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173: Donald Miller Teaches You How to Tell Your Story


News flash: if you run a business, you are not the hero of your story. It's a hard pill to swallow, I know, but luckily storyteller extraordinaire Donald Miller is here to teach you how to create a bran narrative that places your customer front and center, which is essential to create a lasting (and lucrative) relationship. If you have a small business, side hustle, or even an Instagram page you're trying to get more traction on, then this is the episode for you!

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Hiring is challenging, especially with everything else you have to consider today. But there is one place where hiring is simple fast and smart. That place is zipper. Cruder tries it recruiter for free at super cruder, dot com, slash rise, that zipper cruder dot com. Slash are, I ass, a zipper critter, the smartest way to hire hey. This one is going to be such a good conversation, especially for my entrepreneurs for those you with us, I'd, hustle or those of you who dream about starting your own business, I
down with DAWN Miller. Who is a long time here of mine as an offer, a pod, castor, Anna Business Man, and we had such a fantastic conversation about all the things marketing and had a pivot, and what this year has like for entrepreneurs. He is widely considered one of the most entertaining and informative speakers. in the world and audiences are challenged to lean into their own story and creatively develop and execute the life of their dreams. This is my conversation. don Miller? I I Hollis, and this is my podcast I spent so many hours of every single week, reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on this show. We talk about everything
life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan four intermittent fasting. What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for whatever it is, my guests are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these conversations. This is information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis Worship is twenty slash, twenty. What is it what you doing by so many small business owners? You are a business owner, I'm going to need directions to take that cuz this to your husband and I've been around for seventeen years and anti, dominated by the nine, which I thought would be the hardest years of my entrepreneurial journey, and they are nothing compared to twenty twenty, so curious, what it felt like for you well. Minutes. We all got thrown into the deep end with a bunch of sharks and this year, and I think for a lot of us I pray for.
Buddy, wash inner listening that town it's been eight year, even though them feel that way, and by that I mean you know when we are faced with a year like this, you either side her swam and by the end of the year, you become a really good, slammer and add, and so we ve had the pivot alot of our staff that we ve been doing to more digital pray. dogs. We ve had a really rely on the sales final that we build. We ve had to reach out to customers with very specific messages and its we ve just gotten to be a really tight machine and because we that we were able to increase our revenue and profit by about twenty five to thirty percent, will we hired a bunch of people will hire about seven more people in the next several months and that's a business Rachel that that eighty percent we were dependent. Eighty percent are revenue on people getting on aeroplanes flying in Nashville City, the Roma, so you won't one thing we all found out: how quickly can you give it an end?
here. What you're listeners right thinking right now to follow you ve, gotta intellectual property, business in Europe. Business coach- and I guess you know I run a restaurant. I've seen I've seen businesses that should not remotely survive and I've got a friend it- is a plastic surgeon and Amarillo taxes, and He sent an email to his last sang eight two weeks after quarantine is in an email saying your pride, tired watch a net, works, as you probably, you, ve probably already gained a few pounds. Why do you get off on zoom car with some of our doctors and will make up plan for you in the coming years to you can look great feel great again. Let us talk any just bought years years worth of work and then some other friends might Brian Canvas in Seattle. They run canvas restaurant, which is one of the finest find any restaurants in the world. They one fifteen years worth of grand awards they just want to from wine spectator. They wanna James,
Weird award, you don't find dining is done. I mean it's done and there in Seattle, the epicenter they had to shut down a month for anybody else, the chef they he brought the whole staff a hundred people other and said we are not, can allay anybody off, I'm not sure how. But let's come up with ideas and the chef said I make a really great hamburger. Nobody knows you gonna James Beer to one that year the year before and he said I make hamburger less. Let's turn the valet stand into a drive through. Let's start sown hamburgers, they did that they started meal delivery services. They started with our agriculture farm division. They started brain protests to people's houses. This delivering cocktails, they started they drive in theatre in the parking lot yeah. They have not. Let go any of their employees and their six months in and they have given a quarter million dollars away to black on farms. and the russian state area. So you know that
I say that, hopefully, that that your lesters would would here there's hope right if we can activate and move forward hard things make a stronger if we let them and hard things take us down. If we let them. You know, I think the key is justified and try to look at the bright side. Oh yes, for again for the businesses that you guys are coaching and sensitive taking through Ino. Typically it's about marketing. And what are you doing and how do you tell your story? And how do you explain to potential customers what it is that you do and are going to do for them when he felt like have been the thing? Yes, hardships that you see popping up with your clients in the last six months will resolve our communication and what you're saying to Europe, your people and that the two things that you want to communicate right now. The first is just and grow important and that's empathy. You know what you want to find a pain point that has come up because of carbon and because of course-
