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273: Your Body, Your Cycle and How To Eat Intuitively - with Kristen Ciccolini


Today I am bringing back one of the most talked about guests, one of the top favorites from one of our most popular episodes, which was all about periods and hormones. What's going on with your body? What's going on with your cycle? How can we better navigate the ups and the downs and work with our cycle instead of against it? If you haven't checked that episode out its Ep. 220!

Today we are continuing our conversation about what it looks like to take the best care of our body, how to eat intuitively, and how to take care of your health in ways that support your cycle. Whether you menstruate or know someone who menstruates, this episode is all about self-care, because how can you take better care of yourself, or a loved one, if you don't understand what's happening inside of your own body?


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Hey guys welcome to another episode of the Ritual Hollis podcast. Today I am bringing back one of the most talked about gas, one of the top favorites one of our most popular episodes about periods hormones. What's going on with your body, what's going on with your cycle, how can we better navigate the ups and downs and work with our cycle and set of against it? That is what I tat it about with Christians. We need the first time I had her on the show that was episode to twenty by the way, if you want to go, listen and start there today, we are continuing our conversation about what it looks like to take the best care of our body. How to eat intuitively, have to take care of your health in ways that support your cycle. So this one is for minced traders or people who love men,
traders, but it's another fantastic conversation. I know you're gonna dig it as much as I did and as always, if you like this episode, please share it with some one that you think it can be helpful for this is conversation with Christian hi. I'm Rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast- I spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and try I aim to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on this show. We talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened to dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best and four intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you? What
it is my guess are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand. These are conversations. This is information for the curious this is the Rachel Hollis podcast. but hey. How are you good nice to see you again thanks for having me yeah thanks for coming back? Okay? Where should we even start off, like maybe not even part of our conversation today, but have you read period power,
by Maisie Hill. Yes, I love it. It's one of my favorites, it's so good and I just keep trying to acquire as much knowledge as I can, and I devoured that book and then I told Nicole, my team and you have to go, get this so helpful. I think what I really appreciated about that. I didn't think that I would want, is sort of that deep of a dive into what's happening in my body during each phase of my cycle, but I found that she wrote it and maybe it's cause she's English, but she wrote in such a way where it was like. So real, like your girlfriend kind of telling you like here's, this is going to feel like shit, but here's the thing, the tap. and you know whatever? So I really loved that one of all the books that I read that one's my favorite. I do love her approach. I love the personality, also how she I mean. I talk about it in terms of moon phases. She about it in terms of sea vans, and it's just another fact. So
I just I really aligned with what she talked about how she talked about it than especially because she brings in the hall feminist perspective, talking about like the patriarchal aspects than that, I am always talking about in terms of vine in terms of other, but I really like woman code talons a great, while also the fifth vital signed by LISA Hundreds, Hendricks and Jack, that one is more focused on the fertility awareness, nothing which just something I think we talked about in the lot yeah yeah. You know it's interesting to just that. Terminology of the fifth vital sign is something I hadn't really ever heard before. Until I started to research on more and more about this topic, can you just sort of explain for someone who's never heard that
reference. Can you explain what that means yeah? So when you think about your vital signs, I mean you're, probably picturing, like you, you've been watching Grey's anatomy or with I don't watch that I was going to say he arbor them, like that's a database yeah, but you know you're thinking, it'll signs like your blood pressure, your heart rate you know I've been slipping my mother too, but you know that a very important sign that tell you exactly how your body is doing like this They thing if one of those are off something's wrong. You know, so your menstrual cycle is considered your fifty vital sign for its recommended to be considered a fifth vital fine, because it is an indicator of your overall health. If something is going wrong, you may experience. It's it in the cycle. So I think we've talked about last time about how you know. Pms isn't necessarily normal, it's very common, but that doesn't mean it's normal and that's that's an example of an indicator of how something might manifest if some things,
and I love that reminder for an audience that is predominantly women who listened to this show to just sort of ask better questions about what any of this is supposed to look like or feel alike to us, because that is some within. Maybe you are the first person who ever said to me like YO. We know you shouldn't. Actually your pms shouldn't be that bad, your cramps shouldn't be that bad. You shouldn't be bleeding this heavily or this much to the point that it's making you feel weak and I have just accepted my whole adult life that these things are normal sort of this link. Our attempts are cheesy, but, like this you know curse of womanhood, like having a period and having all these things and in learning more number, one thirty to question what Norma amusing airports, if, if you get it
maybe what normal is supposed to be, and also what are some things that I can do that we can do as women to help ourselves navigate bees. Time so the reason that I love getting to talk to you are getting to read these is having a better understanding of what is happening in my body during specific weeks of the month and then I love in, and you said, if I don't have to use or superpowers, but that's kind of how she describes it. In period powers, Like during this week, yeah you're not really going to be great at like starting a new project or building a company but you're going to have really great intuition and you're going to be able to sort of come into yourself and like rest and make better decisions, and that is not I think anybody ever taught me. Were you taught this as little girl or you are as an adult levy. I learned it as an adult. Definitely it's it's something, that's why I'm so vocal about it now, because
such new information to most people, that I talk to you now, so I mean I owed me. We could go down this path. If you want to bet it's, it's definitely from the patriarchal structures in our society it started. Should I go into the german Randy rampage about that? That's why you didn't even the idea. I've, never research says, but even the idea that it's called a period like such a weird like. Oh, this was the period where, like your wife was available for you are like. Why is it called a period cycle.
