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113: Why Is It So Hard to Talk About Money? with Marie Forleo


Heads up - if you're one of my ladies who clams up at the thought of talking about finances, this episode might be a little challenging for you to hear but I urge you to work through it and reflect. I sat down with Marie Forleo - one of my favorite lady entrepreneurs out there killing it - to talk about being financially independent (and proud) and about how everything is figureoutable - which happens to be the title of Marie's new book! Get it TODAY --> https://www.amazon.com/Everything-Figureoutable-Marie-Forleo/dp/0525534997


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Hey guys. It's reach our houses, and I'm here is my friend. Trent Shelton was a rigid I live in the dream, man. We you too, Listeners, why we're hanging out together right now we're going because we're launching my new package straight up and I'm supermax seller? Add if you guys you're, not already familiar attract, he millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for a very unique style of coaching yeah human rights are. The point is really I can put it. From the heart and break it. Do those native mindsets breakin through a majority backing list? Are we have people's lives for love that so you guys want here more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Short: let's go, let's go.
One of the cruellest things that I get to see as part of my job is the manifestation of the product or products that I dreamed up and created and figured out how to do like. So many of you as a business owner, you get these ideas in your head and it is incredible to get to watch them come to fruition and I started dreaming about one of our most popular products thus start today journal. I served dreaming about this a couple of years ago. I had been doing this daily practice based on several different people. I had heard about several different things and I'm gonna put them together into one daily practice, which was every single day. I wrote down the dreams I had for my life, but I wrote them as if they had already happened. There's something really powerful about claiming a goal as if it's already done, and I rode down every day- and it was how I set my intentions and then I would post about it on social and so many people. What are you doing? What is that? Where do I get that journal nose like guys? It's not a journal, it's just a notebook, I'm just riding down the same thing every single day, but what I think is interesting, as business owners or creators is often times. In fact, most of the time your audience will tell you what it wants from you and I kept pushing it off because I was like you guys. This is not a big deal, but it was an people kept asking for, and I finally just thought what, if I turn this into a product and I started to dream and plan- and I literally taped pictures to the wall of my office, of what I dreamed that my journal would look like in the intention behind it, and I wanted the covers to be really pretty, and I wanted it to be something that you could do once a quarter and then, as you complete at each journal. You'd have a stack of this evidence of how intentional you were about your life and we figured it out, and I mean you know some times we messed up on the shipping and sometimes we rest up on the interior. But we failed our way to where we are today, which is the start today journal in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people. So incredible such a blessing for me to be able to go on Instagram and see hashtag start today journal and see people all over the world using this practice as away
You ain't in the direction of their dreams. So if you are not familiar- and you want to check it out, you can over to the Hollis code, dot com forward, slash shop and find out all about my favorite practice turned my favorite product and, if you're not in the market, to buy remember that episode. Seventy two of this pod cast gives you the exact step by step so that you can do it. In whatever note book you have laying around for free, you dont have to buy a product, but you should be doing is daily practice. It will literally literally change your life. Why? For LEO? Welcome to the rice podcast. Thank you something. four have me on? I am so there's like a zero percent chance that people I already know who you are, but let's per ten someone lives under a mushroom and they ve never heard of you. We use
Tell them who you are. What into what you do give us give us the spill. Yeah I'll, just like the real, honest truth of your hard work and dedication their real this truth. I've been doing this, which is supporting people helping them achieve their biggest goals and dreams for twenty years now, which kind of blows my mind. I am the host of Show called Marie TV, which is also the Marie for LEO Pod cast. We have a programme, that's called be school, which is on my business school for modern entrepreneurs. We ve had like fifty five thousand amazing humans go through that programme and yet, and I just wrote a new book called everything- is figure audible. How one simple believe will help you change your life in the world and then like apart from that professional stuff? Let's see here Ok, this was probably one of the cruellest things Rachel. This is the last thing I ll say that's official and then we're gonna get into some other fun stuff.
