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207: Living 'Fancy Like' - with Walker Hayes


You guys! Two episodes in one week? I'm so excited to be able to bring you double the teachings, interviews and information for the curious! Today I'm sitting down with breakout country singer Walker Hayes and we talk about everything to how he writes songs, his journey to faith and trying to find his way as a musician as a father of six kids!


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The past year has roots so wild right like hard and good and a lot of chaos. And if you're like me the morning routine, that you have for your day is everything it's how we figure out. What comes next, it's how we put disgrace
dude and sinner ourselves, and it is how we lay our priorities and figure out where we're going if you haven't yet built a morning routine, I want to make sure you know about the start today: brand. It is a collection of gorgeous journals and planners that help centre. You help you practice gratitude copy, set goals and stay focused in the midst of chaos and in the case of the planner it helps you break apart those big gigantic dreams into achievable by size pieces. You can find out more at start today. Dot com I'm Rachel nice to me ill nice and easy raised along Walker. Thanks for her hair, was
We are thus amended, saw fancy like now I gotTa Valley, where we live on a date. I gather Burma's theories day with some will monitor to those gonna gadgets boozy lying in bed. Hi I'm Rachel Hollis- and this is my podcast. I spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on the show We talk about everything life
and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for whatever it is. My guests are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these. our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis I guess you know asked, are you? Are you is there, as I read your size, the books for miles you just right turns of books. I nine published book day than ever, MIKE thirteen yeah so so writings, my job, that's crazy! That's what I've been working on a boat now, when you say nine badges, but Mamma explode at the thought
It's a lie: cancer, oh yeah, yeah! It's is avoided. When you write about oh, I love you. Ve heard some among CALL Craig I think, that bad this guy he and I met at this church. It's a long story, but we met at the start that I didn't want to be at about six years ago. I was not have not believe My wife dragged me there I was drunk when I went there on a site. I'm six year sober I wasn't silberman when I met Craig laughed in his church in just he just resigned hey I'm glad you're here in, but it weighs where he said. glad to hear, but I knew he knew where I was in light like under smell. Like alcohol, and I knew that I did not want to be there.
and my wife and I we were pregnant with our set kid we had one car. I was working at Carrasco Stock and produce, and planes shows every night and out. I just was surrounded him and his wife. I mean they just loved honour, sometime outdoors. Why open, weren't like Hydra kids from this gross guy, like he says words he's always drinking. You know better care, they just open their house to us and they actually showed up at one of my sons, baseball game, with his own minivan in the title and the keys to it, and he was like. You guys gonna burn. I'm gonna help you somebody it is for me. What can I do this for you and so anyway, need this. we address harm super proud I wanna take it I was I was. I was so ashamed to need that that
much help, and then I knew by taking a car that meant that just confessed are needed help. You know what is I'm just a guess. That's that's better! hard thing for me with faith and cries to begin with. you gotta get on your knees and set. I can't do it No, why that's so hot for a man like me, but anyway I take the car as I drove our kids homer out, there were safe, they have to duck. You know one car when a cop job irony day and always wanted Thank you. So I wrote this Sancho Crag and basically the hookahs like he can't walk on water, but I think you I know a man who did cannot cannot in an hour So anyway, I obviously Matt Lord and down I'm redeem And now believe it or not Reagan. Next door. Neighbours we were literally share our backyard in.
Here, he him and his wife had just been steadfast friends too, as we we lost it laughter seventh child and they held our daughter, which is a testimony lady and are not really that greater community we're getting better and I feel like the Lord's communist? Today Do you know it can be messy at times, but way so kragan our co, offering a book called glad you're here. Where start. It is basically the subtitles to, unlike with friends Brad instances in a just talked about how the love of crisis came through just because he allowed it to. You know that they loved us expecting nothing in return. A meeting. Absolutely nothing, then nothing to gain from opening their doors family. We could be more opposite itself, hilarious, that we live next door like they They got out of school, we home school,
Other biggest used, you know that were completely opposite our and yet, at the same time, we're neighbors Christ and allows a super long answer. But when I last handbook, as we just heard, the full manuscript another. Oh, I get it like a song songs. They tell me a while. You know me. I saw some take hours with some take months. Each chapter was, two thousand words up in You know I would write my heart out and I'd be like this is gonna, be a lot. You know our word who were jacket it below. twelve hundred words, what the crap? I would have asked them about this, but you know The publishing company Moody had negative. so kind impatient with us.
