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385: Stop Procrastinating! How to Finish the F!*$&ing Project

2023-03-16 | 🔗
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God didn't give them your vision. mama can't see what you can see your husband can't see what you can see and it is not your job to try and convince them that your dreams are valid. It is your job to lean into your universe, given source, give in I'd give potential and the idea that you have in your heart. I I'm rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast I spend so many hours of every single week, reading and listened podcast and watching youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that what we do on their? Shall we talk about everything, life
and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guess or into I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these our conversations? This is information for the curious this is
rachel Hollis podcast, the alright. Everyone welcome to today's episode of the show. This isn't the point of today's episode, but I did get a really cute manicure, which, if you're watching on youtube, you still can't see cause the camera now. Just imagine if you will that it's like a french tip, but the tips instead of being white are easter. Colors, it's like spring, like a light, green light, blue light, pink, like purple, light blue, and it's making me really happy today and you know what I'm looking for. Whatever kind of
yeah. I can get in my life right now, so I'm an account these nails as one of the things to be joyful over typically when I am coming up for concepts for the podcast, when I'm doing episodes by myself, I am I taking direction from something it'd be one of y'all cnn. Maybe it was you called into the hotline which, by the way, call into the hotline, so we can make more episodes of ask raich if you're not familiar with the podcast hotline, it's literally an old school answering machines. You can call and leave me a message. The number is seven three, seven, four hundred four six, two six and that numbers also. Note. If you want to grab it there by, you can leave a message anonymously. You can leave your name. You can do, however, you want to, but a lot of times, I'll get inspiration for episodes of the show from the hotline. Sometimes I get inspiration from
people on my team, so one of the members of my team will tell me that there really struggling with something and asked for advice and then I'll give it and like this literally just happened. Yes, I am in giving it I'm like. Oh that's a really good episode topic, and without talking about that specific person, I should definitely turn this into something cause. Maybe it'll help you guys to today's episode of the show Oh, is not inspired by anybody, but me. I a little more she and my brain right now, because I am a deadline for book. It is due at the end of the month and if you're like wait a minute, you told us that last month, you're right but last month my family went through some trauma and some turmoil, so I obviously took a break from work. And took a break from writing and am now back into finalizing my book and
it means that I have big inspiration for today's episode, because it something that I am currently being out in my very real life, and that is Finishing the fucking project, this feels big enough and important enough to you the work today, and not only this conversation, but also in the title of this episode because This is not necessarily a conversation for someone who just working on what ever your average project. Guess there absolutely tips for today. That will help you finish. matter where you are but who really want to make this episode for is any one who find themselves in the midst of a project that just feels like it will not end. Maybe you ve been trying to finish your first novel. For six years. Maybe you have been right songs and coming up with music, and you need to find the courage to
put it out in the world. Maybe your launching new brand or new business, and you just like you just can't seem to finish that organ to talk about today we are going to talk about how to finish the mother effing. project so that one you can experience that, willing of like oh my gosh. It's done, it's done. It finally done and you don't know what's happen to it and you dont know. Will people level people hate it will nobody care at all right now, that doesn't matter right. Now what matters is that it's done, because You're, never gonna know what it could be or what you could be. If you don't just keep the promise that you ve made to yourself and complete the thing that you need a complete. So the first thing I want you to hear me say it is very normal to procrastinate when something is hard,
and chances. Are you working on a big project personally? Are professionally freakin hard, so super normal to procrastinate? It's all so super normal to be in them. civil project and fantasize about starting, the one or maybe you're, not even fantasizing, maybe you're in the midst of a project and and you're. Like oh, no wait. This is a better idea for my book. Can you started writing that one and then in the mid of that one. You are like a wait. No, this is an idea. This is the better way to go. I heard you describe once years ago at a book conference Another author said that being halfway finished with a book is like when you ve been married for fifty years. To the same, and this is a woman telling the story, but it sounds terrible, but just go with me. She was like imagine that you're, an old ban and you ve met for fifty years to the same woman and all of a sudden, you see scarlett, johansson and scarlet, Handsome walks by an you are like. Oh, my gosh scar, Joe, is so beautiful. Her
