. There were a couple photographs. First, a mugshot dated one thousand nine hundred and sixty six after he shot all lean in this photo. His lips are party. Almost like there's an invisible cigarette hanging out of sight of his mouth. His prison work, shirt baggy and wrinkled. His hair is greased back into a duck tale. He has a receding, hairline and big ears. A little placard hang around his neck. That says, Colorado State PEN, Luke, looks mean like a lackey. The mob he had seen an old movie and then there's this other beautiful old silver gelatin print in the prison file dated nineteen. Sixty seven Luke's not wearing his prayers Work shirt anymore, he's got a suit
and a skinny tie with a little embroidered design on it, not sure where he got the outfit while he was in prison, but his hair is coming forward. It looks soft, there's, no Greece in it. His gaze is lifted slightly upward. He smiling just a bit and if this was the only photo you ever saw of Luke Austin, you think you are a preacher or a missionary. He looks like a man with a higher purpose. What happened between one thousand nine hundred and sixty six and one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven the times these two photos were taken. Luke founded, Cenikor,. The very first sent a core chapter inside the Colorado state prison had a core group of twenty six May and a waiting list of more than a hundred. That's according to assign a core booklet. I found from the early days of the organization the booklet is Luke, sent a core manifesto. It's like
handbook in it. He used the man with a higher purpose, furrow to introduce himself to potential followers. The handbook says that when Luke got out a prison in nineteen sixty He and his new wife, daddy, established the first sentence or house in Lakewood a Dunbar suburb, there's a photo of that in the booklet to just a cute little house with a frontline the first outside sent a core members. Just a few people live in this house with Lucan daddy. Luke wrote this booklet in nineteen, sixty nine, the year of the moon, landing protesters are raging, Hence the Vietnam WAR student movements for peace democracy and liberation are shaping. The world is the year of Woodstock when free love, hippy culture is sweeping the country. Meanwhile, inside the centre courthouse
Luke creates an authoritarian system, a total environment ass. He called it into this total environment walk young people, teenagers, whose parents were panicking about the drug use that was just starting to hit. The mains dream. Some grown men who are you done major present time for drugs or violent crimes, and then people who actually did have problems with heroin I can Baron executive, those preserving Graham Evangelist Association, and I started my career ads poor June twelfth nineteen. Seventy two I met can at his office at the bill Graham Centre in Charlotte North Carolina, the building, all stone and huge timber beams. Is an evangelical christian. He had a born again experience about twenty years He also maintains his jewish faith so on the shelves of his
first there's a menorah, and there are also portraits of Jesus and Billy. Graham, can grew up in New York city. He started using hair when, as a teenager in the MID sixties, he says he had this constant. Now weighing anxiety in his got drugs feeling of confidence that I could do anything. But then I found myself fish We in need of that feeling of confidence launched him into seven years of serious addiction or do Like a year sometimes- and it was all chasing heroin that was chasing harem chasing chasing him- Can says he roamed the country like that from the east coast to the West Coast at one point he almost
into a cinema house in California for help. He got part way up the steps, but he couldn't make himself go inside. He wasn't ready to quit the fear of pain, from withdrawal, is absolutely overwhelming: the fear of sickness somebody getting inside of you and taking control of you. Your life is run by. That and there are no boundaries. You know. No morals and all because you want to get there, we have to wait. I'll get high. You just get norm which called on cans parents disowned him, his wife left with their baby. Eventually. He ended up in a psychiatric ward in Houston, Texas, at the time prisons and psych wards,
we're just about the only options for people using heroin beside sin and on so we Bermudas. This room that had does, I guess, on the psych now things became very blurry to me, but world woollen, blankets, no sheets, bars on the window and gave me a hospital gown tat the window at the highway their whereby the hospital in Houston and members asking myself: how can these people live? Normally I'm watching the cars are imagining the people in the cars and families and people going to work. I said I just can't imagine being aim
to do that. I've. I've lost touch with how to do that detox and got discharged, but he still needed help. He hadn't really dealt with his addiction. He headed to Colorado and on June 12th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two KEN left the outside world and in send a core IRAN. What are you wearing this purple pair of bell? Bottom cheats, easy, it was crazy. My hair was long By this time, Luke Austin had moved sent from his own house to an old industrial bakery, generally members had torn out the huge Evans and set up dorm like rooms. Upstairs. I remember saying I would stay there. At least, I would state that three months that was it
I would have this figure. I stay it's were for eleven years. Eleven years They stayed there under the dictator a look ass. He walked strong, carried himself strong personality, looking daddy everybody in line with almost exactly the same rules and tools used at Senate on no drugs, no alcohol, no acts or threats of physical violence. They play the game three nights a week circling up enfolding chairs, getting into it yelling and screaming for our sometimes just like the participants in Lou total environment. Anyone who
