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40: The Science of Hunger and Body Love with Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque


On today’s episode of Dais I’m talking with Holistic Nutritionist, Celebrity Health Coach and author of the best selling book “Body Love”, Kelly LeVeque. Guided by a practical and always optimistic approach, Kelly helps clients (including me!) improve their health, achieve their goals and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life. Kelly’s sharing her scientific approach to food and shines a light on why you shouldn't be hungry to be healthy. Show Notes: Book: Body Love By Kelly LeveQue (https://amzn.to/2EIMd9z) More info about Kelly: Holistic Nutritionist, Celebrity Health Coach and Best Selling Author of the book Body Love All social is @bewellbykelly hello@bewellbykelly.com FAB FOUR SMOOTHIE RECIPE: http://bewellbykelly.com/bewellsmoothie/

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Hey guys. It's reach our houses, and I'm here is my friend. Trent Shelton was originally you don't. I live in the dream. Man, you tell listeners why we're hanging out together right now we're going out because we're launching my New Parker straight up and I'm super except that the seller add, if you guys, are not already familiar Trent, he has millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for a very unique style of coaching yeah, really. Rights are the point is really and put a stray from the heart and break into those negative mindsets breakin through of which only you backing are we haven't people's lives for love that so you guys want here more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Short: let's go, let's go.
One of the cruellest things that I get to see as part of my job is the manifestation of the product or products that I dreamed up and created and figured out how to do like. So many of you as a business owner, you get these ideas in your head and it is incredible to get to watch them come to fruition and I started dreaming about one of our most popular products. The start today journal. I assert dreaming about this. A couple of years ago I had been doing this daily practice based on several different people. I had heard about several different things and kind of put them together into one daily practice, which was every single day. I wrote down the dreams I had for my life, but I wrote them as if they had already happened there. Some
really powerful about claiming a goal as if it's already done, and I wrote down every day and it was how I set my intentions and then I would post about it on social, and so many people are like what are you doing? What is that? Where do I get that journal and I was like guys: it's not a journal, it's just a notebook, I'm just riding down the same thing every single day, but what I think is interesting, as business owners or creators is often times. In fact, most of the time, your audience will tell you what it wants from you and I kept pushing it off because I was like you guys. This is not a big deal, but it was, and people kept asking for, and I finally just thought what if I turn this into a product and I started to dream and plan- and I literally take pictures to the wall of my office, of what I dreamed that my journal would look like in the intention behind it, and I wanted the covers to be really pretty. And I wanted it to be something
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to buy remember that episode. Seventy two of this podcast gives you the exact step by step so that you can do it in whatever note book you have laying around for free, you dont have to buy a product, but you should be doing is daily practice. It will literally we literally change your life. You guys after months of waiting and a year of writing. My new book girl, wash your face, is finally out in the world Thank you so much every single one of you who has Boston book on a book or a Equal copy or on audio, your support means the world to me If you are listening to my podcasting, you haven't yet bought the book your dead to me now, I'm totally get him, but I am serious about how important this book is. I Keaton
think about it, because I sincerely believe there are tools in it that can help change your life. So if you the sixteen dollars. I want you to go, buy it right now, because you love your power h and if you don't have the library or borrowing from a friend if you care enough to listen here. You're gonna love the wisdom inside of this book girl wash your face. I promise you will not be sorry. You did never live your life toward the destination like it's gotta, be about the journey. Welcome to the day s pot cast. My name is Rachel Hollis and I've built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma, and a Google search bar each week will share direct tangible advice or inspiring interviews with the same intention B there are the tools to change your life Kelly
yeah, I'm so excited to have you on the show today, mostly because I just am slightly obsessed with you and follow your every move in life, but also because I talk about you and I talk about your book so much on to ram and an interim stories that it felt like super obvious that I needed to have you on, so everybody can learn from your wisdom. So thank you so much so excited to be her, and thank you for the free advertising quarters, of course. So if, if People are not already familiar with you and what you do, what you give them a back story and tell them what you're up to today, Sir I started my consulting business- be well Kelly and two thousand and twelve as aside hustle and then finally, in September of twenty fifteen, I took it full time, so I left a corporate careering cancer and genetics. So always in the health and to biology space
to really just work with clients one on one. So I see somewhere between I'm trying to say My schedule down, but somewhere between six and eight clients a day and that could be anyone from some of the auto immune disease to actors and actresses. Ready for movie rose too bright, getting when it ready for her big day or someone puss baby, really the types of clients that I see you are pretty and lives. I would say the majority of the people that follow me in majority by work with our women, but I do have a small, like ten percent of my practice is dedicated to men and athletes, and you know- guys in business and all that as well, so not to leave them out a man in January twenty. Sixteen I got a book deal with Harbour Collins, right body, love and not came out in June of twenty seventeen, so only you know not even been out for a year and I'm really proud of Adam Roy really excited the majors. She just got a second book deals,
My second buckled amount Jane array of twenty nineteen failure. So I'm writing a book. I'm seeing clients, I'm trying cut with you and have a bunch of baby. Yes, yes, absolutely yeah. Otherwise, women and what shall I do in my thing, all the things. So I we'll tell listeners who am just because I want them to know. This is a large sum them interviewing guess who, I think, have real excellent wisdom to share about business or tips that they can offer. You someone that I look too for what to eat like I'm just gonna tell the story, so I listen to a million podcast. That's why I wanted to have my own. I was listening to Louis how's, an I gotta, be honest when I saw the description, like I dont, really. I don't know why I would need to hear a nutritionists talk to me about food. I feel like I've got this down. I've spent the last I don't know decade going from
a size. You know twelve fourteen to assign four and I felt really good about what I knew how to eat. But at the time I am, I was really struggling with energy level like I would just crash. I was consuming so much coffee to try and keep myself away, And then I would have to take melatonin or something like that to get myself to sleep of super unhealthy and I list to you, and I encourage everybody to go. Listen to that interview on Louis House and I'm sure you have a million more, but it's so and site for and helpful, and there are so many things that you said that to me even though I had never heard them before, just felt very obvious. That, like I not leg, I had never had someone simplify it for me, like I love the fab for, will you explain instead of your philosophy on food and consumer. I don't even know if that some even simplify unto her a little tiny bucket, but we
