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422: Life Update: WE'RE MOVING!!

2023-05-24 | 🔗
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Hi guys it's rage, welcome to another episode of the show and a little life up day, for you guys that I'm really excited about and also feels pretty bitter sweets and all the things, but it's good stuff, which is, I am moving back to us angeles, I'm taking my children and I'm moving back to california and theirs. Sort of reasons and wise and all of it, and I wanted to do a pipe casts talk to you about What's going on in our lives and what this all looks like, but. It's a pretty better sweet moment, because this the last had cast I'm in a record in this little studio, where I have been recorded
for the last three years, so it's pretty cool and also feels super trippy kind of like the end. Is I'm a kind of like a definitely is the end of a really big chapter in my life. I'll walk you through it. Hi, I'm rachel, Hollis and this is my podcast I spend so many hours of every single week, reading and listened podcast and watching youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do. On this. Shall we talk about everything like and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened to dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guests are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these.
our conversations? This is information for the curious. This is the rachel Hollis. I'd gas for those of you who are maybe nearer to the show and work with me back in the day I I was born and raised in southern california. Very specifically, I was raised in a place called bakersfield. If you know bakers filled, then you know bakersfield and if you don't owe me yourself I'll tell you that it was predominantly settled when people started come in to that region was predominantly settled by people who are migrating out of oklahoma during the dust bowl and because of that the whole town feels very much
if you went to Oklahoma. It feels very sort of southern minded. It's a community built on oil and agriculture. I grew up with anglers and everybody had a truck and everybody wore a cowboy hatton, had an accent, even though its based in california and. so landing in texas was or was very easy for me and that's where will start like I began my my life's journey in that area. and when I was just under eighteen, I moved to los angeles and I lived there until five years ago, so I was in southern california, my entire life and at the.
If twenty seventeen I had been working on building my business, for, I can't even guess how long at that point I yeah I mean over a decade just I had very very very long time. I'd been working at it and I had finally gotten to the place where the business was starting to have Real financial success think like a lot of small business owners when you start doing anything you're, figuring out one product that you can sell and at the time my product was at a lifestyle blog and we produced content for advertising partners and it was really fun. I had this great team of people, but it was super early days What we would now call influence or marketing. We really had no idea what we were doing. We were just like, oh well, we make in a blog posts about casserole recipes or how to do.
You're living room or how to style your favorite Denham jacket, and because we have a big enough audience, people will pay to sponsor posts, and I built a business round this idea Then I started to write books and had like a little bit the tiniest mention of success as an offer and we hosted our first event: our first rise conference, some of you were there hundred and thirty people, just like us figure things out. We were just dabbling in. Essentially media built around communicating with women and so Much of what I do today obviously is still very much media based around communicating with women, but back in twenty six, teen, the company was really starting to have financial success and simultaneously own, if any of you of our ever experienced says but simultaneously, while my
career was really climbing. My ex husband who I was married to at the time I was really trying to figure out his next career move. He had been an executive at a major inspiration for really long time. He was pretty unhappy in the role- and he just sort of didn't what he wanted to do, and so we began to talk about and dream about what it would look like to work together. We talked about that for ages, but at the end of twenty seventeen
it really started to seem like oh dang. This could be a thing. It could be a thing, but it couldn't be a thing for my business in a place that costs as much to live, as los angeles did so. I had started to think about okay, if we're really going to do this, where, where could we do it and it just so happen, I mean, I don't believe in coincidence. I believe that god guides us to things or are you know, guardian angels guide us to things, and it just so happened that in twenty seventeen I had opportunity to visit a lot of different entrepreneurs who are based in other states, so I remember walking through the offices of noonday in Austin Texas. I remember going in meeting with the team and able in nashville tennessee I was visiting people in new york. I was,
