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132: How to Build and Keep the Best Team Possible with Chris Hogan


Y'all I can't even believe the incredible conversation I get to bring to you this week - the one, the only Chris Hogan is on the podcast and he's holding NOTHING back! Chris is a business leader, entrepreneur, consultant, and world-class podcaster, and today he's offering the lowdown on building financial freedom, breaking free of scarcity mindset, and how to build an unshakable culture within your team so you can summit any challenge. If you're hiring your first employee or your 101st, you can't afford to miss this episode.

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The presenting sponsor of Rice is the Procurator zipper Carter, the smartest way to hire guys it's Rachel, Hollis and I'm here is my friend Trent Shelton was originally you. Don't I'm live in the dream? Man? We? U tell listeners why we're hanging out together were hanging out because we're launch whom I knew Parker straight up and I'm supervisor seller add if you guys are not already familiar Trent. He has millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for a very unique style of coaching yeah varying rates are. The point is really can put a stray from the hardened Brca. Do those negative months, it's broken through, of which only you back in Mostar, reopen people's lives for love that so, if you guys want here, more you're, already listening, unapplied cast platform. Go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton
right. Let's go, let's get it, and here is one of the things Rachel people last week, businesses, This will say what how do you all find such motivated people? How do you motivate your team, and I tell him no no you ve got this long. We hire motivated people and so it's not my job, to keep them motivated. My job is to keep up my people moving forward towards the goal, but you and fine motivated people its awesome they come to work ready to roll. They come to work with their mind, clear,
standing what it is you're trying to do and what it does is. It creates a culture of people that have a self employed mentality. I may too high and I felt a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma and the free information I found on the internet in the fifteen years that I've been building and scaling. My company, I have become deeply passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to do the same so each week I'll be sharing tangible and technical advice and inspiring interviews. With the same intention. These are the tools to change your life and your business. This is the rise podcast, I'm so excited to have you on the rise podcast with us today, Chris Hogan I've been waiting and dream, and for this one for quite a long time, if
if our listeners have never heard of you, if there are living under a rock, and they don't know who you are, will you give him a little about what you're up to these days, what your sort of journey is into the job that you have today sure, absolutely well moneymakers. Ok, I've been a part of Ramsay solutions, they Ramses team for fourteen years Morgan but babe. I was on the banking world. I've been dealing with money and leadership for over twenty years and so have an opportunity to have own. My own companies have gone have helped companies would turnarounds consulting. Fortune, one hundred two hundred five hundred companies, and so I just have a passion for helping people caught up in true, not only their purpose, but reaching their maximum potential, and so on I'm talking about money, I love talking about business and leadership. I love, could you people. I love help. People to raise their level of performance? So
can raise our level of impact. I you know I love this, because not a lot of people would start off by saying I love talking about money that's not a very common thing that you here and I love. I actually love this conversation, because I think that people have some really strong, preconceived notions about what Money is what money is the root of all evil? It's you know all of these things and I think both you and I feel really passionately that you know if you have a mission, but the mere and requires money. So can you talk about what Yawl sort of both even why you do so much work in the financial field and what freedom that provides too to your community girl well I mean you know. We are. We are Christians here and were christian company and, if you think, got and I was raised in our southern Baptists in Kentucky and so haven't spent time in the christian community, here's the deal
eight hundred scriptures about money and the Bible over eight hundred, what that tells us is that there is a lot of lessons to be learned and can be used in a lot of ways: money as a tool Is us an opportunity to be able to build. Some things Paris some things to be able to allow us to be able to provide not only for ourselves and our families but, more importantly rate, to be able to do things for others in all the best you could ever do with money is to give to be able to be a blessing and that's an amazing opportunity and if you think about it, in the Bible. You know you look at this good Samaritan, you know without money without reason, since the good Samaritan is just another person, had have an opportunity, it back someone's life, because he didn't have some resources than did have a plan. He was able to be about sing to someone. That was a need. So, for me, I think talking about the topic big business owners out there to understand. Not only are they serve in their customers and helping people, but that's
