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241: Women in Business | Part 2 - with Julia Estacolchic


Hey, guys, I am excited to continue our conversation about women in business. This is an ongoing series where we focus on women who are building incredible businesses, brands, careers, nonprofits and today the career that we get to hear about is so inspiring.

Specifically, for any of you who are in the marketing field or also anyone who's ever felt like they wanted to bring their whole self to work, they wanted to figure out what it would look like to be totally them, even inside of a corporate environment.

Today, I'm sitting down with Julia Estacolchic. She is the head of brand and marketing for Cheezburger, the largest dating app in the U.S. for Latinos. It's part of the Match Group, the global leader in online dating, before joining Match in 2017. She led multicultural marketing strategy for Match Affinity Apps. She was the managing director at the Yes Day and Omnicom Agency, leading a group of brand executives cross-functionally. Clients have included AT&T, The Hershey Company, Southwest Airlines, Nissan. My point is Julia has an incredibly rich and valuable history inside of marketing, and I loved her.

I loved her energy, I loved her aura and what she brought to this conversation. And I know that you're really going to benefit from this conversation, too, so please enjoy.


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and our last ninety days challenge filled with extra content. You can't get anywhere else lessons and meditation and really cool screen saver has fallen wallpaper, you name it. The rise app is where you'll find it nine. Ninety nine a month, so less a single trip to Starbucks hand. You can get it on Iphone or Android to keep you accountable to, be motivated to give you lots of options feel great about yourself today. Hey guys, I M excited to continue our conversation and about women in business. This is an ongoing series where we focus on women who are building incredible businesses, brands careers nonprofit and today the career
that we get to hear about is so inspiring, specifically for any of you who are in the marketing field, or also anyone who's ever felt like they wanted to bring their whole south to work. They wanted to figure out what it would look like to be totally them even inside of a corporate environment. Today, I'm sitting down with Julia S, two core chick. She is the head of brand and marketing for cheese by the largest eating up in the: U S for Latinos, it's part of the match group global leader and online dating before joining match and twenty seventeen. She led multi cultural marketing strategy for match, affinity Perhaps she was the managing director at the S day, an army com agency, leading
a group of Rand Executives, cross functionally clients, have included eighteen tee. The her she company Southwest Airlines Nissan my point is julia- has an incredibly rich and valuable history inside of marketing, I loved her. I loved her energy. I loved her aura and what she brought to this Congress patient, and I know that you are really going to benefit from this conversation to so please enjoy my chat with Julia hi, I'm Rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast ice and so many hours of every single week, reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on their show. We talk about everything, life and to be an entrepreneur? What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting,
going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you however, it is my guess are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand the these are conversations. This. information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis I'd CAS, hey, Rachel Mining is healthy and I have a question about
your ship, like you, I'm in any aground three times higher cheaper and have always been a people pleaser, but I'm trying really hard to work on that island to restaurant, and I absolutely love everyone on my team. But there are times when people are less the great to each other or attitudes need to be improved, and I were really hard time in those moments coming down up people, even if I know it needs to be done. I'm afraid, though, think I mean, and I wanna be everyone's friend- I can never confront things head on and I feel like a week leader who no one can respect, and I feel like this and my relationship out of work is well with friends family, my boyfriend, I just fine conflict, absolutely terrifying and really really hard. Can you speak to finding strength for difficult conversations and maybe boundaries in general?