waking up people in arizona and the two cities that really resonated with me were nashville and austin, I'm just giving lies the full like soup to nuts cause. I do think, there's something interesting about packing up your family and moving to another state which a lot of people dream of. but maybe you are afraid to do where they don't want to look like some just like giving you guys the full enchilada. I really like nashville. I really liked Austin and I am just as a human being way more adventurous, I'm down for two and I'm not afraid, like I could pack up tomorrow and move to spain. I am not freaked out by this at all. If I didn't have four kids, I probably would do crazy things like pack up and move to spain, because I think it so that I can do my job from anywhere, but as it turned out, I had for kids
and this idea of moving my business. I also wanted to make a smart decision and there I dunno how many there are now, but at the time there were literally five states in the: u S that were very great to be a business owner and they were very forgiving in terms of taxes, if you were in those states and tennessee and Texas were two options, so I don't know if we ever said it publicly, but we were debating nashville and were debating austin and ultimately, we chose Austin because I loved the feel of the city I loved you know. Often slogan is keep austin weird, it's funky its artistic. It's it's just cool. It's really really cool
And to be totally honest, I knew at the time at my oldest son is gay. He was not publicly out, he had never told me he was, but I knew that he was from the time. He was a little boy and I did not want him to be in an environment that maybe wouldn't be super accepting of that and maybe you're laughing as you like. Why did you leave to texas, but austin is not like the whole of Texas often has its own special cool funky place and I Ultimately was a little nervous that nashville might be just a touch too conservative. So that's the. Why that's? How that of the decision
made and when we made the decision to move as the end of twenty seventeen. But we didn't actually like officially move until the summer of two thousand and eighteen and what's so interesting about that choice and why you know it felt so divinely lad was my book or wash your face, had not come out and also just for for clarity. If your new here and you dont know why that's important, that is the most successful thing I've ever done in terms of its osier profile financials, all of it. I wrote this book and
Nobody really thought it was going to do much of anything and it exploded and it sold a bajillion copies and it changed my life forever, so that book had not happened. Yet this decision to make this move was one hundred per cent, a leap of faith that we could just figure it out. And we had to wait about a minute. Ass may be nine months from the time we made the decision to the time we moved, which to be fair, I'm really bad at being in limbo. I do not like I'm decisive and when I make a decision I just wanna go. I want to put my energy into the new thing, it's very hard for me to sort of sit and wait, and I feel like it
I said that god has tried to help me learn. A million times is just to be still and to be patient and to allow it to be whatever it's going to be. We pack up our kids, we move to austin Texas. We made the decision honestly, we found a real estate agent. She showed us houses all over town and we ended up in a little town about forty five minutes outside of Austin Access called dripping, springs and dripping springs was so amazing for our family on a bunch of different levels and was all oh, let their amazing things about it, and then- we're things about it that I struggled with.
and this is not a dog on this town- this town is wonderful and we have so many friends that we love there. But it is forty five minutes outside the city. It is small town life, and what I love about it was. I loved the land is really weird But I was coming from our way where there's traffic and congestion and like your be no all this stuff and all of a sudden. I was in this house in the country, like literally the house next door to our house. They raised buffalo, you look out the window in the war
Didn't you just see like buffalo in an open plane, it was wild and I love nature, and I love the country and I love my feet. He had bare feet in the grass or bare feet in the dirt. Like I love to garden, I'm here for this life, what was very hard was, if you want to do anything you're going to track forty five minutes both ways. So when I got divorced in twenty twenty, I moved about twenty minutes closer to Austin Texas, but I still was pretty far outside the city. It was just fine because my travel schedule was, I mean I had this down to a science. So whenever when my kids were with their dad. I would schedule my work around them being with their dad so that when they were with me, they were with me and I didn't go out of town. I was just like here with them, but the second day went back to dad's house. That's when I did my travels, so I would
the new york and record podcast or go to a layer go to london. I would go. Do these different things and I felt like as much as I didn't love being on aeroplanes that much I had come the best of both worlds, because I would come home bare feet on the patio, fine off the mosquitoes just having this slight country experience. But then I would also sort of get the city So that's just like catching you up to where we are today. right now, someone's listening to songs, about parties, travel and get away without ever planning one for themselves. They! a change of two real north carolina. I had probably about it, year ago started to think about what would be next.