I basically do can have a memoir is section and the crag applies the gospel. Do it's, it's gonna be powerful yeah I mean if it makes you feel better. author is also right and then check. The word count. Do I want to try it felt like when you're in school. Remember when we're going to like it assert about allowing than you would just You were just you saw many add exclaimed, but I was so you're not allowed yeah. You don't use. That is wondering about this. So much that we sums can ask you. Why not you talk? through, or would you talking through the process of how you write a son, me. You know honestly, air every writers difference. I really can't speak on behalf of everybody You know what I'm lyrics first Honestly, I you know-
listen, my music. It really does have a Sandra, but the reason I'm in Nashville and shows the country outlines, because I feel like a lion. Go integrity is is incredible like That's rail, yeah, you, Norman and not every summer mean even the sauna have out now facing it's not that great live you really. It's not we're. Not Shakespeare here come on out, but you know when you wanna get when you wanna get deep, though you want to write the sun. These meaningful sounds countries that, though the place, but I there. I honestly my process is course first it soon. I think, we're the mob. Mozart is but to me that's where they airplane is learning so out. Yeah right backwards, like I love gave that points largest them like I'm, actually write some right now, I'm working on it where I got this calm, the rest of you and it's actually
Pretty funny is about is not funny. It's a little bit is always sexy. If you will, but it's about my wife, when I'm gonna bet on the road, I'm always Smith hanging now known just how existing in the house and she's like you only. Why there's only one thing you know I don't like yeah are watching. Except that, but I saw the hook- is demanded ass love, but our miss the rest of you more. Yes, always I mean that's an important thing to me. Don't get me wrong, but but stopped the account. I wrote it backwards in arms from the conversation like hey I'm on my way home, I cannot wait suggests now have to just talk. The phone with you in here As I only have one thing in mind: my ok, maybe so, miss your bar. I cried. though you know it the others. I start.
with words and then mallet These are a liquid like you can you can start out with wine in enhancing I'd like to hear it, b. I gotta needs a list here. What's my gas simpler, but honestly, because my kids such great barometers notice. If they began Workin on Asylum reared the beats last week, and I noticed some of em sing in alarm in the neighbourhood policy, any legs are singing in the car and I was like that's special yeah yeah, we'll get it and I have always lyrics first and then I just pick up needed the men began to romanian Finally, how the word said over certain core progressions, but it's really as you know, you know creativity is not a is now lies which, like its alone, bear fruit,
I love working out because you can you're like I'm, going to go to the gym now and I'm work out for an hour and it's going to be great Anna beside you. Have you off days what you like, I'm just going through the motions today, I'm really getting were created, but he is like it'll be your day. Is down you're, like I'm, hang with the family and all the sally just gave blindsided by this life. Oh that will need to be this any you just filling in so my family super kind, and they cannot allow me this retreat in. this room and follow, those they in an alternative. We matter stuffing boy. You know.