thank you so much for what you do, and I really appreciate you, hey Kelsey. First of all, thank you so much for calling into the podcast hotline with your question. I know that this is something that so many people deal with. the time. So I really appreciate that you ass, because it gives us a chance to have this conversation and I hold a we know I mean like I feel like you are basically me from fifteen years ago, and I know what it feels like to want to be a ruins friend and know what it feels like to sort up. Get that like acid, in your stomach, when you know that you have to have a hard conversation, I know what it feels like to keep avoiding that hard conversational, my gosh. I know this all too well, so I guess the great place to start with this is as leaders our job is to help people
come the best version of themselves and the environment that we're all inside of- and theirs is great quote that I heard years ago from Dave, Ramsay and he said to be unclear- is to be unkind, because what happens? If you don't tell people what your expectations are, you dont tell them when they missed the mark, and so they don't know that you're frustrated they dont that they're not doing a good job. It just leads to resentment. Like I'm a guess. You ve had those times where unemployment, or a team member that you really loved slowly got worse and worse worse and worse, to the point that you had to make a change that happens because we're not telling people how to improve or how to be better. All of us in life have area that we can't see and ourselves that we need to work on and that's the value of have
a leader, a partner, a group of friends who couldn't hold you accountable. So what I love for you to shift in your mind is the idea that giving people feedback is mean it not mean it's what it is to be a leader, so I think that that the most important piece to align with, because if you go into a conversation focus and your energy is on the fact that you are about to be mean you're in a create a whole crazy narrative for yourself, the just isn't real. You need to take the drama out of feedback, one of the ways that you can do. That is real time feedback. I think that there is really weird thing that we have learned over the years, which is like, oh all, give people feedback at their quarterly review, or their annual review way, which is so messed up. It's like your building up to this day, where you can tell them all these things that they did wrong three months ago. This prayer
at the moment is the most important thing in any of our lives. So what I try and do with my team is in front of anybody else, but if there's something going on or if there is an issue I want to address it immediately. I dont want that to fester. I also don't want it to be this big dramatic thing. I want to create a culture where everybody is used, feedback from each other, not just me, giving them feedback with them, giving me feedback and then giving feedback to each other. So we can all work to get better because chances are if you're, really freaked out by feedback your giving them that energy. So if you go in for a conversation with your team members, there, probably freaked out because it feels like a way bigger deal than it is when a reality. It could be as simple as hey just real quick. I notice that when you took that person's order,
you seemed a little rash and you seem to low hectic Qana made them a little anxious that kind of made the customer get into a worse space, and we want to be people who really lift up the community and bring joy into our day. So I totally get it here is an example of a time where I really felt flustered a kind of took it out on a customer So here are three things that I do to prepare myself and make sure that I never interacting with our customers, if I'm not in the best space, so obviously calcium, making up a scenario there. But I think that if you can give people feedback in real time, use real life examples from you where you may be messed up. Are you made a mistake and then some ideas on how to fix it? That really helpful. Something else it you can do is ask questions. I think I get this from parenting right like instead of telling my kids that they did something wrong or they
made a mistake. I'll ask questions: hey that felt a little stuff a little off when you were interacting with your sister right now that that really felt that feel off to you, okay! Well, what do you think? Why do you think that that we had that kind of interaction, or why do you think that this came out that way and it allows them to problem solve which is so powerful for everybody to learn, but it also can give you site into. Why they're making the kind of mistake they made, maybe they're having a really bad day or maybe something's going on at home, or maybe there's a piece of process that they don't understand. Actually, instead of you deciding why they ve done something wrong, really helpful if you can hear it from them. So I just really want to encourage you to see this as the way that you can take better care of the people on your team
I want you to see it as a good thing as something a good leader does, I think, back to when I was little and I played soccer or when I tried out for the tennis team more, even when I did iter, my coaches were never my friends ever not one time was I a friend with my coach and sometimes we all sort of a little bit didn't like the coach because they were so hard, but you know what those are always the best teams when we respected the coach, because we believe that they are best interests at heart when they never did anything to break that trust and when they gave us great feedback and helped us to become better. We were an incredible team.
