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130: How to Stop Caring What Others Think with Ben Horowitz


Today Rachel sits down and geeks out with entrepreneur and venture capitalist Ben Horowitz to talk about tuning out the advice of others in the fearless pursuit of your own personal truth. They also give some really good advice on leadership, including the example of Wartime General vs Peacetime General, and leading a team that's zagging when everyone else in the field is still zigging. You're NOT gonna want to miss this one!

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The presenting sponsor of rice is zip procurator zipper creator the smartest way to hire guys Rachel hollis- and I'm here is my friend, Trent Shelton was originally I live in the dream, man, we? U tell listeners, why we're hanging out together right now now, because we are launching a new package straight up and I'm super except that the seller add, if you guys, are not already familiar Trent. He has millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for a very unique style of coaching yeah. Varying rates of the point is realistic and put a stray from the hardened break it.
Negative mindsets breakin through of withholding you back in Mostar. We haven't people's lives down for love that so, if you guys want here more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Detroit. Let's go get it. But it's anyway, like you, ve done all the work. He thought it through. You really understand the customers. Psychology, you understand with competition is doing and you ve come to some conclusion, That is different and when everybody else, but that's actually the best thing you can do You have to go with those ideas, rear not much. Foreigner were like part. Patients would be the worst for those in the world because they care when everybody else thinks you know, and I think as much granary really can care. What people think, because they're going on conventional wisdom, they're going on very surface information and fee
Entrepreneur has been contrary day have to be the ones to come up with a breakthrough the brakes. Thinking a crass through all that convention. I Rachel Hollis and I've built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma and the free information I found on the internet in the fifteen years that I've been building and scaling my company, I have become deeply passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to do the same so each week I'll be sharing Hannibal and tactical advice and inspiring interviews with the same intention bees. The tools to change your life and your business. This is the right path. Asked I'm freaking out today guys
I have dreamed of having this podcast guess on for ever and ever and I've never like prepped so hard for anything in my life, which is hilarious of Ben, people who are not a super nerd like me, who, maybe you don't know who you are or will you give us a little bit back story on what you do, what you're all about all that jazz. Sure sure so I started my career as an engineer that became an entrepreneur harry challenging time is an entrepreneur, but it ended. Ok, I wrote a book, the whole thing about her things and then I started a venture capital firm, called Andreasen, Horwitz in two thousand and nine, and that event capital is basically in staying in new businesses and in exchange for equity rather than death helping entrepreneurs bill company. So that's what I've been doing. Erica
I'm I dont even really remember how I first heard a bow, the hard thing about hard things, but I think that I discovered it pretty quickly after it had come out and I have to tell you what a massive big deal that book was in my life as an entrepreneur, because when you are running and scaling a business, I think in partition as a woman I didn't feel like there are a lot of resources or places that I could look for. People who understood how hard at work and I remember, reading that book like it was the Bible, like I know, it may be sound filet. But for me it was the first time that I understood that it is hard for everybody, because if you are. Making this up as you go along and I didn't go to. I don't even go to college, like I really knew how to grow, and I knew how to make money and I knew how to build a community, but I didn't have any other entrepreneur
as in my life, and I I just have to acknowledge what a gift that book was for me I am not going to get emotional and cry on this podcast, but please no, sure you hear it all the time, but please no like how freaking helpful that was at that time in my life. So thank you yeah. That's does really greatly here. Because there's a big reason. I wrote that book was when I was going to ask. I can remember seeing other entrepreneurs, and we were in the Bell days of car crash now it ask of you, not a hazard cause your company going. There would be like. Oh, it's amazing, it's the greatest experience of my life, and then I would just think myself. I must be an idiot because my company is almost done. But then you know as high a kind of
further first, while they all went bankrupt, they were lying to me at the time, but then, as it became a venture, capitalist and I'd be with entrepreneurs, everybody kind of feels you're feeling or what you fell and yet when he talks about anybody types well, why you feel that way and in how it goes and how to deal with it. So that was so. I appreciate you saying that, because this big Resign wrote it, I have had their blessing in a last birthday. Eighteen months to have more. Men tourists come around me sort of like one need men towards most when, when your early in starting outlines, you prove yourself. I feel like that's when people like I'll. Let me hold your hand now that you know necessarily need anymore, but one the things that a mental money you don't exactly right