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family life like if I had to say, was a summit as I was the biggest problem with the? U you being given tat are being a husband, it isn t. Is there the affair that I have with music? You know it is. I can be stared at Laney. See me tell me this often story. That's where I want to listen with all of my heart. I truly one lesson, but this glaze goes over my eyes and she My kids know it. You know that they know it. Why did I get ass online? You know just the ball back and forth. Do you take too long and it costs it is causing truly steals me away when it really floods? and I'm just cause. I don't know if this is for all creative people, but yes, M! Very I'm not a multitasking human! I mean I'm, all in one day and then to the next and pray
They eighty LISA, you can imagine you know, created thoughts, really do still me, from my relationships and now, even my wife and kids, but will forever in army talking to cry like it is down in his. You know he's give me this. Felt the it I'm such a jerk is unjust. sound where they do? No, I'm trying to think of them. Something like more men backing wait like. Let me like Let me just be in the now with this person right now you know, and it is about or sometimes himself where Sir my gown care about anything I want to create. By now, at times. I really am like you know, son, leave me alone. Right now really want to be a good dad right now, what's right so what I think from my dad in he struggled with this they have a sound, a mighty take a brief case that talks about
his life in his work and his love took him away from my family and up really within him as a chance for that and it hurt. You know it hurt to be playing baseball and look were in Seymour alone. All the time- and you know like men, are just one my dad, you noted to see me, play ball in or anything and then I had kids. found music and I was like I'm sorry they're, like I'm good You know I didn't know that when it when your dream is your occupation and you love it is about saying, but is also occurs because it yeah: it will mess up things there. You really care about more and more eternal. Even before you know
linear, like about my dream, but ass, but I really hurt my size is sacrificed right. Yasser anyway, will you, about trying to find your way as a musician at an artist your raising kids you're working at cost. Go now. Will you talk about how like what that part of the story is a lot of people are struggling to achieve the dream and said I want to give up and right loved your how you kept going well, I will tell you this is why our unique individual, and that which is the I'm so glad you said, individual book does does one of the biggest gallowses, I'm certain individual that sometimes I have to examine my motives and, I have to say, hey am I doing that just because, not do now. You know or am I m running from something or Emma? You know in college, never put on night. I would always go to bars and, like seem sort and t shirt but cod.
Everyone else was all our fitted out. and I was like here both fight. These are due care. That's how I cared norms. It's done even in in in music and stuff. It's never to me. It's never been about the it's on never met the Maumee achievement or making it it's just what I grow ice. is what I wake up doing. Like I explained to you about writing. I mean no matter what job had always been furiously. Texting myself song ideas, just because I followed the love, you know, I can't I can't turn it off. You know there were there were times when you They just made me look stupid aunt em out, like my prayers were worried about us. You know because one while I am also chosen, is really unconveyed You know unlikely career, we're having kids with two
which means anymore shoes and we need more food- and I got a mortgage every one car you know and as I am that the deal in herself at the door, really for a long long time with the whole music thing, I spend a lot the time wishing packages last something and I never really did scientist I kept on waken. I write about it, you know or rain, on napkins instead and so you I guess I guess you asked me it's funny. I truly just can't I'm just not one of those people who can say I just check it out it's this wasn't I just didn't you ever think of nothing taking it out. You don't owe me like. I mean I'm sorry, I say this to my wife and kids. If, if anybody thinks is, makes me like a bad dad or whatever, but, like I think, went off when I found
Is it an any just feel when you feel some when you just take something you go? I was born. like I really dont care of ten people. Look me in the face and said: do you really not that great? Really not that sounds it. The song isn't that Europe is actually pretty weird. I don't even know what to do with it. Wait when You find something with that that just doesn't matter does better then have an amazing, that's better than yeah. It's just you any! No, not everybody has that in. That makes me sad. I'm SAM truly sad for my adult male and female friends who I've watched and innate they wake up for security. and the funny thing is- is maybe that that does it for them now, maybe that's what that does it for them. But for me I've had jobs, the dead check, our Father boxes in Athens. Was gonna jump off a bridge I mean I was so just
isolated and just scared of if every day with, without being able to say so, maybe even my wife knows funding, I had a dream: job analysis- looking ate and I'm booked up motivational speakers for big references and a man I mean I I did on twenty three march. I made money. I was like an immense, much money. I was, What is all this money and you know what budget stone but these speakers, and then we would strike sought markets happen in, but every day I was just a terrible human right, and then second job riding sounds for literally like three hundred bucks. A month this before we have. First, and lady known lady was like I just this is you this is, who you are? you heard that your death you're different human. You know so city.