It's like there's all of these words that would be more appropriate than that, so yeah go wherever you want to go wherever your heart leads him. While I was thinking, as you were saying this as we're, you know we're not taught about these things, and you have to think about why and where this comes from, and it starts at like the very top where it's the institutions that do that do research and determine what is deemed important enough to be studied and a lot of the times, women or people who menstruate are not included in research studies. It actually wasn't until nineteen. Ninety three that there is a record, We should, in that women work had to be included in research studies. There is no requirement before or, and that is only for the National Institutes of Health, which I believe is only like six or seven percent of all clinical study. If so, it is now something that's super common super enforced. It is you know it's nice
included and when we are included, it's not necessarily parcel by cycle face either, so that you know that research is just not meant for us a lot of the time. So you know it starts up there and that information informs the medical community. informs me no doctors that our learning in school informs how, in obvious hence our learning in school, about our bodies in biology class and how much we get to learn. I mean you know it's just its eternal down and it go to the doktor. They dismiss you. Maybe they don't even know. I mean they know some about the menstrual cycle, but maybe they don't know a lot about the things that you are bringing to them in terms of your sometimes and there's just so much misinformation and its it. When I talk about it, it feels very overwhelming, like it's it's a problem that we can tackle, because it's just
everywhere, but I'd like I try and might be my went away. I tried to you, know, spread information and help people out and educate, and there are others. Others like me who are doing the same, some hoping that with those little bits here and there, but we can find our power and try to work with our bodies instead of getting stuck. In that picture. Gold structure absolutely anything when I hope that people get out of our conversation and- and I would just say christian- I had another conversation that you should go back and start with a set of go down this trail with us, but what I hope that women will get out of our conversation is a desire- or maybe some empowerment- to take ownership of their own experience, because this
it's only something like I wish that I could tell you that I got really into this because I'm a woman and I wanted to practice the greatest form of self care which would be to know my body and to love it well and to treat it gracefully. But I really fell down this particular rabbit hole because I had a hormonal pilots and I didn't know what was going on, but I felt a little bit like I was going crazy and in learning to the to the steps it I could take to balance my hormones. I just started gathering all of this information at how I actually found you, because I was just Google it. MIKE. Is it the food I'm eating? Is it like? Why do I feel? Maybe that was a huge deal and it I am a very dramatic person, but I cannot overstate how much this journey has changed. My life, like utterly changed my life,
If because it's changed, my emotions, you know my momma four kids and I can't think of anything that is more upsetting or frustrating to me than when I feel like like right now. I just started my period yesterday and yesterday I was very emotional and I put my five year old daughter to bed and she was just like you know, pushing every button that she and I was like, oh so frustrated and I lay with her remote or she falls asleep and as she was falling asleep, she like I just like felt so sad cause. I was like man, you didn't do that that time that wasn't! Your best bedtime like you didn't do that well, and I knew that I had felt sort of shorter control of myself because my emotions are off, but their surge of grace and understanding that now and not sort of thinking will get your piece of crap like you suck as a mom. You know, but I actually know what's going on, and I know how to help myself. So if someone
at the beginning of this journey, where you know, where do they start ready to go? What should they do to understand? What's going on in their body? Learning about your body just allows you to have so much more itself compassion in those moments. Or maybe you aren't feeling your best and you can kind of take a step back and look at ok. What's going on here are happen. How can I be do better next time I'm so in terms of where to start say at the very least, You know I want. I want everyone tracking motorcycle just because we want to learn all this great information, but at the very least, if you're, not tracking, on the flow of yours like or anything like that at the very least, just your energy, your energy levels and maybe in your mood as well, so that you can see that if there is any patterns and how you're feeling so, just like your saying it's the beginning of your period, You know at this time that your emotions are a little high end and you're, not feeling so grave. Maybe you don't handle certain
situation. So well, you can plan for that. The next time, around, you know, maybe in the moment it's gotta be so perfect all the time in the moment, but again their sense of compassion and also if you are and dissipating a situation, then you can better plan for how you can approach it right. I just a quick note on that for anybody listening who's like oh Hattaway, or what do I do, I'm sure there's all sorts of different ways and there's great apps. I think we talked about last time. Eight for a long time use an app. One clue, and I I liked that, but I didn't feel like it was sort of the information that I wanted. So I just keep and no I have an ongoing know on my phone for, like the last four or five months, and it literally is just day one of my cycle and this
few notes right so like we're still really low energy today and kind of felt myself crash after lunch, and the other thing that has really helped me, which I I feel like your vibe with, is and I'll also write how he was eating that day, because I'm constantly trying to tweak and c o n. If I had a lot more greens unless stated that kind of help with inflammation where the cramps, not as bad or whatever it is something simple like I started having ginger tea like I love fresh ginger, and so I started just really like two times a day as leading up to my period and on my period just started drinking it cause. I heard it was anti inflammatory and I wanted to see, and last month was so much better like I just felt so much better and was like. Oh my god this word so my
woody to track, and I, when I was about to start this time, I was like oh yeah. The ginger tea, so I do a note in my phone. Are there ways that you or apps you love or like? How do you are you know your cycle so? Well now you don't need to check like what's your five? No, I definitely track a track. Everything everyday, I love. I love this self, so it for me. It's it feels like an experiment with myself and I just like learning all this information so why personally. Do I used the act? Kinda Kundera its its overwhelming, if you're not sure where all of the suffers, because it is based on the fertility awareness method- we talked last him about- you- know tracking your server com, you guess your basal bodies, temperature, that's what that acts all about So that's what I use and also I use a pen and paper journal to write down the each day, how I'm feeling so I can just you, know, look back and forth and see if there are any
