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31: Why You Should Commit Your Goals to Writing with Founder and CEO of Pop Physique Jen Williams


This week on Dais I have a chat with Jen Williams founder and CEO of the popular fitness boutique Pop Physique. We discuss everything from how to start a small business, knowing when to franchise, and the power of writing down your business goals. Here’s our conversation…. SHOW NOTES: GET THE COZI APP- Cozi.com/Rachel Get Your Copy of Girl, Wash Your Face- amzn.to/2qSzmjj

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Hey guys? It's reach our houses, and I'm here is my friend Trent Shelton was originally you don't I live in the dream? Man? We? U tell listeners why we're hanging out together and now we're home now, because we are launching a new package straight up and I'm super examined at the seller. Add if you guys are not already familiar Trent, he has millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for a very unique style of coaching yeah rearing rights are. The point is really and put a stray from the heart and break into those negative mindsets breakin through of which only you backing list. Are we having people's lives and young for love that if you guys want here more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Short: let's go get it.
One of the cruellest things that I get to see as part of my job is the manifestation of the product or products that I dreamed out, and created and figured out how to do like. So many of you as a business owner. You get these ideas in your head and it is incredible to get to watch them come to fruition and I started dreaming about one of our most popular products. The start today journal I start dreaming about this. A couple of years ago I had been doing this daily practice based on several different people. I had heard about several different things and I gonna put them together into one daily practice, which was every single day. I wrote down the dreams I had for my life, but I wrote them as if they had already happened. There's something really powerful about claiming.
All as if it's already done, and I rode down every day, and it was how I set my intentions. And then I would just about it on social and so many people. What are you doing? What is that? Where do I get that journal? And I was like guys: it's not a journal. It's just a notebook. Writing down the same thing every single day, but what I think interesting as business owners or creators is often times. In fact, most of the time your audience will tell you what it wants from you and I kept pushing it off, because I was you guys this is not a big deal, but it was an people kept asking for, and I finally just thought what, if I turn this into a product and I started to dream and plan and I literally taped pictures wall of my office, of what I dreamed that my journal would look like in the entire. Behind it and I wanted the covers to be really pretty, and I wanted it to be something that you could do once a quarter and then, as you can
complete at each journal. You'd have a stack of this evidence of how intentional you were about your life and we ve heard now, and I mean you knows times we messed up on the shipping and sometimes we rest up on interior, but we failed our way to where we are today, which is the start today journal in the hands of hundreds of thousands of peace, Oh so incredible, such a blessing for me to be able to go on Instagram and see hashtag start today journal and see people all over the world using this practice as away to aim in the direction of their dreams. So If you are not familiar and you want to check it out, you can go over to the Hollis code. Dot com forward, slash shop and find all about my favorite practice turned my favorite product and if you're not in the market,
Remember that episode. Seventy two of this podcast gives you the exact step by step so that you can do it in whatever note book you have laying around for free, you need to buy a product, but you should be doing this daily practice. It will literally We literally change your life. I guess- insane, as if you're trying to create something in certain space don't just look at your competitors and try to just do something different from them. I think you know, look at other things that are completely separate and and get ideas from other things,
come to the day s pod cast. My name is Rachel Hollis and I felt a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma and a Google search bar each week, Pusher direct, tangible advice or inspiring interviews with the same intention. Bees are the tools to change your life. In today's episode I am chatting with Jan Williams, the founder and c o of the popular fitness fatigue. Hop Zeke were discussing everything from how to start a small business knowing winter franchise and the power of riding down your business was here is our conversation Jennifer for folks. Listening who haven't heard of you before. Can you tell us a little bit about your story? Your bio, all the all the interesting tidbits about you sure My name is Jennifer Williams. I created pop physique in LOS Angeles.
