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456: Totally COUNTERINTUITIVE (but wildly EFFECTIVE!) Hacks that Helped me Get Healthy | PART 1 - Repost -

2023-08-03 | 🔗

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to do all these things that I used to do that. We ve got a really have an issue with where we are today, and I just I can't buy into that any more. I think that you got a lot further from place of self love than a place of self hatred, so that where we have to start with and when I say, fall in love with your body. I mean fall in love with your body and it's functionality fall in love with your body and the things it does really well and not just that, but fall in love with your body and the way that it looks Hi, I'm rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast spend so many hours of every single week, reading and listened podcast and watching youtube videos. Trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on this show. We talk about everything life and
how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting going on with our inner child house therapy working out for whatever it is my guests are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand These are conversations. This is, information for the curious. This is the rachel Hollis hot gas take guys. It's rachel welcome to another episode of the show, I feel that we should start by me telling you that I just recorded ten minutes of
intro, and I thought really insightful and beautiful conversation and realized that I did not press record. So those words are just lost forever. But let me try again, I would love to start off today's conversation with gratitude, so I grew up in a church. I don't know if any of you grow up in an environment like this, where we used to do prayer, requests and praise. You'd, have a praise report and a prayer requests and the preacher would say: does anyone have a prayer request and someone stand up and say you know my mom is sick and you all pray for her or or you know, I'm I'm hoping that I'm going to get this job. Can you guys pray over that and then there were praise reports, which was when you would set up and say something great that happened to you and I think of, attitude and gratitude practice kind of like a constant praise report to myself and to the universe and
our every day of my life with gratitude practice. It's why start today. Journal is a thing, but obviously you don't need a started a journal. You can do this practice inside it the or prayer you can grab any journal. You have and write down five or ten things that your grateful for reason. I love this practice is because, if I said at once ten thousand times when you start each day reminding yourself of what you have to be grateful, for. You will be on the lookout All day long all you know ever evening. You're gonna, be on the lookout for things that you can report on tomorrow. what are things that I can write down to my journal tomorrow- that I'm grateful for today, the path, or of that
being on the look out for blessings, is that you find them? If you are looking for good stuff, you will find it if you are looking for bad, if you will find that you will find whatever it is. You are looking for I try and lived my life looking for things to be grateful for obviously that doesn't happen every second, every day, but I would say at this point after practising this for a decade is very much a part of my existence, its worth saying too, that I think positivity and gratitude get a bad rap. Sometimes, I think is it's like a sexy kind of click bait headline to talk about something positive with a negative span. It's worth being conscious of why your focusing on gratitude, if you're, focusing on gratitude to disconnect or dissociate.
ignore some hard stuff that you're going through. That is not healthy if you're ignoring detaching. If you're using it as an escape mechanism, if you're obsessing over, but just look for the positive look for the positive look for the positive. That is deeply unhealthy, because, in order for us to be whole people, we have to be able to look at. fullness of our lives, and that means holding space for the great days. the seasons that are really hard but gratitude and positivity as a spiritual practice,
it's a decision about how you want to align yourself with the energies of the universe and that you want to consciously align yourself with love and joy and peace and contentment, and all of those things that I think is beautiful. The big difference is just knowing your. Why and continuously checking back in and making sure that you're choosing gratitude for the right reasons that. This morning I had this sort of time warp faint, not an out of body experience but alive. Deja vu moment where I was back in the past. In a younger version of myself, I had gone to get gas. I my mom, coming into town to hang out with my kids. I could go. Do my last to tour stops. Thank you. Mamma by
if she's, going to be driving them around and picking up and dropping off. So I want to make sure that my my gassing was full for her, so I stopped by the gas station on my way back from the gym, and I was filling up my tank and when I went back in my car, I thought. Oh, my gosh, the younger version of me, the teenage of me or me, and my early twenties now or even imagined what would be like to be able to afford to fill up my car with gas, and I no, that there are some of you that are still not in a place where you could afford to failure carp with gas. There were many many years that I cake and I have ten dollars on number three. Can I have five dollars on pump number seven Can I use all change in my car summit I've never had to pay for gas for your car with change, and it shows you know