patterns, but you know it can be a simple as just using pennant paper or you could use an apt. You can t do it we want. If you wanted journal every day and then take a look, I've seen people do and they can write with a red pen in their menstrual phase, so that quickly, like flip back and see what was going on the last time around and see those patterns, so it can be. It can be very simple. I do like clue clues. A really good one and stardust is a fun one. I think that's what it's called start us that one's like a witchy one and it's the the notifications that you gotta really fun but yeah, I would say kind, Dara and clue are my two favorites and then for a few on all the fun into it start us is a good one. I will also say I can't remember if we talk about the last, I'm sure we dead but When I first started tracking, it was when I realized, because I didn't
my cycle at all? I didn't understand. Oh like this is when you're you know, estrogen speaking, this is only produced friend like this is what's happening, and so I had this day, which are now understands like day. Twenty that I was I felt like. I fell like a monster like I just so angry, just zero patients for anybody and every month, and it would happen. I would you like. I was there. I will first that I get and it wasn't until I realize I owe it happening on the same day every month, and I finally just Google, like is something happening on the twentieth day of my son, go and found out that their hormones were were going wild. So just it's sort of that thing, like infant information, is power and it even just normalizing how you're feeling- or I think you know I have the most amazing, in partner and my boyfriend, who, like I cycle as
All as I might cycle of just sort of being like you do need to be like you to the first night, you they want you to go and humanity just go here. just because he knew. That was exactly what I didn't want to be. I don't want anyone to hug me. I didn't want to talk. I just wanted to be by myself so, and I just I I know I'm jabbering, but I feel like I want so but we for women to understand that there is more or going on, then you need to, if medicate for or you need full shame about or like it just working with your body, is it's exactly what you said working with it instead of against it, and that is that is workers. Knowing your cycle is able to share it with your partner. I like that. I'm because it I've I've heard people do best. I don't, but I think this is a great idea: briefing keep a shared Google calendar and put your phases
there, if you know when they're coming and you know it in your tracking well in its regular, you can plan for it. They know that they can see that in the calendar and think like ok, I'm going nowhere near her today. If so, real like a mega, bigger cookie home like a surprise, cookie or even just for yourself just didn't know that information for yourself, because is, am I dont know. I I m makes me kind of sad when I think of how much this would have been life. Changing information for me to have had when I got in the first period, you know to even understand nobody taught me I I came from a very religious family. We didn't talk about anything to talk about.
bodies. You know you were, it was shameful to be naked. It was shameful to have sex to have a body like all of it right, and you know my parents did the best they could. They were doing. They were playing out the narrative that they had been given, but I never as a as a teenage girl had any idea when my period is coming. Never I like this is health class right, like I don't remember anyone ever saying if you count the days or roughly around this time next month, you're going to want to put pads in your backpack so that you don't have an accident at school like I just nobody gave me that information. I think, that's why I have a lot of shame and I think that's why I had a lot of I hated my period for most of my life hated it like I'd, be like oh, it's this. You know every freaking month, it's here again and so much, and I wondered a lot lately how much that contributed to
bad cramps ends feeling crappy and having pms, because if you are at odds with your bodies, natural rhythm, like if you feel ill, angry about your body doing what it's supposed to be doing that camp. That's not going to feel like a good process like do you have you ever read: Louise Hay, yes, yeah, okay, so Louise Hay, like her Oji original fifty million copies sold, you can heal your life, which is fantastic. She talks a lot in that book about different pain in the body is an expression of different emotional feelings and I was like oh, I wonder what cramps are just the curious. What she said cramps are, and she was like it's tension within yourself and that can be all kinds of cramps right, stomach, cramps or pms or whatever, but I definitely wondered how much psychologically it affects us if you hate your period, how does that affect? You
bodies ability to naturally in a way that feels good, do. Would it supposed to be doing absolutely? There is definitely a psychological component, and so, when you're, explaining about all the feelings, your feeling about this well, I'm hearing is the main issue, hind. All of it is just the lack of education, so you from a religious background. It's just that at that's! Definitely a component to it. I came from a semi religious background, but people who no religious back on all of us. We all share the same comment that I did not know any of this up and then also in comment that there's shame around it that we feel like we hate it, that we dread it every month, and why do we dread it? Because we're taught that it's a shameful thing we're taught that it's dirty and meet in for a lot of people. It doesn't feel great. You know they have terrible crime a said and heavy flow, and especially when you're a teenager and that stuff is happening. God forbid, you have an accident
school. You know it's it's very difficult and we're not talk about these things. You did not know when your period is coming, as you didn't know how to track it. You weren't told how to do that, and so I'll. Just I mean when I was hearing is just the underlying thing is just that lack of education and that's. Why is so important that we're having this conversation well AIDS do I mean my daughter's five, so I have a lot of like ideas about how different this will be. Like I already talked to her about it. She see me like, on my p, like she, and what's that, I'm a girl when smoked cause, I'm just I want to normalize for her because it wasn't even my boys know: they'll be like it's a good running joke in our family, like oh mamma. Cookie is a must. on her period, like that, it's very normal for us to have it, or even last night, my oldest son came in to my room when I was sort of sitting there having my tea by myself, he was like. Are you okay, said yam having cramps is likely that you're eating bad light,
he knows so was great yeah. What would you say to oh- and I will just add a little side note on that cause, I'm teenage boys in this effort to normalize it. I saw the cutest, who s like story on Instagram about a year ago, where this boy had come home. The middle school you'd come home. Any asked his mom for like two tampons and a pad- or something like what do I do? What can I hadn't you? That's? Why do you need that? and he said. Oh I'm, on my period, so this is going to make me want to cry, but he said oh his friend, who is a girl, had an accident at school and she was so embarrassed and he was like. Can I just keep some of my? back so like if I had a friend who needed, I know I'll be said, and I a screenshot and said to my boys and I was like dude what there's like. I was never like sure, but I've had conversations with them out.