First duty is opened about eight years ago, an ally in the neighborhood so roylake. We then expanded, I probably about a year later, we started our second studio and then from there, I don't know how many so many yeah occasions and allay, and then we have to New York City We have two in San Francisco: ok, so I started it really fun the perspective of first wanting something in some way, to work out that spoke to me. Had been and professional ballot answer my whole life. I had kids really I'm so I stopped dancing I top holidays. The top away but I had never lived in the world of going to the gym or that at that time the work out and this is something that I wanted to create sort I myself as the original customer, if that makes sense, Dolly alike
never thinking of it really from the business ownership perspective, but more like. I want this for me and I'm gonna make it really pretty and I'm gonna make it stylish. I'm gonna make have good, music and good branding and as myself, really like the first cousin, so I and I was hoping that you know some other people might. The studio originally and of course they did, that guides it is really a very conscious choice to have somewhere to work out that had You know my ticked every box that I would expect as a client. And I felt like that- didn't exist, so I need to make it myself. I love that I feel like so often when your hearing about the most successful entrepreneurs or inventors, their people, who saw a space in the market and then just work to fill it I am sure that most people have had ideas but having
Actually, then, taken the challenge upon themselves and figured out. I mean I can't even fathom like how do you Maybe you knew this from dancing, but how did you even figure out? Ok, this What's gonna happen at a class, and this is how this is the music we're gonna like? What did you use as your template for designing? What the business would become? I think it started with first a love for in a white, physicality of it would be unjust. Taking dance, taking pilates taking elizabetta yoga putting together a class that made sense its rooted in a very good foundation that was from the fifties called the Lahti Burke method I'm from London, it came from a dancer. And so the foundation was there, but it needed some modernizing it needed some. We know little adjustments They started with truly just the class, then from there you know you have to figure out, ok,
the physical location type thing: it's not an internet business sign up like we. We actually have to have a building that this happens in. Which is a little daunting. I think when you ve never done that before, navigating the sort of real estate gets an ally and all of the things that that entails. Destruction and just everything figuring out how to space is really on me Jim that many women went. Emily was an immense jim, but it was mostly man is on a year and then kind of like one yoga studio yeah. That was like, I think, a close pretty quickly. So there wasn't me and I felt like I look around. I see my look around, I see my neighbours. I see myself. I see people that are creative and wonderful and they wanted somewhere to work, they want to drive to West Hollywood or Beverly Hills to work out. So
Indeed, there is a need and found a space and then for me it's like trying to figure out Randy in May, when so many little pieces, then you stick. He forever. You know you, you create a name and a brand and a logo, and all that it's it's obviously can redesign your logo, but you know it's gonna, stick with it for a while Sometimes, maybe, when you don't know what to expect or you don't know how to do it, you kind of its almost been easier to figure it out, because Europe, they have anything that you're looking at like I know, that's can be really terrible. That's can be really, you know, find too, do you just can't keep exploring and you still have this kind of like mindset. That's what I'm gonna do so it's just part of the pact, and the journey to get to the end of having young rotation open. Absolutely. I guess sit envy obsession for perfection or you will never actually open
yeah. At some point, you have to just go cave. This is what we can do and we will improve as we move on, but we ve got to take a step forward. We can't having a lot of people have the idea for businesses, small and large and sit in indecision because they're afraid that it's the wrong choice when at some point you just have to gather what you ve got and make the best call you can in that moment and move on That's right. I mean our original space in a window. Taking over the entire building. Let's say may be four years later, In the beginning, we had a small room in the back, so we rented out like a dancer the space and we had a front desk in the in the fund there was very serve temporary, and we went into ruin the box we didn't have. Even our own and a building, little son, is right before we went to send our lease the landlord said
I don't want you to have a sign on the building, would mess up my bills, yeah behind her home internet. It is again first time ever having something. That's like a building. You know that people have to come to you and see how they didn't know where we are higher than in going to know that so is very dancing to have back. Of what and we didn't really know what to do. We sort of just went with it and decided that it was part of the sort of Sheikh silver. Ten of underground. He heard just like her ten Did that we didn't intentionally ass, be cool yeah, which you know words of course, people figured out where it was. It was fine and eventually we got our sign years later, but I think those are the funny thing is that you have to cannot go without yeah, like aside like you can like, I could have I'm fine and I might have lost said least, I might not have gotten that space, so you know
