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Today I am answering a listener's question! I've actually sort of been hoping that someone would ask me this. Today we're talking about content creation. More specifically, how do I, Rachel, figure out what I'm going to make podcast episodes about or what I'm going to write about in my next book, or what I'm going to put in the Sunday email...all the things!

I have been creating content online for since 2008. So...14 years. And for as long as I've been doing it, I have been in community with my audience. (Even when that audience was only three people!) And slowly but surely, I feel like I've found a really good rhythm that works for me and I feel like the place that I'm at today is a really good, organic, authentic way of communicating with my audience.

There are a ton of experts online who make a living out of teaching content creation: how to post, when to post, what to post...all of it. Today I wanted to tell you about what works for me, and hopefully there will be some nuggets in there for you; if you're a business owner in 2022 then I imagine you're either a content creator yourself or work very closely with one and from someone who has had teams of all different sizes, I know there is something in here for you!


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I guess that's where I want to start is I think that it's really important for you as a creative or business owner and frankly, if you're, a business owner and twenty twenty, two and you're listening to this there's a really strong chance that you are a content creator or that you understand that you need to become one hi, I'm rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast. I spend so many hours of every single week, reading and listening to podcast and watching youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's. What we do on this show. We We talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened to dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guests are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these
Our conversations- this is information for the curious. This is rachel, Hollis podcast, guys it's rachel hollis and welcome to another episode of Rachel Hollis podcast. day I am answering a listeners question, but I'm not gonna lie of actually sort of been hoping that someone would ask me this today we're talking about content creation. More specifically, how do I personally figure out what I'm, make podcast episodes about or what I'm going to write about in my next book or what put in the sunday email I have been creating content online for since two thousand and eight. So I'm not what is at fourteen years and for as long as I've been doing it, I have been in community with my audience, even when the audience was only three people,
slowly but surely I feel, like I've, found a really good rhythm that works for me that, He said there are people who specialize in this, our are podcast and youtubers, and digital marketers, who spend all their I'm figuring out, how to educate people in into of what lowe's online. How to post online how to break a single piece of content into fifty different pieces, in fact If you want a really good exam, full of that kind of. modality gary vainer chucks team made a like us. Side show or a pdf years ago, that em in just google it like they broke down, how they take one piece of content and use it over multiple different platform. So if you want to go ham check our way, he's doing or what other people are doing on youtube? I have done the sort of Nine million pieces of content thing and I've done
oh, like removing myself from social media for different periods of my life, and I feel, like the place I'm at today is a really good, organic, authentic, way of communicating with my audience. I believe I provide a ton of content. Do three podcast episodes every single week? I do a sunday email that I write myself. The social media that you see go out from my feed is from me I feel like I am still producing a lot of content. While I'm writing my next book, while I am well I'm nothing. Well that project gap by doing other things- I'm doing a lot one time and I'm also putting a lot out into the world. and I'm doing it in a way that feels really good to me, and so my advice is going to be a lot more. How do you do this in a way? That's effective, but also feels really good and in I personal opinion.
The most success that I've had in life is when I was doing it this way. I have more success when I had a team of people who were creating. You know asap, and social media posts. I didn't I I've always had the most success when I am really making sure that the content is as good as it possibly can be. So that's what I'm going to talk about today and all the ways and this question came to me through the podcast hotline. I just want to think every single one of you has been calling anna actually for the first time since I started the hotline getting so many that I sort of can't keep up oh I'm loving it and I am grateful and I am creating so much content based on that hotline, which all talk about a minute. But let's list to the question that I got and then we'll get into. I hey rachel. I am
q a wine event that I'm doing yes, wine has like fermented grape juice. I have never called before one of the things that struck me was like hey. Paul and have me as something that would be super helpful for me to do. sound like trying to scale my business and my stepmom coach, and I think it would be really helpful to see like your email, How do you do that? How do you sit down to write your email like? Why does that look like I'm more into the business side of it such you could just do a video, a podcast whatever about what does it look like when you set want to reach out to your email list subscribers and talk to them, and how do you plan your content for that, curious, even unviable, greedy I'll tell you later So I guess behind
the curtain and explain to you how I figure out what I'm doing when I write down to requite this steps. I realized in the background- and this mirror way behind me if you're watching on youtube, you can see. in a suitcase on the floor with like clothes spilling out of it, and I started to like clean it up. So look better in the background, and then I thought. Actually. This is a really good jumping off point for, this conversation. So I suitcase on the floor because they just came back from portland One of my friends is about to go on tour and I was there because my boyfriend was there. And I want to make out with my boyfriend for a few days before he went on tour, but also because I am really blessed in that. I had Opportunity to get to see someone else's creative process and it was magic and.