splain kind of what I heard that day, like your approach to food and the idea of not snack emu idea of eating to stay satiate like all that good stuff, so I'm way too excited that is now clearly. There is a lot to be shared, so I just wanna prefaces without my client do not count calories. They do not count. Macros this is not about what you cannot eat or shouldn't ain't. This is about what you should be eating. I think it's positively reinforcing and philosophy is the things that you should eat to a longer your blood sugar curve and explain what that means. Simply making your meals last long free view fuel for you don't be fuel for you for forty six hours and really make it so they are not hungry matters. That's really important to me when I was finding is, in my clients, are going to snap In other gonna go into the dry, buys through their kitchen pantry, if we're hungry and and
Also, there are going to feel more hungry if their crashing a lot with blood sugar. Absolutely yeah. We'll say from my own experience that was like it felt like you, it was like magic because the idea you know we are as women. It's so confusing. You hear so many different things have this amount of calories or this matter protein or them the microbes macro- and I don't even know what that means, but I love the idea of a diet that is super interchangeable like you can you can in and out a lot of different stuff. It's a healthy way to eat is something that you can do or ever like? I will be on this way of eating for the rest of my life, whose mom at you can do on the road like. I can't I feel like it sounds like this is an ad it's not but it home we changed my body and my life and like just how approach today, I care of obsessed with you and everything you do. Wearily, but yes,
I heard you on the pod cast and then I bought the book, which I have told so many people have put in emails. It's on stories If you all are listening to this in any part of it is interesting to you. We will put it in the shone out, go to on right now and prime body love Michaela back to your house. If you ask me Rita and apply it it'll change everything, and I dont say that lightly so ass to tell us about the blow. Sugar and the fab for like talk through all of that good stuff, shirt, to understand what I want you to eat, I want to explain blood sugar, so blood sugar is a product of the breakdown of carbohydrates. So the way that I too payment to clients is if you open your emerges and you look at all the emerges. What is it, it's pasta, its Pisa, its ice cream, its bread, its bananas it
You know I don't have there's no male now, but. Basically, what it does is it all carbohydrates, whether it keen law or cake, are gonna down to something called blood sugar and the only thing in those parts. That doesn't turned a blood sugar is fibre. If you were to look at the side of let's say and oatmeal box- and it said forty, m of carbohydrate, total carbohydrates and twenty grams of fibre. You want to know what is, breaking down to blood sugar and what break some. The blood sugar is that forty two programmes, grams of carbohydrates, minus twenty the fibre, so twenty grams of that meal is going to end up in your bloodstream. So you can picture You know twenty little pieces of toast or twenty little balls of oatmeal as you digestive and they enter your bloodstream. It's almost Every little oatmeal bore like that. Little blue, emerging ball is kind of it in a way.
It's working its way up the roller coaster. You're, no, really kind of making your way up, and that's your blood sugar going up as more and more of that oatmeal blood sugar is ending up in your bloodstream and the thing is: is you can not your body never once more than a tablespoonful blood sugar in your blood at any given time? So your There really is a hormone called insulin: influence gonna come dear bloodstream pick that little ball of oatmeal and put it away, and there are three tanks where it can go first tankers your liver stores and that that carbohydrates, towards this fuel, the second tanker your muscles. So if you're ever an athlete growing up in some untold you'd, have carbo load. That's what was happening. You were putting a carbohydrate, your bloodstream, and your bodies hormone insulin was picking it up and putting a little bit your liver shoving there lot of carbohydrates. Our blood sugar is going really really high, and what happens is that
does the third tank or the third bucket as it is for fat and so carbohydrates are not bad if their captors fuel, carbohydrates are not bad if their kept as fuel bye. But I don't really know how to do that. We end up being on a court uncle diet and going low Carb ACT, their paleo or whole thirty and a man who either not losing weight as it understand this concept or they feel really restricted and then they end up bending on something. So I always want to give my client the opportunity to have a carbohydrate, but not all day, not at every meal, and so I really want to think about the things that breakdown the blood sugar slowly, for example, although stables, our carbohydrate, but they have so much fibre. So you can use a cup of Brockway, for example, grappled broccoli as six grams of carbohydrate. Almost four grams of fibre. Those six minus four is too only two grounds, or you know too
oh broccoli emerges, are ending up in your bloodstream. That's easy to keep that in your liver or just stored in your muscles and never have that overflowed a fat and so that in that balance and understanding or you know fiber an leafy greens are often fibrous vegetables like broccoli, cucumber and asparagus in all easy for green, that's a phenomenal thing to eat, and it really because the fibre- is a slow release of blood sugar. It does jack your blood sugar up like a roller coaster and heavy crashing down, because the higher you spike the harder you cry: and when you are going up a blood sugar rollercoaster when you eating, like you, know things get popular oatmeal I caught her toes, keen, while balls with sweet potatoes on top and you know, totalitarian talking and I look down Lego Yanks a whole lot of carbohydrate than that bowl and no one's really looking at their meal as a whole and saying they're, just going
what free and every year in year out? I'm just like you know to be honest with you. A lot of the big in restaurants, in LOS Angeles, like the real through dailies and copy gratitude, are fun, but I feel horrible. After eight years and I feel bloated and I feel lethargic yeah, and money we were just a cafe gratitude for a meeting and I'm like it's delicious, but this is not healthy choices for us and seminar myself. As I know it's began at like sister began, doesn't mean anything. It means that there are no animal animal products in it, but still we just ate like sweet, potato fries or something terrible. So you know it's just understanding the components of your meals and what they break down too, and I think standing the higher that you spike, because your blood sugar, it's gonna start go up after you digest Emil. It's gonna go out for about ninety minutes to two hours and about that ninety minute or two hour, Margare gonna, start the crash and one
crash is: is the blood sugar put away and your liver in your muscles and that hormone insulin rat honestly looking for more sugar and when you're going down when you're buncher girls going out into the veal good. You re you feel like you need sweet, though I think people do after their lunch is you know they have lunch at twelve, thirty or one, and by three o clock or four o clock their Jones inferred, donor, brownie or their like. I need an white knuckle it and I'm gonna go get a coffee or alighting you now and it's you know you're trying to force yourself between meals and set of learning war, what could Is that what it made me feel lethargic that wouldn't take me up. This rollercoaster crush me down and instead of Montezumas revenge, six flags. Can we find, like the kitty train in can well where we can just sort of like slowly, roll up and down from meal the meal and not really takes what? I call the fat work.