So I miss Oprah a few years back called me a thought leader for the next generation, which practically had me on the floor like drooling and just like as this real but the unofficial stuff I love zombie movies. Roller coaster is, I cook a twelve hour, pasta and I dance kind of nonstop. You I've, I want I mean, like I want to unpack each of those levels, but what my brain is focusing on right now, most is a twelve hour passed like a sauce. yeah, I, like all other here, it's just similar Is like a really long simmer, so you will find me some mornings in my kitchen chopping guard, and onions at like six hundred and thirty a dot m to get this puppy started, and then sometimes I have to let you know, shut off the burner and let it sit overnight and then pick it back up in the morning. But once it's done, it is like the thickest richest. Deep red, color and spaghetti sauce- and you know my steps on and my man russian anyone whose had the pleasure of having the sauce? They really look
or to us I would add that to my list of, like my vision for my future. Is that some day I get to have the sauce aluminum? sorry rattle, don't you worry? That would be my dream. I I want to start off in the most important place that we can, which is that the other hey. I was scrolling through shop Bob and I was shopping for closed because I cut my hair and, as you do, I felt like I needed some new close growth menu, hair. as I was shopping. I found a skirt that you need to buy and almost screenshot and send it to you? But I was like we're not close enough friends for me too, like I have access to text you, but it felt very an appropriate to send you closed by, but now a man. Ok, now that we ve been alarm a man and when I only yeah, I'm in arguing
you're right now, because we have to go back to some of our conversations and also that it goes back to some of our task, which, if you actually look at that string, I think even refresh your memory. You should be sending me a lot more than screenshot you're right, you're, right, you're, right! Ok, I just well say I'm an upright, because when I got through your middle find it I was but there is literally only one woman that I know that can pull off this scourge and it is Murray and Salmon Attack and you'll understand and if
don't buy it for you. I just want you to cause your body can handle and mine. Can I Rachel Hollis and I've built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma and the free information I found on the internet in the fifteen years that I've been building and scaling my company, I have become deeply passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to do the same so each week I'll be sharing tangible and tactical advice and inspiring interviews with the same intention. Bees are the tools to change your life and your business. This is the rise podcast. Can we? I want to talk about this thing that I feel like. I have a very limited group of girlfriends. Where can talk about this within? You are one of them and I think it's super bats. A super powerful conversation. I fancy. I think I soon nothing's off limits, but you tell me if we need to look at it. This part out-
the idea of what it has met for you to be a successful female entrepreneur and- the reason I ask that question is because there is in you know, I've talked about this before the there is a certain amount of backlash. I think that happens for female entrepreneurs who are financially success. That does not happen to men as you know like I. Ah, if you want instagram are now all of its like so popular for guys to be entrepreneurs and they're on their path, but John and there in their fancy car and everybody idolizes them, but as female woman, any kind of talk about success or any kind of anything, there are immediately trawls, who want to bash that down and so I'm just curious like what what journey has been like because you are the woman that so many of us in this
the stray look up to as like my Lord, like Maria's over their killing us. Why seo like quite like a sniper, your quite happily and one just like it was so much grace and so, but but that it has to. has it has that touched you or have you felt that yeah well out of a hundred percent? So let's talk about it in different stages, because I think for all of us when we're on our journeys, you no different things hit us in different ways, and I remember it was probably around the year like two thousand and twelve two thousand and thirteen two thousand and fourteen like we had this kind of like a stratospheric leap in our revenues and our profits rain. We hit like the ink five hundred list and when you you that a kind of exposes you right for the people see the revenue and then they make all these assumptions. And I just remembered this is, I think, what was most challenging for me when you talk about in current times too. I think one of the high
I things is. I know myself and right I will say this right now in your show, I love I think you know how I tell ya, you prefer. I love money, I don't love it over people. I I never loved over my values, but I love money, and I love teaching other people, especially women, to love money in it? That comes from my childhood. That comes from I'll. Tell it just a super fast story, because I think this relates to what we're talking about so, like my parents got divorced when I was about eight- and I remember the day that my parents sign the divorce papers. I was standing, kitchen, and I was watching my mom. She lost like about fifteen power. so she was standing on the phone bawling, her eyes Rachel, like you know, when you just see your ma, I, like her eyes, were bloodshed. She was shaking she was talking to her mom, who was in Florida the time and she we saying like. I have nothing, I have nothing, but she was like screaming into the phone. She hung up the phone she bent down to that,