this kind of guys what you need to do and build towards maybe what's better yak, our first client base This is a really funny. Story is like how that built. We can be the editors contacted us and we thought, like the kind of perfection is like, let's Let's try and wait and, like you know the old for a few months, like really know we're doing that all reach out to them like. Hopefully get on there radar, and you know that sub. So it's about two weeks before we open and we'd printed postcards with it adorable present at the girl, A third issue that I did a girl and her by an your hands on her hips and like sport on horizon very vacuum, but I printed pretty soon. Amount of postcards- and I put them only in ones- are really restaurant, so I knew
happily where they were they I'd? They just come like run down the street, put him out and so that they did run back home phone call. And of course you know at this time like on a cell phone forehead, I might possibly have visited authentic. That's how can I help you so I ran through the vote and the girls like guy just got your postcard when I can hardly believe, and she said I am an editor delicately push. Ok not really like. This is crazy, like how could the one person that picks up my postcard, like literally like an hour after I put them in one place and all LOS Angeles, be the daily Kenny. I guess that's economy and is an art, It's worth saying: if people don't remember or don't know, day, candy. Were there wasn't something bigger? You could have gotten for your life opening a shop and L. I like that in the end, as I've been remember, it was like what
thing a day and yet ass, yet two thousand a like the end of two thousand is only open, and so I thought a class just editors, before we even ever smart. My first class He was teaching to editors amene. Imagine that it was like the most trusted. Yes, it out. It was It was really fun. The article came out and it was like we're wheatless on our classes very first week that we opened which ensued ways is scary, because we didn't really know what we are doing exactly yet, but How am I going to turn that down? He asked her. That was incredible. I and I think that that's it like you, taking the plunge and deciding you know what we're going to figure this out. We're dead scary it was, it was exciting and and a little bit scary. You didn't really not we're doing yet, and I to ask, because before we even go further, I have to ask because I'm doing the math and my head end two thousand eight.
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You know again like successful things and six launch Bernard. I think it comes from a place of like I don't know desperation. That's not the right word and that's not how I was at that time, but but more like the motivation comes from. What else can I do like? How can I may be more in control of what I'm doing and my paycheck, through which you know end of the day, obviously owning your business. You work all the time There's no like cocky, now, there's no time off yeah, even when I take kids to Europe like I'm still working maritime but yeah. I think that was a really scary time. There is a very we actually opened on November. Second, so is actually pre election, but certainly enlarge. Part of our database pretty quickly was like. I can't afford do this. I must be job. You know
so we had to be very creative. We always are. Man is always been pop for the people it's always been made to be accessible in style. An accessible in price and I was very important to me- I wanted to still steel not like a cheap placed you go but like that you could afford to I'll be at any age, love yeah. Really tension wow so tell me how you, when and how you decided to go from just the one location to ok crap, we're gonna scale work and expand like how do you decide to do that going from on location to two locations is, is I think, the scare? smooth after you, who can in a success. They feel like you have two locations, I can it the number from there could be hundreds. It could be endless because you think of it
a small business. You started with public, yourself working there seventies, weak, yeah, really alot of your personality. Alot of your second is involved in it. I thought you know fourteen classes a week I was, I The print ass closed all day and night, I'm this week so to the thought of like we'll have. But how do I go to the other place and how this one gonna be ok, it was very you know, challenge to figure out and think. Once we successfully did that job I was a year into the business so. The guys in my life, my father and my husband were both like, I think about the first, weekly opened in so related had weightless. They were like where's number, two said men in another guy. I think I think eyes or can like that the added get excited and Gulf Women, I think we like to like Canada. Sit back from them
and assess, make sure it scared, like quality check on that kind of stuff and sort of, though at it, in a more organised fashion, but So you know about a year later, as when we open our second location and I serve moved my whole based of time mostly over there and then still. You know, let's say seventy percent of my time is there and thirty percent over the first location. What I want to know, as this centre in what I think the hard part is always staffing so I would imagine that, when your grow into a second location, part of that is that you need to have managers or people in place that you can really trust was that A role that you had played before. Is that something that you had ever done? Or you were figuring this out. As you went along, I was they figuring out? As I went along, I mean I had danced in ballet companies and in its very dear friend, theirs you know in union ballet companies there some companies that, Sir,
