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2017-10-05 | 🔗

In 2013, Robyn Allen received a 20-year sentence for trafficking in illegal drugs. She says she sold methamphetamine to support her family after a back injury left her without work. But the reasons Allen started using the drug run much deeper. In spite of taking measures to reduce its long-standing record as the No. 1 incarcerator of women in the country, Oklahoma keeps locking up women at more than twice the national average. Oklahoma incarcerates 151 out of every 100,000 women, often given harsh sentences for nonviolent drug crimes. This has taken its toll on several generations of women in the state.

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We're not talking about, more criminal women, it's our cars I shall write in our response to crime there, just to use the belief that we ought to walk about thorough worthy and it didn't work.
Didn't work. Most of these women in prison are there because they have a drug addiction. The cycle of abuse is something we all to pay attention to: substance, abuse, domestic violence, child abuse by laws. My best were in paying me Robin I'd help about anything together. This is a book I started to turn the day he was born. I compiled a gay with tourism when she got married, then here's your life and now he was well rounded them.
Everything English forgotten, they ask but usually eyes and bees. This is her wedding, album seventeen. When she got married. He sent me a couple of pictures from prison, but I'm said SARA there now. Still are now left or even though you know, there's nothing, I can do drugs. This is something the kids wait till the morning site. I'm sorry, I'm a became a drug.
And people need to deal with that. When Europe methamphetamine near the site is like you want to feel and all the time all your troubles to go away, but once you come now, there's still there One day I had a bad day and I just I got back into it again to weekly where's she'd. Never come out really told me why he went in to them what is occurring in your life that made you start using drug abuse. It was the abuse I had my views. Ike
as I can remember, I've been being abused I was actually beers. There's a child Bailey member in it just started Gordon, From there I'm going to ask you something a little bit difficult. Robin did say that there was some abuse going on in the household by a family member and wanted to know. If you If you and Robyn ever talked about that, never wear anything that was going on. I had heard one time she has accused her father and him and I had words over there
Then he said. Why would I you now he said I have a loving. Why five? You know a good family life and vice versa. That creates, if I'm not out there, so we just that was the December discussion on. We never talked about big in she's still doesn't want to base it did this day. You know. like you, we were gravelled hold of my mobs lady deal. My worldly they'll go, I was home, was thick with school would give due revolver. Please don't worry me, don't leave me here and she went ahead. We anyway, because I knew what was coming and I knew it
hard to talk about an hour, so many women when they get right. They don't talk about it because they feel degraded, I guess plus the fact who would believe in our with this. I don't know I would abused by cousin when I was younger tonight for five years older. He write me. He said about tell mom and dad did you.
Deny a mom and dad wouldn't believe me and maybe my mind. I feel I can my gallant is over, but yeah Robin Cook out. Maybe we need to set up this starting Y yeah. And why it is that a lot of women turn to drop. I don't know just that. I wish people would realize you know, but they didn't choose this life
time to get on the hill lenders automatically Moslem, better understand why they do here. What we know about the women and our prisoners spout: two thirds of them were physically or sexually abused children. We should be providing mental health services, substance abuse services. unless we adopt some serious criminal justice reforms. This is going to continue on the wrong path. They need help. They dont need prison in order to come out. It's all a party of healing
I want to live a normal life without drugs. That's what I want.
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