that you as a company can can empathize with, for instance, a restaurant might send out emails as we know you really want to get out of the house, but you don't feel safe. We would love to bring a meal to your table. You know so that you can surrounded but empathy. We feel your pain is so important and early on some one of our clients said you know it's probably a good time to go quiet because everyone is getting bombarded with emails. I asked the worst: they possibly do right now, if you go quite you're, the business had disappeared during a pandemic. It's like, where are you and I was hurting and also we send a thing out to our customers. That said yeah. There were a bunch of bills that were coming. Do people are going to owe us money and we send an email, so don't pass just wait, just wait and we know you're hurting and then until that
that shakes out- and you figure out whether you got the money- let's revisited them right now. How can we serve you? So empathy is a huge part of brand building so huge part of being a good human being, I think, and then the others that the other one is competency and that that basically says in this time where you're hurting we have applied. After we have a solution that will help you here with you guys. You know, move and again you not able you're the jam. You stuff like that and a perspective on life that can help you through this. So it's I feel your pay and I've got a way for you to get out of that pain knows that the two marketing messages that I think every business needs to be sending out right now and will probably for the next several months you know, because I think people are gonna, feel a little bit hopeless for the next several months. So we ve still got time to me
People where they are and right now, the hurting, so we want to send out empathy and and something that helps them. Do you feel like you're clients thy I've gotten is crushing their own social media. You, like your clients, you worry about. How do I sell or how do I tell people that have something for sale when I know that the economy is what it is, and I know that people are out of work- and I know like it feels like people is it taking to even offer at their product because times are so hard right now. But I think that the key to that is is really understanding that your product is an investment, that people are making and they're getting a return on their investment. And so, if you have a product that makes people feel more at peace, then they're gonna get it it's a worthy investment for them to make radical. There stood
instead of their gourds. If you have a product that helps them make more money to have a product that helps them have a cleaner, more, you know a home that doesn't feel so claustrophobic, if you have to tell me my friend, is the plastic. Surgeon is a great example and he's got a product even though he can't deliver any kind of surgery does have a product. That's going to make people feel more beautiful at some time or feel more hopeful future. You know if we got a product that nobody really needs and doesn't give anybody a return. We got bigger problems than a pandemic. We got to come up with a whole new business model. If you need a new product, I really believe that from the beginning. You know we are message was if you would have done what we told you to do three years ago. You would not be struggling in this pandemic. Your business would still be growing because almost everybody that we talk to
ed. What we told them to do grew even find dining, restaurants and plastic surgeons. He asked, though, so that just it to me, it gave me this incredible confidence. You know even more of it that we make people autonomy and right now they need money, and- and so that's that's and our products are not very expensive. So you know, I think you know double down, and we believe in your price of itself it leaving her soft leaving your product. If it really helps people, they are getting a great return on their investment and it's a good. It's a good it s. The other thing you know we still live in the EU. Mr Economy, in the world, not the greatest country in the world it's got me in the history of the world and that there are lots of people who are in industries that have actually ground, so our GDP remains very high. The money is being shifted. More toward the upper middle, an upper class and some of them
Society who are in that lower metal and minimum wage workers are really hurting. we want to reach out aggressively toward the people actually have more money, and then find ways to help those who doubt, and so we have ever since this I'd, never left such big tabs and not a big, deeper the answers, and why do everything you possibly can? If you're here, seed and you want to help because it The money has shifted around it, hasn't dried up. So let's understand that there is still plenty of money out there and them and try to do what we can in in the free market to distribute it better. Now I know you ve taxes, as a million times, I'm sure, but you said earlier in a forward plans. We did what we told them to deal from listener. Sue arsenal We're story, brands who have not listened to your podcast, though I have talked about a million times and they absolutely shied already The book
go just can zoom all staff. Were you? Could you gave a set of fifty thousand foot level or whatever level fills appropriate yo of the idea of what it is that you guys teach Well, it all started, because I had a little conference company in Portland Oregon and there are only about three hundred. Fifty people showed up at my conferences and we had a seven hundred room facilities. Are seven hundred seat facility so I realize you know, I'm pretty good at it. Bring material. All the surveys were coming back. San we're gonna, tell our friends about it, but, but you know, month after month, we just have refugee fifty people- and I realized- I'm really great at writing three hundred pages or teaching a class for eight hours
very good at writing. The paragraph on the back of the book that makes people want to read the book. It's a totally different scale set em, so we developed a framework or I developed the framework that help people clarify their message. You know you just feel so confused and you just don't feel like you can say succinctly what people the here in order to understand what you do, so let me give you an example, right so, let's say you're at a cocktail party and meet two people. They do the exact same thing at the exact same job is still the exact same product, the exact same quality at the exact same price. Yes, the first person: what do you do? They say, while I'm at home chef you say you know: where did you learn to Kirk and who have you could where and what your favorite restaurants, therein Austin and Lecasser United Brilliancy Binary brought. You asked the next person again, who does the same thing same quality, same press.