k for them to also win and protecting take care of themselves as well as on families. Why do you think that there is such a stigma about financial success? I know you know I'm huge fan of the Ramsay Company and have followed the offer years. So I know that you get heat about this as much as I do. Why do you feel like that, as you think it's because in a p ball. You didn't grab with money, and so there's some scarcity mentality around it or, if maybe, if you have it than I can't what have you all experience like this is like your space. So what is your oversight of that what we have experienced. All of that I mean, I think it's really easy euro from from a comparison standpoint for people that maybe don't understand or haven't taken steps? able to win yet or put themselves on the path is the you to tear down or knock down some one else that is as opposed. Get your own act together, and so
You know, I think, that's always there. The scarcely mentality that you mentioned. I'm glad you said that two mentalities out there. That scare me Rachel Scarcer Tell it scares me because that means is that people have this mindset, not enough to go around so if someone else is doing well, they're taking away from my opportunity. That's not true! You know. If you look at this we have billions of people on the planet. We got people we can serve. We just have to focus. I don't like the scarcer mentality. There's a lot of Therefore, every body people just need to get to work. The other one is victim mentality. This one is the most poisonous. Mentality is where you're thinking somewhat the standing in my way or at some else's it's on blaming someone else than I didn't do x, Y or Z. An adult that mentality scares me because it prevents us from getting better because If you're saying the reason I haven't done anything yet or I've not gotten better is because someone is holding me back or someone else
standing in my way, then you'll be limited in what you're willing to try and how hard you keep pushing is there any. Are there any tactics or advice that you could give us some one's listening to us right now and they're like they are seeing themselves their hearing themselves in your narrative? Feel like? Oh, my gosh. That's me. I absolutely look at other people. I look at other people's success. I compare myself. I really do dislike people who have had you know financial fulfillment, because it makes me think, there's less for me. What are things that you could do to change your and sat surrounding financial success was the first and foremost is learned to be an appreciate. Her like I'm excited for people that are doing well and someone else doing well doesn't mean that I can't so I am naturally excited for people that are winning that are doing things that are working hard, that are paid a price and sacrifice and are willing to. I think, have an added. Of being an appreciate her, don't someone else except success, cause you
look at inwardly in what you're not doing. I think We have to do is understand. We all have different starting points. Like when I did the research into the largest research overall millionaires. We talked over ten thousand of them across the nation and above as I was writing my book everyday millionaires, how ordinary people built extraordinary wealth and how you can too. I think number one being in appreciate. It helps us to understand what's possible and we all have, for start point. Some of us have had more advantages than others, others as well some disadvantages more than others, but we all are running the same race right. We all yet to run this race and to be able to give that effort and so being appreciate her a people that are doing well, but also being an understand or understand, that, regardless of where you come from, rigour where you were born when you went to school you have. It opportunity to win. You haven't opportunity to put yourself on the path and do well and that's what I thought as I did this research, these everyday millionaires. These were people came from less than nuthin, some of them
homeless at some point in time, but they got consistent and got Gus am willing to sacrifice? So I think if we appreciate for me both were an understanding that we can do better. We ve got opportune it is. We can change the game starting today. I love that it. So I mean we're so aligned in this belief is actually one of the things that I got the most backlash for with the success of gross your face was, I truly believe to my core that anybody can achieve anything if they are willing to work, for I really like, if you're willing to work for if you're willing to learn from your mistakes. If you keep pushing to level out like I took as there is no good reason why I should be in the place that I am today just the grace of God and hard work truly. I like fundamentally believe this to my core and road backlash:
aim for management of you'll ever get this, but of this idea of like your setting people up for disappointment, when you tell me that, because not everybody has the same resources, not everybody comes from the same socio economic background, and unlike I, I get that more than most I grew up on we patch highway. Like I get it, I had to work the three jobs like know what it is to have like? I know that so, though, that I hope man that anybody who is listening to this today and you're, really whether you both who I can remember, is it for that, whether you believe you can whether you believe you can't you write hundred percent its exact right yeah. That was, Nightingale. I was in love like this Henry Ford or like no doubt at all that the exact coop and here's the reality, I think it's important that you were too king about this, that you're talking about the says the men, the hate that you got. I get it well, but
what I want. Your your viewers in your listeners understand if you're doing something that stands for something. You're gonna get some hate right. If you're pushing against the norm in you're trying to encourage people, there the percentage of society that needs to be incarcerated. Ok, they're, crazy, Ethan. Nobody act that left, but I won't I want you to know if you're doing something, that's answers up and you're gonna get some pushed back. Here's what you can't do it! I want to talk about myself Rachel yet because remember. My first book came out retire inspired twenty sixteen! I was pump. I was excited the first Amazon Reviews, gonna come out and the I've got two hundred on better glowing, the amazing and matter that's not you know. Anyone he was John H for seventeen. I remember that when my book wasn't worthy, toilet reading man. I looked at the scream, I start
the coma buddy that works and the FBI the as yet is how air his it's about me but I realized see that's our human nature can have two hundred positive things, but we Actually no glow go towards that one negative. We can't do that. We can't that nowhere in math does two hundred ever outweighed by one year and what I want. My near viewers in your listeners about is yes, you're gonna have people that are jealous you're gonna people that are drink and hate arrayed, that's the drink for hatred, you're gonna have the organs. You and and have an issue, but I would, this day so focus on the kind. I want you thing focused on the people you ve encourage. That's why I was walking when I was at your event, which was also by the way he talked about the importance of writing. Thank you know like thank. You show your gun, The two and people go back and read those years I warn us expect, expect
expect some people to hate. That's, ok, those were all small percentages, but I want you to expect to make an impact by impact by caring for people. There expect to make an impact by caring for people. Need to hear the message and stay put forward. Don't ever forget you, goal and mission is the impact people, India, positive thing. We're gonna have to through negative to continue to do our positives. Someone asked me recently: what is the first role you should higher when you're going from a solar power nor to beginning scale? What's the first person that you look at, and for me that first person I added to my team, was an assistant, really needed an extra set of hands. I really needed a kind of duplicate myself and that started with an assistant so
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my listeners can go to zip recruiter, dot com, slash rise, that zip recruiter, dot com. Slash are I s. E zipper could or dotcom flash rise, zip recruiter the smartest way to higher. While I for me as a business and accent it with so many people who are listening, who are small business owners, medium size, solo foreigners, starting their own thing or even working inside of someone else's organization as a leader, the thing today that makes me most excited, I talked about this conference. The thing literally that gets me out of bed in the morning is, I am creating jobs, the and the two things that fundamentally changed. My life came from up hard childhood, all the all the stuff right, the two things at random,
and they changed my life forever. One was getting healthy and I mean getting emotionally physically, like going to therapy learning to not abuse our call learning to not have seventeen shots of espresso it like literally getting healthy in my body. In my mind in my heart, and the second thing was financial independence, because when I moved out of my parents house- and I had to work three jobs and if, in order to support myself, it was the most liberating incredible thing. Are seventeen years old live