The things in a mentor told me in the last year that is really resonated with me and sort of reminds me of your book. As he said in a rage, a leader never has to good days in a row that he had just sort of. Is life that you could be at the highest high and then another part of your business will experience the lowest slow. That kind of this is this is what it is to do this work, so one of the things it's in that book that I love so much was the war time general in the peacetime general you talk about that a little bit for listeners to explain what that, as it may be, give them some perspective on if they're inside of that world right now, Sure yeah and was constitute it's funny because I read you move. I was like you do, have a lot of mentors early on red can vary management, Bergen, banishment, books are really concerned Books are really consistent and telling you you know
you should delegate, don't be a micro manager, be you know power, your people are these kinds of things. They were somebody in front of other people of weapon and they're all reasonably good ideas. But it was always struck these weird. That kind of that too, Entrepreneur kind of leaders that I looked up to most Steve Jobs and Andy Grove had a lot of famous incidents that were the opposite of that. We're, like Steve Jobs, is always yelling at people in public funny you famous incident with any grove, were somebody came in late to beat. It and he says it in front of everybody- you know you're wasting. Do you know? The only thing I have in this life is time and you're wasting it and said: I'm like okay. Well, that's like not. But I read about it and how these two so successful, given that it really comes down to.
This idea of where time in peace time and in peace time is united, I'd say it's kind of Google Eric Schmidt was very kind of peacetime, company, where they were trying to create lots of new ideas and power people to innovate. These kinds of things cuz, I'm a lot of rope and and and that all is good. If you have a monopoly position- and you are very strong position- and you don't have kind of a burning petitioner or some massive threat coming at you at the time? But if you're fighting for survival. You end up in a different mode, and you know if you know the history of apple and an italian others does to fight for survival a lot of the time weird speed and accuracy of decision making can of overrides all those other things that you'd like to have as manager and that kind of is wartime, so yeah care then,
really little details and you want to be involved in decisions and knowing that delegating thou. The way you need to review it and you know, and you need to train people on the battlefield, if they're doing something, that's gonna cause difficulty Unita reset there thinking I resent the culture. I guess you me sacrifice them for the good of the whole, confusion, kind of way. So the other, their their different different modes, peacetime worker yeah. I think how that was helpful. For me at the time that I was reading, it was because I am someone who I read every saint like I am the queen of any book on business or self upper. I am always trying to become a better leader, and I My few, you read the suffering you're like. Oh, I do yes I want to create that, and I want to be this kind of person, but when
You have over ordered on your inventory when you're not making your numbers when competition jumps up. All of the sudden, the business that you were getting is going to someone else. Suddenly creating this sort of beautiful. You know culture right like it. It's it changes and it has to change because if you don't need in a different way, there won't be a business to lead nine months from now tell YO viable as job what exactly ass? No highly highly recommend that book for anybody who feels like that into a hard season or just wants to get some perspective on what it looks like at a bigger level, because I think for me, as a small business owner reading about such a massive company having similar struggles, and maybe that sounds idiotic, but it just I thought-
it's all me because I don't know what I'm doing and I'm getting this completely wrong and the reality, as I think all of us stumble on the way to creating something. Great so I love that book and I just if you're signing and you're in a hard season. Freaking go get it there, new book, I okay, so let me just nerd out again, I feel like I'm having such a hard core fan girl moment with you, which I may be doesn't happen all the time but when I heard they got a new book coming out was so excited, and I told my team I was like, I know who the publishers please find out. Maybe they will get me advance copy and yea. It was Harper, which is also my publisher, so that is a great Thou works out and I'm I'm such a book, nerd I was nervous to open it because I loved the the last one so much that I was afraid like what, if this up
just frankly, too, I am I mad. I like what I was so pleasantly surprised as I read it in a day, I was turning out so hard partially, because I'm also huge history nerd so finding a way to talk about business through the lens of history. I was like this is my love language. Will you tell me there's about the new book and what the impetus was for writing that one Sure is that this is a book about culture. How are you how'd, you move. It is aware, like two phrases, because you re not really said and you don't really dictated even ass, a leader, you kind of influence it in moving shape it anyway. The thing for me as ceo that I struggled with the most. I can remember a kind of starting out. You know, and I asked the advice of kind of They kind of really good old time see as any all referred.
