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155: Rob Lowe Stops By to Literally Talk About All The Things


I can't believe I'm even saying this, but Rob Lowe - you know, St Elmo's Fire, The West Wing, Park and Rec, THAT ROB LOWE - chatted with me about everything from facing the fear of failure to how to accept your kids' dreams, to what the heck is an enneagram test. I had so much fun chatting with him, and I think you'll have fun listening to this episode. And hey, if you like it, Rob has a new podcast out called Literally! that you should subscribe to like, literally right now.


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Two of my very best friends are launching a podcast with us! It's called Everyday Lesbians, and it's like sitting down with a couple of your best friends to chat about all the things: funny things, hard things, movie things, things we don't totally understand (like TikTok???). Join Beans and Sami every week for a bit of fun, and listen to the trailer here: https://bit.ly/EvLpodcast

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The presenting sponsor of Rice is the procurator, zip recruiter The smartest way to hire this week on the podcast I got to do something really cool. I got to sit down with actor author long time, personality rob low, which honest he made me, feel pretty cool and I'm gonna lie made me feel pretty cool and our conversation ended up being so much more insightful and fine and enjoyable. Then I thought it would be so I hope that you enjoy this conversation and I hope that you get as much out of it, as I did here, is my talk with Rob low hello rob. Well, I absolutely crazy to be speaking with you. I feel like I'm to start with the fact that
thirteen year old, has watched parks and rat or times straight through Lou. Yes, so this is the coolest better ever been in my entire life to him. So that's it where we can start no, even so many other things in your career, but Jackson Hollis thinks I'm cool. Could I get to talk dear. So that's that's making me feel happy today. First, Jackson. Hollis has very cool name. Yes, he does Jackson Hollis has big and store with a name like that. I love you. I love that he loves parks and of these the is that young and that that show speaks how my eye it. It just makes me so happy when the young women neighbours, the old man makes me right happy. I Rachel Hollis and I've
held a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma and the free information I found on the internet in the fifteen years that I've been building and scaling? My company, I have become deeply passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to do the same so each week, I'll be sharing tangible and tactical advice and inspiring interviews with the same intention. These are the tool, to change your life and your business? This is the rice podcast AL you, you know talking where all the different things that you ve done am I find it really interesting year. You have applied CAS now remain in your career. You, then, obviously in so many different forms of media talk about time
seeing and why that something that you're doing now. Well, so it's it's, I I think authentic and. Logical extension of a price does that started when I wrote my first memoir and I really enjoyed sort of just communicating who I really am and in it became a best seller and I wrote a second one and it became a best seller and then in instead of writing a third book I created a one. Man show that I towards country with and love that experience, and so a podcast felt like a net. Natural progression of that that also, let me Let us find my natural curiosity about other people and I'm really blessed to have access to some really incredible people, a lot of whom army
friends, but not all of them and so that the people that I've been able to talk to you in a way that no one else is really going to be able to talk to you. For example, this week it will be one of petrol, I've been going to choose two years old and crashing in my guest room when she was, debating on what agency she wanted to sign with and if she should drop out of universities state of Santa Barbara soak. It is just that spyware image and loving it the time in my life and the response has been surpassed. My wildest expectations, I'm a blast in this space. No wonder you love it. So much did Yeah One of the things that strike me in listening to the show so far is that you seem now. You are an actor. Sorry service could be something that you are. It could be an effect you seem genuinely curious. You see you striking
The person who is genuinely curious about other human beings, what there stories are like is that something that you ve always had as a part of you or is that something that you ve developed over time? I forgot has been curious. I mean I know I have. I was always the pleasure to happen: well. I was this getting the best grades and class, but I was a pleasure and and I think it's because I enjoyed learning a real. I always did I still love learning at this point in my life and I love learning from people whom I admire or who I've always wondered how they got into where they ve gotten. It also just love my going down rather holes and into weird areas. Of the conversation I'm I'm my interview style results, not an interview, and I know it's a it's, not a nerve. You it's conversation but really is true or false
oh down a rabbit, whole, no matter what it is as long as it interests me and I'm in Sofia. People are working at and I'm a maximum amount laughs and fine in school. I always feel egg actors have a bit of a leg up when it comes to an interview, because you have the yes and mentality a guy. We ceiling. That leads to the rabbit who right where no matter what someone saying you're like. Oh my gosh, yes ends this you're saying as well. Do you feel like that played are in being able to have. These conversations can go where they ve gone. I do so other big component that that actors have always good actors. Actors are good listeners, and I'm an end and the mark of of their two marks of of really stellar acting listening and honesty. In those things, are, I think, but also the hallmark of of of a great podcast.