I think this just looks like you finding your way and showing up in a way that feels good to you in a way that is your authentic self right, you're bringing who you are and the kind of leader you'd like to have into the workplace. Does one last thought when it comes to your personal life and boundaries? I know it is so hard to figure out how to have personal boundaries when Europe people pleaser but it is one of the greatest guess that you can give yourself is to understand what you need is to clear communicate what you're feeling what's going on and to hold steady to believe that. The way that you feel has value- and
that you're willing to be an intimate relationships intimacy is a willingness to tell people what you're really feeling, even if they don't always want to hear that, and I don't think that you should have intimate relationships with your team at work, but I definitely think with your boyfriend or your family. There is value and you teaching yourself how to hold firmly to your boundaries. So I think the cool thing here Kelsey is that is just another example for you to learn yourself. Learn what you love, learn what you don't learn how you want to show up how you want and need not just others, but yourself, and I had a really cool conversation. Recent me with a woman who, I think, does an incredible job of showing up every day in the workplace
ass herself. So beyond my answer for you, I want you to listen to this interview that I dead and I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me. I thought you start with just a story of how You got into the position that you are now in your career. If you could walk through that path, I mean, and they make run from Argentina I was born and raised in Argentina. I actually studied advertising in Argentina before I came to the: U S in Argentina. I am also coming from a family of immigrants. My grandpa swear polish and from him during the post had so I'm first generation in Argentina Embrace that period, and then mindset of service follow and immigration studying phrase. Looking for I really affected how I your life and my own life adventure and
and the day after I took my less test, my boyfriend, my exploited my boyfriend at the time and I decided to do a two month in the UK. My hope was to learn English, If I can learn something less than normal said, I go back towards and thinner, and I also on this issue funny. We are story, I'm had what's growing up working girl, now. Remember now totally and I was dreaming of being that further funding, a nor fears with a window, and I stood an investigation, and I was I go about so amazing, visa professional and as fire of that kind of empowering, I think, said that she said, and then there was a little bit of lake now. You know how I can see myself doing that and then are. We came for two months,
and then I realized after two months, and that that was not enough time to learn English, And so we extended unextended in twenty seven years later. We are having this conversation and well now live happen to me, I never fell like maybe there's a lot of immigrants stories were they felt they left something behind, of course high. my home country body, because I came ass, an adventure and fell. I had the obligation to come here. For me, like all, let's see what what else is that they are aware how how many more interesting people I can meet there, people I met is really what inspired me to stay here, their stories, what they told me along the way people who were a baby, and then be that in my home country, I would have fallen, never talk to them, but because of wine,
when I arrived here. I was for us in a way to interact with other types people, and it was green spyin in nice in come here. Yes, later, I, of course welcome here in anything. That was available. You know anyone. I didn't speak the language. and eventually some one woman who never men being bad. We had spoken over the phone a few times amended me for a job in advertising, and- and I was right- it and then once I was able to really started from ice in my domain that what I wanted to the when I discovered working for the- U S stunning community here could be like am I just spent eleven and thirteen, so many opportunities, and so many wonderful experience is open to because of that sort,
it's really a little bit of my journey. I came in many years ago, in literally like was doing holsters in any way foreseen and serbian fast forward more when I get back and were you talk to us about what your role is today? Yes, right now. I work for a much group, much is the largest conglomerate of Baden, apps and sites baby products all over the world, envy, obviously owner many of them bathing brands. Are we all know and love they all? kinda kings and obviously much that calm and black people maids be okay for the time and so part of what we do is we have a group that column affinity that develops specific products for specific communities that have a desire to Bates any made people within their own affinity grow
and I was lucky enough to join me in that girl workin for many brands- that I consider to be friend communities- whether that's really gender race or AIDS or our or at least city and within the global allowance. Our lead thin on bathing up similar, two. If you want a noose like ten there but probably more serious intent. Ten, and I was there for them, lounge, and right now, I'm run and marketing, or at that bailing out that's going to stop it is the large as they do now for letting us, The EU, as we have over five million downloads, add to aid Justinian, you as, and I mean one. Therefore, I experience add to get to see these people adopting a new category, learning a new category for them and seen how are you coming they have been,
that. There is a product men to help them find meaningful relationship, and so what we do is try to find that meaningful ways to connect with Latinos. Nothing, those in the U S and many others that share their background and our values, and our experience is growing up at so cool. Oh and it sounds to me like a it's almost like you're, this bridge between two cultures, or your sword as an like a king, what is in your culture and taking what is indifferent latin cultures and creating a space for it. inside of a larger peace, because I think for so long, I know all over the world, but definitely here in this country it was sort of like ok, it's all in one big and maybe they didn't think in terms of their people with really specific values. Are people who you know have