The culture, they would say things like well, you know pay attention to the culture ban be like okay. Me nobody ever had answer for that in the kind of that I read on, it were really narrow in terms of, you know weird, like very small experiments that had run an organizational psychology and things like tat. And so it was a question that always bothered me and something that I never felt like. I did a great job of as ceo, so I really wanted to to get to this question and again it's a very good because culture is, you know, all these things that really dictate what it's like to work at your company and how your company performs but aren't in any of the management techniques. It's not a Kpi or an okr or a mission statement, or any of these things that you can learn how to do and read about it. You did to somebody as our phone call
Septa meeting on time, or they today optimize a business relationship for the price of a partnership like how do behave well, you're, not working, and you know it just with such a and being such an important question, because there is nothing kind of in the conventional way tat, you can do it even the convention off it you get on culture is all wrong. People was say, oh last item, you decide on your values and then you put your guys in a book and then you, tell people even reviewing their performance review. But why have you not even got that phone call return? It answer, that's how it works, and so I really wanted to kind of get into that and turned it turns out, because it such a complex systems problem. You really have to get. I would say that a start. You have to understand the whole thing to understand anything in which made the book,
can a complex in front room at suggests. I'm probably best quote you here, but because I left my copy at home like a loser cause. It's all day geared and written in, but there is a line that really struck me. It was something to the extent of culture is what happened and when you are not around its what your team does when you are not there to tell them what to do with that accurate near the bathroom and we'll get out going to say, and if listener are at because I feel that this is such a buzzword right now, everybody's happy about culture and has been for the last few years. But if you're listening, this year, like, oh, my gosh, I don T know I own a coffee house or IONA account. From whatever, and I have zero control over what our team does or what the culture because I have we have- is a mess. Where do they even start Yes, that's interesting and I think a great starting point is comes from the way the samurai, which
You have to start at the definition, which is a culture, is not a set of beliefs. It's a set of actions where the title the boy comes from, like it's, not what you believe. It's not what you say. It's up the basic put on one side: you tweet it's what you do that's who you are as a company in a culture and. How do you get people to do? What you need to do is even be with you. You know who you wanna be, and you know it turns out to be subtle. Simple I give you kind of one For example, we have somewhere, where, like relatively small, like a lot of your listeners than that in the first, maybe a hundred eighty people, and does a venture capital firm like one of the things, because we serve where in service of entrepreneur is that's kind of the business. You want every employee to treat.
