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28: Genius Advice on How to Start a Fashion Blog from Top Influencer Grasie Mercedes


This week I sit down with Actress and Fashion Blogger Grasie Mercedes to discuss how to start a fashion blog, why saying what you want is so important, and discuss how being comfortable will always be in style. SHOW NOTES: GET THE COZI APP- Cozi.com/Rachel Pre-order Your Copy of Girl, Wash Your Face- amzn.to/2qSzmjj To learn more about Grasie Mercedes: https://www.grasiemercedes.com

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Hey guys? It's reach our houses, and I'm here is my friend. Trent Shelton was a rigid I live in the dream man, You tell listeners why we're hanging out together right now we're going out because we're launching my New Parker straight up and I'm supermax seller add if you guys are not already familiar Trent. He as millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him, for very unique style of coaching yeah rearing, rights are. The point is realization, but a stray from the heart and breaking through those negative mindsets breakin through of which only you back in Mostar, we have people's lives for love that so you guys want here. More you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Short: let's go, let's go.
One of the cruellest things that I get to see as part of my job is the manifestation of the product or products that I dreamed up and created and figured out how to do like. So many of you as a business owner, you get these ideas in your head and it is incredible to get to watch them come to fruition, and I started dreaming about one of our most popular products thus start today journal. I start dreaming about this. A couple of years ago I had been doing this daily practice based on several different people. I had heard about several different things and I'm gonna put them together into one daily practice, which was every single day. I wrote down the dreams I had for my life, but I wrote them as if they had already happened. There's something really powerful about claiming a goal as if it's already done, and I wrote down every day- and it was how I set my intentions and then I would post about it on social, and so many people are like what are you doing? What is that? Where do I get that journal? And I was like guys: it's not a journal, it's just a notebook, I'm just riding down the same thing every single day, but what I think is interesting, as business owners or creators is often times. In fact, most of the time your audience will tell you what it wants from you and I kept pushing it off because I was like you guys. This is not a big deal, but it was, and people kept asking for- and I finally just thought what, if I turn this into a.
Product, and I started to dream and plan, and I literally taped pictures to the wall of my office, of what I dreamed that my journal would look like in the intention behind it, and I wanted the covers to be really pretty, and I wanted it to be something that you could do once a quarter and then, as you completed, each journal you'd have a stack of this evidence of how intentional you were about your life and we figured it out, and I mean you know some times we messed up on the shipping and sometimes we rest up on the interior but we ve failed our way to where we are today, which is the start today journal in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people. So incredible such a blessing for me to be able to go on Instagram and see hashtag start today journal and see people all over the world using this practice as away,
to aim in the direction of their dreams. So if you are not familiar- and you want to check it out, you can go over to the Hollis code. Dot com forward, Slash shop, and find out all about. My favorite practice turned my favorite product and, if you're not in the market I remember that episode. Seventy two of this podcast gives you the exact step by step so that you can do it in whatever note book you have laying around for free you not to buy a product, but you should be doing this daily practice. It will literally We literally change your life, just really don't be afraid to go after what you want, no matter how impossible it seems. Just do it and don't come.
Thinking about doing it and don't like keep talking about doing it does actually get up the next day and do it. Until the day s podcast. My name is Rachel Hollis and I felt a multi million dollar media company with a high school. Diploma and a Google search bar each week. We'll share direct tangible advice or inspiring interviews with the same intention, these are tools to change your life dealt today. I'm hanging out with stylish blogger and actress Gracie Mercedes we discussing everything from how to start a fashion blog to how to balance your side. Hustle. For those of you who have always dreamed about being a social media influence her. This is an episode you do not want to miss here's our chap. So Gracie for
for people who have never heard of you, but one who are not freaking out about you, like all the girls in the officer I now know I'd still, can you tell us tells about yourself what you do high got started: my name is crazy. I'm from New York City originally, but I've lived another while now about twelve years. I've done a lot of things that have had many jobs and I've done a lot of things. I started as a producer and in tv right out of college. And then I eventually moved to LOS Angeles pursue acting, which is something I always loved but never thought I can actually do a job when I first moved here. I also started styling on the side said in one away tables anymore. I start hosting and doing like online hosting, and Actually, the hosting that brought me to blogging ok, cause I had gotten and on air host agent told me- and this is about seven years ago the guidelines, the world hosting, has changed you can no longer.