man, if you don't do anything else in a safe, if you ever see a girl, I want, if you ever see someone who has had like giver. Your sweater take off your sure what binder handle your backpack like help back girl. Sorry went off on a danger. What advice would you give still keys all excited? I have to talk to you personally. Fucking way too fast to come down rate. What advice would you give to Amman? Who has a teenager or has a eleven year old girl and Sheena? You know she. It were close like we're going to have our first, period to normalize it if it's not something she's ever talked about, or maybe the mom feels really uncomfortable, and you know any thoughts on that yeah, I would say, learn together if it's something, if especially if it's something that's new to the mom, not to
plug my path that wasn't. My pike asked where the very first episode we talk about in depth, the menstrual cycle and I've heard people say that they listen to it with their kids. Or so that something if you are learning together, maybe having listening to it and then having a conversation. Like did. You know that, did you not? What do you think about that? You now and just Trenton normalize the conversation, especially when you yourself or have you as the parents are having your period? What are you talk about you know you're, not you're, not saying how much I can try there or how awful it is. You know if you arcs, if you are experiencing a painful period or something like that to be honest about it, and I also know that that's not make it so that their dreading when it happens to them- and so I think again, it's in August Are you the educational component, but I also think you know just normalizing it happening, and maybe
You can see how you deal with it. If you use TAT tampons CUP desk, whenever it is that you use, show them how to use their or watch Youtube videos together on how to use it maybe you're both using it for the first time. Yours, I mean I'm a thing. You know that this has yet just as a shared experience and funny. I learned how to use a tampon by just like stabbing myself repeatedly until I figured, if you know you're so confused about. The angle of attack on yours. It's, so it's not at all the angle if we have any like because idea of teenage girls, who was a news if you ve, never put its stamp on it, and it is good that you too bad, it's a different, action than you think it is, but I remembered that I figured it out and then my best friend can also wanted to use temperance- and I remember, outside my bath,
door Kim's in their like go right. Body is dying Rachel. I know you're telling me that there's no way this care lovely didn't aim towards your back like it's, not that it was so so. I think it would be really great if my mom had ever explain to me how to use, even if it was awkward- and I think you can laugh about it I beg you could say like I love- is a little like whatever, but you'd rather know, then that no right, like it's better for you to have this information than beacon view so I laughing about it, I think definitely care blade, and probably the most important thing is how you interact with your period, how you engage with the conversation round it and in terms that, like using laughing about it, definitely laugh about it.
