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107: Stop Procrastinating!


Y'all, this episode may be hard to swallow for some of you, but I had to get this off my chest. This week we are talking about the real reason behind why everyone else seems to be out there doing, while you are still stuck planning. Here it is: you need to. Stop. Procrastinating. That's it! It's time we got real and talked about how the hardest things to do are often the ones that bring us closest to the life we were always meant to live.


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Hey, guys it's Rachel, Hollis and I'm here- is my friend, Trent Shelton was a rigid. I live in the dream man You tell listeners why we're hanging out together right now we're going because we're launching a new package straight up and I'm super except that the seller add, if you guys, are not already familiar Trent. He As millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for ever you're a unique style of coaching yeah, really rights are. The point is really I can put straight from the heart and break into those negative mindsets breakin through a withholding you back in this area, people's lives for love that so you guys want here more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Short: let's go, let's go.
One of the cruellest things that I get to see as part of my job is the manifestation of the product or products that I dreamed up and created and feared out how to do like. So many of you as a business owner, you get these ideas in your head and it is incredible to get to watch them come to fruition, and I started dreaming about one of our most popular products thus start today journal. I served dreaming about this a couple of years ago. I had been doing this daily practice based on several different people. I had heard about several different things in a kind of put them together into one daily practice, which was every single day. I wrote down the dreams I had for my life, but I wrote them as if they had already happened there, something really powerful about claiming a goal as if it's already done, and I wrote down every day- and it was how I set my intentions and then I would post about it on social, and so many people are like what are you doing? What is that? Where do I get that journal and I was like eyes: it's not a journal, it's just a note book, I'm just riding down the same thing every single day, but what I think is interesting, as business owners or creators is often times. In fact, most of the time your audience will tell you what it wants from you and I kept pushing it off because I was like you guys. This is not a big deal, but it was, and people kept asking for- and I finally just thought what, if I turn this into a
product and I started to dream and plan, and I literally taped pictures to the wall of my office, of what I dreamed that my journal would look like in the intention behind it, and I wanted the covers to be really pretty, and I wanted it to be something that you could do once a quarter and then, as you completed, each journal you'd have a stack of this evidence of how intentional you were about your life and we figured it out, and I mean you know some times we messed up on the shipping and sometimes we rest up on the interior. but we ve failed our way to where we are today, which is the start today journal in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people. So incredible such a blessing for me to be able to go on Instagram and see hashtag start today journal and see people all over the world using this practice as away
to aim in the direction of their dreams. So if you are not familiar- and you want to check it out, you can go over to the Hollis code. Dot com forward, slash shop and find out all about my favorite practice turned my favorite product and if you're not in the market, to buy, remember that episode. Seventy two of this podcast gives you the exact step by step so that you can do it in whatever note book you have laying around for free, you not to buy a product, but you should be doing is daily practice. It will lose early literally change your life, hey guys it's right Oh here and I am coming to you from the closet- sometimes I get ideas for podcast that feel really important to me and they're not gonna, keep until I can get back into the office and
record in a real podcast studio. So today the topical important to me that I am literally sitting in my closet for recording mess on my phone because I think it matters. I think that is something we need to have a conversation about, because, I'm getting the same questions I'm seeing the same stuff on social, and I love you all too much too not call this out
I Rachel Hollis and I've built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma and the free information I found on the internet in the fifteen years that I've been building and scaling my company, I have become deeply passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to do the same so each week, I'll be sharing tangible and tactical advice and inspiring interviews with the same intention. Bees are the tools to change your life and your business. This is the rice podcast, not all of you, but some of you need to hear this message today. Some of you, my dreamers, my hustlers, those of you who are building
a business or have a site hustle or have a goal. Maybe it's not even a professional, maybe it's a personal life. in wanting to get in shape wanting to get healthy wanting, get out of debt. Whatever that looks like to you today, episode is the answer and me we. You thought that your thing. a dream was so big and so spectacular that there could be one clear solution to get you there, but I have it. I have the answer: And it's this simple: stop procrastinating, stop talk! king about all of the things you're going to do and actually do something telling your friends about who you're gonna be sorry, taking steps to do some thing, look I
am obsessed with gaining knowledge. I spend so much of my life reading the books sitting to podcast watching Youtube videos, reading the articles arming myself at information that will make me better leader, a better Mamma, a better wife, a better dream. Right, someone who actually knows not just What the goal is, but how to achieve it. I am all about gaining knowledge, but somewhere along the way we got it twisted somewhere along the way. Someone told us that knowledge is power. Knowledge is not power. I heard it from John Maxwell, but maybe this is someone else's quote. He said rate, knowledge is power applied now G is power. let me say it again: now
is not power. Guys applied. Knowledge is power. were it doesn't matter what you know it matters, what you do with what you know, and so, I challenge for you today is what are you actually doing what are you doing like? Are you actually trying, or are you over here so afraid of failing so afraid of getting it wrong that you just keep arming yourself with the information, but not actually taking any steps to do anything, You have to stop procrastinating. And one of the reasons that I think so people do it even if its unconscious, I think, you're not making moves, because you know how hard it is to me The moves you wanna make right, like You know on some level what this is gonna take.
