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144: How to Stay Organized, Even in Chaos


This week during our Next 90 Days Challenge we're focusing on organization, which is a topic I find INCREDIBLY important, even when we're not in quarantine. I don't know about you guys, but I've been especially obsessed with organizing my home ever since I've been stuck here 24/7. That's why I wanted to dive into routine with you: I want to empower you to make organization work for you. How can your routine meet you where you're at, so that you can get where you want to go? This episode comes from my Rise n Shine series I did on Facebook last week, so if you missed it there (or if you just want to re-live the fun) you can enjoy it here on the podcast! I hope you enjoy the tips and tricks we cover, as well as a special preview of my free Next90 lesson on organization, available at the end of the episode. I start off by talking about how quarantine is like Las Vegas, so if that's not enough to pique your interest, I don't know what will be!


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The presenting sponsor of rise is Zapruder, Zip, recruiter the smartest way to hire a guy's, its reach, a Hollis, and I'm here is my friend, Trent Shelton was a rigid I live in the dream. Man. We you too listeners. Why we're hanging out together right now we're going because we're launching my new package straight up and I'm supermax seller, add if you guys you're, not already familiar attract he millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for a very unique style of coaching, yeah human rights are, the point is really I can put it from the heart and break into those negative mindsets breakin through of withholding you back in this area. People's was for love that so
You guys want here more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Short: let's go, let's go. I I'm curious, like for ya does anyone else, I think filling their two camps for quarantine. It's either that you feel it's going slower than ever or you feel like. Has never move faster and I'm in the life has ever faster category? Thank you. So much for coming hang out with me today. You guys we are doing a three day series on
how to better manage this time, how to be intentional about not just surviving, what's happening in the world right now, really thriving through way. Yesterday we talked about the idea of mindset. What it is, why it's important men how you can work, control, your mindset, even inside of quarantine. If you haven't seen that episodes on Facebook, I you know highly encourage you to go back and check it out. If you are doing us for today, we are talking all about, would what are they teens and habits and rituals that you can stick to that will really help you to thrive in the season. I actually because Gimme, a heart where thumbs up, if you are doing next, ninety days with us, are key. Many challenges are free challenge, but now,
we can organization and I'm about to film the class for it, and so my brain was on organization, and so I have spent the entire morning preparing to each. You guys of our innovation that I literally came and sat down here about five minutes ago, and I saw this I'm a team in May for me, which says day two core routine, so he's gonna be about routine and is also going to be a little bit about.
Your personal space, and what it looks like to organize your life to make you feel more centred and com, because, honestly, not just when I have is that this morning I Rachel Hollis and I've built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma and the free information I found on the internet in the fifteen years that I've been building and scaling my company, I have become deeply passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to do the same so each week, I'll be sharing tangible and tactical advice and inspiring interviews with the same intention. Bees are the tools to change your life and your business. This is the rice podcast days away from life, which is comprehensive, and that is a fool, a hours of four
I all around how to have courage, how to be strong for yourself and strong for your family songwriting work. If you have one during the season, and so this I think I'm going with you each morning is about just to give you a little bit of a taste of this oh, let's start off dies where's, since you were gonna talk about health and fitness and why it matters. Do you know how to bring this guy? Will you read gross up apologizing? I think you're hanging out with me and you ve never read it. Man, quarantine is probably the time, but there several chapters in this book. When I wrote it, I really wanted to create something that was very tactical for you guys, and so there is a lot of tactics in the sun, and I thought it was helpful today, as we talk about this idea of being healthy and being strong and so before jumping to some ideas? Will you The timings I'm watching your comments here, will you tell me: do you feel
like in it's ok, be be real in the space of me, be often take. Do you feel like quarantine is bringing out the best for your health or the worst, make you feel like you're being a better, healthier version on herself or if your struggling more than you have, I'm really curious to see what sort of his happening amongst our community, and I can tell you that for me, I have never been healthier than I am right now and not ok, I'll out there. So my reasons why? In itself, because like I'm fancy or because I'm ok a dedicated it's because that first we can quarantine. I think I've told you guys this I'm in weeks of my quarantine, so my first week in quarantine, I really shovelled. I was in We stress about what it was to have a company and lead a team and have sixty people counting on
company being song, and so much of what we do is wrapped up in live events and laughed like a really weird space right now, and so that first weekend quarantine, I had some drinks. I definitely handsomely that first week and aid for me, alcohol is something that I use to use as a really negative coping mechanism in a kind of freaked me out Oh, my gosh rage. You don't know how long this is gonna lass in your already reaching for something, that's very unhealthy for you and I'm kind of seeing this way. Laser saying to you, so It's funny aligning our saint, both like your days where you're feeling, better your days, refilling worse ass somebody struggling quarantine, ass, soon, ass, the same quantities. Will you not the bass, ambivalent? exercise war Randy, says blennies, a nursery not healthiest right now, due to crazy, crazy covered work. Thank you. So much brandy, thank you to all