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Hey I'll, do me a favor wire listening to today's episode, take a screen, shot and put it on Instagram or your instance stories and tag me. I love hearing what you think and seeing what you're up to and it helps the tribe remember to go us into this example. So thanks so much so before we get into bad. For I want to who unpack something that you said earlier. That I feel like is such a relevant important thing that, like ninety five percent of this country, doesn't understand. Earlier. You sad keen a ball oatmeal rice cake Your body is going to process those carbs. The same is that correct, yes, Only you know. I've ever heard of the guy seem a blow the glassy make index. People tell that, as being like a great thing to look at and yes when something you know is, is wrapped in or like a like keen moi,
sweet, potato verses having and glasses, instead the really he said that sugar, it breakdown, digestion. Does he think about it? Like you're, you're Hydra, our gas it. In the end, I was in your stomach arena breakdown whenever you're eating and if you drink, if you go, if you are high, bagasse make or you have low budget or- and someone takes you to the hospital, they don't want you up to an ivy to hand. You guys worn shoes for apples. And they say drink it, because your bike, breaks down that sugar so quickly cause there's no fibre and ends up in your bloodstream and minutes whereas like if it is key. What end up their slower, but it just because, its key moi: verses orange juice. If it has the same amount of total carbohydrates, that's bikers going justice. I I nearby He does not know the difference
and I just I want everyone listening to really here that piece of advice, because I think, especially since I am reading your book six months ago, and it just the work that I've done over the last decades to get healthy. That is something I did not understand. I grew up in a house where did the honest to God. Truth was. If you made dinner at home, that was a healthy meal, My family's, like our belief, was like unhealthy, was outside of your house. Healthy was, if you made it at home now my mom was making fried potatoes frightened Chris, Oh and corn, bread and burgers, and but in our heads that was healthy because it was homemade. So we ll all of these myths that we hold on to from childhood about what food is, and I I I specifically go back to this idea of you know cake. Her keen breaking down the same in your body, because I know their women right now who are listening to those who feel so
frustrated thinking, met there on a diet, thinking that they're doing stuff to lose weight and nothing's working or they do something that sort of crashes and gets them down. They lose those ten pounds, but then there so desperate food that they eat everything in the house and then some and gain it all back now tom a bow and talk about tab work, as I think that's just such a at so easy, and it's like how ill of my life. So I can't recommended enough. Thank you. So it's important. Their stand, one of the other things that you can eat. So the found for is protein fat fibre and greens. So, starting with protein Obviously, there are animal sources of protein and that would be stem in chicken sped ground bison, you know Turkey. Ass shrimp, you name it like all the animal proteins eggs in my world, also protein powders, like college in or a organic p protein, if some,
wants to your news away protein that's made from cow's milk and you don't have a dairy allergy, also Option and we think about being a vegetarian. I I tend to lean more for like nuts and seeds, using like a pesto on veggie is or over me means but beans in serving sizes, and that's because I dont think people realize they always say when you're being a vegetarian, all my client, like oh yeah, but I have tolls, or I have chickpeas or of Hamas, and I mark my words broke my heart tat day when I met with nearer and nearer like hum, is a car, but I would like to know many people it's like mine blown, but but it is too to get a grandmother protein? You must have just forty grey of carbohydrates, though it's more, I always say, simple fire life. What is it mostly like? Is it mostly like that in the book that asylum, healthier,
the beans are mostly carbohydrate. Does it mean you can never have them or their unhealthy? No. I don't think they're unhealthy, but you need to be aware of the serving size and not think of. As like opening at all the protein? My body needs from this, and instead think about how much longer my blood sugar curve, because if I do want to put black beans on a south West salad gonna, be the girl that puts a cop on there as a continent for flavour and the little fibre and to make it a little more like a mexican salad than like just a regular chicken salad. I want to make sure I want to make sure everyone gets that you just before we leave this topic so it. The idea is that if you're looking at the label on the on the back of food right now. What ever and you tell me if I'm wrong, but whatever has the highest number count if its carbs, if its protein, if its fat, whatever that's what you should think This product ass is exactly right. We're ok, you're exactly right, and you know what a good example to think about, and I only
I always go protein fat and total carbohydrate, which you learned a few minutes ago, is carbon its minus fibre, so the majority of protein bars out there from our exports. Here too, I mean a crowbar to perfect bar, I mean They are all carbohydrate bar as they should be renamed their non protein bars I'm an I wanted to get euthanasia in fact on imperfect, perfect bar, but I know this is like horrible of me, but I just want people to understand this, because I know so many people are sitting there working so oh har, yes, and then either way probably paid to post about It's just, maybe not the healthiest option, so a perfect bar, I think calories don't he stopped and so a perfect bar, I think calories, don't count in these are totally off, but a pervert bar is three hundred and ten calories. It seventeen grams of bat, seventeen grams of protein and
many! Six grams of carbohydrates, minus four grams of fibre, so twenty six minus four is twenty, two or so Are you guys not even a meal? It's a bar would push think about. I mean if a cup of broccoli is two grams of carbohydrate just think up a quarter. Near food that you can ingesting comparison to best and by the way quantity matters, quantity of the food that you're eating in the physical stretching over stomach cancer, hunger, woman called grilling that is screaming at you all day. Every day like hey, we should eat like a gorilla, we're hungry. We need to keep eating. We want to keep snacking, but if you start to learn to stretch your stomach and not stretch it so that you're physically I mean actually there are structural. Actors in your stomach that when it feels food in it, it will make you feel for naturally important, so there you have it protein. You just want to make sure what is it mostly and you look like eggs and you a kid chicken and you look at stake and it's just