You know what it means to get healthy. You know how many miles you're gonna have to run. You know that you don't get to eat chips in case so anymore. Right. You know that you have to stop drinking I'll call, you know that you need to stop smoking. You know that you need to get sleep. You know that you need to stop spending money on things that don't actually matter to impress people you don't really like You know that you're gonna have to get up early. You know that you're gonna have to stay up late. You know that you're gonna have to learn even more than you already do and work harder than you already are. That's you procrastinate is because I consciously or unconsciously. You know what this is. Gonna take an you, don't want to have to be the one to do. It someone listening to this needs to hear that today you need me challenging you right now You know how hard it's gonna be, and so you keep saying over here telling yourself some day some day Yeah Sunday is a myth, foresight,
of us some day is an excuse for a lot of us. Some day is to day when decide this. Is it right now, I'm gonna. Do the thing because whatever it is that you want to be wherever it is that you want to push yourself to go. It is going to be challenging that there, is another great quote the says: if it's not challenging you, it's not changing you. You want different life. You want a different job. You want a different level of income. You want a different relationship with your partner you're, going after challenge yourself, and challenging yourself is hard, because at least right now, even if you Uncomfortable, even if you know you're not living into your full potential, at least right now, this is the comfort or really good comfort that you know better than the discomfort that you don't know.
Right now, you might not be happy with your life, but at least you know what day looks like, and people will owing to the knowledge of what day today, day looks like, rather than having to push themselves to try nothing new here, the truth that nobody gets until there in it. Every single level that you get to every new level, it does, not mean that it gets easier. I used to delude myself when I was younger, I didn't know better. I was a young entrepreneur and I thought man. If I could only get some help. This would be easier but any of you who have a team understand that once you get help, you might get help doing that thing, but you just elevate yourself now you're working on something new, the work go away, it didn't get easier to do this job? I one hundred percent work harder today. Twenty nineteen I work harder today, then
ever have in my entire life ever the staff of forty four people. I working harder J than I ever have in my life, you, ago, when I first started my business, I was working sixty seventy hours a week right now. now running my business. I'm working sixty seventy hours a week now my hours look different, because I also want to make sure that I'm showing up as a Mamma and a wife and so my hours, my sixty seventy. They might Four o clock in the morning you guys might go after the babies in bed. Still am working just as hard, and the thing is. that's not going to appeal to everybody something here that and there, like? You know what rage either It's the season and I'm not interested, or I just know that. That's not me, I'm not, kind of person who wants though, that hard and sister brother, if you are happy
you don't need to pull, the way I push? But let's be real. If you are a person who is dreaming of something big, an audacious, if you are a person who says I'm gonna write a book if you are a person who wants to push yourself outside of the norm, you want to live a life that other people don't get to live man. You are going to have to work in a way other people aren't willing to work. I do no a magic bullet Ya'Ll, I don't know quick fix, and, in fact all of my friends the most successful entrepreneurs. I had that, I know our work just as hard as I am our work and just as hard, if not harder than they were years ago, but here's difference that people who are in it dont get. We love what we do. We look what we do when you're in
to promote new, truly love. What you're doing when this is fine, when this is exciting, when creating something that makes you proud it like you. While I go the leg work I don't know what their drinking Is it one hundred percent always feels like work? but it's so fulfilling that you don't mind you know it's like If any of any are runners, you gone along Rhine and you're you're down with IRAN in your exhausted, but your proud, you you're too Irish, but you know you gave your best. That's what chasing down a goal looks like and feels like to me. I'm tired but man it's a good kind of tired, and if I have to choose I'd rather be tired from push. Hang myself there tired, because I laid on the couch watching Netflix right, like there is that there is a time and a place to rest, but of you aren't resting. Some of you are hiding some