all of our medical professionals in our essential workers for the work they are doing There is, I feel, like a roller coaster, Sundays, I'm on fire some days cookies, every meal girl, that's all of us, but I think- for me right now the sort of flip fighting the switch into it. The space started with that first week, where I found myself slipping back into a place. I didn't want to be and so I knew I had to do something to fight back against that instincts, I think that one of the hardest part about any kind of negative Kofi mechanism that you have drinking smoking, binge eating, taking medication that you don't mean drug use light. You out, we could name either make name a whole list of the things that we do as humans to cope in a negative way. And the longer you have that in your life as a negative coping mechanism, the harder it
gonna be not impossible, but certainly the harder it's gonna be to fight back against it when it pops up again and so I found myself going this place, and I really do think that in order to combat a negative copy met- in your life. You have to replace it with something else. You must must you are like I'm a quick called Turkey and they don't give themselves anything else to reach, for they don't give themselves another option and without Nothing else to do you slip back into the old bad habit. So for me The one thing that I can very easily accessed here in my home in quarantine was a work. And so I have been working out more than I ever have I've been moving more than I ever have you guys? I will see me where am I predominant every day it's on a smart watch, its literally just something? That's counting! It's a watch and accounts my steps that helps me to be mindful of hey we're halfway through the game, you haven't got very many,
I've seen, you know that you're stressed he's gonna double in trouble on quadruple. If you don't lower, cortisol levels, through some kind worked out, and so just helps me to be more mindful of the other, Honestly that has helped me to be healthy, is have as much access to the food that I would like to treat myself where you know back in the day and when I say back Emma, they are literally mean before quarantine started. I will tell you watch me, would tell you, don't bring the food into the house whose ever heard raise your hand if you there, heard someone say like dont brain junk food, don't bring cookies, don't bring the things that you struggle. Where don't bring the foods that you might Benjy, don't bring them into the and then you don't have access like we ve all heard that. Well, that's all well and good, but if you work in it- office where there are treating you are going to your local happy sharpened, like there's banana bread, those too.
Its were still on the world and while I certainly very healthy just having access to them, removed. Mean that I'm not taking any really anything, but what I'm bringing into the house so something out hey for you guys if you're like man, I know my friend who said like her maiden cookies, forever Miller and been. You don't want him into the house. Don't go. If you're goin on your teacher to the grocery store down order them to be delivered to make it harder for you to access the staff that you know that you're, using as an unhealthy copy mechanism and, and I think we all have things in the season were like. Ok, let's you out, let's let ourselves, how could you? course I know that there are things that treating yourself a bit in this time period- is a little bit about the light into the tunnel, I'm not talking about that! I'm
talking to those of you who truly its becoming something bad. It's causing a spiral. It's making. You feel shame your! U Arbed, cheating! You are doing things that you drinking too much, I'm talking to you and that's not everybody here, but those of you who know your legal. That's me, ok, you're gonna have to take control of this ya, I'm in a keeps as every single day and just listen to me,. Plan on being quarantine for at least three more months. Look. It doesn't matter if you're out in three weeks, if you plan for three months, if you get yourself to a mental place where its three months from now, you get to go back onto the wild, your back, having your partner, whatever out dinner, with your partner, whenever out at a restaurant plan, three months, because if you play for
and its shorter. It feels like a win right, but if you don't plan for if you think that you're heading back to the real world three weeks from now and you're, not that is good want to mess with your head. It's going to make you felt depressed public gonna make you feel anxious its. If you don't you plan that it's going to be three miles, then you are going to have. Space, to figure out what this new world looks like to you, and if you What are you gonna, be informed in here for three months than you I'll tell yourself all, I'm just going to treat myself this week I'm just gonna drink too much this weekend. Because you are giving yourself the excuse or the lie that there going to be a way around this, and that's not a real, so just in flank item I think this comes from the days when I was a wedding player,
when I was a wedding planner. We always have a rain contingency, go and often a danger, but just scare me out format when I was in planner- and it was for a very long time of different lifetime ago- we all we had a ring contingency, even if there was no rain on the horizon sunny Day no problems, we always had a tent on order. Ok, you attend on order that you don't need, you can cancel it, but if you Dont have a tent on order. All of a sudden, a freak store comes out of nowhere and Everybody was planning on a sunny Saturday to do their wedding scramble at the same time, to get the same, and tat. There is a what chance, but my parents would have been out of work, so Always plan for rain, I always carry an umbrella, I always I assume that Longer harder more so,
so then I think it's going to be because that does it hurt me. You planning for a worst case scenario and not in an anxious way, but just like we're. Just be thoughtful about, those on we're just gonna have a plan You doing that can only benefit you. It will never hurt you to plan ahead. Only hurts us when we assume that it's gonna be something the front and then were surprised. So what When it comes to your house, you have to be thoughtful about like this. Isn't a temporary you know what it is I just had. I a thought, people are treating quarantine like they treat the holidays. I'll get a hold on less enemy Some of you are treating this quarantine like you tree Thanksgiving Panic
Christmas New Year's and you keep telling yourself come- Thursday. I'll change you keep telling yourself come. Corns in being over then I'll get. Actual routine. What you I realise is that you are robbing yourself of all of the motivation of all of the habit of all of the power you are where are we allowed in your own foundation right now in real time and then expecting do. You want me about what a switch a month from now or six weeks from now and go back to being the person you wanna be guys who who is having an aha moment as open whose Avenant Oprah aha moment of with OPEC. That's what I've been doing. I You tell him myself that when this offers back then we get back into my routine, but The problem is that you will not. You will have no foundation for routine because You have a road id!
