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416: BERT KREISCHER Uncensored! Crazy Stories, Hilarious Insights & MUCH More

2023-05-16 | 🔗
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The idea of public bumper, theatres and above fears. Now I'm doing arenas and then the movie gets bought and I met the and so to say, comfortable It's been a slow rolled on very lucky that it happened later in my life, but there's, always a part of you that feels like you have hard core posture centre because I wasn't anointed by hollywood. I I've, never had this one project that just skyrocketed me. It always been this slow burn of, like just gotta move it's just going to get I'm going to go to podcast gifts the next week I need gifts for my cooking show and it's just dislike just almost like a long, long walk where at some twins you turn around you're like holy shit. Is that How far? But you like, I gotta, get back related, giving people before I I'm rachel Hollis
and this is my podcast, I spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on their shall we talk about everything life, and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guess or into I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is the rachel Hollis hard cash, We have known of birth for a while he's all.
Over my social media feed. He is a massively successful communion selling out arenas, not theatres, not shows arenas all over the world and because I kept seeing his name and seeing his picture and seen as comedy, I decided to why some of his stand up and, as I mentioned in our interview, the very first time I watch one of his stanhope specials, I was laughing so hard. I literally couldn't breathe Like tears running now my face choking on my laughter so funny, but also definitely a bit ron. She a bit as bert would call it like he's a meat head, and in this conversation we laugh or buts off. We also costs
talk about drugs. We talk about life on the road, we talk about everything and you want to give you a heads up in case that kind of conversation freaks you out me mamma. If you are listening, this is the episode to skip forever. The else? If you know who bert chrysler is, then you know what you're about to walk into and I hope you enjoy I'm a little old school. Like my my this sounds horrible to say it's, as I said, a multiple, my my personal Yes, I was talking about her mother. I alaska and not an lovers awesome, but she's she's, a be via she she's a Aubrey would love yet, like an item of Aubrey, I love Aubrey, he's fucking awesome I've only met him once, but we ve talked online and he's the sweetest guy
that's a nice. It's fuckin messages. I love Aubrey, put like the part of the spirituality part. I think I'm, if I think about looking four spirituality and I'm going to church yeah. I got in the end and then sounds drugs from here to party yeah like like some Like you know. It took mushrooms, probate idea. Micro doesnt like as a case buster, fuckin, eda ample and then rain x and put it on your windshield. Just watch the rain run out like looked ass, like ass, not to say like, a little bit of a brow. A little bit of a meat had yeah so like I'm, not like I, and I obviously respect anyone who wants to whatever you're finds I'm looking for it fucking daily yeah, yeah yeah I feel like for me. It was. I just want to know what would come up I would see or what would happen if I could get rid of a fear of death, or
zero fear, death or pinpoint my trauma. I would do it why what's here, death about No, I mean like had that been with you. Always almost I want level just ozma with me. I woke up one one evening. I was here years old, so we're in our new house and with it with a pay, a panic tat. One of the first package and when I realized one day, my dad Diana, wouldn't have him and I was like hold on doesn't happen, everyone right and then I went in. I want my dad up. My dad doesn't wake up nice, even what oh well. What do you need you? I did it the other day. My sister woke me up the other day and I did it. I wake up if he sleeps deep and I said dad dad. I need to talk to you three in the morning. Would you need said: are you gonna die one day and he goes and so are you and I had never realised that I would die and I was like we ve armed
what we in this group advocates act and ever since then I have, I ever and I ve. I have a cute awareness of the fact that I can't stop. that inevitably one day it goes black one day goes back and and others. So it's such a deep fear seated fear, unlike in like like horrible stuff above at about him, no one of subtle podcast, because I just talk- and I think but like said, like I really wouldn't what kind of which my home We would die with me. So we all go together, and then no one parties without me have actually thought that before when were the safest, I feel when I am travelling is when we're on the plane together is likely If we lose. I liked what we're all die. We and our hopes will be ok, rollin in the afterlife together lawyer and those on toward us roof of four or five years ago,
and the girls and I went to bali first and then they heaved australia with me. We also australia and then I went on tour, and so I took him to the airport, with my tour manager who's this hell's angel gavin from from Australia. I dropped him off the airport and he says I might. What do you reckon would happen if that plane they got on crashed somebody mean he goes well. What do you make? The rest of our day would look like like just a random fuck said, I don't think I've thought of that, so we definitely would go to a bar I'd start drinking. I probably would look for drugs, I guess, to nominate it like oh wait. If that plane crashes, I'm fucked yeah, but I am, I am screwed but I'll probably stay in australia, probing homeless. I don't know like I do not believe that used to be burned,
oh, my god, we we said it the other day. We were on a hike me and my daughter and my other daughters in college, but me daughter, my daughter and my wife. How old is how old are both the girls? Eighteen, eighteen and sixteen? ok and so am I have to say this. I have say this now because it were here so my wife, so I bought your work on the road want one time we're out, for my daughter around there's just like I was like I was a girl. That's like I like. That, the branding of it just it was like I liked it, and I was like I bought it for the girls, and so I brought it home and the angles. I've already read that book, and I said, yeah and I bought about about twenty of them, gave him to all georgia's friends as they went to college, and I was like really as she said. Yes, you are like inside it. Don't don't to read this right now, but when you turn twenties good book to read, and so
sheep to land like for supervision. I wish you well. She sat on the floor. No sooner interrupted me and told me, my stories are all made up, and so she, but we're on a height and and- and I love. I do this thing when the end get sick. I get angry like when she gets sick. I go don't, can you? Can you not thought the basic issues? I say this is like the though the most lovely way possible, but she's pitiful, like she's pitiful whence you search. She real and I don't like it. I don't like that version for bothers me as I go. I need the strongly and the bulldog lie land the fuckin truffle huh dog. We, like the like, that's the one I need in my life, I don't like the and an eyelid said what is mom got sick and you had to take. However- and I just one oh I don't. I don't think that will happen. I don't I don't
and I was like suicide packet. I kill us all. I don't think I don't have that by can't know, it'd be like I'd. Leave, I'd leave its god forbid, so I hope I die before she does. Does that fear of death drive you to live a better life. what did you say, your afraid of death, but you're not really doing anything about that motion? so. I think, I'm gonna, who said it did the other day, but ass these. for fear that short staring down the barrel of a gun. I like to live my life. I love living. I love the the word peace. Is, is dumb down, but the idea of party a festive festive feelings of of sir abrading of like of of events. Ties in your life and making everything something to look forward. Yeah everything a thing we're like ooh like having at least one of those every two weeks,
and for me they happen daily. I gotta get em daily, but I'm a bunch of set up alive. So that's it. one of those things like I'm having them we're friends or any I'm doing a reveal for the bucks, your new jersey in june fifth, and then the gulf of my dad the day before that men were Morgan whale has come into the. So if I said I love and the dead there's the obvious for my movie comes out memorial day. We can. I I I planned the I've helped plan for the most part, the red carpet, event I'm going to do drink chapter, podcast I've really what would afford to do into for a long time monday, is where I go. This is a good thing still like enjoying this, though, which enjoy work. This success the career that it's it's weird because you know so we came from it over the right way to say this, but we came from this
underground routes of of the entertainment business. So, like hollywood overlooked, alot of us and we started doing gas and then I fucking yes, I love this topic, I'm so excited to talk about it because Comedians really nailed director consumer. You fucking figured out how to bypass ever studio every brand everybody who said we are the gatekeepers and you need us to access and you all were like fuck you we can go direct. So sorry! and no longer allow no longer than so, and so we a lot of us alas rogan included, whose what am I my closest friends were like, forgetting what I'm doing everything autonomy to that? rogan, ARI Joey, I'm duncan sir? mare marin, to an extent but Marin, as was gone and done, had really making active group.
