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276: #RachTalk Ep 11: Beach Vacation with Boo's Family, Bikini Wax Torture, I Lost a Toenail!

2022-04-27 | 🔗

Hey guys! Welcome to #RachTalk, my weekly show where I hang out and drink caffeine and talk about anything and everything!This week, I'm talking about Noah's artwork. Oh, whole long thing about getting a bikini wax. Jack's very embarrassed. I'm going on vacation next week with my boyfriend's family and the oh. And I lost a toenail. Nbd.


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Hey. I welcome to rage top. My weekly show where I sit here. Drink caffeine and talk about random things this week, I'm talking about noah's artwork Oh a whole one thing about getting a bikini wax jack's very embarrassed, I'm going on vacation next week with my family, ah, so tell me, I mean awareness cobra right now, which is pretty unfortunate, pretty uncomfortable cause. You know, if you get low enough jack, you can't you can't wear the sports bra cause then like it shows. And I know you're not going to tell me if my bras are showing I was thinking just now. I'm like I should just come out sometime like intentionally put something really obnoxious in my teeth and see. If you tell me cause you won't
it, just let me go, do and then like edit, the video and never see it and now be they jack. I literally like without happened recently, where We have a zoom in on the whole thing like my pants, runs it or something crazy and you didn't notice eventually videos like just my mouth, my boyfriend, that attack I now so. I am taking advantage of his absence to wear my retainer. He called me unexpectedly, the other day, How do I get it out, but it's been so long since I put my retainer in that I like, if so tat, on my mouth is all it took me a minute to get it out and by the time,
I turn on the facetime. He was like what's happening, I'm like I had to take my retainer out he's like you, have a retainer mike yeah. So why don't you ever wear that when I'm around I'm like cause? I want you to still love me. I mean obviously, do you have a retainer jack y'all have retainers where you have permanent retainers. Does food get stuck in, explain to me what, if like wait? What is it? at the wire behind dirty. Oh, I never did that should have cause it's this tooth, and you know when I see it rich talk when I have to watch an edited video cause dac will send me the edited video and I'm like. Oh, you know the this things crazier. You can't understand whatever to group, is what I'm saying and like? I can always tell word mauritania, because this too right here will start to slowly go backwards.
It was like a shadow. Do you ever feel like you just it's, never ending the upkeep of human life and by human life. I mean lashes, nails, retainers jack. I would love to compare the amount of like upkeep. I have to the upkeep you have. I would love it if yours is what thirty seconds yeah minds like just concept like I just did this actually big like not having nail polishes like a huge thing in my life, I do wish I'd kneel on medicare right now looks a little rough. I gave myself a mani pedi, the other night. Another thing that happened because boo is out of town and and you,
I wish, I knew how to do it like like that, the cow they do it at the place, I'm doing my best, but I'm going to probably you don't need to know this, but I'm going to tell you did I tell you that I lost it to now yeah, still, no, how ok I vague leave. Remember, possibly dropping something on my foot. This was a while ago and that's not unusual because and pretty clumsy. I know it's hard leave because I'm so graceful
but I'm actually very clumsy in real life. I tend to hurt myself a lot and I drop something on my foot didn't think I mean just moved on with my life. I'm sure I had a big dramatic breakdown cried the floor. You know needed someone to hold me, but I moved on and then the next time I went to get a pedicure. You know they took the nail polish off and they were like. Oh your, your toes, really bruised like under the nails really bruise and I was like that's wild, but I couldn't remember what I did and it didn't matter anyway. Until Started to to disconnect from it's origins, okay, if you've ever lost a toenail you'll, be familiar with this, but it would have been fine all it would have been fine, except that I ran a marathon, and that was when my toenail said it's been
knowing you but I'm out and when you lose a toenail, you gotta like start from scratch. Essentially, but I mean, if someone's gross out my fee, that you're barking. Why you're? Why our listening to this and I am sorry. I never said that this was gonna, be classy, I the neck. Why went- and I have my was all scary and I was a sort of like work around it. That's a silken pedicure and the guy. Like oh well, we can put like em like acrylic or whenever over there
to keep it safe and also to make it look like you have a toenail, and I was like great plan and I had that for a hot minute and then I last week my toast started. It was red and I was like thats funny and then the next day it was really red and I was like. Oh no. I have an infection like this. Is I'm gonna lose my toe? I'm going to lose my big toe, because I was vain because I wanted them to put acrylic on it to cover up the fact that. Didn't- have a toenail because I'm still trying to impress boo and I'm like. Will he still love me? If I don't have a toenail and anyway it's like was infectious, but then I'm like, I can't go back to the nail salon. I'm like this thing is infected, I'm not like giving it to them to do surgery on Jan he doesn't know cause. He does not you're not in this world. there is another thing: a pettycury would love more than to just. Tear out your soul with those tight giver like hell,