This means that are like some of you, ve never had to camp in the woods. While it's raining on your tent and it shows, I have had to pay for gas with change so many times, and there was never once where it wasn't embarrassing for me, because you just you do what you have to do. You need gas to get to your job and you pay for. However, you can, but to get to a place in my life where I can fill my car with gas, especially in a world where gas prices are so insane and that's a real worry for a lot of people on a lot of families. I don't take that for granted. I got in my car to damage sat for a minute and how blessed I am to be able to do that. I had read something in a book month. ago about the power of. honouring and being grateful for bills as a play on
counterbalancing a scarcity mindset like oh there's, never gonna be enough money, I'm in a run out. Oh, you know where that pay raise, whereas that tax return. Whereas this that you obsessed over where more money is coming from, which then is just aligning yourself with the vibration of never having enough. So the counterbalance to this was any time that you have to pay for something that historically you'd be grouchy about, like I can't believe that are going to pay for these gas prices, or I gotta pay this phone bill I've gotta pay this medical bill or whatever it is, instead of filling grouchy about it or being passed or letting it scare you that you would celebrate when you pay a bill which,
seems so crazy, but there is something really beautiful and instead of going, I can't believe I got to pay this car payment, Tis, flipping it and being like. Thank you, god. Thank you that I have the money to make this car payment. Thank you that I have the money to put ten. Dollars of gas. In my tank thank you that I have the money to pay for electric or insurance, because we're gonna have pay for those things either way, but if we can approach them with the spirit of appreciation, it'll chain your heart and your anxiety about all of it. Look at my life so many times where I drown in anger eighty about money and I'm still here Thirty, nine years old, I'm still here, I am amber one time I had started a new job,
was young I was in my early twenties. I had started a new job and I didn't understand how money worked or banking worked. So I didn't know that that there would be a time period where I wouldn't have a paycheck, because I had left one job and started a new job, and basically I was living paycheck to pay jack, and I didn't think about the fact that if I had a week where there was a delay on my payment. I was screwed and this happened. I started a job as a coordinator at ogilvy and may there, which was a huge advertising agency. I was going to fancy office every day. I've been on the job for a week and I was really struggling financially and I didn't have. Parents who could afford to help me and I'd never really had to lean on that before. But a week went by and I thought I was getting a paycheck and I did it I needed one more week because of how the pay cycle worked, and
I was so strapped and I was so strapped for food or whatever, if you ve ever been in that situation, you can go without. You can go to work and like eat out of the vending machine there there hacks there are things you can do. You guys have ever been and low on money. You know what I'm talking about, but what I couldn't hack was gas money. I will never forget this. I shall write about this in book such a beautiful moment, but it was also one of my most shameful moments. So week goes by a paid and I'm living for the next friday living for and page outcomes. and it was at new company, it was something that my bank had never seen before. So I wasn't thinking. Oh there's gonna be a hold on this check. So I rolled down to wells fargo on my lunch break
To go, get twenty dollars out to get gas, those I was trying to do I like didn't. I wasn't trying to buy food or groceries or any of it. I just needed gas in my tank cause. I was running on fumes and, go to the teller at the window and, unlike my text, they got in. I cannot withdraw twenty dollars It is an older woman and she's like now. There's a whole on your check like what does that mean she's a that there's a hold on your pack like there's nothing that I can do it in two days. This will clear and then you can have the money. and my world too. I didn't know how is gonna get back. I don't even know how I got to the bank. That's how low my car was literally on fumes. I had no idea how is gonna get back to my office and I'm on my lunch break and I've been on this job for two weeks I don't know, they get back. I certainly don't know how many get home
I have no money. I don't know, and I just start bawling. I start bawling at this teller like it's not her, but I'm just like. Oh my god. What do I do? I'm sick though a little girl, I think, was a twin years old, maybe nineteen and I'm like I you sure, is there anything like even five dollars like I just need gas money whenever jeez like I'm so sorry theirs thing I can do, and I am just like still crying and she looks at me and she leaned down and she grabbed her purse And she goes in her wallet and she pulls out five dollars. It wasn't even twenty. It was five bucks, she pulls out five dollars and she hands it to me. And she says I don't really have this money to give you. but I know that you're in trouble, so I'm going alone to you and