her eyes were level with mine again I was it, but about seventy years old she took me by the shoulders rage and she shook me and she said, don't you ever ever, let em man control your money. Look at me right now. Do me stupid, like I was you make it own money. You make your own way, you be independent and successful and do not be anything like me. Ye reach up. When that you know and look when as adult and as with our adult eyes, we can see because we understand how channel it can be to raise a family. We can understand how challenging relationships can be and we can understand those kind of experiences and as a child, though, I made a promise to myself, because my dad was amazing. They weren't necessarily fighting over like infidelity. There wasn't any kind of substance addiction. It was all about money. My mom feeling like never had enough of it and have any control over it and that you
powerless- and I mean self, a promise that when I grew up that I was gonna earn so much money reach that I would know four allow money to take away love again now I was gonna hear of people that I would take care of my family that I would take and you know as a kid you talk to other kids and there was other kids that were having similar issues riders. So I just had this notion in my head that when I got to be in a doll I was gonna, take care of people and, if that met financially, I would do two, and I will tell you out of that pain, has come driving forcing me to ensure that women are financially free. That's part of what drives be school. That's why you're so frightened up about it analyze, if so crazy, that that is your work, door. This comes from four because not the same. My mom was not the same scenario nuts like different, but this
I was in I mean it was like whatever they broke up for like the sixth time in a row. Inmates school were living in a crappy apartment and with, garage sale, furniture we I remember my birthday, Prozac may twelfth birthday party in this crappy apartment with a store bought cake, unlike rickety furniture. I remember stand at this table that we got at a yard, sale and it was just remember thinking like a cassette tape of the eye. I got this that it was her attempt to exert her independence now by leaving in getting her own apartment and taking her daughter in all of these things, but it did it means a lot if you had. And the last. However, many years of your alive with him as the red winner, and didn't, have your own money and now we're drowning, because that, like my, I wrote my birthday candle wish and like it. I write this in the book, so people can send lead
to some one else about it, but I am I birthday handle wish twelve years old, so like drowning financially was, I am going to be so rich someday yeah and it was a hard so crazy that use because I didn't know that story about you. It is so crazy that both of ours came from divorce. Where our mom was struggling financially and us thinking like I'm not gonna, be like that. Yes So for me I was always it was like in heart that money was this tool for healing like that's how I had this equation kind of locked up in my head and then so to back to your original question about this whole money thing right and perception that one's peaceful started taking off and we kind of experiences Quantum Leap in our business and all of those things. I just remember some people going like she's in this for the money and I got
I remember, like my ruffles got, that my feathers got ruffled and I just thought is often like. Oh my gosh, I give people lifetime access to be school. I have a refund on all of my programs like it is so important for me that people feel safe when they do so Training program or invest with me like it just got me ah me even more fired up to be really honest with you Rachel to make it even more successful, and I made myself a promise that I wasn't. I can listen to those voices like I know who I am I wouldn't be around for twenty years and business. If I was The business of taking advantage of people and generosity is one of my biggest values its. Why we do so much fun tropic work with our company, because I am constantly trying to use whatever resources we have like our platform, financial resources, my boys, whatever we can do to continue to extend opportunities, especially to women who d have them. You know, there's this great saying rage. I think you might like this. One talent is universal
the opportunity is not and it's a dry the force of what we do is. Why would you for scholarship? It's what you know what I mean it. I we do everything but to your point, the whole lake no money thing and I hears the truth for me, I'm not Big into flexing public play when it comes to my cache. Yes, I just like having what I call you know. A few money, yes die river. You tell me about the first. I would like. Everyone may need some f. You money and I was like this wise, my queen. I now we're sure by her alter here's. What I mean by that oh, so that no one can tell you, you have to do acts wire z have to pay this way you need to show up here or that you have to endure just crap
treatment Yom other or for people to make you feel beholden to them. Unlike yeah and business, we ve is conversation, apps vendors. Everyone feel like they have you against the wall, unlike nope, that's what great resource do and so with be squall, here's my proudest moment without rage, I was, and am I was in a grocery store and allay animal since they are got my hair and a bodyguard leg, you know my take out to go little food or whatever and somewhat, smell Israelis. Are you may further, as I guess and she's like? Oh, my goodness, like, I tell you, a story is like a baby scholar. She goes years ago. I was to be homeless- and I sold my couch to do your programme because I knew in my heart. It was a path for me where to get myself care. If she goes I am a single mom and have a multiple six figure business? Thank to you. I can take care of myself and my daughter and I wanted to let you know that, and I was like an that's. Why I do what I do as much as I love money. It's like,