No a lot of people will say things like I don't know. If I can for me, as an actor you mean, is a good liar and it's exactly the opposite actor. Play bad actors lie? Good actors are have to find truth. In the lie that are given judges. Dialogue and scenes are telling made up, as somebody also your job, to lie your job to find the truth in it. Deliver that Ruth in an honest way. So am I think that that's a good muscle to have we're when you're talking to people. Honor and a public form like a talk, show replied guest, ask in speaking about having done stage having done movies and tv now, podcast, I'm sure, there's other things you ve done that haven't. Even I am not aware of. Do you think that that comes from a place of? Is that your curiosity? see what else you might be able to do, or do you think that comes from an achieved
mentality of wanting to see sort of how you can live up to the next place. Both its main cause. I I I do have a very on toward competitive because could competitive can have that sort of. Pejorative feeling to it on Board The better term I do have a competitive component to my. Personality, but but it's also it It's also that you know I'm never satisfied, and I want to find something new and I want to learn. I mean the real to me the great the worst thing the world is boredom like. I do not do well board. The idle mind truly as the devil's workshop, and you know acting a long time and there's not a lot of mystery there that they're, just isn't I'm good at it. I like it, I enjoy it, it's my job always do it, but
the wild factor, is long gone, so good, What can I do that in that world that the that I still learning a time. I know nothing about part. Gastric literally have money I didn't I am. I mean just fine and I'm making it up as I go along, which is what I did when I was an actor. I didn't do anything as a goal will be later, I just got out there, but one footing for the other and worked hard. Got lucky and all that stuff. That needs to happen, but I figured it out and now in. In this world, you know I get to follow my instincts I get to learn. Dont know what the rules are fun, really fear are you familiar with the new ground? The new agreements, Now. I think I'm gonna sell. Any of them is a personality task that has been around since ancient Greece and it divides personalities, than to nine numbers and am always curious
it was someone what their number is undergoing a drunk. Yes it literally you can google at it'll take you fifteen minutes, it will blow you're freaking mine, and then you have your wife. Do it and you can compare your number and hers and how they work together and if a greeting her diary its wild? While, why can't wait? Do yes? Yes, please do itself, but my guy is that you widen to universe, was the tells them on their number, but I have been instinct that what your number is is curious. Today, this idea of I in no way near what you ve done, but I also tend to push myself to you: rode up and now gonna do this thing, and I make this a now alive abandoned whatever and part of. It is definitely curiosity but a big part of it is. Can I do I like yours and could I actually pull this off like because it's the same, if you so
do the same thing over and over you do get it. Does industrial stale or does start to feel eggs, but I feel like you and I might be a similar number, which is why I ask, and by the way that quality is you know, can also lead you to believe. I should speak my own yeah. It's also the quality that can get me into trouble. Sometimes it's like you know. You'd every year, when the academy awards come out, you will see my stupid big face out there. For me. Worst Academy award moments like every is like three years ago. I don't I don't. I don't know, God bless you. I love you. I love you dont know that. But did you know like that things like once it's called your attention? You'll now see it every five so got there We hope to do a song and dance numbered open. The nineteen like eighty six Oscars tavern many years ago, but every watch every year the Oscars roll out every year
there will be left with an army at peace on most embarrassing Oscar moments, and I will always be number one with a bullet. What happened, what by weight awful, it's off, here? What is to, but it was supposed to be goofy in fine and cheeky in not serious, night there was before. I realise that there is no more solemn occasion than the bestowing the Oscar read. I didn't realize it was on part of the Nobel Peace Prize. I do now worse yet cfcs now now I get it, but I didn't get the memo when I was twenty three and the Oscars asked me to do it and being a good people, pleasing midwestern boy. I said yes, when the great Marvin Hamlet, she's, one three Oscars hers wrote a really cheesy corny musical number I didn't have the wherewithal Twenty three roads to stand up to Marvin Hamish
The games really does so to the net effect. Is that ass duet with snow white who, by the way, the smell. Why or a real person to person planning snow white, the Oscar? also never decided to get the rights to the snow white character. So They were soon immediately the next day by Disney what you never would have happened and that stuff that people really examining. Had gone on end. Maybe without this law suit I wanna get away with it and what people really in the cold light of day the next day went back and looked away. Wait a minute. This really bad. So but my things like yes, but I might like my default guenaud thing I'll do it. I can try it. I can see if I can do it in sometimes it works out and other times your life, in front of a billion people live.