really but like a lot of us just did this like we're gonna do arson. And then fuck everyone else and then, and just out of curiosity, did you guys know what you were doing or you were just like? Let's get microphones and talk and see what happens I mean respectfully, and I know that everything can take care of the context. so little stealing snowflakes coming down the screen on his first few pod canal. Anyway, I have I heard this. Like I mean it was like it was and really didn't know we dead we're doing, because we were talking absolutely reckless. Whatever would fuck us and make us laugh, was, thing. We sat right. What, when what we do, we think this is two thousand and nine Oh wow, those at home, maybe twelve, and I'm not really certain with times on bad with numbers. But I remember Pay off was immediate. You got these. This fan base like die, hard fans who love
being a fly on the wall. With these comedians getting high as shit mean you out, you do a podcast and you wouldn't even remember what you said. Like a legit and a nude, I mean you get phone calls from people going like bro what the fucking like What do you mean? Like you, talk shit about me last night, I'm like I don't did I I didn't lie or we were doing them. I'm streaming live there, streaming living. There was no at it there once you said it, Oh my god, they went out everywhere and so, but the pay off was ike. P come into our shows an end, and we getting a fan base and we were having a fucking lapierre minimised. there's no way I mean it. I'm doing rogan and in a couple weeks to promote the movie and there's a part of me that I wished pardon me that if he said a man can we just do it? wait at my old house in my old office that bedroom converted into an office, because that was the like it's
a blast doing it like the last time. I didn't. I think we d like five hours but like the still less doing. Those early days were like there was like the the special thing yeah and, and we also do and then and then we all start, success in different sort of ways like interviewed, watch, tiring tommy was the first one to really start doing. Theatres and like like a big capacity. I was still on travel channel, so I was doing I was like straddling the fence. I couldn't smoke we'd on camera on ngos podcast they would. Pattern, the camera, because one time of networks at colonies are given you fucking doing drugs on camera, I don't think it's weed doesn't matter. He said we're owned by their aroma scripts, which was pretty much a faith based company and he's like you cannot beat smoking weed on camera so that when I would smoke weed they'd turn the camera away from me and I'd smoke weed
and then so is another like. I was a little bit careful of what I was saying at times like I would only like. But how is you never know again, so we had to focus and then we also given success in certain ways of so trouble. You're fired, gravity and also I love this story of her. Do talk about it with Joe and I would love to understand it more so did you not have a plan to be a standup commit like? How did you end up hosting a travel show? So I would I I got into the business and when I was twenty six, I don't know what year that was. I started doing, stand up and start doing stand up at twenty six here in l, a in new york, okay, place called the Boston comedy club, and I in, in doing it. I got discovered very quickly about will psmith like six months into a stand up. I know what I know, you ve, never heard five. Has the craziest I've I have the craziest lock of the craziest luck and so
I discovered by will psmith six months and we sign of development. Here we felt fox We are here for seven months in the universal sheridan deal goes away. Krajina go will figure what we're doing. I moved back to new york. I do a tour in scotland and in the middle of scotland, with with a gun in countries, only a rich boss in the middle of scotland. Get another offer do a tv show and another development he had done a showcase. It done one well and so I I get a tv show its restart hosting This is really a baseball bat like when it comes to talent in this business you get. You have different muscles hosting a definite muscle being able to read proper taught care. interview, someone move, move, move cut forward and be like great. That's awesome. Let's take a look at the next thing, so the if you have cheesecake and what bearded japan with like that muslims of muscle. Ok as so, I learn that muscle very young. adversely I could thus dunno adversely
I could get jobs, pay the bills by hosting bullshit pilots. So, like I did a pilot, the word the best dancing dog now, where we searched the world for the best dancing dog. It was the worst part. I remember going to the first dinner with the team director producer. writer everyone else were animal planet there like I go up, want a beer. This has happened a number of times and I go no. No, I don't want a beer, I'm gonna be focused. I would really hit this out of the park and the guy goes d, though I said what he cuz do you want to hit it out of the park or wouldn't it be nice? If you just took the money, His pilot in this never went anywhere and what what do you mean he goes? Do you want to spend the next eight years your life looking for a dancing dollar for all do a good job, but let's not hit it out of the park. Good boy, I was, let's have a good time, we're all gonna pay check. Let's make the product doesn't look like
syria, oh, so I did that I did that were I did. I did maybe twenty five pilots from I had the tv show. I did a sick com pilot, all that went away and then I started making pilots some turn a tv shows like to show her part that I did and but most Some did some prospect. Video games these no one saw, but they pay good money maker, Thirty grand for, like ten episodes and you're like scrape five grand was my was mine. feed and it was ten grand some pilots were also never went nowhere. Some pilots we're absolutely horrible and you just we're like and then and then I get I'm doing stand at the whole time. Ok and then I go jargon and offer was really good at, was being absolutely terrified and and hosting, but being scared and hurt. So I give you could fucked me up somehow then it was like it was a cold. Like I got more bible viral clip I got
I'm a fighter. I got choked out by a gracie like everything. every time I got hurt as a professional football player so there travel channel comes to me and they're like yo. We need we want a guy to ride roller coaster for a living. I go yeah. I don't I'm not that guy and they're like no, we think you'd be great and so I end up doing it and they see that I'm I'm afraid of heights, I'm afraid of roller coasters, and so I'm like a child, I'm a big fat child on these roller coasters and like this is great we do Bertha conquer, select Seasons is, but it's it's shut, airs right after members is food that our lead them and we have its numbers and then you know and then the whole time. I'm doing stand up in that right, then, is when I'm I meet rogan. I think that's, two thousand and twelve and probably thirty six years old. Yessir them bowed with numbers, and so problems of like seven years and then one night I come in to the coffee, store em
burr and rogan are in the green room and I'm like hey guys as it's awkward. It's almost like. They were talking about me and I was like hey guys and they're like hey. What's up, I was like what he has and then they just are. Like your db, just sucks, I got no like it's it's not you like you're you're, not that guy, like you, should not be hosting shows you should be focusing on your podcast instead now I ve been doing stand up and I've been doing I guess, but I've been phoning the men, because I'm getting good money, a travel channel right and this point: are you married with care? Merriwig right, kids wish. I knew years would be important in this, but I'm really bad at like figuring out when this was I, I can actually tell you. It was two thousand seventeen pursuit of seventeen, because.
I'd, had an outstanding offer from this great guy named Gary garfinkle over at showtime to shoot a special, a showtime said outstanding offer one of the coolest things ever happened in my career, coolest things, real short story, just to celebrate a managed path gary gorfinkel I'll get emotional telling us, but is really good, so sugar montreal to run my hour for all the network. Exacts it's really stressful small comedy. I sell it out because robins starting to build a base, and I'm in the green room. I'm nervous and Gary garfinkle comes up with a a glass of scotch and he sits down, and he says congratulations as to what you mean he goes. What a great at night, and I said, yeah cause you nervous, I said yeah and he goes, will don't be a sir really cause yeah, a buyer, our I know he said so. No, I bought it and go out there and kill it make a bidding war. Oh my god,.
the grapevine guy, though so I cry on every fucking guardian. Why the fuck? Do I cry a bunch of things because I'm getting old, so I know it's because you're fee yeah yeah. He was great I passed, and so I am, and so they told me you this use, you shouldn't you shouldn't be doing the show you should focus on the podcast photo stand up. I shoot the showtime special, no one. Fucking watches no, What is it cause? I take my shirt off there's a one note that is very sweet. Lady has her time said like. If, if you keep your shirt on you, you don't give them reason to change the channel. I was like what, if she goes, if you take your shirt off like you're, actually giving them a reason to go, I don't want to see that and she goes it's it's it's a real decision. It's a choice What you are, but I haven't, performed my shirt on in like like eight years. I don't know what I don't like. I'm uncomfortable the shirt on she's like
but can we do one with your shirt on and one with your shirt off and I was like no cause. You'll use one with my shirt on absolutely, and so so I did it with my shirt off. No one watched it. It was the lowest rated special showtime. It ever aired. I misread my contract. I posted all the clips for my special, including the machine story. I post all of them on my on my facebook. It's the lowest, People have heard me say this before, but I'll reiterate excited, I think I think are concentric circles of our fans is probably very small. Yes, I do the lowest point of my life. My wife is redoing our house. I've been let go from travel channel, travel to call this a you know we're not monocular renew contract. We don't have, space for you on this network. I you say you want to be anthony bourdain. You are no anthony bourdain we're moving on. I was supposed to do a funny or die tour. That was a big thing was called oddball. I got pulled off for no reason at all, like just they were like
save money, take him off and in that which was crushing, because I'd cancelled, my entire all my towards aids, for the fall for that, for that my best friend Tom cigarettes, fat, shaming me: it's going viral right, Joe or its action, its a joke as a joke, but it was it started. He was fatter than the times what was ironically funny yes, but as a joke, but it starts going viral and up- and I mean everything- is fine- a part in my life. I one club date it here. and the manager on the ride back from radio. As I'm look, a convenience store and a guy in basketball, shorts, a wife beater and a signal it was slides and socks on smoking cigarettes and I'm looking at him knowing how nice his life going like he I bet he doesn't go to sleep worrying about work. He just wakes up gone. Cigarette guys are worried about health is worried about anything. I
in a very similar like where you're having to drive to something important or it's a big thing and there's a lot of pressure, and you see someone just like building a fence. Fucking dream, being a coffee, walking a wiener doglike. Just doing anything, rumours green growth rates are suitably notion in Kosovo. I would love to not give that much of a book to be like just gonna sought down to. hundred like I would love to be there. I would love to know I'd. Do it all my own time in different ways, but just the callous this in a street to be like yeah, it's such a oh yeah, so driving and the manager of the helium company club looks. I'm gonna look at this guy going to upgrade his life and he goes. How much longer can you do this, and I went what and he goes I mean like what are you going to do this when you're fifty and I went- I never thought of Jesus Christ, It is everything is coming to a head, emotion, one wife. When we get up a me, every everything's happening things happening, my life,
and how old were you forty, forty four I'm guessing, but I dunno. What's two thousand seventeen was a six If you go six years, I would say six years ago I'm forty four forty three forty four, I just turned forty four k: two to make things to bring it all to ahead I am getting paid twenty five thousand dollars to do new year's eve at oxnard, oxnard levity live and no one shows up. No one and I realized, I'm and I'm now in this weird spot, you never want to be in the entertainment business where I know that I have tour dates set up for the year, but I know I'm not going to fill seats, and I know that I'm being overpaid- and I know that I'll get this one run and I will go back down to like fifteen dollars. We can all of this is happening. Tom's fat, shaming, me, rogan, loving it his eye. We should do weight, loss challenges on the thing
only solace I have at this time. Is I stop giving a fuck about what anyone says and I start focusing on me. Let's start making count, and I was doing a blog. I was post and learn how to edit. I learned how to post a start, doing promo videos to promote the upcoming shows, are learning all of this at that time and I start editing videos to make fun of tat. Because we're doing this weight loss challenge that Aaron rogan the first three day, of the new year, we're gonna do three consecutive episodes, The loser of which gets his beard shaved, the person who This is the most wait, shave the other person's beard, I'm in therapy. All of this has had and and the machine story goes viral I wake up one morning and my wife's like I think your story is going viral and I was like what she was like three million people watched it and I'm like whoo and I'm want everytime, I'm refreshing.
The one hundred fifty thousand two hundred thousand and then and and I'm I'm, but I'm still oblivious to what that means. We do the weight loss challenge. We have a fucking blast, doing it, Lose I get my beard shaved. We laugh hysterically. If, like the funniest rogan, so I've ever been on go to do my next weekend and dumb and its and is sold out in a blizzard, unlike most interesting like so crazy. I guess I guess, it gets. My fears that bad, maybe every maybe because the broken thing I close my show and I'm like thank you and the guy goes the machine and I was like no, no I'm done telling it and he was like he was like the fuck. You are. I brought twelve people you hear that story, tell it and also an area like every year for the machine and then start looking asking all my shows a short for the whole year and I'm a cop, that's insane.