Weird bodies are gross. It's fine and you know what teenagers are going to be like ugh mom come on, you know, but it's just yeah and I try to have fun around it and also I was thinking I'm thinking back to a conversation that I had recently. We talked about having accidents and what to do when that happens, and it's also important for you to model behavior when happens you are if it does in a rather than being like all. This is a false. Just like ok, you know I just knew gravest they're tied around my waist rather than making a huge deal of it like yeah. It sucks your pants are dirty, but at least you can. You know model how you move forward and not make it a huge deal. Absolutely I I mean I think, as you're talking about that, I am realizing I were having a conversation about our cycle, but I also think it is the same for a man modeling the relationship we have with their body and general right, no it's not that this is absolutely a huge major on another, but I think about
how I never really focus that much on it. I had a daughter and then wanted to really make sure that I had very grace. oh and loving conversations about my body could, for instance, a great now you can imagine mommy period so and more bloated that I normally am I'm wearing like a more comfortable pair of pants ray I'm not in the like tight Levi's. China look up, but I think that if I'm not conscious of that than I could talk about my body in a way that is in healthy bristles name and healthy for me to think little unsafe and it's definitely not healthy for her to hear you know. I never want her to grow up. Hearing like I'm so blooded are like I'm so fat. I don't use a language, but I think it's worth if we're going to talk about this and we have members who are listening for them to think about how often they may say
things that are a negative comment about your bodies, natural cycle and even ask: where did that language come you, didn't come into this world hating your bodily, that's a learned behaviour. So Maybe even imagining did I ever hear my mom savers. I ever hear what did my mom say about her body? What did my mom say about her period and am I about to pass down a negative cycle on to the next generation yeah? Absolutely, it does tie in to just how you talk about your body in general, and I think I mean, why I do a lot with intuitive eating as well, if it really does align, because with sake the thinking and paying attention to your cycle that all require is intuition, because you're learning about your body into a chain is information and that you observe- and you know, keeping your little library had it all pulse from that and say
in intuitively now how to treat yourself throughout the month, because you know what's happening when, and you know that in a when you feel a certain way, you naturally knows this is how you deal with that, because you ve been learning about it through year cycle journey. You know. I know we discuss it. Last ambrosch. Look at such an important conversation, we you and they can go back and listen to the original podcast. But will you just give up an eye? yeah to anybody whose I'm familiar with what intuitive eating. Is and how you can begin to notice, what's gonna work for your body and whatnot you're, so intuitive eating. It's a framework created by today, tensions, avalanche, ugly and least fresh
and it's an approach to health that focuses on nurturing your body rather than the diet mentality, like everything that we are talking about here. Like the way you talk about your body, and you know this cycle of restriction and hyper focused on perfect nutrition and a prioritized is mental health along with your physical help and is just much more sustainable than the typical diet. We used to or you may be used to, and so there are ten principles and I can go through them if you want to, but the I think the foundational thing with intuitive eating is just, building in awareness, and that's always can it be the first step to changing anything. You can't change some thing. If you don't know what the problem
That's right, so developing an awareness around how foods make you feel and why you reaching for certain foods. I think those are two main thing so on contained within the principles that those are, I think, the biggest one for they like to talk about what people. So, let's, let's break that down really quickly just for anybody who wants a deeper dive. So how foods make you feel and what was the other one leg was. Why were reaching her son things? Yes, they were when they say five seconds it, yeah! Guess what I like the famine in your cravings right. Okay, so, let's, let's start with how foods make you feel, because I am going to assume I'm not the only person who grew up eating a certain way and never, I honestly did not give a
crap how the food made me feel after I only carried about how it made me feel when I was eating it right. So I grew up in a family lots of emotional eat, ENG and home life was very clear I can hard and absolutely learned that eating something that was delicious would make me feel better in that moment and to be honest, Chris and I are so disconnected from my body and like every way that it never even occurred to me. Oh, yeah, you fell sick after a nachos and beer, because your bodies like revolting against what you just say I just such disconnection understood- have ignored it and the next thing or now I'm gonna have ice great because it is at least a vice came over to feel happy again, even if I'm making things in my body. Worse, though, Maybe sounds silly, and I know that a lot of listeners are conscious and they get it, but I also guarantee that their
a woman listening to this is never have the correlation before between. But you know I was. I was interviewing my doctor the other day, and he said you want to eat foods that love you back like. I know you love that thing, but does it love you back? Does it make you feel good? So could you talk a bit about how you're supposed to feel when you eat? the thing, that's good for you and and what side effects are when your body is having a visceral response to the ice cream yeah. So I like that sentiment, love eat foods. That love you back, and I would also add to that that it's okay, if it doesn't love you back, It's just information free to work. Well, because the way I like to look at it is this. All of this is neutral formation and you get to decide to do with that? Are you get to decide what you do with that information and that's how I like to purchase is eating with intention so
Well, it feels like when I mean you know when you feel good when you eat something that makes you feel really good. You're energized, you, you know you, you don't have that fatigue or brain fog throughout the day feel energized motivated you're, just in a good mood and a few. If something is revolt weighing against you. I think you may also note that feels like, but also it can be a little bit more subtle. So maybe it maybe it's not the food itself. Maybe it's the amount the food that we be and we've eaten past our level of comfort, which can happen, especially if it's a food that we restrict often and then begin the panic mode of like I dunno what I'm going to eat this again right now so yeah. So I mean, I think that I mean many of us have that experience for each eaten beyond the point of comfort, and that
I feel like cramping in your stomach, it can feel like your pants are very tight and very uncomfortable. It can fit you. Can he tell your physically ill and I'm You know, as I say this, you may be thinking of experiences that you ve done in the past, that you can turn of the two to these description. So I'm I feel you, you kind of, have an idea of how you might feel when you feel good and when you feel bad, but it's more of what foods are doing that for you, but you have to start to learn to develop and awareness round, because you know, maybe maybe one food will make you feel great one day, but maybe later in your cycle, it might not feel good. So I remember last time we talked about how you discovered that raw, our food was just no good for you, with your body yeah, maybe you're. Obviously, Tory phase, maybe test the south in your avi literary phase. That's when your estrogen is high.