Watching you not do it caught in a train wreck and looking out, at the gun, never forget, looking out of the crowd and you ve been in front of a crowd and new focus on just one part like you, the air is blurry brilliantly blowing very familiar, but there's one person you can t grow up right. It was in that night ask as it was bit. The great director bury Levin son. Who directed rain man I mean at that moment, there is no bigger no bigger director that you'd want to impress no more important person that night. He is going to win five Oscars and I'm doing my bump and grind to you know rolling on the river with snow white, with lyrics rewritten to talk about shovel. So I look out and I see, bury Levinson and like a spotlight on him In legitimately, I see his mouth mouth, the phrase, what the fuck
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I have this year. I was asked to speak for opera on her staged, and I decided that if I may speak for Oprah, I'm going to do it as myself, I'm gonna be the real me. I am I'm gonna be who I am, and so I start by telling what is a hilarious story it is. I usually only speak to audiences of women, so I start my telling a whole areas story. This is more than I thought I would ever say to rub. Love about tampon situation that the tampon- and I do this- fourteen thousand people in the audience- and I like this- is gonna kill I didn't understand that she would be sitting in the audience. Watch you mean give this talk like in my head, she's back stagey eating under an elaborate, never occurred to me tat my hero, in front of me. Watching me speak answer he's sitting there and I start telling the story- and I'm like here it is This is all area and she
it's up and leaves her on out, and I and I know this is not like a oh Oprah needs a drink of water. This is like an open upset that you're telling a story about tampon honour stage and, unlike my in my brain, I'm like, oh, my god- oh my god, oh my god, oh my god and you Jim, I have to go. You know I had to keep our weight. You double down. My head, you got down, you tat is exactly right. Literally, was I'd, go faster, go harder, and I tell the whole thing: giving in my head. No, no she's fine and she came up to the end and the right girl guardian. Two thousand get real nervously bedtime story, and I die like just shrivelled inside my body and still that this is a go speaking to you now. Imagine yes! Every year on the anniversary of the other Oprah content, ray every paper in the country
is a most people who bombed at operas thing thirty years ago thing to think what why you think I didn't only Oprah didn't understand it, because I do not open, doesn't use tampons, maybe ever but everyone when it was very and here's the say you get that Do you know how many actors wreaking wish they could perform on the Oscars? Even if it wasn't gonna hear the other thing about opening, it had been. Everybody else did so. I leave the stage right in the beginning of the Oscars and there's a room. It's called the green room where all the famous people come after they won their awards or who are presenting. So but it's the beginning of the shoulders. No one there since the beginning the shop Yes, I've seen very Levinson I've seen and he did say what the fuck but I've convinced myself live doubled. As you say, I've gone around Elsie and I'm looking at the fuck is very Levinson. Now, there's nothing
right back, the man knows nothing about entertainment, nothing and I walked. So I walk into the green room and there is this in the corner, older woman red hair and she said- and I cannot quite see who it isn't just sitting by herself watching the challenge, this young man? I had no idea, you were such a wonderful singer and I look was Lucille Ball and He asked me the powers to see her and I do, of course he did and then she held my hand and we walked down watched a half an hour, the Oscars holding hands so start very Levinson, didn't like it. Levinson didn't like it, but your ball. Insured diamond Lucy do one guy. She wouldn't good story I mean I'm hearing. You say this, I'm thinking of how many times, because how how long is your career and how long you been in a working actor since
one seventy seven. Oh my gosh, So what is it? What is that is for its for decades, great for decades, we ve been working actor and in order to still be, working actor for decades later? It means that you have had to fail over, and over and over and over and stand back up go again and why, in within the community of people, listening to this, with a huge community of entrepreneurs, an dreamers and people who want to write a book and people who want to be an actor all sorts of different people who are chasing a goal and why? The questions I get most often or one of the things that we talk about the most is a fear of failure there so afraid to fail. And my challenge back to people is always you're, not afraid to fail, you're, afraid fruit, then to see you fail it's a difference. One is about failure, ones about eager, and so could you speak too
people who are listening to this right now about how you have in mind, your failure and what you ve done in the face of it, because I'm sure a million times every actor he's been acting as long as you have has had seasons work it can do no wrong and then seasons where, like oh dang, what's the next thing is to be any wouldn't still be here with a new palm pass and the show and all these different things if you hadn't kept going sinking, you speak to that yeah. I mean I've had tons of tons of failure. I my fur tv series. I was fifteen years old and it was it was is the lowest raided, show on television, not among the lowest rate it. It was has the lowest traded, and you know There is obviously a sharp anyway. I am having post traumatic stress, disorder, thinking about it and then and then from the time. I was
