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133: Uncovering and Celebrating History with Brit Barron

2020-02-11 | 🔗

We're in February guys, and that means it's time to brush up on a very important part of our history - Black history! I say our history, because no matter who you are or where you come from, these stories help shape the world you live in today. And lucky for me, I'm joined by my dear friend Beans to talk about the power of the history we tell ourselves, how to broaden your circle online and beyond, and maybe a little bit about that new Taylor Swift documentary? I swear it all comes together in a supportive, totally candid, and celebratory discussion.

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The presenting sponsor of Rice is the Procurator zipper crater the smartest way to higher hey guys it's reach Hollis and I'm here is my friend Trent Shelton was originally you. Do I live in the dream? Man? We? U tell listeners, why we're hanging out together and now we're going out because we're launch whom I knew parkins straight up and I'm super examined at the seller. Add if you guys are not ready for my return. He has millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for a very unique style of coaching yeah really rates or the point is really can put a stray from the hardened Brca do those negative months. It's broken through a withholding you back in Mostar, reopen people's lives for love that so, if you guys want here, more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Detroit. Let's go,
let's get it hey guys. It is black history. Mine fits February, and today I have ass when my best friends in the entire world Brit Baron a K. A beans to come on and talk to me about this month and why it matters and why it something that
everyone can celebrate here. We go. I Rachel Hollis and I built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma and the free information I found on the internet in the fifteen years that I've been building and scaling my company, I have become deeply passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to do the same so each week I'll be sharing tangible and tactical advice and inspiring interviews with the same intention. Bees are the tools to change your life and your business. This is the rise podcast. So it's like history must work. Is that this is. I almost wrote this in my answer and passivity and that I was like fills a girl. An entire chapter in a book
between you and rosy. Truly it why it has always been such a celebratory month. It's not just like. Oh, this is a thing. It's like every day this! what, in that way, you talk about this month for women like me, who didn't grow up with a lot of African Americans in their circle, and so don't understand why This matter so much and why it is so important- and I mean I could go off all day but coming from. You feels like the wisest course yeah. Well, thanks so much So on the like you being like. So palms like worried, everywhere, you know because it is just such a special month- and I think, there's it's important on so many levels right. So it's important on just like a historical, factual level that you, this is not
history, that you learn that most we will learn in schools right like if I didn't have parents who were like giving me book. And teaching me things. I would have graduated from college thinking that maybe Martin Luther King Jr was the only person to ever fight racism. You know, and others like a lot to learn historically and then like celebratory like it's just a good time to. Was an important time too, like stop and reflect that once you learn the history, and you realize that issue Are people in this country? Then you realize that, like a month yet it is stopping me like we made it That's amazing. The odds were against us and Oregon alike. Celebrate like crazy an honour that strengthen resilience is like super important. I think it hits a lot of France and I think sometimes there's like what,
Green s or adversity or dislike unknowing about it. Then I think, can cause people to be like confused or not sure how we should be participating or is bycatch your month only for black people, and so I think this is a a reminder that this is for everyone like black history, is: u DOT S history and it's really important to celebrate, because it's it's not celebrated the other eleven months, typically an intentional time, so they learn and unlearn is so important and so viable, Did you see Christmas posts that he pushed this weekend about going? to New York and getting to experience? Yes. So I love that perspective of why so, let's play should have the the thing that peace, we'll say exuberant to talk about this and we have to acknowledge what people like to say which is like. Why should I
Why is there a gay pride month? Why is there a black history month? Why is there women's history month wire? Why do we need to celebrate these things? We you speak to that yeah totally. I think it's easy it's it's because but you know we need these months, because then there is a much. Already powerful, narrative that has persisted in our country for hundreds and hundreds of years that isn't black, that isn't gay, that isn't female. So when you think specifically I'll talk about like black history, we had Three hundred and forty three years in this country, under slavery and Jim Crow, that's not even counting that's only going up to nineteen fifty four after brown versus boredom education, which so many things of servants and sent, but everything about that.
