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196: Navigating Grief - with Minnie Driver


This is a super special episode of the podcast, guys. I had an incredible conversation with Minnie Driver that I had to share with you guys - and we talk about EVERYTHING from our kids, to our careers, and how to cope with all the moving parts that it takes to be a momma and run a media company. Minnie shares her thoughts about what we all went through last year and some of the hidden good; what there was to be learned by slowing down.

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The past year has roots so wild right like hard and good and a lot of chaos. And if you're like me the morning routine, that you have for your day is everything it's how we figure out. What comes next, it's how we practise gratitude and sinner ourselves, and it is how we lay our priorities and figure out where we're going. If you haven't yet built a morning routine. I want to make sure you know about the start today: brand. It is a collection of gorgeous journals and planners that help centre. You help you practice gratitude copy, set goals and stay focused in the midst of chaos and in the case of the planner, it helps you break apart. Those big gigantic dreams in to achieve
bull bite size pieces. You can find out more at start today. Dotcom hi, I'm Rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast ice. And so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on their show. We talk about everything life and to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you. However, it is my guests are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand the These are conversations this. Information for the curious, this is the Rachel Hollis.
I cast hi. How are you? how are you Rachel so it's nice to meet? You Are you and resume says some Lou Harwood? Yes, that was my great grandmothers name and try to use it for all the time. am. I got my son. My son changed my name too very unintelligent person, his twelve, they hated them is: he did that when he was eleven when he was that you know you're not not as maturity is now ass, he exactly how I have three boys, so I'm very, very familiarity of maturity. That happens there. You have three children. I have four children. One of them is a girl. Yes, I know it's it's wild. I don't know where drugs I was on our. Why that will that's bananas
You don't really look written holding our challenge. Thank you. I'm thirty eight and I started very only Data Yak, that's what the girls where I come from. That's what that's! What we're tired to do so. That's what I did right, amazing. I wish I wish Eminem, I'm glad for my one beautiful child. I would have had a ton more. If I had have. I just know it. I start right now we will have our own they exactly a twelve year old boy, regardless of how many other siblings they are. I think, is always a good time and lots of my programme has every prank, every change, the name every like get to the punchline. What is the joke, like all that, so that is ignored actually right and now he's cooling everything micro aggression, but nothing There is no milk, consider that a micro aggression against my milk need a need that they, like
they're, ok, goods out, buddy, John S, bedside eat out. You tell him. Where are you guys based we're in London right now we're going back home is Malibu How have you been able to get back and forth easily? Is up the dumbest question ever oh not, or to have done this whole come on this house. Sixteen months has just been completely crazy. We ve we ve been in London September because Henry said, please can I go school and the schools will open in England, and my sister has three kids at school, so we allow tons of people had should have moved away and they one said there were places. So here He came and then my mama died, and so we stayed to obey the of everyday yeah and we that's why and are actually today I just found out he got into the sky, that my mother went to the I went to that my sister, my aunties, my purse
It's crazy! He again He's like self determining like these. I feel that these children have come in with a whole different set of a kind of understandings about their interaction with the world and he's just clear about what he wants I don't know it's things go, I don't I don't know how to let him go. I mean I just I it's amazing, amazing place is it a school? Where were you can be nearby or he really has to go and see you he's he's we gonna wanna go and not see me, but he's gonna he's night come along the weekends yeah. Ok, ok, we'll start there, We are your nose can be great, but he did say she's there Tom he going to school? He was so excited anyone. when I visited the weekends I know than a one all my time, but I'm gonna have to see me friends mom. So you need to go that if you had now seeking process it by September
you guys, my ok, thank you coach you don't take it personally. I I got divorced last year and it was the first time that I spent real time away from my kids, because now we split time that so there were at their dad have to weaken. They have to weaken that process of those first, like several months where I would just have days where they weren't there- and I didn't. The words I didn't know what to do with myself. Man at the answer for me was a lot of vodka just now. The word thirdly, the sin and learn the new read them? Did you I mean honesty, I've I've serve said this I feel like us. Are this alot recently but lit the first thing that we do as mothers and we give birth is let go of our child. When they actually yeah, we it's it's
grandmother din to our experience and we can't get away from it and the whole process of their life seems to be us having to love. Would like the law. This tends to let them to keep letting them go and he blamed and go into keeping strong so that it's ok, it's ok for them to you not to go. But that was completely absolutely or do you there either. There's this whole theory about this idea that we should have choose our parents as he is coming into the world. You do believe in that idea meet. You may never know how much of a hippie the person I'm talking to you is like a library, the aircraft grandma at my school, we made our and cheese is perfect, but I think the crystal were organised by really well, but have you ever thought about why you think he chose you were? I think he chose me.