In grown toenail- and I mean it is their personal mission, it is like that is everything that is standing in between them, and goodness and they will weren't you cry and your story yourself backwards in the chair. They do not care. They're, like I gotta, get it out. You know how, when you go, secure people and they like to they squeeze your toe they're like does it hurt? You guys know what I'm talking about to see. If you have an ingrown, if you had an ingrown toenail jack, if it they squeeze, it it'll hurt a hundred times in my life, they've been working on it. I might cry. Crying cause. It hurts so bad and then they'll be like. Does it hurt yeah, it hurts like a hot poker, is being stabbed into my side and I'm like no doesn't hurt. Cause, I don't want them to keep working. Please leave my toe alone I'm realising all of these like non confrontational moments. This is part of being not being we need. More is gonna, be anyway.
I don't want to take my infected to to the place to have them because I feel like they're, going to make it worse. So I'm here by myself wearing my retainer and I say we're gonna- have to figure this out or watch youtube video and figure out how to take this acrylic off my and I'm in my bathroom, for for like an hour the other night, slowly painstakingly getting this off my toe only to reveal I what what can I even describe that this looks? Like I mean it's, It's a travesty! It's been doctored, it's been peroxide. It it's been neo sport and the infection parts gone, so don't worry I'll, be able to keep the tow, but what it looks like right now. What is like? I can't
I don't have a you know if you are a runner and he never lost. You understand like under a tone now is like just layers of more wanna, be toenails and then they're all growing different. It's like an onion jack I think I'm going to throw out. It's just upsetting is what you need to know, and next week I'm going on vacation with my bill and his family and and it's a beach and means. There is no hiding this toe. So what do I do jack? What do I do? I do I paint over skin and hope that just looks like a toenail. Do you think that what would you do they k people? I've met twice. from another country and are flying to this country. To go to a beach like here is Tell don't mind me: won't you
it was to get rid of it: okay, yeah yeah, like a band aid or something, and then just hope, nobody sees yeah it's pretty. I just feel like sand ocean is gonna, get Why are we already talked about this? These people are english there, like proper in whatever and Marty. why do I tell have to give up on me now last week, Fine, it still had that acrylic on it. It was obviously on its way Hell with the pretty serious infection by when your aim is rising to the top. Every step counts step. One is connecting your business, thankfully, with eighty anti bus. Ass. You can pick our best wireless plan for your small business and offer employees the features they need
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Also, speaking of the beach I'm to get a bikini wax jack river had I would pay one thousand dollars Just haven't did you're not like dollar faint, but just your face, while you gotta bikini wax I don't know if it would to her way worse on a guy, probably maybe I think so because more sense, do you know what happens Do you understand what happens in a bikini wax now? Look everybody look. I know that you could be doesn't matter like could ever be, will say the three you We were like oh there'll, be like oh, why you say: the women are beautiful and we love your body and all of those things. But then you like get your bikini yeah,
ro? I do love my body. I don't want my puber growing out of my bathing suit when I met the beach I I love my body? I don't love my pupils bro guys. I love. That's me. We know it's. The last episode mysteriously today any way. Okay, so jack you're gonna go into her room and probably the wax or has been your long time lax or in france there very familiar with you back in the beginning of your relationship. They leave the room so that you could get undressed but like at this point, your old friend, so they live in italy, vermin. Just like you drop trout, you get up table. If you who are modest. Like me, you still cover the area with the tao. Don't ask me why? Because the second she walks up to the table, she's taken the tower, but you're, not from the waist down. Ok and then they're gonna start chatting
never in my life and I had a wax or who did not chat you up, and I think it's all part of their plans so that you will ignore the fact that hair is about ripped out you'll join. That's what's about that, or in your case, what is going on down there. and then there they have like this, all of like lava temperature wax and they have at popsicle stacks and they take, and in like and the plague on you and you just start. First saw you flop, sweat, you're, sweating out your pits you're sweating in your butt, you're sweating. Every work is you're. Just like this is about to be bad, that you're trying to pretend it's not cause she's chatting about the vacation that took the porter answers in your like. Oh my gosh, that sounds amazing, but you know it's coming embrace yourself, don't brace yourself that'll, make it worse, but you can't help that you're going to brace yourself cause, you know and then all of a sudden you're just like and then yeah and like you, can't not react as she whips.