Dominating narrative in our country for hundreds and hundreds of years has not been represented by black people or queer people or women. Then you really that the pendulum had someone has to swing the other way and we need ten tension, algae to say we got it these voices. We need to learn about this history because it has been shut out for so long and I think when people sort of say like isn't it It's more like crew, more division or you know. What are we doing? It's like now worth highlighting people who have been on the margins who, having been in the dark, and we're trying to help create more wealth. An understanding of the people who exist in this country, I really want to encourage you guys if you ve, never heard at one of the very first podcast episodes I ever did was was being steamer that so along with us, and we do, I love we dug into all the aid we talked about. So much of this by beans come here
ago and dine like a diversity, training and inclusion, and all of this I was like a day, long programme that you did with our staff at the time and one of the things that we about, is that often when you start to hear the stories when you start to dig in when you start to become aware, if you are already there is like I remember you saying to me: your girl isn't gonna help anything lay off you. If you see all of this information and all it does is make you feel super guilty and a kind of like shut you down. That's not. The point sir, would you speak to the bed speak to that little yeah right. That's the difficult part when you, difficult part when you start to realise that, maybe you Ben FAD, a majority narrative and that's not com,
and then the U benefit. From an unjust system and that you are a person who has had unearned privilege or all these things like that that can produce killed, and that's just that's, not the productive. That's our people need right. I think anyone
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and as I'm a super history nerd and the more that I read in the more that I find are, story after story of female warriors like I'm so like interested in this idea of female warriors have been a part of most cultures in the world, but those aren't ever the stories that we hear and its it it's this idea of how women perceived themselves, because they don't know this strengthened, history and vote outsiders perspective. That's what I think about you know in talking just so just a ya know as your listening as we approach this month. As a company I reached out to beans by my good friend, beans, reached out to our friend rosy or both strong confidante, incredible, powerful black women, and I was like I really want to you.
Who's my platform to talk about this thing I follow Rachel car. Is it cargo that how she says really? I don't know I've, never sad time, yeah thing to space out dispelling the so I follow its cargo and she was talking about coming into this month and what it means for African Americans what it means for people or white what it means to use your platform in your resources and your access to tell these stories, and that was honestly made me think, and then I reach out you guys and I was like hey. I would love to talk about this, but I want to make sure that I talk about this away that fills respectful, like I literally said like can. I am I allowed because I didn't know lying here, something where, if I tried to say hey, let celebrate it is that appropriate annual rely. Yet like if it was women's history month. That would be totally appropriate for a man to share a woman who
inspired him, and so we we set out as a company and then also for my part, from the kind of how do we celebrate these stories in and told these stories. I think it's the same as like female warriors. These are it's exactly what you said. That three is american history. This is our story. The good and the bad, and there are so many incredible narratives and truths and powerful and inspiring things that, to your point, were never taught in school totally, and I think it's for for everyone rights, like you just said, like learning about all these female warriors you wake up in here like damn I'm. So,
strong, right leg. That is me like, yes, hear me, roar and it's the same thing like when, when I started learning about all of these figures in black history, I'm, like. Oh, my god like we are amazing like we are so really. I can't even believe how much joy like you'll have. I can't even believe how much fun we're able to have how much all of these things after being knocked out and knocked down down, told we couldn't told we were less than told all of these things, and here we are not only we're here, we're proud to be here or thriving like, if you're ever in a room and there's like more than ten black people, it's fun, though you know you don't even know. Why do the as yet is shifted, amazing young and I don't think Black- What are the only people who can benefit from that perspective, and I experience right so, like you saying
were men knew about the strong lineage of these female warriors right, so that tell them about the role that they get to taken society while they tell them about the ways in which they interact? I think why'd. He ball or non black people. Learning about these black figures in history, understanding resiliency of black people has a lot to teach everyone right, we're not the only people who have ever been told we couldn't do something and then we did it or that we were less then, and then we still came out with pride. Like all of these things, I think anyone. Can grab a hold of, and it's such a shame that these stories are hidden from so many. People in our country, because they're beautiful re, nationalization everyone
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Putting this on Monday and this past weekend, the Taylor Swift, documented came out, and I think this is a real. Where do it for just Joseph it came out on the table ray. We're dead, but just just role with our second and what I think is so fascinating is was your reaction to that documentary verse says my or other white women that I know so yeah beans, if I'm gone way off, but I just I find this fascinating is you do please wait. Let's start here, am I making a sleeping generalization? Do you think that, like you in your friends and your sister and you're just like you are so confident in yourself and your like, I'm freaking here, let's go that is mine. Corruption in my is that a ridiculous assertion to make. No, I think it's
It is a general is Asia and right, but I think it's, I think, you're onto something right. I don't think there are no black women in the world who have insecurities or doubts about. I think I think more now. What you are feeling is true in that they're there is right. A sense of pride comes from being black the permeates all over and what I found so interesting and in Washington D C mentoring wise for me or Amy, or even Sammy, watching at we're like gas. We get this. This is that we have felt more things. We know this narrative, whatever haven't you and rugged even alive.