body is bang and I bet she would be so much better for me and I would have such a happier life if I just went over. There was scar, JO and then you go you go to bed, was scarlett johansson, lucky you and the new baron you realize o scarlett johansson is also just a human being and we're still gonna have issues, even though she's beautiful and is still going to be hard because marriages hard. The point is that we are currently working on. Is your wife in this scenario and Carla. Johannsen is every other project that tantalizing. you and makes you believe that it all better for you if you just switch what you're doing- and I want you to hear me say right now- it will not be better for you. It will not be you are going to find yourself in the exact same position. Let me to speak to the writers for a minute humming, We have written half a book or half screenplay or half a short story or half a children's or half half have
I had twenty halves before it ever had my first completed manuscript twenty, which means I could of allegedly had ten? all books, same amount of work, same amount of words, but I put them into new projects again And again and again- and it was only after I got over the psychological hump of to quit quitting based. glee to stop giving up and to push through the sog and pushed through the sack. You know I got, had on my wrist. This has embraced the suck, which is what you're gonna have to do to get to the other side of this, I will tell you know: bs literally three days ago, I sat on the back patio with my boyfriend and cried my eyeballs out about how a terrible writer I am and how shitty this book is and how I want to help meet people, but if I'm
spot of a writer on never be able to help people, and I a full spiral, yeah, because I am within ten thousand words of being done, which is when I start freak out like white, I even try. number one. Yes, I did start my period the next day. Ok, so I was hormonal, I'm sure I'm not. The only who has been that way? You're, like my life, is falling apart. Everything is terrible. I am the worst human alive and then you sharp, leading in here, like oh ok, was just my uterus, but second I want to say our so you understand that me and you You can think I'm a great writer. You can think I'm terrible! You could have never read anything I've written! but I have sold millions of books, millions, I've written a crap, ten bucks, I've sold a tenable so in terms of having clout in this particular area of got some and eat.
and I have tried to talk myself out of finishing this book fifteen times, literally, I'm probably you know for the last fifteen months. Every time a period draws nigh, unlike this is terrible. I should just stop. I don't need to do this I'd. Nobody is asking I just what am I even try? It's a lot and it, is a psychological hurdle you are going to have to push past in order to have this work completed, but the coolest freaking thing happens when you can push pass this area. You will always remember that you ve done it before. That is what keeps me going in this that's? Why for you? as I wrote, half books and then just kept quitting and then fell, shame and disappointment in myself, because I never finish the work that I was doing and only after I got to the end of my very first manuscript that
finally had that particular tool in my tool box. That particular tool is tenacity. It's great! It's a willingness to keep going to do not give up when I get home because every goal that you have every dream that you can imagine every like vision that you see of your future that you're like. If I can have that man I feel like I would be such a healthier person. If I could get to this- that I would be such a better daddy. If I could do This particular thing that I would be better able to take care of my mom. If I could do this, if I could do every single one of those visions, every single thing that you see in the future, is on the other side of hard. That's just real. If that's just real lets you and I commend right now to no more bs, no more talking herself out of it. Yes, have every valid excuse in the entire world, but Joe for right. Now we're not going to listen to those right now
we're going to commit to finishing and if you want to finish there So much information on the internet like a thousand youtube videos and ensure a bunch of podcast that you can listen to these are my six tips. Six idea. as- and this is an order- usually I'm just a bunch of different ideas. It you and may be. One will be helpful today max giving you a sequential order of what you need to do next to finish the mother effing project? Ok, let's go at coffee's, workin is really work and say, and I working at la cocina es el corazon de la yellow, did amazed marsala. Is it got us on the local siena AC there I'll, buy, sell dad aside ordinary immature mass illness did it make my solar, whether you that will see the collected, all those mrs moscow, less aid that we are leaving for me to hear me