His eye was older and I was definitely wiser and I definitely with my whole heart wanted him with no reservations, even knowing that I was gonna, be a single parent might right from the beginning. There was only, I think, wanted somebody gone and adventure with we ve been on this. We ve been on this adventure since the day that he was born. he and his middle name is story. His name is Henry story and a mean genuinely its. I think he's just a story I think that's what it is and he chose. You chose me to pay that with him wow MRS Fourtou, and when you go to school he going into gray, I believe said a great ally he's a September baby, so it was like I had that extra year, his Ex September fifth, and so he does he stayed playing in the donor another year, my twelve year old September. Second, sign on that.
we what you mean like wine extra year, where you now with I value your has he done nothing yet were all like. I feel like I look, my son Sawyer. I looked at him this year and all of a sudden he was just. a teenager, oh yeah. If I got it, happen in real time and we watched because we ve all been here right like altogether and Meum my boyfriend, whose amazed and he loves Henry, whether all of his heart, we were shoot him just he started doing this. He surging that thing where he was like I'd, be talking happy like all overly oh uh. That's so interesting I bet you like said. I will that's what I said: ass. It shut up a war. like where's, my sweet smelling little angel God it's like, but he is
Is it second new person yeah, it's like any person, but I like this new person- and I am like in getting to know this new person. Forgive me I didn't do anything like it set up further. If I just ten hours talk and ask questions and said, let it go where it goes. If that's ok with you yeah, I'm curious, like can have you guys always have you should have been, one place with him or have you travelled a lot as I mean for your job and show you how to travel? I love. What is that without? Like will I basically changed my life like I stop. I kind of stop making these and I said to my love- the Asian than you know. Just get me Jimmy show that sheets and ally cause, and can it please be in the valley, sets near my house, and it was it was- it was a real choice to go. I need I need to be an estate will any didn't know that I've got money, coming in and I'm gonna be able to. save money for his future and I want
to see him, and I did you know the last sitting. seven years were were on two different amazing. This shows, and it was It was a lot of letting go for me of film. Acting with does require moving around a law and stuff that I wasn't wanting to do with him. I didn't I wanted that first benefits I have to be so stable. And grounded, and friends and soccer and pay dates and it works. Amazing and then and then I just I took this leap to to start my own production company and with sold him two projects in I'm making things in producing things. In writing. making music entering a podcasting nightlife. His life is and doing movies. I mean it's, it's amazing. Can I ask just like in curiosity, because I also said I do a lot of different
things and I'm always curious how other mom structure their lives around so many moving parts So how do you do sort of that? Your work, ok, salmon to go in and do all the podcast and then tomorrow I'm going to do the writing or you a bit more of a butterfly that you can kind of go from one to another. It is been just given that you know these circumstances of this past year and my ok. You you're not gonna sit around you're gonna, right a proposal for a podcast and you're gonna write a proposal for a book and you're going to get moving. I have because it's just been us three Unum it where we, wherever we ve been. My boyfriend is unfathomable, organized and Definitely light, definitely land on hand to help me sort of organise things but ambiguous less. If I don't have
need it. I need an assistant like to put my pants on players so that check I just Really, I'm not I'm not hi maintenance, but I am disorganized and unable to manage a account. So my my assistant and my boyfriend, and actually Henry who was text poor on when I first I doing the podcast, you know he was figuring out the same in the MIKE and the whole deal Thea, is it you have? Other people tell me how to live. I'm so excited to announce that, for the first time in over eighteen months, rise women's com France is in person. I am beside myself you guys if you, ever been to rise, women's conference than you know how special it is, and if you ve all
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So I hope that you will head to rise, live weekend. Dot com check out the video check out the things that past These have said this is a life changing event and if you are feeling sluggish, if you're killing and motivated. If you feel like you need a kick in the bud or a chance to go, hang out with a bunch of incredible women, you need to come to rise. Women's conference is the only conferences year. All happening in person. Rise, live, weaken, dot, com, labour to weaken, Austin, Texas. Me, you, a bunch of awesome, other people and a chance to be together in person for the first time in a year and a half.