in a big city like, but it was. It was the first time that I got to choose the environment that I was inside of because I had money to support myself, and so that is that is my greater mission and will continue to be as I grow in scale. This business and sixty people have jobs because of something that I created, but that doesn't with it doesn't get to keep growing. It doesn't get to keep having this impact. If you don't make money. If you don't have financial success, it it one. You cannot have one without the other, like we were on the list the things that we do, and I know you all in the same way how passionate Ramsay is about taking care of its employees and all the perks like p. But work there forever. And then, when you open up a job you get, ten thousand applications can talk a little bit about that culture of the
the employees really are, as it should be, the heart of the business and sort of how you approach leadership, I think it's really important. Ah me, we understand that we're working here together as a team you know we are- are pushing nine hundred and ten, team members right now what I started, I was like number one, thirty one, forty. Years ago, but the growth of it. I've been excited about to see just because the key about people we have working. Basing team members and and people that are very focus, I've been their motives, and here's one of the things Rachel people. Lastly, business owners say what how do you find such motivated people? How do you motivate your team and I tell him? No, no, You ve got this wall. We hire motivated people yeah right, and so it's not my job to keep them motivated. My job is to keep up my people move forward towards the goal, but you and fine motivated people, its awesome,
They come to work ready to roll. They come to work with their mind, clear, standing what it is you're trying to do and what it does is. It creates a culture of people that have a self employed mentality. This is one of the things that I would encourage your business owners outer to create a self employed. Mentality means that people understand that they can They control their fate. They are a plug them and they are part of this business and the future of the business relies on their efforts and their focus and when you do that, when you listen to your team members and you give them an opportunity to get the wrecked feedback and your As you know, because leaders most the time we were not clear on our expectations: like, we have it in our heads of what we while people to do, but if we don't ever verbal, I said you're actually do your tea member a disservice and some some one needs to know: hey, I'm expecting you. To achieve this this in this, and this what we need to happen together as a team
can I do as a leader to help you do that? How can I help you? that mark and so that the I said the leader as I need to empower people, delegating to them, not only the authority but the responsibility to make things happen, but then that leader we need to make sure we are supporting people and give them the tools they need to make that happen. Can I ask what your definition of servant? Leadership is I think my definition of servants leadership is to give others what they need to achieve, what they were designed to be an ice that and as far as I wanted to make sure that I'm I'm helping people right especially the people on the team there. It's it's important just earlier you know what lady that's all my team was came up to me ass, you, talking to be about a puppy she's, getting right, she's about to get a puppy this it has nothing to do with our job. This has a to do with what we're doing day in and day out in order is to do with relation.
Yeah and wonder did the people. You want to know the great things that go on all the good things, but you also need to know the tough things and the leader that has the most connections Rachel. To be honest, the leader, the most connections with their team wins they win, because means that team members trust you enough to talk about things and you want to be available to them to be able to be connected as well, and so it it's really there. Different mind shift, I think most people say leadership as I want to be the power person. I'm the run, that's in charge on the power woman in charge or the power guy in charge and reality as we need to get rid of that. We need to kind of flit that see old school. Corporate mentality is everything about the person at the top and unpunished. Neither tranquil every area early we do is ensure that, where we flip that, where it's about the person at the top making about everyone else, and that takes work. You got a block ego as a leader, you gotta block it
pride and all those things you gotta be committed to helping your team, get better and that's all part coach part cheerleader, but are also part pusher meaning on what the mixture on pushing people to grow forward day in and day out. How do you walk that fine line between you know? There are people who would hear this and they its I've. I think of it, sort of the same way as parenting like I do. I care deeply about every single person who works for me. I love them as people, I want the best of their life and I'm trying to create a company that allows them the opportunity to have the best possible experience while they're here, but they are not my friends. Just like my kids are not my. I love them. I care, but I'm were laughing word, but I I think of it much more of like a code