you are doing things so that you have to think about the fact that you're not living into your potential
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Procrastinating, you got do the work, and not only do you have to do the work? Listen to me, You need to do the right work. we need to do the right work. You need to stop focusing on the busy work. How many of you have ever. made a to do list and you put some thing on the to do list, you had already accomplished just because you wanted to cross something off your list yeah? I know you have we ve all done. I've done it too, because as human nature to want to to show yourself like see, I did the thing. The Problem with this is. Is there when you make a list when you, set out to do some work right. You, automatically choose to do the thing that is easier to accomplish, even though thing that is easier to accomplish, does get you closer to the girl? This is like guy
if you are working so hard and not making traction. This is the reason why you spending so much effort on the wrong things. linked in the other day, and I had posted about the fact that a get up at five, a m- and I lay out my intentions for the day and how important morning routine is, and I ask the community hey what are you guys do in that in that our before everybody else's awake. If you get up early, what do you do in some commented and said oil, I love that time because I get all the men task done, First thing: I do I go into my inbox, I accomplish I I knock all those emails. I get. I get back to inbox zero, that's what I do with the first couple hours. my day and I dont this person inside didn't wanna jump on ham, butt. I'm mean it. I'm gonna jump on you. If that's what you're doing if you are using, your most awake
this time of the day to get you Emails done guys think that, for a second, an email is someone else's agenda without for a minute email is someone else's agenda. A phone call from someone else is someone else's agenda, so you are using the first hours of your day for me, I gonna have the most energy, the most life, the most power, the most effectiveness, the most focus you are using those most important hours. Getting rid of other people's agenda items answering other people. questions. Instead of saying what, the result that I need today. what is the result when I sat down this morning, I didn't put together to do list to do this for me, could be a hundred things. Law a to do list, for you could have a hundred agenda items on it. But if I
it is Monday. What do I have to accomplished today every single day I have three may be for things for things. at the absolute most that I can accomplish in a day, because I trying to knock some tiny little things off my list. I am trying to make major moves to push me closer to what it is, I'm on this earth to do one of my agenda items today is: I am creating content for you every single day of my life. I create content for this community Because my mission, my huh, The reason I feel like I am here is to the knowledge that I have and give it away give it to. You you guys so that you can use it so that you can take cement for me. for me, and some information from added maybe get something from Dave. Ramsay, maybe get something from Gary B, and maybe you get something for maybe porter filled and Marie for LEO, and you get all of this information and you put it together and then you create your toolkit but
If this is my mission, and I have to make sure that I am creating how many How do you think I have right now how? Phone calls how many people on my team, forty four people on my team, how full do think my slack is right now, so I can then, my time, my important, for it time answering other p those questions, or I can stay close to what I need to do and one My things that I was, I need to create this I'd Gaskell's? I'm fired up about it because here's, the scary part, you guys so many of you start out strong. I bet some of you listening right now had something that you were doing retraining for the half marathon. you were building your business. You were you know, scaling your team growing, your download. You were doing things that made. You feel proud right. You were getting out of debt.