and and so yeah I I was doing stand up at this point now I got Rogen I got Tommy who are like yo will get you sponsors I'll, get you sponsors to get your podcast funded, and so you gotta get over fifty thousand dollars per episode. cool google should have a goal and then I and I'll start making these promo videos going like very simple. If I've got to show here, I'm gonna start making posters, I'm gonna post the posted on instagram. I start coming up with my own plan like birds in charge births the ceo of this company personal editing, my progress on posting, my back as the first we gotta get ads Fifteen hundred dollars per read an eye which isn't I felt like a ton of money, but I do five reads and I do the math and I go hold on no managers, no agents get paid off that I split it with just the ad sales rep and I go. I just made more money than I made the travel channel and my paradigm shifts
and I m ass one. We all lean into this fuck everyone here. I remember people came to us tv shows and recently very reason, during the pandemic people, right. During the beginning pandemic people came to us tv shows and they're like hey. We want to pay you dot, dot dot and I remember going like I I make that a read write like that's one read right: that's one minute of work for me You want me to do a three day. Yes, and then I was like will solve all of us kind of like with true From the business would like, we have, no boss was just ass, an orphan, the simple communication an end. They start building and obviously rogan turns into what what is rogan up anyone. None of us saw that coming right and start building his little. Why am age empire and an bruising other? gas and he's doing theatres than I do- a bumper theatres and a bump of,
old, theatres, now, I'm doing arenas and then the movie gets bought and admit, and so to say my comfortable to success It's been a slow road on very lucky that it happened later in my life, but there's always a part of you that feels like you have hard core posture syndrome, because. Up. I wasn't anointed by hollywood. I I've never had this one project just skyrocketed me. It was always been this slow burn of like just gotta move tickets. Yes, gotta get a back yes, yes, and if we got a need gas from a cookie show and it's just a psych just almost like a long long walk were at. Sometimes you turn around you like holy shit. Why is that how far but you're like a killer backwards. I get people to forward here. and- and so I I'm
there's a part of me that really tries to enjoy everything and then, as a part of me, to take down joint too much because my go away. yeah, we're gonna, get no doubt goro is go spotty. The last time I ever get. No doubt about that, but I hope you ve made enough money by now that you can afford town cars? I carried it, but I've had a follow on the other sometimes I do too bears its very probable show so awfully private back and forth at any time, if I private to austin out- or I always go maybe less private last ivory, that's a very real and adds a very real live. Definitely gone. Two seasons in my career way: sclusively flew private, it sort of does shift and at the end there are tied where you have to fight it, because otherwise, you're not gonna, be able to make all of the things that people need you to make the dollar's only do it. If I can make more money right, it's like if, if, if you can do a podcast, if I papa evocative? Three projects: in a day,
but I have an arena, show the next day than to there's no other course of white. Stop fly, at a certain time absently and they want. Or can I get you there or you can have so many connections, they can be exhaustive view show it makes sense, and I know that sounds crazy. but you gotta spend money to make money. It is very difficult for me because I have a hard time spending money. I've a really hard time spending money. We are you cheap frugal. Are you? What do you mean tat she spending per annum? Cheap? Are you ok? You got like how does this manifest? A good time starts with a great wardrobe. Next, stop J c penny family get together to fancy occasions, wedding season, two we do it in style, dresses, suiting and plenty of color to play with get fixed up with brands, like
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Like all my friends started. Getting rolexes and I was like oh- is really nice watches. I was like maybe I'll buy rolex and I was like. Oh you know what I'll do I'm gonna make? I'm gonna treat myself on this tour by one roll extra remind me of this tour yeah, and so I was like, but I made it like, like a tour into an interest, meaning there's no better thing than being like into something like it's. It's so fun of this is going to sound crazy, but like dogs, when you're looking to get a dog for your family, it's the funnest thing to be like what breeds. We get a short read, not dog one on one on youtube on youtube is so great as an animal place. Our dog went to one and you learn about the breed and the commodore. That seems like fun who dago argentino. I want to get who we maybe should get a cat. What about a savannah cat when f one savannah cat all. This is so fun to do and and I got I am certain that with rolex as I started going like what I want, I wanna know what I want and then and then the hard to find that we're out of stock. No one had ever yet know someone to
bring you out there like an upper level of relax, we're not getting the basic. No, no, no, no, no just basic this. Selling rolex, isn't stores and rolex dealers pub two years ago that they ran out of it or your way the possible here rolex it's impossible to get rolex but there is one of the most valuable things you can buy. That's why I started getting into it yeah as you can't you just can't get them. You got it someone who knows some one to get you want or you're buying vintage. where you buy vintage or you get a dealer or dealer yeah. I already saw that I like that. Thank you, sea dweller, I deep deep sea, so so I stopped all around us. I see him and every time I see when I go on now again in this house, opportunities, I have to buy one in there like I thought you were serious. I just couldn't pull the trigger like as a lot of money
So it is even the ones I was looking at rollicked, ten twelve grand. Yet as it does a lot of welcome here, some in vegas and I sorry to beat super rude, but the percentage of that cause versus how you make an assessment, making a single night. that's ok right, but the union in order to make it a single. My than I am. I got what I like a lot more than twelve thousand. This is It is a love of alfred and so but but in a we're way I have a hard time green lighting, a ten dollar. Purchase in my head because I go this is stupid ITALY is frivolous. It's like frivolous, like I should I don't know I'm do and every time I get myself right there I wanted it like. I could as regards ignore one in vegas and and I take a picture of It- ascends my dad my wife and Tommy Lee.
as elite liane says she get it. If you want it that, which is a horrible thing to say, because am I do want it, but I shouldn't get it. I shouldn't ice, I'm fine, I'm fine! I was wearing a garment at the time gives us this takes my horrendous. It's almost exactly the same thing. and so is so my dad's. I guess expensive, good, looking watch the lady very nice lady in LAS vegas had set talked to me and said we don't have any inventory and that was against us. What are you doing here? So I'm doing the virgin hotel. She was her subject so there I'm doing shows tonight. What do you know dave, and I was like I tell you there's no oh yeah, no, not really but yeah. I know yeah. She was you know Joe and I went yeah. She went okay, I got your watch and I went huh and she goes to go, get them the sub mariner flex, a mariner. It was a car and she brought it out because this is your watch and I was like, and then I got really nervous attacks that everyone and then Tom texted me so
your boss, in your ass, for making a ton of money you deserved to yourself. This is not an expensive watch. Instead, thousand dollars yeah. It's not you not spending. Fifty dollar, eight hundred thousand hundred fifty thousand dollars on watch. This is you can afford this and they sent me is really sweet, email leo, so did you watch and I was like now- I walked out the store she goes hold on. you deserve that watch and then was they green? Let it I went back and I was like I'm getting a watch. if she goes, I knew you were getting to watch good, and so I got to watch and I loved it. I loved it. I would I would leave my bunk in the bus and I'd look at it and go. Oh, I love this watch. I love this watch. I tested the ladys reasonable relationship with her today, texture, one night, so cool attach people. don't expect it to show them love, and I texted- and I said I want you to know. I love my I love looking at it. It reminds me I go to one side. You tell that you're like this? Is your watch so you don't seem of core- is made.
I did a show in vegas and I was like yo, let's hit her up and have her just pick two watches for us, so I hit her up and she was like cool I'm not gonna, be there you're watches will be ready for you and also achilles heel with zero. What I got like it's almost like as you The It's exactly what I wanted, and so I it was so fun. So like I love that energy I look like and then I was wearing two rolex for or like a week. It was. I love this one. My wife gave me this one like. I can't take this one off, but but yeah I like I like, like love and things. I wish to me. I had wanted one forever and I specifically wanted I like men's watches, omens whether that won't yes and it was so fucking expensive. I never buy anything that expensive before, but
I knew that it was a goal. I had the money to afford it and every fucking time. I have put this on my wrist sense. Then, two years ago I am like you are bad ass young. You work fucking hard, and this is the thing I don't buy. Purses I'm not into clothes. I'm not! But this like. This is my thing I bought so when I bought the recent one. It was so much the watch I wanted. Then I did. Tell me what I wanted, because I wanted you to my daughter, georgia, so and so we all went. We were. Georgia was home for a period and like a little, we can do. windbreak and I had the watch and I suggest you know when I said earlier, I wanted to buy, you will watch. This is the watch I wanted to buy you and I pulled it out. She pronounced because this looks great. This is a good looking watch and I was like yeah I didn't I like a big watch. I go yeah yeah and then, of course I love my fuckin lunatic goes well.
what you're recycled hang on, I'm gettin bury them, While she was not now I want I watch she was. I want that. Let me see it pulled on and then she pulled on as you put it on and hold my breath like this, and so then but through all my watch is no like. We everything we want right right, yeah. What about my necklace know? I keep it very a minute. So what is the next? I like a bunch of saint Peter. Saint of hope of cases, saint Jude he's my guy guy had a but the only I think I've ever dealt with depression or anxiety. Like with anxiety a lot but legit, probably depression, and I I say that half heartedly, because I dont know what it must be like to be really depressingly. I'm just saying I I thought it was night work, When I first moved to new york, I wasn't really we stand up yet my one one ice I've ever had my fucking life evolving. One one. I've heard a lot of sex from a big sex guy. I'm a big sex
you haven't, had had a lot of eventual partner, porter, J, ai, hello, sex, Bob zoellick, converted monogamy right I am yeah I wasn't built that way. Yeah. My first sexual fares are so bad that I was like a bill that way Don't do this well. Is that you carry oki and you're really of key- and I will ask you: do you know I'm not really only one thing at this hour, but I'm not doing a lot of other people my god. You are indeed of gaddafi's. If not is I guess, everyone's is bad, it's gonna be. If you don't know that everyone is bad like it's just me. I did A person have experience. Yes, she was somewhat ok. That's also feels hard. I feel I give you a dude and you like feel like you, have to know what you're doing and she has experienced before yeah- and I don't think I know I know I- I would love to night- hit her up and like be like. Do? Member of just remember, I'm sure you would help.
yeah. This beastly was pretty quick it recent fast who, even though forget the booster savelich Phil little prohibits single at all. It's fine, it's fine! So the who so I had whatever is, at present an anxiety with anxiety and depression and whatever the vote that wasn't, I was in new york and I was like. I was drinking a great deal trying to you're out what was going on in my brain. I was behaving irrationally into lee internally, but internally, irrationally yes, and my My life was probably, I got fired from bourns a noble for working out the basement. My underwear like it was just This was happening since I was a long celebratory do at barnes. Ennoble first of all like to share with us, can work in protest and show books and
travel section oddly enough here again the working in travel, channel gray, but the view if you went down to the if you went down to the two agenda, the basement It is the freight elevator and if you took the freight elevator, no one else could come down cause. You had the freight elevator, so you had like a moment to yourself and I was the first real gay dude. I met a things. Aims Andrew. This is your one. stand. No! No! No! No! No! I will cut a wish. He was later years all come from the mid west and he was hidden and he would but in the closet and any move to new york and he adventure story as every day he came here it'd be like love? Let me tell you what happened last night and we get the freight elevator, take it down to the basement and be like he liked. It keep up, and so so I started taking the freight elevator down cause. I was taking diet pills at the time called rip fuel nice, I'm thinking nine a day, the prescriptions you were irrational on the inside. It's shocking yeah. I know right.