Is like an attractive person who can speak You have to have an issue to be an expert as well as stylus We must- and I work in fashion- and I love fashion- is a great fashion website, yeah, and so it started as more of an inspirational website can alike because I'm addicted. If you know that say, whereas things I love, things. I love to look box and fashioned way things. I thought it was Until I discovered personal style blogs, are tedious, which at first I had no idea what I said earlier- and I bet there was such a weird thing these girls are just taking photos of bizarre? I don't really get it then I had a photographer fan, shoot me, my clothes in those languages. Try, and that's kind of when people started following and started becoming interested in me and my blog and around the time and brands are reaching out
Back their noses free, close again here, some kid stuff can you whereat, and if I like that I did but then eventually that turned into Oh will pay you to wear the which was like Y yeah and then I turn into power over the last three years, like a full time job. What yeah? and now he s now a fashion bugger and an actress just for people listening. Who may not understand leg is important for us too, to just really quickly explain, how, if you are an influence or in the south space, do make money give up like that one question I get an eye, but but how are you may hurriedly began ass? The answer is ten different ways, so as an influenza these days, my money usually comes from collaboration with brands, most mostly fashion ants, but some lifestyle brands of Randall.
I now have representation the blog manager just like a whole another world yeah but like, you're an actor or a writer, and you haven't agents kind of the same thing. Brands work with them to secure influencers and then these influencers then go and create content Are you either your blog or your instagram or both in that country can be unique to whoever the influence or so for me, a lot of times it's as simple outposts, its take whatever thing they're trying to plug at the moment. Style it in my own way, photographic write about it. And put it on my blog put it on my instagram sometimes, it's more interesting than that. Sometimes it's like a video, or sometimes I'm just traveling. Sometimes I'm just talent where it is to show up on foot or she's the best in the others the battle for sure whether they were Monday. I like yeah, we can generally be willing talent and not
has anything to do after as that's the best so yeah, that's how you make money and then some influencers make some money through affiliate last but I honestly that's never been a big money manner for me yeah, maybe I don't use it and our yeah, I just never been here. I will say so for us the same kind of thing, a ton of brand of branded collaborations but affiliate links are for ass, I say, and that certainly something where I realize so often, I'm not a style but definitely take pictures and that's on instrument, but it's not my specialty of no idea what I'm wearing, let you leave the door right now, I'm really wearing pedicure flit flaps that are bright, yellow and I'm super embarrassed. I really Q Lamb shoes that I'm not that are not oh my feet. I wish she could see them by so so often I would be wearing something be willing, where's, that's what are farmers. I wash rumours that and then he realized all the sudden that well
Six hundred people fall that link Langley. When all that link- and you know you have to expect that a percentage of those people bought that sweater when they went to it, so we using affiliate links a couple of years ago, and all that means now is that we are getting a percent of those sale. So it's not like an additional cell. It's just things that you set up with US with its terms or Amazon or whatever it is that you're getting a percentage that you know. You seen all these people ask, we want hook you. So that's what affiliate links are. So we are definitely same way. We make money. We have like tat furthermore, since in the race- and they also have worked together in conjunction by is the magic answer for, like my own laws were like what are you, How do you mean you make out? We make videos for rubber may payers money, so you soon This was two thousand ten. Is that when you be around two thousand ten ok and how has that evolved for you
media's, so crazy and sure, for you the same way. What works for us a year ago does one right now a changes so fast, changing all the time and unconsciously frustrated with thought like. I just don't know what people want anymore Billig. What do you like that, but I think without his leg you know the spaces way, moreover saturated than it was when I started and when I started I didn't start to make money. Could you could make me- or I didn't know he Danny so I just doing it. One a creative outlet in two to cost support port, my hosting career, which ended up giving me really great opportunities, did six months as a style hosts until they style statement on Access Hollywood in conjunction with my habit, which no longer exists, but its own by Amazon and I did it for six months and that was kind of one I realize like hosting, wasn't necessarily for me, like I, my host something create a shall I, when I close my own sugar, but
it made me realize, go I don't really want to host by. This has led to the blogging like body, for I'm and figure out that world, but It just change every I wanted retired people want different things times. They really love a photo of me and my husband and hear him say, don't care. You know, incidentally, that my dog, as an added on Korea and it seems, I think, for people who don't live in this world. Kind of us sort of thinking do what they like and don't like could seem like. Frivolous or Batman, and it's really not that it's. This is a business. This is a business that supports your family. This is a business for me that supports the staff out here. So it's important that we pay attention to what the audience wants. It is really hard when you see these women and men who are info those who are killing at like John There- growing that people they have that. They're like bound to them for those we were listening because it takes so much
using like always put just put us whereon you're planning it out. You need to be forward thinking. You gonna shoot Wayne Advance. You need to think seasonality like there's so much that goes into into people. Don't understand. There is a lot of work and I do feel like you know. What am I a piece that advice is it while you try and to see what works Try not to compare yourself to other asks ethic. Just such a guy and a special for people like me, who started a while ago, I feel like it is stagnant time earlier heartily only. By allowing, and then you see these like I Part of the year and on their like half an hour, maybe not, but I think it's like theirs, the thing about, or will there new and fresh inciting, and so, if you have been around- and you have to reinvent yourself- that's interesting yeah- it's funny you'll see really than people who are like chop there.