them ass all up and took on, but I'm gonna set a mass of railway studio apparatus complete these. Your subtler said thus marsala outlook on Khorasan. Ok, the first thing that I want you to do is go back to the energy that you had at the beginning of this project. Go back to the vibration. what you are putting out and taking in from the universe from god, from source from your imagination, your heart, whatever I want you to go back and tap into that feeling, I'm sure you have seen like means or pinterest quotes or stuff on the internet. That's, like You know whenever you want to quit. Remember why you started agnes, It sounds like a schmaltz e thing that we put on bumper stickers, but it is legit you were operating at a certain vibrational level, and I think you guys, if you're Turning to me, you understand what vibration means, but just he's your brand new to this, and you haven't really learned
yet about vibration energy, I just want you to think of a really quick example you encounter someone that super stress out or super pissed off having a terrible day or there in a row really bad mood. Even they say nothing to you. You can feel that Something's wrong with their energy before they ever speak on the same side. If you ve ever encountered someone even if it's a stranger and they are having the best day, there are laughing. You can just tell like their smile their sunshine like coming out of their pours, even if they say nothing to. even if you never talk to this person, you can feel that their inner- She is very different than the person whose having a really bad day. So that's your viper. It's the level that energetically your body, your spirit, your soul, is vibrating at any given moment. That's why you see tee shirts and signs and things that say right
Your vibe or good vibes only or you know the concept of like aiming People are wanting to be around people that have higher vibrational levels. It doesn't mean that we all want encounter moments in low vibration. Spinelli the time in the last month in low vibration because of external circumstances that I couldn't control. So my vibration was much lower, but being conscious of vibration is so helpful, every year of our life, but particularly in a met where you're trying to find the motivation to do something when you Are super like when you arm vibrating with excitement over a project that you're starting when you have really good idea and you're like oh, my gosh. I could pull this off. This would be so amazing if I could get to work with someone like that So incredible when you have that kind of excited energy, you feel it in every pore of your boss.
And so what I want you to do. As you start, the process of finishing is too close your eyes and tat back in to what it felt like in the beginning. Could chances are if you're not finishing yet it's, because you have all out of that vibrational level. When it comes to this particular project, its white always gonna be simpler to short another project because tap into the excited energy again, But what you need to do is bring that excited angie back into what you're doing and the best way. to do that, the south It's like something you heard a million times before, doesn't make it any less true the best way. I know how to do. That is to remember your why? Why do you want to finish this project? Why what does this represent? What does this mean to you? What will happen if you finally finish what will happen if you get this,
thing down what will happen to your confidence about what will happen to your career. What will happen to just possibility just hope, just How much would this simple thing flip the script on the way you ve currently been existing finishing a big project? That's taking a really long time. Has some incredible emotional boosts to it? and maybe you don't know the incredible emotional boost that on the other side of finishing this project, as you ve, never done it before. So I need to go back in and tap into. Why and when your tapping into why, I don't want you to just think about it. I want you to see it. I want you to incorporate this into a meditative practice. into prayer into some moment in your day, were you close your eyes? If you need it, I sometimes will put on music like I have. I dont know why
but long ago I was on an airplane and I was listening to cold play. An viva love EDA came on. I think I've told you guys are stored before, The love either came on and I was imagining like my future. I think airplanes are a great place to do this. but I was looking at the window I had viva levied on such a nice, beat I was imagining my future just imagining a world where I felt better where had more energy, where I was healthy and whole and healed. I could take care of my kids, where I could do work. That really mattered. I would just imagine all of these things and I hadn't viva la Vida was playing and then I began to eat like made me feel so good that I start to use that song every single time. I would meditate every time I would visualize my future. I'd turn on that song. And as a really beautiful like
full circle moment for me a couple of years ago, I was at a concert. I was at like a group concert where lots of different people perform and coldplay was a headliner. It's called global citizen, it's like all of this huge place in central park and there's like thousands upon thousands that These people are just crazy and they're all just like in this giant park, but there is a certain area that you got to be a few word artists or celebrity or whatever. So we were friends and we got to hang in this area that was right by the state and I hide my two oldest sons with me there's a couple years ago, so they're like fifteen in thirteen, and we're standing in this group of frankly, musical artists who are watching coldplay. But who are all equally beer. He impressive and my Ways are there and were all just living our best lives.