I was like, didn't everybody go through a diet pill phase, though hopes like. I definitely took something called zen hadron, which was basically space yeah and you just tweaked out- and I remember I was living in l a at the time and I was like nineteen years old and I would go everywhere and be like. I would tell my room mate, like people are looking at us, why looking at us and I would trip balls like soup. Paranoia took me forever to realize it was the diet pills. I remember coming off the diver, the diet, the rip It took me a while because we too general I did my body my sounds right, though I would take three doubt fuels repeals the more. Three were fuels in the afternoon three reveals at night and I was humming and I so I would go to Barnes noble and I would take defrayed elevator down once or twice or three times a day down. basement and I wanted to get me to shape its right just to push ups. Mad I'd live boxes. I did as squats. I did everything
if there was no air conditioning in the astor place. Barnes and noble take off all my clothes floor and do cause. I I the first time I do it. I come up, I'm soaking wet and what's going on ago- it's really hot here right now, it's not bad, so I would take off all my clothes. I do my workout and then I'd put my clothes back on and come upstairs and then one day, my manager, I think his name was dwayne, said to spend a lot of time in the basement as well. Works around. There is like yeah, you think, you're down there a lot. I was like yeah and he's like you know. We have cameras right and I was like I didn't know that he was like you're fired. I was like cool yeah that makes it so funny about that story is as soon he said. it was pirates. There's the there's another thing that happened in that in in on that day. That is that I I've never never really spoken about, but they are hired dwayne an earlier asked me if I wanted to be a manager- and I laughed
barnes and noble. He was a manager. I laughter the job he was offering me his job out. I got bored mobile absolute fucking, not in echo's, Why is I'm a comedian and he looked at me and goes? Are you and I said yeah and he goes looks to me like you work at barnes and noble, and I went no, but I'm a comedian. He goes how much money do you make during that? I said none because you work at barnes and noble and then they hired a woman who was spoke russian. I the the big thing for me right was that I was The russian I'd never told them the story, vice I think on my application, I have a minor in russian. I put that down. Here's the part you speak russian. I was like yeah and she won't. I walked in and she said so it does, but really I don't want coffee and yes, you can. Yes, no. I just said, of course, to whatever the fuck she said. I had no idea and they got fired that day and I got fired Emily fire me? I said I quit and he goes fantastic. and I would really goes yeah yeah
and then I got home. I think my sister was in town. I had gotten up gone to. Work got fired when I got, There came home she's a good back, quick. I go. I quit she does When I go, why you tried of army, but I quit my roommate tigers, so your getting unemployment assembled at me and he goes. That wakes up fantastic and he goes that's definitely why he missed out on that. One spoke to blunt with my sister and drank of forty. She goes. Let's get fucked up was the greatest those moments not giving a fuck. Is that like theirs our full you'll. You did. We will listen, you're progress coming over here and the like. I was six things you ve used to tolerate We will be saying don't yet my arm for the rest of our four we will be set as a yoke is young all the real issues and I've, and I we and I was I was we're going fourth I go, I hold you in my arms have only I use my up. Sometimes in the sitting there, next music, you doubly maya,
well. What are some of the things you I'll tell you what I'll tell you? What is the arms are? It is young, Do you have to my when I put on that shirt today? You're, like the others you know, he is very and very into fantasy science fiction books like why oh get ready. I pull up when I say when I say he's into it like he is genuinely like january, it's like it's his escape, and so we walked into a bookstore thinking in in europe. I was in turkey, I'm not with details the same thing and ends and we were like- maybe walk in a book and read a book and he was like okay, so he goes over the fantasy and the guy goes. So what are you into Peter had read more books than the guy that worked at the bookstore, who was admittedly a die hard san set aside, survive him peter it I read that that toolbars and he's like toolbar to all six of them.
looking into the window into the mirror into the window a mirror and he's like you read is like I've read all them twice. Next one and the guys like filled in Music villain I've read, staring into the sun? Certainly the sun, with the moon behind it, I've been it was like he went a museum right now as a joke, but he went. He knows all what my body, my bodies, I pray, can't say this, but my bodies producing a movie and we're all sit around and he this movie data is, just three three paces to the dial or whatever and peter goes. Are you doing book sexual books? Three? Were you starting and he was like you've read it and he goes but all of course an end. So it's, but it's so not like him, because he's good looking using a shabby athletic. You don't expect into the yard to the buner. I love it, and so I yankees gm about that and I said I'm going to stop yuck your yum yum yum and I'm going to start reading fantasy books,
are you like? Do italy comecon? I get that into ok feels like you should try yeah come on, I bet We have a basic for he birthday birthday, we're in australia and when I get birthday. What do you want to do and he goes? Can we watch dune and we were like sure the original or the new one, the new one, okay and so, and I'm also a buckner, not fantasy, but I get it, and so we put my mattress from my bed. Into the living room. We put. We turn it into a cuddle dungeon everyone there. everyone at work show me more than just. Many of you will notice that I love to lead that in the air whose justly in them that's my cameraman, my social media manager, Peter my tour. Openers. We all sat in this room was doing in here the only one that new What's going on so every time we beg color,
is this the right kind of bright and it was a dark movie yeah. I fear that it was very pleasant. The right close to me, I would guess who directed it d me butter. Delhi, tiny villanueva. I would love if in dune to just a little more light, just just slightly just to turn up the brightness touch a little but yeah. So I dunno how I got onto this yakking, the young men that it's his thing and yeah australia, it's his birthday, yeah yeah, I like it but yeah. So I don't know how we go on until about my ipod guess you guys were listening to on the way over you say something, though, that I would love to undertake some fascinated by this. What does it take for you to travel on the road and do all these number one? How many shows veto in a world tour? How many shows is that little ball porter, probably
eighty holy shit and is that a year, eighteen months, what does it look like a a year? So it used to be used to build a get through thirty cities in like, unlike like ten weeks nine weeks, I I, but that was when I was doing theaters. You do two shows a night, we're doing, arenas right now so or I'm doing arenas. It's not. It feels weird to say so. It is like a brag, but it's it's. so that's why I favour we years ago, because it is it we, its eighteen people like I have it. I travel with eighteen people at all times for every show yeah, but I put italy travel with probably seven at any given time, and it's really weird because at times. This tormented, your garden. It used to be just me and him get Australia just mean. Is an old hell's angel and it would just me and him
This year I was when I showed up. I showed up with seven people and we had to have a sprinter van and we had to have a a caboose. Carrying all our luggage and he looked at me. Kind like you know me up. This is my third towards in Australia and he's like things have changed, and I idea he's like this: is his purse trainer yeah. I get only bring my personal trainer with me because without her I m not healthy at all yeah. we need accountability. Does I party, but if she's there than I you wake up in the morning and I do work out and the only I can. I can write. A boat is by working out. I have to work out really hard, not like kind a hard like agree really hard. Today I did today I did cardio squats, five six rounds of squats descending in in weight. Descending in in and wraps verses, raising and wait, then I did for em wraps the six minute amre firemen and am rap, four minute am rapid. Three minute am rap and then I suppose
What about a butt out by my face was getting red rose and I want to be look like a like on the inside of a watermelon for his part based right, so but so I work out really hard and I think it's the only reason I can party the way I do and in just get through my day yeah it's crazy because it used to be it's always been just me yeah. It's always. I say that all the I always say I used to do all this. I used to do my social media. I post my podcast I'd I'd, get the phone call about my tour dates. I booked my tour dates. I'd fly, I'd I'd, sell my own gee, I pack my own. I do nor myself and then the first. The first card to fall was a personal assistant. and our first, the fall was a tour manager. I needed a tour manager because we got a bus and we were like okay and then I got a personal assistant and then I hired a cameraman to help me get content. Then I heard my cousin an editor and a camera man and then
in the pandemic hit- and I realized how many people I was a paycheck for, and so I hired everyone and I said well just I created a tour. I won some awards for it, but I waiter towards the pandemic that no one was ring and then I said: what have we been driving with yeah, and so no one had done it and my my agent got it cut a medium producer. Motor to figure out how to do it. We brought in our own stage we connected the. We have your camera shoot that we should honour the big drive and movie scooter later screen all the audio got pumped into the car seamlessly souls. Seamless audio, and we did. I was a sign up to do like forty eight and we ended up do in thirty cities.