We're gonna bring this back to me in two days when this money clears you're. Gonna use this to put gas in your tank. and then you're gonna bring me back this money that I have given you an like. She was so serious about it because she was like. I also in living paycheck debate check. I don't have the money to give you, but I'm gonna help you out right now and I started bawling harder, not because I was touch but because I was mortified I was so embarrassed. This stranger was loaning me money for gas. I recently when, on a fifty mile hike, that's five zero it was one of the most physically challenging things I've ever done in my life and my side kick MIKE pilot was key minos for serious you guys. I have you
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Now my gas again lived on fumes cause, I maybe it sounds silly if you've never had to do this, but man, five dollars with a gas you'll find a way to make that work. You'll get like coast down hills your foot on the gas pet, the stuff, oh my gosh, so I'll get that money and I go and I get back and forth to work. My tat clears and I go get the money and, thank goodness when I went back on my lunch break two days later, that same teller was working and I went up to her window and I set it to her and she smiled and she is like think sweetie and I was like no thank you so much and I am got twenty years later telling you guys this story of a stranger being so kind to help me get gas money. And I was like many of you right had a good job had the kind of job that people
go to college and work really hard to have this job, and I still like many of you living paycheck to paycheck. so when I got in my car today after filling up my tank with gas, I was like. Oh, I remember that, and there is The tapping into a younger version of you who It has made some one to live the life that you are taking for granted today. That's a superpower If you can remember and happened to that version of yourself, often. Remember what it felt like to dream of this kind of thing, not to say that every part of your wife is exactly as you want it to be. Of course it's not well workin on ourselves. But if you can really
settle into the memory of what it felt like to not have what you have now. There's some hella motivation in their health motivation. I would love to challenge you guys today to think about something that you currently have, that you didn't used to have and to just take a quick moment does occur, moment take thirty seconds and just settle into that and think your creator whenever you believe and source energy, universe god, Allah like whatever you're into whatever you align with think something greater than yourself, because you ve come along. Baby- maybe not in every way that you wanna, have come down this path, but you have come a long way in certain parts of your life and, if all
you're. Doing is rushing from one achievement to the next to the next to the next and you're, never acknowledging anything you're doing it's. No wonder, you're feeling burn out. You gotta take time to celebrate the winds and to celebrate how far you ve come yeah that has nothing to do with his bug, which is pretty usual to just start a show, and absolutely we have no association with what we're talking about, but you know what we can start every conversation with gratitude and what a blessing that would be. What we are talking about today is something I thought about. While I was working out at the gym, what are some hacks some? I He has some weird things that have totally helped me stay in shape that have totally helped me stay healthy that have totally helped me love my body What are some things that are not obvious that I had to discover
lot of trial and error that are not that they write about in the health books or whenever are their sort of like hacks or like weird funky things that totally work. Those are some of my favorite. When someone gives you an idea that you never considered before have like holy crap, that's genius. We love rice, cakes here at my house, love rice cake. I said this the other day on a show but have gone pretty consistently gluten free, just cause. I feel so much better, I'm so much less. bloated, I'm gonna talk about that with you today, but one of the things is like so easy for me. I thought that going gluten free would be really tough, but I just made sure I had substitutes that felt like hardy and good, and one of those things is rice, cakes, so rice, cakes for me takes the place of bread a lot of the time, and I was making a rice cake with nut butter and honey. Like my favorite snack right now
so is making a rice cake with not butter and honey, and imagine a rice, Kate, wrapper container thing, I'm a barber that you, if you can't see me on youtube, it's like a too bright. It's about half done. So I twisted the ban and then I folded, the edges of the bag down around the rest of the rice, cakes and my boyfriend was crossed the room and he was like what did you just do? I'm like? Oh, if you don't have like a twisty tie, you just do this you twist this and then you folded and that'll keep the bag closed and keep everything fresh, and he was like that. The most genius thing I have ever seen and I should have looked at my rice cake bag and I looked at him and I looked at my rice cake. You know those things that are so obvious to you, but other we'll see them in their like crap, like you see those tik tok, so those reels where people show you like a hack and the kids.