hair out of your body in strips now? If you have a good wax or there's this place that I used to go to in los angeles, it's gotta still be there because it had been there for, like thirty years or something called pink cheeks on ventura, pink cheeks was famous that they could get you there now and like eight minutes, didn't matter what they were doing, they were like boom done every time my girls, pretty close at, say, she's, like fifteen twelve. It's it's a quick situation. but they're, you know they're wax you and some parts jack hurt worse than others. Some parts you're like man do that ten times I don't care, didn't fill a don't care. Some some parts feel like you're, you're, they're, literally ripping your soul out of your body with the wax and then sometimes I don't get all they hersel the get tweezers jack and that's what feels like torture. When let me just yeah they like. Let me just get like a couple but
monsieur Magnano. No ma am nope lever All I'm trying to do is cover up like what is the baby it. The bathing suit will cover this leave a b. One time I went. My sister's waxed her and it was someone I had. Never had before and that chick her attitude was like we'll be friends and we'll all chat with you for like forty five minutes, so it's slower and it's like more like gentle and what know you guys my hand to the Heavens, this shit worked on it for twenty five minutes and I still looks like a dalmatian and I was like leave it leave it That's what it ensures. I know it looks there's literally patchy. That's great! I I hope this is a. This is a look I was going for. I don't we're just going to leave. This is torture just leave it, let it be
if the let it be exactly as it is. So that's what you have to look forward to when you get your wax. The question is: do you wax your bike or not? That's a question, not the question, because they can because you've never gotten one before they can and do your but which is maybe possibly the most more, finding a terrible thing. and because, in order to get your, but you gotta get on your hands and knees jack the level out there, sue. I doubt
I never reactivate stories either you like and and lawyer, this is the harassment I've endured and yeah. They make you get on your hands in a nice, but weirdly can you know, do confirm this. I don't even know why I'm telling the story the but doesn't hurt anyone. No just me. Okay, I've had it done, it doesn't hurt, it really doesn't, but also I don't why. Why do we need to do that? We do, and maybe you do maybe there's a maybe you that makes feel. I don't know judgment you wanna wax your bite. You wax your, but I don't need it though, and just trying to cover cover with the bathing suit. That's what I'm looking for. One of the biggest issues with a bikini wax jack I forgot to mention this part is very important. Is that you have to grow it out in order to wax it. It's like nineteen, seventy two, it just is I'm going to like go bernard.