But I also think that there is sound like magic in doing the things that you do really well and if your thing is not the organisation or the calendar or the beaten by that's a beautiful thing, till I did. You always do that nor leaden new, ok, but I did views, but I did have like I've always known my father, who is who is a complicated and the amazing, dude, said to me, look really identify what you're not good at, because you know what it is that you're good at and if you can find someone to help you to do that, always delegate always and so it's freezing lean times and the good times I will always. I always have somehow found people to come in and and help me with the stuff that I now I don't know how to do, because I don't know if you're created your brain, just pull my brain. Just two
it is a somewhat like that I wish it did. I know people who are both creative and extra. Narrowly organised. Like my boyfriend, but he's frustrating me sort of fact. How could you guys been together? Three? Is ok, you went through a pandemic together now was that experience is. I was absolutely like we ve got to where we were. We were dating, we were debating and we were really happy and we would and then when the animal and we were and allay- and I was like you know up there in the in the house house, with the kid and didn't know you didn't know, what's going to go on I'll, just come and stay for a few days, just so we'd like no, we get settled and make sure that they're not going to turn the washer off and like you know, stash our role in all of the other He did and he just Tina He D never laughed. Ah, has been really lovely. It's been cited That was such a good test for so many people.
of how like was this real you know what's happening, that was substituted fear, or was this lake, where we just sort of messing around and Kenneth. It wasn't anything you know it's the ray? It's been the great leveller without a shadow of a doubt. I mean I feel like this whole time. This whole time feels it feels transitory and it feels information are physically. After just hang you have to hang on and you will have to be fluid and Let go his its. I feel, like all of the extraneous stuff has been cutaway, including the people. I read I you what yesterday just because you always had an now like no, I have we leaned down. Australian, older, the trigger heavily trimmed I'm a little worried as we should have go back into whatever normal is going to Now that we lose what we learned, that
when I say we I mean son of as a community or a society or as a world. We also have slowed. We had to sit down and we were more power, and we were- and there were so many hard awful parts of it and are also beautiful, sacred good pieces there and I feel like there is such a desire to I get back in. to this. You know, like momentum, that we maybe lose some of those things that we were meant to have with us. Well, you know collect. lay Weena and we can never get everybody to agree on everything, but he's gonna, I feel, like there's gonna, be a lot of individuals who who, to bring with them. The thing but they land or the things that they saw from slowing down that the way in which their life was changed, and hold it and then there people? He if you dont, want that, but its we changed
this like fundamentally, whether whether one acknowledges it or not whether it goes back to being unconscious or it stays conscious. It's different. We felt what it's like to be powerless against an invisible foe, and how to let you know how to live in a new in any way around work around parenting. I mean seem school. I think up, but oh my god what's your kids like doing zoom p, terrible, so terrible. I just got like for them, but also have a dear friend. Who is but the director at a school in our life, who taught tee, I knew work, remain hate kid. They dislike kindergarten to fear like on a computer blast them all it was now make I mean really genuinely like everybody. Every putting just had to leg had to figure it out like there was something my mom
My mother was just you know. She was hills me that the last year of her life was like was spent a lot alone, but my mother, who died eighty four wrote her bike everywhere and all through lockdown, and we spoke every single day and she spoke for an hour with each of our children and she would along the river Thames and she would look on. The map shows us that this map and she would find where green space was, and it was always green spaces. You'd never been too and she was in using Annabelle. She was in nature all the time and suited shielded from us physically. But completely with. Havana is exactly what I feel now is she's set of shielded from me, but she's in she's, in everything beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. Now, that's all right