king mentality or a parental capacity, in that I men and I've had people with. We know who have been with me five six years, which, as long as my company is as old as Ramsay but roared, I really earlier in my career. I you know tried to make everyone my friend, because I thought then that would make it easier to manage them and it actually made it worse because then I didn't feel like I could give clear feedback or direction cuz. I was like I want to hurt my friend so how do you approach that? How do you walk that path of like I want to be able to lead you well, and I want to be able to love. You well, but I still have to be the leader of this company, which means that you're gonna maybe have to give some tough feedback. Sometimes What what I think is one of those we ve all kind of messed up at that at some point right, we all had a leader or a boss. You know You said, ok, I don't ever want to be like that person right. I want to care for my people and
still didn't communicate, and I think it's the communication factor communicate, and I think it's, the communication factor meaning people here that I hang out with an end and do things with and we're we're friends we still know, there's a business relationship here, yeah, and so I think, is a matter of us internally. Setting the ground rules. For example, when you're hanging out in a great were hanging out, but at work you will people understand I gotta put on my my leader had yeah, I'm gonna, put on ceo hat and when I'm wearing that c o had you need to understand were not being buddies, are being ceo. And if you have mature people working with you that have ability to not also to put on their leader had or their worker had or whatever. Then I think it's a whole lot easier for everybody to be on the same page, but regardless rather the leader, err on the side of being absolutely clear, like I feel like it's too,
the unclear as unkind as a leader, yes I'll, say here too unclear as unkind as a leader. So what we do is make sure were telling people the expectations I am amazed at how people are worried about conflict leaders will avoid it like someone shown up late, which is one of my Pepys. Why? If you too, talk about it, but you walk around mad about it and you have site agnor. The silent angers, dangerous for leaders, eat away at trust them eat away at Lahti, because you're gonna retaliate at that person in some way at some point so suppose the walking around holding any end and then go on home and be in did your spouse manager. Kid because you until this person at work. What they need to fix, go to other rob. You don't have to listen. Conflict can get with without everybody, getting Mab right if someone's lake, what you do
you bring a menu you, the hay, John you're, doing a great job. I love the work you are doing, but you're shown up late and that needs to because when you show up late you're saying you don't really, The team- and you don't respect me so I like you like your performance, I want you to stay. But I want this. Mindset this, this lazy mindset or late thing that has the girl and being real clear. I want the person I like the person. This behaviour needs to go and I think We more direct and just that communication and Letty People know you get it to be clear, you get a chance to be on the same page and John gets a chance to change or not change their behavior, but moving forward, he no showing up late in an option, and so after the second time of talking about it, I'm gonna tell John John you have talked about this a couple times you know I like, I like your performance, but this is,
The last conversation I want to have with you about being late. This is it and so I need you to know there, so you can be aware- and you can make some changes- see. John comes out of that conversation. No one clearly right the deal when you don't, do that with people and you hold their grudge or you. You end up being retaliating in some other way is not being fair. Violently is to be more direct. No I didn't get all loud up talking to John, I was just clear and direct. I am listening to down Miller's podcast a couple months ago and he had a line that I have been saying and I had ever since it actually was his wife who told conflicts. She said you know that the conversation you most need to with some one, is the one you're having behind their back at a later date. That is because there was re use complaining about someone on his staff and she was like man. You keep coming and tell me all these things are you tell in them, because they
we even have a chance to fix it. If you aren't letting them know, it's exactly, you said we sort of holding then and we allow them to fester, have you you know I and I really want to you. Chris of course, has a show. Entre leadership conferences are so my favorite things on the planet. The event you need to be going to, besides my events of but there's so much there, so many incredible podcast you can go. Listen to Chris talk about the topic of leadership, but one thing I haven't heard you speak on a lot because you are at least my impression of user. Very positive and optimistic is: what do you do when you know it's time to let some Mungo when you ve tried you ve had the conversations and you love them as a person and because you care about them is up.