breaks. The rules is quote rewarded with distasteful and humiliating chastisement. In the words of a handbook. Punishments like getting your head. Shaved or sitting in a so called Idiot chair with a sign around your neck? That says I'm stupid. Please help me another rule. Everyone had to work Even in the early years. When can Baron first got there inside this a core house. The residents did repairs, cooked and cleaned. They were required to stay busy and outside the house. Luke was tinkering with the programme trying to make money and coming up with different sent a core businesses. The participants did landscaping, they built rabbit hutches, they built, saw horses and sold them at safe way for four ninety five, they called the work industries and the money went to send a core burma. We border truck or burger too. We were girls versions were low them, so
to make that industry. A couple of us learn how to drive. I drove on eighteen will across country can java bed loop. He took beef from Colorado. California, then picked up artichokes and cabbage and hauled back to Colorado, though we did that Birgitta were do I remember Moses Language and picked up a load of potatoes and brought it back that beautiful trip. It was actually beautiful, but we still me came the son, a core environment with us. Nobody would go cuss, we would We will monitor ourselves pretty well. The landscaping business was called sent a cord the earth and you they had accustomed Van shop, a cynical on Chevron gas station. They got food donated buildings donated which the participants fixed up themselves. By the early seventies. Luke had expanded the programme he added The lady in Houston, Texas, in an abandoned hospital he bought an old masonic Temple in love.
Each California Luke had a vision, cynical, houses all around the country. This was the start of a movement. Some people say the mastermind behind it all was actually Luke's. Wife died, the woman he married right after got out of prison. Don't know where he met his wife, Doris or He asked them, but she was completely opposite, except for the here. She had here and she was tiny. She was a tiny little thing. She was probably five foot In so doing, we would await a hundred pounds at that, but she was always sickly, always sickly. A boy she was means could be shoes me daddy, had little poodle, sweat painted toenails and the participants were made
The main walks around downtown Houston cynical, eventually moved into a run down hotel there. The William Penn Hotel, Lucan, daddy, made, can and the other participants fix up a penthouse sweet for them. The top floor once they were settled in Texas. Who can daddy started to withdraw from the day to day life of Santa core. Some participants suspected that Luke had started drinking again: and little by little Luke's old dream, his regional dream took over Luke astern fail to himself a country western singer. He actually, this is where it started a wacko. He bought at all country western club on the cell use than we were converted. We ran a country western nightclub servant, both Santa course oh environment was breaking down, we will pursue bar, we hire people. I was running the place
not well Loop named the bar, hundred kingdom USA, he bought a bus that one from the video I found. He started and hired a bunch of musicians. This is, would shut up or monies it's all set for money that we're going out to raise and he's doing these things. He reported So it was. It's actually funny think about it. The sad and we're watching this, no, my my ex wife might by second wife maria- was the accountant. She came in we are surely I tried it, but she was sixteen years old when she came in and make ass a teenager the she was really Maria lives in LAS Vegas. Now she met can inside sent. I was just a rebellious. Tina sure I wasn't a drug addict. I didn't commit crimes
I am. I was just a wild teenager and my mother took me down there to meet the drug addicts to scare me and I fell in love with the place and when you were doing bookkeeping its antiquary, you just type yourself how to do that. I think I did I'm really good it book. Smarts paperwork, that kind of stuff pretty much taught myself, accounting at age, seventeen and eighteen and took over the bookkeeping and things, and I just started seeing things and I just started build evidence will what were you seeing in the books? way too much money going to things that were just Luke and Daddy Austin, and it didn't benefit the entire programme he had bought cadillacs. He had They didn't need to drive around in cars like that when people were eating donated beagles,
They didn't need to do that. Then we could see it. We were blind goodbye. Merchant lingered colonels were driven nineteen, fifty four four thereof, he's were to be gold chain and she was ill up and this base or someone story, Penthouse built up. Nose, really nice in living in level of all of us, They were gone missing. This is not closer. I ended up going to lie of our board members Sitting down with them in saying you guys, this going on? What do we do tat? How did you have the confidence to take that to the board? It was incredibly scare hurry. Laura Luke had been enterprise,
Korea with a couple of the girls in the programme, and I dont know to what extent, but I had seen it I had heard about it and it was kind of no one talks. About it- and it was something that I was very aware of- so that kind of went into my list of things. I approached the boar, With as well once Maria went to the board, word eventually made its way to a Texas. They'd senator, but my name is Jean Jones back in seven days. I was a member of the taxes legislature, first, the house in and then the Senate. When Jones heard about where the Centaur money was going. He decides To start an investigation into sent a core and Lucan Daddy Austin Zulus I remember I remember
