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237: Never Stop Showing Up For Your Customers - with Rebecca Minkoff


We talk about a little bit of everything here on the podcast, but I will forever and always love a conversation with an entrepreneur who is just killing it. And today's conversation with fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff is just that. She is an industry leader in accessible luxury handbags, accessories, footwear and apparel.

Her modern bohemian designs are inspired by strong, confident and powerful women who embody the effortless, free spirited lifestyle. And what's so rad is that Rebecca's story is 20 years in the making. It is a lesson for any of us who are pursuing a dream to never give up, and to believe in your intuition, and to continue to show up for your customer in a way that makes sense for you. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Rebecca Minkoff.


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Do you own your own business? Are you an entrepreneur, or do you have a side, hustle, I want to make sure you know about inner circle inner circle, is my monthly coaching community. Its people from all over the world and all walks of life, and a lot of us are entrepreneurs. why do so? Many entrepreneurs look for digital education or online resources, because its often hard to find not in our very real life lives so every single month. I do two hours of live coaching with Q and a everybody's on together and were covering topics that feel interest king or inspiring to us as a group things like habits for success, or why you might be self sabotaging or how to grow your business be a better mom. How to look at life with more joy, so you can leave greater impact on the world around you. We would
of two. Have you join us for in a circle you can find out more details in the show notes below- and here is a little sneak peak from a recent coaching session to tell you what it's all about. Raise your hand if you have ever avoided reviewing your financial past work customer relationships because you're worried about the response that you're going to get its the same as people who don't read like they own a restaurant and they don't read the upper views right there like. I don't want to know what people don't like about my Russia. I might you guys that's power. There is incredible power in you, understanding what works and what did it work, because otherwise it is going to keep spinning your wheels on the down the wrong thing right, there's is open
yeah? You know this. One right, knowledge is power. No knowledge is power, applied knowledge is power, and if you are not reviewing what has happened, then unit have any knowledge to apply straight up the success or failure of your business. If you're the leader, if you're the entrepreneur, if you're the one who, during this up, if you're print or whatever it is the success or failure, is here it's your mindset, it's how you think. It's how you shot, because I will tell you right now right now, if I hadn't lives through two thousand eight no freaking way, I would have survived twenty twenty, no way the amount of times that I wanted to just sit down on the ground and cry and just give up just walk away. All of this work all like no, no
obs. All of that effort to get- and I was like this- is too freaking hard. This is too much. I can't do this like I'll go write a vampire romance novel, like what am I doing. Why am I trying so hard that I had such a strong? Why I had such a strong? Why? Because I had all these people counting on me all of these people who paid their bills working at this business were counting on me to be strong, we're counting on me to be a leader. Maybe you are a parent and you have kids counting on you to figure this out. That was my store and I just kept thinking. Jess just keep moving forward to stand up if you just stay in this fight. If you stay in this fight and we'll figure it out, but you're not going to figure out anything. If you just lay down right now and quit it's important to understand how having a business makes, you feel, how does it make
feel if you're here my gut, says you're high achiever you're super high capacity. You have big dreams, your aiming way appear right and if you're like that, you're like that and I'm gonna get I'm gonna go, I'm saying keep moving on to keep grouping I'm and keep doing these things. Nothing get hurt me. Nothing can help me. Yes, I'm stresses fine. I'm gonna, like you, just keep going often use keep going until you have some kind of crash physically and mentally emotionally we're just your bodies like I'm done, I'm turning now the success of your company is here: do you have a mindset that will keep you focus that will keep you positive? That will keep you looking for opportunity when it feels, like all hope, is lost. Do you are a strong enough here and the only way that you get there. Is you ve, gotta, unpack your feelings. We talk about a little bit of everything here on the pod cast, but I will
forever and always love a conversation with an entrepreneur who is just killing it, and today's conversation, where fashion designer Rebecca Mean Kauf is that she is. industry, leader inaccessible luxury, handbags, accessories, footwear and apparel, her modern bohemian designs are inspired by strong, confident and powerful women who embody the at frivolous free spirited lifestyle, and what so rad is that rebecca- story is twenty years in the making. It is a lesson for any of us. Are pursuing a dream too Never give up to learn to iterate to believe in your intuition and to continue to shop for your summer in a way that makes sense for you. hope you enjoy this conversation with Rebecca Mean I I'm Rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast- I spends