jumping up and down and all the sudden viva la Vida comes on and I have this like out body days, you cry c mon man. and I will never forget this- like watching my two boys, this experience that I couldn't the childhood I grew up with, is so different than anything that view are experiencing, especially in this moment and their job, up and down and laughing and like singing every word to that song. I was the most magical moment but it was also like oh I gosh I did it. Now, when I was visualizing was ever visualizing, that particular thing, but I realized I was living the kind of life. I would have dreamed about living.
when I was imagining things that song the reason I too, oh, that story is because, visualization comes with emotion,. Visualization comes with emotion and emotion is all ways what keeps us going or makes us quit you're, a motion in the emotional attachments. You have to the. Why that's what's gonna, keep you going and the best way I know to ignite that kind of thing is to see it like a movie in your mind, so we need music great. If you need to go on pinterest and make a vision bored, I love that for you. If you want to scroll, ceramic see people who have achieved a similar thing to what you have achieved that can help you up and set of stress you out or make you Herr go do it, but you ve, gotta start with is what is going to happen to my life. When this thing is done, even you're making it up even if your life,
when I am done with this now. I all I'm going to become rich and famous an off man, is defiling gonna wanna make out with me. It literally doesn't matter if it's so outrageous. All that matters is that you, see it in your mind and that you have an emotional response to it. I am yeah. Do I what I mean, I'm in a very happy committed relationship. But if I would single out command would be my number one pick just so we're all clear. That's neither here nor there, the point I need you to tap into your. Why and not only that. But if you can get a great visual going, if you can create some kind of q like a song I love songs. You got like three minutes, that's all you need it It's three minutes of imagination. Single getting yourself sue fired up, and then you began your project, but before we begin a project, we have a couple, five more things that you need to do so: Singer unity is tat back into your. Why and visualize it this
hinting that you're gonna do is give yourself a deadline boom deadline. Now perhaps you read my books: Maybe if hung out with me on the show before and your alike reach you You always say that you dont give yourself a deadline. You all you say that you ve will work on dreams for decades and you're totally right, you're totally wrong I have dreams that I am in. I'm decades in on the process- and I am positive- they will come to fruition, but I'm not rushing them believe god in the universe have applied, and I believe I'm walking down a path and headed in the right direction. I dont give myself a deadline for dreams like that, but for this for finishing the effing project, you were gonna, give yourself a deadline. because if you did it need a deadline, it would already be done.
My word for twenty. Twenty three is adventure. I hope that I get to travel this year. and not just one place. I want to go to the beach and lay by a poor and have a fabulous cocktail. I want to go the mountains in the snow and go skiing, and if your me and you're, hoping to take a vacation this year than you, ve, gotta check booking dot com, I'm booking Out com, you can choose from thousands of unique stays across the. U s from, tells of all sizes to beach houses, wooden cabins and even tiny house. Whatever type of trip you wanna take whether its laying the beach like me or camping in nature, which I would never do. You can find the accommodation, that's perfect, for you at booking dot com go to booking dot com to find your per
place to stay on your next trip. Booking dot com, booking die yeah. So when I say that I dont give myself a deadline, it'll be against a dream right, Beer get something big like some day. I want to direct a film, that's ballsy, that's crazy! Who do I think I am exactly. I would love to direct a film. I am so freaking. Far away from that. Do you know how far I'm so far away? You're like? Oh, I didn't know, you went film school. I didn't but I'd nope, no idea, but I feel pretty confident I'd just be darling at it. I feel like I'm a storyteller, I'm a visual I've. Companies street I can handle the chaos of, is that I feel like that. have? I ever been on a movie set now, and so do you like that is crazy that might take.