While later cause it all works. If you know what I'm saying, but that's the only way cause otherwise you're going to wax like a little bit and then two days later, it's going to be like, but then you know you gotta, do something cause shaving is like an atrocity you're going to get all the ingrown hairs. It's going to be back in two days. Why no just grow it out until you look like you know, whatever Gloria Steinem was rocking and then have it ripped or would you guys think about laser the laser heroin
well it's something I've thought about for a while, but I have a number I'm a weenie, but remember I'm not going to be. We need this year. Maybe I need to do laser, but it you said it hurt though, but it's quick have you had a wax before I'm just worried, it's going to feel like I'm getting burned or something she's like the videos where it's stressful When your aim is rising to the top, every step counts step. One is connecting your business, thankfully, with eighty anti best ass? You can pick our best wireless plan for your small business and offer employees, the features they need. A lot about having the right tools to overcome problems. It can t business. Helps you get more done when you need to get things done, for example, your team can work from almost anywhere with foam
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I dunno I dunno why in my well, I do know why I was going to say I dunno why, in my brain, that, like being in a bathing suit, would suddenly like there's just a lot of catastrophes that could happen. You know what I'm saying you don't. Boobs could fall out the puke that the They didn't get, I'm just tryin. To normalize women's by at I'm just trying to talk about things that really happened in our lives and not make a taboo. We all have pubic air. We do. We all have it whether you keep it, you go well bush whether you wax it off with the laser it or shave it. It's there. We all have it. Why do we have to pretend like we don't have it? That's why someone should
The shirt and then, if you on a screen printing, t shirt company now I thought of life for names. For that sure, and all of them were the all of them. I'm terrified of someone actually getting issues that says like free, the cubes, don't don't do it. I mean quality of the content of this shell. I did
an episode whenever this episode was where I was talking about how he couldn't hear in restaurants, anymore and people were like. Yes, thank you like recognise for the older crowd, who can't hear, and now I'm wondering like what are the other things that happen when you get older, that didn't happen when you are like what are the things you guys comment below and please cause it'd be so funny to talk about these on an upcoming episode, but like what are the things that you catch yourself doing, that you feel like you're. Seventy two when really you're thirty nine do you have anything that makes for all jack make a noise like that. Like a sigh, I make a noise a lot now, because I've been doing yoga and in yoga they like you to like when you release the breath. It's like so now I do that a lot, so just think of it as your like release with something you bet you answer so young in nothing makes you reminds you of Aimee polar
I mean gross like oh you, girls, keep me young. I love you so much the greatest unsung character of any cinematic anything Amy Poehler as the mom in mean girls. I quote that all the time it's embarrassing, I did it the other day too. I was on a group text with, parents of jackson's france. I don't. I had never met them. I haven't met their kid, but Jackson was with them. So we're a group text him. they were like. Oh here's, a group texts like keep everyone updated on, what's happening and cause I'm lame. I sent a gif of Amy Poehler as the mom from mean girls, saying, like, oh god, love. You keep me and then realize, like there's. No telling what these like you, kinnock who sends a gift to someone. They don't know you I don't know
gotta know if their gift people are not give people. I met my around give it's gif. We did a debate about this a long time ago. Remember that was that honorary shock, gifford. Yeah it's guess, but anyway I sent it and then there was no response and I was like well guess we can't be friends, If I send a given, you know, respond with a give. That's that's the answer. We did have an episode where someone said: how do you make great close relationship as adults? one way I'm going to send you this. Did you catch my humor? Do you get this joke cause? If not? Oh the ancestors are upset with that. Well, it's just cause the doors open
as all the windows open and sweat slamming, but I'm not. This is one hundred per cent me when something like that happens in my house. I'm like what did I just say that was upsetting to my spirit guides and then sometimes I'm like. Oh Jesus was the door closing cause of the wind and sometimes I'm like you're right. I did disrespect myself and I shouldn't use that language anymore. What was I talking about this episode sponsored by f as Fleischmann, is in trouble starring jesse eyes in clare, danes, lizzie, kaplan and adam brody. This dream, my tells the story of recently divorced, Toby Fleischmann who dies and to the world of app base dating with a kind success he never had in his youth. Then his ex wife disappears. leaving him with their two children and no hint of her return effect His fleischmann is in trouble streaming
november seventeenth only on hulu, the. Sometimes you need to take control to make a difference. That's why, with flex path from capello university, urine control, set your own deadlines and leverage our experience to move at a pace that works for you discover a different way forward capella tat ye. Do you want oh my god, oh my gosh, you guys, so we have been collecting stories from our s. T J, dream catchers. These are p. Or in certain community who have achieved one of the dreams in their started journal actually can when you open that door and just like hammy a heavy, a one hermia single
so start today? Journals are this thing that I came up with gosh ages ago now, based on a practice that I had done in my own note, book at home and women, especially all over the world, have bought these and use them to every single day right down five things at the grateful for and ten dreams that they're gonna make come true, and when you achieve one of them, on your lest we call that a dream catcher cause he's our dreams, so we ve been asking ya'll to write, end to send an email to send us a video and tell us your dream, catcher story and this week's dream. Catcher is so special because a leash, aha is a long time. Member of our community. We have watched her flourish and blossom.
