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Revisionist History Presents: Hasta la Vista, America

2021-01-21 | 🔗

The news is overwhelming right now. Maybe we all need a laugh. Here's an excerpt from Hasta la Vista, America: Trump’s Farewell Address, an original audiobook parody written by Kurt Andersen and performed by Alec Baldwin. The book imagines Trump holed up in the White House with only advisor Hope Hicks there to run the recording session. It's available exclusively from Pushkin Industries at ATrumpFarewell.com. And it's just $0.99.

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Pushed him. I Jacob Weisberger CEO pushed in industries we're living through extraordinary times, and they soon army of news that hits is every day can be a little overwhelming. So maybe some laughter is the best medicine. In that spirit, I am excited to be sharing the short excerpt from Pushkin new Audio book off Dilah Vista America. Trumps farewell address it's written by the genius satirist, Kurt Anderson and performed by the great Alec Baldwin. This is the perfect arranged finale to a deranged era: the available exclusively at a Trump farewell dot com- for just ninety nine says
my fellow Americans. This is the most important speech I've ever given the most important in history. Speaking of his George Washington, I cannot tell a lie just like me, although I actually could tell lies if I wanted, but I dont and that's actually, why they hate me. The phone ease, the radicals, the liberals, the elite is the fake media, the antivirus, because I tell too much truth, but our first president, first a forty five. Washington invented? What I'm doing now, what many historians call his farewell address it could? Run again very easily another term than again and again and again forever no rule against it and back then, ores the elections were rigged in his The fair will address George Washington, told America, like I'm doing now, why he decided against staying
in Washington DC for another four years? No thanks by by going home after fighting so hard for freedom. Heading south with the first lady play golf sport of kings, backed. The big beautiful plantation with his own to hundreds lifetime, civil employees normal family, very diverse, like more logo. As they say, history repeats. This is my totally voluntary farewell addressed to you. The people farewell top Like we talked about
it's so easy to be presidential, but nobody else can be Trump. You just listen to a clip from after levies that America, this is possibly the last time will hear. Baldwin is tromp. We think you'll find it just as funny as we do by after levies to America now had a Trump Farewell Dakar, if only ninety nine says, should we be charging more
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