sixteen seventeen, eighteen, I Didn'T- I couldn't get another. I couldn't get a job I just all the time now you know happens in show business with kids with young people. If you get it sixteen and seventeen and eighteen they like to hire eighteen and older, because the child labour laws so in there were people telling me that's why you're not getting these additions you're! Sixteen years old there hiring an eighteen year old place. Sixteen, it's not you! It's not you! It's not you! It's all find a good meal I'm not getting the jobs, and now it time it's your in colour, you're in high school, and you gotta think about your future and are you gonna go to college and I thought my career was over. It was over so I was gonna, go to study film, could be informed, study thumb, and I M there was one casting directed was a very goods loyal supporter and she said just give it to your eighteenth birthday. Guy for sure thought was done. I can get any
Where were you born well born in Virginia lived? oh hi, until I was thirteen, but from thirteen on it for my career, I'm out in LOS Angeles living in an hour ago and for you knew even as a little boy like this is the thing I wanted to. I knew at eight when I was eight years old. Sob saw Oliver like the local. Reproduction of Oliver when I knew wow so kept at it and my eighteenth birthday, I got the outsiders I first movie with France for cobbler, I'm here literally on my eighteenth birthday, yours Christine Lagarde literally. On my arm, but your point about Europe failure and what have you I kind of like in it to the way I feel about fishing like it's like: I'm, not gonna catch. If I don't catch
you think. My first three casts. I am convinced that the fourth or fifth cast, I will catch fish So if you're, one of those persons gonna throw a line in the water the first time- and I catch should bail you're, never the catch anything right and I'm all right You know I don't offered luck our view whatever I'm always convinced that good thing is right around the corner. There's a great you know, I've, been sober now for thirty years and in end in sobriety and recovery. They're all these catch phrases and truisms. The lot of people think are tried and cliche. I to love them love them. They been very important to me, and one of them is, don't leave before the miracle- and I have not to be true and in every area of my wife Is there a long island hearing about you being
a child literally a child and having a grown ups drew. For your life, because I have a very similar memory of my own life. What do you think or having thought about what the eight year old version of view. The thirteen old version of you would think of where you are, and I got it will be. Comprehensible to that kid by the kitten that eight year old new, because he was Didn'T- know anything eight years old Eight year old knew he was Can it be a successful actor now meme eight year olds living in date, no higher, not exactly a factory of actor producers but I knew it. I knew it every fibre, I just knew it like. I knew what the weather was. It was a gift. I've talked to other people who had that sounds like you may have had, that, we're out their products. He's whatever you are. Costs were definitely out there, but even with that kind of
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cross different teams and departments this way of project managing increases productivity and efficiency and facilitates transparency between everyone on your team, let Monday dot com take care of what so's you down. So you can free up time to focus on the work that drives you to start your free fourteen day. Trial go to Monday dot com So Think that there's something really interesting about this idea, because you you say no definitively like you knew as little kid, and I knew as little kid I knew I could. Until now it had the life that I had today, but I knew the action right men. I think that there's something really powerful about the, means that we had before people told us that our dreams were stupid. Orbit before people told us to be safe or to be
conventional or like what I think of for listeners. Right now is like who were you before, they told you to be somebody else where he's running world swim gave you your parameters, because I so predominantly have women in my community and one things in a here so often from women, especially moms, is I've lost myself I don't know who I am. I dont know what I love. I dont know what my Hobbes are and the question that I always ask then, is who were you before you were there mama? Who are? You before you were his part. Who were you before. You ve been k in what you are known for today, because I think something so powerful about who you are they told you to be someone else. So what think it was a bow. You know from you. Let's say thirteen on
What kept that dream alive when I'm sure you have people on your life who were speaking ends in this, not being a great idea, and you certainly had lack about the and evidence that was telling you that this might not work. So what keeps you going when you're, not getting the validation to stay inside of the dream you believe supposed to be yours. A tremendous empathy for this whole subject. Mostly Now, because I'm raising my two sons are entering the workforce you know how do they twenty six and twenty four ok, so there in the thick of it and and you know apparent, as you know, you see your own childhood replayed back to you in a reverse image, as you raise your kids or Brazil, India, and so I give a lot of credit to my parents because they did not say to me while you're gonna.