Like how to peel and egg easier appeal, garlic, easier chopped, something easier in your like your mind, explodes cosette never occurred to you before. That's what I'm trying to do today, but for health fitness body, love body positivity, and this this idea comes from some ladys who, in line at my kansas city show when I say in line, we do this like vip, meetin, great thing, and these two ladys were part of my vip meat and great, and I was saying they were like. We love the podcast who listen to it all. The time we were there. driven in from arkansas, so we're like we were driving here and listening to the show, and I keep meaning to ask people this, and this was the only time and entire toward that. I remembered- and I said, hey will tell me what something that you feel like you're struggling with, that I might be able to help
and they were like honestly, our thing that we both really talk about a lot is feeling like we really have to work on body image, self love positivity. How do you pursue your health, but, also do it in a way. That's not emotionally detrimental to you, something that I find so many women and I'm sure some men have to deal with and I am not an expert on all things- but I am an expert on what has worked for me and that's what I love to share with you guys today. These are things that have really worked for me and I tried to go with stuff that, maybe you haven't heard before so. The first most important thing that has helped me get healthy and stay healthy, the first, the first, the fur.
Please listen to me please, I feel like I am the queen of like starting a conversation in this spiritual hippy, whatever place, and I worry sometimes that people like up skit to the meat like skip to that dont skip this part. This is really important seriously, lee and not just from a perspective of how this is going to feel for you how it can affect you emotionally, but I swear to you on everything I know to be true. If you do this first thing, you who are so much more likely to stay motivated to take care your body to make good choices with your nutrition to keep moving to keep working out all of those things. I swear you're not going to think this is true, but it a hundred per cent is- and this is where we start- we start
with learning to love the body you currently have. I know in a world that tells you all of the ways that you dont measure up and shows you one billion pictures of people whose bodies are what you're supposed to be aiming for. I know that this is freaking revolutionary. This is rebellious. This is so crazy that you could possibly love the body that you currently have, but, oh my god, that the reasons to aim for this are so many it's hard for me to count, but I'm going to attempt to do it. The first reason is because this body is a gift, your body, exactly as it is right now.
with its perceived flaws with its pain points with the things you don't like about it with your thighs, with your belly, with your cellulite, with your extra pounds that you wish you can lose with all of it is a gift because they this is the only body that you ve got an. How much time have you already wasted in your life. Wishing that your body was different, I learned about this time when I was doing my hormone journey and learning to balance my hormones and learning about my hormones? I had to go back and understand my I call, and I learned how my menstrual cycle worked for the first time in my life, when I was thirty eight years old, thirty, eight years old was the
first time that I learned how my menstrual cycle were of huge access point inside of any person who has a period that is our central hub. that is how we align ourselves dec. Those are motions are feelings. What we want to eat our desire for sex. How were able to up in the world, like your cycle, is everything if Europe leader
if you are someone who menstruating your cycle is everything. So the fact that I went thirty eight years and did not know how it works is a thing crazy, crazy. So, if that's the case, if it's that important imagine that this thing that is central to my life from the time, I'm twelve years old until I'm thirty eight every single month of my life, I hate apart of myself, imagined I imagine that every single month since I was twelve years old, I I hated a part of myself gotten, like verbally abusive with my that, like I effing hate that I can't believe I'm on this again like, I can't believe I like made a mess. I I didn't bring a tampa.
