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244: From News Anchor to Psychic Medium - with Tina Powers


As promised today, I am sitting down with world renowned medium Tina Powers. If you happen to listen to a podcast a few weeks ago about intuition and learning how to tap into your intuition, I told the story of going to a weekend workshop taught by a medium. Tina is that medium, so I actually think it's really valuable to go back and start with that podcast episode on intuition. But either way, I know you guys are going to be fascinated by the way Tina sees the world, both literally and figuratively.

Tina Powers is a former news anchor and reporter who now works as a professional medium and received psychic messages. She laughingly says it's reporting for the other side. She's been sensitive since childhood, as she'll tell you today in our conversation, and has felt the presence of people have crossed over. But the intuitive information became a much more powerful force after she made the decision to leave her job in news.

This is an inspiring story for anybody who feels called to leave the job that their end and pursue something different, especially if the thing you're considering pursuing makes everybody else think that maybe you've gone a little bit crazy. This is also a really powerful interview to tap into your guides, your angels, your loved ones who have passed over. Tina lectures on intuition and holds private sessions with clients from all over the world. She is wise and warm and funny, and you will feel instantly at ease with her the same way that I did. I hope you love this conversation with Tina Powers.


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of going to a weekend workshop taught by a medium Tina. Is that medium? So bathing. It's really valuable to go back and start with that podcast son intuition, but either way. I know you guys are going to be fascinated by the way Tina sees the world literally and figuratively Tina Powers is a former news anchor and reporter who now works as a professional medium and receive psychic messages she laughingly says its reporting for the other side she spend sensitive since childhood. I shall tell you today and our conversation and has felt the presence people have crossed over, but the entire of information became a much more powerful force after she made the decision to leave her job in new This is an inspiring story for anybody who feels called to lie. The job that their end and
pursue something different, especially if the thing. your considering pursuing makes. Everybody else think that maybe you ve gone a little bit crazy, This is also a really powerful interview to tap to your guides, your angels, your loved ones, who have passed over Tina Lex. is on intuition and holds that sessions with clients from all over the world. She is wise and warm and funny, and you will fail instantly at ease the same way that I did, I hope you love this conversation with powers I I Hollis, and this is my podcast. I spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on their, shall we talk about everything like
and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guess or into I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis hot gas I want to start with. Your story is faster because it's really interesting and I think, like such a part of your overall think. So will you walk list? there's thrill who you are and like how you got to where you are right. Now, ok, well. First of all, I believe that were all born with psyche gifts and were all born intuition and it's our inner compass and we're not taught how to use it
especially by well meaning adults when word child. So as a child I had all sorts of. I would hear voices I sometimes see images and I'd say you know I was under five and I knew something was happening, but it was very scary, it's almost like. I came in to this reality, a little more open. Sometimes I say it was almost like missing a layer of skin yeah I and I was always called to send your two sensitive, You know, and it was because I could also feel anger. I could feel people intentions in situations but as a child. I didn't have the words for that so I grew up. I didn't know what a medium was. Didn't know what any of it was accepted that my parents now in my fifties, surgeon and then said Diana were really sorry, we weren't sure what was going on, because a lot of kids are thought that they made up. Being you know, imaginary friends, who are sometimes guides
and sometimes I ll be an amazing if I can use the word sterling moment or something so accurate that it blows away. The parrot so as we go along with that. I think my guides in the other world said you know what we ve got a tough in her up. So I, thrown in the newsroom. I was necessary, I was doing radio I what is our rapporteur right college, where we were at one of the first artificial heart transplants in them and the world. And I remember when they had pay phones so. I had to write a story and calling on the pay phone, of course, being a young person. You know in my early twenties I I knew what was going on with super important, but also I didn't really realise that historic value of what was happening, because I was worried about getting the communication and the story across, but I thrown right in
from there. I ended up from radio and television. I had a lot of really different. Teachers along the way you know what challenges command for all of us. They do sometimes there in your family. Sometimes you your family and your personal and also your professional life so I think I've had a phd in bullies, which I'm still learning so I can see Why had further away going? Oh that's about them! Not me! But I'll tell you be drama newsroom, where every it five. You have to go in the air and be perfect. You know what it's about doing the best we can so think I learned to communicate and focus in it way because no matter you know I remember I got sent to cover the Oj Simpson trial. I met Rosa Parks, I met John Denver. I would meet all these people and then the next minute. I would be somebody you know who is harmless, who was living paycheck to pay check,
who they wouldn't allow the dog and the shelter, and so as a reporter. You get to know that everyone has a story and ever stories important and as this is going, as your meeting all these people were you tuning an were you getting messages? Were you? What was the sort of your type of that? I think are you where are the and sank you explained to us and Klaus is so. Yes, I was getting messages, and yes, I'm I'm clarity and and clairvoyant then, and we can talk more about that, because we all have those abilities just think of Indiana burning Bush that were not clear. Let it's not only like they say in Hollywood, for sure yes so. I was getting intuitive messages for sure, but I didn't know what it was. It was just sort of as no wings which are earned were Clare cognisant and all the clear are clear. So it's clip seeing clear, knowing in a clear hearing and it's being,