Never mind. You belong here and now they're gonna pixie car, and it seems so silly, but it really is about that reinvention. Exactly as so many girls. I get all the time, I'm sure you do too two. I wanna be I will answer autonomy, which is so far lack of potential thing right now. Has none of us start out wanting to influence? People were just like how to way we're going yeah, I'm. So what would you say to someone whose interests in Serbia I would say have a very, very strong point of view. Start a blog that looks just like everyone else here. Log don't do exactly what everyone else is doing. I don't post the same stuff like if I see one we're locked I'm gonna shoot me. So it's like things. I try to be and remain yourself funny about that, because it just shot, yeah. I think you'll see a lot of it, but I think especially if you can have a strong. Like niece point of view. I am always encouraging, like moms you who want to start blogging,
came out your family. I wanna know about your kids out and about your husband. I want know how Do it all legalised sensible shy away from showing their kids, which I totally understand? But if you want to work and that world it's about your life's about you, I totally had to be open to that I think having a specific and he asked two girls who, like I don't know, I feel, like my styles, like to offer him like not be other aspects but embraced by your alpha and really go for it, because not everyone this affair and make sure using those hashtags Yahoo are also out. There can find you and he's out commonality. I would also add there is real power. If I was starting to day, I would really focus heavily on local. So everyone Trinity, nationally or world, my famous that's real, but if you
just start to get a following. I would be all about the city that I live and where do you was a vastly brewery? What's it s coffee place with the ban on ever and be tagging that we can build a local tribe, overly diehard fans were also in your city and then use that took, bans the outermost areas, I try and be the big fish in a small pond instead of like dominating over the world. But the really good point I'm really interested in your perspective. I personally this like super scandals to say, but I think blogging is dying or dead on the I think Instagram has become the new blog. Will certainly have one- and we absolutely do- puts us on every week, but I just don't think
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two million people not coming to my website. Now the numbers drastically different, I'm just curious from somewhere, What is the my website? Heads have cut, yeah, probably the last year or so, and and my instagram indefinitely definitely grown, but it hasn't grown. So much so does this weird place for, but I will say on the flip side, Brent always wanted vodka agreed, they agreed. They agree that he'll want you to have workers. You know Instagram is a thing right now, but now what was in my speech I want to hear and blog is, could be forever. Fuck em away. I think with that like I'm really doing my body. At the moment. Puff the new one will launch like end of some ready for the new year and change the format of it to look more like a website like an magazine or about Gracie Mercedes
most about like fashion and start a share. So I think that helps to reinvent your say and changing with the times on your blog as well. Only but guy do anything less people were not to go to your blog there, and I think that something to that. Definitely in this industry you have to pay attention to one of the signs of life, like where our people circulating, I would even say our biggest my biggest following is on Facebook, because two or three years ago Facebook was such a massive deal. Hey, let's build all these fans on this platform I now anyone who works in it understands the algorithm is set up in a way to benefit facebook, obviously their business. I get it but it is the same sort of thing for me: we're not seen an engagement there and the only way we can access it is by paying and I'm not interested in that. And ceramics now, like the focus is shifting there. I think it's probably were saying to me for those people who are listening, who are not new to
that's what they ve been, have been in it for a little while you can't be romantic about what this industry is. If you want to make a living thing, you have to pay attention to what the market is. Not like you can bang your fists on the table and the like of two years ago face when Gal guess why it's not near they got us all this all. We are better. We all built our pages and now have to pay for it. So I would just say like letting go of that romance is probably important too. Hey guys will be back in a hot minute with more of this interview, but now a quick word from a sponsor. Each chapter of girl wash your face begins with a specific lie. I used to believe that left me feeling overwhelmed unworthy or ready to give up as a working mother, a former foster parents and a woman who has dealt with the insecurities about my body and relationship. I try and speed.