Didn't bring a pad like I've bled through my clothes, which happens so much when I was in middle school in high school. Could I did not I understand I literally did not know, I didn't know that it would come at the same time roughly every single month. I didn't know that I just thought it should have showed up whenever it wanted to, which means I was never prepared. It means I was always having accidents always embarrassed. I was mortified by this slimy hey. A part of myself and not only bad guys, track this firm. It, I'm hating my body for doing exactly what it supposed to be. There Ok, true story: egg lands Last eggs was my first, ties, are ever back when I had a blog, so I have a special place in my.
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and if you have clothing that at least sixty percent cotton, it's less likely to be achieved and clinging thereof, health and wellness perks of cotton, typo allergenic and really says odors and stains more easily in the wash it breathes. Well, it absorbs moisture, and it just makes me feel good, so don't forget to check the label and make sure its cotton the fabric of our lives. My body was functioning with optimum health and every single month. I said so much negative energy into myself four functioning normally now. How many of you also do the same thing? Because If your hating on your period, if you're hating on any part of that they entered
and the vibration of that of of, like that, miss alignment of your body trying to do its best, and then you men too. he bore rating. It is no wonder that we get crap It's no wonder we have heavy periods. It's no wonder we suffer with migraines when we're close to our cycle. It's no wonder we're emotionally attacking apart of ourselves. So in law about my hormones, I had to learn to love, who I am I had to learn to love me body and how it functioned. It doesn't mean that I'm like super pumped, especially right now, I've been having such heavy periods this year what's lead to anemia nemea, like all of this stuff. That's going on, I feel like I spend so much time trying to keep myself imbalance, but then, when I stepped back and look at that, I also think What a beautiful where I live, I think are you. still live with like half alive, because I
Was it embodied in myself? I was doing whatever I could think of to like make sure that I could hustle and make sure that I could keep up and make sure I could like do all these things and you can write a book a year and my go everywhere and have all these employ, is. Unlike do what the world told me I was supposed to do, but frankly, be all. The way that I was going to achieve. That was disconnection from my body there was no way that I could have lived through. Twenty eighteen, twenty nineteen inside my body, as I would have been able to produce at the level that people wanted me to so was almost this like disassociation from south, in order to be able to hustle at that level, because if I had been present- in my own body. I would have recognised how much power I was in how much anxiety I was and how much I was running my
If on empty, how much I was depleted, all of those things I would have had to hold space and awareness for that truth and holdings face unaware from nest. For that truth would have allowed me to keep doing what I was doing. I. is kept going, but I'm out of place in my life. Now, where I can believe I've I always known that my body's really sensitive, I'm really sensitive to foods and medicines and things that other people will be like. This is non drowsy and I take it and I fall asleep for like four days people can handle things on a lot more sensitive than most, but I didn't even realise how deeply that ran until I started to learn to love. My body if you love your body, you will pay attention to what helps it thrive and what depletes.