Does a lot of reasons that I started to wonder if we would ultimately stay here But I'll tell you a big one for me was my work in that the part cast that you are listening to is that this is my job. I books. I do these other things but like day in day out, this is my job. This is what employs my employees. This is what we do. We make this podcast for you and it's amazing and I love it, and I am so grateful that I get to do it and is what supports my family and it has supported my family for a very long time. So, as the show got bigger, I started getting more opportunities to sit down way. honestly, some bigger gas for the show, and I was constantly juggling this like a like. Only do these weeks arsenal
You know a, but I was making it work and when my kids dad passed away, I was unsure how like what am I gonna do. Do so a minute. I dont want to travel away from them, especially right now I like to keep the schedule as normal as possible as routine as possible. They know it expect, I don't want to be away from them. They don't want to be away from me, but how do I figure this all out and we had talked as a family? I had talked with their dad when he was still live like we had talked about this idea of, would reconsider going back to
Allie and on the one hand there is such incredible community here for the kids a specimen teenagers. They both have like the most amazing groups of friends, but to be totally truthful. I have no community here. That is nothing against the amazing people. There are so many kind people that I am friendly with, but I dont have my close friends here. All of us close friends, livin ellie. I had two of my best friends who lived here for a minute and they moved about a year ago,
No, I really haven't had my you know, sisters, not sisters by blood but sisters by choice and I haven't had you know my children's aunties haven't been around like I. I don't have that here and after their dad passed away. I started thinking like, oh my god, it's it's me. Like you know, I talk to you guys about this in the blog episode. I did that as much as I have been in. Lot of ways, the main parent for a very long time. Now it's really just me, and I want to set myself up and kids out for the best possible opportunity we have to like managed this because for kids
You guys know like it's so much. It is so much and my kids are amazing human beings, but they each have their own life, their own schedule, their own emotions now they're there. They all have their own grief process and therefore european. all of these things that we are going through as a family, and I have the most incredible partner like I literally- cannot imagine our family trying to navigate the last. You know three four months without him here, but it's still like I'm a mama. These are my kids like. I have to figure out how to.
Help us best. So I started thinking about my community. Back in l, a my family is two hours north of l, a so grandmas grandpas aunties uncles, all of it and my children's dad's family is two hours south of l, a so there's just this whole village there that I don't have here so I had started to think about it, and then my kids asked they were like hey, are we gonna think about California? And I was like when they first ass? I was like we are not. We can talk about anything, there's too much going on we're trying to keep their heads above water. We need to just be here and grieve
in the process and figure this all out, and I was simultaneously sorry guys this just like became a therapy session, I'm just like venting, not even video, just telling you that I am the executor of my ex husband's will and the trustee of his estate and all of those things- and I don't know if any of you have ever gone through this, but that is, it is the most. Ireland have words for how intense it is to try and help process someone's estate stuff. You know I never thought about this in my life like what happens when someone passes away and like someone has
To pay the bills, someone has to what do you do with their physical stuff? What do you do with you know the funeral, the bare like it, the last. For months have been the most. unbelievably intense. I had again my boy friends, my niece and a sweet friend virus cress, who has just like it's a fool adults working literally every day for four months to get us to this place where we are leaving texas tomorrow, like it is it's pretty knotty? How much goes into it and I I might just keep telling you
Is this because it sounds morbid, but I dont think it is too like have a plan to have your affairs in order to have like I, Add my own will down. I had all that stuff in place, but after my kids dad passed away I was even more like. I have even more of a plan because leaving some one to manage it all is, I believe, a pole. I can you don't even think about all the stuff that ok, I'm gonna, stop it's! So just I'm in a key just saying now over you guys I called both my parents who are there late sixties. I was like: do you have your your stuff in order because do not out like I was joking with them, but like not joking, I do not do this to us. Girls
two older sisters: do not when you pass away just leave it all for us to figure out, so nobody wants to think about it, but it's real tomorrow is not a guarantee. It is not a guarantee and to ignore the fact that something might happen, and you might not be here, I think, is so dangerous, especially? I know so many of your parents- and I know when I had to do this- was before my ex passed away like I had to do that meeting where you sit down and figure out your will and you're like okay. If something happens to me, I'm knocking on what
something happens to me. My kids go to this person and then the lawyers like. Ok, what? If something happens to you and something happens to the person that you done and your like? Oh my lord, you basically have to go like four layers of its and if something happens to them- and I get to a point where I'm like- if something has happened to the war layers of adults, it's the apocalypse, the kids get to raise themselves. We're like at this point going and having your estate planning done. Is it's really intends and its stressful, but it is important. I cannot stress to you guys enough how important it is and if you are married and both people not just one both p
whoa, don't know all the financial details girl cause. It's usual, I'm going to speak. It's usually the women who are like oh he's got it figured out or whatever, like I'm, not making fun, I'm not talking crap. I was that woman at some point you have to know you need to know. What's going on, you need to know. What's going on in your count you need to know what's going on, what is your name on water water, whereas the debt like you need to know all that stuff, because this process has been, easily one of the most intense of my life, and I was experiencing my own kind of grief, my own kind of anger, my own, all of it right, but I wasn't experiencing the grief of a spouse who had lost a partner, and I have thought that a hundred times in the last four months that if I was trying to navigate this and
I was grieving, the way a partner grieves. I I literally don't know how I would be taught. I don't think I'd be able to even work. I don't know cause it. It's so much sorry. I went off on a tangent, but I do believe someone listening needed to hear that right now just know what your plan is and make sure the people in your life know what the plan is, but the last four months have been so unbelievably intense and meanwhile I do have a job that I you know have to keep doing and am lucky to get to keep doing, and I have to have kids that need to be. We have lived like, I still got it people to baseball practice, I still have two, you know: do all these things make dinner and lunches and do bedtime routine and you know, spend an hour combing out knows curls, like I soft, do all this stuff and
and now we ve added this massive change up of closing down one piece of this thing and making the decision to move its a lot of things, and I was just talking to one of my girlfriends and she was like what are you doing? Why did you do all this stuff at once, and am I This is from a sweet friend who does not have children, and so all of you are going to understand that the best time to transition your children from one city to another is during the summer. So I had a very limited window of time that I felt like we can move. We could get into a great new.