the fact that you take in the actually evoking. Don't you? U one loved your chance. Of having, though, and the habits and no rituals set into a sequence where you can do it every day. You pulled that opportunity away from yourself, because you you say in Sunday, you're gonna get back to it. Here's a message from our sponsor Zapruder right now we cannot be overwhelmed. We have to work to keep our loved ones safe and protect our communities. We have to work to stay strong to stay connected to stay focused. We have to work to inspire, to innovate, to build new solutions, but for all of this to work, we have to work together at zip recruiter. We connect employers and people every day
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rise to get twenty percent off your first order, secure dot com, slash rise. Why I think it's really interesting. I was looking at the book this morning right over again. Girl stop apologizing and I'm going to I'm going to read you a little snippet from this guy, but one of the sea that I think is so interesting about the advice that I'm offering you guys the things that anti it's the same stuff I have been teaching for years I'm not telling you to do anything different right, I'm not telling you to change it. I am saying that those habits and those routines and those rituals matter now more than they ever have before.
They matter now more than they ever have before, because now you are in a time of crisis. Now you are in a space where the world is coming out. You it is not. Can you be the person you want to be when life is easy, it can you be the person that you want to be when life the old like a giant! Kick the crowd! Buddy! You will you a work from home with little kids right when you're trying to figure out how to get a new job, because you ve lost yours that when your habits in your genes matter, woman ever some day, does not play into this Who can now wait for some day. You cannot hold out for like. Oh, I got some might That happens then. No right now is all you have right now, the letter we all you got this like you I don't know what to do. I don't know the answer. Good
to what you know works and if you don't know what works. These are the things that work for me. Ok, here we go. I spent years talking to women about how to reach for growth without realising that many of them didn't have a strong foundation to keep up with their goals. If they were motivated the truth. It doesn't matter. If your motivated to achieve a goal, it doesn't matter if your motivated to try and keep thriving in a quarantine right, doesn't matter, if you're motivated to achievable, if your day to day life, going to sabotage you before you get very far. Is a lack of foundation. And it's not is something I put a name to until I started to dig into the reasons that women would list for why they were having so much trouble. The things we
in place before we can pursue our dreams are not what we often think up in relation to success right now, you're, not thinking of those foundational habits as the key to your success in this quarantine but I swear to you, though Habits are, thing that centres you every day that makes you feel combat, lowers your stress like they matter. If we don't have found elements squared away on France and reach before anything else can feel like it's too much of a longshot. We have to do the necessary initial work. If we're going to move forward in other ways, we need to say ourselves up for success, think about it. This way, you're like a base this one time it! I thought it was the greatest analogy ever imagine that you are a glass base and you are standing up tall. And someone is pouring water into you, the base, and in that
Pitcher of water that's being poured into the bay is everything that you could possibly need to survive. Ok, I want you to imagine I now man, woman, whoever's watching this. Imagine yourself as a base and guy the universe, however, you perceive that is pouring water into your base and everything that you need it It's strength that you need to survive this quarantine. It's love, it's hope. It's it's harm is peace is Brave encourage like everything right, ok, so You asked the glass base are filled with life and energy and nutrients and love enjoy all the good things, but as well We often dont think about ourselves as much as we worry about everyone else. We try and lean over weak. Our dates forward and backward and sighed decides that the good things that are in us,
bill out on others around us. We give a little to our children. We give a little too, are coworkers, here's some more for our parents, your son for our neighbours or our friends. We keep tipping ourselves over. We took a little bit here. We still a little bit there and eventually ya what happens to a glass base if. Space keeps tripping over in every direction. What will eventually happen? It will shatter Some of you are on the very edge of shattering right now, because you have poured out so much of yourself. You are at the very bottom, but here's the deal, If you are a glass base. And you stood tall and proud. And you allowed the goodness
the flow into you allowed the community of people. You allowed you're here right now right now. I hope you are getting something put into your base. You getting filled up you having something good poured into you right You just stay on their ta I proud and strong, and you allow the water to be poured into you. What happened to the water in the base it with bill over the size onto everyone around you. See you keep giving everything you ve got everybody else, and then Europe I too feel yourself up with alcohol. How to fill the hall. That's inside of you with food. Fill that hall with pearls. For cigarettes. Or zoning out,
for some of you consumption is not the problem for some of you avoidances the problem right. Have to develop habits that every single day serve and enrich you and give to your spirit because if you do that, then you will be strong for yourself and if you are strong for yourself, then you can don't be sorry for others, look. I know that some of you in this are how, if I had for your family but I also understand that there are people here who have businesses and their extremely worried about the financial implications of what's happening? There worry not just for their own family, but their word for their teams. You I've got to be strong enough and the answer of being for other people is the opposite of what you think. You think this Ranks among others, is giving them your strength
for others, you being strong enough to lead them? to tell them that it's gonna be ok, to have the confidence to know what's next, and that won't happen if you won't take care of yourself. So here are some of the things that I do five every day, if you were in our community, you know this. During our next ninety day challenge. You know this team and ask if you wouldn't mind, will you please think out to them the five to drive? I mean the next ninety sign up so that they can get involved if they want to its totally free, but it's the fighting but I do every single day and you're gonna be like Rachel, what the heck those five things have to do with quarantine, nothing. They have everything to do with you and you are inside it. This crisis, and you are the only hope that you have so you I've got to take care of yourself, and these are five things and they are very simple: bouquets