She came to a conference several years ago and we had a really special experience and we ve just watched her elevate and girl, and this is the anniversary of one of her dreams come true. So we wanted to share this video with you guys. So, the first time I actually came across rachel and how she impact of my life was when I first read girl, wash your face became a shared, a very pivotal time in twenty seventeen I actually retired from my professional career, It's a structural engineer. I've always been a people pleaser, and so I was afraid to actually be me and then I kind of got really into further into the personal development and started attending conferences. What's something that you're like, I can't even imagine a world where I can actually dance
I love Linda, you love, Would you be as by deeds. I thought of that. You really work. How long do you think it would take you I'm asking, because I have ten thousand coming to san diego in june, and I'm just wondering You would lead us in his life choice to make in this moment. I can either to take up this challenge rachel and actually put in the world to do that I think that kind of sad rafe fully.
I needed to put one foot in front of the other. Give it a shot. I can't even explain how the level of confidence in myself has thrown. I can actually now look at myself nearer. I can actually look out of myself in a camera. Actually be proud of who I am, and I know that that person has always been inside there. I just take courage for every woman out there who has actually continue to fight for it to continue to put one foot in front of the other to continue to be better to do. that you were yesterday because it's in you and she wants to come out, the world is waiting for you.
We should thank you so much for sitting in a video. We have got a fabulous gift pack coming your way, not that you don't already have your journal and stuff, but we got to send alicia something good. Remember. You guys have a great story about your dream. Catcher journey. We would love to hear you can send an email to this address or use the hashtag s, t J dream catcher on social media, so we can see what you're up to ok, real, quick. You guys lama moment my bible gotten the place. So my five year old noah has gotten to a big place with her artwork. And for any of you who have kids you're, going to know that this is a thing when they start to draw humans or, like humanoids, cause a doubling. Don't look like humans, always hard so that a giant head and then they learn. How will it put a smile on it and then learn how to public eyes on it, but it's a deal and toddlers life when they learn how to draw
arms and legs and noah Hollis has officially moved on to arms and legs, and I just want to show you guys. this guy. Look, I'm really good, no arms, but ok, and then here this guy, my favorite, is the fingers, looks like a tuning fork. It's pretty special. There's some on the refrigerator to jack if you want to get a shot of those, but I just thought that was seriously and I want to show she's now that she knows how to do it, she's drawing them constantly issues she's drawing creature, and I can millie them to light grandma and friends and family so that they can see what she up to so here's to make. progress and elevating whatever it is that you're working on in your life, just like Noah
alright guys, that's it for today's episode. I hope it made. You laugh. I hope you learn something I don't even know if I talked about anything worth learning, but I hope something great happened. While we spent this I'm together! Please, please, please subscribe to my channel where every listening to this, whether its podcast or youtube make sure that you subscribe. So you get a notification every single time we post a new episode. I will be back next week, but in the than remember. I love you and I'm reading, for you the. Hi this is rachel, and this is a quick word on research. Now. You can't see me, but when I'm saying researching, I am in fact using air quotes and researching in this instance means anything that you do
to avoid having to actually do anything. Ok, just just hang with me for a second. I went to a conference recently it's one of my first. ways to learn a new skill or set of take a deep dive in You a new area, and I went to this conference kind of law everything I could about Bobby that I currently have and Just so you know this is how I learned to write books, how we learned about personal development. I went to conferences about personal development at how we learned about business. I could keep filling you in here. It's a really active way. I have learned what I've learned is to go to conferences, to read books to watch documentaries. tubes and podcast. I immersed myself in all of the information that I can find for how to do a thing. Some at this conference That's a pretty small group of people like two hundred people in this seminar and I'm getting out so just so, you know