We are talking about it. Without I was sure sure, but it's good cause you there they'll be people listening who going through this too and you don't know how to navigate grief, and we know we'll is aware club to be part of absolutely, and I think that, It comes in so many different forms in so many different ways, and it's this thing that you think you're fine and then you see something or hear something or smell something in it. An incident you're back and that space again, oh yeah, I mean the British not known for their public displays of emotion and when I've fallen to pieces, the street it extraordinary ordinary people just cut his leg, you know move scuse me around and carry their shopping. Let us look away across the street I'm just standing obey and its is actually quite good. I felt, invisible, which is which is not usual sang but
but maybe people recognize me when I, like my god. It's me, she's having his not having a my man to personal letters. Were my god. What happened? Do you feel, like you, have always been able to process hard seasons like this or is it something you weren't? You got an older to like sit with the pain, well, there have always been hard seasons as I know there have been for everybody and I'll, my life is always been peaks and troughs and I did not navigate it well earlier throw light getting really famous into that when you quite young, it's totally sort of mind bending bought. Yes, as like our old, and served walk literally and figuratively ivory. learn to write it. I really learn to just go well. You know this I can do about this. This is this is hard and I haven't in it You know that whole wins. Churchill quiet of when you,
I'm through Hell, keep going, but you have to do that. We will see what the alternative Ukraine to bed and we do tat, there are those days, were you going to bed and eat don't get out, then you have. you have children, especially of the eighty of kids. Are you happy there? You have to it. I think me for yourself, even if heap No, you don't have children. I know how desperately you know, sad it is to be alone and to be depressed, but you that notion of getting up and put it- the radio on, which is what we do in London. Has the radio hairs analysed- trusting, and so my boyfriend is born and raised in london- and I know this about your radio because a few the confidently listening to it- and it is so different than what happens here in the EU so I will. I will affirm this I could remember the name of the station he's always listening to you. I feel like I've become
love to know we ve got the only with we ve been finding some gems. unless you know again, my my dad was like my dad. Depression and all the way through his life, and he he said that just the action of getting up and getting dressed and putting the radio on and eating breakfast he was like. It was just active. He you do just a small things. Are you just do them one turn other, even if you get and if those and if it breaks down, then you got it right down and then you pick it up and you carry on, I mean that's what you said isn't that, but now I mean I feel like that. Is it doesnt matter where you are in the world that is really just you're, making the next rightly right. What's the next week, thing for me to do in this moment, and sometimes it is can the rainy on, and sometimes it is go back to bed again tomorrow like, and I think that the older,
yet the more I've learned to listen to what I mean of myself moment, but I am a hundred percent with you. I feel like that that going through those routines or those rituals to try and get yourself into the motion of like okay now, especially as a mom, especially as a mom. doesnt Caledonia yet I'm seeing you gotta mean there been some moments in these past him, months were Henry has seen me in such a state but always try to eat when the school has kind of past really talk to him about that Greece is an extension and an expression of love like that's what it is and to be frightened by feeling to be frightened by pain and Agnes and if he sees it passed, he sees, you save me This is me allowing it and then it passing and then you kind of coming back to yourself. Another
I was just saying this earlier to a lovely friend of mine, but they should teach. They should teach this in schools like they should teach. You take, teach kids about. You talk about death, talk about grief, joke about that. It's a moving journey, and it's not this terrifying thing that we don't talk about and we just pray never happens to someone that we love. But it's like it's going to it's going to happen and I feel like we should talk about it. He said to me earlier that I want to make sure I come back to you because at such an interesting thing I hadn't thought: is how old were you when you started your career as an actress? Well, you know my parents, I would say that right out of the womb just came out tat, damned change occurred. has Jasmines first array receipt like by six,