Twenty more years. I have no idea, but it's a dream. I have that I don't rush, but the projects that I need a complete for using girl, stop apologizing. If you read that book or listen to it, that books all about goals- and if you read it you hear me talk about starting with the end in mind and backing up from their along the way. I do these things called mile markers which are projects along the way that have to be completed in order for you to some day experience them jack of the dream that you have so the mile markers for me the projects, those have to have a deadline, because otherwise, my dream just keep scooting further and further into the future. So I need you to figure a deadline. I need you to look at your life. Fright now and ask how much time you really can commit to this. How much time is going to take
Maybe when you really look at your like? Oh, I need ten hours right maybe that's one day were you just mainly, and a bunch of espresso you get it done, maybe alike, This is gonna. Take three months, Maybe when you look at it, you realize oh, my gosh. I've been making a mountain out of a molehill. This is totally achievable I can ever done by sunday, but I I need you to give yourself a deadline and give yourself a deadline. That's challenging this! isn't the moment where you're like yeah, but how do I fitted in to know this the moment where you're like yes, but am also working on these three other projects, dope this the time you want to finish it this specific project than it has to take precedence in your life. That doesn't mean you saw feeding your children or loving your partner, but maybe that means you sacrifice a little sleep. When you get up at five o clock in the morning, you can get a couple hours in before the kids get up. Maybe you gotta work
did they go to sleep? Maybe use your lunch break to work on the dream. I dont know what it is, but I do know that the longer you take to finish the project, the less likely it is that you will ever finish. So I need you to give yourself a deadline. And he went up the ante on the deadline, give yourself accountability. Someone in your life that you can tell the deadline to and be very specific. do not ask for accountability from someone who's never finished anything. Do not ask for accountability from someone who's. Not in this field has never done this thing and already is speaking negativity into your life be smart about this maybe the accountability. Is you tell your online community guys, I'm finishing this book by tuesday? come hell or high water. Maybe you tell someone at will some one that you admire, for me when I need to force a deadline on myself I'll tell my agents so in
the media business to the book business or the world podcast the world that I'm inside of their people, who represent you in the business and then the ones who like pitcher projects and get your country signed and do all in their life. who were high level, bury fancy very smart. They ve got a hundred other clients that they gotta worry about. Forever alike small, you know tiny fish in a big sea of big fish, so You better believe I am never telling one of my team, one of my agents that I'm gonna have something done unless it's gonna be done, because I respect them. frankly. I want them to respect me because I'm sure I have a daddy, complex and so I will it in fact, I will find Have hesitating to even tell my agents I'm working on something until it's done or until its close to them. because I know if they know that the real force me to move faster so give
Alpha deadline. Give yourself some accountability. The third thing- that you are going to do once you tap to your, why, once you give us the deadline is plan. You're gonna make a plan. You have to have plan bro. How are you going to finish this if he don't so what I would love for you to think of you ve giving yourself. deadline, which means that you know the amount of time until that deadline is up for me, my book, is due at the end of the month, so I know exactly how many days are left before the end of the month and no, that I want to spend a week with just a quick rough, very rough edit of the completed manuscript, but where I turned it, and so I know how many days I have left to right and I know how many days I want for editing so that helps me to back up Go ok! Well, how many words a day. Do I mean
right in order to hit the deadline, I'm trying to make every project got every single one. If you plan it out can be chung into smaller bite size pieces, and I think there are two is to approach planning. Maybe you ve got your own and if you ve got your own, that's fabulous duet work at love. It live that life. For me, I Neither do I literally wrote the words big ass chunky, meaning sometimes so fresh loaded with how long a project is taking. This typically happens with writing. That I will sit down and let's say I've hundred per cent done this, where I've had like twenty thousand words left and let's say I've been writing a thousand words a day I'll be like. I have twenty thousand words left. I'm gonna finish this in three days. I'm going to do you know. Sixty five
words a day, seven thousand words a day, I'm going to get it done, and those three days are brutal. I you know like. I get arthritis, ivy league carpal tunnel, my back her it's my head, mush. It's too terrible way to live. It's not something that I suggest, but it helps me get to that finished piece because I've I've said this once I've said it a thousand times a project is not made great on the first pass. Your project is made great through riff. met an editing, but you can't get to the refinement and the editing into you finish so, for instance, with a book let's, say your writing a fiction book, a fiction book. Your first book, you wanna, put it out there is required it's a ninety thousand words unless you're writing in a category for younger kids or whatever most the time