so it was some laughter tat. I think a bad image is. It was on the verge, just been a clown and now a dictatorial clown. Strangely Luke cooperated with the whole investigation, which would find that Lucan, daddy spent more than four hundred thousand dollars on the country, music effort alone, not to mention tens. Thousands more on a plane, a yacht in a bunch of fancy cars In addition, there the the limousine, just german around. I won't blow people that were observe being re empty. He told me that when I- I condemn him that had set himself up as a figure that Here I am, I been nobody Winona Penitentiary,
and here I am living a life of luxury is therefore you can be. He said, give em a living example They sounded a civilian police convince himself. That's what the operator. And he was he was living like a king, Senator Jones published a report on his investigation in the winter of nineteen. Seventy six Luke was unofficially exile Arizona by the board, supposedly to think up some new ideas for Santa core. Instead, he chew, did on daddy with a new girlfriend, and first um reason can says that was the last straw review of applying them pre hearsay and pray anything they have rejected, framing just walk on the plane, cinnamon
The Arizona run a car drove to his house. Then the door. He comes through the door. Oh Hake, What are you doin here come on? I here s, I'm not coming knows a big guy and he says what's going on here, I said well, I M here to tell you you're fired and he starts laughin. They said no seriously. You're fired, you abuse does a news. This money in your here living in I didn't. With some other woman image. You left your banning your wife and he said she's be heard. As I said now, I'm telling you she's she's fired too though we then jump in a car and back to the airport to catch her plain where certain in the back of the plane and we him get on with his girlfriend in first class. Now we hadn't told everybody back in Houston or in Denver. What was going on here,
Oh my gosh he's gonna get there before we do and they were out and he's in so he comes back in a plane. Pointers finger at Maria points, his fingers, I'm gonna, kill you because he knew that shit. Exposed him for all the money, so we're all gonna like shaken in her boots, and I mean this a whole new world for us at somebody on the plane, heard the threat and got word to air traffic control, and so the plume migs unexpected, stop and silent. Only and come the federal marshals and take him in his girlfriend off the plane. Luke disappeared for a while, after that, KEN was managing the Houston facility and about six months later in the summer of nineteen, seventy Eight can was at his son CORE Office in the William Penn hotel. When he heard a ruckus downstairs, it was Luke and a small crew
who have sent a core split? Tease, that's what they call people who leave the programme. They busted into the tell wearing black armbands, they had mace tear gas and baseball. Let's run down stairs and look at certain points, his fingers, that's a guy get em, so somebody just call got me and I went down. They came in to the old hotel building and started missing everybody and telling everyone they had to get into the dining room, for general meeting and Daddy Austin set there and on the main, switchboard punched, all the button. So you couldn't dialect. And I ran out into the middle of Texas Avenue and flag the police car down. Meanwhile, at the Colorado sent a core facility at the exact same moment, Luke Ashton's mother, let another crew and a coordinated take over this group work.
Creepy Halloween masks and brandished guns, some fake some real none loaded in Houston. It took only a few minutes for the centre for participants to corner Luke and is true, that we had a bunch of two by fours in the lobby that we were doing some remodeling with them. They had them all rounded up and by that time of Swat teams that are in the place They come in and arrest them all and that's the last time I saw him. Luke had also filed a lawsuit to try to take back control, but it didn't work. Most of the money was gone, so core was so broke. Its followers barely had enough to eat. Green Jello with rice in it. I remember someone got creative one time in made green shallow with white rice, and it was so disgusting, but somehow with Luke gone
lessons of sent a core became even stronger for the participants left behind the rules he had put in place for more powerful than he was. We felt like the programme was out. But we did feel disappointed and angry He had forgotten where he came from and who he was. Luke Austin was Ever charged for siphoning off centaurs money, he served about he can jail after the attempted takeover in Houston and he would never work with Senegal or again after stints living in apartments and our view park, and eventually, a string of nursing homes, Luke I'd in western Colorado in two thousand, the local paper didn't even pub.
And obituary. The ordeal almost killed, cynical, but the hay day of nineteen eighties capitalism was just around the corner and the Saviour was on the way I was glancing through your seneca button. I, like the very first sentence, in all the years of Senegal has been in business rehabilitating lives. We have found that nothing works as well as work. If so, next time, an american rehab Reaganomics the war on drugs and ten football paths to the rescue and ass to really ball died when he sipped time put three hundred people yard on the afternoon. See this cute little value, crack cocaine, the most addictive poor, the vast Mcgann,
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