I guess that's where I want to start is. I think that it's really important for you as a creative or business owner and, frankly your business owner and twenty twenty two and you're listening to this there's a really strong chance that you are content creator or that you understand that you need to become one and one of the things that I think is so smart for anyone who sees a future for themselves create. In whatever modality, to watch other people's creative process as much as you possibly can it's one of the reasons that I love interviewing creatives in industries, I'm not inside of so I've been here a ton of musicians or artists or poets, and I'm always really fascinating about how they do what they do, because I think that when we gather enough information we can kind of take a little like piece of this idea and a little piece of that idea and allow ourselves to come up with a whole picture for us that feel
fantastic. So I was my. Like this amazing thing that I got to do this weekend and sort of sea the magic behind the scenes and I really did learn so much and I asked so many questions. I'm such a nerd so how does this and why do you do it this way and ok, okay and then what happens and if we like it just it was so fascinating and I That you can do that. In your hometown. Like I get not, everybody gets to go hang out with star and sort of see how they do what they do, but You have creative powerhouses around, whether that's on social media or that's in your town right like who's, the florist in your town, that's doing the amazing creative things with floral or
who is, maybe there's a baker. That's doing really interesting, flavour combinations or really interesting designs or go to your local art gallery, go to a museum, go see how their creative work, even if you can't see behind the scenes, seeing what other people did so I get inspiration from all over the and I really actively seek out. New ideas and new inspiration from other creators. I cannot recommend this enough if your be in the industry of creating content or writing or speaking or drawing photography whatever kind of art. It is that you want to do your going to constantly need to fill yourself up with inspiration and ideas, because
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third time of a giant make this statement and honest you guys. Maybe it's important for you to see that that I keep having real life get in the way I mean I Recording this and my teenager just face timed me and I was recording this earlier, and I got a note from someone on my team that I was missing a really important meeting that I had totally forgotten about and part of the process is part of the says of creating content and being Well to do it from home! So actually before I keep going about being creatively inspired, I would love to talk about that for a minute. I have found that I work better in the energy of a space that feels really good to me, which is usually at home. I think cheap, better content, when I'm by myself, then when I'm with other people, unless it's speaking and then obviously I need other people around me, but
for me. It took a really long time to understand that, and it does mean that there's a fair amount of distrust that can happen and I can get frustrated at times, because I set all the equipment up myself, and I don't know that this, my skill set, but I'm figuring it out as I go. It's been. Probably a couple of years now right that we've all been inside of working from home, And I'm sorry figuring out how to format an sd card or do the audio. And there is really incredible power as a content creator and knowing how to do everything yourself, I know how to write and design and send emails. I know how to do that for. Social media content. I know how to do things myself. It is always elevated when I can work with someone else, but the abyss. Create on your own, is really powerful, because then you don't get into a habit of believing that you need someone else in order to help you
content out into the world, so quick side, no. backs this conversation about being inspired by other people. I I'm, always sort of looking for this, but I started going on artist dates. a year and a half ago and If you have ever read Julia cameron's the artists way, then you're really familiar with this idea. If you're not, this will be like the twenty fifth time. I've recommended that book on podcast, but I really highly recommend it for anybody. Who is creative or feels creatively stuck or feels like they do? don't know how to produce or what to produce it's. Just fantastic and it's a workbook If you go through over several weeks, it's not justice, sort of read this book and then have the information So. I am constantly trying to get inspired by things that I see around me and I had.