Like, why is she saw insecurity is all his facts that all the resources she's cure, like you were so is that I mean I find that so in you said something which I think is so interesting. Work will take up a black Fred like gold. For that there must be free this earlier literal words. Yes, this is a fascinating. I got a letter. This garbage are there, but it's so true, like I barely made it through watching it. I guess I'm a girl like you sure you're, ok, and not only are you literally dont- have to prove yourself to anyone right. These people, like they can say what
ever they want about you and that doesn't have to impact you like that literally doesn't have to affect you and then what's a wild is at the end of the documentary, which No spoiler, let's go to the document you and you know I like already, but she's like happy she's, like speaking out politically she's like healthy. I should like to know these things and you look around and it's literally the first time in the entire documentary, where she's got queer people, people of color, all these people run around like yeah girl, okay, well welcome to the club. If you want to just you know what I mean like, but that's what happens when we ourselves of access like like the power narrative in her life was obviously white and mail yeah and thy and her eyes like watch the documentary she setting out a table with a bunch of older white man, literally asked their permission to be herself, which is again
hey fall right, it was Pandora Watch and this is This is not even on a knock on her right. This is now had been later, no view even heard a tailor so song before the documentary she's one of my favorites. Yes, I'm yeah like ok I'll watch it. Could you text that you like watch it? We need to discuss it, but it's just I mean I feel like it put basically microscope on we're talking about as like there's one dominant narrative in her life and that those are the only story she never hurt and those story said to be successfully to be thin You need to look a certain way. Your music me to do this. You need to win this amount of grammys. You didn't have the right boyfriend. You need to do all of these things, and that was crushing her. It was literally crushing her and then sounds like a helping hand like expand The narrative little you realize, like garden known as I tell you, gonna, be like no one gets a dynamic If they try, you don't have to listen right and that becomes more true when you get to hear more stories
I have also in history, were like Otto care I'll, be a warrior shoe like what you know. I mean it sounds like from my perspective. You are raising a culture where, like you know, Taylor, Swift or let's go, I'm not gonna, be sent I'm not whatever you are raising a culture where, whenever I my body image, it was just. You were not seeing. Presentation and the stories in the history books and the magazines like nobody looked like you, so you're already live into a world that says like I'm gonna keep showing up, regardless of the fact that I don't. I don't have an example and Europe, showing someone who looks like me. Am I making sense god I wish I had had. Sleep last night that, like your job, I'm I'm not making session across it, sounded like an idiot, but
as always I, which is our time in in the beginning our decision- was. You you're a cop, does your pride hastigt harm from somewhere else? Why is now coming from around you like Vermeer yes, so you're not looking too, like ok ones, was I get on. The cover of seventeen magazine are ones like the ground, resounding magazine. How bout you you know what I look like. Ass, I was never look over all. It covers organizing eight about something else, some different kind of thing. You know that it's less
always more shake them all. I guess it's. What we see in the black women were paving. The way currently rye is. Is there any way? I don't care what you say h like you know, space that is what we're going for, and I think that the exam why I that's my head right now. You just saw the movie: did you ever see the Harriet movie? Now filling that's another like Rwanda dig into that one, but you it's impossible to read about or watch a movie or see anything about her talent and not just be that will what they'll have I done lately like right on earth like what in the world the I mean now, just one time, but so many times and all the things she didn't, like literally walking her way to freedom and then going back for people and rican leading leading soldiers into battle like her story was
a female warrior wholly crap. We re firing and their its theirs. I know, I don't have any. I have like the barest. I dont have the knowledge I don't have you have been so involved in like when I Matthew and Civil Rights Torres that you would do in all, and you have so much of that history, because you like that's your community and everybody else. I am China articulately. I'm trying to say this in the right way like it is your story, but it is. Our story like this is settling, particularly if your listening to this in the? U S like that's our history, I grew up like always in school, like trying to find myself,