during the pandemic and but what about what happened? As we did for four days and then the first night, everyone we were north carolina, everyone came out, we'd, no one had been around each other and we were all tested swear on this bubble. All of us, not just my team, but again. Of twelve people of setting up stage when a camera and all that we will have a beer and arrows dude. I was struck yes, they are doing this like. Thank you, man, Do any more! Please please hit me up and I was like so I call my agent and I was like just book us out for the as long as you can. Wow, so we stayed on the road we lived on the road during the pandemic and did thirty cities. I think we did. I think we did something like seventy shows and how do you manage that and have a family? At the same time, I dunno. Let me answer for that. What is at an end, I every family is structured in a different way, but is it like? Do they go with you or no you just like this- is your job. To do this thing, and then how often do you get to see them when you're on the road
I wish there was like. I wish there was like a good answer for this. Are we someone like? I know that I know what I'm suppose No, are you dont like genuine is it is it is? It can be depressing you look at it in a microscope, yeah? Well, you look at it in the way. I shot it's it's not as bad as you think. Like. Yes, I go to europe for a month and do a tour. I go to australia for a month and do a tour I go on the road and at times busy ass, I am, and it is an end with doing the pike and austin it isn't time effective to fly back. Elaine then fly out on the roads. We why just gonna often do pockets Come up. I live on the road from I write a month. It's all. My daughter's really know and the hand its ideal yeah, but its outcome, and I used to defend it by then your dad's good to have step two years here. Dad do certain things: parents, I am also dad's, like parents. Do certain things Allie Wong runs
a very successful business. She's amazing jaw, netflix she's young kids which he produced it starred in it helped right it I mean she's parents do exact, rising kids, makes our families make sacrifices. I I don't know, I mean it socks, its I'm very emotional about it. Like I get I like it, what about it? Like there's this clip of me and this guy christmas stuff, and it was a young comic and he just has like two kids and he's like he gets emotional. It's a good clip. You want if anyone wants to find it and he as you know, I'm on the road and I'm saying like I'm watching my daughter swimming on the phone and I'm thinking you know it's good money, but is it worth
that and he's a tell me how you do it, not just our bawling crying and I go I'm drinking at ten in the morning. It doesn't get better so now. The reason I ask is not because I think there is any one right way to be it's because I think it's very easy for people to see your level of success and not obviously see the backstory that you ve told us about today, but also nazi. The sacrifice, like I think, especially with your brand can seem silly. That's Elinor, offend idle I'll, never never wanted to be a serious right right, a modest guy, a mother good serious guy like like. If, if I don't know about whatever is going on meaning. I understand the big picture of what all the world like the guy who, like I'm not I'm, not
god I can talk about a lot of social issues because that's not my job, that's not. My job is other comics John. I saw my job. My job is to make sure that if you're going to some shit, and disappear. Come to my show, and you think about your shit, that's it it's like that's what company did for me and that's what I want to do for gravity. I would. I've tried at times too good and bad. I think at times but like to you know too, like things that I thought were important. You know you're in this in progress. You talked about normalizing women bleed, having periods, unlovely economy leaders, I'm stealing. That start calling clean. I only have sexual bleed so inside the greatest is the fuck, I'm totally stealing that and so on, And I did I did a bit about my my daughter her period on on one of my,
what am I saw it? I guess I was very began to go yes, vienna and an australian they were and it was not and is not normalized to talk about that and I I got in trouble for it, but I gotta try. I knew I was getting in trouble for it. I had gone in and I said in the pre interview: What would you like talking about? I said you know how I got this this this and then I was like my and it was. I think it was a young lady during the pre interview and was like I told her about it. She goes I I I saw this thing that you did on conan about your daughter having her period and you throwing a pity party. Can you talk about that and I was like we yeah. Of course by go. Is that okay and she goes, I don't think so, but I think, be great like, I think be she was. You know. I think the majority of australia is but there's an older group- and she was one of the guys is- is not unlike it. So, if you're prepared, when I was like yeah fuck that guy so I talked about it and he came out the next day in the paper was like that's disgusting, we're not be about women's, oh, my god and so important,
adversely like I did it cause like I was you know you know I'll george had a rough time with getting a period. It was really tough were really tough. I mean I wasn't there. Thankfully, the joke, I think I said as out of unlike I was a joke. I said I wish I was. It was good of, thank god. I wasn't but like all right, you go to the river. Do laundry for a week, a dirty, so I knew it was hard for, and so, when I left figured this work around for herself, I thought sharing. It was closely. could do for other little girls have a hard time of it and of granite probably should have consulted both of them first before rather period, no way you did okay. I was going to ask this because you do share a lot of stories about the women in your life, but they don't know in advance. So no, I got the story about island therapy, this so fucking good. It's so good
It's so good, and I know that she may not want people for me to talk about. I go look therapies everyone's in air that is a lamp put us all good vision, everyone's in fucking therapy, and I so good. She goes totally syrup. She said to me: she sake is his high go by. Europe is said, the eu making me sit on your lap after a fight isn't, is I should like a whole on I've. Never you sit on my labs. Yes, I know, but like my telling our what really happened. She didn't seem to agree with me, so I had to make low worse. So she understood how I felt I go. You're lying in your therapy, and she goes well. That is, I don't consider lying in the ngos. This is what you do and I went no and then I go. I need. If your therapist or oligos oh, she would love to me what about those a dime were where I drew the pandemic together therapy and I was, and it was like
no one out no one out, and so I market, drive home on by myself, land in georgia or somewhere, and so I I pull. I just pull in the parking lot. I take off my shirt. I light a cigar and I sit on the hood of my car smoking, a cigar for some sunshine and Ila walks in and her therapist is looking out the window at me and goes take a look at this guy and atticus. Has she just look at this? Look at this guy and articles that's my dad perfect place to start is so so yeah like. I would love to talk about that on stage. I can talk about it on the podcast because, like part of me goes, but once it goes into a special, that's when like that's when they lately like I, there was a joke. That Allah told me that I offered ten thousand dollars to put in the special she said: no, it was so good. It was so I dont remember which one it is. It feels like a new or one of yours that I have to tell you
the ending sorry guys go to escape rooms. Everyone railway literally, could not breathe. I was laughing so hard could not so how can I tell you? Can I tell you yes, how the sausages made on that was here which is really interesting, people we were, I was onstage. Am I d georgia's in college and I'm a figuring out our now. I had more material that I needed by dint of a closer per he's right? I do netflix specials a little differently than maybe everyone else hyper aware of the analytics. So I make sure that my best job, my closer, is it twenty two minutes the time my closer was this raffles we shall be a final draft, so I was my clothes were killed when the ngos that's the pace goes not so. I moved it twenty two minutes and I never closer. How long is the whole special? fifty seven minutes, oh so you're doing you're closer half way because, because netflix analytics said that people only watched thirty minutes of a special, so I figured if you were only in the
thirty minutes special, take your closer put it. It haven't end thirty minutes and if they only watch that then at least I've seen you put your best what forward yeah, but if you do that and in its been proven with my specials, greater attention is the hot, as is, is very high. so people watch case what you are my whole, both right will. The reason you did is, if I had done it the way we Specials? You would have gotten to thirty minutes a man like, I think I got it all yeah and split what you do is you go? I'm just gonna harry how many of you I m, really really obsessed about how to create a special so oh sir and have a closer animal stage, and georgia calls me say, she's a college once we got a call from your daughter, ecology like what what's up what's going on said nothing, I'm just calling you I haven't talked in a while, and I was like. Okay. Do you need me thing, sick know what what's wrong and I was like I'm on stage. She goes. Oh, what are you talking to
I hope. Unless it had and I'm on speaker and I go, I go nothing I going to have a closer and she goes. Did you tell the escape room story? I know what excuse you remember when we we took men unpopular the escape room. I was like no. I didn't tell us stories because you should tell that story. I go, I don't really remember it as she goes member. We only really wanted to go to our policy shit and the audience laughs, and I go out and she is in you had a panic attack obvious last get em like oh yeah, and then she goes q, member, wasn't malls and a duty house, big part from the audience and oh yes used you ever did you you're gonna shoot your pants and papa through Nana into the wall, and then no I'm going crazy, I will keep on going to use it I'll talk to you later, I love you and hangs economic put on, and so literally I beat I cried. I started chat with everyone else. What I don't remember it
literally had a panic attack in there? So I don't remember the this: the nuances the story to enough to tell it and and and the night and I became a closer and but george a kind of georgia. Some a good russell, howard and original hours rest hours. A great comic, in and in the uk sage- and I didn't really the reference and I stood up Talking about my daughters and he goes she's your jimmy cricket and I went yeah okay, I don't really get it, but Jimmy cricket was that it was pinocchio his conscience. He was the like helped. Keep streaming videos that allow georgia was georgia, legibly cricket, yeah I loose, I nodded. No, it right, never really never tell you have to check it out. I would I was watching. I was wondering the sun so stupid. Forgive me if it's a dumb question, but do you make up things to make a joke? Funnier. I won't necessarily make things up and I
I've tried to take as I go. That would be great. If that happened right only be, What happens when you make things up as a become for me? not from an I've, seen other commerce doing worse, brilliant but like for me I go away to fantastic. Aliens game, and I am unaware that is to point out and then people are like right. I am an air and so Well, what I will do is I will. I will withhold information that would would make you feel something. Do you have an example of a perfect example at the end of the machines Yes, what most famous for my movie yeah is is based on this, once we have talked about having excited just bought on the trailer, but the the end of the story. When
igor when the everything is? Everything is factually accurate when he goes to the cop and he starts getting the cops face. Fuck you we meet in and then the cop looks at me and goes by germs. It is good you and I, and I walk over real actual thought- I my actual thought this isn't how I planned on spending my second junior year in college in the gulag in russia. I'm in trouble. I'm going to jail now halfway through that route, walk I realised that the carbon gore were smiling to each other, and I was like oh shit and by the time I got to the cop, I realize I'm not in troubled by the time I got there already realised. I think I'm cool alarm in trouble and the key, laughingly just smiles and gives a reorganising the use, then you're the machine and hundred percent, but
I leave it in the story. I withhold information so that you feel like I'm going to jail right up, what's he? What's he gonna say you have to do it that way, because it it's tell story, you know to withhold our withhold a fact to two to let it reveal a perfect example of a perfectly Simple georgia, when she was young, broke her jaw, crocs tripped on crocs, but I've never worn crocs. To this day, I've never put a pair of crocs on my face she broke her jaw. Ox. It happens all the time and crocs. That's what the doctor said. Much cruk stuck stock is out there that there waiting for you to talk, now? It's going down brokerage. All it was not a good. I was not like a good parents like. I was still young dad, I'm melted down. We have taken get her surgery in beverly hills, really expensive. Doktor me and told me take Xanax, because I dont need to deal with two children.
I liked I, I was gonna stay with your sisters, but we need to be there for us. We take her and we take her into the dentist early in the morning six in the morning seven in the morning it's before anyone is shoves us in some emergency surgery, monday morning, they would to put her down and they can't find a vein and they're like okay. So the doctor says to me: listen we're going to put gas over her face, but we need her breathing evenly, so you need to because if she's holds her breath and then breathe. We need her breathing evenly and calm that I, if I receive gesso it would be really helpful if you could help us do this and I'm like hold on I'm, not the parent for this, I'm not the pair for this and they're like, but georgia keeps going dad dad, and so I go okay, so I I am with him. I we have the guys as a baby, we're going to breathe in the gas sweet air. It tastes really good she's, like ok. What happens when I breathe it in? I said you're going to go to sleep. She says what, if I don't wake up and I'm like great question hold on, I go she's wondering why
If she doesn't wake up and then I say, do we like? Do we take the body home at us and unlike ok, this is a good thing that, as it may be of the gas- and so we end like we have honey, come down help momentum like ok, baby, our problem, waking up and I'm like. Please say this promise fucking follows through. I don't know if I can live my life without this child and I go okay, you can be fine and I could breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe and so we breathe and they put it over face and she goes out and immediately they're like it's go time. Everyone at the fucking room I melt down I mean sobbing crying so that I go to the bathroom and go to the bathroom crying so hard, I'm looking in the mirror and laughing at how vulnerable I allow myself to come. I am sobbing crying uncontrolled. We are going to the waiting room after five it's in the bathroom I go in the waiting room, the ants crying in the waiting room, the waiting rooms now pact, there's people in there, the the is open for business. There's a kid look in its dad gone you said this: what can it be that bad and theirs is
woman whose like trying to call me down like she's looking at me, trying to make eye contact europe like women can gonna. You ve seen the maid, They can relax you and so she's like she's, like then bomb under having it, I'm so blurry eyed and crying uncontrollably front of strangers for ten minutes. Ten minutes sobbing they come out. fifteen minutes other come out. They go your daughter's, find the whole waiting. applause, thank god to get her into expensive dennis we she's got causer mouth blood all over. They ve pulled the teeth of recent, whatever they need to do. They take us into the little couch area with occur.