Gone on an artist state to the blanton museum, which is in the city. I live in in austin, texas, and it's incredible. If you guys haven't been there such an incredible museum but I wandered into. I think it was the wing of that museum that sort of contemporary art, which I would tell you, is not really my style. I often look at it and I don't really get it but I also think it's really important for me to continue to expose myself to the kind of art that I do totally understand and sit with it and ask questions and I went into. Part of the museum which I hope is still there cuz. It's just so bathing- and I saw this piece I a brazilian artist named seal, though me radius I hope, I'm pronouncing his name correctly this pieces.
See from nineteen, eighty, six or eighty seven. It's been around for a long time and the reason I mentioned next year, like well yeah, rachel arts days round for a long time, but this pity artists and this particular piece. It takes up an entire room in the museum. and it's sort of impossible for me to explain, How breathtaking it was and how weird and how different and when I first saw it, I was like what is even going on. You can look it up online. It's called how cathedrals are built and because it struck me as so different, anything I'd ever seen before I sat down in that room and I sat there for about an hour. There were benches along the walls and I thought oh, they want people to contemplate with this pete peace means and I sat- and I looked at it for about an hour and it's amazing but the more I look, the more I could see it it. He builds
structure in the middle of the room and he uses light and he uses metal and he uses coins and he uses animal bones and nothing this made sense to me, but the longer I sat with it, the more inspired I was and am not going to do contemporary art and I'm not going to put in while bones or gold coins into my pie cast, but does make you look at how other people step outside the box literally and how they do things and they think in such a different way, and I believe it doesn't matter if you're, making content creation about your cleaning business or your coffee shop getting inspired by other creators is going to make you a better creator. So if we're going to start with how to I create content. I want you to understand that I am constantly oh, and inspiration and I want to say, open,
not looking for because I think when we tell ourselves, I got to be looking, I got to be looking, I got to be looking like, We run into the possibility that were going to gravitate towards what another content creator is doing. It may be trying to our version of that, which you have we can be inspired by the people and the sort of train flip it on its head and do your own thing, but I think the best work comes from just being open just leaving that, if you're walking through your day going to get coffee pudding, her baby to sleep at night. You know, dear your grandma, that you can be inspired by your very real life and just be open to how that shows up. I focus this conversation on the three areas that I am most often creating content in, so I want to talk about how I figure out. Two and then create content for this podcast for myself
send a email and for the books that I write. Let's start the very top with book because that one I've done a few episodes of the podcast on how to write a book and you can go low. up and there really popular besides, I think they ve been helpful to people maybe they'll be helpful to you but comes to my creative process for book. Writing, it's so much different, then used to be, and It's evolved so much over time and it's so much differ. Than any other content that I create in any other way. When I am writing books as I am right now, I'm working on a book that turning in this fall before I go on the rate live tour, which I hope you all common to hang out with me. But I'm working on a book and I, I've been writing this book in my head for two years,
I've been writing it in my head for two years and every once in a while. I'd get really inspired to put something down on paper and instead sort of writing an essay format, and I have a handful of essays saved but really I I've been working through these thoughts and ideas for a very long time, and I think it's the best work. I've ever done, at least for me, because it feels like it's aligned. Not, with what I want to put out into the world and the conversation that I want to have with you all, but I also feel it it's the healthiest, create in process I've ever been inside of I did this recently I was working on. screenplay moron, not later, but I was working on the screen play and I finding it really difficult. I've just was felt so clunky and it felt hard- and I was for senior, was going back to like how I used to write books, which was like sort of throw.