I am able to access dimensions that are beyond the one that were in and back a little bit as a little kid. I just had a knowing that this wasn't all there was radically was just inside. I didn't know how to explain it, but I knew I was in this movie outside of myself, so My reporting, I think, being able to connect with people are interview. People I really sit with them in a moment I was using my skills now work bill appearing, not necessarily, but I was hearing lake you asked, but I didn't know to discern like what it was. It just seemed natural to me. so I think it helped me be a bitter reporter and a better his anger I'm sure yeah cause you're getting sort of those insights, maybe about what to ask or kind of knowing being that you should it now, but how How did you make the transition
new thinker too?. Media am this is what you are known for your booked months in advance like how on earth. What was that transition process? fight for you. I laugh because I said rather report what they're saying many times in the other world than what they're saying here anymore riots. Nobody knows what you believe anymore and everybody's hired me getting pr and spin people, so we at this point on the earth have to go internal about what we feel and trust ourselves way more now, but I had What I call in aha moment- and we all have them through our lives. so in my aha moment I am, I got called to a dry by shooting a child. He was only thirteen years old, this little boy and he was walking home from school and it was a gang situation. I
member being on the scene with the photographer and, of course you know, my job was to report what was happening and At that moment, I believe I felt the child in the other world, and I witnessed his father or coming on the scene because, as we were there, before his father was there and the agony and the raw pain and all of this I mean it was. I felt really embarrassed for being there and witnessing it and then also my draw being to put it on air. So I have my wake up moment, and so I ended up speaking with the father and he invited me into the home, and I think at that point that's where I became maybe an intermediary or a medium and an hoping to bring comfort to somebody any
ask me not to follow him around you know and then in the news in the movies- and you know how they show. Reporters are just in people's faces, cinnamon, and really the thing about a reporter was to tell the truth. Looking for the truth, I think that's what I've always look for. Even since I was a child? You know. What's the truth, it tell somebody wasn't being truthful. I could you could be it So in that moment he asked me not to follow him around, and I gave my word and I went back to the station and they said, were sending you back out. It was gang related the candlelight vigil tonight, we're sending you back, and I said I'm not going. stood in that moment, and there was power in that moment for me personally, and also the producers and everybody looked at me like I'd grown three heads like oh, my gosh Is she knows this? Is this? Is not gonna go well, you know so, like him, I gotta be fired? what's gonna have, I said I said my word is more important than getting
story and actually were giving air time to gang kids who, sitting at home watching this seeing what did they have? No idea of the church atrocity of the events of this and and so ass, when my life changed, and how I like, I feel like it's. You make this transition, which I think they're. So many people right now, her questioning and wondering I mean it's, why you have a weakened immersion like you have in all of these people show up for it. how on earth do you figure out what to do next? Like Ok, we're transitioning away from being a news anchor on leaning over here my family thing from crazy oh, how do what steps to you tat? You know where I was always interested a mystical and I've always thank goodness. I've had guides and helpers where I knew. If I continued, this behaviour in the newsroom I was very unpopular is
if somebody stopped drinking in everybody's drinking and there like a movie, I like, I woke up and I No I'm telling I'm perpetuating negativity, I'm not a solution, but I started to make phone calls and I called people that I knew and radio and I got myself a morning. Radio show gig and Now one came with its you know. You had to be funny like for em and it was before it live streaming and all of that nine or even know how I made it there but I did I'd have to drive my car, like with one eye open, no answer, and he be like you, look like a roadie from Lynyrd Skynyrd and I feel like. I don't even know how I made it here. So I would work you know the morning shift until about ten a dot m and then after that, its when the Barnes, a noble stores, were open and the eye would go there and I read about astrology I'd read about after life communication. I was, you know, always
looking outside of sort of the normal. You know I had people going, no, no come this direction Tina. Let's do the same thing. I know I want to know more about what happens after we pass like these, energies and people around me. What is this- and I was always just you know- because I have to say to everybody if it was placed in our heart what were passionate about at our job? to find that again right and proper, that again is a good, a good word and settled. There was a great tool. It was the artists way live everywhere. This way, and I'm on hand to be. In fact, I was still the newsroom when that happened, and Julia, who I know it's that she was given. Those marching orders from her guides to write that book to help people unblock and dig it back to what you really love and our sole purpose
also the if we want to say the magic of our lives because we're here which is used to be, but it is pretty miraculous, I'm curious how I assuming and having gotten to spend the weekend with you having some idea of this, but like this feels like my understanding, as this is a practice so for any. He who is feeling something you can just feels They one time kind of like tested out and then not touch it again. It feel like doing yoga or playing a guitar. You have to keep right stepping into this world again and again. So, can you tell us about what that journey was like, for you will you know what and wise and I think, all along the way, like I said from a child, I think they re connected with what what was always there and dumb. You know I love a quote by Picasso. He said it takes a long time to grow young again.