energy is higher feeling very strong. Your body, strong, your digestion, strong, so that's usually when it's recommended to have the as raw foods have a big broth. Salad. If you want it and your body will probably process it better than in your menstrual phase. For instance, maybe if you have tested that out, I mean I haven't told you have I thought it was all the time, but it absolutely is that all Like I love lentils. I love games. I love things like that and there is a very specific weakened, my cycle that will make me so NASH, associate like everything, goes wrong impression have them, whereas other times they make me formerly gray and gives me good. and you. So. I love that advice to check where you are in your cycle and that's why I also love tracking how I'm feeling and then what I, it like ooh. Just remember when I going to have lentil soup during this phase ever again,
I didn't want to add to. This is something I didn't know growing up or even for most of my adult life. Is you know when describing these foods coming no really go in and bees, obviously Your body has reaction to, but I also think it worth people looking into information. They think they're dead We foods for me that they won't hurt my stomach, so I wouldn't really be conscious of their not being good for overall, but I began to notice a man every time I have you, know french bread or whether a pastor like sort of those refined, whatever I start and acting like I dunno. Why I'm moving around like there's something wrong with my back, but I Starkville at my back like I, I just sort of feel inflamed. I don't feel myself so paying attention to that, because I definitely grew up in a home where I was taught there's a pill for that. That is like my dad's favorite quote: there's pill for that. Whatever you need those pills
and then so I was, I mean, just lived on any programme Tylenol Anville just group had all the time was very normal for me to have that, as maybe even every day, just like any acre pain, not understanding. How well, that is for your got health and how horrible it is for your body, but also that often there are decisions that you can make about. The food you're eating or what's inflaming your system, where you're not going to feel those aches and pains in the first place, so it's about treating the root cause instead of just the symptom right and what you can do is I mean you mentioned tracking, so you can track food and, along with your mood so sometimes I'll, have people do a food and mood Journal not like it. I fitness helping we're yeah yeah every last teaspoon of thing. Definitely not like that. Just like a description of what you ate like I had the sandwich. This is what was in it. This is how I felt and just keeping that
journal and so overtime me can notice. Ok, I'm feeling this one. I e this arm Tomatoes are you know. I feel this way when I e bread- or you know you can start again ever comes down to like education and then tracking and patterns yeah. So you can. You can do that and also if, even if that level of food journaling is triggering to, you may be consider taking photos of your food, and so it's less of you know. We're focusing on every ingredient and we're just like take a pic sure and here's how I felt you know. So there are different ways that you can approach it, but that's that is a couple of ways that you can started? Develop awareness yeah. I love this idea to because are really were things you talk for being triggering am, I think both of us are aligned and the idea that we want people We want women, we want. Whoever is listening to feel great once you feel great, is now
he looked sad about diet and about weight loss? It's none of. That is that if you can really be connected to your body and connected to, the way that it feels during at times of the month, the way that it feels when you eat that food. Your job, I honestly, I think, is the greatest form of self care. I think greet you know. We are taught that Self Karras, like you, know, to get a better care or take a bubble bath, and I can't think of any way to love yourself better than to know yourself and their time. Don't get me wrong and the first person it was my best friends birthday. Last weekend I flew to L a my three best girlfriends at dinner like I definitely had margarita, why absolutely and I knew the choice that was making there is intentionally behind that right. Like it's a celebration I knew isn't gonna be at my absolute best. The next day, just in terms of like
When are we moving a little slower and making it sound like I was hung over I'm sorry, I just want to clarify I'm thirty nine. I forget I would rather die than the handover, but it's a conscious choice that there are times in one for its thinks. Giving, and you know I don't always get have my mom's casserole and I'm gonna eat. Something I know is not the best but there's intentionally behind it, and I think it all about that. The goal is that you feel great and that you're making decisions consciously because I think most of us were raised to approach food and an unconscious way. You know we did it as a something to me I feel better or maybe it was just like we were doing it. We were just eating and not thinking about it, and there really is power and that information, yeah, yeah, absolutely and I think, with intuitive eating people misunderstand it
I think that it is only when you're hungry stop when your full and that's not always the case. It is things like what you're talking about eating intentionally and think. Maybe you know thanksgiving? Ok, maybe you're not hungry at one o clock in the afternoon, when my family tends to eating rioting. but you know that you you're going to have a day ahead of you and you're planning for it, and it's going to be great, though bringing it back to what you were saying about feeling good, that's where examining your cravings can come in and thinking about. Okay is this food that I want? Is it going or first first ask? How do I want to feel and then you can ask? Is this food going to make me feel that way, and it is, the answer could be asked. Answer could be no, sometimes the voters boy, you need to be happy and that's totally fine is no. This food isn't going to get me there. You can think about what will get you there or
could still go ahead. Anita if you want to again it is that intention behind it. That's important, because what I would like people to try this is. You know how you know. experience when you're eating on idle pilot, all of a sudden your hands at the bottom of the bag of chips near like. Oh, no, I feel awful wended burden. I just blacked out need all of us burning. The gap is set up and that is that a much different feeling than going into it with intention saying I want these chips, you know. I know that what happened last time didn't make me feel so good. I may not also good after those- and I know that and I'm just going to enjoy a real ass part of it and by the end of that it just feels so much different. There is less guilt, there's there's more compassion for yourself. You're, like you knew. I expected this and am Helen threat, a bank. You appreciate what you're eating Have you and you take a moment to lack any joint controls.