have to compete with other companies that are union ballet companies. They act like that there's not really manage sure per se. You know you have a lot of. Coaches and odd people that are giving you it's all the time, but it from this differently so really just sort of intuition and training all of the people that I worked with myself so that they understood my expectations. I was there time, obviously couldn't be in two places at the same time, but I think that that was really. Weren't that they saw me they're alive, and they really, you know, knew that. I had a certain I for things of either how the lobby should look or how the clash should be and people, I think maybe it even scared them a little. When I came in time just with, like you know, that kind of look that I think You have to have to do things like that yeah
it's so true everything that I know about business, I have learned through expense. Hands or I read the books or I listened upon Cassowary one videos or whatever, but its practical learn yet something that you have a really practice. You never will understand that. So I was find that absolutely and we ve had times of you. No great expansion accompanying we ve had times were in others less and the things that we sort of figured out along the way that little mistakes were made and the things we ve learned from aunt like it's all such it's like experiential, training or something I don't know it's it's it's you never buy. That kind of knowledge like you, you have to. This or looked back, can be like ours really smart about that thing. You know, I'm gonna do that again, like look back and be like flowers really smart about that thing. You know, I'm gonna do not again like that worked yeah, so and how many? How many locations do you have today? Thirteen,
And they're all over there, you have them and in all different cities. So how do you manage now? It went now not just in different locations in LOS Angeles, iron Semyon scour New York, what was it like to move it out of state where you couldn't just drive by and make sure that lobby look the way you wanted it to ya it's a lot of letting go. I think, like you know my whole Life is strengthened, shared and ballet and bury em like like he sighed like. And protectionist. I think you'll like it at a certain point, you kind of have to allow other people. Take the lead and allow other people to have some more authority in those places we expanded. The San Francisco first, which is our phase out of delay, and that was really happy for us. Because we lived there for ten years before he lived an ally. So our older two kids were born there. On a family that I have their say. It was a very conscious choice of like this is agreed,
city that I know people will love it and we get to go back and visit as part of our life and am now forgive me if I didn't catch it, or from running. Did you start the company? Is your husband part of it or he helped you two founded or an he is at first. It was my thing Like I'm gonna, do this thing like you: he was it in a band. He did music stuff. He didn't, you know, I mean his dream in life was not to do a ballet by that company. I think that you know it started as one studio. Like it didn't start as accompanying preside. I think in this town, I'm in two thousand seventeen. I think you know entrepreneurs might SAM, storing accompany that's like different thing, nor starting an app back then, I'm starting this one location and, let's see how it goes, is two thousand. I know what's gonna happen. It began company became a real thing, and I think-
he saw that moves like oh, I should probably help you with that, like this is can it becoming bigger and- and I think the partnership of us working together he's always helped to make the playlist he's always made the music for our failure. He sources, music, as he's done his whole life in really interesting ways and always been really good at finding artists before they blow up or a week, a lot of artist that send us music before it comes out to his eyes. Had those connections- and that- has made the experience for our clients like way richer than I think it would be if I was making music were painted together. So good partners in that sense, and I think, also really different, which is good because you know I'm just you know, he's more analytical on has like a better sense of like he works with the numbers in the marketing and I'll. Have it
the creative ideas of the market in he will as well, but then, like we come together about that part So it's fine, I mean it's hard to work with your husband yeah all day every day. Viewed cut it! Never because you never stop working when you have your company especially when your relationship is is part of that it makes the lions very like we don't ever go out and like not talk about the company so CEO or what it. What is your data? They look like. What's your title now beyond the founder, I'm currency, CEO day to is so so different. I was left to read those blogs about like what is it stay like that meet the camera. They wake up, yeah, today I woke up at four a m, but not as a little unusual, but you know like I think it. It's like a blend of I took a class today, that's my work out, but
also. I did a review for teacher so worked with her afterwards. I taught her a few new exercises. I went over some notes with her and then you know checked in the studio. I've been in probably three different studios this week. Already I am neither teacher training and working with teachers, maybe doing photo shoots or other creative aspects of the business, but typically its hard to find me sitting like I have a desk, but I'm not there very much, some not usually like typing my email all day. Hey guys will be back in a hot minute with more of this interview, but now a quick word from a sponsor.