by six years old, I was like writing and performing things things that I've written poems the I'd written. I just I wanted an audience like I lie just I didn't need it. I just liked That way, I don't. I don't need. Em super light. Lone Wolf ate like it's, not it's all get it. I don't need to be in a big crowd, people, but boy. I do I love an audience. When did you start doing at professionally? I went to drama school. I went to a conservatory in I studied acting and music and then it was kind of crickets, and then I got. I got my first job when I was twenty two watch was it he read, that's a flannel added at a tv in England, yeah played numerous care does on long running soap operas hair I'll how by simplifying
areas by those that just the best thing ever is it, is exactly what is both when you're twenty being an actor is, I think, is the greatest thing ever if you're lucky enough to be employed, because you just fancy free me down anywhere, circle of friends. The first like big, mosaics, ok, I was twenty. Three was twenty three when, when, when that came out- and it was it- was rising like I didn't mean to move to New York, and I why like went for weekend before them like the movie, screening stuff in those like some buzz about it and I went- I went to New York and my agent was that should probably meet with some cost interacts. Oh that another guy, ok and then I went in and let this amazing causing direct called Ellen Louis, and these guys, we're having a big fight in the room next door and she had to excuse herself from the meeting and guarantee the shut up when I could hear yelling at them the next door, and then
so they went silent and it came back in his recite meet these directors and as I show, but I'm a good children again when, in man and like I get, Mary, Louise Parker just dropped out of this movie, and they have studies using and like two days and I don't know why they gave me the part I was. I was so English and I was playing like you know an American, but I did that right for them in the room was like you'll, probably wanting to know. If I can do an american accent. I just probably tell you that I can say Why do you want me? It is a day, even though I was really funny and weird- and I didn't know me- but they may be heard about this film anyway. It costs me this film, I just I know I didn't care homes to two years, wow, raising credible, I was listening like today like seen your name on the calendar for a while, and that was exciting and fun conversation. We're gonna, have and then
a couple of hours ago, my man I, as a teenager, watch circle of friends a hundred fifty times when there I mean I hadn't thought about that in a really long time. the had a rough and be a chest tape there that there is a time of years had a hundred wishes and you just watch. And over over and over and over it was such like it's such a specific memory in my life, how did with a sort of like night and day you do this movie and then all of a sudden everything, flips and changes or didn't feel like yeah yeah, I know it, it is crazy, is oh, my god. So is it was fun making. It knows they sell just just amazing friends on coming than I had made short films together before the Euro would go on to make a few other films gather column. First and I've been in the play,
for a year that was all my perfect first professional jobs the year before secular friends. So we have this great time. You know- and I was I I put on quite a lot of weight for the embryo is quite, I was bigger to start with, I put on quite a lot of weight to play. You need this. This character on this gorgeous the school just go by the time the movie came out you know I had had strap throw like. I've been really poor. No money for food he lifted coffee in the old castle. a lot of weight. So The movie comes out and they give him my age, zanuck wow, I think propagate LOS Angeles and meat from causing directors, mildly work. I saw it go and like people thought it was the magic trick like they do. They give ask us to the deeds when they, when they do this, they put on the weight than the covenant with, but the women like these people could not believe that the decisive
pain, a sweet round faced moon, faced, chunky, lovely irish girl was now. You know this chick who visited like standing that I quite sort of tall and gangway. Didn't know you sent us a couple times, you walk into the room like ok, I'll, go meet, cats and actors. Are you? were you always very chill about this process? Beatin not nerves, nerves. I think I love we did so many plays at school, and so was it really was front of an audience so often and learned to turn those nerves into anti like this into the part of the whole deal. My PA The passion I didn't mean that there wasn't sometimes a bucket there. Still when lasted a play. I had a bucket of beside the station our job every night before I go on now, however, You do that and then you use you use all of that stuff. Like rocket fuel, so it's kind of is the car.