You had so much energy and so much live you a joy in the process right and then start to feel like you were spinning your wheels. You see To feel like it wasn't getting you anywhere. And then you start to wonder: is this even for anything And not only do you have your thoughts in your head saying man is this good use of my time not only that, but Always there are other people in our life right who don't understand our goals and dreams, and so not only do you have the voice in the back of your head, but now maybe your mother in law's piping in wow, your A lot of time away from the baby- and I dont really see anything from it, we are partners? Hey spending, a lot of money investing in this business and I'm not really seeing an hour away on that rights so you have your own voice in your head and now you other people's voice in your head, and so you give up you give up on the dream. You give
I'm the goal, because you don't see any traction being made and the Saki Parties, man. You were working so hard right. You, working so hard trying to build the stream for yourself trying to achieve this goal. When it didn't work out, we don't blow the process we blame ourselves. Deep down in our heart of hearts, we say see, I knew you couldn't do it. I know You weren't strong enough to stay on plan. I knew you weren't strong enough not to spend the money. I knew you weren't strong enough to this team. I knew you weren't strong enough to make any real money at this goal. We feel shame and we, for anger and we give up. on what might have been ignored. Actually, what we were put on this earth to do not be It wasn't the right choice. It didn't work out because you would focusing on the wrong things. You were
working, you can't see me, but I'm doing airports. You were working on your project, but you working on the right part of it. working on the part that would actually do anything for you, because the part that is actually going to get you somewhere. Listen to me all the part, that is surely going to get you somewhere. The part that the part of your project Actually move the needle the the part you're routine, that will actually change or health forever the part your finances that will actually get you out of debt. Is the part you don't want to do. It's! The thing that sucks it the thing that's hard: it's the kale! It's the green juice. It's the working out every day. It's the not spending money when all your friends are spending money. It
going on a run. It's going on a run again, going on a run again. It's the hard stuff. It matters the most it's the hardest to do, because you get the most from it. The easy staff, easy road is never gonna. Take you anywhere. You actually want to go, so the thing that you need to focus on is what will move the needle? Why well actually get me more clients reaching out, a bunch, more people! What what actually make me more money, asking for a sale. What will actually change my health, not eating garbage food which, by the way, taste delicious. What will
Should we be most effective, for you is usually the hardest thing to do. Ya don't say it didn't work, because the process was broken own. It it didn't work because you were focused, on the wrong things. Here's the deal, I'm not here, to shame you. I am not here to make you feel worse, because I have been where you are. This is why I get so fired up is because I remember being a young mother and only having so many hours in the day that I could focus on my dream. I remember those times, I remember being a young entrepreneur, I remember, being a girl in my We twenties trying to build some kind of career. I remember those types. And I know how much time I wasted and if I We have just flipped, In my mind,. the idea that
If it's hard you're doing it wrong is warped. I think what were sold by media here. Take this pill here drink this potion here, I use this arab squeezer thing that will be no sense, Lecter roads into your ads and give you six pack come on you guys, don't damn You know that if there was some magical way to skip the line, somebody would have sold it to you by now listen to any body, literally anybody who has achieved curry. Success, financial success relationships, success, success apparent success in their feet. Like no matter what it is, you're trying to achieve its going to require work so on a flip it for you. Work is not a bad thing. Work is the ice of admission. Work is what is necessary for you to become the person you want to become
and you know right now, when you're listening to this If this is a season where you can put your feet, I'm a gas, maybe your ear, new parent, maybe you ve, just you, you ve gone through something with your health you're going through something in a relationship may. This is not the season for you really put your foot on the gas pedal fur, goal, and that is ok bye. LISA God, you will have the time to put your feet, on the gas or to spread full out later on. But if you do if you are listening to this right now, you know your mail in it in you know, But you're not putting in the effort that you need to you know that you have more to give. You know that you're. You know why Netflix when you could be working on the website. you know that you could be learning more. You know that you could be growing more. You know that you could be more intentional if this is
if you are hearing me, speak in your like dang it He's read my diary. Look inside my head, then Please take this as your wake up call stop talking about the goal, stop going to coffee with your friends and vision, even written. A single sentence debating what the book is. Gonna be titled when you ve, never even written a single sentence. I have one of the number one podcast in the world, I'm recording this episode on my phone. I have one of the number one podcast in the world: I'm recording this episode on my phone. What's your excuse. it's not about the fancy. It's about the work it's about. The content it's about be intent. Stuff, making excuses, stop thinking that it has to be perfect, it doesn't have to be perfect. It has to be there
meaning you gotta create something sup. editing the same page a hundred times and put something on social media stop. Thinking it stop a crass donating sub, letting for fear of getting it wrong view from trying anything you want to do something with your life. You have actually do something, but there the description in the Bible that I love and that I am living my life in pursuit of this idea. That says well done good and faithful servant well done good and faithful servant. I love this idea because I believe that when we step into our potential, I believe that we re? for who our creator made us to be. We are being a good. and faithful servant of these gifts we were given. We will be
a good and faithful servant of this opportunity. That lies before us. We re a good and faithful servant of this platform, but the part of the scripture that I think people miss is. The word done well done and good and faithful servant don, meaning that you actually did something you didn't just talk. You act We did something you act We created something you act we put it out. There are not one time here here Here's the last piece of advice and give on this doing, work, is not something you get to do for a single day. Or a single hour doing like creating something working. your goal is think you do every day forever. you can't do at one time
if you want to get in shape and you go to the gym for eight hours, are you in shape But if you went to the gym every day, today, would you Sorry to see some kind of progress. Yes, you have actually do something you have. Focus on the right thing and then you have to keep doing the thing This is another problem. Is that some of you started out and you were working on the right thing, you doing it? The way this this happens a lot in people's health journeys. They actually are Making strides actually are seeing progress, but they give up. They walk away. They have an all or nothing mentality, they decide because they cake it. The birthday, are that it's done They decide that because they didn't work on the goal for a week that I guess that's it.