we gross like push myself really hard and being really mean to myself in my head of like just. Do it just like get the work and put you know just show up at the did. You know that whole thing and I was like this is not working. This is working and I don't actually think that the contents going to be good. It's going to be done, but it's not good, and so I tried this process of. Could I fully write the scene of a movie in my head before ever sat down and put it on paper, and I tried for a couple of months and when I sat down to finish, scenes. I was working on what I had been toying with for six months, I finish, in three hours it was like was like a download from the. of course it was like. I immediately went into flow state. Felt so easy. I was like freaking out like in the back of my head like
Mrs up don't get distracted, don't move don't get up to pee, don't do anything because I just felt like it was flowing and it's the poor. says that I've brought into book riding and don't know if I could have done now. My first books, I want you to hear me say like we have to figure out what our processes and you will have to try thing several times, but yeah. That's that's. the book writing process for me is all I'll sit with things for a long time and I'll think then from different angles, and I asked my so questions and I have my foot with me or I'll. Have my journal with me and our down notes or questions or things that I'm wondering as I go to pull I came when I actually sit down to write, but with the book reading since that time currently doing which is why I started there cuz they feel like that, might be a little too out there for most people If you want to know, I really do it. That's hurriedly.
And when the next book comes out, you guys can tell me if you feel like it got better or worse fingers crossed alright. Let's talk about this podcast because I think that for each and every one of us we have foundations in our content creation. We sort of the cornerstone content. It's the car. That you're, creating regularly that, whether that a book that you write on every day, even if it's not out in the world or it's the conversation you have on social, it's for you put up on your website. It's the videos you can on youtube. I think each Every one of us has to have a mode dally, a mode of putting our message out into the world. That is the one that we put the most energy and the most time and the most regular create, in process into and for me that is my part cast. It is my pod costs, because I currently produced free episodes every single week,
or I release an episode on tuesday and thursday and then every monday. I have a ten minute. I caught a quick word. It just thoughts. I have things that I really feel like we're full episodes, but I just wanted to put out there and send him to you guys and hope that they would be helpful and those guys. every monday and sickly. I get inspired to come up with pod podcast idea. based on what you are asking literally using the podcast hotline to see what People are wondering like how it can be helpful. I check I try and talk my dms about once a week. I I don't get to all of them for sure, but I definitely do try and go check in and I'll see, questions there. That will inspire a conversation and what I'm looking for there is, questions that feel like their relevant to more than just one person, so
people who was sent to the show- and I want to try and you know- have a conversation that bills like it can more than just the person, asking, so I'm looking for content that would have more than one of us and I'm looking for content that I feel like I can add some value to. I get lots of questions on all over the place about stuff that I could answer right like what's my skin care routine or you know, different things that I'm like. I can't answer just as a human being, but I'm really trying to focus on stuff that I think I bring a unique perspective to All of us need to ask ourselves what is the unique? oh you that you bring to the conversation you. Have a unique world perspective. My show is only it's my perspective and. what I find so interesting about the world. Is that when people I don't agree with your perspective- amazing-
That is a sign that you need to create your own content, so someone can identify with the perspective. You have think it's so beautiful and why try to stick to stuff that I feel like I'm uniquely qualified to answer- and Even in doing that, I am not trying, I don't believe I have the answer. I just have my ideas right and. I'm a big believer that when we absorb things we should take a little bit here and there we don't take everything is gospel, but that I instead of put my thoughts out and maybe there's something in them. That will be helpful to you too. releasing the pressure to have the exact answer for everybody, I think, is one of the reasons that I'm able to produce content at the. wait that I have I mean when I had a blog, My blog had Thousands of post thousands and
the emails that I've sent over the years, the episodes of the show- I am consistently producing content. If I believed that everything had to be the exit perfect answer for every human listening, there's no way I could nothing. I would have put nothing out into the world, so I do my very best but the inspiration- comes from what I'm hearing from you guys what I'm seeing in the world, if I'm seeing things that I'm like a man somebody's it out about that, I'm like o day, probably maybe, should be the one and then other place that I really get inspiration and for anyone who sort of does what I do if you're a writer, a coach, if you're doing some near try to help people. My greatest inspiration comes from the stuff that I am personally going through and working on and the that, my family, my friends, the