firstly, a protein when you, if you have these came with nutrition back, so protein is one second, his fat fat is so important for slowing down the digestion of your food and making not fool. Last in your body for forty six hours. So that's what I'm tired, great me all alike, just a piece of toast gonna take your budget are up and cry Carbohydrate meal like just a piece of toast your budget, or up and crush you down you're at the bottom of that curve, at three hours and your starving, and by the way you started getting hungry like ninety minute after you ate so instead of feed I like you, need to have five to six MA meals a day and eat every three hours, witches antiquated on your thyroid horrible, for, like abolish syndrome, pre, diabetes and other, like precursors to those type of diseases. We want to say how do we make our food work for us? How do we at last longer- and whenever you add fat too, I protein
in fibre and vegetable rich meal you're, slowing down the digestion and your also making yourself really satisfied in the meantime, so by users? Let's say we had steamed broccoli and puts chicken, which is super boring, and that would anyone Phyllite gonna die. What, if you chop that stuff up I take it in a little bit of like pesto, really good olive oil cash you cream sauce. All the sudden you're like this is comfort food. It super decadent an eye feel good. Well, that's the fat! So whenever you have anything with fat, you release on called call assist a kind ain't it just make. You feel really fall and they satisfied. So I always say a makes you feel for. I knew after habit, and so people are in they live in this world of light back to like snack, well cookies and die coax and only in chips and fat turns to fat, but thing, as is the fact that floating around in your bloodstream is not the fat from your food, like the trackless right
someone has elevated trackless rights are cholesterol. That's coming from sugar and carbohydrates, that's being really you know, converted to a glass stride in your liver, so it's not coming from the fat and then in fact, the opposite. When you eat fat and you'll see doctors top about this. All the time doktor Hymen, Doktor Whitman are finding that fat makes full helps you get skinny, and keep you know your weight stable Yo Yo dietary with your weight all over the place, so fat is the girl and the FAT forest, we have your protein ever fat, and then you have I burn greens so fibre. When I talk about fibre, I'm talking about the broccoli may not is for example, broccoli, asparagus, cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage we're dead. All of those values that are. In color that are going, give you a bunch of antioxidants are stretchers time they can make. You fell full
things. You don't mean to everything about serving sizes for just you know, knocking there might be a time for coming from a Yo Yo diary, filling man, I over eight a whole bag broccoli, but that those down when you start to live the lifestyle around food instead of instead of merely going back and forth between from diet, so just now that, like when you get in This programme, you might feel- or you start to live like this type of lifestyle or instead of thinking about what you shouldn't, be eating, you're just going to our protein or my boy yet about a man. That's why I love it. That's why I am so into this because, like I said no, or where I am I feel like I can put together something that I feel really good about. Look. I know my go to proteins because I am pesky so fishes my option there and now I know the truth. That being so, I can't lean on them, but it's easy when I'm killing or wherever it ago. Ok do have I'm gonna protein,
my greens I carry around. I have little packets of. If I want to hamper if I want to add just different things, but it's not confusing, which I think when I have fallen off things before, because I don't understand what I'm doing wrong is talk to. I want to make sure this is like probably the number one question, I get on Instagram when it comes to what I? U every day is: what's in there, smoothie I felt Kindlier were setting our game. Show but they're in body love, which I swear to you, I'm I'm not getting back to save us embody love Kelly. Has so many smithy recipes. Do you know the number off the top of your head I have over fifty yeah, so many Swedes recipes they're all fab for so their talk about like starting your day with the smooth ie and then what a typical like when I
met with you. You are like yours. What a typical day should look like for. You should have this movie after you work out. Looking do that thing about it, the easy part as the fab forests, protein fat, fibre and greens, and when I say greens, it's like leafy greens, in any case a rubella. You know if you look at your plate and say you got chicken and promptly with like some had precisely fiber in the green, is also in the broccoli like we don't have to it's just about. Awareness of pudding Reggie is and greens on your play. So when it comes, this we pick up. Team powder so whether that protein for Vegetarians college and protein, if your inner, that's really depends you pick up a clean protein powder, minimal ingredients, I'm protein banana fat, so great fats for meetings or any kind of butter cash. You be con almond. If you have not allergy. You can do sunflower seed butter. You can use coconut
Well, I'm see tee oil, avocado oil or one of my favorites is some real. A card out. What makes this really really thick like ice cream. So what a nice where these are alot thicker than most of us when he's out there, because or adding fibre or adding for whole fats, economic Otto were adding an add on and I'll, get to all that, but the fiber in this movie say guy you're pretty about our either you pick a fat and then have to have some fibre so between them. The fibre, I add one: did you tablespoons of each so the base city of almost Minis is serving a protein powder, a tablespoon of fat, a tablespoonful fibre and the fibre choices you have our cheer flax, Acacia fibre I am husk you, really looking for, like that Nuttin seed based fibre, that's known for lowering bad cholesterol, really racing thus a tiny hormones, or this form of that make? You feel, satisfied and fall? and then Greens so a hand