Can do this like? Let's have a guy while we're here? I love that reminder. I love that, like that slowing down in that connection do you were going to get into like just real hippie stuff for one second cause. I like you can go here with me, but do do anything like. Can you see, gee you do you do any sort of asking your body pendulum, but you do anything where you're I know this is which he saffron. There's like ten percent of the lesser Chicago understand, saying to sort of no this, it's gonna, be great for me or its now or you just ask yourself right now. I do use a pendulum, but not for food or use it for other things. I never actually thought about using it for food. You usually it's just thinking about like what. Why am I having this craving my physically hungry, when last time I ate. If, if I know that it's not fair
go hunger. If I know that there is an emotion behind it, why does that emotion? What's causing it? How can I fix it you? How can I fix it without food and again if its food that you need to fix it? That's fine! Just thinking about it. First is really important. What am I a good friends Kimberly has been on the palm cast before? Is an energy here and a gardener training originally with? Can you sick algae instead of muscle testing? And that will thing so between her and then another one of my teachers. I am there's a thing where, okay, where I'm going to sound, I'm gonna sound. However, I'm gonna sound listeners. This is a thing you could. Google, it watch on Youtube whatever and I've taught my kids do this as well, that your body, like a
when you're feeling disconnected from your intuition, your body, your gut, your instinct, always knows the answer, and so one of the things I learned to do from a teacher is to stand both feet on the ground. I like to do a barefoot, but you know in a pinch: you're fine have so stand hands at your side. Close your eyes, take a deep breath ground yourself and ask your body what is a yes and the first I do this, I did it several times and essentially your body it. My body sways of it forward is a yes for my body. It's very much like a pendulum then what's you know and its back and I test many times over many weeks till I know for sure that that's what it was and now and do this with food. And I won't lie and say I do it every single time because Sonos in a hurry or have eaten this thing before, but often I'm blessed to be able to work from home, and so I've got a full kitchen in there and if I'm not careful
I will make choices that maybe I wouldn't normally make us I'm hungry, I'm in a hurry or whatever and so just started doing that like Do I wanna movie, you know My body always knows and what's interesting, is that often times what my body will say? Yes for is really not when I was craving at the moment, it always works. I always feel great. I always have the energy I need, I feel, for I don't feel any side effects from what it was, and there are times and have ignored it, because I'm like no. I really why I just We craving a green smoothie right now and it doesn't go well and I don't know if it's, because it's a different cycle or what but and I would recommend if people feel like a fearless senior like a manner. We know where to start with mantle
There's a lot you can look up to me, salad. You can look up a pendulum. You can look up said of muscle, testing or body testing. It's not worth its, not magic, it's not which he is literally asking yourself. What do you want and it's a wild process, but I've got my kids to do it now to really works. That's a fun experiment to do, especially when you go again what your body said, and you can see how it turns out and you're like okay, that's what happens when I don't listen to it! Yeah yeah! I tell clients to do something pretty similar where it's more like How do you a little bit of meditation and then, when you're, feeling kind of intuitive and in tune with yourself, when you feeling pretty chill, then you can ask yourself kind of food. Do I want right now we're like what nutrients joy need right now or, if you're thinking about exercise what kind of man
I meant do I want right now and sometimes the answer might surprise you and then, like I just said you can you can go with it or not and then see how that works out for you yeah. Well, I think what I'm tripping out on right now and I'm going to say the most obvious. however, is I'm realizing even in the last couple of months. I cannot expect myself to function in the same way during the next week, and I think that this is for all of us. Yeah there's a week of my cycle, I want to run twelve miles. There's a week of my son, well, I want to only do very slow than Jaska yoga. There's a week of myself. Like right now, I'm I did the minimum and it went onto the grass this morning. I did some stretching that's all. I got right now there were so many years of my life, where I would feel so mad at myself. For now,
being able to do the same thing or pushing myself an infilling crap better feel like if we can just listen to our body. It will tell us what we need. and it all worked out notches, ok but great, but where living into this ideal that we it's almost like. Oh we're going to eat the same things every week the goal of saint German do the same work out every week, and that's not I don't. that's how or why do you change it up during the different weeks of your cycle? Yeah totally, I'll have all these grand plans for myself like? I have this regimen that I'm like okay, I'm going to do this this this and every day, and then the day comes and, like I don't feel like doing, so I see, but that's the thing like it. You can create a plan for years.