because we make it so complicated. We all do. I mean it's amazing while walking around you know with soliloquy and our had or this monologue and then were in her doing so so bad. To your clash, John? It started at the end, there is a big opening. I think it's like quantum physics, though what we start paying attention to. So I was reading and he's going to workshops and I was travelling like I read, Shirley Macleans dancing in the light and saw who she was saying, and so I ran over the gallows down in Mexico and sat you know at the Light Institute is so I will go wherever I was called and started building my I called sometimes my ethereal tool bell. I didn't know where it was all going on went to all these psychics. They said what am I supposed to do? What is my purpose and they just smile, because any really good guide is not gonna give you the total road map my dream here, because what would be the point right?
longer, we wouldn't have learned from our mistakes. do you feel like you're dealing with something right now that is interfering with your happiness like? Is there a problem in your life or something that you're trying to work through the keeps coming up again and again, and he really gets preventing you from becoming the person that you want to be a lot of times? I think we turn to books, or we listened to podcast like this one, but what I found truly is most helpful is the chance to speak to a councillor or a therapist about what I'm going through and if you feel like it's time for you to
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join over one million people who ve taken charge of their mental health. Again, that's better help, HD lp, dot, com, dot rise, Imagine that you went to workshop or read a book or met with someone you relax, o thou of my always good, an also showing me that work It's really matter in also energy under words still many times. As you know, somebody could give a reading and they could be gifted, but they didn't have the love underneath the better. So I thought I left their kind of feeling not happy, or somebody can say a word where they introduce doubt to you. and we can hook onto that and if we agreed that we can go down a whole different rapid hole, so Why? And I also found that you know there are some people who we know
might might take advantage in a certain way or try to hook people. I had to learn about that. Manipulation I'm still always learning, so I don't think it's over over. I always say this is what I ve learned so far, so I learned that the energy of a negative reading couldn't really affect me even sometimes for days at I had a teacher that was I so you want that again huh. I guess you need the shooting again the shower, like most envision, the shower just watching it down the drain, because really our intention, you know, and not to you stop us and I learned a really good reading just like a really good critique, we'll have asked yeah. I reckon Oh, oh and I feel shame pollination be doing that and you know all of that. And then I learned from really great teachers who were amazing, healers an M there,
When we're ready, the teacher appears, then I had somebody that once told me when, when we're not ready, the teacher disappears. That's good! That's good! I love to talk through some of the things that I learned from you over that we can, as I feel like, for anybody who is listening and is of on this journey and does it know where to go or what to do. There are things that I took away. Men were really powerful for me and I love your perspective on so the first thing that I thought was it was in saying- and I did a podcast offers some weeks ago- was every single person sitting at the table. The first night had had reading from you, like everybody, had had a reading from you and that's why they were there and I never had a reading for me, so I didn't understand how powerful you were or what you can do. I was just like right.
He told me to observe robbing, can tell me that I need a walk across the. U S, then I would do it around me to amuse you get lie as I know, and I should add that data like? I was guided and meant to be there everybody had seen had had an interaction with you and I love your perspective on. Do you feel people have a reading and they go wholly crap. This woman can do something that I wish I could do to, or do you think it's that they want to be in the present that energy, because there is something so powerful about setting in that room with people for a few days like what do you say get. Is that brings people into that space together. First of all, I think that their destiny points that we all have and when were listening inside to our intuition at we show up, I think, our higher self and our sole places impositions if her father
get that our personality can't even found them right re were called, I for me, I'm very aware not not necessarily that it's me, but it's dead, energy, I'm a messenger manned and that the messages come from a very loving place, so many people. come to you know and we all who you know I've had evidence that its real that people are in another when we're out of our physical body, there were in another dimension of consciousness. So to be able to deliver messages from their loved ones or me closure than that, we all needed that somehow sitting in that sector, ace and collectively going together are are. If we want to call frequency or vibration goes hire you. Well, yeah I've enjoy because it
he's doing on the earth. There so many polar opposite sits. North pole, South Pole, love hate. You know and the vibrations of joy are so much better for share for that, and also, I think, there's a knowing inside of everyone somewhere that ok, I want to believe this is real. I know I have gifts, I followed stuff and instead of going well, that's really weird. We start going will of course be yeah You know, so. It's validation that its real number one number. to a they can viscerally feel if they allow. themselves and then hopefully, opportunity to open up and failure. Oh my anne and end for yourself of what you're receiving because our world is sorted set up as we grow at that you know a lot of it is, were externally focused on validation from others. Yet,
we think what we feel and how we can help. I think it is really interesting to have been in that space, like maybe the first break that we took like lunchtime or something. You know I was there with my boyfriend- and I was telling him kind of about class and what was happening and use like oh its. It really is just the confidence that you gain when you're in a circle of people who allow you to sharp authentically, because one of the first things you told us- and I think is so powerful for listeners to here- is the idea that yeah have to be willing to get her right. Yes, you never grow. This will never learn if you aren't willing to make a mistake, so Will you tell that sorry about your teacher yet desire and I've learned early on I've had so many amazing teachers, but as this