Shipowners in that process in that struggle that difficulty that you ve been through without must respect and in whatever you're doing. Well, I poorly you at least have to appreciate how Hartman's We really wanted, then the culture, but that's it. The real challenge in venture capital, because the behavioral dynamic that drives the way people Ashley behaviors we have one- why'd, you have to come to us to get the money, and then we can tell you whether you got it, and so what that does the people psychology is, it makes them. You don't think there The big person and the is the little present. So we really had it over correct to get paid back to where we wanted them to be? One of things we put in place in the culture is if you're late, for a meeting with you
You are fined ten dollars a minute, and so with that does is ok. You had to go to the bathroom, no problem. Fifty dollars, you had a really important folk. Are you wrong? No problem hundred allies and people in company bigger? Well, why am I paint work here That's not fair, like you should be paying me, I'm working our thing. I have to go back and I in asked the question that I wanted, because the question is what drives the behaviour, because I say: look Thank you really understand how hard it is to build a because if you did, you won't be wasting people's time. You plan going to about him. He was a plan that phone calling you can do it because, like that's because you are getting very today, I don't think you'd be like five minutes late to the articles he you have to better. I think you would already got after all accept yeah. I know you could do and that kind of
purgatives. Every time you go to meeting you go team. Why am I planning to go to the bathroom? Why do I have to figure this out? I didn't have to do this at my last job and because I know why, because it really are to build a copy of that. I guess it into people's nervous system and that these are the kind of techniques that you end up having to use to move a culture from where it is to where you need to be One of the things that I am most inspired to do in my business and in my life is encourage and empower other women to dream big to start their own thing to believe that they are
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ash? Are I s e zip, recruiter dotcom, slash rise, zipper cruder the smartest way to higher, so I just want to ask a deeper question here: cuz. I want to make sure that I'm understanding this, because this a really interesting way to approach this. I think now I'm not super familiar with VC at all. So please forgive me if I am asked the dumbest question in the world right now, but are people are, are other people investing in your firm and then that money you used to invest in companies or is it you have your own okay. So The reason I we invest also some of the ways in which some of my money some other people's money, so there reason that I ask that is, I think, there's something forgive me again if I'm incorrect here, but it sounds almost counter cultural that your businesses. Founded around serving the entrepreneurs.
Because I would guess that most people would found theses around serving the investors. Is that an accurate guess? Yes, others There is definitely an intention there, and so it's a strategy on our part, where fellas ethically. We believe that we can convince the cat was the best entrepreneurs farm work with you yeah, because, unlike real estate investing your stuff, the game or any of these other kinds of things. Everybody doesnt have access to every deal, so some firms get. Basically you notice a sports analogy, the number one traffic every single year and those actual tend to perform better. Answer your philosophy. In our view, your philosophy and well being the company answer being kind of the most important thing. Not only
for a time and finally, we want to have, but also for a kind of returns to investors, so the other people have different ideas which is like we have to ask myself, yeah. I I love it in the reason I bring it up is I'm wondering for listeners who are trying to build a culture are trying to build a business that is full of them. The the industry is digging and there are choosing to zag you're you're, doing something that's a little bit different, then maybe Other major players are doing and I obviously negroes are major player, but what trying to get at is how do you sort of stick, your flash, in the ground and do something that's different than what people are used to seeing once its proven and once you're seeing results? Will it's it's really easy for everybody to bandwagon, but when you first made that decision to have them, just be on the entrepreneurs, why
gives you the courage or the gumption to do that? Is what I'm trying to get out is if we have listeners who are trying to do something similar but feeling discourage, because they don't see any examples in there. Industry. How do you, how do you make that choice you can have on the essence of being an entrepreneur. We still young people, is. If you have a business idea, And everybody thinks it's a good idea. It's probably the wrong idea because two hours. If you have business idea in most people go like that's a dumbest thing, I ever heard you actually more likely to be on the right track, and so much about ownership is bidding on yourself in going on your ideas? And that doesn't mean you can just like whatever beginning hide, you doin movement might come up with a stupid idea. That's a good idea, but I say
if you ve done all the work he thought it through. You really understand the customer psychology you understand with competition is doing and you ve come to some conclusion. Those is different than what everybody else thought. That's actually the best thing you can do so you know? You have to go with those ideas rear, not much foreigner were you know like It's not a good like party would be the worst But there is in the world because they care when everybody else thinks you know, and I take as much foreigner you really can care about what people think, because they're going on conventional wisdom, they're going on very surface information. What is On the contrary, they have to be the ones to come up with the breakthrough. The breakthrough Entrepreneur has been contrary. They have to be the ones to come up with a breakthrough. The breakthrough, thinking a crass through all that convention? and that's when you get really be the most exciting outcomes. Absolutely
one of the things that I said this earlier, but one of the things I loved about the book was how often you use history to illustrate your points. Were you here are some of the lessons that are in the book and why inspired you to choose those leaders in particular sure sure. So why is that? is to sound overture. His revolution and the euro is an amazing story, because it's the only successful slave revolt in human history and You got me wondering Y Y know. Other successful slavery was ended, just turns out. You, culturally, Slave slavery is very dehumanizing and it's very destructive to culture, because it takes away any long term thinking which is essential confidence, sensual, building block of hay bill the strong culture because you you're on your own life for young tomorrow? and then you go home military culture.