oh many hours of every single week, reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on the show. We talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur? What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan, four intermittent fasting. What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for whatever it is, my guests are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these conversations, this is information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis I guess I feel like this is a conversation that I've been trying to have for a while, I think, as long as you ve had a pancake
I've been like all man. I would love to chat with Rebecca just because there are not a ton of examples. I think female entrepreneurs of who we can look up to or aspire to. So I would love- and she told me ties, but would you just tell us the story like how did you get here, because this is it many decades. At least Kate Long Journey for YO and I'd love to hear like how it all came together. Sure so I Chile fell in love with. Sewing and design. When I was about eight years old, I just wanted a dress. That's how it started out. I saw in the store window and I loved it. My mom was like no not buying it for you, but I'll teach you the style, and that is the last thing, your eight year old self, once here. I am, I a Europe does not want to hear it. They just want that. Damn dress by what I discovered when she began to teach me. so we went TAT. I think it was like Joanne Fabric Syn a bow patterns I'm alive
oh my gosh. I can make anything out of nothing. This is. This is amazing. I just became and then, as I got older into my horrifically awkward teenage years, where you know that Ray says the buck teeth. I was really we then like painfully fan and could I would drink protein shakes the gain weight and nothing set like I'd. Go to restoring you just combining. So the fact that I could take matters into my own hands and make my own clothes and alter my own things was very exciting to me and gave me a lot of confidence, so I became hooked ended up in the performing arts pool dance are, but they were like you're too tall in your boobs or to do beg. You cannot perform The US spend the bulk of my time about four hours a day in the costume department and just again fell in love with creating these. His costumes for different shows
and so about the time that people were starting to look at colleges in and what school they were going to apply to. I just felt like I need to get to work and I felt like I had to go to New York and nothing's going to stop me, and so I guess a lot of this evil say like I'd. Never let my could do this. My parents, like yeah, go to New York and I would call the apart there like now not paying for that, which is a theme. growing things of now and My friend was at Fordham University and he snuck me into his dorm room every night, and he just let me stay there. As long as I could and tell my parents made a deal with my cousin and said watch your daughter. If, if you can, if she can sleep in your daughter S, playroom- They want to secure an internship with a designer, so I made a thing three dollars in twenty five cents, an hour I couldn't have been happier and works at it like. I was actually working in a fashion company designing on our really. I was on designing yet now is how I got my start, and I worked there for about three years. sleigh rose in the ranks and I was
working on my own thing on the side and the ceo knew that was okay with that and she could see that might action for what I was doing far I'll wait what I was doing for her and the company, and so she basically gave me a and option right after nine eleven right after I tasted the first smell of success, she's like either you devote yourself full time. ago- and I know you got a girl so by an army of Rio in your fired now like way. No, I don't I'm one shirt, but I'm selling. So one Taylor and you'd like to buy too. She was she's greatly emigrate relationship allows companies. Beginning of my brand- and that was twenty, years ago. Well, can you if it's been twenty years now It feels like that Doesn't it doesnt? I don't know how you feel about your start, but I feel like it. It's like. I can't believe that's what twenty years is. Life
and I still have so many residual emotions of that time- that it feels like that time is suspended, like you still are alike, can I can I pay for something today? I can't I'm as accessible person, but you still have these things like. comrade gonna sit outside my door like they did. What Couldn't they may electricity bill? You know you still have those things that are very visceral. Absolutely It feels like in in reviewing you're an pure air, your history, your file that you ve had a series of things that just like you had these. I love New York, T shirt or that first bad movement so wild like you, ve had these moments of like explosion, were those planned for was there intentionally behind like this he's gonna, be the thing or do you feel like that was a bit of just fate and kind of like going with what the universe was providing, definitely not plans. The shirt happened
because I went to them a harmonised. I really liked how, in a room where they were cutting off the shirt, Manning Bead sit down, and I was like I love that idea, but I don't wanna say a rule by one say New York, and I came home and I made myself one and then my sister and I wanted it than this actress- saw it wanted one and then I literally centre to the actress general men on nine nine, two thousand one, so I was just sending it to her despair. She wanted it And then she wore it posed nine allows and on J Leno and back then we had moved, moved mountains and actually could grow brands and he asked her on national tv, like I like your shirt. Who is it and she said my name and so on. was how that shirt became huge, but it was literally just like all this act was once your shirt. And while yeah and then The bag was actually her again. I call my fairy godmother because she's to me, I have a bag, that's gonna, be you know really prominent.