in the story of like Abraham Lincoln right, like what is his leadership have to teach me and sure you're like ok, yadda, yadda, yadda or reading, you know a book about all these. Why people and you like gaelic like what does that mean for your life? So I so for damn sure. So what about school gonna learn something from area tat: men if I gotta find myself in this story like why can't you find yourself in that story and that's been the big mess ray, I think for a lot of women emerging because our black women litter since, like are around or like on this country, who have been like some of those bad asked. Is in history, enter, rob all women in school, Knowing that is such a tragedy right yeah. The other and if you don't teach people about how truly horrific, slavery was and Jim Crow and all these things will then, no wonder people don't want, engage in a conversation about race, because I don't think it's important, because I don't understand how we got to where we are today,
and something that is, I think important for people understand too, is you grew up pretty predict in ITALY and white neighborhoods that that's my understanding of So what so? It's not even greater thing too, because not only are you not seeing yourself in what you're learning at school, but you're not you're, literally not seeing yourself for the people who are around you yeah totally, and that I mean I have exclusively my parents to thank for so many things, I say the time, unlike the the way, which I you know I consider myself as a student of so many of these things isn't just because I'm black, it's because I've taken time to read a lot of books and until and things and opponents of history and as a black person who grew up in Prague, a wider neighbourhood schools college grad school? I just went for it
and then married someone. Who is why right like it's? You know it's been a variant and shall journey of like these are things I need to know, and I need to have with me and carry in the deepest pardon me, because this is part of mean about aware I am or whose around me like. This is does mean is. As I see now, how do you? think I mean I I wanted to have the conversation say because I wanted to. Honestly. My intention was, if you are listening to this and you have not ever considered, I have never thought about celebrating it. If you are a person who is and this has not your mind. I wonder that conversation, but I'm also curious. Do you feel like there are members of the african american community who because be they didn't have. The accident have parents like yours: are they didn't hats than it does it does? This affects the african about?
community as well of like they don't know their history totally? Yes, and so the first person, like black history month cut out as a weak and that week was initiated by Carter. Woodson, and that was his. All thing is like people who don't know their history like and not knowing where they found from will only be detrimental to like that people in the long run? And so it's sort of inception was kind of hey. We gotta know this so that we can like arrive and succeed, and I think yeah hiding that's a huge Yes and tragedy. Is that the same kind of not knowing the same majority narratives that a lot of white folks, those country averred black folks referred to, and I think TAT had incredibly the harmful like outputs right like even yesterday at church because of the first, our
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d, learn more at over dot com, slash safety, that's over dot com, slash safety. What he felt like if you are listening to this- and you have now considered that this was a month for you to celebrate before what are some things that you can do to make it. Of more aware like I'll. Do it what things that I intentionally do and then you them. Some ideas too. Made a decision several years ago, the no like if I was regularly consuming something like what say, Instagram that my feed would be incredibly d
it would be culturally diverse would be ethnically would be from different. I would follow people from different parts of the world and in different religions, because I wanted in my mind I wanted to normalize that I was seeing people who didn't look like me. I think, like me, and that has meant at times that I follow several people who speak out about all kinds of topics that are not necessarily easy to consume? Who talk about white privilege? You talk like all of these things right and I stay in that conversation and I read it and I consider- and I am very intentionally because I understand that, even if I don't get it that that is their truth and that is there an end it like I'm I think it's the right thing to do to make sure that you're at
like Tang. Oh, it turn it hurts and it's hard because I am a white per the people that I follows on from the like, Tang. Oh, it turn it hurts and it's hard because I M a white person and I do have white privilege. I do I'm so hyper aware that I have access to things and get things that it is different for me and that always easy to be confronted with, but I want to make sure that that is a conversation that is regularly in front of me, because I also want to make sure that that how I leave my company, and that is how I utilise my platform and that's how I raised my kids like guy. We have this us doing this in the work that we're doing to celebrated, as a company has meant that we had so many conversations about about black history month with our kids that never in my life growing up was that something