deal that they want something and they want a space. That's just for them! So what has it been like to create a community that is for in some ways You know how you grew up in Argentina and also would be different if you grew up in Mexico. or if your your families to ban- or you know how, how was that. So, yes, let us had ivy diverse community, led in the? U S people who I? U S, born. the majority of letting us eighteen, thirty four- I actually u S, born, and then there are people who come from other countries. There are people, well, I speak predominantly English are English first, and there are also people who speak spanish version. There is also spangles, and people were to come cover with both in and then the other thing that happened, like you say you have words in Argentina in Mexico, your baby friend than if you have roads in El Salvador and were trying to make these community that is representative
celebrates what brings ass to whether, while we also acknowledge all these differ, and they had a different languages, and I ve been working for a need to market is always challenging the in house discoveries that you make all the time and learning for working for them in our community in the. U S is really a trip. Never stop. Learning about how we interact with each other. I think it's important that when we acknowledge that there are very different people and part of our identity is where we can from where we go out where our opponents are from, and there is also a lot of things. I bring us there as a community and a lot of aspects of the culture that create unity. Anything market era. You wanna focus on celebrating those similarities and then I think, the way We relate to others. Our social life
is one way that you can look at Latinos as a whole, and you know the fact that we have families are relationship with families. How we celebrate the holidays, how important it is familiar! providing a relationship So there are a lot of similarities that have to do with. Finally, someone or maybe someone- and that could be a romantic relationship, but it also happens on friendships and an colleagues professional, people were made and the people that you mean in the professional space, and so I have worked with brands before that arab mainstream brands and try to better to let you know in this case I work programme that was speedily Thirdly, the sign up for the latvian or community and is a wonderful talons. There is a lot of things and you have to take into account
especially in today's world, where everybody is exposed to everything. But that also gives us the opportunity to signal While we go and talk to the different, so groups in our relevant meaningful way, and so I think we one on the idea that a one size fits all four, get in, and we actually tried to talk to levy friends of worlds in in ways that they feel their been or were you talking to them and not at them as though it's just wonderful is really a celebration of The tories been torn aware that wireless, the community is going through. You know in the larger scale, in the over a U S, how they are being treated the issues that matter to them being very mindful of that, had been vain tune with that also understanding
you know they are going to be twenty percent of the? U S population. So whatever we do with this community and sub impacting and you feel, when seen the whole? U S union, so so as to that a great great opportunity as a profession. Another person add to me to be working for them. this Brandon and and and albanian product placement, and what I have something things that you learned in the course of your career that have helped you navigate holding space for both? Because there is this beautiful opportunity. You have to work with all the different cultures inside of latin culture, just like you said so diverse, but also have to imagine that in the course of your career, of encountered people who didn't get your culture or who didn't understand the value here, who didn't understand twenty percent of the? U S, population, and what was that light to see where the times in your
Where were you are like idiots like they don't get this so that you can get in a place where you get to speak directly to this consumer increased. products. Jasper, then, that you may lead that's the real challenge that all myself and my colleagues had brought our careers. I think within them. People died, do not know I used to have those that want to learn and those that are more hesitant or skin because it's the unknown and now I gotta have to learn how they did it. So you have the friend ranges All you know inform people so we either. I didn't come from people who do not know and have been very eager to learn and very curious and very curious about other cultures and how other cultures, interact with brains, are products are categories and then obviously
you have the other ones where it's. How did I think ass multicultural Marduk either on the legal base? once have already has been in helping educate, and everyone around us and is not just that professional level, but also at a personal level, those people there encounter that are genuinely interested in another standing where you come from and your set of values and people born less interested in letting us in the? U S out of it. Two hundred percent. They added a hundred per cent american and can navigate american culture perfectly well and they the other hundred percent, that is the one died. You know, lay scrubby son and he called her the way their parents and grandparents, though either in the U S out of their home country insulin go back and forth all the time, and so it's it's. I think it's being challenging to our debates,
people have also been what a great privilege. Then you have to be able to teach others about your called her and so you knew you all the best in its he placed on again, I say so wonderful journey when you were talking to someone who is welcome in there We also need to learn more was engaged, I'm leaving but eleven months, and this is what I experience That's why we ve been able to do so much when this runs out, because there's generally in dress in understanding this community and doing what's best for the community and so yeah. it's that I am sure that we all feel foreigners in certain groups at certain times, even if we are not is I'd, give you a study doing your
practicing your lan, you load Toyota study on everybody's already had already here and you're the foreigner I'd, try to learn the set of courts and the language, and I think that the answer then moments in life that is and its friends that we all go through absolutely someone's listening, to this end, there navigating a career where they want to bring more of their culture into the workplace or in do you know having a seat at the table and influencing so the decision they ve been made. Germany advice for how you navigated being able to do that now you got this amazing clear where you get to celebrate your culture and others like every single day, but I've gotta, guess that it has an hour then the case so were there like its book You got into this place in your career, where your ability to be a multicultural marketer is fight back.