You want to write a novel. It's gonna need to be ninety thousand words, and what more People will do whether it's raining book or anything else is they'll. Do one chapter they'll, do one podcast episode they'll do one social media postal do one. Painting and then thou obsess over that one tiny thing, though, keep reworking reworked reworking it they'll never finished the project. They'll never put their one thing out into the world, though. Just keep reworked one thing and telling themselves that they're making traction but they're not making traction because you never getting past the first smile. If I want to finish something if I want the opportunity, the the luxury the privilege of getting to make. thing better: I must get to the finish line first, I must, and so must you so far, me there are times when it makes more sense to do big ass chunky, knock it all out really fast
and then really work in detail on the refinement? The second wave that you can do it miss a lot for your sanity in your emotions and life, and all of it is to take the deadline. and divide how many days you have left or maybe how many hours you have left to work against hitting that goal. So let's say you want to launch an instagram account for your project, where this is on my mind, cause we're about to launch an instrument for just the podcast hey I'll. Let you guys know when it's up, but we really want something that can just be about podcast episodes in this community and Frank We're gonna want to use my answer to just do like fun, life things and, like I don't know, q outfits or something and not have to have it, be so like official that neither here nor there, but they want to launch a social media. You wanna do it tik, tok or in scammer, youtube to help your brand. Well,
if you want to do that, there's lots of ways. go about it, you could write now start an instrument feed, but I wouldn't suggest it. I've been in the media business for over a decade though I can tell you for sure that the best thing you could do if you wanted to start something like that is to say Some time planning, spencer, I'm dreaming about. What's the point of this feed, what's the intent, behind at what do we want to look like or feel like how oftener we're gonna show up how when are we going opposed and once I know that lets say I'm like. Ok will we- and I know this because this is what we're working on the instrument for the podcast gonna, have a minimum of three to four posts. Every single week, ok well now that we know that we If we want to launch the amsterdam and already have it in a flow state, we want it to to be working in everything's, going the way that it should, and if that's the case, then how much content do we need to have in the can meaning completely done.
Ready to go out in the world. How much content do we need to have in the can before we launch this feed So I am making this up. Let's say we want to do three posts a week and, I think, just to be safe. We should have six, we Already ready to go cause with podcast, you record them in advance. So technically you could create the social content for it before it happens. So, six weeks, three posts a week. Let's all do the math together that eighteen pieces of content that we need to have fully done before we ever launch the If I know that I need eighteen pieces of content, then I can do the math and say well on average it I'm making this up again. Obviously it takes me an hour to come up with a fully baked show media post. When are you
canva, and I write the words and I do the thing it takes me an hour eighteen posts. Each one takes an hour. It's going to take me allegedly eighteen hours, roughly, let's make it fair. Let's give myself a little wiggle room, let's say twenty hours. It will take me twenty hours to get to the goal that I have now. What was my deadline, maybe more deadline was two weeks from now, so ok at twenty hours of the next two weeks. Were you going to find them? Are you gonna find them in big? Big ass chunks are going to find them in bite sized pieces or We need to address the deadline when you realize how much time it's going to take. But one trying to get at is that you need a plan. I was. watching an old keno of james, clear who row atomic habits, and he said you can increase your odds of success two to three acts. So you are. Let's just go higher and say you are three x, more likely three.
times more likely to succeed at what you are doing by having one thing just won a plan to doesn't have to be a good plan. it doesn't even have to be a plan that you know for sure is going to work, but if you wake up every day and you're like yep, I gotta give one hour to this project because that's my plan You are so much more likely to get where you're going all right the The thing that you ve got to do is, when you sit down to work on this project. Dear row, distractions can have zero distractions. You must shut the internet, often computer put on, do not disturb on your phone. You can get text messages. You can't get pop ups You can't get any of it right now when I'm writing my book, no, nothing, nothing! Nothing! No internet access, nothing
so often times and am writing or want to make a point, or maybe I'm using a word. I just want to double check. It means that I think it means in the past. I would go Google that word, but I'm really trying to hit a deadline, I'm really trying to get. My word count I will put where I think it is and then highlight it- just right there in the paragraph armor now highlight that sentence which will remind me and the added to go back and check, because if I get distracted, going to google. When I go to Google, then I see something else and then oh there's an email and than it takes wait too long with, if suit to effect, we finished. You want to be as much as possible inside of a flow state and a flow say exists for a lot of reasons. You can watch a video about it, but a flow savings if you stay doing nothing that you're doing so you want to limit every distraction that you can it there's a reason.