other women free is I what drives me absolutely I see I love. I love this idea. I ice this me the other day that sad You know that's not everyone's gonna track with this, but I know you're gonna get what I'm saying it was like you. If you are actually wealthy, you dont poster picture of yourself in the private plain. That's right, you know what I like them. I like I'm gonna get crap like so many of you will we now I mean. Can we stop with the private? Let come calm down, calm down, you guys, so you I just have to say this like is there not a global perspective, yeah here's the thing like I've. Attention a lot too, like the massive and growing inequality and here's the thing both things can be true. There is enough for everyone right there's more than enough to go round. I believe that in my heart- and I also believe If that we need to work intentionally to take care of people like the fact that almost a billion people don't have access to
clean water every day, shame on us back that we spent fifty nine. billion dollars a year as a global society. Again, I'm raising my hand I'm in this. Fifty billion dollars a year on ice cream, while it would take twenty eight billion a year provide education sanity. And health care to every human being is raise a year. and so part of what I think this thing is is like here's what we know from the research when women are financially empowered. Every one wind sat here because we Ninety per cent more likely to reinvest in their community. So when we get money in the hands of women, what do they do? They invested in their family in their communities, economies get stronger. The world get stronger, so it rather than flaxen about a private play, Edie I can we take those resources and say: hey, can we use? damn enjoy our own abundance. That is a beautiful thing, but can we also spread
that abundance and lift other people up. So this is it. This is an interesting thought to someone. Someone said this to me last year. I was like saying that such a good idea, because I guarantee you that there are women listening to this right now and I have a massive entrepreneur audience who listens and but still guarantee their women. Listening to this right now, who are very uncomfortable by the conversation that we're having an I was talking to a friend a bow. I had. We had reached a place financially. That was more frankly than had ever fathoms. We could do as a company and I was having this instinct of like take my foot off the gas because I was honestly uncomfortable like I was yet twelve year old girl birthday candle, which I want to be rich, but that was about security and I'm yep, I'm good like forever, right and yo. I was talking to a friend or this is why the people use around herself with her so important, but someone
further along as an entrepreneur in and philanthropist- and I said you know- I I feel I know I'm I'm fellow weird like it seems odd to keep pushing when were already doing so well and he said Rachel a man June that there's a dollar on the table, and there's all these entrepreneurs in the world and any of us can get that dollar. and if you get the dollar, you know what you're going to do with it. You know that you're gonna create jobs. You know that you're gonna give back. You know you that you have these plans in these visions that help community grow things help your family, all of that right but you don't know what someone else is going to do with the dollar so there, Is some like, if you have the ability, there's some? beautiful about what you can do, because it was while I love it, you talked about how you guys give back like we, we have ten per then, of company profits to charity. Yes, We don't talk about it because again, this is not about getting the marketing or the pr for this, but it was
something that we felt on. Our hearts was right to do so. Yeah, that's what I get to do with my wife. So. I guess it's like if your listening to this in its making, you feel uncomfortable you have to ask yourself, is that cause, you don't understand, what's possible or because you have decided that their scarcity surrounding money and if we have it, you can't do not. Does that scarcity? The money thing like does that pop up in your community? Ever? Oh of course, I think it's true for me, to us. I think there is the scarcity myth that there's just not enough to go around when it comes to financial resources money, but also when it comes to opportunity, Like someone get ahead. She might like that's it. Rachel's corner market, because there are no more success for anyone else. It's like that. All of it is rooted in the scheme not enough next year and that seem now enough ness permit it's our soul and makes us think we are not enough, so
scarcity as a force of nature. I believe is one of the most destructive. There is no everyone listening doesn't have to have the same financial calls. I always like to talk to folks. I work with and say: hey bigger dreams are This better dreams lay up each of us, our unique in our desires, and we honour and respect that uniqueness, but I think the more of us who have big hearts, who want a difference beyond just our own bottom line that we want to see positive change in the world where we see more peace and more dignity and more harmony and more people being lifted up. I want to see those people have. Wrong financial lives, whatever that looks like to them at such a guy.