And everything that we're gonna talk about in this conversation today is about thriving it's about energy. It's about vitality, it's about! How can you feel the best so that can be the best at whatever it is you're trying to do, but that requires that you love your body as it is, can love your body as it is? You can love your life as it is. You can find gratitude and blessings for what is and love yourself enough that you wanted to be better, I love my teenage boys. I love them so much. I would lay down my life for them they're some of my favorite people on the planet, but I don't want them to just stay here. I don't want this to be the end of their evolution. I can love who they are at fourteen and still be like ooh, but we hope you mature in these ways and we want you to start to grow in this direction and we want right. We can do this for our kids, it's
same for us. I think that we struggle with the dichotomy of how to why want to pursue something more without hating myself, then I feel, like a lot of culture, has taught us that to hustling to grind and to go and to push and to do all of these things that I used to do that? We've got a really have an issue with where we are today and I just can't buy into that any more. I think that you get a lot further from a place of self love than a place of self hatred. So that's where we have to start with and when I say fall in love with your body. I mean fall in love with your body, and it's functionality fall in love with your body and the things it does really well
and not just that, but fall in love with your body and the way that it looks and the reason I know this is a thing like I've talked about this a ton at rise conference, and I am reading a book on sex right now more on that later cause. I absolutely am getting this author to come on and teach us all about sex and like our bodies and how they function and how to have better sex and, like all of it, that being said, she has the same prescription in that book that I do when I'm talking about learning to love your body. So I know this is a thing to look in the mirror, ideally to do it naked, which I know is scary for a lot of people. So maybe you start, which is trying to get the mayor naked. Maybe you start with like one arm just like there's one naked arm and then I will slowly work my way over there. So much fear that we have about looking at our bodies, touching our bodies,
being present in our bodies that it's, like I said about myself, and maybe some of you are doing. Is it's like your disconnected from your body, and so the goal would be to stand naked in front of a mere and to find one thing, just one that you love about your body that you think is so beautiful for me. when I started this practice. It was post part. Am I I didn't know who my body was what it was. I didn't know what I was looking at. I'd never really had like super gray. I never let really thought will yeah you're killing it, but then, after I had my, babies. I really struggled with what was meeting me in the mirror, so I started this practice and I started by looking at my eyes
I couldn't find one thing on my entire body that I thought was beautiful cause. I was just like my stomach soggy, my boobs or soggy, my, but to beg I'm too sure I wish I was taller all this stupid crap, and so I said. Ok, if I got a fine one thing, it's gonna be my eyes and I was I o k were look in the mirror and we're going. Just but many of beautiful eyes, and I do I love my eyes, it's kind of funny to talk about parts of your body that you love. even right now, I just I had this sort of social contract in my mind that I'm not supposed to tell you guys things that I love bout myself cause, then it's like oh well, you're, vapid and you're full of yourself. Then man, if you, knew how long it took me to get to a place where I could talk about my body with positivity. If you had seen the journey and therapy and the fifteen years of work to get to a place where I love myself
where you love yourself. you hear a woman talking about some part of herself that she thinks is fantastic, celebrate the hell out of her never really thought about that before. But how crazy is it that our society teaches girls that if they like some part of them, selves that their shallow or their egotism to call what I'm like tripping out right now, because if you think about it, society teaches girls that their greatest value is the way that they look but you're. Also not supposed to like any way that you look okay, this wow, I need to read a book on this. This is not the point of his conversation point in today's conversation is finding a thing about yourself that you
we love for me, that's my eyes. I love my eyes. I think they're beautiful their hazel and then, if you know, I've been crying or if I'm emotional, they get really green. It's funny because it is the thing that my boyfriend obsesses about over me, is my eyes, I kind of wonder if, like I've put so much energy and vibe and love into my eyes, that may be that I don't know like love shines out of my eyes or something. But when we were first stating at a lot of feeling, I didn't know if he felt the same way I was like. Is this guy as into me as I am into him? I know I really like him, but I fall in love pretty hard and I was just like he doing here and