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We all think any bounds. Those I do yeah, I alone. You know is very easy to balance both about children. Years ago, when neither was doing MECCA Now that's what they're doing very well yeah I got. It is nearly impossible and I am one woman show I had for a while then who she went to school in Portland and right now like holiday help by in general. I am just a one woman show mostly because I don't even have the time to kind of train someone help me in the first place, soon almost ends up being harder to have someone help me but it's her. You know the full time, blogger and wake up and sit at a desk and shoe and to an hour she wants and just sit there all day, long and work on her blogger six hours I was twelve hours I have under Santa Monica for commercial three hour or I asked a run to issue or after unto, so
is challenging and they're both professions, where you have no idea what you're scuttles gonna be like ever The matter is scheduled Leslie three times speeches, never know what you're gonna be. Like. What is challenging, but you know I feel so grateful because as an actress anywhere, but especially like most endless New York, most people who were actors have to do something else and between got jobs and it usually entails waiting tables or bargaining or doing something beta NASA wanna do your lawyer, and so I'm fortune enough that, like my blog, and pay my bills, and I can still be an actor and I can still go on additions and I don't have to worry about A shift covered or having my boss, let me leave so I'm very what's in it, but it is very challenging and very hard I will say it's a time. Our action and blogging are kind of cross.
Being a lot more like people like Reese Witherspoon, had a website or a flash block when a powder, at a smaller level- smaller actresses all have blogs now, and so I do feel it. While I already have the structure the guys I get ready to this end, about a year and a half ago, maybe two years ago I was at a Christmas party, may my has the comedy writer says with a bunch of these copywriters and friends and one of them said she goes so housework and such his leg. So like what's your gold, you unavailing racial so and as they are yeah, no love Rachel's she's amazing, but I dont want to be asylum, and I realise that moment that people to Samuel
moderate and new ideas actress, because I wasn't really pay now fair, yeah and so as well. That's not good people need to know. I do both yes and so around my time I started talk about acting more and blogging about in sharing, like commercial, lived on or sharing projects and working on writing and it's been really cool because now my followers readers wanted what's going on my acting and they want to like, and there like, supportive of a derelict interested in really cool yeah. It's it's a good question. I think for anybody in business or even life to ask themselves like to check in about we I mean when I say we like, I just assume everyone does this and it sounds like you do so assuming everyone does, as I have I know exactly where I want to go. I have a very clear idea in my mind of what it is that I want to do, but I need to check in with myself
Often like is my. I give you open my calendar right now and you looked at it over the course of a month. Would you be able to see evidence of the life than we have in the future right now, because oftentimes we get so wrapped up in day to day that we forget to work on. We think, like all, do this that'll get me there and a year passes or two years passing you nowhere closer. Have things like such a great wake up of like when I want to be or like? ultimately like acting, is maybe that sort of more of a call for you then blogging yeah yeah. I just feel like blogging, not that I'm. This massive blogger, with a million dollars re feeling blogging- has already been successfully. I am making a living having up yeah, that's incredible to me. Yet I still like can't believe I'm doing this. I still feel like I'm just riding this train as long as I can thing I want to ultimately be I dream the Vienna show that I've created
and so now I am working on that study. That was kind around the time that I started working on. I started doing the swept series with my my friend slash, I'm writing partner, I started sharing everything, but I you did a business and it's kind of opened things yeah, people s oh yeah. I hope running right now and all by my blogger peoples, like message: any anti vs IE entity and it's like really cool yeah. They now see those others makes it look exciting for them as well. I'm curious if or just like, let's get less dig into this pack, this for a minute, I'm curious! If do you think that you didn't own that goal of acting like that's a big? audacious go? I want to act in a show that I create and I'm freaking lover by though I'm a big audacious girl myself. I bid you think that you didn't own that, because it is kind of