Oh sorry, I keep John John. You know that this exciting it looks like we're having a really rich contrary to go for. I was just going to say I love that reminder. My two very best friends are, they are just absolute, and this is why were best friends there absolutely so different from me when it comes to being an entrepreneur and making money like they. They told me literally. Our goal is to make exactly enough money. We can spend the most time together possible and that's the goal they live the most beautiful life and they are the honest people, I know, and they are so freakin happy and they. They're, so supportive, like there, the grace hypes whatever but they're like girl, you you're crazy, like what an end there so end, but they are on their doing their own thing and I'm doing and we like just respect the hell out of each other and love and an hour in community. But my gosh are we different and it
all kinds of kinds right leg- you do not have to have our attitude towards money. You do not have to have our attitudes towards growth. My ask is that at we, as a society, a community, a sisterhood, because we knew no half a million women. Listening to this right now that, even for women is a lie. you it does it make her wrong. And because, by the way, it's not men who I don't know about you, but it's not men on the internet, who are attacking me ever know yet, times are not actually, I would say for me, there's a there is definitely a little handful. We you know we have some I am, of course some deeds. Some! we're, like body idea, the idea that nobody come on. You must be made, but I agree that the the larger parson portion can candy women. So I like, where you're going with us
hey aren't next, women's conference is only a few weeks away and if you have never attended before this is the events that will change your life rise is a three day: women's personal development conference, where we laugh until we pay our pans and we talked about how things are we cry and we find community and we create the road map to changing our lives or businesses or whatever it is that you're working on? If you want to find out more your curious, what it's all about, I highly recommend you go check out the instagram and see what our community says. You can hear it straight from them. It's at. Let's rise dot, co and, if you're looking for the next one, it's happening in Toronto. On March this through the seventh that's Toronto March, there, through the seventh check out all the details at the Hollis cold dot com. If you have been looking for a nudge, if you have been looking for something to kick start change, I promise this is the thing. Let's have met the book
What now tell me if I'm wrong, but did this book come out of a keynote It didn't come over speech like tell me that, like what's the impetus, YAP impetus, so this notion this for ass. If this idea everything is figure out of all, I learned it as a child, and I've been talking about it and teaching about it for the past two decades, but you are absolutely correct. So back in twenty fifty. I was at an event with the folks from own Oprah when for network and that then co, president of the network, a woman whom sherry saliva she's like Amory. She liked you happen to be free. On April. Ninth, twenty! Sixteen! I was like, of course, I'll be free, no matter what, if I'm not really will be free, and she said oh Greek has. I were having this thing called the Super soul session, where o person biting like nine other speakers, including herself, to give like a TED star I'll talk that an open textile talk in California
Do you want to be one of those people and Rachel? I practically started like jumping up and down, and now you know Damien Jack Cartwheels, whereby there I call political I haven't. That's one thing have no ability to act like I don't really use coal person, I only with arrested. I have no poker face whatsoever, so I said yes, of course, the next thing you must decide is: what is your talk going to be about and I had been approved, by publishers. For years I had an agent who is just like I'm a girl, like everybody wants a book from you and I would like, but I do want to write a book like I've got all these other things that I'm focused on right now and anyway, the idea came to me. I think this talk needs to be. Everything is figure out of all, and I think this is my. Kind of not p british that's kind of the wrong word, but it was my oh my potential to roll out there. idea and a public setting and to feel both from the inside and externally. If this is what I wanted the entire book to be about, so I did that talk, and it was all
It was, of course, absolutely got wrenching like. I cannot even tell you how bad I tortured myself in how nervous I was like thinking about who is listening to me in the audience. That's just a total forget about it, but anyway, once I did that tacos like yes, this is the book and then that was the launching of the writing of it and how long columned about take you from that moment said here yeah, so this was given in twenty. Sixteen, I sold the book, meaning you know, had my proposal and went around and did all the meetings with the publishers in twenty seventeen and we had always slated for fall of twenty nineteen for release. I just wondered like a really long runway and so yeah, so it kind of took. I didn't start writing the book like actually sitting down and typing it until the like a leaf all of US winter of EV. I think twice seventeen or twenty years? Twenty? Seventy answer took me a little over a year to get everything together and then turn it in winter of laughter, what are you I mean. I know there's so much
formation and all the things that we pass all the knowledge that we have, but as fucking about this launch. What are the thing that you are most excited like man, if, if the readers can get this like, if they can latch on to have these two or three things. This is a game. Changer will, I think, the phrase in and of itself that ever thing is figure audible, which is a pretty bold statement right to say every allays everything figure audible and I think if they can accept that, but I wanna unpack it a little bit because for anyone listening who might be cynical or skeptical. First of all, I say: welcome to the party ASA I'd, look that you are here and actually when I first started writing the buck Rachel. I was out to branch with a friend who has an eight year old son, and we are talking about legal projects for working on and and her son was like. Oh, what your book about said into the title, yeah nice at everything, is figure Annabelle and quickly. He crossed his arms and he's like no, it's not as I could visit us I like tell me more and he said: well, I can't