Brought you here, dropping out of the first semester of. U S seated you this movie a year, you re enrolling right, I mean you need it. You need a degree fall back on I mean acting is so thick and One told me this is an amazing statistic, fast, your seatbelt for this so our union actors, the third listeners out there with there's all every actor you know is in a union called the screen microscope struggling actor every movie star in screen actors guild out of all the membership and I think there's like thirty five hundred members Ah ninety nine point five percent of them- do not make enough money to support themselves as an actor that it. It sounds like an over dramatic stat. It's not No one ever told me that No one ever use that as a precautionary tail. My parents didn't set, but they had no it and I didn't so ignorance was blessed
The man I have. I don't know what it would be like to know what I know and have I kid come to me and say I want to be an actor which, incidentally, finally did happen the American did. Did you with all my favorite? Was he got into sleep graduated from Stanford with straight aged and got into Stanford. The youngest in turn, at the Eli broad stem cell laboratory at the University of San Francisco is in as ice, cooler and then came out of all then said he wanted to be an actor. I wanted to come ass, rich suicide I almost didn't. It myself publicly law on and you know it is inferior, to this isn't speaks your podcast way, He was at the university San Francisco elaborate stem cell lab on these scientists working next to him won the Nobel Prize and
he will give them every day and was like. I with all due respect with unending, respect he won the Nobel Prize. It's not my life, I don't know I dont want to do what it takes two to maybe when the Nobel Prize for me, so there is a gutsy. My youngest son Matthew, graduated from Duke and went to he Loyola LAW School past, the bar California bar first time right before covered and realized he didn't a b in that big law, grinding to maybe we'd make partner get gorget shit can doubt right as he's about to make part. Gullible I didn't want to? Do it and that's not a great, relationship as apparent either to hear and now he's better now, then you know that four years later, I guess yeah
burned out and all of those things and always working attack, start up and pursuing other things, but I did apparent, I did ever do anything is because actings hard man. This is a hard career and I've had it great great and guess what it's hard And it's still scary and ICE you'll feel like I'll, never work again, honestly and here I am not responsible for my own destiny. Really I mean I am as much as probably anybody in the business is exam still entrepreneurial but even I'm you know marked to market isn't everything I'm doing so. I'm at the can call of audience the studio, executives, tastes review, whatever it is, and I wouldn't shit on my children, insecurity. So I did everything I could to crash every created instinct, that they pay simply could have had so I,
would have normal adjusted, you know, secure citizen, of the world, and then one day I woke up and went. Oh, my god. What have I done? What have I done my kids gonna being cubicles yeah right? made so I'm in here I mean I'm, I'm I'm one of your packets clusters cause this. You know this is these things we think of it so interesting. How we embrace heard how we try and do our very best and sang, and others are the friend the other day that no matter what you do you still will somehow mess up your kid when no matter how hard you try and no matter how much you love, then no matter how many books you read, that you will do something that
what they're going to be in therapy and they're going to be like well, my mom or my dad did this thing, but now I'm trying to work through when really you only have the very best of intentions. This is just as we we screw our kids up, we're gonna, do it they're gonna do to their kids, Hopefully the whatever the screw up is is is less and less malignant. You know it is generations go on and we we learn, at each other, but I just think it's part of what what happens? Let me look at it this way in life. I've we learn more from failure than I haven't from success. The thing is the same: with relationships: I've learned more from the parts of relation ships that were were great and I think that's where a kid: that's why we do it his parents buddy it's why it's part of it The dna of wife is were meant to fuck them up honestly because that's where they're gonna were right. If you believe in past lives which, everybody does bud,
If you believe in passing their new believer, there are people who believe that you, your you literally choose your parents, because there's something that you are supposed to learn in this it nation and in this journey that those parents are going to teach, you usually through the opposite of what it usually through friction. Action are straightforward. What have you done? I think that there is something really beautiful about the idea that when you have, the best, in the world or really crappy parents. There is something Were you end like what a beautiful journey I so funny guy just on this commission the other day with another actor? Who has a teenager who, for the first time ever assigned like? Oh, I think I wanna be a model I came on and she was sitting struggling. With this reality, but I think