So what are you doing it and they say? Well, you know how most families don't eat together anymore and when they do, they don't need healthy, I'm at home chef. I come to your house, I cook, for you. You can bond with your family stress free, The end of the night you not still guilty for what was on the table. Who's gonna do more business person, one person to sell them. We teach people did say what person to said as it applies to their business, and we do that using a twenty five hundred year old formula that started. Maybe it's over the map of the first place it was ever written down was by a guy named Aristotle, robot called politics, and it is. It has been proven in all of its interrelations throughout the centuries to captivate a human beings attention they cannot. They cannot not pay attention to story, so we teach people to talk whether business in such a way that customers cannot not
the attention they have to pay attention and we ve seen in Europe or first customers are first course, customers Procter and gamble the second classroom virus, Ford, Lincoln and now there's fifty thousand customers later we just see businesses who have great products, but don't know how to talk about them, go through a process. Filter their message, and they see they finally see customers paying attention and be differentiated in the marketplace, so that process goes through ray and I'll. Just share with you a couple. The paradigm shifts you don't want is never play the hero in the story. In fact, never really even tell your story, it's not important! Invite customers into a story it really. The customer is the hero of the story, not you and there's a couple reasons for that. One is the heroes, actually weak character in every story you go every movie, you see the cup, the heroes away, character there, not strong until last five,
that's right, but their fill myself doubt they dont know if they can get the job done. They don't even want to be in this story. There are forced to take action. That's Not you write your strong you're you're, the brand that selling the products EU position yourself as the guide, which is a different character. Story. Yoda is a guide obi WAN Kenobi as a guide, hey Mitch and Hunger game is a guide. Mr me Oghee and Karate kid is a guide. The guide character exist to help the hero. When so we're customers are out there struggling therein pain, otherwise they wouldn't be interested in talking. You know, there's transport a problem that their dealing with and you wanna come into their life and say: look I have a tool that you can use to solve this problem and when the day and had
climactic seen in your life that resolves the trouble you are experiencing, that's what a guide does right and everybody out there is looking for a guide and these these brands that make the enormous mistake of positioning cells as the hero. They lose because when their customers say I'm a euro looking for somebody to help me and then a brand comes This is where a hero trying to build a big company and the council, I'm glad you're here on a year or two. Can you step aside, I'm looking for a guy who can help me right. so there's a way that guides communicate and think that is very different than the way that heroes. Communicating think- and I use the example all the time. You're too failed political campaigns. Jab Bush, his motto was I can fix it for kids. It's never easy to find the right guests
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where I just said she's with us. She would be the president right now, but she said I'm with her, so I think yeah, we want to show up and tell our story and be the hero dont. Do it just invite customers into a story where there that here the story in this ways about them and you are the guide helping them when and ass the key to success, cell gagged and and really interesting. You find it interesting that you are here doing this work, given where you start, I'm shocked the first legs. Makes absolutely no sense at all I've written the I've written. I wrote a memoir that didn't sell any copies. My mother bought a bunch of them. That's it and then I wrote blue like jazz and that's all a million copies were more and that was fifteen years ago and then, of course, publisher. As you know, Rachel comes tunes as we want another memoir we're not why roads.
Seventy seven memoirs, which by were seminars, talents, thirty five, that's nobody should that, and they wanted one- and I I thought you know if you you're a memoir. You are a clinical narcissist there's no Chris not that it ran. just a regular narcissist, not a clinical narcissist, so I have a date and wrote a book about story and how it can I really just road building a story brand, because I done some consulting work with a big, consulting firm, called, Accenture and thought. You know other business people might be interested in this. I expected it to sell a hundred copies to total nerves and half a million copies later and twenty five and please it's been the greatest. I can't believe I got to do this twice. I got to live my memoir writers dream and when that
it's too. There are times when it is time to roll the credits on a story. It is the stories over and try to sit in that story for any longer. It's gonna you're, just your jump in the shark as they say it just doesn't work emotional anymore. So to pivot and start this company and help other people tell their story rather than continue to tell mine is one of the is one of three or four of the greatest gift that either guys ever give me in terms of an opportunity? I'm very happy way. When are you working on next day allowed to say in the yard business my art- I you know I didn't go to college. I didn't get a college degree sire Like me, you definitely made better grades than I did in high school Rachel, because if you didn't, you wouldn't have gradually fishes at the very top of the list and YO. I grew up
home. That was very dysfunctional. Although my mother was wonderful, my father, splits on mom, had to work till seven eight at night, you know- and we just saw raise. Our selves in many ways- grew up on the south side. A Houston and government projects and stood in line for government cheese was so scared that somebody for my school would see a standing and welfare lines. Essentially, at the university, the opportunities were there for me to go to college and to succeed. I just didn't see them and there you know it was a little harder. So it took me talk about twenty three twenty four to finally really start reading, a lot of books and learning and realizing I was good business and- and I actually got a job at a publishing company and within a few years, was president of that company and realized. I was really good at business and by that time, twenty six twenty seven years old. It wasn't too late to go back to college, but I would have to give
a successful careers, the present of a publishing company to go back into to get a degree and maybe never get back to being present of a publishing company against. That's a pretty lucky, you know journey in growing my own company. We went from zero dollars to ten million in about five years and now I think we'll do sixteen or seventeen this year and we're on our way to a hundred as fast as we can go. I really wanted to first engineer everything I learned about business and write a book for that twenty five twenty six year old, who feels like they missed opportunity and so era. I've got it right. the arcs actually came in today, it's out January and January, but it's called business made simple and it's no other rights sixty days sixty daily entries that teach you how to grow a company and There'S- So we have an enormous amount of money, filming sixty videos that go with each day.