Be very like or thinking and in it's very high trusts, because you have to be able to meet People trust you carry them out of breath, and so the story, the Haitian Revolution, is really the story of to San. Transforming slave culture into military culture, and he did it, through, like a variety of basing techniques in one of the things TAT day. I much prefer struggle with, and I talked about kind of struggling with this in the book is What do you do with ethics and people like us, people have a good precedent for I've company. Well, maybe you know but like what's really happening, that you have to realises every If you're, putting all these incentives down to, get the number to go when the deal to do this, but like what are you doing that as trying to stop people from cheating, written law, this man, a lot of kind of
entrepreneurs will just assume that people will do the right thing where they'll say: do the right thing, which is not enough. And then they get into trouble. I go online, and so you know he had this problem. You know, how do you manage that in the haitian revolution and was really interesting is approach to it, so This was a world sugar the war in haiti- and you have three european Super Paris, France, the Spanish and the British. All fighting and very mercenary were, as you would expect, because it's over sugar basically pay soldiers, the intelligent So two sets of India with his slave army. They did nothing there. After dinner guest. Their naked. Almost they barely any clause. And he puts down this rule that no pillaging and everybody's
what do you mean you? Don't don't you? I win the war you get about with the soldiers. All these kinds of accidents like no one is worth fighting their fight for sugar, refining for liberty and you The liberty, if you take Liberty way, answer. The stories are really remarkable in that You you'd, have the storage like the French go in but said the plantation on fire. They got the animals. Start everybody they still all in slave army comes through the same town, and it has now nobody's tat, no violence, nothing. They ended up, supporting the locals in Haiti and submitting to San over The european soldiers witches These are Europeans. The european locals support the slave army over the european armies. You're just shows the power of it of ethics. He didn't? I never have
really amazing things do to achieve those outcomes and to fight like a white women, electronic referred to two sat his father when he was family to them, which is You know, I think you could achieve something like this. If you read anything in pay, the news today, you go like you can't over why that level of racism with that, I beheld, but he asked did answer to. Quite amazing story but you're, one of the reasons I use these examples is its difficult for people see their own culture and I went through his lot like I was really emphasise with my personal. You need it pay attention to the new employee orientation and how that works and what it's like. Your first begun the job in your company Hell early. Nobody would listen to be on that now explained to them all the reasons. So the way I am addressing the book is through a present story and There is basically
Ngos in prison for murder Comes into jail and is first our first day in jail, he's in the wreck area and a prisoner locks up another prisoner and stabbed him in the neck and bleeds out of guys in the past they stand and throws shamefaced Adam within the trash. Can it goes to the gas period has out again It says to me when I tell you the story he said so. It asked myself. Could I do that. The nice. What do you mean? Could you do that you're home for murder? You already did there and he said none have been set what I did was I'm on the street. I'm doing a drug deal paranoid anyway. I've got a gun in my pocket. These guys One of the guys. I know that I dont know, is that supposed to be there he's not was come out with growing concern the car he's it
to me. I read and I shoot him that's what I did this guy spent weeks. Casting into leader bow into a weapon and then sides. Am I going to win this guy, or am I going to kill this guy? Will I stabbed in the stomach or stabbed in the neck, and he decides he's going to kill him and he kills them and then the tragic case of moving to China as a sandwich. Like it's nothing said I can't do that. Asked myself? Could I didn't mean to survive ensued ass, really the essence of new player adaptation, which is when somebody comes to work. If your company jack what are the values? What are these guys say there? that person dead prison, making all that money just took credit for her work for somebody else, is working better. You getting at you. I can I do that
Cosette yet to succeed in this company. That's that's the orientation, and so You know I think people can see culture more easily and things that their that aren't their culture and you wanna know likewise prison culture so violent. Well, let me get were in it that way, Aren't you said your wiser company certain way? Well, what is it like? When do people come on like what did they learn about behaviors? They think that giving somebody a kind with their corporate values is going to do anything the boys already giving somebody a companies with their corporate values, is going to do anything But every employee is already didn't other companies where the corporate guys are just hypocrisy because care you think. So, can getting it. Those type of issues you know helps me describe sort of the day.