Your dream to me personally, Webcam We going was just golden hand, costs of sick of security can Compare to Stout wild life. Giving active just pursuing muttering You know what I'm saying like I'm talking about writing lyrics on styrofoam cups. In my car I was just like yeah, like I want to say this, and this may be the one you know and as a beautiful until about Jason to me when you pursue, dream any day be the day any minute. Can be the minute like any song, to beat a lot and any nowhere. It probably won't be. That's the tat s. The truth, but when you find that thing you just now care you like, but it might be, you know no one, can tell you it while you know and ask her, was cool? Is I
that's candle where experiencing right now with the song that them that we just put out thanks, you like is like you sell gear and I've heard it and I like, I can't believe nobody thought which feels like such a that's like what you got. Something to say. Look. I can't believe nobody did but why is it so right on my audience that it would mean the country had so you we all have patterns? We all have happened. And rituals, and things that we ve done a million times before and the incredible. thing about understanding. That is that a pattern. Can I help you to create the life you want to have or a pattern can keep you in the life that you don't want to have. No matter how much you don't like the anxiety, no matter how much you don't like
the bad relationship with your family, the matter? How much you don't like these things, if you, top patterns that pull you back down into them. You'll never be able to escape. So if you are feeling like you're stuck if you're feeling like you're in a rut right now and you need something to kick start and make change, I want to make sure that you know about my inner circle. Inner circle is a monthly coaching program for personal development nerds. Like me, we pick a new topic every single month and we dive in. I share conversations I've had with members of the community and how their
in line with that issue and then give all sorts of ideas for how you can tackle it in your own life, then we all made up for alive q and a where I answer your questions. We take a deeper dive. It is really the only chance to interact with me in that way, and I created it. As an answer two something I used to have a used to have a coaching program back in twenty nineteen, and so many people were asking- and I really feel like I need this community I need like minded people. I need the accountability. I need this right now because I'm falling into old bad habits, so inner circle is that option is also something that is far less expensive than my conference. So it's forty seven dollars a month for an hour plus teaching and workbook, as well as an hour plus live QA every single month and in her
within the community and access to all of my own clauses in my old keynotes, it's really fun programme. So if your personal development nerd or you kind of secretly be check out the link in the show notes- and I hope you join us for this month- inner circle. I hope so we know that everything here over covered. I loved it for two reasons. One I gotta come off the road and down in writing when that is just what I was born. Do I do that until die? I hope I die would like a pin and at night Lastly, Lady AIDS is longer you know that is where I am at home. Is home as I can be on this earth, and I also saw my kids May not I'd, never see. No. Just like I was on the earlier muscle.
I played a wholesome season the year before curve. I didn't see one game housing but the year of Kobe, I help coat his tea. All these other dad's every day. Why? Why so happy- and I was I look- causes- is greatly office by the code of practice. even laugh at me in the way of the earth was pray before practice is greatly give me, I gotta be the where the car again Does that make you know, and I just didn't taking one second of it for granted. You knock at sea. How is he is ass? I do you would eventually you you. Will you become desensitize too, but I did so so coming out occur when I was a set, this really peaceful place where my creativity, you know we talked about that, don't mean it was. on hindered by like the social rat race. Now I was
play in the comparison game with anybody, like we're all home it doesnt matter. My young nobody else. Has any big fancy so picture so almost show me how and what happened was past, showing my house, I really his car, let go of those things and spent more tat was more quality, my family, and if and if to listen to fancy right, as this is what we do I mean us is that that is my. That's my wife. Does my family? That's all we own a row of every road trip were like we will. I hey you hungry, we gonna go, thirty wounded is something you sit out. You know possess fancy it is always is always happen. Am I right is how Europe you like that, no thereof my drive through then there's like geopolitics,
don't be you're, really going your way boy, there are currently in a day you are right, but above that, if you want to a nearby wash their hands and The way we only an appetite advertisers does forty time. If you kid, ass, didn't ass. But I know you know it's a funny. You know with a family necessary role and we love it like we. Let just love its mark here. I genuinely jack when I'm like, don't cry verbal there like. What yes to price day biscuits in a day, and so I responded to know we call it. A notice allowed people work commenting on my they be like, oh we had the same couch.
you know or no we that can a superior to do in and they were just related. It's funny. They would look at everything except what we were doing in there Lydia you not be Eyeglass. Things are ready. I love the scripture. Does that one night we accident, like some reason we had eggs on the stairs. and it was there. Any comment was, I was with the eggs on the stairs and also why looking at Dayton stared, like I'm sorry clean up, for you guys That is money at the people? Have this miss concerned in that a start any now. How consider me a star? like any celebrity you're, like other life, is different, but it's really not mean tell this is I read lady, and I we don't even know what came from was till some. I gave us a gift card.
