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Introducing Revisionist History Season 5


Andy Warhol. War. Smaug the Dragon. And, as always, digressions of great importance.

Launching June 18 from Pushkin Industries.

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Pushed him- and he taught me a year dish right. I thought you a Europe run. Oh yes, I did, maybe here just add, just landed. I do know that it's the lad, that is the kind of the opposite direction of flowers knocking on June. Eighteen, ladies and gentlemen, I will bring you season. Five of revision is history, where we lurch once again from the supply to the ridiculous, with stuffs along the way for declarations of great importance like knuckles and its opposite. So now has been deteriorating. Charging gave you unless were being nook ass, yet the one that you give them. This is a season of your house on revision is history where I bring you some joy, plus a whole lot of serious things as well like. How do we remember those who have said,
and how do you remember those who brought suffering into the world? I rather have somebody always real stupid that something was wrong. Did something. Somebody would vacillate do nothing season. Five has lots of things, aren't museums, because our museums turn out to be very strange, not to mention a little bit of Howard Hughes. Some Vincent Van Gogh Smog, the dragon even Andy Warhol. He said if everyone's not a beauty than nobody is. That is the perfect illustration of the particular condition. Wonderful condition of the water. In my eye, ass is not beautiful, then no object is right. Now cause has haunting revision. Is history season five episode, one drops June eighteen.
If every episode is not beautiful, then no episodes.
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