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look out into the future for the company. Is there a hope of continued scale? Do you wanna growed? You want to expand, or Is there I, like we're, gonna, get to a place where we really good and we're gonna have. This is what we can manage and we won't take on more I'll I've seen the brand in different places, so we we have an international location that we did with a partner in Toronto, open in January, and that is the best part of my life. You're going to a new city and seen people you know bring, brand to life in a new space, and you know training their teachers and and their staff, and coming in and teaching classes there and visiting again, it's just so exciting to see it like in another play,
yeah, so I do have that. I won't collar it diction, but like that excitement for that is, is not dying. We are actually franchising. Very Sera corral been working with an attorney for franchising and We should be selling them. I think we're gonna announce our interests list in it in probably three or four weeks. So really soon. That's awesome that New York could have for five locations there in the city. So Daphne. I would like to expand their. I think I'll lay his fine. You know who I think, I'm good with that and it's it's hard big, I have so many sort of like when I'm here home base. I have a lot of people working emails in Tehran, the kind of like a guy said more worrying aspects of owning, a business that I cannot united, drive across away too, like the West Side studio and then back to the EAST side studio and make it your desk or you know, do something else in two days:
he just take long here so when I'm in New York, I might be in both studios then the same day, and I can kind of pop back and forth on the subway, and it's really easy. If there's I'm listening, who has The dream of opening a business for herself was is the best piece of advice you could give her having gone through. One has to remember. First, that entrepreneurship is is a little lonely wagons don't mean that in a negative way, I just mean that you are. Kind of on your own, so you could theirs There is a great empowerment once you figure it out and you make something that works because, you truly did it on your own? You didn't do it with you know, ten people saying: oh you really shouldn't make that mistake like it's. It's really cool like once you actually do something and it works. That's great, but I think knowing that that space is
bit lonely like you, you're really creating it on your own and we have to figure everything out in just reading as much as possible and like do you not as many brands in as many things not just in your own space to I think, like we didn't come from it. I deftly never approach this from the aspect of I'm. Fitness person I only approach should as a dancer as an artist coming into a space where I knew I need to work out so like we hope we have it at the time were website. It's at to stick approach to exercise, and that's I don't read This magazines are blogs. I dont like that's, not I'm not interested in it at all I've I've tried employees and certified in that I've. I've taught it for many years. The experience that we give, I think, is very different from just doing like put in a room the way that we describe the way we motivate people the music, the light in the Caribbean
since we make when we teach the glass what goes into teacher training to make that happen. I think that that is, a really different kind of it, ouch than a regular. You know so I guess, I guess I I'm saying is if you're trying to create something in certain space, don't just look at your competitors and try to just do something different from them. I think you know look at other things that are completely separate and and get ideas from other things. So I I I borrowed some For my father to start the company, my mother actually put into monies while and I had to pay them back with interest. That's that's how they are right. I when I you know My father said you need a business plan and I'm kind of like none in the now I got it, I got it. I think I know what it's gotta be. It's gonna be like this by, like him like a paragraph like verbally and ok. So semi your business like a look of business plan and there I mean he was
If those who live so he's affair numbers and like sort of like about it and I kind of was like you know. I was like? Why don't you run a business plan? I know what I'm doing I noted is not like. We are confident, but just like why, lady whose such Adele, task anything, it's my dad liquid, how to do that and I so rents like a basic book like how a business plan you know something something really like simple and I put it together and It was really guy. I mean it was like we nomes sufficient. But later on, even because when you your writing! It. You had these ideas, but nothing happened. You don't actually had the companies. They are making projections in these concepts based on billing thing in some ways. So I write it. It's it's efficient enough for him. He thinks ok, great I'll, do this and I discovered it