especially in a way I feel like you're like it just for those who were not allay everybody's, an actor everyone's, so you don't like with you, don't actually want to say is immediately judge whether people they are taught me like. I bet you are sir. Do you think that it was their maybe like meeting yourself or not owning that because of people? What people's reaction? My absolute I think, I think it's too sizes and allay like one everyone's, an actor but because everyone's an actor? Everyone understands how hard it is working at, whereas outside of elderly people have no idea, so they think, like will ya. Well, what have you been yeah if you haven't been on something that they recognise and there will then you're, not an actor? I was really were and so yeah. I think there was a part of me that was like, while I don't wanna salmon after, like I'm on something Pierre, yes, and as we know that bullshit, where I'm in class everywhere yeah create land style. I gonna dishes are really like. I am an actor,
So once I kind of embrace that than people start to see me yes there was also an actress with a boy yeah she's, an actress who likes fashion yeah. Now I get it. I love that it's like this, I feel like we ve heard this reoccurring theme quite a bit the season in recordings- and I know I have seen this in my own life- where you think I'm not allowed to claim that goal that dream until I've done something to earn the right to claim it, and when the irony is that, if you can't claimer, if you can't say it out loud, then how can you focus your life and make sure that your working towards that goal? So thank you for sharing that, because I think that somebody So many women struggle when he is myself included of, like you, how to stream your heart. You don't say it out loud because are you going to laugh at me? Are you going to judge me or if I don't get there, we'll I have failed with an audience now. You know that was my goal and oh my gosh. If it doesn't happen how embarrassing or mortifying
However, no truly man Do you have an opinion on the must have pieces that every woman should react? you think it's funny gives people always others misconception like what you think election I do not walk round yeah checking women yeah, citing whether I approve of the ice I feel like I'm the complete opposite. I dont really noticed what people wearing unless they're wearing something I just absolutely love and yeah myself and that, unlike oh, that's, a coil yeah, but it's like I'm judging people. Are they love as far as it must have. I'm a big even where what you feel using. I don't pay attention to Trans, if there's a tiny love great, but don't try a train just because its trendy, yeah everyone's wearing allowed the magazine say or because they think ultimately,
look the best when you are confident inquired the boy? What you're wearing an if you wearing something you don't feel right and it shows you are you a reader back per se I mean it's funny. I like reading books like biography type bugs I've read like every committed. Females book like the amiable urgency, the backers overrun care care Fisher, but don't read books to be like how do I do though I will say I, horror, a short film with my husband is a writer and we are shooting in general, and I am directing- which I never had never thought to do and as they call this is a project of I'm gonna. Do it to do it on an because, as we all attach a really amazing dp again, I feel comfortable. I know the story in and out this message lives so without like shit of hair will now what does it mean to direct a short film? And so I mean this book called how not to make
film added some written by an accurate? They Roberta something Monroe and she was a programme for finance for like twelve, I don't like, oh you have the sexually teaching me somewhere, giving me a gone, a checklist, yes job, as also so I ask everybody homes and they are the same for questions are kind of frivolous but their nerdy, and I really like them. So I asked everybody comes when they ask the same questions are kind of frivolous but they're dirty, and I just really like them. So I'm going to ask them to you now. What time do you wake up in the morning around between six hundred and thirty and seven a dot m? And what's your morning routine, like so I wake up, I walk my dog, I get coffee. I sit at my desk, usually answer some emails and what you call it like push. My blog post to Facebook and Instagram.