Send and you ve been, but you know a leader for them. You also know because I dont know if I'm sure guys do this, but I know that for for me- and a lot of other of my friends were female entrepreneurs this year, like all, but you know they have. Kids ended the there's the mortgage and there. You know all these things that go through your mind, but they're doing work alone. All that is now affecting the team and the team is watching you let this person do substandard work because you care about them or a person like how do you, How do you handle that girl? Well, this is essentially, I recall that sanction and competence when you're, allowing someone else to hang around who's, not ringing the bell about once already giving the effort, but everyone says that has to be addressed. Frequently, and often meaning you know have in the conversation more import I want to make sure as a leader that I'm not feeling that person mean
am I giving them the tools, the guidance, the mentoring that they need to raise their performance and also leaning in on and pressing in on on the behaviour or the performance. That's not where it needs to be so it needs to be talked about. And discussed, and there needs to be some guidance around this. Visual, don't just leave them off on their own, I'm just gonna whittle away or just hang out as the amateur addressed that and I want to make sure that were correcting it. The reality is. Is this what you want to do? As always the golden rule right do unto others you would have them do unto you so if someone's not performing well, we need, figure out what that is, and I call it it's one of two things there, unable or unwilling right now unable means that they don't have the skills that or we need to polish or give them something. So they can get better someone its unwilling means they are now that that's an effort thing, but not given the effort. So it's time to address these issues, I'm an address it arrogant
talk about it and I'm not gonna. Let it slide Their leaders out there we do was called a ninety day plan if someone's not perform, well, there are ninety they play. If we don't get the two among one day and check on deny me: no, no, no, no, no were given that on one on day one, but were also following up on day three: they fight. We're lean again on it because of someone's unwilling We didn't need us Ninety days was the figure that, out and other or something they were better suited to do and they're doing well. So I think it's all. Or anywhere else they need. Somewhere else where they care yeah and when you ass there They may not have the courage to leave, so we may have to help people find that courage until you, I've heard from people that have ended up, leaving where there was working with me or someone else and they went and found, what they were meant to do. Than they were better suited to do and they're doing well, so I think all a matter in us as leaders of being clear, being direct but
well being kind, and when you do that, you give people an opportunity to save face you also have an opportunity to be a generous leader because, Let them go you did it the right way and are not talking about him behind her back and all this any come station is direct with them and they were able to move forward on em Obama, their life, if you have a product from us online. You have you shop. If I maybe you have, easy for your business, but you ve definitely use it as a customer of mine and we did not come to the decision lightly to choose them as our partner for all things. E Commerce We came to that conclusion by trying out a bunch of things that really sacked honestly. I love shopper, for so many reasons. I love that its super intuitive its user friendly, I didn't feel like I needed to take a whole. Ask your class and how to figure it out. I love that there's an
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as you were, writing because I'd like yes, give me all the ways. I want to ask a very specific scenario that I feel like you guys might have some perspective on that. We have experienced a lot in the last eighteen months in the end, because I know we have a lot of entrepreneurs listening, I'm I'm thinking it might be a great one for them to one of the things that I have encountered most over the last. Let's see five years of of being a business owner and going from you know, one assistant to sixty employees and most of that, the predominantly in the last eighteen months. So it's just been incredible. Scaling is bringing on teammates that are
amazing and then the company starts to outpace the place that thereat at aware really were in our leadership meanings. We talk about this, a lot that no one sitting at our leadership table myself included my husband included. None of us are strong enough leaders for the company that we're gonna have a year from now like we commit as a leadership team to constantly growing and working on ourselves, so that we can be strong enough to carry the responsible, the of what we're building. But how have you approached? Have you ever experienced this like? How do you do I'm bluntly and asked you sort of go? Ok, like you are incredible for the seas in that we had you, but now we ve kind of outgrown you or we try and put them in a different position or we try and you know, get you. The help that you need a level up, but golly. We don't even know the help that we
de level. Up does is up Emma's my question making sits tick, nor does it says I think it's also as a leader being connected enough with people and really it starts on the front aunt Rachel it starts with her ring the right calibre people write and may leaders out, there will get in a rush and we look to hire a body and thing, you know: well guess what you gotta body, just hanging out taken a paycheck not really perform it. Yes, I think it starts from the others, It is as I need to make sure that I am clear and my expectations, meaning we call on key areas? Key results, areas? These are the areas people have to focus on in their job and they know exactly how they're gonna be gauged, then judged on performance. So again, back to clearly define the expectations, but you're gonna. Have times where you have someone that either aid that come remorse or the position becomes more than what person is able to do We want to think what can we do to help this person step it up to do it? Is it