oh human working wings out of my back and I was like well, that's cool as of now, but have you researched a thing called crisper and you do in fact know that we humans can fly and he was like man right then he's like well, I can get my childhood dog back from the dead and I was like well, that's it Europe. As of now I said, but scientists are working on. Cryogenics and people have closed their dog news like move she kind of right and that inspired me to create some rules around this notion, because for anyone whose Lake data thinking in their head right now know everything's, not figure audible, this will help you give yourself a meant container so that you can use the notion to do what it is intended to do, which is to awaken urinate wisdom so that you can achieve any goal solve any problem and contribute. in fleet others. So here's the three rules you ready for him. I'm ready rule number one all problem or dreams- are figure audible. Rule number two. If a problem
Not figure. Audible is not a problem. It's a fact of life like dash gravity, laws of nature, YAP ruler for three, you may not care enough to solve this particular problem or reach particular dream and that's: ok, fine, something you do deeply about and go back to rule number one so that little rules that real. Helps us today in the zone right and not go to fantastical things and then also more thing reach all before continuing to dig into your question, which is a perfect one. You know a lot people, often even friends, of mine, right there like now. This isn't figure out a bullock. What about the really tough stuff like a terminal? Diagnosis, unity, mean or death, or loss or grief? And I was like I'm so happy he brought up because after it the Oprah talk. What happened rage is we started to get letters in the mail and I want to tell quick story about a woman named Jen who wrote to us so John said I loved her
talk, it was amazing. I listen to it again with my mom. It's something that she had been trying to teach me my whole life and she's my best friend, but then Marie some they happened, everything changed. She was dying, notes with pancreatic cancer and all of a sudden, nothing figure out of all, but then she said she took a step back and she looked more deeply at what was happening and it turns out it was, for example, she was able to get near in care to her mom who lived in a rural area. She was able to find foods that she could actually tolerate, and most important, she was able to get medical equipment which allow her mom to spend her last days
and in fact, her last five weeks exactly where she wanted to be, which is in her own house and so Gent wrote. Thank you so much for sharing that phrase, because I can say without any hesitation that everything is indeed figure audible and you made a huge difference to two women on the other side of the world, but the awesome so this notion, you're saying what do I hope like. What's like the one or two things that people get besides just opting that idea. I think it's about really in raising the truth that they are born creator and that they have in the wisdom, that's already inside of them that allow allows them to create change both in their own lives and in the lives of people around them. How has this I wondered. What two things one is: how could you and then I want to talk about the people that you have affected with your work. How has this practice affected the business that you ve built
because I want listeners to understand. If you are familiar with Marie Maria, quietly like running the world like why you were like people don't track with when you're like? Oh fifty, five thousand people like fifty five thousand students twenty years in business that you are you quietly like destroying those of us who know you are like what the actual hell is going on with more You know you are like what the actual hell, is going on with Marie cause she's just you know, destroying it. Yet again, oh another launch the Meda. Gillian dollars, and if you like So how has that? How is this practice is? It's a moose there's been a part of you as an entrepreneur at or Galileo, Let's talk about that. So because I hate this phrase came from my mom and I tell that story in the book or at the end of the Overtalk, but it's it was
embedded into my dna from my family novice- doesn't mean like believing that everything is figure. Audible doesn't make your life easy, and it doesn't mean that you don't fall on your face and hit walls and cry in the corner and do you know just have not coming onto your knows. That does not does not mean any of those things I that is me on a regular basis, but it means I keep getting back up so when I started my business at twenty three and I was so in secure. I like the ones I to my head was like who do you think you are like this coaching thing? How weird you haven't even lived a life yet you're like tens of thousands of dollars and debt. Who do you think you are that you have anything to offer the world. You know just kind of the litany of just self destruct happening in my mind, but the other side of my heart felt like this was my calling. Even though it didn't make a logical sense and then figure
now how to start a digital business back in the late nineties, like I started doing email marketing in the year two thousand right, so I was bar tending in waiting tables to keep a roof over my head. While I was trying to figure out how to have a coaching business during the day and Rachel, I would bring a yellow legal pad to. The bar that I worked out and when People would inevitably be leg. So what else do you do like our you, an actress and nothing against actresses by the way? I'm a you know, my man is an actor, unlike no I'm actually a coat, and then I would go into this whole thing and I would say I publishes weekly newsletter by the way I want to hear cheesy title. It was called, logical moment effect that bad Oglethorpe TAT was the name of my email, new letter back in the debate, and I would sign people up to my less so to your question I have used this philosophy this month. this conviction at every single stage of my career- and I still use it to this day
like still to figure out stuff that we have cause here's the thing, and you know this better than anyone Rachel in order grow your brand, your business, your life, your relationships, whatever nine nine percent of what you have to do to grow is stuff that you probably never done before, but you have no context for it. So far at your comfort zone, you are filled potentially with fear or a blend of fear and excitement and anxiety in a whole cocktail mix of it isn't so this notion that everything is figure audible allows you to step into the unknown to the groundless nature of growth with and I'd sense of secure. That somehow you'll figure it out, how has this, like you ve, helps. many students over the years and the intention here. Helping them with goals in dreams in their life and all of it. But I know that you ve helped so many people building scale their businesses.