When the reality is you gotta, for your life every day, every single day you shot for your life, you shot for your dreams, you shot for your goal, you shot for your potential every single day you reach for more and my goodness, we don't always get there. We don't always get there, but every single day we reach for the question. get from people when I talk about them This is what, Rest, what is it to rest what, if you know you're, pushing yourself too hard or your working to harder. I think it's funny because people say to David, I you guys need rest, we only ever see you on the go and I think it so findings. I'm like ya. Resting. Do you think that that's excite? instagram material. Do you that I, like I'm, gonna open my fauna, be like here. Am I sweat pants now, because when I'm resting, I'm not gonna, be creating content for the world at large, so
Because you don't see it doesn't mean it's there? I am crazy about rest, hear me I'm crazy about rest. I am so intentional about sleep and being Well to just chill out and unplug, because I leave so much in this work and I believe so much in raising a strong family and being a good mamma, and if I'm not getting rest, I cant do any of my missions on this earth. Well, but don't like don't use this as an excuse, because a lot people be like well, it's like someone saying like while I dont want to work out because I don't want to turn into one of the super muscular people are ok. Will you haven't worked out in seven years, PAM? but you're worried that if you start you're gonna be one of those that you are a long way from bodybuilder, Sab using an excuse, some kind of made up thing, someone
Well, I want to work hard, but then I worry that I'll be neglected. Why don't? We worry about the real problems in front of us instead of making excuses, so we don't even have to start. You can other people tell you that women who put themselves in business or push themselves to write a book or push themselves to create content or a blog or social. You and let people tell you that those kind of women can't be good, Mama's or you can actually seek out the women who are doing every single day. you can believe what the media tries to sell us. You can believe what your mother in law says or you can look at all the evidence that is contradictory to those truths. It is a beautiful thing to work, cart. It is a, it is a beautiful thing. I can at least I think so. I think that when you reach
Your potential. and when you work hard to improve on what the creator has. Given you I've you, like you, are living the most beautiful form Of the human existence, I really do guys- maybe that's the any a gram three and me. but every single day I want to wake up wanna do my best to reach for more, and you can't just talk about what more would be like. you actually have to do something to get yourself there. I hope this episode was helpful for you. I hope that whoever did you hear it heard it. Because it was on my heart that someone did if you like This episode, I would super crochet if you take a screen, shot and put it on Instagram and tag me Miss Rachel Hollis. You
half rise, podcast and tell me what you thought tell others about it, and always tell me if there's a topic that you really want me to teach on. Thank you guys, so much for listening now get out there and do the thing. ladies and gentlemen, did I mentioned I have a book coming out. Here's the thing. It's called get out of your own way, sceptics guide to growth and fulfilment and we're the priest cell window of windows. I am super excited about having written a book for both men and women about twenty lies that I once believed that were keeping me in my own way. I have written, from the perspective of someone that is Totally different from Rachel Hollis, even if the format is somewhat similar to grow Lasher face, I wrote it perspective of someone, who's been skeptical of tools like
book, or even the pot castra listening to for ever and ever its through. That lends that I'm talking about the ways that I was getting in my own way and think in uncovering the truth behind those lies not only help me get out of my own way. It I'll help you get out of Europe's. There are two ways I want to say thank you for preparing this book I've created in the course of course, yes and a course, a sixty minutes each course called finding your why it's a fantastic resource. It's available, absolutely or free right now for having pure the book and if you go to get out of your own way the book that calm right now and follow the problems, not only we get Icarus, you can hear the first thirty minutes of the book again get out of way comes out March. Tenth, I'm super super excited about it, get out of your own way. The book dot com hit that link the problems, and I appreciate your support.