in its own. I'm doing. Can you do design bags? I lied to her it I said yeah, I do bags and it actually didn't make it to set on time Fedex delivered at laid and I was devastated. I was like this is the first designer purchase. This is my last two hundred dollars? Every fund You know. Every dollar was precious one, hell am. I gonna do now, because my closing businesses and is not is bumping along in words. Ok but I'm going to dad and I can't really pay the bills and I'm working another job. And what is my future here and I started carrying the sample around and enough women sought me that I was like. Oh you know. People really like this ban and so a friend of mine who was a buyer and a store I said: can I show you this bag? And you tell me what I should do and she fell in love with it, and she said not only am I gonna put the bag in the store and allay sixteen, but how many
my friend it daily candy to write about it. I don't love. You remember daily Daily candy, with everything everything. he also their own about it ended expert than I was. I was it though it was so you know sometimes I hate to say the word fate because it puts it the hand- and I didn't do anything to cause this. Of course, but I do seems like the hard work paid off, and sometimes you get those break and ran through those you dont like I was chasing, you know, many years ago when we started to see our biggest specifying back on it. die down sales wise. I chased hit for three years and I kept trying to recreate the formula and it wouldn't it didn't wouldn't like nothing. I didn't went a man did you know, so you sometimes you just can't force something like that.
I think that I'm hearing kind of it from outsiders perspective. It is wine. It feels like you, ve, been really wise about had a leverage press or had a leverage, an influence or before we call them that way that something that was in sexual to you were you just kind of testing to see what would work and is it a practice that you so Poland today? It's definitely is we still Poland today? I think that when we around the landscape again, this was you know, fifteen sixteen years ago, with bag. We didn't have any money we didn't have outside capital. This was all on my brother and eyes back. He basically was running this on his annex, so so we didn't we had to think out of the box. We didn't have you. No banks would alone to us. We couldn't and obviously I literally convinced my landlord for my apartment, I said rent me another unit in this building. You know,
I pay rent on time and that'll be my office, and so I think that we we the minute you know You could have an online profile and go into a forum like the purse form or when Facebook became not just for college, get your twitter, it was like. Great will be there because we can talk to our customers, you can advertise and how to? How do we reach her until it became our method of justice? in your customer and then when we saw attraction, we're like great, let's double down, and it wasn't without stress and pressure I mean we had. You know heads of stores, and magazine saying. If you talk to your customer, we don't think we can carry You are journeying yourself. She is now and we display This is scary, we're gonna, saying no to your face and we're gonna keep talking there and it wasn't without the fear. You know well yeah. It's interesting
because it's so common now to be in relationship with your community, but back then it was supposed to be the sort of separation like that major exclusive offer or set up this upper echelons. If you didn't through the other thing that I find really interesting, is that you had all these moments where things head, but having been in business, a long time also know that, like you, have to be ready for that, you have infrastructure, but that the processes for that that the goods to provide as something goes like what, that a struggle for you are, you feel like you, you navigated it well Goin out vastly different time today, with expectations of product, I mean I literally had one and style in like a hundred different colors that I offered for a whole year. You know now we have three hundred skews per month that we offer so about and respective, like.