People I love are also going through and working on it some of the most popular episodes, I've ever done of the show are when I am super fired up. And I'm doing an episode. That I wish I could get this person in my life to like in two and take action on one talking to you. The workout app on apple watch is tracking. My running workouts sensor is checking how fast my heart is beating algorithms, the counting how many calories I'm burning and the gps is pinging a satellite in space to see how far I've gone, and all I have to do is run apple watch. The future of health is on your wrist iphone. Six s always required. you know, we all have those friends that, though, keep come,
leaning about the same thing over and over and over and you're like us, and you love them so much and you may be read their energy and understand that they are not at a place where they that this what they can hold right now and they can't really be challenged. You know we can. We can vibe out our friends and we sort of see that, and so you challenge I challenge to like the edges of what I think emotionally they can handle in the season. But there's a part of me: they just wants to like shit them and be look, look. Look this this right here. Do these three things: if you did these three things is: would change everything those always my best and most popular episodes, because I'm literally creating for person, I'm not saying their name, I'm not telling their story, but I know in my heart when I'm making the content, I Oh I'm imagining that person and I've heard a lot of songwriters talk about this, that their best songs of the most successful songs are when they are writing to a person, because we
looking for human connection, you know could come in here, and I could talk about habits right and it would be really sterile, and maybe you some information, but it be kind of boring or I could tell you about you, know, really struggling in these areas of my life and how a habit helped to change that or how my business was struggling years ago. And then I did these four things and suddenly there human there's, a humanity in that that resonate with, and so, if you are, looking for contact, create the content you needed ten years ago create the on tat tat your butt friend that your mama, that, like I need to be lifted up and they need to be inspired and that's who you create for generic content is going to get generic results,. If you really want to move people speak from your heart and yeah that
that's how I am pulling in episodes on the show. You'll see a pretty even mix of either I'm answering a question that came from y'all visa. Hotline or I'll tell you. like hey. I'm really struggling with this thing, and I read this book and here's what I'm Turning over, in my mind this, also super powerful in get in collaborative partners or finding guess for your show as I read, I'm a voracious reader I'm constantly reading, and when someone brings a unique perspective. I'm like oh dang. I really want to talk about this on the show and It's not enough, to have someone who wrote a really good book. I do want to just say the second, step of that is always checking on youtube looking online before ever reach out and making sure that that person can, do audio or can do
video because some of us have one mode of expression. You could be an incredible writer, but a terrible interview. You see as with musicians all the time, their incredible musicians or their incredible singers. But you know if your fan you'll like watch or semi like oh, they never really do anything longer than a couple minutes because they don't feel comfortable in a law inform interview like a podcast, but trying to solve problems in my own life is always always an incredible resource for what and I can put out into the world. I do also think it's worth mentioning I love youtube. I think that there are such incredible creators there and how they create is really inspiring, and I do love trying something popular in one form of
creation and seeing if I can pull it in. So I did this. couple of months ago with an episode where I notice on youtube is really popular to do videos that will like many things I don't buy anymore or you know do you think I am to have or whatever, and I thought I wonder how that would work on podcast turns out really well. So I've only done one episode so far, but I did one that was like fifteen things that make my life better. Y'all love that I love that episode and I think you loved it because it was something you really could listen to. Maybe, while you were doing something else that didn't require like full focus, it was just like. Oh, that's interesting, or maybe that idea so getting inspired by others Formats and pulling them into your own, I think, is really interesting and I'm going to contain You to try and experiment with that and see what happens. That's how I get the idea for content now.
What I do to put it out in the world. I have also done an episode on how to start your own podcast. You can go, listen to it. And that has a lot more information on the how tos but I will say that I batch my podcast I've honestly about all my work, if you've never heard me talk about this, I batch all my work today. a podcast day. I will not right today. My brain really works in different modes and to go from being on, for you guys and and because doing a podcast is on and I'm also recording it for youtube, and so it just requires a lot of very specific energy. Now, if I to go and be introspective, Then you know right adjust I can do it and I've done it in the past, but I just choose not to it, doesn't feel good and I'm aligned. This enough. If I'm aligned as a human being before I could anything- and I know my intention is always better.