The first thing that I do every single day, it's so simple: it is so simple in quarantine. You guys have no excuse! I love you. You have no excuse every single day I drink. We tell you to drink have, your body weight in ounces of water every single day. Have you right away in ounces of water every single day. Okay, so here's how that works, and then I'll explain why? If you. We're hundred pounds cause I'm not great at math everyone, but I can do this mouth. If you were a hundred pounds you would divide up in have you would have fifty, so then everything obey your goal would be to drink. Fifty. This is a water every single day. That's your ball! Why so? reasons, one most of you d, dehydrated Most of you know you are not drinking is much water as you should be, and so I love the idea of water because, while it, free
common out over something in your home right now, most likely re so can easily access it. Also when people go to change their hell, usually the first thing they do. Is they try and take things away from themselves, so there give up things that go on a diet or whatever, and it feels depriving and it freaks people out how many new ever gone on some kind of restrictive diet? Before and you do, in fact, the first few days ass, any freak out and we'd everything I That's because it feels like life's, not fine, I'm removed all the joy. I can't have any thing, and so I quit but with water you're, adding something announcing his way easier to add than it is to subtract, so have your body. Weight announces one. Every single day I drink my full body way in ounces of whatever water they gave more than that. The question
now get me my life doesn't dismay gives people there. Yes, luckily for you monsieur and wanting so there should be a problem. The other key is people. How do I try into the water, but I again get them again new law goes up to my dear you're. Really gonna love it, but I touch on this in the new law on you. In Gaza, where you to pretend you're out of that body, and you are that is the only way. Every single time you got a drink water, you gotta guzzle and nothing in the world. The first thing. Is you drinking water every single day this I think that you do it. Challenge yourself you to get up one hour earlier. Then you normally do and use that time to work on yourself challenge yourself, You have one hour earlier and use that time to work on yourself, most of you arc Only telling me you wanted but you want to start a business you. Maybe you need to look for a new job neatly there
things. Are you wander through, I for many months time to read or prey, or maybe you want to get work out in, but you can't because one The day starts. You got people who are counting on himself My advice is always to find that our when other people are sleeping. So here night I'll do it at night on the morning person, so I recommend you wake up one hour. Earlier there are the studies about how so many of the most successful people are super, early risers caught fiveam club, and so, if you are looking for some space and you have the capacity to do that, get a one hour earlier now couple caviar, If you have a new baby. This is not for you dont be done, you're, not getting sleep. You can't give up in our sleeping, not getting sleep just you're fired. Take her. The baby. Don't try do anything new to drink some water. Ok, if you are so that people who are doctors or who are working, you know the night shift or whatever.
Think of it. Everyone find a different hour a day and the other the people always ask me is like well what time you go to bed Rach if you wake up at five, a dot m. What time do you go to bed nine super sexy, I'm like your grass a good about really early. Cause that the only way the dominant be able to get enough hours of sleep in order to wake up that early. So Melanie just that, I'm a night now I can't seem to get up early night out and its working for you Melanie do that. But if you are now, but you are also not getting anything accomplished at night, then I challenge you to consider Are you a night out or you just sent into a routine? We step super lay. So largest. How do I get myself to bed earlier ugh, it's a struggle so you have to, anyone ever have work with a little toddler changed them too bad. Where you live. Ok, we're gonna, do a bar
lavender sending bubbles and they want to read a book and then we're gonna. The reason that we have a whole bedtime routine with our toddlers is because its ritual. That sets a signal to your brain that it's gonna be time to go to bed many of you, are going up it's by time and then you a polite- and you can go to sleep in your mind- is wide awake and that's because you are having remained be awake into right before you expect it to go to sleep, and very few people can do that. So hours before you want to be asleep. You gotta start transitioning herself into that zone. For me that looks like eyes, Ah any kind of technology. I can't be iron gimme on social media. I can't watch a movie. I can't I can't there's nothing. I can do anything that involve tech, because
everything that are inside of your follow, make it so that you are wide awake there. There's their firing, businesses in your brain or making you wake up, and then you got close your eyes in your brain like right. So two hours before read a book. That's on paper start having camomile tea, I don't have caffeine in the afternoon. I mean I'm like a child, so I can't have caffeine after very early in the afternoon or sleep at night, But you ve got to approach this with tenacity, you want to get up early. Are you one get more sleep? Then you have to actually take it on aggressive. We not just casually and wonder why it doesnt work for you, ok, water! get up an hour earlier wing Get up practice your gratitude talked about this yesterday, go back and watch yesterday's episode. Where dig into the idea of a daily gratitude fact and why I use my journal and why it so important to me this tension and following yesterday's episode,
The next thing guys. You have got to move your body for thirty. Every single day, seven days a week Every single day move your body for thirty minutes. Do what you can with what you got where your ass, the only caviar too. This is there are people within our community who are differently able who do not have the ability to move their body every day. That's not a thing but those members not merely. We talked about this a lot they use it's time to meditate, they use this time to pray their intentional about still doing something for their spirit body. Even if they can't Everybody else you haven't, excuse everybody else. If you are a nurse right now, you a girl, you good boy God? You know me if you're moving every day, you guide, I'm not talking to you,
I'm talking everybody else on here, who's in pointing and using quarantine as the excuse for why they can't get to work on it. There are literally thousands. Of Youtube videos right now for free. You could work out in your home with you, equipment right now in your home, you watch Youtube. Video exhibit watch me on Facebook. You can go watch someone on Youtube like there are thousands and thousands of things, but it's an ear. Excuse, like I'm in quarantine rights like here. I have to answer. I can't do this thing now: boycott yes, you can you don't want you, I don't want to go on a run in the morning I love am unless Let's be honest. It's like a Saturday afternoon, I'm trying to escape my kid. That's the one time that, unlike them again, it will get to work out in baby. You watch these kids, that's the only time every other day of my life, I do not want to move my body every day, but at this