seminar conference workshop Your girls not hiding out the back the room, she is front row. She got her. No pat, I am ready, I'm taking note. I am feverish. I am here for the information I want to glean as much information in the time that I have, because I have for kids and a full time job. It's like I have a ton of extra time laying round to go to conferences. So if I'm gonna be here from a take this time away from an get on apply, and then you better believe I am going to absorb as much as I possibly can. Out of this conversation So have a fantastic time. I'm really enjoying myself, I'm learning a ton, and I started talking to a few different people. So at lunch I talk to some people and why waiting for a speakers site just kind of chatting up whose there, whose also learning in the same way, I am- and I find- and a reoccurring theme
I assume that everybody whose here cause is a pretty introductory thing. I should everybody whose here is also learning starting beginning. The same way that I am an they talk to people sort of consensus is like oh yeah, they're, saying the same stuff. They always say the teachers are, I'm saying the same thing they always say, and unlike what do you mean like when we had our the last conference, the same person spoken. They said this thing and then I'm also I've seen them on this, and they said this thing and so and so on. said that and there's a re emerging theme they're all kind of sand, the for three or four things that are the same right. You want to this is like. If I go back to when I was trying to be an author author say the same thing, though again sit in the chair right, the words it's hard, it sucks. You have to do it that so like they all are saying. The same thing they're, giving the same advice at the conference amount though I gather all saying the same thing and my mind explodes, and
it's me realise that I need to come to you guys and have this conversation I dont know than anybody at that conference is gonna, listen to this podcast episode, but you are so if you are a creative, if you are or someone who wants to, achieve any thing in life, if your work on a project even workin, on project for a long time and you're not making traction here is what I need you to get from me today. Stop researching and freaking. Do it. Stop listening to the experts and just do the work. I a huge believer that you need to arm yourself with knowledge. I am constantly learning you guys, but I am applying what I've learned theirs. The expression. Knowledge, Is power That is the lie. Knowledge is not power. Applied, knowledge is power
If you are learning information about the area you want to grow in and then not actually doing anything with it, there is why you are not making traction its because you didn't hear the right motivational speech at your conference, its Because you just haven't found the right book, yet it's not because You just haven't: listen to the right episode If you are not making traction, it's because you are not doing things or because you are doing and then not checking to make sure you're on the right path, but the dear, that you would keep spending money on stuff hoping for the matter bullet there is in our track there is no magic bullet, There is no hack you just have to do it. You have to write. you have to record you to put yourself out there, you have to call it she'll clients. You have to ask
all of those things are hard because anything worth having is going to be difficult to achieve its author conferences, faults. Isn't the books faults, you just need to do things, so why don't we will because its way, finer to research, its wave to go to a conference and where cute outfit and meet new friends. It's way more fun to go on pinterest and make vision boards like ten thousand times more fun. So let those things be this way carrot that you dangle like okay, where I have written. forty thousand words On my manuscript, then I get to go to this fund conference for the weekend, like I that the care that you dangle not the thing that you keep coming back to because it falls it's like false hope.
I've gotten and so much trouble. As a speaker like. I can't even tell you how many times people have come to me as a speaker, because go to someone's conference and I'll be like don't buy the more classes don't go to any more conferences. Get any more workbooks just go, do the thing and the people or like soap, because they're like I'm, we have another conference, you want. We have a seminar. We have a thing, though we them to go to and, unlike gray, if they need that, that's awesome, but most people dont need to buy one more thing: they need to do ten more things. This isn't gonna resonate with everybody, but there are handful of you. I know that keep going, Keep trying to find a writing group trying to find an online club tryin to find things that are gonna, motivate you to do what you know. You need to be doing. Stop. just do the work yeah, it sucks and it's hard, and it's a lonely
But you are never going to have the results that you want. You are never gonna, be the one sitting on the stage teaching other people. If you Actually do anything, stop researching start doing. The rachel how, as podcast, is produced by me, Rachel Hollis, its edit by andrew weller and jack, noble you look around. There are so many ways to make a difference. I capello university, our flex path format, gives you a different way to earn your degree. Take horses at your speed, move on whenever you're ready education should fit your life, learn more echo pellet tat ye. Do you.
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