I've spent a handful of kale. If that seem scary to you, you can do it is all so that was base for. Things need to be in your smoothly and not because I want the majority view, may need to be the things that don't break down the blood sugar, the things that You fall. If you want to add something that will break down to blood sugar like a piece of fruit, we have to keep that in a portion or we have to keep that small, because I want that to not take your roller coaster up to high and have you crashing down, I want you to feel more for then. Like your writing up and I also want to make sure that that carbohydrate is always staying in fuel and never storing his fat. So if you remember, carbohydrates turned blood sugar bloodshed. Ends up in your liver, then your muscles, which are both to storage tanks for fuel- and then, if they overflow, then it would stores that. So I have a number of recipes without fruit, but
I have a number of starter recipes that have for like blueberry, muffin and watermelon base, all and peaches and greens, where you're getting that fruit flavour of your used, the sweet. I also say that the protein powder that you choose is gonna, make a big difference as chalky horrible taste protein powders out there, but if you're getting something that is pure and easy to incorporate and has a nice mellow flavor that might take a little trial and error had the whole foods pics of individual protein powder packs out and try them find your favorite before you commit to a really big jar. Our jug yeah and I can put- I can put my favorites in the show nuts as well. If you guys are curious about what I actually put in, I have the it's like. I don't know you call me it's like your basic green smoothie bogey that yeah the algae in it, and I have that every city the day of my life, and I dont want
add anything else. I don't want any through and I have to say I don't like it like. I don't look forward to my sue the every morning, I've had so many now that I'm like it's just part of my habit, but here's what I love it is. We are recording this. It is thirty four thousand three hundred and forty and I had my smoothie at ten, a dot m and I'm still not hungry, screens crazy. It's crazy- and I remember, like you saying now, I'd cars or reading about a book? And I was like ok whatever, but it really we die. It keeps you for I've never in my life encountered anything that keeps me fall like this movie, which is why just keep everyday Marianne with mom and butter mom and must manage yeah. So, yes, I am a big fan of that. I think that's worth the purchase of the book. Thing, not that you like punch people in the face of this act, but I remember that I heard you say
do you so tell me then talk about the no snap, no snacking thing, not that you like punch people in the face of they sack. But I remember that I heard you say that, like oh, you dont need snacks you're, not a toddler. I'd like I imagine. I beg you dollar, that that is the call from the buggy I knew I had. It was like put a jerk like I love a snack alone, mom and butter. I love my almonds and then I realized I know it. I have the swiftly in the morning. I basically have a solid for lunch and a cell. For dinner, and I mix it up. I had the shrimp, let us wraps that are in the book last night, but I basically just do some. Version of a lotta greens and fish protein every single day. And it's why I look good in my genes.
But I dont really snappy only time that I sack as when I am travelling and I can't get. I dont have access to something like an actual meal very easily, but so so so explain to us why those keeping making sure you have that bore and his part of your day that you I'll need snacks, yeah, I'm in a fat along nation of blood sugar, so proteins are gonna turn the protein. It you eat and free rages. You know fish type of routine the protein powder and yours many turning off almost four hundred hormones in your body, so you have over eight hunger hormones in your body, and I have chart in my book that talks about water, each of these hunger hormones and how what's the initiation or you know, what's actually coming them down and a good example is the growing so that the physical stretching every stomach that an and that's why I'm all about having protein. These are not Bangor hormones in your brain fat. When fat reaches there's more,
Testing releases that causes decline in which, as a society hormones also known as K, it literally makes you feel so relaxed and com, really important and the five and the greens and all of those together when you're mixing those knocker nutrients and that a gesture in you know slows down. It's not that it's bad for you than it would slow down that have had people asked like? Will I dont want slogan? and that time are I don't want to go to the bathroom and on the opposite is true: you're, just you're, just releasing any form of like glucose that might be in those values like the two grams that come from Brockway or whatever into your bloodstream. Just happening on a slow level are a slow rate and, what's really happening. There is stretching your stomach feeling com. This fuel is gonna last in your body for forty six hours and all greens and vegetables are going to a fiber in them, are gonna feeder all of your programme, bacteria, which is known as your money that Micro Biome in your gut and every day, and you continue to eat this way, you're
actually going to increase your buys ability to deal with carbohydrates and sugar. So if you did have a meal where you went I found a weekend in her like a burger and rise, or you had a pizza some like that, our you did snack it something where of little bugs in your guy. They actually helped a ferment that food so that your blood sugar doesn't go is high. Feel more balance, so it doesn't up on your waste and keeping I got micro biome. All the little provided bugs in your got really thriving is what's going to keep you well for best of time, like really keep you well give your immunity high, make sure that your genes and your epigenetic are strong and healthy, and I mean it's a longevity. Diet is along longevity, diet, it's getting
essentially what you need. Your essential amino acids, your central fatty acids, all the Fido chemicals invite nutrients and antioxidants from the budget and the greens and is really got healthy. So it's it's really. The combination of those foods that last a long time in your body and I use them sometimes if anyone ever sat down, maybe gone to Hawaii or something and had just like played a watermelon or or pineapple. I you're going to have about movement like within an hour and people feel good when they do that, but that's really just because its being digested so quickly and push. Things through you, but really what you want is cause. You're gonna be hungry. You now. Ninety man after that and you're going storing fat and and I'd. Much rather have people feel calm and balanced and not need to snack and that's the whole point. It's the turning of the hunger hormones and the along gaining of the blood sugar curve, because this way of eating like slows down how fast you digest your food and makes it.