how in the world? Could you possibly be your sons right and like here? good, dad showing up for them, and you have this legacy. It feel It would be impossible to not want to emulate you in some way right to not see, even though instead, the even that whenever like how I dont know like in some way feel like an honour to your life. They see that it's like I'm gonna, be like you I want I want to. I want to put my mark on this. I want to see what I'm gonna want to see how to move into this space. Even if you you know some of them behind the scenes in other parts of the other day that exactly where I came down with it exists to that end also I don't know weirdly why this made me. We're, ok with it is, like I dont think twice the Lebron James is about when I'm nowhere near as accomplishes the bronze James, but like, of course, look James. The sun is the most highly recurrent best. Of course. Yes, I wouldn't be right courses,
Play Courtney and be, of course, yes white. What why wouldn't it, and so same without like athletes, you know you it's in the deal like, why is physical, other physical, mental, love, athleticism, dna in a way that that that the creative showmanship storytelling acting it's in the dna, you know it, and so you, you can't you, you call me fight your dna for so long and the one thing I did tell my son: no was the dawn. He cannot be an actor way by the fund, which, by the way, today's generation of actors are not that in my day it was like Corona, with limes, Charlie, Sheen's pool. You know for agents, Tollison are answering machine You know, that's really what it wasn't. That's not that now people luckily tat. Thankfully people are much more well. But I was, and you have to be a writer you'd, be content creator Craig Lotta in that, and he actually rights on loan star and my tv show he's on the ranks Tat sends out he's talking
This money is a writer not as an actor at the moment I mean I love. I love that you talked about being in control in your career, you and how rare that is as an actor. I think that more people are meaning being in control of your career and your revenue and your growth potential by being an entrepreneur, because I think that that Something especially that I see in the air. She says, and I hate I'm not making super sweeping generalizations about women, but in the actresses and the editors in an directors and writers that I note that our women and when and who have great names that who are essentially beholden to what someone else wants to do If your career, whether or not they Cassie, whether or not they think that you're right, it's so terror fine to me that you put all of the power into someone else's hands
When did you start leaning into to entrepreneurship? Unlike what point did that becomes something that you realise that you need to take control of musical four things when I saw the business changing and seen where it was headed, and realising that, like the movies that I came up, making are not movies anymore. There are be they would be. You know that be that it would not be a six part, limited Netflix, thing, which is always so right and it's not it's not good or bad or it's not a comparison. Just is you know. I just said that a movie like about last night or seen almost fired now would be a limited six of us. Story about heads have the first year getting out of college, that's what it would be would not. It would not be a summer. Paul movie. Everybody knew of and talk about. We don't live in that world anymore, so I'm you know you got it you you can't be done
the sore walking around as your seat, the comment in the sky in its business as usual. And in our whole, world is like that right now I don't care what business Europe your business, is changing, why any you better be fucking up at night figuring out what you're gonna do to adapt and survive or you are gonna, be a fossil. Ok, guys, try not to freak out, because this is the most exciting news. Basically, ever Michelle Obama has a pot cast. That was me aching. That was me silently screaming, because the Michelle Obama podcast is now on Spotify. The series brings listeners inside the former first. Ladies most candid and personal converse
Sean's, showing us what possible, when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to open up and to focus on what matters most joining. The former first lady is an array of special guess, including President Barack Obama, Marian and Craig Robinson Conan Orion Valerie Jarrett, Michel nor Ass and Doktor Sharon. Malone episodes focus on relationships that shape us from siblings and close friends to partners, parents and mentors to our relationships with ourselves and our health. Listen free at Spotify, DOT, com, slash me Shell Obama. All right, you have probably heard me, and my new dog wit talking about open farm-
and honest we do. I wish I could say, don't take my word for it. Take her word for it, but she can actually speak So what I will tell you is that I wanted to try open farm before I would commit to having them as a partner here on the podcast, and I am such a big fan of the fact that every single part of this pet food is traceable. So you know where it comes from and how it was good. Their food is made from real ingredients. So things like Grass FED wagon beef or ocean wise approved Wild caught Pacific salmon and they add in non gmo fruits and vegetables like pumpkin and spanish, with absolutely no fillers and here's a
hang maybe you're like. Why should I care about dog food? Why should I care about cat food like they just eat whatever? Honestly pet food is some of the most awful process thing that exist in the world today and we feed it to these members of our family that we love so much. So if you care about your pats, the way I care about Geoffrey and about wit, then check out open farm and see why they have ten thousand five STAR reviews visit open farm, pat dot com, slash eyes and use the discount code rise to get twenty percent off. Your first order talked about this for two years on the business side of things and in our business conferences and everything that we have done about this idea of so great always going to burst it,