So how has that practice? We talked about how helps you, but how has that shone out for your students? Yes, so I think when it comes to be school, that Is it interesting? It's almost like a Trojan horse, because we talk a lot about sales and marketing and how to do it. Ethically and honestly, and in a way, that's really aligned with your personality and your values and your desire to make a difference beyond yourself. So when business owners really adopt those vow use and then their able to put them into practice in a practical way Rachel. They watched their businesses increase like They have the right market, meaning there like. Ok, you know I serving people that I really care about and that I really want to serve and they have a great product or service that actually solves the problem. More meets the need when those things a line and they activate the strategies that we teach them It's usually a matter of time, so I got
message the other day we have a thing in our company, which is called letters from the community, and so every week our team kind of surfaces, notes or ino about messages on social or whatever. It is that we feel kind of gives us a pulse on what's happening and this actually just in a couple days it up. There is a note from abuse. Miller who join like? I don't know back and twenty twelve and her goal? all was to have a million dollar business and she no business reform by the way she fell in business. Coaching rage is not a business consult and I think it's. in Caroline, if I'm not mistaken, yeah memory serves rates, askin, Caroline and Is that all that, as I just called the billion could say, I would argue- and so she's been
That was so. You asked a question like what is it that they learn? They learned a lot of the ideas that we teach in the book, but everything I teach in the book it's almost baked into be schools were practising it through our sales and marketing, but the philosophy is there. So, for example, progress, not perfection progress, not perfection, that's something! I try and drill into people because you know, you probably know this anyone listening, they are tractor to you and your brand and your show, because and radically talented at what you do and you provide so much value and you're. Someone who I would imagine and correct me if I'm wrong you ve got pretty high state yeah right- you, yes, just like. I do like recognise that you and, I think the downside for anyone. Listening who shares that same value is we can deepen perfectionism, which can slow us down
are there, so many negative aspects to it and you can like hold back you can now. I can't do this is not right yet and you just slow yourself down and you get into that analysis, paralysis where it's just never good enough, and so one of the things we practise collector Lee together and be school. Is progress, not perfection, progress on perfection? I costly try and tell stories about the fact that you know it beautiful now, ten years old right, we ve been doing this for a decade, but it and start out looking, are feeling the way it did now. Just like your best rage right when I started out, it was not where you are people say Rachel Horselike, oh, my gosh is this phenomenon, but if they really pay attention. You had real humble beginnings in your brain. Did not look the way did so if you didn't practice progress now perfection which you did obviously, because our here you would have never got into this superstar level hundred percent. While I do think there something to Vienna because If somebody entrepreneurs in the audience- and I want you to understand- this- is not
is not an ad. This is not be school has been around for ever and it is like, I know so. Many people Amy, isn't it friend, of both of ours, like can not rave enough about the programme, and I do think there's something like we have to say if you're listening this- and you are an entrepreneur- and you ve been looking for the thing- this is not what this is about, but will you tell them where they could go to find out more about peaceful, oh yeah you just gotTa Marie, formerly obese golden com, it's not open right. Now, we're not selling it right. Now we only opened the doors once a year which is on that happens in like February every single year. That's where you can learn more, the programme, or you can always just right to our team and will tell you whatever you need to know that has no heart, so yeah yeah it's there there's free stuff, we open a whoever wants, come come in who ever doesn't know, worries we love you and that's how Gus? That's also. I think that, though, that's a good piece of advice there for those of you who are like looking at twenty twenty and you're like man. This is the Arctic, the business to the next level, fucking up
that now and budgeting for that now, so that you can start their strong, it's a really powerful tool, and no so many people who have skilled because of it. So not the point but worth saying Thank you. Are you? How are you like how to quite honestly exists for this? Your first book, or am I making that it knows my son so when I wrote my first, the wine lakes soul ago, like well over a decade ago, and I will tell you rage, I was so kind of not scarred, but I was like not enthused by that experience. You know I was like, I know my audience and they change my subtitle. They change like the cover art I wanted preside. Originally it was first in a book and again we're going back to like two thousand and three. This is when ebooks were like mine, blowing use and let that about such and then I self published it s like a regular paper back and then I sold it to Mcgraw Hill and so that first book, as unlike sixty languages, but I got so honestly- I got sauce up in doing all the things we ve been doing and having so much fun with Marie?