and you literally by the book in every day for sixty days you get an email with a video. You read the daily entry and by the end of it you get. You understand what it actually takes to grow. A business were unconvinced. If you got a business school, you stand fifty thousand dollars you you study a white paper on trade with China. You study a Volkswagen, add from nineteen seventy five How do you explain, rose prestigious universities in the world, not just the country, the world work in my organization, and they do not know how to grow a business. They have no clue and their then up their neck and debt. So for twenty box you can learn everything you need to know about growing a business and the point of business made simple the actual book, is to completely disrupt the university system in America that for twenty bucks I can teach you what would have cost you, seventy five thousand and you don't have to go into debt to do it so that comes out in January and super excited about that, but
tat are so. I had no idea you're working and I love anything, that's a bow. Making noble wine, making it more time people are numbered deal, and I say this with respect, but so often businesses being taught by people who have never actually her That's the only business that they bounce is the business of teaching you about, Baroness and its yes, but also if it's the only gives us you ve had a sort of like selling, your ability to you know I'm saying it yeah. It drives me in saying, because I feel like I know it's a totally different thing: we're trying to land your first client or put it portfolio together and know how to hire someone or know how to let some go like it. It's a different worlds, and I love it than its being telephone, actually knows what to do things with interesting about the university system night.
yeah we talked about being a lawyer being a doctor. Universities will never go away. They are very important that could probably one of the keys to the success of this country, but within the business school system, Your nineteen years old, your studying mergers and acquisitions? Your studying you know how to sell options on commodities used stop that you will never do in a million years. You will now Do those things you're, not studying how to clarify message: how to execute a sales final? How to manage people? How to run an execution strategy had come up with guiding principles that later you're, not studying any that stuff in saying how to run a meeting efficiently. You not study how business really works and how not to craft to business so you're not giving people the the frameworks they need to create good business into Christian, and even if you were at nineteen years old, you don't remember any of it. I got everybody. I talked to his business benefit of school, doesn't remember any of it, and part of that is because
nineteen resolved you're, not applying it every day, so what a great opportunity as professionals in our twenty studies and Fortys too, able to actually get a micro learning education where we're getting a little bit every day that we actually apply on that day in our office. Here's the thing that is a bit controversy about this book, I'm really curious cause you're, so smart about the stuff. The first entry of the book says that you have an economic value that God thinks you're priceless and hopefully your spouse, tincture priceless in your kids, think you're priceless. I certainly think your priceless, but the market does not think you're a priceless if your ability to, if you have the ability to cut up a potato and debit into hot Greece for three months and pull it out, you are worth twelve dollars an hour.
Fifteen dollars. Now, that's what you're actually work in the open market, but that same person who can come up a guiding principles that United Team around a mission is now worth thirty dollars an hour in that same person who can clarify a marketing messages now with forty and if you can create a sales, follow your were sixty, so here's. The other point of this book is to actually increase the economic value of every single person who reads it and that that that you rat you started this book. Were fifteen bucks an hour? You finished it were the hundred bucks an hour if you can actually execute these things, and so that the other part of this book is to give the lie. we're force in America, leverage leverage in corp and corporations to become more value to force. The only way to be valuable is to make people money, that's it. If, if you re a view, I said to my staff many times, arcs Aided goal is to become a hundred million dollar company the way,
we'll do that is to make everybody else a billion dollars. That's it we'll make a hundred million. We make somebody else while you're at it. So our goal is not, make a hundred million? Our goal is to make somebody else a billion and that's all think about how do we make them a billion dollars and we'll get a hundred million will be fine lever really nice riding longbourn whatever we are, however, ass. We need a better way, yeah. I saw I'm hoping that people read this book and sharp and work and say my boss is paying a paycheck, I'm going to give them a return on that check. They never imagined and they're. Gonna keep moving me up a goods. A good boss will see that and go like- a start right, if I'm making money off that stock to put more money into it, That's really the only way to move. It is to be a great give people a great return on their best and you and eyes business owners we we have to do that more than anybody else. I mean if you know the only reason: customers
and giving me money is because they want more money in return or they want more These are? They want more satisfaction life and they want a return on their investment, and if we can learn to give people a fantastic return on their investment, we're gonna succeed, nothing's going to stop you, you are deadly. If you can do that, and hopefully the point of this book is to teach them how to do that. I was thinking to that. There's something about the idea of you talking about making anyone who reads the more value but also survive even people, understanding that they can have an effect. Credible value to business owners. Regardless of what kind of formal education they ve out, when I last inquiry by, I don't ask anybody whether whereby school unaware I could not care less, I could not care less and there so many jobs that are so essential to the business that I am probably business that you have that you can turn on the job that you can learn.