started to really come through. I remember sitting with my mother in law. At the time and all of a sudden in my head, I heard really loudly and was inside my mind. I heard the word Lahti. It was like they kept going Lahti Lahti Lahti until finally, I'm looking at her and I go the word lauding mean anything to you and I said because I'm hearing it really loudly inside my mind, because well I had an ANT Charlotte and arm but sheep like thirty years ago, and we called her lady Anne said wow and then the sudden clairvoyants, which is clear, seeing it's almost like you know, and we dream at night. Clerval busying. Also I can see during the day. I see pictures in my mind. So it's not always the Hollywood. Like you know, person appearing they will. peer in my mind and so
I saw or send me something. I saw a picture of a shoe, and so I said to her you know. If this is her, I'm seeing a shoe and she said well, she had a shoe store in Britain and then when I heard whose Maggie and I just delivered the message she said- that's my nickname. Nobody knows that and we were in for like two hours and it was like being on a radio station to the other world that was totally confirmed so that what like my real opening and were then what happened. As I heard the name Harry Horn, said you know, Harry Horn. She says asked it now I have no, I don't have anything at stake. so, but I thought how that's interesting and too weeks later I pick up my dad at the airport and I'm in the I'm in the car, and he says you know you had a causing you just pass just a few weeks ago.
I'm really sad, you didn't get to meet him, but his name was Harry Horn. Why an Jays who without time looked and we looked at each other like this- is real, so that opening came and I start sudden people started to come well suited, teachers and M this famous numeral adjusts, Michael Casal and I found out. I was looking at the stamps one day, there's a merry Cosette. Who was it asked her at the time? most of the painters were men long ago and there she is on the stamp- and I asked him he says yeah, that's that's my relative, but you innumerable just out of LOS Angeles and he said to me: Tina Furs, right you can be don't be afraid to be wrong and I took a zebra because were taught to be perfect and what is that anyway and pleasant really boring and my tat do our best or being actual
and an end and pursuing that, but being perfect just makes us really super small yeah and in between the lines. So when he told me that if freed me, thought. You knew what, when I've seen a lot of the mediums on television or whatever. You know. Why? Because I worked in television, I know that it's cut also to show everything, that's working, you know. Sometimes I might get something that it's not verified until later on and they have to be ok with that or I could. I could misread something. What is perfect, but I know, what's most important- is the intention behind what I'm saying right. That's good reason: I told you the story in class. I think- and I told him on the packet, the reason that I wanted to go to something- and I didn't know what to go to was for the first time ever, I started to all people around me who were not mine
and when I was like what are you know? Maybe a matter is open. Rye is happening and one of them was my boyfriend's grandmother and I did not know her. I didn't I had never seen picture. I didn't, but I felt very strongly and it was really enough in our relationship that I was like this guy's gonna. Think I'm insane like I. This is nuts. He didn't then have enough information to verify what I was saying, which meant that the person I could talk to us his mom and shoot sure does not believe in this at all she's, Welsh and This woman barely knows me, but I just felt so compels. Don't you think it's over If I send your mom, you know attacks so send attacks and ice do you believe in that people who pass can sometimes get a message
she's like now. I just keep feeling really strongly that I'm supposed to like ok. Well, I do believe that, and I feel like I'm going. getting a message for you, and I know this is wild and probably go crazy because we have a bad, but if you ever you like you would maybe hear what I have have to say. You know I'd love to talk to you handle that largely by the way, and so I don't hear anything for a couple of days and then she sends me a text back and said. Who is the message from I said, I said mom and I'm like all God. I hope I'm not gonna send her, or this is not bad and the answers show back tomorrow is her birthday. so she said I gates battles with higher shows that she said. Ok, I'll talk to you and unlike crappy, my pants like I don't know, and so I talk to her and I was just asking questions and trying to save under
stand more. The story of the swollen that I thought it had been talking to me and I said: did she wear broach? Did you are? Did I keep getting a baroque? I keep. I don't know that that thing and I'm sort of like in my only thinking this cause. This is like a grandma, maybe Grandma's, where broaches and his- I am sad. I got her broach every year on her birthday, and I was like. Ok, ok, I don't like ok, there's something, and so I said I see I see, approach and it's a bird and it's really cute and it's not like what end May said, sir. I think you're thinking of the peace that would have been really important to our family. Like now, I know it's a piece of looks like it's, not that it's a cue bird species. you know about whatever I said we'll just do me a favor if you ever looking through things, were you check and see if this exists, and so after you off the phone, that day I got a picture and she said I have no memory of this approach. I do not know where it came from, but it is this time
little blue bird, the cutest little brought you ve ever seen and of her son. I met his mom. She she gave me that bridge, so That was the very first time that I got. Maybe here's my question, here's my question: why doesn't that happen more? Why does it only happen every once in a while, remember near in class and as I am sure you will, being that, once we put out the intention that we'd, like more messages right right, open to receive them began. We're close. You know, of course, with your boyfriend and they found piano in the other world will maybe she's the way that I can get in ok yeah. what you know, but maybe up until then you know had been a little confusing or you weren't sure, but You can ask for that to be opened more and then you can ask to have boundaries with it and for it to not be open all the time I got it.