I like a little receiving room to let her wake up a lienholder, I'm standing, I'm shaking now, I'm in front of the curtain, and I'm just going we're fine we're fine curtain opens. Is the blackjack whitney houston? What whitney Houston puts her arm around is, he was stopped, being a daddy was like twenty five years at least now all much on my child's life. Oh my child fucking life. a child's life. May she? May my whole family be struck down. I swear to god on my my life drug store, just let whitney Houston says. How will the m on the couch star stroke in georgia's hair and his egg I've been? There is tough, be an appeal, and never goes way look is with this great fucking five minutes with whitney houston. She sat singing she's. I will always Georgia started away with me so
No, they didn't have a, but the doktor goes misused She goes yeah, honey goes and now she leaves the curtain goes where's having costner and in fact in swear to god. Sorting out and whitney Houston says someone put me sleep now now here's the caviar we got the Anesthesiologist was available. Houston have an appointment when the Houston gets put under to get teeth done. So we got that. and when the use and pay for the fucking anesthesiologist now here's the thing when you ask, if I I lied during a story There's no lie in that story. Ok, but if my wife told you the story go do that about the time limit, whitney Houston and I go with you- save it for the fuckin end does to end the fuckin story, Well, no, we got in the weight room. She was in the way I knew was whitney houston. What do you think? I'm stupid, I'm not going to recognize the houston. She was sitting right there. She had two big bodyguards who the fuck to a dennis office with two six
pow man, that's it Do what was beautiful. Women in the world was sitting in the waiting room. I'm like that's, not how you talk about the story. Learn how to talk a volume, moby dick, about the time that caviar killed by a whale. No, you fuckin tell the story we're gonna, tell the story, ellie ngos and when we maybe look stupid you No, it's not that red, no mother like when you go when you go. How like county like how much truth is in your story. There's truth in my, access by but I make it look worse than he fucking hate if every special it gets more and more apparent switches. Might I come from some pretty white trash, I really appreciate the leanne and stories yeah. Sorry, work out a new like that story. They don't know
It's just know I mean like if you're going to build a new special. Let's say: do you go? Do you have jokes on your phone? Do you take a notebook like how do you start trying to figure out how to l a joke, a lot of his writing or states. Repeater sets off those outside the stage. I'm all right. every thing I do like right, my set list and he's really now we really knows me- so anything new who write down and kind of highlight and the commission All the new shit I'm not really good at recognising anymore? I'm not really good, recognising good stuff, my fear is better at going like did you talk about that and unlike our shit and then, if I tell you the story. I am, I don't mean this arrogantly, but I'm really good at I've always been really good at telling a story like I've always been reader room and tell a story. I've gotten much better. I think the mission changed my life. That story. I was out forced to work on it. Gonna torment rogan arose. I have told us stage of its population
like I was, I guess it's a state is now stage story and he's like no, no, no, no, no and he's to his audience. Use cannot the machine, until he tells it make him tell the story on stage has only been on this machine is why it is vital. and so I told it for about four years of work are good. I mean so long time story. I haven't bomb, but indeed, that I learned a lot of valuable a lot of www, bull techniques storytelling number one is something I like to do some number one is you need? An ending story has to end A story that doesn't end is: is the fucking hobbit like the fucking? when you got done, you hold on was threat. What happens next did another one and you like a cool, so I guess we're gonna wait. Eight months to the end of it, we're like. Oh that won't end it either and you're like oh great. So these are episodes like a story needs an end
it needs a solid ending about it. I learn that with the machine, and then I learned it on accident with this really, one moment: ilo is a joke about Allah keeping our deodorant journal in the fridge raider and as she was, she would keep her don't generally the refrigerator and then she'd rub it under her nose- and I was like I go, what the fuck is actually my job business, and so she either was the most unique human being that I think has ever walked on this earth until she someone yocto Thats. Why? I, like that phrase here and so a brain drain. Another story about isler. I was on edibles, and and I thought it was done parenting for the day ellie. Like hey island, you talk to you, it's like midnight baby, I'm not in a place to talk to her she's, a cheese freaking out any study you, so I walk in a room.
and this is a perfect example of like these are two stories right and changing. The facts really helps changing the just a little low. The location for me helped the story, conversely, I was liberal the changing location, but walked into a room. This is the true store. I walked in a room and she goes as a hey. What's up she's like Hecuba: okay, if you're closer to get all the way down the bed, she looks at me. She goes to believe in time travel and I'm like wait. What by wham high as shit- and I do believe in time- travel. So, I'm like yeah why she goes. Would it be possible for me to come back from the future to tell myself a secret and I'm like yeah? I go why what's the secret? She has a tiny to no good night and I'm like hold on what she has done. need to go to bed. That's all I need to know. I walked out of the room and I was like what was what did you? What to talk to you about ago? Nothing, nothing! So then what will happen is one night I got and now those
his stories that were just like, don't don't and one night I was drunk in Calgary, and I and I messed it up. I said I said I I started the story of the donor and the refrigerator and the nice, and I stopped it midway through of he puts our deserves an end to it. She puts on her nose and an eye. started telling the marijuana story and and in the middle of the beginning of tell the marijuana story. I realized. I didn't finish other story, oh shit, but then I realized wait hold on in the in the telling us I was like. I better have an end I bet I can match these two. Oh yes, I said I'll accuser, Jennifer's river. I saw one morning she put on her nose the other night I'm trying to make it helps to absorb myself. Edibles either comes in my room in the middle of night and she's like she's, a k, doolan time travel, sci two excuse white,
fine you know she leave. I go now. I'm higher shit laying in the bed going like is. There are thirty or old version of my daughters, sitting in her bedroom going. What did he say? I told you, I was real, listen your dad's gonna die, but we can save his life first, any you to put your daughter forget her time. Travel smells like shit, we're gonna, love so and so but likes, but and then what happened is the obvious applauded and I got Austin? I wish I knew the name of the comedian because he was a really good comic for only doing it for years, and I said: do that joker? Like an applause break, he goes oh yeah, I bought the as why wine goes because I knew it was over and I went. and then, if you want a big boy, every fuckin story has a nifty boat. I ought to become like an and so you can't you can't it too smart for your own good, but like there's enough,
One thing I needed is like: if you're going to tell a story, you should let them know it's over and do you pay attention to, or maybe Peter pays attention to people laughing like? Oh, my god that killed them. They laughed so hard drag that beat out longer. Do that bit again because it's so funny like how are you figuring out the pacing of those stories that he's good? No, please correct me if I'm wrong, he's better at telling me when they're laughing for the wrong reasons or like when it's a gross laugh already know like like applauding. Yeah, like things like that, where you like, you can say things that I mean there's a lot of comics to do it and I'm guilty of it too. I'm sure times you can say things that makes them happy You know like, like a saw comical, say his name and I hope hopefully, ever sees a settlement. I love I love, as do I mean I guess that most male comics do not listen to my part, gas, so lovely safe, he said,
I don't believe in global warming and the audience went nuts and I went easy. I wonder if he thinks that, like I wonder he just is saying here we are, I think alike. Right and I was so. I try to avoid that by I'm guilty of it I'm guilty of it at times, but is it? Do you feel like it's cheap? Like it's a cheap, laugh, What's that you not! Is that you're not getting a laugh? You just getting you like saying like like there's a lovely I could say did I soon my audience would be like. Have you always got given a fact? is that no I give up. I give older people and one was seen as a nose mean those I do a lot of fox about getting Maxineff give a fuck about a very sensitive, very, very sensitive. So, like a doll, I stay, I stay off. anything, and I too am dyslexic and I'm a bad reader. So if I get to the comments, I read fast and I miss readings, and so Will try to compliment me and I'll. Take it as an insult and I'll be like you, too
I stay away from that as they were from off twitter entirely yeah I haven't been on twitter for awhile supper burner account that I created goes rogan sent me a fuckin taxed about some shit, and I want to see- and I off twitter and I and I gave all my passwords to everyone else. I couldn't touch it so then and then, and then twitter is like. Would you like to create an account that was like and create a count, and then I was like yeah cause? I kind of missed twitter news, so I created account. I meant to call. I meant what I meant to write was then username oops. I did it again, but what the count created was oops. I did it asian what is even worse is I also misspelled asian, I didn't my glasses on Adam dyslexic. So then so there's, I must go. I got off twitter because, because I could Too funny of a story, I had to tell everyone about it and then now that bernard accounts dead, so I'm like alright, so, and so
I dont some supersensitive, I'm supersensitive, so I kind of like but this movie will make me I'm very vulnerable cause. I want everyone like it and there will be of people that hate it. There has to be people that have absolutely no, not everyone's going to love this movie and people will hate me I'm very hyper aware that that's gonna ok, so I find this fascinating. Obviously I am my version of this for sure, but I guess I just assume that when you're as successful as you are, when you're like a bro, it feels like you're sort of protected in this culture. Of that You don't give a fuck that, like, if someone's like, I hate that guy you're like fuck, you I'm fine round on a golden drat like this. What that's why they fuck you and then there's also letter I guess it's in others like I own, we got me in time. A lot of heat for flying in private jets, impartiality, scram, my hope take- was like. He knows what regular people do.
but I know you want to know you want to try to pinpoint this is where now out of touch that we ve changed right. the fact that were videotaping ourselves on a private jet me we are still the same person, because let me tell do any one person that hates on us for videotaping us on a private jet if they were put on a private jet, would immediately videotape yourself it's what you do. My friend sandy florida, private jet from Oklahoma to l a she flew on a private jet. And she sent us twenty of the dumbest pictures of her on a private jet. there were twenty. She took twenty. She was by herself. She just laying down sunglasses off track last year. It's what you do it's a natural thing when you get something really cool to happen to your life. You want to remember it for yourself, and you also want to share it for your friends, when you don't realize. Is that your your people that don't like you will also see it so like I started, but but I'm I'm hyper? I am hyper aware that I am I where that than I.