three years into the company like later on and eating it was like. I knew what's gonna happen like I, I wrote in exactly what my client base ended up being round like very specific, like I'm gonna open this location and then this location in this location, even though again at the time, I thought I am opening one studio like I really did not, and make it too grandiose or too. You know long into the future like I just wanted to come to stick with like let's try this first and that was really fascinating to look back and like I was so happy that he made me do like such a choice, her and I was kind of like annoyed by it. I was super happy that I had it to look back on and it it's like literally there and types, and I can read it and say wow: That is what actually happened, that the business plan came to life out. There is a practice that I've started recently. I actually ready in a couple of different books, but it was the
idea that you would not just write your goals down which are so important, but that you would write them down as if they have already happened. So like for you, you I have ten studios that are all over the: U S or whatever. It is because your brain, can't tell the difference between something you're, hoping for and something that is supposed to make real. So have you noticed me like chill either. I feel sorry for people right got. Is amazing yeah. I read that always believed in writing. It down like a really think, I'm and I'm a very tactile person. I like to hold a pen and real paper, which I know no one does anymore, but I really like you know: journaling are having a piece of paper with a list I feel like. I do the things better than if I type it online. I've tried every digital list ever like I've been terms. You know, money on apps that just add or no yeah. They haven't worked for me, but I think that
in that you know, you write it and it and you look back who find that paper somewhere like that happen, who made that happen yeah, and I really think it so powerful yeah you absolutely create. I mean I know I sound like a hippie, but you create our own destiny ever, resulting only I'm and you just they decide that. That's what you want and and really do it I think, an and also not limiting yourself uniting. That's part of you know inspiring other people, don't say like I can't, I can't do that. Like I think it's you know, make the limit higher, like we always even in our design projects for doing the studios. We make like the dream list of like ok, we this expensive wallpaper in this light fixture in, but I found where asked in the night. I end up with the the Mena most of what I actually wanted to look like like it. It comes to life that way. I love that, however, advice
do you are you a conference per you, gotta classes, Deja, continuing education, I ever further physic of what you're doing or for the business aspect are you are you a person, that's kind of absorbing wisdom still, after all this time, I am I love to learn. I, but again, I learn things that are more outside of what I do. I think that the competitive nature of just the sort of boutique fitness world has become so funny and silly. I think it's silly, but but you know I guess I don't care less. Someone once a couple to my class final, give them a good class. I wouldn't like kick them out, but there is that sounds so so but people really do keep people out or turn them away and say you can't come to my location or my business, which I haven't tried to do better. In Ireland time you know, so I think I've been pretty absorbed with what I've been doing here, but I I
love to learn? I made love to like just go to a ballet class and remember so much of my valet training. I think I take a lot of you know. All that I've learned of my whole life into what we do we'll, have choreography sessions where maybe teacher will come together with me into a studio and we'll just kind of like play really just kind of music and I like make stuff up that we, your tested, then we'll try, sequencer, say: ok, let's try this in a classic. You know just not, instructors, you regular clients and see how they react to this sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not work, and it's you sort of workshop things and and kind of I think that is I do continuing education for my instructors, but mine is, is a little bit more. Stan travelling and going other places and seen how you know scene.