What is your daily coffee was selling such a freak when I made my coffee at home, yes, a separate them. When I get asked what I mari I'm here for their party, so at home I got regular mean a black coffee. They make my little curious, organic coffee. I find him and I use college and peptides ok just keeps of that year and about a spoonful of cooking oil, yeah and then so little bit. Splash of Khalifa barrister omen. Look up. I repeat, with all my little important landed for about twenty second yeah, it's a frothy, delicious coffee and it has eaten grams of proteins, lemme hungry. For like two I do. I do that. I do the college in protein. My smoothly that I never thought about three in the coffee. Do you have to blender the per year per year, otherwise Gimme grainy- I don't I don't know
We greens, but it just doesn't, mix as well, and it has no flavour, rightly noted specific. I used the vital vital yet, Probably never do I it's great electronics, your coffee creamy. I need a child. I will remember an smithy, so I'm excited. Am I like right down what you just said in a way which your coffee order like ETA at a regular place. I, depending on the temperature outside I even like an ice latte without milk or what is the enemy, can travel without travelling for work, but he took with him. I have my laptop yeah, even when travelling for fun yeah just in case I need to get something out here. It's the thing like my wedding things are my most prized possession and my laptop is my second I would just accept. I had the same matter. For six years I had written my first for books on last changed and I like
like this is so ridiculous, but I was I and be able to write any more like I don't know I was so attach. It was like the clunky is junkies thing, but I hear you on the laptop. What is your favorite like work out physical activity, and how often do you do it? Well, I m not the biggest work, out her, but I do love, while of God, my favorite infallibly, just like hiking up made earlier or dancing just but more than go out with financing, asked what he would say. I never do anywhere, but but it isn't So I ask everyone: Deus is a platform on which you stand and you have a platform with you our social influence as well as right now on this podcast and there so many women who listen to this, and so I ask every guest if you could tell women listening one thing like this, like core value that you have learned
the course of your life. It's a big waited, but if you tell them one thing and you knew that they would actually take it out and they would actually utilised in real life was the one thing you would tell them: it's gonna sound like cliche, but just really don't be afraid to go after what you want, no matter how impossible what's yeahs. Just do it and don't keep thing about doing it and don't like keep talking about doing it just actually get up the next day and do it yet further means buying a domain and guiding you what your word press, dot, Org, starting your blog or means taking in acting class, where it means taking a director liquids It is just just actually work towards it and he stopped I love that I love. I love to stop talking about it, because a lot of people will talk and dream. Let's Gmos work this through the end. They think that that steps to know
said to do something with all the dreams you ve talked about lad. So absolutely men could you thank you so much for hang out. They have coming for sharing heroism and for right now going and taking a picture with rosy. Her heart is guys got a job, I know, but you there's such incredible waste You have to offer the women who are listening, and I really appreciate you being present and taking the time for that. And being an inspiration like rosy need someone to look up to and someone to aspire and needs. You themself represented, so I really sincerely bullshit or time at his death. She'll think use all my view, and next year I offer my shoes we will be back with another episode next week. In the mean time, if you have a moment and you, can write of review or subscribed to the podcast that
is a life to those of us who worked so hard to produce every single episode for more information. You can check out days, podcast, dot, com or stock me on every form of social media. I am Miss Rachel Hollis on every single platform. This week's listener review is from MEG bees. Meg says love. This podcast Rachel is my cup of coffee. As a mom and a woman trying to find my place in this world, she speaks directly to my heart. Thank you for all. You do reach this. Current county girl loves you as a fellow current county grow myself. Mag super appreciate the revealed thanks so much growth. If you want feature it as a weekly review. Well, go leave one and then maybe I'll cheese and I'll read it next week, thanks producer, Alison Cohen, are sound engineer, Jack, noble and are sound editor Andrew Weller. Most importantly, I hope you heard something today that inspires you I'll see you next week.
Ladies and gentlemen, did I mentioned I have a book coming out. Here's the thing. It's called get out of your own way: sceptics guide to growth and fulfilment and we're the priest cell window of windows? I am super excited about having written a book for both men and women about Twenty lies that I once believed that were keeping me in my own way. I have written. From the perspective of someone that is totally different from Rachel Hollis, even if the format is somewhat similar to grow wash your face, I wrote it from the respect for someone. Who's been skeptical of tools like this, book or even the pot castra listening to for ever and ever its through. That lends that I'm talking about the ways that I was getting in my own way and I think in uncovering the truth behind those lies. Not only did it help me get out of my own way to help you get out of yours. There are two ways I want to say thank you for preparing this book,
I've created in the course of course, yes and iii course, a sixty minutes each course called finding your why it's a fantastic resource, it's available absolutely or free right now for having pure the book, and if you go to get out of your own way, the book that calm right now and follow the problems. Not only we get Icarus, you can hear the first thirty minutes of the book again get out on way comes out March. Tenth, I'm super super excited about it, get out of your own way. The book dot com hit that link The problems- and I appreciate your support.
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