and which is, I think, those Chris, her life is that its counter intuitive and the things that you think you're frightened off Ah deemed inquired painful are actually the things if you, if you do that you belly up to them describes what your interaction with them is. Gonna be, and you can he's them. You can use those things and again unearthing enough people tell you that that use the things that make you scared, use the things that you would rather discard meaning like are you taking not feeling of nervous s or anxiety instead of flipping it and making it like? Ok, I'm the uses and feel as excite like her, you don't exactly. Ok, that is exactly as it were. That was exactly it. It was like I started to call at some indifferent, literally call it something different. I Lighted and that's that whole set of youth, if you
you are right, it becomes your narrative is what you say and I want you say I think will become reality. If you said enough, I was some lassitude with that. I get scared. When I said oh go, can I say something terrible Michael. Nobody would happen. I think best aim as Agnes like appear the grace period yeah. Now I think I just think of as they I started, calling as I'm indifferent and it became indifferent and then stopped it was. It was exciting I loved walking into those rooms and- Particular people were dismissed several underestimated me. I really enjoyed making them sit up and listen. What has it taken from you to still after this incredible career, and all these years practising this crap to sell me doing a play where you're getting so excited that you're going up of river basins like I feel like so many people? What kind of
not care about much anymore. I would have thought of let that go well. That was it was a few years ago. Now to tell you the truth, I when I did a play so I was like I was thirty five and fifty one now there's a while back got it was so long ago accomplishes. However, I fear I put it in the category of peaks and troughs like yeah stuff, like that. Just won't make me give up like there is Harriet of feeling a bit beaten, buyer and suddenly we need for me when you, when you don't when I dont have work or if, when I didn't have work, because now I got a lot of what it is even then it was like. You have to hold your cause, you just u have to hold. You have to hold the line. You know the limit when you and your creativity and what it is you want to do and you can't zigzag across it. following a worrying about with other people are doing better than you or whether there something you should be doing it sake, beware, you are an end
keep your eye on where it is. You want to go. why have you learned about success after all this time? That I have a very different barometer for than I did when I was much younger men. and my twenties, and when I was really you know when I was back when I was famous Now. I d really mean that, like it was, I really thought that it would. It was so tied to whether things was would deem successful by everybody else, and that is first, that just changes changes a change fundamentally to be in a professional it's so much about people allowing you to work. You have to get hired by other people, your processed by an attempt by the commission is it by the directive by the producers by the studio to religious, I to be the arbiter of what you think successes and
allow to be smaller than you off in a bigger It could be in my life, expanded exe. Eventually, after I had Henry I get ready, it really really did joy and in in something that then work was miraculous. When you start new projects. Could you have so mean works now you have the pine Cason you're doing all of these things. Do you sat intentions for each of those projects individually and say like this is what success looks like to me for this particular yeah. I do and then I have like I have like an overview. with the moon with the moon cycles. I definitely like on I'm definitely setting my intentions on a new man and woman, I'm definitely identifying. What is. I wanted, like our
go absolute. We I man, we're I'm so Lucian low point. My boyfriend is he's ask in a row his eyes and says my son when they hear the acute Oct about the moon who know the pod guest. Is that something that has always been a part of your life said of understanding nature and cycles in all matters that newer, as you ve got older, you know, it definitely was always. It was always there. I started noticing really young I would go. Bananas are the footmen and then there was an end, particularly like golly. I never said any of this out loud to anybody ready before said the people it really turning them but the main Lyman with astrology and ready and really understanding, I guess in kind of our way, nor any told a stranger or you'll get a million dollars, but in this in this idea of cycles and this idea of moving through thing
and the kinds of things that happen. When you know you ever men in scope here. If your menace scope, here which mine is like. That's that's some heavy shit right there absolutely, and I I you know so reading books. When I was mind you tell where you for that. my boyfriend calls me. He calls me the which- and I want I want to reclaim that word. Yes, I, I'm in love. I love love that word in between. the crystals and the moon. And the paying attend, Did these cycles I feel like it's moving help me so much with my mom's death? Is this? resting in in and the notion of a cycle and the idea that that's what every think is an ending it. That also heralds a beginning. It just has to they are. They are both part of the same nucleus to me
and, and the moon affirms that she and what king, in on a map. swimmer and a surfer and watching what it does to the tide and how animals behave around that time gets it it right. It's it's got. It makes me feel part of something widening. If you stubby if we study the history of the world which aware that serves to come into being, it's always surrounding women who have. some sort of power, meaning Ike. Stood how herbs worked understood? How to Another woman give birth like law against things that that then became. You are wrong who has power, and that must be evil and wrong, and so let's do everything we can to separate you from them. our make. You feel fear around there, so there's so much. I think that we still have to unpack and reclaim as far Is that concern through every everything? Ok