and washing Youtube videos to start listening to podcast reading any information that is free, now on the internet to learn, you talked about building had a funnel like something like that is so valuable to a business owner, especially one doesn't understand digital market eying or how email can be so powerful or how you can retarget someone, and if you I'm an information, I dont care for nineteen years old, and you know how to do that. You are worth everything to a professional who doesn't understand that information, because there are so many things that I'm like it so hard fines. Maybe this is limiting belief and my mind, but it so hard to find people who have some of the same information that I have just from fifteen years of being in this industry This is how we're gonna sell on Ebay COM, and this is what really do the amount, but, unlike I be
of money. I would pay for the right kind of person with the right kind of heart. Who knows how to do the same? Certainly, there is a world where you can train that up, but the time that it takes the investment that would take for me is something that I have right now. So I can't here, listening to this and you're, like men, are no good jobs, anymore, there's! No! No, there are no left us british and I can tell you I'm desperate. Yet we are work. We just pulled together plan- and I reviewed at this morning to hire seven new people, and right, each one of them. I knew we're gonna, be twenty five people for every one of these seven that we hire and were not looking for a pedigree Alice cuts. How the sad thing about university system is one of the sad things are many happy things but the is, you know you get. What you were really buying was a certificate that was supposed to give you security and what you guys
we have definitely a bigger chance of getting a good job, but it came at a massive cost and then the employers saying what they realize. What a certificate is great, but I dont know if you can actually make me money and you have to eat, then you have to go in the workplace. You have to prove that you can do it and then that those folks are very very hard to find, and he has one of the things that we wanted to do or I wanna do is right. This book
and just rapidly speed up that process. Because can you imagine interviewing somebody- and you say, ok, final question: why should I give you this job and they say to you Rachel. I know you're taken a big bad on me. Here's a few reasons. Why is you're gonna pay me fifty thousand dollars a year for the century global job I waited understand. My goal is to get a point within a relatively short period of time, a few years where I give Rachel Hollis a tax return on her investment. I want you to make five hundred. If you pay me fifty, because I know you have overhead, you have held care. You have legal bills, you have insurance and at the end of the day, whatever profit you make off me, you got to split with the government, so in the end you're going to pay me fifty, and I'm probably going to give you back fifty. If I can make you five hundred, that seems like a good deal, but now I want you, yeah, I'm gonna do it in the first ninety days that you hire me
I'm going to put together a mission statement and guiding principles for myself in my division. I'm going to teach the people who work with me a productivity plan that makes us all more productive, then run an execution system where we have a daily meeting every morning for fifteen minutes to review our priorities and a weekly meaning for an hour to see how we can make our processes more efficient and actually gonna clarify our message on whatever were creating some more customers pay attention and I can create a sales violence to catch. Her email addresses that move products, because I understand, if you don't put capital which me fifty thousand dollars into engines, sales and marketing that thrust this business forward. This business is gonna die, so I think in the first ninety days off, that, I'm a good investment, but you and I feed on Mine- can sit down after ninety days and we can see where I need to improve. But I would love this option. I think that so much better. I have a business degree from the University of taxes right right.
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in the end the real revenue from that division of the company. Is we certify marketing agents and convert them from marketers who waste alot of people's money to marketers who actually get a return further for the companies they work? For so we have six hundred marketing agents who who have been certified by us and they stay in our community. Are the business made simple brand which will launch January one the whole pack? ass will change the visits made simple and story brand will become a division of business made simple. The the stated goal of business made simple is to certify ten thousand business coaches that take businesses,
education and and bring it into their own living rooms, and so I'm hoping five six years from now that people will say the best business school in the world is in America's living rooms and its being taught by these certified coaches in the marketplace were actually scaling up people's businesses. So we have created a robust, Brigham fact out. My goal was to have we lost our first cohort of coaches, be quietly told people we were doing it and Michael was have fifty coaches and our first cohort. This was only a couple. Together we lost it and two weeks ago that we certified our first coworkers. We had over a hundred fifty out about a hundred eighty coaches go through, and so were next year will do another thousand and will scale up from there, but I just think that you know a good business. Education should cost you fifty thousand dollars. You shouldn't have to leave your job to be able to do it. It's just not that hard to grow a business, but as it is a specific set of skills that you
have to learn, and I want to give those skills to coaches who can teach them the people. I hope among the lamps were further for the art. I hope yeah yeah, I'm getting some with everything that you need a Josh and ask why I'm not MIKE. I just got like happy yesterday: you'll get your bread meal. That's so or add do you always during this big? If you and I had a couple weeks, he's Rachel. You think I was a delusional moron for how big I dream No, I dream, then a brighter so big guy won't even tell people of dreams that are in my head, because it would be the same thing in my best. Friends will be like come down your sister, but I think that the life I live today is manifestly that's exactly. I was driving a deck. Look, I think, your dream, yeah
I've even said this publicly. I think the dreams you have about where you live can go, should embarrass you. They should just be so vague and the reality is YO. You keep. I mean I told you. I grew up growth dirt, poor and Houston, Texas. There is absolutely no reason I should have read written a book. There's no reason should hit the New York Times. There's no reason that I should be running this company theirs No not of this makes any sense it. If you look back on that kid, what I'm living now is a delusional fantasy, so I'm counting well. You know I got about thirty years left on the planet. Let's go for, it has doubled on delusional Bateson authors, and if we half way their great with her. I don't know you don't strike me as a hippie summit asked this question. If this is to work for you, they were fine, but do you have you studied manifestation? Much know of the same
yeah that I've studied a lot of internal versus external locust of control. You know that psychological consul, Phil scientists think in terms we're talking about this idea of dreaming really bag. This has been looked at by Melina gurus and scientists. In quantum physics it like this all the things and basic, We it's the idea that we, as human beings, create our own reality and so for people who are big dreamers that essentially, if you wake up in the morning and you are focusing on future legs, I'm very future. Instead of your a dreamer, sounds like you're, pretty future oriented to see wake up in the morning and you're, putting your energy or your thought process into the future. And what can I do in the future and what are you gonna create and one of those James going to be? It creates and energy that propels you forward right, so not to say that he would agree that
would achieve the big dream in six months, but just at your, all of your energies is going out of creation verses, most people wake up in the morning and immediately start focusing on problems from their pasture, even if the passage yesterday right. So wake up and they begin to drown and all the bad things that have happened and that sustenance in their tracks. They can even imagine a brighter future or bigger goals or something more magnificent for them. Because they live primarily in the past, and so you ought not on purpose, but you unintentionally in the brief, creating the same life. The same circumstances, the same friends same level of revenue, the same things over and over and over. You're living back here instead of in the future.