going to burst. It was good for too long. It was going to happen. No one obviously could have foreseen this black sea an event, but here we are What are you gonna do not like here. In this we are a pandemic, it has affected every business and certainly there, businesses that are killing it view. You know on a girl store chain. I since to you, but for the rest of my business is for revenue is based in line with that. That shifted right. And I had about a week where we we knew back in March. Oh my gosh things are changing, we're gonna have to go and start working virtually and had about a week of having too much I needing too many chips of like all. We have sixty employees like these guy their insurance in their car payments and their rent, and, like all of these things that are required for us to be in business, are you gonna say
don't cry about this. You can figure it out And we have figured it out and we have permitted and the crazy thing about the world that were living in. Is that on ten. It wasn't enough so right, like when we first went into this. I know you ve really thought like well, B, were at up you'll, be back in inaction like in May, write and now we're at the end of July. And there's no end in sight and so a thing man, I loved, encourage. Entrepreneurs were listening to the start now, You have to stay nimble and you have to say willing to to keep moving into keep figuring things out, and it's, like you said earlier man. If things are you gonna keep, maybe put the finishing line and the water fifty times, but MRS, when we're on the other side of this those businesses, those entrepreneurs that are still standing are the ones who kept fishing there. The ones who got scared and
walked away or gave up like stay in it stay in it and they look at it. Look at it, as you say, as an opportunity it I'd. I just comes back to our Eu Glass empty, your glass. You know how full and in there. A tremendous opportunity now am here the other little truism that I once heard. Look cliche that I love is actively branch, burial entrepreneurs, but it applied to me my career, which is why I am in podcasting now, and it is don't just do. Do what you can do do what only you can do so like a lot of people could applied. I'm having a lot of people could play trust trader, let's livestock, a crazy, but look and plant I dont plenty of rolls were were other people could have done it plenty once in a while. You get one. Are you deaf? We feel like I'm the only person who could applied and that's great, but that
that's a west wing that, Sir, that it's a rarity for the most part you know be different, but other people into it's the questions. What what is it that I offer that only I can offer, and I ve spent a lot of I'm thinking about that- and I would encourage any entrepreneur or anyone to think about. Ok, What is your? What is your special sauce? as everybody has it and figuring out what it is, is the challenge maybe it's harder for some, not so hard for others. They don't know that. Figure that out, then you build your world around that, and what I figured out for me is that the end of the day, when I feel everything away the thing I do, and it is me meaning that I feel it I'm good at it, that I dont see everybody do We are interested in its initial that I cannot. I is that I'm a storyteller and a communicator and that's what genius and that's what all of it is dead, but this new
version of myself is pivoted, you say into that because Tv ass, it was, he isn't what it used to be movies right. What they used to be my life shows are all cancelled. Right done, Dunghill, nothing. Meeting great new times sound right right. So you don't. You know what that's like its and over four now may not come back so pivot, pivot, pit pivot and and and and Greece, the pit with your special sauce are you are? You should have a ritual personally If you know that things you do really well. Are you ritualistic about about really focusing on those things like I'm how much ritual or habit play into the success it you have to think I'm I'm ritualistic in my in in my certain things in my wife, but not in my thinking,
I realized I am mom in there and I think there are two types of people: they are there, those people that you describe and then their people were much more intuitive But I've really learned to trust intuition above all else and listen to them. Inner voices upper as opposed to framework Jim, Jim, Jim saying. Ah not my intuition is my most valuable commodity and in so, but by one, a life, I'm very ritualistic every day that the groundwork state level. To my own devices. I did the same. Damn thing every day, every area stands with the fire pit and a cigar and talking to my boys looking the flames than spending time with. My wife then ended jacuzzi and then my hot tea in drink, a nice guy. That's it at every night. I love it could be happier you haven't morning. Retain I starting one society
exciting, I'm very, very big believer in the importance of a morning guaranteeing we'll see what what has prevented me. Historically from that. Is I'm an even bigger believer in sleep, yeah and and my wife, whose genius I rob ten, more minutes, asleep makes no difference. Oh yes, it does so I've got it. Now I have covered the gift of covert for me as I've been getting up and doing all of the people- I am HU. I admire have always told me to do for decades literally decades and I ve never been able to do. It is to meditate and by that I realize I don't have to do a perfectly. Just because I sometimes fall back asleep. When I'm doing it doesn't mean I'm a failure. Because I you know I M, not a tibetan monk with a mantra is a means of