Look for you a little bit longer. Should you need an afternoon snack between lunch and dinner, because you have lunch at one thousand, one hundred and thirty, and you still dinner until eight, that's fine I would just say pick a small protein fattened fibre based snack like a handful of nuts, which has protein and fat and fibre or salary and on in butter or a hard boiled egg. Maybe with a little avocado or some cucumber, but I I'll tell you the more than people. Snack, most snacks are carbohydrates. Most acts are processed, it's out of a bag. It's out of a box and, what's happen. Your buddy you're gonna come home from work and your cabinet on and then you're gonna be even more hungry and end up being more and it is really just messing with your hunger, biology, cause, you're, really not hungry or hormonally hungry, from the crash that you're feeling in the withdrawal from sugar. What would you say to someone who's listening to this and now, like? Ok, I'm
and but I've got a long way to go. There's a lot that sending in between me and getting healthy. What's, though, what's like the first step easy her first, I've always is to adjust to commit here, smell of the day, and I would say this movie like I have clients that read the book or have people that are waiting to see me and my always always. My response on like the way list is. Sorry this movie right away here, a couple protein powders that I, like. I love primal kitchens, college and fuel. If your opened a college in, but you want something, tastes, clean and his light and easy, and so just starting their it's two minutes of life. You can keep almond butter in the cabinet. You keep cheer seeds or flax than the cabinet you'll keep frozen. Spanish, you're freezer very sudden, ever need to go bad use by and by the way the organic frozen Spanish is gonna, be cheaper than any anything else
don't have to add. I steersman easier to birds, one stone and then your protein powder, so three of them things are totally palm tree air. You know safe or afraid through them, they're not you're, not gonna, waste food, and then the only things I would say we run out of my house through them, they're, not you're, not going to waste food, and then the only thing that I would say that we run out of in my house would be on making sure that you have either and unsweetened almond milk around. But you know I do have those days where we don't I'm on the go and I'm like water you Know- and it happens and is not the end of the world is resumed basis as creamy or as good, and if you have not allergies and Sweden Cocoanut milk as a great option. Two depends on what you like, and I think, start there. I knew start to understand what it feels like turn up those hunger Romans and feel fall for forty six hours. You just make our choices at your next meal. I live. I've had so many clients.
Laugh at me and they know I'm starving by eleven, a dot m, and I'm like telling my co workers. We need to postmates order to get delivery food to the office and by the time it comes in scholar always throws a bad get in with my salad, and I just I always eat it. Become a habit, unlike aside a habit you're just crashing and your hungry, and you waited too long to eat or you just you know, that's the thing It's like you, don't know how to turn off your hunger hormones. Then you're going to white knuckle it to your lunch and probably be real yourself or if you get through lunch, you're going to have that little thing. In the back of your mind, that's like we should just go to the sorry or that a little you know cafe in the office and get a candy bar. We should go to Starbucks and get a coffee or whatever, and it's like. You don't have to have that little person inside of you screaming to go, eat food
in turn at our yeah, I think that such a good piece of advice for people who are listening is the sun so obvious, but take it in you. If you get to the place that you are hungry, you are going to make really cruddy decisions that we always when I eat everything in the house. That's always when I make bad choices on the road. It's always always when bad things happen with my diet, and if listeners or anything like me, I have a really bad habit of. If I have one meal in the day or one stack or let's say something happens, and I eat something off my plan. My head goes well. You may as well just mail at all in you may as well get talk about because you have just you ve done it. You ve ruined the day. When I met with you one of my favorite things, and I hear your voice in my head. All the time I have to tell you is, I was telling
Kelly about. I had a very bad habit of eating cheese. It I would be so happy, I would even say it like meaning all my green look at me, I'm so guide and it felt Do we find to me because I was in off it fit good? Ign's, I'm not you know I'm running like it feels fine, but when I would eat I don't eat one cheez it. I ate like half a box of Cheez, its go to town and a lot of times this alarm sock but she's it. But it's it's an emotional thing for me. It's like Chin, like I have just one and then I can't stop and Kelly sad what, if just ok in the last month? How often would you say that you ve had a cheese, it bench in your kitchen, and I was like probably like once a week she's like ok, so three times a week, you pattern cheese. It bans in your kitchen what
you could just get half of those back. If you could get half of your binges back in the course of a month. What would that mean for your body? What Let me for your energy level. What with that mean fry your pants there, and I just thought that was such like. I hear your voice in my head, all the time like if we have something in my hat, I hear you say: well it I mean if you can get this back. I can't tell you how many times I have put something back in the cap, that because of your voice in my head. All that makes me so high that now we are the only one you like you know- and I think are probably told you this morning Half of my clients. I sat down with me came from that world that came from the Yoyo Dining Room where they came from the strict dieting world and it's like we, we make our food and to do it that way