The ten minute video on this I'm going to send you later, where it talks about this in relation to quantum physics, that will blow your mind the idea that matter changes and energy changes when we focus on it. I'm gonna get way to deepen too. We would like these are my favorite topics, but that you you have the ability to effect yourself? the energy around you and what you are putting focus on and when you focus on something over them, If you do this to your, if you'd visualize, if your imagining or daydreaming are you have your second whiskey and you're like man, it's gonna be so great when I'm president, whatever it looks like that it becomes so normalized you maybe over experience moment in your life, where you achieve some thing that you imagined and it feels like? Oh yeah? This is what it oh. This is like. It doesn't like a surprise, because you have imagined that moment a little longer and have worked for
for so many years. Then it just feels like the evolution of where you are meant to be in that spot. a messenger Youtube, video. Those would I be earlier by a member I've never really studied the manifestation stuff, but I am a visionary and I do imagined myself in certain scenes and and when I was a senior in high school seventeen years old, a guy came through our high school, a kind of self help Speaker guy, he said I want you to write a letter to you're a full name out of a hat one of your friends going to write them a letter, and it's going to say here's what I want to do with my life and you going to explain it. So my best friend's girlfriend's name was Andy and I pulled her name out of a hat, and I wrote this letter to Sandy and it said- The things I want to do by the time, I'm thirty five, because I thought thirty life more or less ended at thirty five and yourself all right, you know standing, I we were friends for a while and then we're just gonna. Last touching on,
Call me when I lived in Portland Oregon. I grew up in Houston, Texas, Elephant Portland Oregon and I said sandy men blaspheme pass. How are you sick, Dunham, so great, no married kids, we caught up she's. What there's one calling I got this letter then I pulled out of when my husband, I removing. I found this letter that you wrote them. Do you remember that yeah yeah vaguer minute she has? Can we just go through and see? What's true, You will live in Portland Oregon. You will be a New York Times. Bestselling author check. you wanna Amelia, now check your end. Just and every single one of them had come true and to me Taught me a lot I mean I kind of woke up is what I just assumed. That's where I was going to head at Europe so out when there is a chance. Java published, come and, of course I can get out of publishing company cause, I'm gonna be in New York Times bustling other someday. I have to figure out how books work, so that's great, you say
yes and no to the right opportunities, because you had imagine what you want. Your future look like. So here's something even crazier, almost every morning, not every morning, unaware lie, but I'm disciplined about doing a few things have a morning ritual every morning most mornings I sit down, and I read my obituary: it's the obituary that that I want to be true on the day that I die so it's all the things that I have accomplished, the family that you all of that. And then I read my ten year plan, which involves ten years I hope to have a two and fifty million dollar company on the way to a billion that accompany it. And then I read my fight dear plan, and then I read my one year plan and then I fill out a day planner and move the plot. I call it moving the platform, so I've decided what might want my story to be, and I do not I'm not in control of my own destiny fully, but I do get to dance with destiny
yet the controlled way more than anybody realises, and I think that sir, and to me that's just then using process. So maybe I have manifesting some quantum physics corner. You are you? Are you absolutely? I think a lot of people do and they just go, maybe have the language for it. I was watching an alms old. Personal Development, Tony Robins from like lay eighty maybe- and he was talking about this- a loop that I thought man. That is the perfect explanation for what you just described about like. Oh, you have, of course, mental work at this publishing house, so he said I imagine the first box is potential. This is like what you believe. Your potential is as a human being right now, what you believe, your potential health, or as a writer, a business owner whatever and base from what you believe your potential is, you will take an action that action is directly in law.
I'm with whatever you perceive yourself in your ability to be the action that you take will give you results. So you did something it got you these results and then those results, the review, the belief and the belief feeds back into the potential, and it's just this loop so based on the potential you perceive yourself to have you're gonna taken actions they would use they move in a platform. You're gonna do something for your life in your business, with your wife, whatever it looks like because you believe you have the potential for that thing, and one of the most powerful tools or russian by we can ask ourselves is what action when I take today. If I believed I had double the potential, I think I do So what I think, rightly If I were, but I'm smarter, stronger, healthier, a better man like how would I changed the action in my day based on that, because, ultimately, the action that you change,
change, your results and the results that you get will change your belief and it just keeps its this compounding a fact that creates crazy, exponential results. So how would you or action change if your potential were perceived to be different I love it at an asiatic agency question it takes some. Did you have this experience when I wrote my first book, the book was published, it was out, and I was doing book ratings- that four people were showing up to your empty and were able to come up to me and say you know, what's it like to be a writer or what is your writing lifeless and I've it I felt like a fraud. answering as a writer, you know I'd say: will you I'm not a right? I'm not actually writer, like one kind of holding your book up its that's what Russia is enough. we'll be allowed for my identity to actually change, and I think, with with all the things that have that I've tried to pursue in life.