I remember one time, sending him like a text or something and sort of saying like are you you like me? Do you and he had written back something amazing, but he took a screen shot of my contact in his phone and my contact in his phone was and still is eyes. e y. Yes, because he was like I As I met you, that was what I notice and like yours, if out of your eyes, your love shines out of your eyes that everything, your eyes are so expressive, and that is my favorite part of you, and so it's interesting that that is my first report b and where my journey with self love started was, with my eyes, after a while, when I really I would look the mirror and be like you have beautiful eyes, you have beautiful eyes, you have beautiful eyes and the
MIKE okay? Well, we gotta get to a place where we are love and other parts of us, one else what else on your body can you love, and I shoot you not. I was like well I like my elbows cause. There is just every other part of me. You guys know after you have a kid just like everything feels messy and hard and weird, and so I just like okay, I like my elbows and then it would be like well, I have oh, my my toes are cute. Like have a pedicure like my toes are cute. I have good feet,
and I just added on one part after another until I slowly started to appreciate and love the whole? And this is years years, and yet it's gotta be a decade cause. My last baby that I had is he's ten years old, so it's gotta be a decade of work to get to this place. Where I really love, I love my body, I love my body and I still work on it and my body changes and fluctuates with my cycle and in a given month. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I'm like okay, you got it and then sometimes I'm like oh okay, where it got you. But the point is that I've worked really. hard to get to this place where I love my body and loving. My body surprising to me is what makes me want to make good choices. It's what makes
me go home and go to the jam with blue and, like we're, gonna, do a lot look out that a lot harder than I would nor we do if I was by myself cause like I want to make sure I am constantly challenging my body and yeah. That's my first hack and it sounds silly, but I swear it's a thing there. So many youtube videos, podcast books, fair peace sessions like they're, so many things that you can do to go on a journey of body love, embody positivity, and I think one of the simplest hacks you can do is to make sure that your foul people who have your body type or have body types that are similar to you or that indeed that you're just being mine. Well, if you're following someone that you're gonna see their body a lot like give your following. Let's say a fitness person follow a fitness person who has a body that is similar
you or that is kind of like your body cause if you are full, figured beautiful six foot for whatever and your following someone who's five, two and ways a hundred fifteen pounds and is ten percent body that you're gonna have a war perception of what a healthy body looks like, but if you're following ashley gram and she's like loving herself and toward Jes. Unlike sexy in all of these things, it's going to change your perspective of what a beautiful body is so body love. That's where we're starting with the second weird thing that helped me get healthy and stay healthy is not something.
if I ever would have believe woodwork ever ever ever like. This is the kind of thing I'd hear about on a show like this and I'd be like? No, that's not true. It is counter intuitive to everything I have ever heard about nutrition and eating but I can not express to you enough how much this has changed everything for me. I read this book last summer called intuitive eating. I have recommended it a lot. I will keep recommending it I've, given it to family members. Friends like so many people I know have had incredible results without book and I'll tell you that when I first about intuitive eating. I really thought that it was like you held com flower in your hands and you would be like yes, this
What my body needs like. I thought that's what intuitive edi was and, to some extent intuitive thing is understanding what foods drinks different types of ingredients, what they're gonna do to your system, but it's so much more practical. This book is so much more practical than I thought it was, and the two pieces of nutritional advice that has changed. Everything for me is there's no such thing as a bad food and to honour your hunger there's, no such thing as a bad food and honour your hunger. Let's start the latter honour your hunger in the book. They talk about how many people, women, especially, are going around basically starving all the time because we're overworked were overbusy were not practising self care or because we're doing intimate and fast
sting or were you know, on a diet, we're trying to slim down for summer, whatever film a blank, but by not honouring your body when its hungry number one you get really confused about what hunger actually fills like your body, doesn't know. So like me, your hungrier like I need caffeine, maybe your hungrier, like I'm, actually tired. You learn to ignore signals and therefore body learns to not trust that you're actually gonna take care of it in the right way so track and tell me if you ve ever done this, where you don't eat like way longer than he should go away longer than you should without eating and or you eat. Finally, but you eat something that on your diet, amusing air quotes. If you can't see me, that's like on your diet, and you have like a salad when you're really craving something more felling, but you're trying to stand your diet.