Your secret sauce or an undulating yang. But how? If someone like- I want that to be part of my journey, and I want to be part of what I am offering my work. Yes or my resume, How do you even begin to do that, and I think some people recommendation and external rally they sometimes sooner. Rather, it is as though you know a lot easier. Personal journey. I think one big thing for me has been embracing my identity. I struggle for a long time trying to belong, these someone? Why was not that's a lot of work? and then there is also a ceiling to how much you can try to be someone. You know it's, not you
an agonising. What I've done the best in my area, not just in this role of body in other roads in my career, is when I truly embracing own this identity that I have that has an accident that doesn't understand certain things that have to do with not growing up in the? U s. I'm your going to find people who love you and people who don't regardless Anne Elliot. You have to tell them not everyone is going to like you observe, but those who, like you, are actually going to become funds, and that is re, refreshing, and that is very eye opening. Like I don T change there is a group of people actually than may like me with my accents, and might you know what a vain on protocol ivory, transparent way of speaking my my I lay errors. When I speak and then again I think
This is a good life experience. Does, in general, accepting that years. Some people will reject you. about it. Some people will love you and so not forgetting that when you are going through those moments where it How do the harder than others is willing? embracing who you are, and we believe in that there are people who are going to be a bit our feed for your, whether that's in friendship, whether that, as colleagues, your boss, people report to your friends, romantic relationships, even ass, well relationships, and so I think the best advice. is really believe in that year. Eighty seven if you embrace your identity, that you can go so much farther. You actually embrace your identity, then, when you don't and then there are a lot of things that your identity can impact.
Impact the others people's lives, and you don't even realize because you're thinking you're, trying to please either Edison, and so I think what I've done, the basis where I really said obey. This is why yeoman then discovered about somebody blocks, you really liked it anyway, they got a great I don T have to please everybody. gonna happen. I think I was you re just started than AIDS Age, You realise not everyone's gonna, like you and that's solely fine as well ass, you like yourself and that people are you respect and locked the door like you, and so I think that the biggest one is Really loving yourself is made a difference when I always had this validating we'll have it. I think this Foster seen syndrome is a thing moments of insight you ready as strong and confidence.
As you may appear to the outside world, I think we all have the moments in which we set on Gaza. hell somewhere like online guy. There are going to realize. I know nothing and then oversight somebody says. While that is awesome war again impressing you're like oh well, without seeing something I had not so why we on our biggest enemies, that we are the biggest barrier any wish to start with that. I think if you can, we stand that you are your biggest barrier. Men are also the solution to that I give you all that about yourself, then you also now have a pathway to big change, and now you know what you're talking about two. I'm thinking about those members of our community who are on entrepreneurs. Maybe maybe it is the first time or maybe they ve heard it before, but maybe this is the first time there even thinking. Oh my gosh, I never think of I'm. You know we don't see life,
As we see life as we are, and maybe this is the first time somebody entrepreneurs are realising. Oh, my gosh only marketing the people like me, I'm not thinking of the whole. community around me. So if, if from a marketing perspective, do you have any advice for how you start to be more inclusive and your marketing efforts at me simple things I think about such like making sure that your models are the different pictures that you're taking represent every single person in your culture besides every age of reach, the every background so that people feel like they represented and what you're doing. But what are some of the things that we can do as business owners to be more inclusive and are markedly efforts. I think its status before market in its time, with product and having products that I already I'm not every part of this relevant to everybody, and that is fine yeah, and that is fine, and then you might have a part of that is fantastic for a certain age.