So I battle of my work based. I the type of work that it is so I'm going to try and knock out a few podcasts today and then and I will have episodes for the next couple of weeks. I love being ahead in podcast, sounds like I love having a couple of weeks in the can. That means like completely done and ready to go out because it means that I can. I wasn't it- supporting going to portland this weekend, but because as I had my work done like a little kid, I'm in their homework done because I have my work done, I could jump on a plane and I could go do that and it didn't disrupt anything. that being said, I all Don't record too far out I don't like like I know people who, like six weeks out on content, seven weeks out two months out- and I don't love that personally I
like feeling connection to the work that I'm doing and when I create something from like months ago. I have a hard time being excited about it. I don't really tend like to go on social and talk about it? I don't want this feel. I don't know how the sounds. Maybe it sounds like weird, but for me If I can stay close to my content, I'm I'm more acted too and a more likely to be able to talk about it, because I talked about all the content I was constantly doing. I think people would maybe stop following me on social here. Cause it'd be like shut up. We get it. You do stuff, so I pick and choose what I actually will promote on my personal. Instead, am or my personal youtube or whatever and I justin better at that. If I'm, if the content is more recent, if film, something four months ago, and then it's it's just harder. I think it's even the same with a book by the time
what comes out that author has been working on it for years, and it's probably been done for over a year, at least so even worse, books like it's so funny to me when I'll go, do press for a tour whatever and people ask what parts the book like! Oh yeah, I like I forgot that that was in there, so I found I like to be a head, but not too far ahead that not for everybody, so I know so many podcast hosts who will their way far out on their shows, and I think that's great. I just like the opportunity that, if you are hearing me talk about something it's it's in real time, within the last couple of weeks that that thing has happened and you're getting to hear about it. Because to me this is about the connection that we have right. It's about us. Having a conversation with each other, and I just to keep that a little bit closer to real time. So that's for me personally, Great thing about pakistan, guys is that you can honestly,
about most content is that you can back a bunch, and then I have two weeks to do other things. And it actually works best for me the times or it's gotten really busy, and I'm not a couple weeks out. I will be creating podcast in real time and that can feel very stressful. I think, anytime time that you create content, because you feel like you have to it's not going to be your best work and the best way that I know to grow your audience to grow the community to increase the best way, to create the best possible content. You can create I know that maybe that's not the way that, like something like stick talk. like it's more about how much you can put out into the world, but. I'm just going to go old school. I am really going to believe that if I can keep creating good content, even if I don't have something going up every day that it's still gonna find a home.