Well I mean we're we're so conditioned to follow a very rigid routine. When it comes to fitness, like you, have to go all out five days a week and whatever and- and it is nice to have some structure, especially if you're someone who doesn't you know, doesn't do well, especially I mean have no fear, expert, but I d like to have structure I'm a virgo. I love that the whole world I do, however, as I'll have that structure, but I'll check in with myself the day of and think. Okay do I actually want to do this today, because, if I don't want to do it and I force myself to, I might feel depleted afterwards and and they're. You know yourself best. There could be a difference of like I want to get off the couch and is being laid the or it's like. Now I really don't have the energy today, and if I do this, it will really work against me so again. You know you know your personal levels and when you can, you can stand here wasted a little bit or not, because I mean pushing yourself can be good
but you're gonna die overdo it yeah and I would say to them. I love, I believe, leave my everyday. I just I have for years, and I am a better men when I move, but my movement might be walking the dock literally or like Dan. if my daughter to the frozen soundtrack in the kitchen, I just want to be intentional about. Doing something where I'm I'm in town. actually moving my body instead of getting blood flow, jumping up and down whatever it is because the times that I found the such a good point that I I found where I will go extended periods of time and don't doing anything are not it it's as detrimental to me as you doing too much. So I just think it's worth. This is why tracking is so important is because it really allows you to learn yourself, and I was just curious. Do you ever coach anybody who has a partner in their life who doesn't get this
talk about, it doesn't isn't interested. Couldn't care less like what do you do if you're trying to learn some, never even know a canyon quiet time or I need this or I don't really want to talk to anybody right now and you're in a relationship with someone who isn't supportive of that or can't understand it like you'd, be which anyone who's gone through, that no and I would say, dump them yeah. I mean honestly honestly it all my clients have very supportive partners, bear learning about the stuff of two and actually think it's pretty cool. I mean I feel like. Maybe that's not a very nice blanket statement to make, but if your partner isn't supportive of your natural rhythms, that's abroad You know all the same person yeah, it's a huge profits. Because that's another way that keep the patriarchal strategy papers
we fit into their expectations of who we should be day after day. We have to fit our bodies, natural changes, and they have to understand that. That's that's the thing we change every single day. Think about how many cultures I mean going back historically, where you know women and there's this still happens day where, if you are on your period, your unclean, it allowed such anybody, you definitely weren't allowed to have sex. He needed to go, live in a different place like it there, it's not to say everyone's on their own journey and if your partner is not supported grow, grossed or weird or whatever. They have a reason for being, way that they are. But I dont think that it's something that you should accept or or normalize or frankly, be ok with because
I've been, and you know, I'm real wild and I've been with two men in my whole life, and even I'm with someone who's a really my my boyfriend is very conscious and grew up around women as a very normal like the very first time. You will appreciate this. first dating? I had really bad cramps, I a really hard period and he had come over to the House He knew that I was hurting and he like let he was like. I'm just going to NE did Palo Santo and like cleared my energy, and I was like I will love you forever, like where we're dogma is like. Let me just hold you. Let me just clear and urge you to bring and- and I was like you are- I will never let you go, but an even my husband who did not grow up was not normalized for have group an Orange county with varying
everybody, even he like he didn't want to. You know talk about my lunar cycle, but he still was like very supportive of light. He would have bought me tampons or, if I needed, and he understood what was happening. So it's not to say that you have to be. You know, as Your partner needs to be as advanced or further along than you are, but I do think its were saying nobody should make you feel like this is bad or wrong or unclean or unnatural, because it is the most normal thing. Your body can do one hundred per cent yeah, and I mean you, don't necessarily do you know tell him what your server com you guess looks like that. I take out your I'm fine, I'm proud of you know. Right I mean you can share how are you feeling and they should respect that, and that is so for in that is such a basic thing to respect, and it is I mean if they love you
they care about you? They want to learn about you. They want to know what what makes you tat. They want to know how you're functioning so that they can support you. So I would say if your partners, not supportive of that problem, I am to yeah look elsewhere damn and he said yeah yeah, I'm gonna, say or her, but I'm like what woman would not be supportive of you, your period idea like this is a bad. You know funny going back to period power that book she actually. Seven that, like what partner, wouldn't want to know the week that you're going. most want to have sex the week that they probably shouldn't talk to you the week that, like you're, going to have the best energy the week that you're going to want to go out like what partner would not want that information feels like the good stuff to know yeah I mean they always say they can't read our minds. Ok, go look at your Google calendar and single, in my view, a tariff rates of egg. I do actually you can buy cycle. I'm asking you this earlier on the subject of into it of eating it here:
the books on that category, that you love ya, intuitive eating carbon is litter and is that by the doctors you mentioned so I'm terribly and elites fresh open to me to be the thing there has also been intuitive eating workbook. That goes along with it if you wanna type deeper, and that there is also an idea by Christie, Harrison she's the host of the food sector. Cast. I really like the book. I think if you are just Now I would go with the intuitive eating book. I'm an today is more. It does focus on ensuring a beating, but it also focuses on diet, culture as a whole and the problems in there, and I think, as you get into intuitive eating and sir, to unravel the diet, mentality and then you'll probably start to get my group ass net about it. Then I got an idea. Nice. Ok,
you, said earlier, you said they should go. Listen to my podcast and, I forgot to say: what's the has called because a definite should go, listen to it with their kids or by themselves, and dignity does yes, if he listened with your, has just now that I swear sometimes, but the lunar body by the cap, and what are you tell us on Social where to find you all the all too get stuff on. My website is good, which kitchen? That's not. My instagram is rich kitchen. And I also have an online course all about this stuff. It's called cycle magic needs, a Christian. thank you so much an hour as usual like it flew by, so we're going to need to do episode three and I'm so grateful for your wisdom and I'm so grateful that you geek out like you. Let me geek out I if you've ever listened to me interview someone. I know I don't normally this much? I usually just let them talk, but I'm so excited to talk to you that I saw jabbering something
you first no labelling Wednesday, so fine yeah, nothing. I hereby Alvin Boston. Ok, I have never been to Boston, but if I ever show up than weakening in real life and talks to vat hours about our periods? Perfect, certainly do not make him time guys go check out Christine Goethe Oliver everywhere go. Take her course. Look, let's change the way, we feel about our body and the way that the next generation learns to feel about. There's the Rachel Hollis podcast is produced. I mean Rachel Hollis, its edited by Andrew Weller and Jack noble.
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