I can overreact with sensitive and tom has been really good at kind of pinpointing like listen, don't worry, Donovan consumer, they don't for consumers, rights, some really off everything, but I'm sure of shuttle back to me, or maybe the movie will do well there there's so many things that like go. Where I go like the you know, I made people aware I was talking to Kevin smith the other day and, like you've, got a couple of personalities like the machine like I am the machine. I am the machine today on the machine. I'm doing this interview on having a fuckin blast I I will go home, I'm going to have make mark hamill lunch. Okay, we have to talk about this cause. How do you have a luke, skywalker's you're fucking were you dying when he took that role horace. You like your best friend greatly, and I know no, no, no! No, it was really
cool it was it was. We wanted zoom meeting, my wife, was a part of all the casting like she was she she was the gasping. Directorship absolutely was not, but she in every casting meeting its cultures will lose. It was people playing our family playing her right playing our daughters play my dad it was like you know, like very intimate. and so my wife had a really strong part income ca in casting the woman who played her. She vellum over there and then was like I love her and what was she eaten? What were those called when we cast her will we find out, and so we cast her and then leeann texted her. What was you eating? She was like to call flip sides with it. That's why I'm giving Stephanie an accent but but but so they we're on a comes call. I keep crediting Mary parent and I am almost certain its Mary parent.
but if it wasn't, I apologize mare parents, gangster, she fuckin gangster. I love a lover. She runs legendary as she is a gangster gangster like if I mean this all heartily if my daughter's grow, to be like Mary parent upset like she just is when you work for a woman like that who is just in control in charge, makes decisions doesn't fuck around like it's just really inspiring thing to see, call man or woman but like having to girls. So mere per worker phone. She's goes knows, gonna play your father and I was really now we ve been talking about a bunch of different names. She mark hammock and everyone's. Like my luke skywalker issues like more, hamel. We set up a zoom for next week. I want you to zoom of them. Give me a call me they tell me anything and I set the bosom of more camel, and the first thing he says to me is
Why dont you wear a shirt and that's exactly what my dad says. Wouldn't it be nice like a nice collared shirt or a blazer blazer would lead, you will know that you're there to work, and unlike this is my fucking dad. This is my dad twitty, and he was my dad to a t and he does something, things at my dad does their solely upon their. So many parallels between and my dad that that I and there's only parallels in so many parts of this movie that are like- unwittingly we write a script about a father and his daughter not getting along, and at that exact time that I leave the movie. Georgia tries marijuana for the first time I kind of fucking spin out. I start turning into this. The helicopter parent who, because I was raised with the father who, when you did something wrong his energy outta here and everyone coward. I was that was ike. Why? Why aren't there fuckin
colors on the copy of dogs. We keep on the active dogs. There are one hundred and fifty pounds. I can get your guardian like it's so then we're deal with. Colors of zog the why would I ever tell him I'm smoking weed I might as well lie and if I get caught while I know it's going to be at least colors on the dog's right, so so. It's on dealing with all this and I'm not connecting with georgia and whose my Jimmy cricket, whose, like my body, like my my my Wake up at five in the morning: hey you wanna, go, take a walk and hey dad. This is the kid this is he dad? This might be the last time, hold hands because I'm getting older and you're like all far that'll building like there's a weird. Did you know legacies of really sensitive tapped in, in child so
and we got to do the movie and the movie is about a father and his daughter having a disconnect and and- and so now, every scene with my daughter played by Jess is jess. Gabor is and is like real neil, like that we have a fight when one of the most by the beginning of the second act, very under the first act. We have a moment the great actor, I'm not a great actor by I working with great actors He does this thing where Peter tents he was like. I need you to. I need you to really like. I you to pull it out of him like you. He needs to break as a dad right now, a she she got me to cry in the first thing. I think we used it she to cry, but she did it with this. She put water and not water. She made herself cry her eyes wandered ass. She such in it durable, young lady that you I went it's just. I george. they can look alike and they and their friends- and I just would like it will hold onto
I did what I did george. I don't fucking do that cause I. This is now broken bert everyone get right, it is broken bert. I would. I did not like girls. I did not like crying in the house going was fair. I thought cry. I gotta use by words. You use your photo words softly georgia, Allah Craig! I don't fucking, do that! Don't fuckin EL. The conversations over. Are you just one, and I did I said exam what I do and I don't fucking do that and then I think she hasn't dismisses with her dad and then she started crying she's. I know you're making this about you. These are not, as this is not the script and then I just go fighting fail. This isn't. What are you doing this to be like it was such a real fucking seem lions their leaves all set. I fall apart crime I go into the garage and then cut I'm in the garage and for another coming Don't forget amazing. I will give you some new. Secondly, incomes is what we all like a kid.
one which is going to pick what's your story, but I really emotional talking about it. Like you, I was and then, and then and I mean there solely parallels to this move but my real life that like legit, parallels that I would just a meal, it open up floodgates me crying that I have not been. shut off. I'm welling up right now, but I'm just the a I think you know like and there's a dad that has a like, mostly right now, where you like, you just, am really tapped, and I cried the other night at dinner with my daughter. It was me and her leanne was doing this. She does it. Sir the ladies business has like a small business and so for every yearly and throws a party there with her friends. They closed the place down and they all just spent a bunch of money to help the lady's business and and across the street, is a really nice restaurant, patel, us and so,
as I gonna go to dinner, amandas shopping party and then we'll catch arrived with her home and I was just be me and you also get great so what we were talking about at dinner on how we were talking about this, but I she started talking about my buddy who had passed away. itself and I started telling her a story I'll knock until the story starts bruno all cry both to tell the story about when we met when he was seven in seventh grade, and I was in Rid of friends with his older brother and what happened the day we met your surfing and it was. He was just a very pure, pure pure person, pure person. I start crying telling us worry and that's how dialed in I am to my emotions and then eyelid, just leans in and goes a big guy. Everyone thinks I'm breaking up with you, pull it together and I'm like what, if they don't know where dad and daughter you're crying. This is awkward, stop fucking, crying yeah. She got you out of it. Then she got me to make me laugh and then she said
If you ever cheat on my mom, I will never talk to you for the rest of my life and I went hold on hold. why you say that she was I'm just letting you know if you ever cheaper. Will never talk to virtue of bio or would have would have mom cheats on me. She I get it. So what would you mean you get it? Here's what you got a lot. She does not for you, like the woman needs a breakdown I could take them back your latitude on mamma, the dude. I go what I think I can see that I was like. What do you mean? You could see that so yeah? It was a great dinner. Oh my god, the yeah or were you born in l, a was born in tampa in Tampa. How long have you been here? Maybe since two thousand okay, I was here for two thousand and one yes, two thousand so twenty three years you feel like you'll, you guys will stay, are everyone's snow know so, like
I I actually have I was taught I was so out. If, if we're going to really sound totally fantastic, I was working out with arnold schwarzenegger. I hate when that happens. He called me, but I couldn't make the appointment. So I'm glad you got to fill in. And I- and I am not going to- I Don'T- want wanna. I don't want to tell you his day, but it's really fucking cool, so Arnold every day every morning he goes. He drives to a place, a really nice place. He leaves his car there and he gets on his bike. He leaves his bike at this really nice place, and then he rises down to venice, venice beach, and he goes and works out of golds every day as every day, and then he rides his bike back to his really nice place and has breakfast there every morning and then he goes to his house. starts is dead, so does every morning it like seven in the morning seven morning, seven the morning as every day. and we were talking about what it was like to be a movie star and what it was like when he was when it was happening for him in his
Friends whose tommy stores about milton burrow in going to the like used, it was really an amazing amazing experience to hang out with oral schwarzenegger. Who in arguably is the largest action star we ve ever seen in the world yet, and then I went some breakfast and but at shutters, on the beach, which is really beautiful if you haven't been, if even if you're, This will be an early annually in your little nook, like sherman oaks, you should probably venture out cause other parts of ITALY that are pretty interesting, have so urban breakfast it is on the beach and ignored norton gets up and walked past us, and I go in recognising famous people by just one norton we clapping, and he goes, is what biogas Morton and then and then I had and then and then I I did a password cabin smith and I had an epiphany idle epiphany dry being through hollywood, with my wife and driving through up the pieces into
malibu up to the having our getting ourselves home, I had an and was like make hollywood fun again like not like I've never really owned the city of never claimed the city is mind. I've been here twenty three years and all my friends turn their back on it. Like rogan and tom, like fucked up place its eye, hellhole yeah and I was like began, but I live here like a white. Why wouldn't you, Why would you your own young like? Why would you and then I will? If was a bad ass place with a ton of creative people who. all are really interesting. People off to do is just just it's like is like having sexual with a puzzle look here we go back that remember. Go I wanted to do was to dude really smart dude leave his wife and his wife was awesome. His wife was fucking awesome and he
said with a smile on his face. I upgraded, I think, that's what about those are my special I did. I did I do number there. It's in the verbal very beginning. He said I up don't you ever date, someone's young bull, to deny governing joke about that, but like yeah, So I hear the upgraded now I just was like as well. Interesting way to look at your life, as opposed to love in the shit you got and finding the beauty in it. just like I'm done with that, and I am not saying that that's what rogan and tom did gap, but for me it was Ike. Could you you can always live your life. You can be also be the bad ass, who stays with her for, like fifty years and by what we're talking about austin, not we're, don't love them in their wives. Gaucho and tom are very happy marriage. I'm doing an analogy, so you can always. I can always leave liane change every just get a young chick I've seen them I've seen them I've seen them is.