All I had to focus on what is delivering one bag and it wasn't all, but I had one factory one by one leather bender so It was in it wasn't as hard, then, as it today, because now I think customers are trained like any day. They're like goldfish. You know, We all are monodist. Customers like I want something new and fresh and chinese partly and if a brand then come at me with something new, I'm decide boring, but it was slower back then yeah. there was a bit easier to navigate. I did what did the growth for like you know? You should have had these things there it for you, and then you talked about casing something for through the air. Slake was it. Pretty steady and an upward direction or where their times real at o crap actually isn't gonna work. Yes, so the bag ahead head in two thousand- five that was the more money after bag and then growth was nice, study and then in about two thousand and eight.
Thousand nine. Actually, during the recession, we dinner with, I think, with facts and we were alike cheers than a year chairs to our tiny, businesslike grower, and they were like we just one. Let you know that if you have a five in front of one of your bags when we come to see you as in four hundred five five hundred ninety five, which was the original pricing which was considered extraordinarily affordable, pre recession, said. We won't be able to carry your bags or drastically have to scale back and don't take. giving out of the bag? Don't change it don't take the leather bad faith. Are you gonna get this bag for a hundred to two hundred dollars cheaper, and so we did. We went through the exercise, knowing that our growth is at stake and we took the prices down. Not because we figured out how to save the money with you said we just want to make money. What is gonna be fine Yeah where there was life. Have you ever heard of the railways normally make a lot more
Do you get to negotiate at some point in that process that you, you save money so knowing- thousand our space did that we were the only branda come down and price and use you didn't see anything happen for three months in it. was the most nauseating feeling. I got my first gray hair. We were like What did we just do? We just took away any profitability, and now no one cares and I dont know why, but it hit three months later. and then we had this huge. Like hockey stick rose. I think it was like five hundred and forty percent over three years. where there was insane because the consumer change stray. She didn't have what she had before into like this woman's listening to me. You know them credit, You talked about your brother, a lot, and I know that there are listeners. You also work in business, as our building businesses with family? Can you got navigating that or maybe best practices for you yeah, so
we're very honest and open about the fact that the its whoever you work with sibling or not its rocky, because you We are dealing with as we spoke about a thing before we started leg it all. is a bumpy ride, there's no coasting and then you add an element of someone who has grown up with you and can push your buttons and ways you'd like to forget. that's how we have definitely had as much terrible times as good, if not more terrible times in that thing that I would just recommends Anybody is terrific, You get what you didn't want out there with that person and they do the same with you so that you are. On the same, page that you do that a lot you know I'll, never forget when I had my first and I suddenly work wasn't working twelve hour days because I wanted to be the man to this baby. He fell I abandon him at work and he was
very resentful of the fact that I know he had a family life I'm not trying to lump all men into buckets, but they just. have a different reaction to what family life is, and I was like I'm a breast feeding mother who likes to dinner, believe it or not and give my get a bath. Kennedy home for that, and so he fell resentful an abandoned and not showed its ugly head in in different ways, and so I think you have to almost constantly and we do. is about once a year We have a mediator we do redo with like this is good and the bad ugly, how we had a big back on the same page had away like we commit to each other, and so I think you need to do that as partners, because it gets really hard. You know, add to that. Not sleeping superstratum in people say really terrible things to each other, so
it's been rocky and great and there's no one else. I could trust. Warn you as my back, but you really have to have communication beats me. What is it like to have done this for twenty years and keep it fresh and still be excited about it and still want too short to work, especially after the achieved a certain level of success like how do you do you reinvent, or how do you make it feel fresh after all this time? I think that from I realise that I have to be learning something new and I can't be always doing saying you know I reached a point in twenty eighteen when I was going on. My third maternity leave that I never really had a maternity leave, but on on unwell. What I call like a joke of maternity leave I was like. I don't ever want to decide what zipper tape color or what? What Pan town number is on the thread of this jacket. I said you know what I did that for sixteen years,