Grow poorer or you know- and I certainly believe, or you know, face drivin people in, and that is fine, as I think is. The first is looking at your product in, and you know, there's a couple of ways to develop product. One is looking at community and identifying a need and make it away. Customer centric, the other one, if you live in up your product, because she was a user felt, there was a lack of this type of products or solution. So you decided as an inter burner as to think banning your own hands and say: okay, I haven't found something like this. I want to make it, So you know you're a marketing to people like you, and I think it's important to look at your product and see where's could relate to that product to really expand your back at the first need to make sure you haven't afraid that is relevant to another group, another community, another mindsets we are talking about, may be working months in particular.
And you live in about products Maybe some practical way. Two million prep further weak for your deeds? Now there are also many different groups in mindsets of Working man's writers, and then you can start super recommend, Tina and in subsequent years away what would be the best message for a working man with tablets. What would be the mist and then what we'd be their base tunnel to the failure of this method tried. What are the right people? I can collaborate with their brands. I can work with it to talk to this one. World in in a relevant away. No in a way that offers a solution to that problem. I think we have to be as marketers Mayberry customer centric instead of trying to put it is so much easier by some as a business person
to sell to people who, once a product they already have that behaviour then trying to change behaviour and if you do not like fish, it's me, likely that I welcome be assumed to your face If you are ass, these lover is much easier than I convince you to try. My fellow send someone. If you don't I peace, and they are not. It's gonna be much more expensive, as have bitten person a combined earlier on the air like this. So again, you have to start with lower hanging Ford, who is the group that can benefit with a product that will welcome your point. and then, from their identifying things, I can find your Branford sewn up. What is this persona? What does it look like? That is one of them one of you. Are you surf and so obviously there's a lot of different marketing additives that definitely thing now we are audiences and the different social groups,
you know work in months. Waiting to fitness. Man Squire into practical solutions. Do it yourself on the whatever it is. But I think that you have an opportunity now with the house segment. That is so. On media, in particular how many different that's points you can have. You have an opportunity to Taylor and personalized the methods a little bit more and seem with product. You know we have had many cases like Coggan does as a nice Brandon I do in their city legit flavour, to appeal to the universe, because that forty people letting a favor, you have buyer, we add the winner, all sorts of liver city products or products, everything diversities? So I think there are many different ways: ass, long ass It's been done really, my fleeing you'll have to go after its segment. At the same time you
priorities, based on where your big business opportunities for your particular products and for what your values, as a brand new people, one of eyebrows, I share the same values. There is no, it isn't more powerful than than products nowadays, tire I'm cool two in in thinking about the job that you have, that it must involve a pretty significant amount of leadership and whether that looks like managing one person are leading a team of the course of your career. Why are some of your philosophy is when it comes to being a leader being a leader as a woman being leader as an hour antennae and woman being a leader as like? Are there things that you feel like a really unique to you that you ve developed over time? I dont know very unique, I think
in general. I am based on science and baby. Read I M very solutions oriented, so I want to move things along seeing their one that I have learned over, the time that I don't think I've hired? You know In my earlier at yours is this: really really being appreciation for collaboration. Collaboration is that's an amazing tool for any any I'm doing anything really I personally am professionally and it gets us so much better at when you're building on each other's ideas. when you're learning from each other's experiences. So when you work at collaborator. I think you become this Naturally there, when you're, when you're, allowing people the room to build everyone wants to be a part of it. Everybody feels there personally invested and so forth