That. Most of my early books were written at five o clock in the morning. It's because everyone in my house was asleep because it was dark there were no distractions. I did have anybody needing me to me. I'm a sandwich. I didn't have anybody needed me too. You know get them out the door for school yeah. I didn't have you know partner, who was free straight away that I was trying to work on this project. Unlike passiveaggressive, we You know saying self about what I was doing, which absolutely affects your motivation. Andrew vibration, I didn't have You have that at five, a m there's a reason and if you want, take a deeper dive on this. There is an older book, but a very good book by wait for it, it's called deep work and it's by cat cow newsome. That sounds right. Something like that. The books called deep work.
it has a crap tunnel reviews on amazon. So if you went to grab it, I'm sure you you won't be confused deep work, essentially fires. You too, like go laser, focus on what you're doing and it's a great book, and you should totally read it, but not right now cause What a lot of we will do is they'll. Listen to upon cast like this are watching you to video or sit in front of a keynote speaker get super.
Inspired by what they're saying, but then they'll write down a book that they need to read and they'll go read the book on how to finish. Instead of just finishing it's just one more distraction, it's just one more piece of procrastination is procrastination, gift, wrapped in knowledge or purpose like we can come up with all these excuses for why we need to read this book right now. Instead of doing the work you need to do the work. Do the work finish. The project then read this book and get some more info for the next time. You have a project, but you have got to shot off distraction just for the time that you have committed to doing this thing? The fifth saying that I'm gonna tell you to do is kind of going back to the idea of a ability and I'm gonna give you to pass here. In the times that you are not working on your project,.
And you want to hang out or interact or consume content from other people. There are two options You either hang out with high achievers with finishers with people who have done. The thing that you are trying to do or you hang out alone period only while you were doing this project only while you're doing this project, because. vibration is a thing and if you we are working so hard to train for your first marathon and you ve got Three and a half more weeks until the big race, The person you keep hanging out with is your partner or your mama or your sister or your best free. And who's- not a runner, who's, never challenged themself in any kind of physical endurance.
Silently sabotage you or passiveaggressive, we makes you feel bad for doing this thing you need to in the vibrational state of. Why remember. If you go hang out with someone one who so disconnected from the thing you're doing it's only a you down or throw you off completely, I'm not saying, mt of your life, I'm not say that you need to like excommunicate that person, I'm just sing for right now, while you finish, and maybe your like more rage that, this. Then is my wife. That person is my husband. That person is my girlfriend. and you can't not interact with them. Ok, we know that in advance. Think back to what I was saying me getting up at five am write me working on the project where I didn't have to hear that voice.
telling me those things I was able to carve out time for myself now, just yes, obviously that was not a healthy relationship to be in, but we're not going to take that on today. We're not going to talk about that. That's something for you to talk about with your therapist at a future date. If you've got some issues with that, your partner, whatever they were just talking about how to finish and how to finish, might like you, carving out time by yourself, so that you can be in the right head space to do it. You need to do if at all possible, you want to surround yourself with people who have done thing you are trying to do. You want to join a writers group. You want to join a song writers group. You want to get into a band of people who are already publishing their work. You want to hang out with other artists. You want with ever content creators, other leaders in their field, even if it's just through consumption,
social media, and only if you can do that without comparing yourself but arm your heart with examples of people who have done the thing you're trying to do. Right like if I was back trying to run my first marathon, I be only consuming content for marathon runners, because it would be hyping me up for what it is in fact, marathon running, is a fantastic example of Ocean all energy at play you train for marathon, which is twenty six point two miles, you gotta run twenty six point two miles. If I remember correctly When your training, you never actually run more Then I want to say twenty two your training for a marathon, you never run more than twenty two miles in your training. You run your two miles like a week before you do a couple likes