explaining ass? I think this is fascinating. I have I have this amazing other teacher Evelyn Regal. I ended up at this hogwarts for adults. Let's call which sounds of me. thing? And we all want to go It was founded at the turn of the century, spiritualist there and they believe in demonstrating life after life exists and Houdini used to go there to prove people wrong. Why I lived outside of you know indianapolis- and I heard about this place- called Camp Chesterfield and I remember driving their does stopped it like a seven eleven cause. I was lost and they said you mean you're looking for that that down the place, They are already assured the spiritual centre of light and the Dalai Lama was just there. Anyway. See reluctantly gave me directions.
but I am, I wound up there I remember going to a church service on property and their clairvoyant, and their mediums they had said. and says that you know I remember at church the people are standing up, giving messages it's called platform reading, which a witch I do not want a mast from their church all turn. I grew up Catholic, so I got a catholic school and on like this my kind of church, and so I was just fascinated by and then they did. Another thing called psychiatry which is actually reading objects that people. So it's like a ring or broach or You know handling something and then handling at you. Images. Are you get feelings from it and it's a touch point. So I had put a ring in a basket they were sending around and mine
like one of the last ones to be read in all these people are getting these earth shattering, such as and she looks at my ring. Then my love telling the story. She says I guess you're going to school and that and then the back like so again before your paper bag peep. crying here and I'm going to school or does it and so at the end of this service they said we're having a seminary here and it's for the next like weaker ten days, and I liked it was there with me. I said I guess I'm going to school stayed and they were like get up in front of people and give messages, and I need to know how to do it and they said park your ego at the door, because our ego want to keep a safe in others help. ego, I believe, but then there's the eager that so afraid to be wrong or
like in a very you know that perfect thing again, he I aunt em. I really opened up there, but I met this teacher Evelyn Regal, who was a medium? Who could actually mean this was mine blowing, make things levitate and I had. I did well alone, and so my mom This is why, and she was in her eighties and Ireland, sitting on the porch with her and she smoking a cigarette, and I but the tagging would that's not very spiritual, like an accident, but that's a habit wedding talking about a minute like because I had this idea like we did so pure that now a lotta mediums, I'm mad, like you know they might do, things to help them be tethered to the earth whatever that is, but I remember looking at is she's looking at me. Smoking or cigarette then go and Tina just cause knocking on the door, doesn't mean you have to let a man on this or the other side yeah boundaries. You know
has been an ongoing thing for me, not just with the other world, but also on this side because retired to please or be really. You know like to nice, we any land, but we can also be firm with what works for us or not. So I learned that I can have like an off button in my mind and turn it off or Brook before because it would happen a lot at night. So I was like up all night because a lot if you know they're out of body, so they don't need sleep, but I would think now is, and it was it was a certain. It was an amazing time, but we can SK our helpers in the other world are guides. You know to kill those doors for us at night or whenever we want them or to open them. Will you explain Will you talk me the truth or not familiar? What is a helper? What is the Spirit guide? What a guardian angel. Can you sort of talk about watch out So this is what I know so far because we
end up in the other world and their like. Ok, wait. You got this wrong, so so angels, I mean they ve been depicted. I remember doing stories on. I did a whole series on angels when I was a rapporteur and they're from the beginning of time as messengers protectors and my understanding standing as we know, we can call an angels all the time, for even I mean I call them and for parking spaces. Sometimes you know. there is now. Can I don't feel I never left for packing yeah. You said this and it's so good when we had come you were like there's. No Europe today really is like the end you can ask. guidance in anything, and it sounds crazy, but I am totally same way. I never ever look for parties all we did so, and you know I asked for them for protection many times at night when feeling vulnerable are afraid,
and many times. You know I'll. Ask them to come to the unicorn corners of my bed and watch out at night. While I sleep, I believe If we have you, no guardian angel are angels in doing this series. You know some. people depicted stories of where people when they really needed help, and they were praying that came out of nowhere and maybe took a human form, and then appeared my mom no she's she's, really bad feed and she was walking from a football game on somebody. This man came up and one of those rickshaws and said you need a ride and and and gave her a ride, and then she turned around and thank him and he was gone so end, I I believe from what I know that guides some of them. You know they're very benevolent there, there there to help us. we can have guides added. I believe before
we come in, we have guides to learn about. You know at their things are so wanted to know this lifetime challenges things to overcome and they have back their benevolent and they have our back. They will also interfere if it's not our time to go so sometimes I feel like their guard rails. You know and they whispered to us and they open. You know situations for us and we can ask them for help as well, but they they know what our sole wanted to accomplish this lifetime and their right behind us like a cheer squad here and I almost envision them sometimes going. Oh she's doing that thing again I said when I was younger- I'm sure they had crashed nomads on yeah. Alright, and then- and I know it- Certain guides. Can you know when I was working in news, and I had to be very segmented with my time and really a direct I know