So the last area that I am regularly creating content is, from my sunday email. I've been writing my own e mail, owns unnamed I've been doing it for years. So, if you're on my email list every sunday, you gotta letter from Me- and if you're not on my email list, that seems bananas and you should totally go sign up and in if you're, watching on youtube it'll be in the description. If you're listening to this episode, it'll be in the show notes, go sign up to sunday, email for me, your buddy, rich and for that one! Well, let me say as a business owner, it's possible that If you listen to this, you like e mail as twenty I need to rate about email, yeah, email, email is everything email is the only access to your audience or your customer that you own. Instagram die, tomorrow
I would no longer have access to one. wait: five million fans if facebook went away it's closer to two million. That would go away. You know like the social media fan is that you have the community you've created. You do not have direct access to them without that platform, in the middle of you, even how is the only thing or maybe, if you do like the text message, stuff basic you need a way to contact your customer, your fanbase directly? I think this all I'm with people who are on they sell their stuff on like at sea or jane. I, don't know it's still this way, but years ago, when I would talk to artisans who are on this platforms, it was great because you can get your stuff out there, but they didn't have access to their customers, emails which meant they could retarget they send a note and say: hey we're having a holiday sale like you bought from us last year, we're having a holiday sale again. Do you want
stand, I probably should have started with us. You always get more revenue from an existing customer than a new one, me say it again, you always going to make more sales with someone who's already bought from you ever forever. Then you will with people who are brand new to your ecosystem, that Everything about content creation- I m in our relationship with my community in now on social in the way if that I'm doing, and I focus on taking care of her arms oh palm when a new people come into the ecosystem. Someone just on the the hotline Oh, I just started to you a few months ago and I was like really cool, that's so rad, but my focus is on taking air of the people who are already here, and I think that taking care of the people who are to here. They tell
are friends, Do all the promotion that I don't need to promote myself because they like this chick keeps showing up for us. So we can show up for her. So if it's true. If your customer base that exists now is actually some of the most powerful opportunity you have. You need to be able to access them whenever you want not to mention that if you ever want to run a facebook ad and instagram at tip top those emo Dresses, are how you're able to target people, so all of that to say my sunday email I lay out my whole week. in terms of what is launching in a google calendar there are cooler ways guys I distrust what a use I've forever use. Google calendar we have we'll calendar that our whole team. Access to that it's called launches and cool shit. That's what's on it,
And it'll say sunday: email monday, we ve got a quick word going up on podcast tuesday. We got a pod cast episode, youtube's being went like it'll, say everything, that's happening and every single one of those is color coded, so email is blue and youtube is yellow and podcast? Is For in that way, I can see at a glance that fast My brain knows how much we have going on this week and I fill out that whole calendar in advance. So a couple weeks out, I will go in, and I will figure out what I want to talk about what I want to do on the podcast I have an interview. That's coming in all slot that in like I'll figure out how I want to lay it out. I'll know what I want to create. Based on everything. I told you already and every single square in my google calendar is red until I created
because every single thing we do as a company, I am the baseline every starts with me. I got record this episode. Few guys, I got to shoot that logged for jack. I've got two. the e mail so that the amount him like I have to do stuff before it ready for the team, so the entire calendar is red. I literally, I could show you if you're watching this on youtube, miss open up my phone, it's all red or Ninety five percent of it is red because That's a signal to me that I have work to do. As soon as I recorded this episode of the podcast that I'm recording right now when I uploaded the team. I'll go change. That episode in my calendar to purple, which says like okay, I have done rachel's done- everything she needs to do now. I can move on to the next thing. It's also a signal to the team. If that color has changed now they have work to do. So I know there are better ways. I know of.
My team uses a sauna. I don't I just this- is extra me and I'm minister to cause. I really like this particular flow, so I can also in that moment. I came back a couple episode today, based on what's happening in the calendar ahead of me that being said, my email, is a chance for me too. I hope, send gherkin ten to your m boxes. Every sunday also how I let Anybody know, what's going on in all the places, email is really the only place that I have or on purpose. Where I tell you This episode, the podcast, is going bananas, which says to me, there's something in it that people really like go, listen to it or I'll, be like here, is you know rate chocolate is going on tour. This fall and grab your tickets now or
able to tell you different things that are happening, but the key for me, is that I make sure, that email is really really really serving of the reader. So when I lay out the reason I mention calendar is the calendar is where I look at all the things that are happening during the week and I think okay. You know this episode of podcast, I really want to talk about like what I did. The interview with my hormone doctor. I felt so important to me that I sent an email just about that, which I never do, but if an episode. I really want to talk about an echo here want to make sure I put that into an email and then and you know this- a thing over here, I think, is really close to put that into an email, but I make sure that that is surrounded by stuff. That does not help me in any way. I do this. A lot to do is send an email lot called like the things I'm loving or three things. I can't