routine and they could fully be acclimated to the city before school starts in the fall. So I needed to make moves a bit faster then maybe I would have chosen to do otherwise right now. Someone is listening to songs, about parties, travel and get away without ever planning one for themselves. They a change of two real Is it north carolina line, yes to the kids, had asked and I had to, then we're not going to do anything right now we're going to take our time, but the more we talked about it. The more everyone was like yeah. This is what we want to do and I think too just to be totally fair. They go to school in a in a small town and I don't think it's
hard to imagine that as a teenager, you would may be want a bit of a fresh start where everybody doesn't know your story and the super hard thing that you just live through, because it's already hard enough on a hundred levels, what they have to go through, but its harder when you live in a small town and everybody like saw staff and understand staff and, like you just it's gonna, be great To have a fresh start to get him go to a place to start a new school where people I know you, and so they don't know, even that they're supposed to feel sad for you, which is something that they ve grappled with, is like people are so kind and so thoughtful. But if you're a kid I mean think about it at some point you don't want people to be like hi. How are you
it just makes you feel weird. It makes you feel weird kids want to feel normal when they're around their friends and so there's a lot of pieces of this that are going to be hard leaving behind friends is going to be super hard, but the part that they are very excited about is like the fresh, fresh start clean slate, and I guess I would say to those of you who are like you know: oh you're, going to move. What's that like you're moving kids, my kids are very adaptable and I think that probably started with us. I mean this is ages ago, but we were foster parents in l, a and being foster, parents meant be ford or for little girls came through our house. There was change, change happened a lot and then after we were foster parents, we adopted their sisters, or that was
other big change. Then we moved the first time and I remember people being like. Oh my gosh you're moving your kids. This is: are they going to be okay? How are they going to just kids? Kids will adapt to the energy of whatever vibration you're. Bringing to the moment. so. I am positive that if I was freaking out and like oh my gosh, what's gonna happen, they can be it then they would be absorbing that too. But I'm super chill. It's like you could be the most nervous traveller in the world, but they summon listening to this. You don't like being on aeroplanes airport.
Freak you out you're the person who wants to get there six hours early cause you're really nervous about it. I'm not that person I have traveled so much, and my boyfriend has traveled about one hundred x. More than I have. The two of us are. The most calm We are, who you want. Is your travel buddies, because, no matter how freaked out you are, you will get around us and you will just calm down because relic? Oh my gosh its. We have plenty of time. We know each airport were like oj of cable, just go in the side thing and editor. I dont get fluster about change. The same way I get flustered about travelling, and I think that my kids so
ass. They are, I would say, like seventy five. Eighty percent excited twenty percent trepidations, but the beautiful thing is we very intentionally already made plans like we already have oliver trips to come back here. To vote. Like plane, tickets book the whole thing so that they know when they're gonna see their friends. They know it's just it's a very smooth and easy transition to going so going back to away- and I have to tell you guys, the story of finding the house there, because it was such a guided thing. For a bow nine months. I was looking for a place in los angeles, because I was there almost every other week for work and I thought well. This is crazy,
so much more sense to just get a tiny little. What is it pierre to tear like I just a tiny little thing, one bedroom. I will put the podcast studio in this space and then I'll sleep there when I come to town. That was my whole vision and I looked for now nine months and every time I would find a place I loved it would fall through at the last minute. Something would happen or at sea places I walk into places and walk through them and they would be so you and so beautiful unkind of on paper. Everything I wanted and I would get the craziest anxiety like massive massive massive exotic, not figure out, what's happening and side. No, I am starting
wonder, maybe already told you guys this, but I am starting to wonder how often I think I'm having anxiety and it's actually just my intuition manifesting physically, because I'm not listening to her internally because have you ever experienced that we're like your inner wisdom, your inner, knowing your higher self, she has been talking to you than started yelling. Then she started screaming and you kept ignoring, or meeting her and Finally, she's like ok, well now, you're just gonna start to feel this in your body even start fill us with. back pain, you're, going to start to get migraines you're going to start from me. It's anxiety and I would walk into these houses and be like I don't I I just would have such a strong. Long reaction that I knew this. I can't this is not the space and I was feeling really discouraged. and I was doing everything I know how to do- praying and meditation manifesting vision