It is pretty fucking amazing. I showed him to like you just you know, that's an idea. This is. He wants me she's, a good luck, backlog, I'd like to see you fuck and try, and so, and so I thought about hollywood- and I was like why not make hollywood fun it's fuckin. This is a city set up for fucking, funny like why not get lakers tickets and go yeah? I not go to the dodgers games and have a fucking blast. Why not in an independent firstly this is one of the weird things like I hated using your phrase to you, but you watch sometimes people their own young. So like like some of won't go out and promote a movie. If they go out, I don't wanna, I don't wanna feel gross, I'm an artist and you go hold on. Don't do that this What this tidies the city's built on this this? idea that working to promote the fuck out of it. We made it for the world. We want the world to see. It were proud of. We do like an and so would the premier I have friends. It won't go to premiers iphone.
go into that hollywood shit and they think it's cool. I go that's cool, then just build fences because the thing we're out here to do is make cool shit and hope. People like it The you get people to hope like it is by promoting it. So I was like fuck. They were like what to do a red carpet of. Unlike a premiere party, I go down to spend more money, the premier party than we do on the movie like I want to make it huge. I want to turn it into waste management. I want it to be live golf. I want people throw in beers of people, I was celebrities afraid to come because they go, and I want to invite the fans I want to do stands with the fans to remember how fun hollywood was because we went through this whole pandemic, where we didn't have it we went and now everything's going streamers and and I'm too and I'm tellin you there's people, There's no slight on anyone doing ship for streamers, ass, bad ass. I've been on a streamer, I'm very happy with my relationship with netflix I haven't. Thing with: I'm there I've a movie at netflix there,
Hopefully the machine. My movie will end up on netflix one day right now. It's a movie theatres like it's old school and so on. Bring back the oars, fun Hollywood were. Were people just did fuckin shit and they lived out loud and and and I that the internet is there and they they're gonna shit all over, but I need to be cool with it and just go fuck a monopolistic oughta be like bruce. What does it take harley on the red carpet, be like and then gratuitously play the harmonica for an hour at a bar, where everyone's like bruce Lee, is out of his mind. Like I want to rip my shirt, we do it on the road and it's follow the road people love it like when you go a bar, and you really If you stand with the bar and you do a shui and the place goes fucking banana. The shoe is when you pour is out of a shell when you pour a beer and a shoe and you drink it. Out of the shoe is very popular in Australia. Alright, but like it's fun, when you do it on you on the road, people are always like We are doing here and then is one but holly
for some reason, has got to say everyone's to call for school, and you just, I think, have to find a community of people that have your same intentionality of like I fucking want to be excited about life. I want to be excited that I'm going golfing with my dad. I want to be exciting that the excited the movies coming out. I want to be excited like it. still, if you can show up to a space that used to fucking dream about being an you, not feel that you you shall leaf. By the way you should know that your job is inspiring people to examine their lives and go. We want to do it a little bit better. I want to have goals. I want to have dreams. I want to have something that I get to build towards, I'm I I may not just be some mom in de moyne maybe I'm maybe can do something. Maybe I want to do something you leo? through that and what do the self discovery of like she said. I have no point in my life and I was like what
the girls were like up and running yet, and I have no point the cardinal purpose yet and I was like ok She's a I I go, let me help you find your purpose and she was like well what, if I don't have one as everyone's got a purpose. You can find your purpose. and she was like well what it would do us all to start with a podcast year. I saw she was anxious and we are what do I would talk about it doesn't matter yet I go just do it for you. It's almost like therapy. If you talk, if you talk to other people for a couple hours every day you do get to some injury. in places yeah, I mean I'll, tell you right now, the man I met and not go back to Joe, but it's very tangible point, but the man I met twelve fifteen years ago, Is not the man I will see next week? He is a so much wiser in sight for thoughtful person than who he was when I met him? Yeah. The aim is not an end in and by the way, just listening to his podcast has forced me to
way, more introspective and thoughtful about things. I say things. I think the way I feel like everything everything out. Such a match your moment with another moment. Every everytime I was right so I started taking my shirt off onstage to remind myself. It was fun cause. I was like oh get an ob in dayton. Ohio is just a place. I definitely remember being depressed as fuck. and it was not, I remember thinking it was sold out and and dock the mint club owner goes. Oh, no, no, it's not even close what what what and he goes. Oh hang on. I think you're not looking at the empty seats, and I went no, I'm just looking at the people and he goes yeah. It looks like it's packed in order for it to be a sell out, people have to be sitting the wrong direction to watch the show, and I went. Oh isn't: u. We just remove some seats to make a more comfortable, but at that eta stats for top dollar two topical one
Oh that's, fine socks and then I all of a sudden, my eye was deflated, which I then took it as a as a lesson to us. Deflated know it well fuck and inn. To remind myself that this job should be a fun time. I started taking my shirt off. I started taking my shirt off on stage and killing a bear just to remind myself- and you know- hey- let's have fun up here tonight, but make sure that they paid money. That makes me happy. am the reason I kept her office. One time in Columbus, I ripped it off and I forgot to put it back on and we turned we talked about something else and then twenty minutes I think we should have a premature back on this woman. The backside keep it off and I was like ok, and then I did a wholesale shoreless and this conduct I really respected, was like dude. I couldn't do shirtless, you did a whole hour. Shortlist, that's insane! I thought I'll keep doing my shirt off then, when I go to shoot. My special I'll put a shirt on it'll be like superman. Like
I fucking was the dumbest thing I'll be swimming in overalls. Right now is the dumbest things and I realized. Oh, I can't perform shortly. I can't perform with the shirt on. I am going to be reduced earliest. So now. I was the origin of taking the shirt off now it sounds silly people go, you can see. There are still things you're off that your thing every time when I go on stage there's a moment. It's really cool J, J and Brendan will take me back with pete. They take me to the back and I have a hub of kobe up to cold beers and a big and a coffee and we'll watch my intro video, which is a promo video before I go on stage its kind, it's kind of fun to walk like highlighted, of me and then it gets to a certain point. It s a certain point where after crackdown, because you have to hide
I look up, and I see the name of the arena on performing in the png paint center or whatever fuckin amalie arena in Tampa. Like you see the arena name on the top or you see, Boston, gardening see all the the celtics jerseys hanging up there and you go ooh. This might be the last time I get to do this like it. This is like overwhelming, and then you get out on stage and you feel nineteen thousand people, fifteen thousand people stand up and cheer for you and in queens clearwater revival, plan fortunate son and absolutely it sounds so silly. This is what a meathead I am, but then, when I kill a bear and I'll rip my shirt off and you hear that pop of those people going yeah like it
I mean I'm so lucky. I took my shirt off in the first place because it so fun to feel that energy of people back. I go the second stop enjoying that goofing us the goopiest thing of taking your stupid shirt off and killing, here I mean that frat boy meet head tailgate energy than that makes me so fucking happy. That's I go the second as I feel that I am done, because its is just it's just I mean in the silliest things I could talk to you I get over. What do you want? My poor guy would fucking love that I love that common reply. Yes, Peter has the information you can tell jack. my pockets and I'll. Happily answer them and I'll give you like I'll. Give you one. Bad again reviewed nerve parts. As early as July gap. Can we have drinks on your pancakes? Is anything you have not yet on a show, but I feel like I'm ready for it
You are the one that I'd like to think you're. Thank you your and in you're gonna, walk away and go away because go cause gets you like she gets you get when you said that I just for real like connected with me. We'll find a purpose like this is what I do. Oh she's got a purpose now: she's my fuckin business. Ok, she is a fucking, bobo, awesome, she's, a bull She was growing your business like, oh, yes, he was almost our fire people also hold on. I will ever she's easier for. Oh, she has a purpose hard core right now she is running our business and she is fucking. She is on it. She put pick the right path and ass. She will be real yeah. The really love that I was thrilled, shoot she's gonna go she's gonna go hello, I'm far, georgia down here. She needs to be pointed out toward now much bolivar. of worms or champagne, just as it now now this island, the accents
If I get access, because I do want to promote it, because this is why you're here listeners, where are they finding the movie when's it coming out? When are they lining up in the bleachers to scream for you, while you ride the harley down the red carpet or premieres in brentwood right. Regions, the nobility regency dinner come now just a few brown just show up and just show up and get a cup of coffee down there and just walk around and see anybody. That's all awesome they would have one stop blocking fun things. You have yet its moral. They weaken its in theatres, it's the mission You can go to the machine that movie to bye, bye pre order. Your pre get your tick seats so we're doing is we're doing in theatre event. That stream live in the on the twenty fifth so people- can get their tickets for the twenty fifth and watch us stream live from the red carpet awesome, and so I thought, though, before this. What we do in pakistan of adults
but the presentation, maybe we'll talk about the movie, I'm sure I'll cry will certainly cry. I said. Ideally I would do that presentation and then right as the house lights went down some of the clore for me and then put me into a coma for like five days and go and wake me up. Go you're bodies. Rusted I mean we ve got your hydrated levels back yard. of caffeine, use, no alcohol call your system, you lost only by the way you sub, loaded and read is used to be, but but yeah it was a I the machine. That movie is where you can pre order your tickets to get a seat at the theaters, and I want I'm I'm I want people I want, people to take a look at this weekend memorial day we can and an event ties it for themselves and an eye Ideally why I put a lot of time and effort in this movie. We A lot of great people worked on it so come out support all school movies. Like movies go to the theatres put on. a pair of sweat parents and sweat shirt get comfortable. Oh your order? No think about. I want you to think what
this day, what am I get? The movie right s, large pop goes you in your machu hot dog, junior methods, yeah the butter finger low bites and a large, and by the way, this absorb booze allow these leaders making your own booze. Take your shirt off in the theater sent me a picture at birth crisis. Our repose on instagram, but have fun that is its like people will make movies, so the iron What movies has even cry, but I accept people make movies, do not have a fucking ass. We therefore have a broken glass with it. Enjoy it, it's a big budget, holly Would action comedy it's fun the bigger than you expect. I think you're gonna be surprised at how far it is and the end and by support live comedy. We have fully loaded festival all summer. We do we're doing for still in june to angel I've got twelve fifteen comics. Now fifteen That's it are on it. We go the country were started and forced hills the tennis arena and then we ended
words in washington. We just added bruce bruises my favorite comics in the worst, I'm really lucky. Louis black David tell changes Mark norman, big ericsson, dancer Seventy had I mean it's just a whose, whose lives of great the best comics in the business of how long are there sat everyone twenty four murders, everyone murders, we're doing. wars were doing it in arenas chemist. Gonna come out. Do you gonna do new york, we are worse, eggers that he wants to come out and do on ambient as theirs. I told him. I said I gotta private jet. looking for you, I will fly while in a private jet you come out investors on it. She's gonna be a tv show with arnold, and so I said, arnold I will fly well and he was I got. I want to be on the one with fortune, amid The traverse city and I was like great great, come to traverse city will bring. He goes. I want to come on stage and tell a joke whose lives are great. I have a problem. I got too hard on the people. He was saying. This is the funniest thing he goes. He goes goes milton.
Girl, told me hey, you know ross. This guy, you say: hey he's an. Overweight guy, he retains water, looks like he's writ aiming leg, mead and then he goes He wasn't an then I gotta do it and I'm just a. I do mean I'm like look this vat fucking piece of shit because we are because I just I They don't you think I burn noted this vat like a piece of shit. Ok retains water, also, during a horrible arnold sort. I love, but also the machine in movies. Moral day. We can go out to the movies. And razzle dazzle, is on netflix, yeah and you'll laugh so hard. You can't breathe. love this park. This was a fuckin blame. You have to come back when is actually decorated. we utterly tell come out, do my blog, I would love to and we will have a blast.
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