still the designer, but these granular details like I can do something else, and and just making decision and taking a team of eighteen and having all them report to me and having now one person who has to make those decisions and filter to me right freely a huge amount of my time that I was like I gotta, learn something new. I started my podcast during that time. I started my nonprofit, email, founder organisation, and to be able to start something again from nothing and discover the good bad ugly. You know if my palm cast iron signed with this agency or whatever district and they were you know they had all these. Like oh she has nine hundred thousand follower. She's gonna get thirty thousand downloads overnight, like we don't have to do any marketing and I launched, and I had three thousand down they were like women. Return of advertising, these old against side, gas and good luck. So to be able to start something
new and have been hard figure. It out achieve success for me today. what fuels me, and so I love getting my hands into new things, whether its overseeing the creation in concept for fashion weak or in our next president, like I'll, just have to be a designer now to feel seldom battle, keeps a fresh and knew it and then learning the business side. Many years ago my brother said can't you be designer in your ivory tower, like you have to become fluent in business, and I really resented him like that's your job. But thank God. I did because I'm so much better as a designer knowing how business works. what does the future? Look like you? Don't you have the nonprofit? You have all these different things going. What do you dream about out? We are launching a couple more categories that Rebecca me got home is coming to you next year with I'm excited about and some other ones. I can't talk about so we definitely want to solidify no being an error.
part of your life on your face. As your sense, she's in your bag and then You know what the email founder collective. I think we ve just scratch the surface Twelve million women on businesses in the United States, all these women, probably and their businesses, with a passion and in our speaking as myself, all the experience needed has exceeded its of wicked bridge that gap education, wise women not on how to take us healthy or path a pillow, but really the hard difficult business. that I never knew in the beginning and end. enable that woman to succeed? Like that's, that's very exciting to me, and I think, when covert, I sort of ripped off like way we can actually for the first time more now than ever as hard as its thin and as much
Have women have taken on disproportionate two men with the home and work life? We can actually now begin define what we want and how we want to show up, because if it doesnt work within this kind, and he wouldn't go crater own, and I think that that's in writing opportunity for women right now tat. Will you talk a little bit more about the foundation and the intention behind it. Yes, I again, I didn't have some grand business in our strategy, but I do know as a founder, I needed a community and I couldn't talk to fashion people, wore nothing against them, but I would like, if I have to hear about what's up and thought about the New York Times. Or did they see the latest thing out like I'm screaming, for women who don't do fashion, and we can talk about something else, and so I thought was. I need a community, there must the others and I can learn from them in and I know other women can learn from each other like that. Back cut a whole lot of corners, there's not a lot of work life, but there are some and so
I was my simple idea was a recognisable seal that women and men could shop from and no there supporting them in our businesses, but then also this community in education, and so we ve grown it today, two over about twelve thousand members, the seals on three million products, and we do an incredible amount of education for women from every facet of their business and so again knowledge is power and then a money is power, and so few can help a woman achieve both. I hope what a better job with how we take our people, how we support women that we hire, and hopefully that changes things for the better really I mean. I think that when you empower women, when you give them the knowledge, when you help them to level out up, it's been spent in time and time again that it sacksful communities in a way that it does when it's a man, and so you know,
I love the idea when I was reading about it today, just as someone who has been in business for almost nine ten years now and especially when we started because the internet didn't exist and the way it exists today you couldn't find information, I mean you can read books or maybe go to a conference where you sit, have learned on a job. But there are those that I think the equation for how you have a profit margin. And how you gonna customer base than do all these things that can drastically changed the way that women are able to help themselves and their Nowadays, if people are listening to this and there like IONA death threats and I'm a woman, is it something anybody join, and where can I find out more information? Yea, female found our collective dot com, where the membership platform now and there's different tears there are three and then there's monthly and you get more perks and access to things. If you sign up for the paid parts, but I think