why it is a habit for me. I don't question its brushing mighty, there's nothin, option for me. That's why I say seven days a week. People like well done just recognised and three to five thing, got a book camp. I'm not saying go. Do ten thousand pushups icing move your body get your heart rate up every single day for thirty minutes? Why? Because it will the stress inside of you, which is one of the most important things that you can do for your life right now, because it's good for your heart. It's good for your speech. It gives you a sense of community. It makes you feel like you're gonna, be ok, and if you have to push yourself if you're fighting, if it's hard to that work is done, but you do it anyway, you're a warrior and strong. If you do it anyway, then foot rather than the guy you and what asked today, are you gonna? Do that you don't I didn't want to do it, but I did it
and what asked today are you gonna? Do but you don't want to deal, options are endless, you guys their endless, but you have to fight for it. You have to fight for If you want a life, this exceptional. Then you are going to have to do things that are exceptional. If you want a life that is extraordinary, then you are going to have to go extra, pass the ordinary and do things other people won't. Do you, wanna live the other people, dont have, and you have to do some of the other people won't do you, one not be hanging out with me right now. You want it he did feel a calling on your heart to fight for something more we are calling on your heart, you either because you feel loss right now like I do now no what he's going on in the world and I'm scared, and so you just for something right means that
you came out there. Maybe you king, argues what I'm doing putty good, but I want to make sure that I'm saying strong right or maybe Can you take your life? I know that I'm exceptional. I know that I am powerful and I want to hang out with other people who believe that in an in themselves as well. There are lots of reasons why people come into this community. But if you come, do this to it is because you are looking for something and if you want to know the answers for me, it is not It is not one like high level thing is very basic stuff because most people will not do the most basic facts. They will not stick to a habit. They will not fight for that. But that's not us We know that we have to be strong, and so we do things every day to make ourselves feel strong ya, We are doing a community wide challenge and it's totally free and I am challenging you to join us. It's called net.
Ninety days. As in how can we be intentional thought for leaders for the next ninety days, we're going to need our community we're going to need accountability more than ever So I want you to head over to the Hollis Code, DOT, com, slash next, ninety The house code, dot com, slash N T, X, teed, nine, zero and join us every single week Dave and I will be teaching on a different topic, things like perspective or region for joy or dealing with anxiety in these crazy times. We are going to give you so many free resources and surrounded with community when we
did this. At the end of last year, we had six hundred and fifty thousand people sign up and we feel like it can be bigger than ever come together in a community of like minded people and let's learn how to choose our mindset, no matter what is happening in the world around us. So with a things. The last one is so easy inside of quarantine. You guys and there's a very specific reason why I asked to give up one category of food. But you know you should not be consuming for thirty days. Let me say it again, I want you to give up one category food that you know you should not be consuming for thirty days, there's a reason theirs. Happened to this man. This has nothing to do with the way it has now. To do with a diet. There is a reason that I tell people to do this one seconds. Let me years here.
Here's the chapter he's from girl wash your face if you haven't ready yet this is your chance and bold! these books by the way I married the audio. So if you want me sort of barking at you like this, did the audio books. Ok, count the number of diet. I've tried, I I tell you the number of times I've made plans to go to the jam and then blew them off number. A half marathons I signed up for pay, the entry for and then quietly pretended not to remember when it was time to actually train to number of tat. I've declared from here on out I'm to walk a mile every morning before work and then never made it passed the third day infinity. I had this happen. For years as many women do we talk Other things we'd like to do be try, and but once we get to the moment of actually doing it, we fall
faster than a card table after bunco night? Maybe we could This happened because we were brought up observing this pattern, Magazines and tv show spend a lot of time focusing on what to do when we fall off the wagon. Rather than teaching us how to stay on. In the first place, life happens and the plans we make fall through. But when it become such a regular occurrence that the promises we may call very little actual power and our lives, we need to check ourselves. If you decided on a goal, for example, I'm going to write a novel or I'm going to run a ten K. Your subconscious will formulate the likelihood of that happening based on past experiences, so when it For an your field tired and he don't one head out for a run. You will birds, to your highest level of mental training, what
happened. The last time you ve found yourself here. Did you pushed through and form a habit and get it done, or did you make an excuse? Did you put it off till later right now, yours, conscious is saying what, In the last time. Sarah got stressed what, happen. The last time You felt this way sweet thing, what happened like look, I know none of us have ever been in quarantine before, but right now your subconscious is grasping on to whatever example of it have of the last time you felt this way. So it's saying what did Becky do when it happened. What We just do when this happened and whatever it comes up with a that's what it's going to encourage you to reach for you will go to. The level of training that you have. Meaning you will revert back to whatever it was that you used to do unless you fight the patter, so the
the idea of giving up a category food for third thirty's is now certainly good for your bike, but isn't that's not what it's about? It's a simple thing: but you can do that reset what you believe you are capable of. For me, it started with diet. Coke For the longest time I used to have several diet, coke today and then and I realize how terrible they were for me. I my consumption down to one can a day, and I look forward to that soda like an attic waiting for a high. I would remind you that at lunchtime I haven't the afternoon for a path, or should I waited till dinner? am I don't have any of you do that, but that I wasn't my diet, coke. I was like I got planning now so that I know the exact right time to have this thing. So my time. Looking for Do the beverage. A man.