check it off perfectly and perfection becomes the enemy of good. There are things you can do to stand in your own way. You know you never by the big cheeses bags, you always by the little ones, numbering she's its into your house. You know, or you buy them once a month and no I'm gonna get a banned once a month unless, but I'm not gonna have a man any anymore, but the problem The problem really isn't in that one binge it's the rest of the day that you ve decided to write off, and I say this like if I could just get back like I, if just get you back on track after that was over and review of the guilt and instead of you feeling guilty in saying babe. What's order pizza and make a cocktail, yeah would say: ok it was fun but whether worth it and how
feeling right now, and maybe you have all those cheeses at three o clock and maybe dinners at at eight o clock instead of saying I'm in a white knuckle at dinner, because that's not gonna feel very good. What if just made a roadie. One of you said a little unscreened almond milk and my roadie is a little bit of protein, or sometimes you you can I like a little fibre a little fat. It's almost like a small version of my smoothie, but times people just have like chocolate, milk in Sweden, the Commonwealth and a little bit Attaka protein and they shaken up an Jaeger bottle or blended up and then they drink because what that's gonna do is gonna turn off some of the hunger that you're having and some of that withdraw that you're. Having from that crash to make a decision, This is a restart, it's actually a physical. We start for clients that I have who have this issue too? Is lake? Ok, I did that I now I need something that I can do that starts my day over instead saying my date starts over tomorrow that so good. I like that, especially as someone who has this movie every morning. I'd never thought about before that. So good,
Daniel girl, you're the best so odd. Every single episode of the Pike have asked the same five questions and I would love to ask those questions to you now. What time do you wake up in the morning and what is your more We're a team, so I knew that bedtime happened, my phone and It goes off at nine hundred and thirty that I should get in bed by ten p dot m and I normally am asleep by one thousand and thirty, and I wake up at six hundred and thirty. So I try to be distant every day and unfortunately, some The weekends occasionally, where I'll at my side self go a little longer than that six anvils too close to I've to me back in time or a six thirty feel like I'm so winning yeah yeah. That's my that's my sleeve cycle, and what do you do in the morning to you? What do you do this sort of thing herr yourself for the day, had always get up and go to like brew the coffee and when I'm
Well, I'm waiting for the coffee to brew airport, they glass of water- and I take my supplements drinking a lot of water kind of like rehab, drafting and then I'll bring my coffee have a moment with my husband. That's like a really special time for where're. We like havoc of copying the Damas like Will verbal eyes my goals year might do less or my goals are what's going on and it probably a little bit of a bad habit. But I will make sure that I don't have any fire jewels and my computer or my phone and then I ll go moves so I like to first thing in the morning I used to like it working out at night. But now I keeps me up. And I also know the research. There is a fast and work out, so You know I don't have my smoothly until after my work out, but a fast and work out of either coffee or I allowed PETE my clients to use bat because that doesn't ever break. The blood sugar, it doesn't release insulin, there's knowst, you know he doesn't shut down fat burning, it can
actually be a source of energy. If your using cocoanut oil, those entities become fast, in your body. My coffee is like a cup of hot coffee, blended with tablespoon of cocoanut oil. It's a weakened my dear boy, proof of a little game, but most of the time, it's just the cocoanut oil or empty tee. Well, and when I go to work out. So I love yoga, I'm getting the body by Sloan right now. It's like a little dance work out, but limited soccer. So I'm that would be totally honest, reviewed like I. It's I'm ridiculous, a horrible at it, but it's really find that kind of revenue like fifth grade when I would like to dance, performs its level of cistern abroad in order on that's funny, guy just look for the sector happy so the yoga clauses that I take urban Jaso flow, my pretty hard I really open. When I do that, it makes me really happy if I don't have time or under assault eye glass into forty. Five minutes been always guarantee. To get that in and done I have a me, though
I'm a day, but I feel up after I work out just because you get a surge of you growth. Hormone into starts, helps to burn away fat you're, not, you know, you're not burning the fuel that you just eight you're, really burning into your body, which I think is a I think I know, is a cleaner form of Europe and is a really graver yo metabolic way. If you go to a coffee house, one hundred coffee or so I really like to get my coffee at a place called whole foods. I leave behind a whole foods which makes a very convenient for me, but a lot of coffee shops are using. These two blend almond milk right now and I go to order- Was- would always be like an animal. But you know, or an almond magua tat. I say just like feels like a treat to me and I had to move away from that most of the coffee shops and we have like cool I may wherein lay as we have like. Fred or Coffee CAFE lugs. These really, like you, know the stump county type good coffee places. That more using.
Horrible almond mokes like Starbucks, Yasser as then the need that's a good tip for people as well as to make sure because a lot of times it's like almond, built drink, it's not actually almond milk. It's like something that so full of sugar, it so open at the whole thing you need to check it out. If that's your regular yeah, I would say- and you know what actually a whole foods coffee lattes gonna cost you less than Starbucks and the Commonwealth, coconut milk, and I don't like so I'm alcohol, but the autonomic cocoanut milk at Starbucks is, is a joke, we'll get it it's there. Thirty five ingredients. I've never seen anything with more and It's all made by them. You know which is saving them a lot of money, so you gotta be little hippy hippy or stir cottage. I then you're getting more of like the Pacifica brand, which you know is original, are or uncertain than now, what qualify?
