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Introducing Revisionist History Season Four


Jesuits. Chess masters. Mafiosi. Lawyers. And a little bit of tire fire. 

Launching June 20th from Pushkin Industries. 

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Malcolm Gladwell season for my podcast revisionist history is imminent, baby. Normally here, I'm like This is what the new season is about these the weighty issues I'm going to tackle, but this time I just don't know themes. Are you kidding me season for spans the whole world wrong. Jesuits chess masters mafiosi lawyers to many lawyers. What I would have you do is read this and then for each of these questions,. Tell me the two stupidest answers? I took the law school admissions tests, for goodness sake too stupidest your guest.
Where's forces that you know a wrong. Why did I do it for you? Do MR? The tennis flat there's no curl, because in Middle EAST are languages is occurring on the time you say, L L left left merely to hear the difference. Just me, it's too revisionists history season for is back June. Twentieth subscribed. Now, wherever you get your part, gas revisionist history, because the past comes at issue Should I should I be worried, I think you should be way.
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