position and, like I don't understand why it so hard. For me, the should be a big deal to find a little place anyway, and now Of course. I know why, because if I had gone a little tiny one bedroom I'd be totally screwed right now. So when all this happen, we made the decision to move back. I started looking off his place that could accommodate my one thousand children and we see- looking. Pickens are kind slam. I was a little of starting to feel oh, my gosh. We endeavour to find anything I was really trying to get the transition perfectly. I trying to manage like could I be? beautifully line this up, so that everything's clothes and I have this house ready to go in the summer for the kids. So we can like do this whole thing, so we looked at a few places. Nothing was like Roy
eight and then kept looking and finally were out on a trip to allay, and it was one things where the real estate agent was like. Let me just show you a bunch. Let's just do like. What's you know, see all the things and then you have a better idea, and I agreed to that- and I didn't really even look at what he was gonna show us. I was just like just let's go, and god bless boo, that more it was like I just think, you're going to find it today. You're gonna, walk in you're gonna know like it's the days the day like were calling the shot like you're gonna, find the place and the very first house who went to see the door opens And the woman's like rachel and oh my gosh, because she and I used to go to church together like six years ago What are you doing? In my turn of anna plays
da da da and she understands our situation cause. She obviously knew my ex husband and so she's, like oh, my gosh, of course, and I walk in his house and I'm like. Oh, this is actually really cute and It had a studio in the backyard, those like ok, perfect for podcast, and it just like had everything it was so wild. It just was like, oh this? Is it and she I literally. We were the first people who had seen the house. It was even really on the market, yet she had worked with the people who own the homes you work with them forever and she called him issues agreed it was the best, I know her from forever like we and literally there will echo will, if you say, rachel's the one rachel one just done done, then it all flowed so smoothly. It all worked out so well, it was
wild. And it's a reminder to me and to you win, You are trying to call something into your life when you have a vision when you are trying to manifest and it's not working terrace of reason. There is always a reason that it's it's like energetically, it's stuck energetically, it's not flowing it's almost like you're trying like line up have you ever seen those games where there is like a marble, and then you create a little track for the marble to go on in your like turning this thing, a movie, not fingers, can't see my hands but, like your basically lining it up, so that the marble can smoothly all along the track. That's what energies like it's like It's not that you're not wise about the choice is not that you're not working hard. It's not that you are not
meditating correctly or praying correctly or any of its like there's a reason. Your rejection is god's protection like theirs. Reason that I wasn't meant to get any of those little tiny one bedrooms. I was looking at It's because a universe knew I was gonna need. Some people could accommodate for kids and apartheid s studio. So, like I thought this, the other day, I've, given you guys us now Gee, but it happened again. The other day I missed my flight I never miss. My fight, I told you I'm the easy traveller. I know all the airports, I know, and it was just this freak thing like computer system goes down and then they couldn't checked bags and it was a whole crazy thing and I was pretty like for me. I never get flustered in an airport. I was a little like what is going on and I get.
they're my arm and make my fly. I get up to the gate as its boarding. They check my ticket and there, like you, dont, have a ticket I'm literally holding my ticket. I have here is messy and there, like you, cancel your ticket and, like I did not I, what do you I'm right here? It didn't cancel and not for nothing american airlines, but I have about one million I have so many miles. It's my preferred airline not to be a douche lord, but like I'm a high level status cause I traveled the airline. So much so they're arguing for me. You you cancelled your ticket, I'm like I didn't cancel so I come over here to the das, like let us look at this and what happened
was that when I went to check the bag, the sweet girl at the counter, who might have been new, made a mistake. I don't know, but in doing so cancelled the ticket and as soon as she cancelled the seat, somebody snapped it up cause they'd oversold the flight. So I'm like trying it to new york. To do my new york show for tour and I'm like really peeved, I'm sorry, I don't ever get pissed off, but I was like. Are you kidding not for nothing, but it was like a seven am flight, which means I had to get up at like four thirty I was like. Are you kidding me right now, so little peeved?