Is there that are affected than I
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come forward? Slash rise, comfort, style and sustainability. Bees are the shoes you ve been waiting for had to rot these dot com, slash rise today, so for people who have let's eight people have even gone so far as to they ve written down their values they ve there, then oh, what they want the culture to be happy Who is it? How do you make it stick because I think you ve touched on in a couple times five times, leaders will hear a conversation like this there like ok, we're going to do it and they they figure out when they want to be, and they announced at one time at the meeting and then nobody touches it until next year's all hands meeting. So how you are or how have you seen, leaders really implement and make something truly what it is not
something that we say or something that we put on the wall surfing the web to it? Is there bump into it all the time, and there's a variety of techniques that are going through their everything. So you know, one thing is that we talked about before us, but I got shocking role, so I gave the example of ok painting dollar many fine, knock it as a shock to most people when they have to pay that any kind of is something that we are confronted with all the time. Every day. You know what things that, in from the haitian Revolution, along those lines, was too to set outlawed kind of officers having concubines and so officers having concubine it and there was just a short people, because the other armies aggressor rate? and so these guys can't even she down the wise whether you know what's going on, there is no way that is really is the rule to set a culture of trust,
did. Your word is important and That's something that they body into all the time. Every time you were jealous of the kind of other, soldiers having concubines. They had got okay. Well, like my wooden matters in this army- that's something it you bump into everyday. Another kind of technique that very effective is if there's a story gets so good got to becomes Lauren company. Then everybody knows that story, and gets it everybody's consciousness, but that they need to behave and probably the greatest example of a long. Lasting culture is d, the samurai culture she no or the way the warrior and they were found hassle, One of my favorite stories is the story of the gigantic Akashi, which is basically A genealogy so in ancient Japan, the biggest status symbol was your geology.
Basically, the scroll of all your ancestors and you know You know who your grandfather greatgrandfather himself went in your whole family tree. And there was a guy by Lord Summer who had this amazing genealogy like recorded, and it was on this scroll. Everybody knew it had a name again because you and everybody was so jealous over me. Samurai working for him, who was a very mediocre Samara, clumsy not very talented and so forth, but you really liked him, because he was a really good president very loyal and So one day words on this house catches fire and it is Burning lay a flames spreading down, there's no way this pan. The genealogies in house, the samurai says in Lord, was so sad about the genealogy in Samara, says I'm gonna get it.