Thing in the you could read this whole happen. I have really bad. Vertigo is very unhealthy and I knew that I needed to make changes in my life, and I knew that I needed to give up diet coke, as I was gonna eat clean. I knew that I needed to do it. I said I decided to give it up for a month. I figured one month wasn't a long time hold out for thirty days on anything the only, why, then I want you in your heart or thumbs up. If this is you guys, the The problem was I never in my life successfully stop to any kind of diet. Exercise. Writing you name it without quitting Or cheating at least a few times, what it this. Once, though, I really thought, through and so I did, and so this whole chapter goes into the idea of what it means to give up something and keep your word to yourself. You keep your promises to everybody else
Take care of everybody else is always cited. This live talking about is that you take care of everybody else except yourself. You will your word to everybody else and break the promise that you make yourself if you said yourself yesterday that you in your work out in and you did it you boy, The promise to yourself so right now, you're some consciousness recalculating what you will actually do based on what you actually do you go see. My god not my alarm? Come on you guys? Okay, so. I know the blowing off a work out a day and after need to organize your closet or some previous commitment you make yourself doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is it really big deal or words have power, but our actions shape our lives. If you choose today not to break another promise to yourself, you will force yourself to slow down. You cannot keep every commitment.
Promised go and idea without intentions. If you I recognise that your words have power and that commitments carry carbonate weight, you will agree to anything so easily your hat. Ask yourself if you really true, we have time to do the same You said you wanted to do your. To decide of working out four times before Sunday is. We is a real possibility. What's more realistic and achievable to commit to be smoked sessions and then one power walk. You'll slowed down and you'll. Think things through. You won't just talk about a going your plan for how you can meet it. You're such a goal and supplies yourself when you achieve it, you'll teach yourself a new way to behave and set a standard for the type of person you truly are Not the one you dreamed about becoming, but who you practice being every single theirs,
Opel habits but being means so much more. By the way it please don't make sense. You will have no rage. I've got five habit, the mayor bomb and I just need to get back into the routine. Do then I don't care what the standard is, I don't care what it is you're doing. I care you can then every single day of your life to being. Intentional, Who you are and taking care of yourself? We are now nine days away from our virtual conference. It is eight hours of problem, Mean four and a half of those are taught by me days, teaching, max was teaching Eric Thomas's teaching at my lad, Jen hot maker, brick baron we ve got alive dj. We got a happy hour with it's. The most spine If you are looking for something that can have, If you need a big deal, if you like anything out of this moment, just wait, eight hours,
teachers pouring into and energy, and even though not all together in the same space, you will feel the ripple effect of this. You will you be in it. Room with this community from all over the world. It's incredible Dave linked up. Here. I want you gonna Hollis code. Dot com is a banner right at the top of the list. Expensive ticket is forty bucks, forty bucks for Eight hours of teaching is now there's? No one? Who does this? Who had asked that little and I also understand that their people watching you dont have forty dollars to spend join the next time they challenge you're gonna, get free content and teaching from us every single week and you want to spend a penny, but have you got Honey- and you want to elevate the place that ran, I want you to check out rise, live one nine days away, you got away. Life is coming Hannibal. I hope your jacket out. Ok, any help for for new moms every three months of three months old and am struggling so Jimmy
on my best advice to you. This actually for anybody, whether your mom or not, I want you all to think of just one new habit that you can incorporate into your life. That would be helpful if you like, like man, I don't know where to start feels like a mass start with the area of tension when my dear friends, the porter filled always tells me that in business, whenever this tension It means that you need a process, in business process is like hey. This is how we do this. What did you do it the same way every single time? So there's no confusion once put a process into place. It removes a lot of the things that make it bill tough and so Were you knew my college student the s or whatever you are. If you are having a hard time right now, I want you to just pick one area what something right now that feels very tense and hard for you and how do you eliminate what makes it feel heart so start with that?