A year ago in when we were there was, I am cool, but I mean I always good to you know, and it's a lot faster n I was I man than this. That was kind of my response was fancy like now I see a lot of people can relate the biggest muffin Everything about what's going on now. Is that always. But a little uncomfortable with that with jobs that uppity ness that I say I met my management team and label feels like a star must carry like certain close. You know just just that right up a notch day, and on this song has allowed me I am doing nothing but is being me like I why you knew my daughter is in the magazine
sounds like that's. You That's me their care. yeah you know and as we do take our dances and I'm not even give added dancing. But, and I dance my heart You show me a dash for an hour, embarrassing you'll be like. I don't know that guy I swear just love to dance and the cool thing. Is it that's my kids I see my wife knows and now that's it everybody who decides to like them It knows, and south myself really lucky. I really can't say any credit for what's going on, it's a perfect storm of common Alec omen, where a country music, is now that the team that pay me for so long me it's insane. What's her tell me now that things are set of getting back or haven't shows again, are you sure you go unanswered?
What's the what's the plan right now we ve been, we ve, been. We had our first headline show through two nights ago and how is insane I'm time our guy wasn't prepared. For the emotional impact. It happened, I mean it was on my daughter. Lastly, eighth birthday so We are on the days and thereby saying to her Craig? Was there and on a family was there and some friends there. recently met their vessel. Just kids everywhere run around back days in the green room sorted out. It was about fifteen hundred people, they were singing, along it in it really it was still. It was one thousand percent emotional from the beginning. To the end, are you not told the crowd? I asked them. I was like hey, let's just for a minute, just so where we're out right now. You know why,
Crown were listening, love music in our know. How long you know who knows maybe may go backwards. It sounds No, I just was John the silken our land, but it's gonna take me multiple days to really the process it, but I'm just whatever gas doom with me right now. I truly care, but really, get it. You know, I'm not I'm a very unlikely candidate. For me, Those days again, I told you a million times already. I just love right. You know I don't like this date, school when I get on it a few things that I know I'm supposed to enjoy boy needed to prepare. I says that allow were already making new music. You know, he's he's despite some work through me, which is hilarious because again,
I'm, not that great guy, and I'm not that talented and I don't really think that a grey inasmuch as France is the big dog like I'm such a loser like at the end and my wife shoot. You know: she's gonna material like we're on kind of looking around at each other and wondering what is up to you know and be grateful that better. we're safe right now. You know and were, and we're together and down, but we lost our seventh child in that changed our life completely When did this happen was three years ago. She would be three this past year, six than her name was over that's how you cool story, if your mind about ugly but quite an ugly little girl. Looks ass. They looked just like my son Beckett when she was born. my wife. She was still born. We lost her Harvey Martin Weir Lady curator path. I think a couple days passed.