education is a training as it mentoring. What is it? What once you do that if you ve done those things and this person there's not another seat on the bus form or there's not another place in any kind of moved on, or they ve progressed whatever it is. I want to be able to go directly into that situation. Have the conversations frequently and often so person is able to understand hey, this is the expectation this is. What you need to do. This is what not and is not being done. Something's gonna have to change either Europe perform It's gonna have to raise up You may need to move on to something else. This and here, may be done, and I don't think there's nothing wrong with that. I would just as ITALY to encourage people to be open, honest indirect, with people, give them a chance to turn it around. Give them a chance to step up, and even if you do that then you treated them what you'd want to be treated, what like others, surprise, attacks right when leaders don't tell someone
and let all the sudden, within a week to totally frustrated with I'm curious. Therefore, as a leader, because you are frustrated two months ago, you just then verbal eyes it so let's be opening, what people and let him know, so they can try to turn it around. I'm curious your thoughts on, like I tend to think of servant leadership as approaching like making it about your team and, what's the best for your team over what's best for you, I think of this. This company is my company founded this company aim the head of this company every single thing here is my fault. I really believe that if something goes wrong, I will own that route, because either I didn't give you her direction, or I put some one in a position of authority who made a bad decision either way. It's my fault, so the amount of time that I'm stepping in as a leader to you know bring
that team around me and say: hey guys were here. I am were inferior, this out together of the book. I always think of his leaders eat last Simon Senate growth of this idea of like the awful Wulf the alpha Wolf becomes, the leader of a wolf pack, because it's the strongest. It will defend the right of the pack against attackers that is under no you're what I would love to hear your perception on this, but my thing is: if I am leader, whether that was back in the day working inside of corporate. You had one person who reported to you are now this company and all these people. It's all my fault, because that is to me your team, in order for them to flourish and thrive and do good work, they have to feel safe and if they think that there's you know if they make a mistake or if something happens, and though you know the world they're gonna be out of a job and what is their up there. I hate the idea that you would be.
Going through your daily life, terrified or anxious about what might happen to you like none. I know that that was my yeah you did, but I allowed you to so curious what what your perception on that is. I, like the fact that you have that mentality, I like the fact that you are taking the responsibility, you're taken the blame, and your letting your team know that you see when you do that, what you're saying as if that were in this together and that's true, what people want peace, to belong. You know, people have three needs they. Would be appreciated. They want to be recognised and they want to belong, and so I you do in that, sends a message to the team that hate, wherein this together able to tell you. I've spent a lot of time on corporate Amerika there's a name for leader that takes all the credit right. Isn't that takes all the the things and they take all the credit. It's called a thief right
you're staying away from an opportunity to grow your team and acknowledge your team, because you're worried about you getting all the attention. That's that's ridiculous. The servant leader, you ought to be the opposite. You want to give the credit to your team, praise them and you kind be behind the scenes, even if you're out front, and I think that communicates loyalty side every leader once Lahti, I don't care what you can. They know how to mention and all the time, but every leader once people that are to be committed to the mission of the business and have their back every leader wants that. Well guess what the best way to get that is to be that you too happy you to be able to support people and look out for their excuse me and letting them know that they matter to you and doing those things day in and day out, and so I, like you What you're doing is your creating an environment of people that have this? We mentality. That thing is huge, because they go in the battle for you,
follow you anywhere. Why? Because you've been trustworthy and there you are worthy of trucks and they're going to give it in return that you've adopted of the rituals that you've adopted that have helped you grow into the leader that you are. I know you talked about this idea. Thank you Is it do you and is it three every morning, what's your? What's your run, you have I'm writing them each morning ease and adjust itself. How many we you know and run into scenarios I think the attitude of gratitude is big when I was guys you're you're all business function. I told him it's hard to believe for when you're grateful absolutely that break. When you look around that. That's been really crucial rather side is that I am just grateful for the people they poured in me like that. That's all something in this little Kentucky boy and had the Dutch. The belief in me to keep pushing me. They help me get better so that that's
on the other side is, as I dont want to let people down but are counting on me or people that maybe You need me to help them get to where they need to be I've got this that I've got three boys. My leadership legacy is one day someone bumps into those boys and they I knew your dad are worked with him, or I heard him speak in that man push me and encourage me they get. My boys were to hear that about me. That would just make my heart full. That meant that I was a coach there. Pushing and I'm trying to help as many people. Our clear but the time or have on this earth ass. I told you at the at the start of our conversation that what is inspiring me today. What makes me happy about it for forty five in the morning and like hit the ground running, is job creation. What's your what's your thing in the seas in what are you jump out of bed for excited for as we look into twenty twenty, it's this huge change in time.