so silly just said: I'm stuck when I turn fifty next year. Oh she's she's up on this idea? What when she turns to DE she'll do better with for herself? How do you shift that mindset Cindy Today is all you got I know you need me to like creature, you right now, but I'm in a cindy, and if you need to like save this moment, you guys that you can come back and have me say this to you then been do it This is Cindy Europe what's going to happen, with all the love and respect in my heart. How many people right now are losing their lives because of a virus the day, never knew You do not know what tomorrow, when you do not know what six months from now brings today. Is it today is all you ve got, and if this was all you got Cindy is would be proud of higher living your life, If you had a month to whip,
another is not even about covered. This is life we can be in a pandemic and you could get a car accident going to the grocery store That's real: we are losing people every single day, their people, Washington, our route, losing loved ones right now, and it has nothing to do with the virus. You do not know how much time you have left and you are taking it for granted you. Taking for granted the time that you have your family in your friends and telling yourself are, you can be better Sunday, there is no Sunday. This is it this is all you ve got How are you going to show up for your life today because promise you If you can't show up today with intentionally not with perfection, there is not. Faction here, there's just the desire to be better, all were asking. If you had shop with that today, you will hear percent chance of showing up with it next year, when you turn fifty, it's an excuse and its crew
and you're better than that Cindy, you are better then that attitude you are better than believing that you can put it off to Sunday. There is no such thing as someday. How do you know Not tonight you putting off. Are we the effort that you have in your heart, even if we, you put effort into still sucks is way better than, thinking that some day magically you're gonna. Have it all figured out your view and just allow yourself to suck you'd get better if you just allow yourself to try the thing and do the thing and be awful at it and keep going, then you would get bar and now. You would be better and six weeks to now, you'll be better still and Cindy by your fiftieth birthday. You would be what a nice people here what you need to do right now and then I'm going to I'm going to say it to send you, but this could be for anybody. You need to do right now, give yourself a visualization.
Give yourself a visualization right now, and I do for sending yulka do disperse up always say I want to imagine it like a movie in your mind, DE. I want you to tell me I guess yet: Tommy this to me, people on here, but think of your fiftieth birthday party Cindy? What does happy Birthday Party to Lord Jesus? Let us be our quarantine by the time. Fifty by the time, the nutrients, fifty it Cindy's fiftieth birthday Party, and she's spent the last six months before this birthday party living every single day reaching for the best version of herself, Sidney. I want you to see in your mind, wouldn't look like whose at your birthday party, what did you wear? Who did you, sir? Where where did the party happen? You ve been living every single day, as the best version of you first six months. What does it look like when you turn fifty instead of turning fit?
and believing that it some catalyst which, by the way, you would turn fifty and you would feel shame because you know that you put it off too long. What would it look like for you if you lived there six months as the best version, of yourself, you dont needed see ya, oh buddy, on your needs a day. Nobody on her knees, a future date to be who they know they are called to be seen. Not trying? Because you think that You try and you don't do a perfectly that it wasn't worth the effort why LA though why is the time One point is the journey. The hope Why is that he's going to do something this is going to shape the foundations of. The world is already doing that with happening right now is shaking the foundations of society around the world.
And there will be people who come out of this experience stronger, I'm one of em. I won't through quarantine stronger than I went into it? I will be. Better Mama, I will be more intense on be close to my children. I will have a better marriage. I will be a better leader. I will have a stronger company because I demand it of myself, and I know there is only one way that I'm going to get there how I show up every single day determined what my life looks like in six months. You want to know what your future looks like? I don't need a crystal ball. I need to see your habits you. You are what you do every single day So how are you gonna show up? every single day as the person that you want to be. Even if it's not perfect doll, you have the opportunity to make since some of you have more time than you, ever had your your more present you're here and even if your skin,
heard, even if there's anxiety there still opportunity, Kennedy doesn't always show up in the most perfect situation Maybe this is the opportunity you ve been waiting for the change, your life. I hope that you will take. It is not as hard as you think it is its taking a single step and then take another one and then taking another one, and then, when you learn a tool and it works for you and you got a great new habit, you add another one, when you learn a little bit more. You read another block and then you you, you keep going.