sure and generation. This goes back ages in its sole upsetting. When you read the history of like how much we ve been, separated from the thing that should be really intuitive and natural gas, definitely and allowed me Look it just the fact that this has been. It may not always there have been matriarchal societies, but it sort of fundamentally most of the time been run by the deeds yeah. If I were do and I saw this person who could grow a person inside them. I would be fucking scat, I would be scared, and I would go that shit is bananas and we got to rate it in. We got to shut that down and we got we got to be. We got to be tomorrow because it's pecker India is terrifying made power and I and women you know we agreed because we don't have much choice, uniting it. It took us a long time to unwind to unwind that and to take to take back that power
and God knows was still doing it's not like it's all summer gets all done a mean right. Have you. The Senate right of your son. Listening to this end, there there wanting to understand less better are there wanting. Let's say let us start with the moon cycle, which is a really powerful thing to understand him. Would you have me advice for anybody who is listening about where to begin to learn about our connection to nature, as women and how this plays out for us and like where, where do you even began to Some guy walk outside. They go for a walk, providing work, confined green space, go to a park yeah she's off and feel the tat underneath your feet, going jump in the ocean, gone what she said what you tree sittin. Look at that! visit this an amazing instagram account Cool Spirit, daughter that I am so crazy about. She is
it is she cheek. She has a full moon, but book that is published every farmer. and you can order, and I know you can you can get the physical thing. We can look at all night and she has a new one as well and it is made for anyone who really wanted to have a resource, I would definitely say, go and check that out, but in writing with nature is about getting out being in it and feeling yourself in it. I like that like I'm such a man like me, yes, literally before we started this. I went on bare for right now and I went and stood on the lawn. Those liquor right, we're gonna, get centre, transitioning from the work of this morning to getting to talk too many, and we want to be present for this, and so I am a hippie Anna which, and I with you. I, like that advice, it seems simple, but I think so much. The ability to connect is always about slowing down and being present in the moment at your end, incidents like feeling earth beneath your feet, so I love it and you said, Spirit Diner some? Yes right, I'm writing.
yeah like that you're gonna love it you got, I order the work, work, etc. It's amazing, I amazingly well Amazon, solar eclipse on that this week. On the guy. That's right! I have thought about that. That's cells, hey where you got some homework that we need to deal yeah. I have let us in twenty seven different directions: which, for what we are actually meant to talk about today- and I am so grateful the time to connect with you at anchor in such a tree to two other challenges here what you're doing and what life feels like for you right now, and I know you are launching a podcast before I let you yeah. It's some is called many questions and you can listen to it wherever you Mustn T about costs? I will always loved Marcel Proust, the great french offer. He wrote this question It was like a polish came back in the nineteenth century and it was a bunch of
from questions that women to just be revealing about a person, a person and What I did was create redoubts fashion of that, and it's the say. I ask the same seven questions to this variety of different people. everyone from Tony Blair to Dave grow as well, and it and its fascinating, where I think it will. You know a question: What would be your last meal they that that could just be about the food, but how for some people. It triggers something that takes them into a journey back into their. Childhood or wherever it was all they ate it. it's amazing how the questions it just triggered. I like the discipline I'm at the discipline over as well cuz. I'm quite way would I think that the discipline of that it's been completely amazed talking of paper. I love. I then, while were excited, listen
everybody you can subscribe anywhere, you get pass and then on the hearth, radio right right on all, but wherever Apple Spotify, if only companies all the usual suspects and then are you on social and if so, what's your favorite platform for people to follow you? He know. I'm twitter and I'm on Instagram and I've been more de grabbing than twittering recently, but I've really, I really enjoy, I really enjoyed by those both as mediums. I love I actually lie, Instagram ass. They sat hanker overtime at Rio Grande Desert, but I like it right, it's all about who you're following years following it. I totally their spare time, make you happy at such an incredible too Really I enjoy. I enjoy what the algorithm thinks. I The buys, while I gotta, meet those
I don't need those where I live in a city I felt like. I think the algorithm has me really well. MIKE. I do need that matching jump right now. I was so many swims. It's like you should never firearms it. I who buys assumes it without trying it on. I buy swimsuits algorithm yeah that girl has in have any of them actually worked. Thirdly, the algorithm, those Mamma and nobody knows what you I honestly I super, have appreciated the time, still feel that I got it. Hang out with you and I hope that Sunday, when this pandemic is over, we get to meet each other in real life. I'll come and I'm. foment dinner, with the reason Oh, my god love it. day we abide by the Rachel Hollis podcast is hosted by me, Rachel Hollis. Our show is produced by Chelsea huh, fish and edited by Andrew Weller with additional production support,
by sterling coats. Our executive producer is Cameron Bergmann. The Rachel Hollis Podcast is a three percent chance production.
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