You know we wanted to make sure that if you were a woman and you sold heart of your business good on you, that you can still participate, we do ask if you're, not venture capital, backed that you own fifty percent of your company, and if you are, I think it's too we just want you to still some woman saw their companies and that often, but then they have no porn, see there. Our voting rights without women, owned, but they can't control the destiny. more, and so we want to make sure that whoever is in the community is still control, destiny, indecision that accompany yeah the whole time you ve been doing this interview. oh I'm looking behind you at a line of clothing and you ve got bags and I was Just wondering are their times in the history of business where you have made a big mistake align with an idea and have you been able to track back and go? I know
firstly, why this happened or there's something that happened at your decide that we try to arrest the distant internet. Yeah, give two examples: there is a three year period of new chasing heads. You know, our best selling bag was the morning after flesh and it had it size. It had a certain price tag and it was really known for its cross body and sales. Started to wane, and- and I was like banging my head against the wall like adjust Giving a woman every type of cross body with the same similar elements celebrities whenever it is on influencers and she some biting- and I was trying my heart s- and you know: My brother we'd be like We need a head, none like I'm trying. You know it's like this long writer. You know, like call me Navy, like I'm sure S last nine, put out longer music but like no one, you want me, maybe from the poor. I take it. So it's it's. You get scared
Would you like it it's all I am? Can I can I do more and then and then we hired someone new in the design demon. They brought a fresh perspective in that bag. Took off and is still taking off you no thank you knocking on well. So I think I think you can't forces and then there's other times where re before I would maternity leave and we were and handing over their creative. Said to the woman who had worked and designed the man's portion of our and ass for many years, so we ve been in the office together. She knew my style and I listened looked at her, and I said I don't wanna hear from you for as long as I'm away, I just needed, I'm so tired, I'm overhead I'm burn out like here the key said the king them good, bye and I thought I would come back and should be like a great, let's reintegrate you and instead to thy, we don't need you sure not wanted here and I think
The mistake that I made is, I was like well she's, more highly. You know educated me, she's had more experience working in companies for longer one. Who am I to tell me. and maybe I don't know anything anymore, and maybe I'm washed up- and I just went down this this terrible place of doubting myself and watching what she was doing and they like that's, not right, But what do I know you know and then the product head- and it was terrible like terrible like our custom, Was I now and not lion? S and all I can do was point the finger at me. You know like me, I like this happen and I doubted myself so much in compromise, my own self, so much that it had. I not done that this would never have happened. I love. You said that, because at this is the lesson, I always think the universe will keep giving us an opportunity to learn the same lesson and it will
one more painful every time and This is my lesson in business. Almost every time there has been a mistake, it's because I hand the reins to somebody else be They tell myself there smarter, they have more experience. I fall back into. You know I only have a high school education and I dont know what it, but the thing that I now which I imagine is very similar to you is. I know my customer. I've been in relationship with her. for over a decade. I know her really well and it doesnt matter. Someone has in mind, yea? They will never understand her. The way that I do, and so I'm I'm thinking that you said that say because someone needed to hear that bay are handing the rainbow wherein there giving away control like gosh yes have been. rounded, by smart people, but don't assume that they know your business better than you do. I love that one. It talks about the idea of like we needed- we need a head. We need ahead, which I think a lot of people who experience big success. Can