Today in this tat day, was a nightmare. Her uterus ruptured gathered her almost lost lay honestly, crazy day and recovered lady now, where we ve I almost feel guilty admitting this. but we didn't want to be done like mourning the loss of not having more kids, which sounds crazy, y'all. I know we we have six, so I get it if you're, like you idiot man, what are you? Are you trying to open It is at your house, but Do we just love those those kids? You know that's our thinking in wages. We just love so much so that the latter having them crossed both. my lady, even more and so overcurling. We sign up for the fostering thing, sure we did a class online, only It denied because there is a limit to
Ben you have so yeah yeah devastated. Just as we had a family jack, we were ready for the House visit, you know and we will we all know we might do teenager might baby. Who knows is going to be hard. It's gonna start. Indeed my young, I hate each other. We figured out TAT is so we is ready and then deny. I know it. Started, pray will I got it? There's a girl, you know some girl no, you can't handle the bay very cease about we'll take her anyway like will we will they can live here? You know I was. I just leave him now address maker, they may dropped wines or airports. We were like you can do it. Come on. You know I didn't happen. down the road with this is so crazy. We get a phone call message. Came a group text message: gymnastics code
in Franklin who glucose my daughter many years ago, her his wife had had their first kid and we were like Lady Taxidermy said: hey you ever need a baby. Sitter hit me up, taking what What why woman ever would leave their first child at this house, our houses insane it's everywhere, you know and anyway, there, the wife testament my life back and said: Ashley you know we need to get back to work in so landing was light. We will do it in so now. For the past six months we started in this little girl, and believe it or not. Her name is openly and so when gas and we have a baby, we watched her since she was about three months old This is about seven or eight myself. Now we wiser roll over Sarka and the cast doing things
every one of our phones, like home screens, she's just another member of the family and at the same time we bank, Legal ass by her parents like they'll just come, such chill and hang out with this one. Pick her up or drop her off, and it's just ass a lot. blessing bomb, My family soldier is crazy, like it, crazy, but I love the blessing lad. I love. I know this, maybe some silly, but I do think this is an important thing for listeners and I like keep reiterating smiled a my own life. You gotta call your shot the like you. You basically said like this is what, we are waiting for a family and you were open to how that showed. A rise feel so important, because I think that people cling so tightly
to not only what they want, but how it has to happen right that they missed all of these opportunities when God in the universe, is China Guide to tat like hey? If you'll just follow this path, man you're gonna get the thing, but because it doesn't look like how you think it supply you, you sort of let go of it. So I love that, and I am glad that you are getting a baby, the dual use goods We hear that various spoil rotten, see He gets a door. Everybody goes by Callaway, you just said now my advice to anybody chasing a dream. where's. The light enjoy doing things that our schedule and routine You gotta do like I'm a writer. I've got right, everyday, ok, bummer twas, my arm like yeah, every day, but it like you just said every single human that our right were. That's that's Newton. Ass, though, is that when it happens
It would not be right, you expected by it, what asking it asked. The funny thing about dreams is not like. School is not like boom among yet asked a check. life is not like that As I will not fail, the leg is gonna make you owe you may somebody's smooth beginning in here and offer you know like that is. the neurons in, like everybody in your? U, like do our guns milking long time ago, but you didn't you weren't but nowhere ran write to me that that is the beautiful thing is like just doesn't relationships and things in life. Are there just vehicles? They get us where we need to be, and then the law makes whatever happened happen. I love that man, I fell, appreciated,
to hang out with you this morning. I am glad that we got can act. I'm hoping that some day we get to connect in real life can like normal here once a month. This thing is done. I would love it if you can tell listen as you already know you and aren't following, or maybe our meeting you for the first time. Where can I find? I do also shows myself lucky boy who do it yourself and yes, I do now respond and stuff like that, and I love the relationships that this job offers me. You know and the people so yeah walk raised, honesty, grandma thing take times, Walker S official. I got a website with cancer merchant things like that. But that's where you can finally, I know I know we do Facebook, actually don't do Facebook, Martine Birds, but let's just like a rehabilitation of these gram anyway, so that Canada is it pretty motors me but yeah
say: hey, I got a new EPA is pretty frass it's about eight ten weeks, so called country stuff. That's what fancy like is on embryos, space and then yeah, I'm glad you're here the book in the making women with me Craig, My first book, not my night, the alike so here, that's that's! Pretty much yeah, you know, come and see. If you can find today's or not. Size is always updated in Korea on where you can come, see us, It's always a get tat, love that I cannot wig to your back to life, shows Jones and decent, while energies as they ever been out for so long, is definitely like man. I can't believe you used to do this. Every night right. I can't wait, or I will thank you. I thank you and I know the audience that preceded it. Among the Rachel Hollis part. Asked is hosted by me: Rachel Hollis
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