it took a while from identity to change as a bustling, authored, took away from my identity catch up as a business owner it took away from my own will take a while in my next career from identity to catch up, and I think that's where most people stop when they, when their identity, that their identity gets. Doc in place and the only way to change it is actually we have a saying round my offices- and we say this- we want everybody swimming out past the breakers. Everybody and what we mean by that is that place when you're in the ocean- and you just realize your toes
such anymore, when the wave yeah that's where we why I don't want you any deeper than that where the sharks and I want you to be able to swim back in and touched the ground where needed. But nobody gets to be comfortable. Everybody has to be just out past their professional ability because that's the only way we grow and- and I think that's it's true- with our identity and yet I stop sand. I my default mode is self deprecating humor, which still comes in everyone's well, but I stopped saying things like on bad at mass or a dope of a husband or stop saying
things because wonder just not true right! That's a lie! Bad at math and you're, not a double the husband, and I think I've learned as I've got an order to protect the attacks on my density at all costs, because my own quality of life depends on it, but so does the quality of life of my team and my family in its bent on me being a competent she, humble human being. Who actually knows what they're doing, and so I think what you're saying is not just important for our own. Quality of life is important for the people around us. Dear hustlers, aspiring Theo's and work a Holocaust, despite what the entrepreneur community tells you, you dont need to exist on four hours of sleep to be productive, enter click up a completely customizable work platform with all the features you ve ever needed to build your business, all in one place, tasks, docks spreadsheets, chat, goals and more. This is the future of work.
Join one hundred thousand teams across companies like air being be Google Ann Arbor, who are already using click up to level up their productivity and save one day every week, guaranteed click up is free forever, so get started. A click up, dot com slashed cadence. Today and I think you know the words that we say. Maybe I focused on this more as a writer but the words that we say have power so much power. What you use to describe something how you talk about yourself is you're, saying you know it axon your identity are especially powerful when they come from mere online when there are just certain those off handed things that you say that you know. I always think of this with. Mines have a lot of money in my community and now the sort of like this joke like are unjust. I'm a hot mass like it's, I'm such a disaster and such like you, three kids under the age of seven you're lying, he's very busy here. There's a lot of chaos. It doesnt mean this,
things wrong with you, and you have to be careful about the words he used to describe yourself, because this again is one of this manifesting thing like: don't don't make that your reality? Dont make those things that you're saying, especially if it's just off hand and supposed to be funny. There become some truth to them, and I think that we certainly believe them on some level which is so well dress. We start to believe them and other people start to believe them right, bright young yo. If there was a guy who came to our what he was one of our certain our certified clearly recertified, he said well, you know, sir, later by figures, adamant so that's what he said and when I tell you, if you, if we're gonna fear that out, you should just leave now is we're assholes be in our community and eaves. Can I you know, I said, I'm serious, I know you're being self deprecating, but yet you can't you can't stay
I have with me anyway. I realized wait a second. You know I'm telling people what to think about me and enforced well I'm just a more on a well, not very good people, your literally telling people not to bet on U Way, and so that's gonna. That's gonna come to her chair and a low, but can I talk to you for nine hours, but I do want to be respect five years younger in quarantine. I will have a whole lot going on right, the laughing I want. I attach uncas I've heard you say this many times, and I am always fascinated by this. Is you calling your shot in terms of revenue, so you're San hundred million dollar company? That's what I want to build. That's what I want to do and I feel like. Maybe this is a limiting believe that I have, but I feel like that is something that is very difficult to do.