helpers and the other world with research in others. There is also the Isle It's coming out song in there called the map. People, medical assistance personnel. At that those are my You're standing is out of body people. studied medicine who can help from the other side. If you're having a you, know way the element or something's not going right, you can ask for help and you could even look them out there in Google map people on the map yeah, I want an, do you ask for that guidance is there. Are you using specific language? Are you if someone's like, though, how does this there's something there? ringing true for me, but I've literally never done it before watching him ass. You would give a sometimes I do it with telepathy. Until apathy play my head Sometimes I ask out loud, but I'll just say you know, I really need help with this. I'm really confused about this. show me an evil and
take sign. An ear I understand that the high pull the thing is to let go because we keep pulling back and then were wearing it, and so we don't allow things to fold sometimes- you can ask in your mind, you can ask out loud you can write things down that you'd like help there's: no, you can't do it wrong. It's there get out and asking for help and guidance. I think so many times You know we do the same thing over and over again and were taught that we'd asking for help, sometimes as a weakness. I actually think it rageous and When we don't know when were asking and putting that out. Their help always comes yeah. We don't ask and we think we should know, or we start to feel shame or guilt about something and it keeps going around and around and around its tough their boat.
We're not reaching out were keeping inside so we might replicate the same circumstances again and again and again I would love if you feel come turbine. I don't know if this is putting on the spot, but I feel like I love s. you're getting any insides or you're getting any sort of readings, because I feel like I truly came two requests for the floor because Robbie told me too, and I trusted his perspective, but when I saw you read for people, it blew my mind and I've talked about it so many times I have told and that all my boyfriend tat the specificity of what you hear or sea like it's, so easy for someone to be listening to this part CAS or watching this and think, like ok, whatever, but to watch you? What you do is is mind line and can't be denied. So is there are you
getting any man, because he did not like this- not what I d like to show people explain to people like you know, what's happening. Ok, I am picking up, though I will tell you, as you started, to ask your grandfather vibration for you. There were those with it. I am father or yes, they have a bit because I what happens is. As I say, I hear it. I heard grandfather any it in you I know you're really open. You know. That's that's. What's help be really successful? Yes, because being vulnerable and allowing people to see or process I believe it helps everyone he'll yeah. human react here, and so He's talking about your mother, interesting so here. If it's the same grandpa he came through when we met the first. I'm here has died in the last few months.
my mom, my mom step. Ok, you know and then just so you know when it happens, I have no it happens in the moment, so I dont retain it right. I rise. I write is really interesting. I always tell people's like fifty four states. I might add that with courage but I won't remember what happened. It's like water and a hope that goes through are you writing something right now, because he showing me you are you mulligan over you actually, because he showing it looks like a book or another and also something I feel will be turned into either television or motion picture, and at that I see no an enemy he says that the yes and at an he here guardian for you in a way. I don't know if you feel that ok hold on, your second and that you're going didn't trust yourself. He wants to tell you and who
bringing together for these projects. He says: there's been some learning that you ve had yeah companies, Braille, yeah, because it's really hard not- and you know what my guides are saying- is see beautiful about you is that you run in with your heart open and I've done this to and you go hey. Let me help I want to help and want to help, now you're refining? What your grandfather's telling me is who you're? Having help you? Yes, sir, what the end with the intention of the motive is yes absolutely Is it for the common good, so the team, your building at this time, I'm hearing yeah and have also learned Sue. I had this sum. Tell India Medicine Man said to me: Tina bless all your negative teachers. They save you lifetimes who Pakistan it is just as important as the positive
in many ways, because we either stand up. We change something. We he'll something weird term in to have a better life here and were. Oh, that's good I'm seeing who was involved in the church or why am I saying a church or he was? He was a preacher because he well did I feel that it out of your body and snow he's like standing and he's very proud of you. He was like standing at pulpit, em, this picture that I see of him and he says you well those who tell you who was wrong about many things tat, he was happy to report to you now yeah and that he is sorry. If he's scared you in any way or didn't the poor to and also your mother. He says yes, that's a whole other story concerning your mother. He, yes, yes,
and you know you and I dont know yeah. I know you'd. Nobody knows, don't worry, that's not something written anywhere. It there's nothing you can now but yeah, but that that that's where some of your work has been sued, because he is so sorry because he influence her in such a way and the thought form was he's calling it limited the s yeah yeah sure he was right, buried, and Brimstone Pentecostal, like everything the San Diego yeah, God is a vengeful God, like the whole thing he made everywhere. He made you afraid to live yeah absolutely, but also, he's an admiration, because you said no and you something didn't feel right, but it was at great cost. He says concerning your mother. Yes, yes, and he also shows, like you, had to walk away, you want to cry and I'm not a good medium. If I start you know, I mean I couldn't there like,