tv, and we have something called the copy and be school and, like all the stuff that I didn't really want to a friend. His name is Toby he's the ceo of shop. If I was like writing in a restaurant here in New York City- and obviously I told you this during a friend. His name is Toby he's the ceo of Shopify. I was like writing in a restaurant here in New York City and honestly I told you this during text you I was like pulling my hair out trying to get it done. I was like not an easy process for me and Toby. Why are you writing a book Marie's like businesses going crazy he's like that's a big project to take on, and I told him this rate I said, look if I were you get out of this restaurant and get hit by a bus. This idea is, though, one thing I would want to leave behind. I think beyond everything else,. have created. If I can do a good job communicating this, then I feel like can really really help folks and so yeah. That's why that's why I was talking to one, my friends about this, the other day that he
everybody wants him to write a book and he's not really sure- and I said man a hundred years from now, a hundred years from now, someone can pick up that book. Some kid can pick up your book like that's your legacy. These are the words that we leave behind. These are the these the stories in the tools and, frankly, I feel, like you know, God willing and Creek dont rise like this book's going to be insane is going to be New York Times, bestseller everyone's buying it. You got to get it immediately. If you have listened this far and you're not dying over Marie and her wisdom like stop what you're doing, go grab the book, but even if this is what I might do, even if five people were profoundly changed, by that knowledge and that it gets to live in perpetuity for the rest of time. Your work is out there in the world. That is a gift that
so many people do not have will never know because they don't have the courage to try. Yes, yes, and look in a hundred years? Unless something really wild happens. We are gonna, be powder over oh god, I always go like. I say that whenever I think about who should I say yes to this, I'm, like you, know one hundred years powder, yeah yeah, exactly right, man, God, I'm so excited for you. I'm so excited about this book. I'm excited about the cover cause, it's beautiful. I know the debts of vapid thing to say, but my goodness, You're killing ya know really listen. I care about. I think that, especially when it comes to being the kid and learning things I think it's nice to have packages that we enjoy. Looking at me. I really do. I think it makes a difference if there's something that feels good and I think, that's part of great design. You know this because of such great design. If something fee-
it is good and it creates that energy. That's inviting you're like oh what this move towards it opens your hearted opened your mind, so I dont think its rapid. I think it matters while the book is available today, you can get anywhere books or salt and all the things that you record the audio book do it I did at the best that is absolute like if you- and I know a lot of you if you're podcast listeners, the audio book with Marie Spitting- far telling you all the things that you need to do in your life. You guys magazine to go grab it They are not already following you what social platform as your favorite, and where can I find you instead Marie formerly out is the place to be, and we have just hundreds of Fun Marie Tb Episodes over Marie Folio Dotcom. Thank you, sir.
how much for hanging out for talking about all the info for getting deep with me for sidebarring with me, and I am going to send you a picture of a leather pencil skirt right now that you need, in your life as I wonder if someone I haven't might list, adore you, and I can't wait to see you in person actually very soon. After all, my yes. Ladies and gentlemen, did I mentioned, I have about coming out. Here's a thing. It's called get out of your own way. Sceptics guide to growth and fulfilment, and we're have written this window of windows. I am super excited about having written a book for both men and women about Twenty lies that I once believed that were keeping me in my own way. I have written this The perspective of someone that is totally differ. from Rachel Hollis, even if the format is somewhat similar to grow wash your face, I wrote it from the respect for someone who's been skeptical of tools like this book or even the park.
you're, listening to you for ever and ever its through that lends that I'm talking about the ways that I was getting in my own way and I think in covering the truth. Behind those lies, not only, Help me get out of my own way. It help you get out of Europe's there two ways I want to say. Thank you for preparing this book I've created in the course of course, yes and a course, a sixty minutes each course called finding your. Why it's a faint stick resource, it's available, absolutely for right now for having pure the book and go to get out of your own way. The book that calm right now and follow the problems. Not only we get equal ass. You can hear the first thirty minutes of the book. And get out of your way comes out March. Tenth, I'm super super excited about it, get out of your own way. The book dot com hit that link follow the problems, and I appreciate your support.