I experience and hold a lie. What we were driving school the other day- and I was I was talking with sore and for like hey. You know tomorrow starts by history mind than what does that mean to you, and why do we celebrate and we were having this conversation of its celebrating these stories, but is also like its celebrating beans in it however it and it celebrating rosy in its you know, and then for its like, and Murray cause. It doesn't matter if he hasn't seen two years, I thought planet I feel ass. I am but but In that conversation with your kids of What does this mean and who'd you admire and what are those stories? And why does it matter waters
the things that you think, besides the very simple low hanging fruit of just like making sure that you are surrounding yourself intentionally with diversity ya. I mean that sounds simple longing for it, but I do not actually think it is for most people right there we like to be owner. Gosh! You go as what you know. You know in the air and so the beauty of living in twenty twenty. Is that, like you? Can You need to have like a diverse like rabbits station of people around you and that does domain, you just stop a random black person. This real, ok out, I celebrate this man, hey Yemeni, like there's like for the first time ever, you can literally download an app on your phone called Instagram and then see people we are willing to like take the time to put together to the resources like educate, to share their platform, an EU. That is
hundred percent free, like you, you can literally google. Why does black history month exist and that costs you nothing? You can there's some many things that you can do that feel like such low hanging fruit, but I'd say most people don't do that must we were thinking about their own sorry, they're, all their own thing are happy when people that that just confirm sort of the narratives already understood. The big one and whenever people ask me like kind of work and I do or how I greater this or that, unlike you, tell me they re like you, you and who knows your life so, for example, if you already follows supernumerary people, you know any feed and on your stuff, is there like a black as human parade in your neighborhood? Is there there's a saw many books that you can really to take them step of understanding how to get into anti
racism and how to use your privilege. Do you have kids you talk about it. Are you? Are you not? You know you're you're, the only one in those conversations, and so you figure that out, but I think what you said is better. Oh and I love even you personally right. It's you have this platform right. You have so many people who who got to see you like this man every single day and when a highlight some one else, you can follow. Even just doing that is is tat. I think there's a lot of but you don't wanna who feel overwhelmed by not knowing how to get the conversation or where to start or like fills care that they gonna say something wrong. Do wrong when it's like man, just Bertha vying years, social media feed will take you belong away than you think. You know like you having is coming scooters about? Why privilege, like yeah? That's like that
of ways down the conversation that a lot of people having done in an instagram has helped right, which is amazing, and I think I think the Ultimately, it is. This is a month of celebration. This is an opportunity to highlight incredible people. This is tell those stories share that message and ultimately get to a place where this is in a month that we just have a tree that is celebre tory of every kind of person all the time. That's the like miracle place that. We are all trying to head for, and even if that's not something that easily within our grasp. I think there The intention is, we shouldn't need a month
like. We like me, offer these days to get women yes. Last year we should serve sorry. I king everybody lay ass per usual. You have helped me it through a conversation than I am absolutely in apt hat, and I appreciate that you are always willing to have her conversations with me and talk about bigger picture and hopefully change the way that people look at thing that they're not familiar with it- is black history month Well, there are so many incredible that ass stories that if you are listening to this- and you don't know about on challenge you to go, look
those two go again. It's really not that hard to do. You just have to put the intention behind it and you can check in all month long I am sharing in some of the women who inspire me most Hollis coal is doing some really fun staff and start today. Brand is sharing black on businesses. You can shop and by all the things- and I guess ultimately my challenge would four listeners to ask yourself what can be doing whether they listening to this on February? sixth or August. Third. What can you be to make sure that your community and the media that you consume and the world around you as a reference,
mission of every kind of person, not just people who look like. Ladies and gentlemen, did I mentioned. I have a book coming out. Here's the thing it's called get out of your own way, sceptics guide to growth and fulfilment and wherein the priest cell window of windows. I am super excited about having written a book for both men and women,
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