as a woman who owns a company just sort of talk about financial success or where I want to go or what I want to do, and I'm just curious what you think about like how important do you think it is to be calling that shot and have your team now and what does it look like for you will you know there's always pushed back to them. Right, but there would never be pushed back to somebody in the NFL say are coach, saying we want when the soup, I wonder when the super bowl
So for me in business, it's like what we just have to, and I know there's pushed back and I know there's there's economic inequality in this country and disparity in her and hopefully were in a decent about that. But I you know I noticed pushed back at Saint, I'm. I have to state clear goals. I just had to say what the Superbowl is and whether now you the Superbowl rang- and this is what we are going to do- I think one helps with that is at least with my leadership team. You know there's something that I want to do. What am I delusional fantasies is at an ice. I say that that's not delusional facets getting more and more real every year, but I start a movement are least a brain of a movement and I'm working behind the scenes of the latter. Really smart people to start a political advocacy group called build the middle class so I on how the middle class that common, basically, it would be a way lobbying Republicans and Democrats to say: look, I don't
either of you. I think the Republicans Democrats are wasting enormous amounts of money to wasting a nor sense of our time, its reality, television, it's all drama on both sides very if you are going into the voting birth and holding your nose devout for somebody you're, not paying attention is not the best qualified people. So it's a way of saying this is an actual platform that helps middle class families, and I don't care if you republican Democrat, if you will support these three issues in these various peace, of legislation, our vote for you and, if you're not gonna, get united and work together on these three critical issues worried about your office,
So in order for me to really make that work Rachel, it's going to cost me personally, one hundred million dollars. That's what he's gonna cost to do that and I need the money to do that. So when I talk to my staff on sand look, this is what I'm doing my hundred million I'm burning. It literally rioting it to make the country battle, and you know I driver a toilet, your honor. I you know, I I don't have a boat when we have a very nice house very nicely, but I think it helps when the money is serving the world villains in stories hoard the gold dragons toward the gold and don't want anybody else to get it, and so, if you do that and your somebody who have who has been lucky and hard working enough and smart enough and and persistence
to become extremely wealthy? Don't hoard the gold dont? Do it anymore and I must give it away and spend it. And then I got economic ideas that are interesting, that we can arrive at some other time. But I think when we want the power and the resources to go to people who use it for causes that make the world a better place and so there will always be pushed back. But hopefully I mitigate a lot of that push back, saying: here's what I'm building his I'm going to do with my money, and hopefully that serves the world in some way. And I don't think over Winfrey apologises for being wealthy. No, never meant! Here. Like honestly, I at the at the end of twenty eight teen, I was like I'm just gonna start claiming it. I'm gonna be honest about what I've dealt with my company. What you know. The number of people employed job creation is something that's it. Credibly important civilian he's dead, there's that we support, like all of those things, and I can see a direct correlation between them.
In that choice and a massive amount of harsh feedback and just as the reality of the world is a gun hundred for ever wider? My doesn't Oprah talk about it. Why doesn't Sarah Blake? We talk about Why dont these women, who have built these massive empires, claim that more, and I think because in order to have that, like I look at some, unlike the my favorite example- is driven Joanna gains. Who do this so well, and I have so much freaking respect for the fact that their like all, just just we're up here on our far with our kids wealth and waken
Do you know how much freaking money the gains have like they Arden geniuses, if you ve ever been to silos like those two are business masterminds and the fact that their just like? Oh, oh checks- oh don't look at our whereby we're just over your doing the Lord the work there there's something to it it thank you can have some level of success as long as You don't talk about it, but for me, when I have this community, that is predominantly women. The predominant we female entrepreneurs, predominantly women who were and high levels of leadership at their companies. I feel it being need someone to say like all this, is what it looks like when you work your bought off any figure it out and you fall down and up and go again. You can experience and oh by the way. Here's what I did with it right, like here's, how I invested money back and, like many years only paid off my grandparents home, like yours,
but you're the things that I did when I got this level because you as a war and you probably want that in your life too, but it just looks like a little bit of a different, Your old friend I'll tell you one thing, namely that I've noticed about. You is that you have this incredible ambition and desire to succeed, but you you want to take people with you and to me that that's the difference between the people that rubbish the wrong way to people the doll baby aroused wrong way say I'm going to succeed and I'm leaving you in the dust Ryan eating you here and people who who say look I figured out how to succeed it's a path. It goes through a lot of thorns and thin. Rules and underbrush. I'm gonna pay the sidewalk and we're all gonna walk this path, and I think that's what you're doing, and I won't be one of the ones who criticise Rachel I promise now. I know that you allow even sell incredibly supportive and I am so grateful.
When the time today- and I know, Sinners are going to be so excited. We got such incredible feedback when you are on our live event. So thank you sincerely for taking the time and letting me ask you ten million question and I'm for sure, send you that Youtube video seek alone all about also manifestation. This book business made simple, comes out, yeah January, but just for your audience, if you, if you buy this on Amazon or Barnes a novel, and you forward your receipt to book at business, made simple dotcom book a businesslike, and we found a course as a bonus for pre ordering the book and it's called zero to land. it's me explaining how I grew a company from zero to ten million in five years, and so it's it's free. It's that we're not gonna release it to the public. It's only for people who pre order the book,
The groundwork on Amazon when they for grandma right now already to book at this is made simple dot com and we'll get you that recourse to ask, and I will ask the protection they shone out, see that's kinda guy I am glad that as well when the ages and an arc soon, you and I believe I, with my version on that now moving my favorite January nineteenth January nineteenth arrived already ready. You know what people need that in TWAIN, twenty one more than ever, when we were due to start in the whole world, will feel like starting over in January of twenty rain right got right. I haven't been weakened by not thanks team as well. The Rachel Hollis podcast is hosted by me, Rachel Hollis, our show is produced by Chelsea Har fish, and edited by Andrew Weller, with additional,
reduction support by sterling coats. Our executive producer is Cameron Bergmann. The Rachel Hollis Podcast is a three percent chance. Production so. My next, it's called didn't see that coming it's all now how you put your life back together, during your world falls. Apart, actually wrote this inside of current, because I wanted something
the owl had red eyes you transition out of the crisis of a pandemic and men inside of writing it. My world fell apart, and this is a story of how you keep on going. This is a story of the tactics and the tools that I have used time and time again, when I have gone through Greek or loss or trauma. The book comes out on September, twenty nine and you can find it today and I hope that you will check it out
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