were runs short or much shorter, runs in the weeks leading up to keep your muscles engage, but you never actually have run twenty six point two miles until you do it at the marathon three in being. Is there So you don't believe it till you're in a, but is a hundred per cent. True that the energy, of the race, the vibration the race will Carry you the four point. Two miles: additionally that you need to get to that day, but you don't run the full marathon before you they're so they're like oh just get twenty two miles, and then the energy of it will carry you over the finish line to the sea. Thing when it comes to our friends or a family or the content were consuming. You need good energy to get you there. You do not need them to motivate. You you'd not need a cheerleader. You do not need someone telling you all. I know you can do this baby. You ve got it that's another Excuse you,
leaving that you ve gotta have a cheering section in order to do this thing is another excuse that you are telling yourself or why you can't finish if you knew either cheerleading section. You probably unless you just freaking blessed with the greatest partner, the greatest front the greatest family- and maybe you are if you need that, though in to get where you're trying to go your eye are. slim slim, because this thing that you see your family can't see, the vision that you have that there you Oh mom! I yeah, I think I'm gonna like build my own house, and they, like your mom's, like what It's crazy, no one's ever done, yeah because god give them your vision. Mama can't see what you can see
your husband can't see what you can see and it is not your job to try and convince them that your dreams are valid in it. your job to lean into your universe, given source, give in god given potential and the, that you have in your heart. That's your job, china, Convince somebody that your dream has value is a waste of your mother effing time it's a waste of time. I have said this before many times. Could people would look at You, the family, support or the support of a partner. Whenever Rachel, how do I convince them that my dream is worth
How do I convince and like? Oh you do you do it? You finish your project, you prove it nobody! Nobody got that. I wanted to be an author. until the first book was out. Nobody got that and write a second book or third. Nobody in my life understood that Now, when I had the sixth book and this sorry jeffries in here, I dunno, if you guys, can see him he's wearing a cone. He's officially worked up to a cone yeah when the sixth book sold middle, of copies and suddenly the in laws and the partner and all the people who had their silently judge me or openly judge me, or you know, tugged crap about her all these things. Suddenly the bookseller selling millions copies in everyone's, like oh, my we knew it. We all these new it. We always knew that she was gonna mike
she was there when did you know em and look I'm not even whatever everyone got their own stuff everyone's on their own journey. Jeffreys amazon journey with shaking while wearing a cone everyone's got that an eye judge them? In fact, I'm grateful. Have you ever heard, I mean, if you haven't, read it. The obstacle is the way by ryan holiday. If they had supported me, I don't know if I would have worked his heart They had believed in me. I'm not sure what I've gotten up at five am part of what have to me going, and maybe this is unhealthy and you know actually something to talk about a therapist with again, but part of kept me going was wanting to prove them wrong. that was huge. For me, that was a fire my belly, not every part of me, but some
no part of me new man, if I could just keep pushing all eventually get there. The last thing that I'm gonna tell you the six thing I wrote this all in caps: go fucking. Do it go, do it better, don't don't listen, why more podcast don't watch one more video, don't one more book down for any. knowledge, knowledge is not the key wet with em. You know knowledge is power. Knowledge is not power, knowledge is not power applied. Knowledge is you don't need any more knowledge. You need a low great. You need some tenacity in be like scrappy. Do right now and just get it done. That's the key you don't need any more advice. We don't need to keep having conversation. You know in your heart, fire new belly go go. Do the thing that's my idea:
cities episode and now I'm gonna go do the thing I'm literally going to say- I am I here- coffee shop unamended right words like a promise that I would. Go get it done, and I hope that this conversation, who was really high for you, and I will ask if you ve got something out of it. Will you share it? We send it to a friend who needs it. Will you posted you're social. We just put it out in the world, share the message. I think that that's sort of the most unifying thing about this, community people from all over the world who are in this conversation with me and the thing that here most from your, is your leaders, your mama's your daddy's you're bosses, your managers, you are you know the super involved. your local non profit, your teachers at school, but the thing that connects us all is
or desire to acquire information. That's going to help our lives become better and then to give it to others to pass it out to spread the word so yeah. Something is helpful. I hope that you will share it out in the world. I will be back soon with more information with more conversation, but till then, I want you to remember always always always the case. Someone said it to you today. I love you and emerging for you, the reach. A Hollis podcast is produced by me, Rachel Hollis, its edited by andrew weller and jack, noble.
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