And what does his near your guarantee? Did I don't want to lose you endless? It's like it's God, it's over the rainbow before I finish talking summarised in the house So after the aspirants down, they go out to look for him and sure enough, like he's burnt to face down but they notice there's a pool of blood ran his body? They can't figure wise, bleeding insulin try a lover in theirs. Slip in his stomach Andy. Reach into the sled inside his stomach. Is the king out? He caught himself open, save the scroll. You know for everybody. And that went on to be known as the bloody reality and it's a story of you can redeem yourself entirely by being loyal, that's important while he is, and you could be, Medio grew your whole career. But the legend. Do you know if you have while tinted at the grace of that kind of stories?
the culture in a way out of it I could never do because who could forget story like that, name like analogy, I'm I'm marking. As your tell him historic is I'm like who else uses these allergies, to explain why modern day business risk the results. This is right. Favorite of I'm. You know I'm curious as your speaking. It's the first summit like really clicking in for me how often your speaking through essentially like war soldiers, because even in prison, I'm thinking it's a similar like. Why is that culture? So silly, or to what it is to create a business. You know a lot of the examples are kind of strange situations and You go I clarity from because yet I tarp to go well. You know, if you do this to your people, will people work
and politics whatever, but its whatever, but like. Ok, if you don't do this in everybody's, then people die like about it here and I think that you know work that way. In that way, you know certainly the case in the haitian revolution. In summary, culture we actually got my fair returns and Sarah cultures play, a king and culture. Is you have a balanced things because they can get out of hand, Theory interpreted or one way so, for example, flax to my friend Steward Butterfield. I had this. Cultural value, which is everything and you know what he is, you need to understand somebody else's point. View before you can You need to be a pathetic, why they
The third way about something which is in appointing an accompanying right, because somebody marketing as a different view, then somebody in engineering and you need to understand what that perspective is freak. Start pushing your agenda. That was when he met, but with he did was it became sort of weapon eyes in the sense that. If somebody got a peer review from their managers they would sail? did your manager you're off culture, because you have been growing at the back, answer. That's like such corruption of the idea, but that time and culture so, if you go got the samurai want things that they did was and one of my favorite stories is there this culture, which Basically and Anna was kind for protection, because if somebody insulted you, that's a little bit of a diagnostic whether they can like steel from you kill. You do all these things. So when you never let anybody taught you under any circumstances like they taught you they're gonna die that's kind of their culture
there's a story, the sunlight familiar shoulder another presences excuse me you ever flee on your shoulder. The Samara has itself like a white guy, set off in sleep. Well, you know I'm not flakes residents of answer That's not so far went they kind of hard to tear that virtue. The guy who got virtues is passed because what you do not wish, you believe and The code of conduct that was politeness and politeness and japanese culture is a really amazing thing. Because it's much more than with what, when it is in our culture and if you ve ever been to Turkey became experience, it is quite a thing, and what it means in job He's culture in the Samara culture is it's the greatest way to show love and respect, prison you're dealing with, and so it's a complete set of rules,
for not getting your head cut off and in a sense, because if Europe, me. You will treat me like this, your belt, like this, the certainty and display itself I think that is very, very elaborate scheme But then you still have to keep valid because but if people are just lying to kind of get your good graces and they're being played, but they're really mean it, and so they have this thing that play tennis. Without veracity is empty, it's nothing, and so really kind of construct. You know it dimensions to it. They get it right, and You know- and this is something that you really have to ask you coming up with ok you're the ideas, what we won't be, but then like? How are they gonna play out when implemented. Is it will be part of that when you're trying to do ass. So
for I want to be mindful of your time and before you wrap up a minute, just ask of super selfish question, because how often do I get the opportunity to speak to you? Never once in my life and maybe this is something to the listeners can get a bit out of the high have been an entrepreneur for fifteen years. And in the last eighteen months it has exploded and skilled to a place that I didn't even know was possible and I'm the biggest dreamer on the planet, so this has been a crazy ride out in the Azores. Thank you as going into twenty twenty coming off twenty nineteen where just I can't even express to you the revenue growth that we had an laying out budgets for four twenty twenty, and how do you keep dreaming beg?