Did you get a giddy will thus be able to live here? like. Why get everyone just be nice to each other right in here too? You know every ok he's pulling me you think so seeing how he wants me to say this to you. He says thank you for having the courage to tell your story. He says now. The pulpit he's handed the baton to you, tat and he's very out of you, and he doesn't know if mom come around. I dont know that mean but maybe that means something to you and your to live your life. You get he's just went here to live your life. I understand why. There is also a dog here. He asked yeah now people always go. I really you know, there's there's animals in the other animals in the other world. I remember the way that I was brought up there. They they taught us that,
animals on mine. make it to happen or we're make What I know to be true is that every living frequency has an energy right in and a method and those they contain into it or they turn into us. But there's a beloved dog. Here I heard beloved dog. That's your dog, but their impact. a world but It also a dog on their earth is well or is one coming in. I don't know I keep like praying for. Like US soldiers die, don't work is showing me a dog on their or on the earth. I believe I mean it's funny yeah. I believe that caused when I was in your session, and we did that meditation where we're walking through the valley or whatever My brother came through and he had are my town in the dog with him, and I never like felt her before I
I say this to you and it was introduced to me, but I feel solar. This dog could come back through another. and a lot of people will that's crazy pants, unlike no it's not a mere yet look at the movie. The dogs purpose. That's, yeah I've seen on a mass level that consciousness can be in another body, yeah yeah, I believe and we don't have all the answers, but I know many people that have had their animals over and over, and I have often said in my prayer or out loud if it's in your highest good to return, me show me the way to find you but the soul This animals telling me that it's not that long from now, just a you'll have your eyes open, but it's not like you have to search it. Don't come to you in a way we're somebody says: hey, listen!
visit the shelter or hey. There's this it's just it's not to be worried about that. There's, there's a animal spirit coming and soon to you, yeah with that. I feel that you actually hum. I know you mentioned your brother, but and I will say he says, he's your person so when you were little yeah. Yeah he's like he says here, person, and so you know explain to people I'm hearing and am also seeing images and arm. He says he helps you. Do you ever get that feeling because yeah. You know. Sometimes I call people like a door open or in the other world, but here does that you too have a soul agreement and he's helping you and he says you do call on him. I do absolutely alive and he wants me to tell you like this part of your life. He says he knows it's been opened,
perhaps he just showing that you felt maybe on shaky ground to a little bare in that its going to all the sudden open on a new level. He just as your its guy rocket allow it to happen? He wants me to tell you he's one he's funny here: I'm just saying what else wants to be? Do you ever so yeah ask you cause you know, cause I told you this in class, but I lost the baby and I'm so confused as to why I'm I'm confused as to why I asked got pregnant when I wasn't trying and then go excited and then baby died, and my body kept being pregnant and I had a friend who sir Andrew here and media men she had seen me, maybe ten days before I found out, and she said: oh you're Your baby has been talking to me nonstop, and I remember thinking that was Craig
because I was like. I don't feel I don't. oh that any! I don't feel the spirit of this baby envy and she had all these messages. And now, in retrospect I know because a baby wasn't me, so I didn't at the time, but the baby was already gone and I've just spent weeks crying and grieving and mourning and trying to read my mind around. Why an I don't know there ever know why and life, but it was has been such a weird few months, and I don't I don't get it first to my eye. I just tell you thank you for being so open in vulnerable and also I'm so sorry. I also My understanding is, and then I'm hoping that their communication but die so sometimes if there is a miscarriage or at the earth. its known that perhaps there
The body and the sole are two different energies, a hundred percent. I actually don't think that there was ever a soul, so I think there was a soul, but I dont get over it, body can't how's the soul or its found that there's going to be a learning and a lesson that isn't really needed there. that that they don't manner and you know we don't get to know everything, of course, because I some of it is a mystery that there's more knowing over there that coming in wasn't going to be helpful for them or for you, with the hold on, here. Let me, let me just make sure I'm hearing this correctly yeah determine that it would then that the body wasn't gonna, be able to house the soul. I think you know this on some level and so this energy is still around you.
you know. Sometimes it's been told me that that you, you often see babies, they don't even even the souls not in there and their here. It's like back and forth their sort of going on between worlds. Just like we see people leaving and they're going and between worlds. In this the souls getting ready to release, So I'm supposed to tell you that none of your thoughts had anything to do with this ever meaning that it was there. They knew that it wasn't going to come. for wishing in a way that would be helpful and mutually for both of you, so so it was and an end that do not that you thought you did anything wrong ever, but we ask why and they want to make sure the soul of this child that you are not blaming yourself for anything because you, you didn't do anything wrong and it was a really good exercise on many levels about being really flexible and open.