It's really being leg, obey. Look at all these recent self and power in and intelligence that we have around ass. What if we could? Actually have an idea that comes from all these different points of view and in it periods is just so much better than in the last few years. For me, that's believing the biggest tool that I been able to use. is how the week will our aid. I am also practice improper comedy and That is all about it. Yes and yes, I'd taken programming, lesson of african on for many years. It's a very coastguards collaboration. It will serve scared to death. I guess lately agree. It is my favorite characters. I groped doing Beatrice, I'm really familiar gay and say yes, but it is not favourable thing in other humans. It's what I
for in a partner. It is what I look for in teammates is the person who says yes and there, I gotta be idea there not shutting down. So I love yes and so was, though that's been it a wonderful idea. You know, when you're younger, using away a little more arrow guns about why this is true in what is right, and what is the only way to go in your at least I was at person and then sometimes you just like sit back and observe and hear people talk and build on the abs numbering ideas together bring people together. Befriend skills sets indifferent. Accounts and any just. This wonderful thing happens just like in improved comedy where there are full of a fine, and I read them that makes sense, and it's nothing compared to what you can do alone nothing, and so I think my my biggest thing is
I don't know you know when people say you're, a leader writing that you know it's on a tight Ali's whether people want to not with you and want to be a things with you and that the way, the your respectful of what they bring your respectful of their time your lady then take ownership and feel that we are all in this together and you really interested in learning, even if it means failing as the biggest What was this learning and having and been humble enough to say, I'm going to the east with intensely learner versus within dungeon to wind has not every time you win. and so for years. I think I'm collaboration my they won t. I love the most. about freedom to anything that I do, whether that travelling improv anything really is just so much better when you share
things with somebody and when you call creates I'm not that model, I'm not that create a bad between all of us We are here, and so I think that maybe it's like look for operators to collaborate, don't think you're alone talk to people, you're gonna learn at some frank. Everybody that you talk to everybody can actually be to even a little thing. They like all pay. I can apply this year or so don't be be open about other people, teaching your things other But what are they friend than you that may not have the same career path you the warrior background in Europe. If you get a certain age and you haven't learn along the way is like why waste right, you ve, had all these opportunities to learn, as I said to him, How much we are willing to have sore of any. Listen, I'm bringing with ass on on the way forward.
so called duly, and maybe now I love- and I know it's gonna- be sterile inspiring to the women who are listening. Who are Building career, as you are building desert says you are just trying to figure out how to navigate the world around them, so I am grateful for the time to hang out with it. I think you better free my duties, mile of if people watching to learn more about you. Is there one side? Are you on social media? Is there any way? I think I think are mainly the an amazing thing is probably, I suppose, some stuff about the work we do on the corner with thine, and it seems that we do for the community. That would be interesting for some, and Belarus The partnerships. I think again that the pressures exerted an we'd. Always I enjoy the most meaning this other and I've done a lot. Will female founders, small business, Oh, not discover you really really believe in you know it's so wonderful.
Somebody says: I'm gonna use my culture to build a business, and I am not afraid I am ass- ran about I'm going to live out of the way an animal. For that? I love partnerships with We believe that the way I have done, many we continued to look for. Malta is just when you get there there most creative was fine, most people centric idea. And so we had so they can go to my lengthy and now they can connect with me there. to talk to other people too, oh yeah yeah. I think we should help each other. We should be connected. Yeah and what what's your maintain profile? So It would be an unduly eyes, TAT called tick. I can't believe it till you Ella yea and then my last name is as an element of ESA son, some clear some come a fearsome Charles O, Allison Louis CS in South Asia and hurry,
I see us, Inter Alia, love married ethical. Yes, I was We know what Marie S needs rolling could be found, but I didn't. I marry a guy with a last name that is long and ass mine, Heather. Yes, I learned it all my life. I hear people falling asleep on the other side of the coin, Diane. I answer yes, my life because do you think you saw instrument. I am, I hope you have a weak and I really appreciate your grace carried out to us. The way Hollis podcast is hosted an executive produced by me, Rachel Hollis, shows produce by sterling coats and edited by Andrew Weller.
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