it does not help me at all- I d, make any money off that not using affiliate links, I'm literally just telling you brand and products and things that I am personally using that I think you guys would like. Could I really love when people do that love watching longer on youtube or like this just happened to me. There's this as watching of longer and posted this cream. That she uses at night on her face- and I was like try vex. I feel, like I've been really dry in the mornings and I went and bought it. I love it. Look. It's totally changed my skin and I wrote about it in last sunday's emails, like you guys, I that this chick told me about it. I went and tried it I can highly recommend it and nine telling you that It doesn't do anything for me, but what I hope is that you feel like
Am a resource for like oh she's, going to give me good stuff, so I'm going to keep opening the email cause. The emails, not just a marketing play. It's also cool stuff cuz. That's the intention and I don't typically, have a very hard time coming up with email contacts and using a lot of stuff in my real life to figure out what I literally from just like call. I want to think of something cool to talk about think of the last week cause this like if you're, seeing on youtube? You can maybe see this, but I got I have a third earring hole that I got in middle school and I recently bought a little stud for it, and I'm was like a loving using the third hole again. I know it. This sounds so weird If you can't see me right now, it even weirder, but I talked about that those like all I want to tell. I don't know their certain things in the path that, unlike
I can't do that anymore because I'm a mom or I you know I'm going to be forty next year. It seems and then I'm like what what, whose rules are you playing by and that's what I talked, email. So I think that sticking to what's goin on your real life. Why feels relevant to you. I think we always want to connect with bull more than we want to connect with a brand. We always want to connect people, whether we want to connect with like a company, so speaking from you, experience in a way that makes sense for the audience you're speaking to I love, and I just make sure in that calendar I told you guys about with the email it'll say, send an email, but if you open it up in my notes, I say what that email was about, so that if I feel like I'm really. Conscious of not ever wanting- send a email to feel like I keep talking about stuff going on the products you can buy or whatever so I'll go check. The last what emails and go like! Oh
but I actually haven't talked about the start today journal in a while- which I'm deeply passionate about that product and that community and its doing good work and so yeah. I'm going talk about it because I believe in what that is but I also am serving you so much other stuff that I hope never feels like. Oh right, you know stop talking about your stuff, that I figure the email and I'm going not lie. I don't think that I'm the best person for how to grow. community, because my answer is always that the content is queen. Content is queen, If the contents good, the community will grow itself, so I don't have hacks or tricks or ideas actually think. I'm probably not that great at reminding people to join the email list, or you know, check out you the team.
I always like rachel- tell people like subscribe to the podcast or subscribe to the show. I just I forget that that's a thing because I just think if I keep doing good work that I'll find. people who dig it- but I hope that that was helpful to you- alright I hope that there's a lot of information, and I hope that maybe that's what you were looking for and you have a question like she did. Please call the pod cas hotline, I love craning content based on what you guys are wondering and if you watch on youtube, I'm gonna put the financial here. If your listing on podcast, it is in show notes cause a nocturnal. I cannot remember it off it. top of my head in Austin. I have it literally taped to the wall, and here in hawaii aimed I and what it is it seven three seven something and yeah look at the shots and you'll get the rest so in any event, that is creative process, and I just want to say that you,
and find a process that works really well for you and it will change based on the season of life that you're in when I go on tour You forgot a new creative process because I'm not gonna have the time to sit here and make episodes for you guys, or I have friends who have gone on maternity leave and they've had to batch a ton of content before they went on maternity leave because that's what was going on in their lives- and I love that so just be. open to the idea that your process may need to change and evolve and grow as you change and evolve and grow. That's my ideas for today guys, and if you found this helpful, I would so appreciate if you would share it on social or share it with a friend and that you think would dig it too. I will be back later in the week with more conversation. Actually, I think, my next episode, if I'm not getting this wrong, I think my next episode is our three hundred episode, but an energy that is
three hundred since we started counting their definitely were like fifty or sixty where we didn't number them, but three hundred coming up, and I'm really excited about that. I have a cool idea for how to do it in a different way, so I'll be back with that soon. But until I talk to you again, I want you to remember The bottom of my heart, I love you and I'm rooting for you. The Each a house pot cast is produced by me, Rachel Hollis, its edited by andrew weller and jack, noble.
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