Whatever life is and and if its ever supposed to be it will it will become again. I keep I'm ok, I'm ok and you have this. No, we don't you deep down, yeah well done, they're gonna write with you, they'll be some writing that you do on this. and they're gonna write with you and you're gonna be able to communicate with them, and it's going to be very beautiful, you know, the guys want me to say that, even when we have an abortion, somebody be as an abortion, or anything happens like that. That also its understood that there were things with the mother and that, of course, nobody's abbot, but they did just want to know that that that the sole isn't many times even in the body. Just like you find wasn't right for the mother on some level, there's always forgiveness and there's always bigger reasons, and you know what telling me to your capacity for love Who do you felt even deeper the ape
is what they're saying, and so you ve gone really deep within yourself and hold on here. He's heard, I love you, but I'm ok and you are ok too. that, there's a grace, that's going to come, that's going to help you have we felt that Grey Swayer just lifted. Were you lifted and where the soul is part of you and part of your story, but they're they're still around you very close and they're also said they're going to send you feathers as a confirmation. Oh my god, you're. I have to show you now Tina. I was going to a farmers. Market We can and I was having such a hard time. I've been having such a hard time in this. This woman was signed, dream catchers and she had a stack of Oracle cards or something, and so our while I was standing there waiting my boy from had gone to dislike crystal big.
he got me this bracelet, which is for grief, and then I was just I'm from that and then I am looking at these cards and I pull a card and it is I have to show you and I don't know if I can, even if he was sure so the car, well thing at the card. Is it Sal? It's the black hair. was the cardinal there, the head said grief and at his back there, and then that message was that it was all about grief and it was that my guides would send me. Feathers the whole time we ve been here. I keep finding black feathers on my runs on the walks on the beach they're all around me, so that its that is a gradual, Ragland, they're saying it's from them. As you know asshole in the other world that setting a new look at and that you knew then there's this grace. I love that so authority happening yeah,
I feel that thank you for that. That's the eyes wanted to give you that confirmation, and also your he realized their time in the capacity for your heart opened even more and they think you for that opened you more and you ll find this down. There saying you will find that its even its own I mean, if you can have an orphanage. You would is what I'm here right the I all weekend body come, you know, and I wouldn't doubt that you don't have that in your soul. History because you will help many children and many in there many people journey, which is when the already doing so they are quite around you're gonna feel them the whole rested. the time you're on the earth, and so they don't want you you know. Certainly we have to go through the grieving process of course also want you to be related that their wicked
whether there in a corner or whether there in the other worlds. Thank you I was. I was really a gift today. Thank you. Oh my gosh. I am. I love you dear friend, nine hours to we're going to have to do another episode. I already know people are going to be like we need more when you, but it is your birthday. Why don't you respect all the time? And I know that listeners are going to want they're wanting site. I want such media. There was your book like. Can you tell us all that many people can interact with you with you? So my website is Tina powers, dot, com, Andy, I can get emails there, and you have the most wonderful assistant and Mary ever who is like he is an angel. I also, he is an annual so for all that she's in my life, I just your area
it's a also. If you want to talk to its Mariette Tina powers, dot com, but you look on there. I am? U can also? No, if you, if anybody ever does want to come to mirror. I work out of mere of Ireland. We do different kind of workshops like the though you came to, and I also travel now that covered. You know it's a little different now travelling more, so you can look at the Tina Paris, our comments, you see where I am also on the EAST coast, I'm at the Berkshires at Mirabelle, more which just opened a little over a year ago in its very beautiful barras yeah. I want to check not one insurance Jawdropping Lee Beautiful, dares up book. I wrote called reporting for the other side and it so the journey from you know a news anchor to trusting the spiritual and continuing to go that direction and you can you can pretty much find me online and all the information very call
we're so grateful and so blessed to be able to spend time with you today and learn from you, and I know I just cuz. I know my audience- you're, probably not going to get ten thousand requests for us. So we're gonna go in and tell people that you are books for very beautiful ample am and but I'm always for. What's real Can't you see I'm on Instagram Tina powers and on that there's two facebook pages, and so do you guys And find me for sure yeah buried. Thank you. I can't wait to talk to you again. We have an amazing Bertha. Thank you. This has been a birthday present. The Rachel Hollis podcast is hosted an executive produced by me, Rachel Hollis, Shows produce by sterling coats and edited by Andrew Weller.
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