absolutely fall into. I knew I experiences in the book space or have like whole publishing things be like write, another vessel and like all, try, but I will do my best that it means that you begin dating from a scarcely mindset that your creating from a place of fear and your creating from fear. there's no way that you're gonna get the rest that you want. Is that something like our you sort of where of like. Oh, I happen to be in the right frame of mind before I'm sort of putting this work, into the world, or is it a little bit more organic for you? I think it's different at different times, I think you know, sometimes you just have to go with the gut feeling of as a designer and creative, what you're, thinking and feeling and then other times it's much more strategic and business oriented an annual. And I began to see what works and what the whites bases and where you can support as insert yourselves, and I think it
God designer who has a great partner, like our president, is incredible. Merchandise. Earn you know, knows those she can take the business part and infused with art, and that's where I think the magic is produced there is because as much as everyone loves, what they see on the runway shall what sells as their underwear the socks and the perfume for the luxury of IRAN's right to make up for them. Smart Ray and they know how to balance that bad gucci shutting down what I Hollywood boulevard last me with ok, we're gonna sell a lotta lipsticks next week. You know right right. This might be the most important question that I ask you or most important comment that I say this. This whole chat, I'm obsessed with your necklace like beyond I'm offsets. Is this your design, or did I just compliment something that's right. You're good would be a big picture, a hybrid. I never knew that this doesn't mean
any sense, but when I am really stressed out about like work and the fate of MECCA Lenny, I usually will go, spend senseless amounts of money. I personally on something I some form of life feeling better Ryan and so I will add to it town? I lay when I was there and I put it all the pieces together so like I didn't design this, but like I bought this, these this business basin had them make it a necklace. That's that's worth because none of us We'll get a year delay, you whipped those Ngos down. Had I laying Dozy Helen, however, make one for you do, but this, but the sharp teeth is nine very girl, yet very, very cool
Rebecca really of her should have of the time today the chance here to channel, to induce Superbissima and as a longer and on and life- and I am I am inspired by your career and the conversations I know listeners will be as well tell them where they can find you. Obviously they need to go shopping by all the things but you're on so am I know I follow you there myself, like there, give them all the juicy details, all right, you can follow me on, and surrender Rebecca Nigger. You can find out more about my nonprofit female found. Our collective you can buy book speaking and talk about the book running properly totally, then: ok wait so last year or did a command twenty twenty or twenty one. The newborn twenty one ok tell us all about it. What was the intention behind that? So they intend behind it was having been in business for twenty years. Having had the you can't make their shut up moments, it was an upwards no need for me to say to other women and men too
You are going to need to take a lotta risks in your business in your personal life and fear just back from doing that, a lot of the time I called the book fearless not cause. I expected a finished. working with your hair around me, like I don't have any years, but it's more like you go, making a decision with your eyes covering you're your face and like in your hands out in front of you too, like buffer the fall today. like what bring it. I'm scared out of my mind, but here we go, and so is there little. Guideposts have just things. You apply when you're feeling that fear. It is not a mental health book, but it's simple stuff. You know who failure as a learning opportunity why communication is an important and partnership, how you can begin to feel more comfortable, taking risks, so that was the baby that was born in June and was more work than I ever imagined, which I just giving those because I was like. Why does a say this is so hard and I would like
goodbye. Why, like you, I would love it. If you talk as through a couple of this thing, so you said, and turning looking at failure as a learning opportunity. How have you been able to navigate that in your prepare? Oh man, I think that the biggest the biggest thing that happens as we take up sphere that is supposed steer. Protect us from bears in the words are, killers are for me: sharks and lakes, we like that emotion stop ash, which it does me from going into a lake in business and for taking this risk I think that we have to learn to say. Ok, this is an emotion that was there to protect us back in the cave mandate, but now we can take the risk and most of the time nothing terrible has happened, is going to happen. You're not gonna, lose your house unless you're really making lied about decisions and answer, though I think it's sort of the stairs