I hope that our time today was helpful for you guys. I am, and I say this to you again, if you are considering it rise, live is gonna, be incredible. The reason he talking ass does the incredible I've already sort of sea the keynote come in from our speakers and they're gonna fire you up and that's the whole point we want to pour into you. We want to encourage you and where your ass, like I said, the least expensive tickets, forty bucks eight hours affirming for forty dollars around the Hollis Kodak Palm there's different cheer levels. You can find out different things, you being community with other people,
it's gonna be a party, it's gonna, be fine, it's gonna be energy. I need it right now. I only in ever creating the things that I need for myself and I need it. I need to be in community with others. I need to hear from leaders who will encourage me. I need teachers who won't, let me stay here, but who will demand that I push myself so that I can take care of my family and friends and my team, I'm that's what rise live is all about and if you ve ever wanted to go to one of our conference. It is your chance
you ve been to one of our conference is when you know how powerful, but I love you guys, I'm so excited that you chose a hang out with me. I love you and until I see you again and ruining point, I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of the rise podcast coming up. Next, we have our next ninety days, teaching sneak peak right after this message from one of our sponsors welcome back to our weekly next ninety days, chicken, our team is hard at work, bringing you all of the things to keep your motivation high and your cup filled as we tackle this wild hard season of quarantine. If you're not familiar with our next sign, it is China ones, then let me give a little insight each and every week we pick a theme that we feel like will be helpful honestly to us, but also to our community during this time. So it's things like finding joy or creating great habits or
what is truly essential or how to be productive. It's all of the things that we feel like we're struggling with a bit and every single week, along with the theme myself or Dave, teach a digital lesson, and, along with that digital lesson, you get freed loads and workbooks indifferent things to work through all inside our learning portal, and here is the best part. It is one hundred percent free. It was our chance to give back to our community who have supported us so much. So if you like the sound of this lesson, if it feels like it, might be interesting to you, then, head over to the Hollis code, dot com forward, slash next. Ninety, that's Thou Hollis Code. Come forward. Slash N t X, T nine zero or you can click on the link that are in the show notes. Wherever you listen to this protest,
Quarantine is like Vegas say with me for a minute like there's gonna make that, It is like figures like environment, a vague yes and you at sea daylight, so you don't know if it's daytime is it night time it's like everything runs together. It all sort of starting to run together for me, which is why we need to be organised so very small thing you guys so much for joining the challenge. I hope they you're getting us how out of this. I hope that your finding it really helpful and that were giving you some tools in some. Tactics in some ways of thinking that are helping you during this time. As always, the challenge is totally free. So our only ask is that if it is helpful to you that you will share it in your community, meaning put it on your social in my ears, stir. They will be able to access all the classes we already taught so no matter when they signed up. They have access to learning Porto, but this week I
wanted to talk about organization, because, as I was laying out the programming for what we do together and next time you days, I I felt like this. One is really important, because I mean I feel like it matters all of the time. When the world fills out of control you have to based on what you are capable of affecting so fever, heard the serenity prayer says? Gran me the strength to change the things it cannot accept and accept the things I cannot and the wisdom to know the difference. So why are the things in your life right now that you can control that you can effect. If you are important or hear essential worker or the world feels like it's in chaos and every single week. The news gets worse and worse. If that's what it feels like. To you, what can you a fact where you can affect your personal space ray you can affect? What's going on, here you can affect what's goin on here and that I want to talk. I want to talk about three kinds of organization today:
Organizing a personal space, organizing your thoughts And organizing your direction so three different completely different things. They give you tactics, intervals on each one of them let's go ahead and dig into this idea. So far, Let's talk about your personal space. I know about you all that I have been organizing more cleaning more. You know, oh maybe this is the time to get myself some new kitchen, towels or like by a candle for my home. I feel like I'm feathering my NASS. I've hung pictures that I've been meaning to hang up forever. I'm using this time to be productive, and indeed, productive around the house, because that's where we are at we are here. We are at home, we are using. This has more than we ever have before, and so the feels important to make sure that we're taking care of it and it's important that your home, your apartment, your car, whatever your own personal spaces, its impact
in fact it is organised, because our space is a visit. Manifestly manifestation of what's going on in our heart me say it again the space around. You is a physical manifestation of what's going on in your heart now, I can tell you this is sure my desk is absolutely in saying it's come with things there's two computers, their issues. Here I mean no issues are on the ground. I am kind of crazy. About my work, space being clean and organize because in the entirety of my career, I have always felt like if my space wasn't clean. It made me feel crazy and only we wrong. This makes me feel crazy, but work does feel insane right now. It feels intends it feels like I'm going a million miles an hour. It feels like I am the most
Active I've ever been, and yet I get to the end of every day. It oh like gosh, like there's still so much to do tomorrow. I think a lot of small business owners feel like I do right now, because we're trying make sure that we can stay afloat regardless of what is happening in the world around us, so well, I tell you that yours, space is a physical manifestation of what's Goin on your heart. That's it entirely accurate to what's going on. In my heart, as it pertains to business now, if you walked out into the rest of my house right now, you would see a kitchen that is immaculate. You would see a pantry that is organise. You would see a bed that is made. You would see clean House be. In my home. I feel All settled I feel centred, I feel like in my nest, in a way that I have never been before. So it is very clear to me where I feel, like things, feel chaotic, and I know for a fact that if I finish this video with you in a clean up this office, so it's Friday afternoon at the end of it
hey. If I take the time when I take the time to clean up this office before and we use I promise you that it will give me a sense of peace, not only that, but when I come back in here on Monday morning, I'm going to feel like I'm ready to go like I'm. Not walking into chaos so the reason I care so much about your physical space is because it's an easy hack too. Make yourself be com, I wrote a book. That's right, get out of your own way. Sceptics guide to growth in the and it's a book I wrote, and it is out in the world, come on now the book is a story of twenty lies that I once believed that in believing them kept me from being the best Myself had me stuck me not showing up as the husband Rachel deserves, or the father I hope to be in uncovering the truth that made these lies unbelievable, I was
to get out of my own way. Try to in talking through what took to see the truth in what I was believing do so really really honest storytelling and in this retailing hope that you will be able to see yourself in some of those stories and you do maybe take summit tips. I offer, at the end of each chapter to help you on stock or keep you out of your own way. The book is reliable anywhere that books are sold. If you like, and of me reading. Guess what I the audio version for audible, but there are, so many great options that exist at retail. It is literally literally literally available ever you're out of your own way, sceptics guide to growth in fulfilment grab your copy today.
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