and I was kind of like okay, I'm going to have to take a later flight or to take like a six pm. It was like a whole thing and I was pretty worked up when I was walking away from that gay- and I heard this voice remind me, which has reminded me this before. If you are going to feel gratitude when the universe works and I'm using air quotes when the universe works in your favor, you have to also feel gratitude when it does it, because, even when it doesn't work in your favour, its working in your favour. I dont know why. I'm as that flight was a pretty freak, I've. Never in my life heard of a ticket agent, cancelling someone's ticket when they're trying to check their bag. That's a pretty freak thing to happen. So
that's gonna happen. Then I need to assume that I'm being protected from something or maybe I'm not being protected, maybe the person who got my seat on that flight needed to be on that flight. For a very specific reason I don't know, but if you Going to appreciate when the universe lines up with synchronicity, you have to I believe you have to move and faith that it's all being wind up for synchronicity, except what it is. So finding this place was just such a godsend like it was such a freaking amazing thing and I m so excited I'm so freaking excited the first. We can agree
the house took the kids out there and I invited one of my besties and her husband and her son over to swim cause. I have a pool now, I'm so excited we're about to be so golden tan. You don't even know so. I invited them over to swim and we didn't have furniture like it was. Such a crow was like I'm going to order takeout and we're going to sit on towels on the floor, because that's what I have to offer, but I was like oh, my gosh You're my house, like you're out my house with your son, because when I lived in a way she didn't have a baby and this he'll be back. I am there his birthday parties. I come and see him. He doesn't know me he's too, He has no idea who, because he not only sees me like once a quarter- and I was like oh my gosh- I am about to be your best friend. You do not even know like anti railway is about to be your body.
and she's about, I have another baby, and, unlike oh, my god, I I get to beer for like does babies a whole life and I get to help when the baby, like they're, just so many think it's the community thing. It's a community thing Beyond that, this may be and really silly to you guys. But the thing I am the most excited about beyond my friends is that I can walk two things. I can walk things. Any of you who live out in the country will maybe get this, but it takes at least forty minutes to get in and out of. Austin. So for me, if I want to go, get coffee I wanna go to. Yoga. If for wanting go, do anything like I'm committing to that level,
so oftentimes? I just don't. I don't leave because I just don't want to deal with getting in and out of town and I can walk to things now. I can walk to coffee a walk. Do yoga after the jam, I can just walk in a neighbor, I can walk my dog, I there's no sidewalks, where I lived with them in the country. I'm like. Oh my word, we are about to live our best walking lives. It's it's going to be a game. Changer they're going to be so many things that I am in a miss about texas. I'm gonna miss the land for sure the nature of texas, I'm going yes, I'm going to miss sitting on my patio listening to birds, iman miss texas hill country in the trees and the lizard than the deer, and
whatever these little fox things are, that run around my yard. I'm gonna miss it, but I'm really excited to have a chapter where I can just easily accessed things and also a big change for the podcast, has getting people to do an in person. Podcast interview and austin Texas is much more difficult than hey, I'm in l, a and you're here doing press like pop on by. I think you guys will be pumped at some of the guests that we have coming up on the show, just because of easy proximity for them to swing by and do it of but yeah that's what's going on, is literally the last, as was the last podcast in this room. Tomorrow I get on a plane, I go to allay and I guess.
You know when I was younger. I sort of thought that you pick a place and that's where you live until you die. and the older I get the more. I just see the beautiful adventure that this life is, and this is our next adventure tsar next chapter is bitter sweet, but it's a lot more sweet. Then it is better. I'm very grateful for the space that we ve had as a family to be here, and figure things out, and it has been very good and has been very hard at times it has been beautiful. It has been deeply sad in all of it. Yeah I'm really grateful for the last five years and I'm really excited about the next five years, so say a prayer for us. If you think about it, send us some
Energy as we transition these babies into a new environment the next time you hear podcast for me, it will be in California I'll be soon with more information and until then, as always, I love you and I'm ready for you the rachel. How is podcast is produced by me, Rachel Hollis, its edited by andrew weller and jack, noble. Right now, someone's listening to songs about parties, travel and get away without ever planning one for themselves. They a change of two real north carolina.
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