Going. Art museum, like just all kinds of things that inspire me for marketing or the class, so so in every single podcast asked the same. Five questions and so now it's your turn and you're gonna laugh because this is what we both like to read about in other people's blogs alive. What time do you get up in the morning? Ok, I usually around six a am I do have in no business that opens up three. I am my time, oh my gosh, oh yeah York, ok right, so they open, I mean technically. The first class starts at three m, my time. Well, for I have wonderful managers in San Francisco in New York. So I'm usually not up at that time because we have to be here, but I do get very excited. To sort of czech end like when they first open? you know like in January, I was up every morning, texting the front desk girls and talk you that
I got a bad Jana Guide like I just want to know: what's happening, yeah I'll, be there so, but are you a coffee drinker? And if so, what is your order? That's funny. I made was very strong about this. When I was a poor, ballet dancer, and I said I would never try coffee or drink at her get addicted to it, because, as a dancer, you're, very, very poor Eads there's no money, there's nothing etc, not by scanty coffee's them. Sense of copies, become I'm glad I mean that choice, so people think it's hilarious. They're like how do you have four kids business in three cities and you don't drink any coffee and I'm like I drink water in the morning and I have breakfast. But how do I like. I thought you were to say, like ha ha that look at me now, if my eighty nine wrestles I'm going, I want you in an interview with you and I have the ice
t left over from this morning from caught me. I ain't Andy Espresso from Starbucks that I've got before any like I'm glad it's, whereas it is about it is about me up. You weren't, smart. Why now, while I have saved a thousands of dollars, I really have I mean if you do it over the years I read out, there is a good thing, but I love the idea that yeah I love this sort of like Albion, it's the francophile in me but I love being. I do drink coffee when I'm in France. I should I should say that, but I am not usually working like all that yeah. So I'll go to a cafe, but more just pick has its heard what you did like I am not going Coca COLA, their mckendrick water, so I sit in drink, he but yeah, it's it's. I'm glad that somehow I can wake up and links have hired. You think I'm papers that he asked the that helps, but now I'm super jealous I'm in Vienna, so you have to travel, I'm sure to go visit. The different shops in it.
That you just travel em for yourself What is the one item that you cannot travel without it's hard to limit it to wine, but I'll try, I think, probably my Ipad, the police, don't really lame. I mean it's all aim as it has looks on air. It Instagram yeah. So that's that's what slim and easy to sit with me, and I know I can take like ten books with me without in own stocking a bag yeah but they're more. Like the products? I think that I'm also like you now. I have to PAM Kramer, this kind of thing with me, that's really. So my next question is usually what's your work out, but that seem silly since what you work out as this old plants kind of funny. I can answer that yeah. I I think than its it. It is pop physique an amount. My fourth this week and I feel really good. That's awesome.
I will be totally honest. I have never taken apart physique class but I might add my pilates instructor years ago, was an instructor at pot, physique air. Why can attest that she had the greatest by ever seen in my entire life, the law. Question, maybe the most important is so. I ask every single person than I interview if you had a platform here you are You got one right now. What is the one thing that you would say to women who are coming up in business? I've either as founders or see goes or girls who just graduated from college? What's one thing that you would tell them as they go through this journey, like if you could shaken our shoulders interests be like girl. This, what you need to know. What would it be? You have to stick with what you may, of course, two people I mean take people's advice like for sure, like that's important, but I think you have to stay strong with what your original engine, because I've seen things where, Someone start something, and then you know they best men and
bastards like oh, what we should do this and they kind of talk them away from where their original core concept and I think you have to really stay it's because really hard to say strong in that situation, but I think it's really important to just absolutely maintain some kind of like bound like this is what I wanted it to be, and this is what is going to stay and it can involve, but it it's not gonna stay away from my original plan. I love that man Jen. Thank you so much. Thank you for your wisdom and your time. Oh so nice, it aren't you- and I know that so many women are going to get so much benefit and value. I'm your wisdom in your story and just saying another sister who has gone before and that gives the rest of US courage. Thank you so much time.
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