it also. Do you try and go as big as you did you try and like? I have no concept for how to set goals when you just smash the absolute crap out of what you thought you could do That makes sense so am like who ask about this then with a in question. The mistake that people most have been make in terms of candid? same goal. Too high does it have to do with budgeting? So you say: okay,. I think we can triple revenue next year. Where do you want me to do that? What happens then you you can end up starting a contest of mine. Your team, ok who's got the most ambitious spent because they all have this incentive to
and build a big organization and the thing is dangerous will really really fast. Growth ended as multiple dangerous, but. Well, the big ones is: communication breaks down another big ones, culture you're bringing in if you bring in kind of more people from another culture than you, your culture. You be really systematic about how to integrate them in otherwise, you're gonna end up with a different company and you have asked: and so those are you know the kind of attitude for that is you go? This is how much work in increased spending, and this is what I want to achieve and you ve Guy get your goal within the envelope said you know, Give him one without the other. You don't ask him how much they want to spend. You tell them how much they're gonna get to spend that process just works much better, because you want people to get to go by being, smart, not by throwing money at the problem and
so. Whenever you do, you want the incentive to not be that Romania every problem in the second case big deal sure, is for Eddie? for new endeavour. The most The thing is, I am sure you know it's like product market fit. How do you get that problem, right free markets are really grows, in four hours diet. So they take it for granted. But there are very few people in the world who can do that, and so, if you take on more than say one big new thing: that requires product market vet. Like you get you a large number of things to your current product market it, but if you're trying to go for a new product markets, it
you probably fear there may be one or two people in the entire company. Who could do that and even act like a place like Google or Facebook there still only maybe a dozen people who can do that so it is very late, Innovation capability always gonna be scarce, and so I went. The girl came we're gonna, do five things like the thing we just did, I think that's very dangerous, but she's, ok, we'll take the thing we just did work and make it into a speaker does like a more reasonable thing to do in terms of scale doing it. I feel like I just got like that I'm in a nerd about about thou, taking notes like I was in school, so much for indulging the and that question and even chew, even if it didn't help anybody lemon ago. Just let my heart explode over that answer. So thank you so much
hey I just before we wrap up. I just want to acknowledge you again. I don't know when I'm ever going to get the chance, so I hope that you get the opportunity all the time to hear from entrepreneurs who have been not just the people that you work with envy. But people like me who you might never meet, but your work has been super influential too. So I just want to take a moment to acknowledge you and thank you for the first book and thank you for this one too, because both have really been cava special. To my heart and if people are listening to this and they want to, read more and they totally do because samurai and prison and Haiti, and so will the things that you never thought you were gonna use as examples to learn about your business. Where can I find your and where can I find a book
Well, I can find a book everywhere were great lectures on Amazon Brands and avoid deeds and allow the airport bookstores Lincoln things well, and they can find me down ISA, Indeed, I am is website and stand for. Andriessen are what's a sixteen legacy that guy and thank you so much for having me on this set. This is been a lot of fun it gentleman did I mentioned, I have a book coming out. Here's the thing: it's called get out of your own way: sceptics guide to growth and fulfilment and wherein the priest cell window of windows, I am super excited about having written a book for both men and women about the twenty eyes that I once believed that were keeping me in my own way. I have written this from them. Effective of someone that is totally differ, from Rachel Hollis, even if the format is somewhat similar to grow wash your face, I wrote it from the
respect for someone who's been skeptical of tools like this book or even the pot Castro listening to for ever and ever its. Through that lands that I'm talking about the ways that I was getting in my own way and I think in uncovering the truth behind those lies. Not only did make it out of my own way to help you get out of yours. There are two ways when I say thank you for preparing this book, I have created an e course. Any course yeah in the course of sixty minutes each course called finding your- why it's a fantastic resource it's available absolutely for free right now for having pure the book, and if you, to get out of your own way: the book that calm right now and follow the problems. Not only we get Icarus. You can hear the first thirty minutes of the book
again get out of your own way comes out March. Tenth, I'm super super excited about it, get out of your own way. The book dot com hit that link follow the problems, and I appreciate your support.
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