Saint merely means are come to know for me being present my own body in real time and that I can deserve my own thoughts like Lee gives passing down stream, I'm not invest, My thoughts, I'm not going from one thought to another What I'm really good place, I'm not having any thoughts, but if I have I go. Oh, I was just funny. I was just thinking about one: we're gonna go back to shooting nine one, one hell, that's a thought goes away and move on to the next one, and then I have a little prayer book. I do a little prayer in it Where is the same thing? Basically, which is you know, you know me me usefulness world for food, or something that myself and that that I take my hands off. Will you be driving a car about driver and an answer is intended to be healthy and people I loved
safe and that's what I do every day in its way my big cup of coffee and it's been great now the question is, when I go back to shooting rights, twelve hour days, I'm up at five in the morning and I'm exhausted. I might Yes is I'm gonna revert back to my sleep trumpet Everything and figure out a way to do this to a different part point in the day. What time are you going to bed and you have to wake up at five year term? so, I'm alone to seem like nine p m in order. They come alive, because I'm really you sleep is everything when my favorite quotes about this. Is the power doesn't have energy the power plant makes energy So in order for you to have the energy to perform in, there are twelve hour days in your on in whatever it's like what the things that your incorporating into the day, so I'm huge on ritual, but what
Those things that I incorporate into the day that you can incorporate into the day that keeps the momentum going and keeps a energy going for you, because, The power of that meditation, I'm sure, is everything. Well, the thing is I'm. I am ritualistic also by exercise than when I presented to you. What do you do with your like workout quarantine, Sir Tristram Chris trigger? was based on me. This a shocking I do now leave her media. Be annoyed hunting we positive for forty five minutes straight. It's gonna comes a shy when the biggest pollyanna every side, just like all great friend we gotta, be optimistic together. Double I am optimistic and I M a workout alcoholic. And that gives me tremendous people realize it's not about narcissism alone, also huge narcissist. It is about when no one more day, but it's about I'm home.
We feel any amount of energy gives me south and are committed to I'm committed. You like no one gets in the way. You know it. Everyone. Has storm amount of time to do something. Physical truthfully. I know they do in it, and all it takes. Is twenty minutes You wanna tell me, there's twenty minutes less Netflix right, really goods from industry, many lives of of being on the phone. Was or whatever of taxing looking at Instagram every. What there's no excuse! Everybody has it and it it's a lifesaver. There is one hundred percent. Wiser physical activity We sleep and being their inventions. By the same. I'm here knows it by others, as I believe that to entering our that tidy watching the fire me,
We now know fire gave a great call approaches which opens your penal gland. They taught me rather necessarily know what that's all about, but I'm gonna get him down dangerous, hey, men are really wanna. Thank you for the time I want to be respected, even with us from speaking presently! He me for an hour or I'm really grateful for the time so enjoyed getting to speak to you, and I know the audience has really enjoyed getting too learn more about you, and you know, hang out with you again for the ninth time and their career with you you are after listening to the show and they are like man, I don't know rob low, was so awesome. I want hanging out with him or where, beyond the which is called, which We look shorelines railway when Rob what I want you to go subscribes to an endless and in else can hang if you are mine, I'm ones. Instagram you'll usually see me and then you
get to see my son's making fun of everything that I posed, because I let's face it I am a bummer. Is its both mortifying and gratifying to follow me. On Uninstall around I'm also on Twitter, its both rot romola with the blue check. And then you know, I've got a we'll be back with not mind. My show nine one, one loan star back in January and on I'm very excited about that so on you guys are you ve already taken your shooting? No, we will hopefully Go back, I should like first week of September, and are you do you shoe and often we do? most of it is in our life were all over the meaner. If we can make this show work, anybody can make any show work because its aim the biggest show on television, it is the its it the biggest show its ditch Massa draftsman and so will need a densher, the sheer to try to do it for everybody well
blessings and good luck to you. As you all figured out was so nice to meet you. You do this. You are gonna talk. You for another three hours. We'll get you on my shoulder, trooping, perfect dogma that arise that I haven't. I Thank you. Thanks are, but I. What's up everyone, I'm beans and I'm Serious- and this is a shy about us every day- lies the ends as opposed to being parttime. Lisbon is anyway so exciting for you to be here. So in tat of ourselves like movie use in sport, Sammy's watching on Tiktok and also
what is it a guy to make you perfect lazy make the perfect lazy weekend in what's going on, what's going on the news that doesn't make you want to, and so much more comes out with us and take us along on your errand or hang with us at work, we can write a note that subscribe now and never miss an episode.
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