at a risk and say what's the worst. That can happen if this fails and what light learn from this and in my book is largely composed of a lot of experiences. The people cringing go like. I can't believe she shared bad or, if this house Well, I'd never recover and its idea that this is gonna keep happening, especially you're not to procure, and then how do you get back up again, you know, how do you forced herself to say success sometimes, is just the fact that you back you didn't write about than everyone else did and then you're the last yes ending that is so you're so right, I can't you how many times I like there are so many people who started at the same time or who want to do similar things right and I'm like I'm, not smarter, I'm not better. I'm not I'm just tenacious here. I just stand back up and a key,
trying again and again- and it's exactly what you said: it's a curse whose left standing a thought you're like their this check, will not stop trying. Let me should give her I started all of this yeah I mean, even if you look back to that when we lowered the prices of our bags as painful as that work None of my competitors at the time did and now like. I can go to the names and you might know some of these, but there was fully in Korea back here Cuba, all these content, brands that were more than forty five times our size and none of them. they're like we're, not lowering our prices, they worse state, you know and they're all laws, and we were. I've standing, so we got to eat at the table, and so I think, sometimes success truly, is being able to keep going and anything get going with two black eyes, and you know broken rather than you know, torn off fingertips. From crawling like you have to know that you're getting back up looking like you, ve, been through it
do. You have a really great service a clearer view of other onto for nor supernova left you up and give you advice and has not been a part of your journey, the whole time or, as that would be very sad. I would say what proactive, active effort in alas, five to seven years of hang out more women. Another area is proud of that had been this insular kind of fashion community. But I definitely have my women. I can Collins cry two or lament you, but it is women that can help me think through it. Verse is my best friend no offense. Terror has no idea the complication and depth of what can happen in a business, and so I always tell people like the people you needed. Baseball might not be your closest like I was Therefore, your wedding and I'm your godmother. It is the people who who know about your business and can actually help help you through those narrow path? and how would you made the made it a goal?
set of growth that area. How did you find those people? I think some I'm mad randomly some I connected with that. But you know I ve got a lot of bans and there's always lot of great women Aaron such as meeting people and then from from my work with women. I think I I have a lot more ability to on bended, he's women Erica you just raise your hand and near like. Will you be my friends or is it more again? It ok, let's grab coffee, because I think this is one of the things like having a mentor find a mentor and people like how how not only to our how do I find it, but then how do I navigate trying to grow that relationship in the right way? Once I feel like it's the right person, I like to see a break down this mentor Zeit guys that I feel like has been spawned upon us, a couple of years of like find your mentor who's, your mentor, well. Did you have a mentor Suddenly, like this
The thing I needed, then all my rob was obese. All right and I find I didn't have a mentor. I literally had women. It happened to be women who were like sink or swim. You know here the two for success it on you and I think if we can begin to think mentorship as all around us. It's not the busiest person. It's not that anyone will get coffee from your eye and transform their business. It's good coffee what the Euro Logistics person go around your organization that you already weakened and find the job you would hate to have don't talk to that person and learn from them because they can teach you and what you're gonna need to know. If you start your own business or just to succeed in yours is so much information so I like to think of mentorship more, whereas a three sixty verses. Let me just hope that the ceo has twenty minutes
coffee and then let me ask and how they got started, which I have news for. You will not help you you know like. I always want people to say to me, and I said in my book like don't ask for help asked for what you need it, because you ve got it. Minutes like what is the one thing: that's gonna help you is it a leather vendor as in a factory? Is it I don't know bank, which banks should you work with me telling you what I did it. Eighteen will not help you at all right right, so good such good advice for anybody who is listening and their end, they wanna hear the I'm assuming the books on audio. Yes, it is audio, and do you married it indeed, I gotta be here to have someone else marry my young, as I think it so odd when nonfiction offers don't narrate. So if your listening to this are on its big audio, but people and you want to Randy Audio book, or maybe you want the dismal copy. Where can I find him,
in Vienna on Amazon Target, but civilian wherever books are sold, its air cool, very cool. The Rachel Hollis podcast is hosted an executive produced by me. Rachel Hollis shows produce by sterling coats and edited by Andrew Weller.
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