This has done a really good job, as they realise that these criminals don't farm and create there, but they call the head of a but you know or that foaming really dry look when they have sugar, they arrive sugar right in milk has lactose an almond monk, didn't have sugar alien sweeten kind, so they made a high sugar commonwealth that is more or less syrupy commonwealth milk for these type of lattes, that when phone does a beautiful little heart on top and unfortunately it also just makes us, late and create more chagrin, carbohydrates, arrest the day. So I offered you can get you can get an and sweetened Commonwealth latte. But what is the one item you can't travel without? That's a good question They always take individual protein powder pact than the shake her bottle. I do my airport roadie when I get through so I'll, get an unseen dice green tea from Starbucks. So that's my Starbucks order. If you were interested there, it is site will pour it over like of another college in and shake it up, and then it's like green
T latte, but I'm getting a little bit of protein because I don't know what it is about an airport. If I don't, my own stuff. It's you know you want I have so many clients that are the same. You walk through the airplane Bernoulli going on dolls and early and everything that they have is like a casket size bag of nuts, yeah and so you're, like all just being to help rejoicing at the almonds. But, like you sit down till I fourteen servings in Europe, you, land in New York and your leg I feel sick Hurricane servings of almonds- and I watched you movies like no one was productive. Yes, so I would say that that really helps to kind of like call my hunger, and so I would say food yet I am travelling like I pack, my own food, whether that's a bullet proof Bar which they have these little protein bar is that our actual protein it's not. Carbohydrate buyers kitchen does as well, which is more like a nutty bar like a kind bar bushes, also like good protein goods are denied
Am I pack a bag of nights when I think going on an airplane. I pack always pack chopped budgies, like I do that on my way home, but you, Cumber, salary, carrots, red pepper, like Just do a big bag of it, because the thing with travel is this really stressful and stresses gonna? Make you crave? Carbohydrates can make you crave. Sugar is gonna. Make me want to sack and on and on the flight days, the goal is always to have a real meal before you go or if you can bring real meal likes hit. The salad bar hope is. Where you go or make a big accelerator. Salad or salmon's out at home, like you can bring with you? Obviously they would take it if it was your smooth awakens liquid fuel out before you go and then realize that ok, I've, I've got a little beggar nights. I pack of my little bag of edges and I need a bridge not because I have a five hour flight and it just really stressful, and I don't want to end up saying yes to the walking down the aisle with whatever she the Pringles
yeah because think like it like. I get a lot of really good work done on an airplane. Fifty five percent of the time and those work days like when I'm flying is opposed to coast when I'm on it's amazing, but when I'm not it's like all the wheel the fallen. Yes, oh yeah, I think, being prepared for the wheels falling off and how a parachute or whatever is really important, that what is your favorite work out and how often do you do it. My favorite work. My absolute favorite work out has been Jaso flow. I'm there like three to four days a week and How long have you been doing? We ve been yoga when I return analogy? practicing yoga so I went to a play. Studio called my high yoga in two thousand and two when I was s Margaret. You see we would drive from downtown to Brentwood and go because it was real fine and really for great flow teacher.
Steve Rossi wrote a book called happy yoga. You would play some timber lake and beyond, say at the time like Britney spears or whatever, and every was singing and everyone was flowing and I'd never gone so sweaty, but I didn't feel like It was a miserable thing. I felt I you know do it obvious that wasn't like fast pace, dance, its yoga and so yeah, I mean now I like it. I guess I've been practicing for sixteen years. That's awesome, yeah! So it's it's and anything is like. I went to studios before that with my friend carry from college, who was trying to convince me Yo Acres, she was about ballerina and I had It soccer- and I was like no, I want to run. I wanna like feel my heart rate and that's not gonna work
man she's like give me- and I had better- and you took me to do- I'm like this- is boring and weird. I grew up in your right now. I'm silken view that all I don't wanna chance and since then open my I'm so open to all of that. But looking back, it's like I had come from private Catholic, high school and gone to you. I see and got, and literally she took me into a yellow class, where I was sitting on a bolster, unlike Chanting, I'm a goose its funding up. Are you come, and I now good, totally Vienna completely silent class, where the teacher always speak, sanskrit and not be weirded outer annoyed. I'd feel better common relax, but I do really like I just what fun yeah. I love that yeah. So the last question is something ask every single person, and that is if you could tell the women listening to this podcast one thing: one piece of
vice from your knowledge and your wisdom that they would actually implement that they would hold onto that, they would store inside themselves and except as truth, if you could only tell them one thing: what be. Never live your life towards the destination like it's done maybe about the journey. You don't love the journey you our loving the journey. Like you gotta start loving the work out. You gotta start loving your data day. You have to build a life that you love the journey of because that's when you have the synergy and the passion and like no like the vibrations to actually change the world. I think, when always thinking while August Guinea, for this wedding or I'll get further state, all change jobs after it at my bonus, the, ass in the past. The future gives blank society, but present as a gift, and you just have to be so grateful
where's. Thank you so much. Thank you so much We're taking time out of what I know is a very busy schedule I know that so Women are going to be through my and to have my energy level, to embrace a lifestyle that they might not have considered before, because I ve been able to share in you wisdom. I know your work has changed. My life has changed. How I go through my day has changed. Energy Level and therefore how I shot for my children and my marriage. I am just your biggest fan and I believe so much and what you're doing cause I'm living at every single day. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So much for I'm taking the time to talk to the tribe. Thank you Rachel. I would have always meantime ray. I just think that you're so magnetic it's been funds awesome. We will be back with another episode next week. In the mean time, if you have a moment and
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