For all of us and felt pretty momentous wet when you excited for. Why can t you, as you know, the year, twenty twenty? It's it's rare, that you get that right and twenty twenty two Please stands for perfect vision. I want to help people perfectly see their potential whether in the financial scope of chasing down their dreams, weathers them beginning their pay. The becoming an everyday millionaire, so they can if their dreams that have an impact or even as a leader, I want them to get better and released, to care more care deeply about the people around. You helped them to read potential. So that's what I'm doing on offer on the financial and the leadership brought people to see potential. Clearly, I love that if people want to hear more- and of course they do tell them where they can find you, how are they to an end to the show? What are they find? One social media give us There are the juicy details, sure sure. Well, you can go to Chris Organ Pre, sixty dot com you can find
information there of my social media on ad Chris Organ three sixty on Facebook, Instagram all the things, but there's all information there about the Chris Hogan show this the collar driven, show where I'd take people's calls about life and money and the pursuit of them building wealth, but the US Oh fine, on their Rachel. They information about both my books, written inspired America's wake up, call on retirement. Is there, but also everyday millionaires, so can learn how they can start building wealth for themselves, the impact their families future I will just add to that. I know I've said it on this. I've actually said on the show so many times. Entre leadership is one of my favorite podcast that exist for entrepreneurs, but the Entre leadership summit is one of I think, the best things that a business owner can go to and I feel like it's pretty much guaranteed. If you go to Entre leadership summit, you are going to get to secret, speak live which is going to bless you.
So much so welfare and check that out as well. Well, thank you I'll tell you what our tourism is a lot of fun. It's really where we dig in on this leaderships. Out of things and it's a blast, but I have to tell you We had a blast with your audience around his business, was on fire you push me outside of a conference, only travel bans mover or out there when a day. I had a lot of and listen to me, I've bumped into people that attended the and they were just talking so much about how you all poor into them, how you request they look into grow people and you stand in your impact and it was an absolute honour. So, thank you
And for having me, it was our absolute blast to join you onstage. Thank you, brother. I super appreciate that I'm tickled that the audience gutsy alive and now I shall so blest that they got to hear you on the pod care. So thank you. Thank you again. Ladies and gentlemen. Did I mentioned I have a book coming out. Here's the thing. It's called get out of your own way, sceptics guide to growth in fulfilment and we're in the pre, so window of windows. I am super that is about having written a book for both men and women about the twenty lies that I once believed that were keeping me in my own way. I have written this from the perspective of some one that is totally different from Rachel Hollis, even if the format is somewhat similar to grow wash your face, I wrote it from the perspective of someone who's been skeptical of tools like this book or even the pot Castro listening to for ever and ever its through there.
Lands that I'm talking about the ways that I was getting in my own way and I think in uncovering the truth behind those lies. Not only did it help me get out of my own way to help you get out of Europe's. There are two ways I want to say. Thank you for preparing this book. I have created an e course any course. Yes and each course a sixty minutes each course called finding your why it's a fantastic resource, it's available absolutely for free right now for having pure of the book, and if you go to get out of your own way, the book that calm right now and follow the problems. Not only we get a course. You can hear the first thirty minutes of the book again get out of your way comes out March. Tenth, I'm super super excited about it, get out of your own way. The book dot com hit that link follow the problems, and I appreciate your support.
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