you're not honouring their hunger by eating what your body actually needs now, you're, not satiated, you're, not fool! You go the whole hey you're doing so well, and then you get home and you eat everything any ever down like a bench eating session like that, were you literally? We eat everything in your kitchen cause you in hungary. So long and now you don't the willpower that you had in the morning cause you're, tired and you're probably stressed get. I mean this starts a whole shames borrow your so pissed, you yourself, oh, I was so good couldn't so good during the day, and now I ve blown it, and it's just this vicious cycle that repeats again and again until we die by contrast, if you actually would just honour your hunger, an e. When your body tells you that its hungry, you would be satiated. Faster studies have shown that you, a way less than when you the bench eating, if you actually just eight when you were hungry
and you learn the natural rhythms and cycles of your body in your system. The other thing that's in the book is that there's no bad food and I think I've told you guys a story of china south where I was like, I m a volley like. I don't believe that there is bad food, but then the very first day I committed to trying to do this for two weeks, the very first day that I tried to do this. I Went to the kitchen and my brain was like I want to turkey sandwich and immediately some voice was like. Oh, you can have bread it's tuesday. At lunchtime you don't eat bread breads, especially
asian food, and I was like. Ah, oh, my god, I told we do this. I totally believe that some foods or bad- I was never conscious of it before so- was like I'm gonna, just commit for two weeks that there's no bad food and that I e when I'm hungry and the truth is a kind of wet, and they say this in a book. You kind of like the pendulum swings pretty hard in the other direction, which for you out, but if you just sit with that, your body settles into this natural read them where now that there is no bad food, and now that your body knows that it's gonna get food when it needs to your not been Jean you're, not making voices that are like while I deserve it, or this is self care, or we ve all done that right. Where you have something, that's atrocious that you know is going to destroy you later, whether that alcohol or the volcano now Jos or whatever, that they taste. So
in the moment. But you know it's gonna destroy your body later. We ve all done it, but when you go to this way of being It's crazy! How much your body just sort of settles back into a more natural rhythm, and you don't make choices like that anymore. So I kind of can't believe how much the inflammation and my body has gone down by making this choice and it happened. I told you guys about this on an episode recently. It happen because I allowed myself t everything and anything there is no bad food. So here's like my heavier
no bad food, but there is food that does not work well with your system, but if you're not allowing yourself the freedom to kind of like go, slow and try everything and eat whenever you want, I think it's away harder unless you did in the elimination diet its way harder to know what effects you in different ways. When I tried this out this nutritional way of being, I would is able to understand for the first time ever that I have a real gluten sensitivity, and that is not something that has ever come up in the blood work or the tests or the differently that I've done, but I had had like three years where I was like. I do not understand high can be this bloated. All
time I genuinely looked like. I was four months pregnant at all times, unless I was super hard core eating like protein and veggies and only. I was always bloated and not only was always boded, but I was always experiencing pain intention in my body from information. What I mean, how understand is that I was essentially eating really well for certain periods of time, and then I would like treat myself with something I wanted. I would treat myself with the bread basket. I treat myself with cake I'd treat myself with different things. Then I kept going man, I'm treating myself so little in relation to how well I'm eating. I dont understand how could be this bloated and then I realize oh,
It's whenever I'm having bread, it's whenever I'm having pasta it's whenever it was very clear to me what was going on- and I thought oh, this is gonna suck. This is going to be brutal like going without gluten is going to be brutal. It's not at all is actually so easy because I can still have tortilla chips, which is like my life. I could solve chips and guac. I can still have rice, I can solve potatoes. I can still have starches with I didn't think back when I thought there were bad food. I didn't think I could have those things and still maintain a body that feels like I'm taking care of it in the right way. I have so much more energy. My brain fog is gonna. What guys this is a thing read the book intuitive eating the two pieces that I took out of it, that I love most were honouring your hunger and no bad foods, but maybe there's gonna be something in a totally different for you that you love better, but those too
change. The way that I e and made it so much easier for me to ie I travel a law, I'm busy alive, I'm not always at home with access to like what I want to be eating. So this is not a diet all it's just a better way of taking care of your body nutritionally. That was like a game changer for me. That being said, I hope so far, but this conversation has been a game changer for you and there's gonna be a part two cause. I only got to the first two things on my list that helped me to get healthy and kept me healthy and I'm gonna be back later in the week with part two where I'm in a talk about how to Energize, your body, how to keep energy in your system? Why it's super important to have a plan and a schedule
or even down to the supplements I take and how I dress when I go work out that random. But there are some hacks mean that you guys are gonna, want it again to so tuning. With me on thursday this week for part too, and if this, if your listening to this not in real time than the episodes. Already there go grab it go been jet. If he's out this was helpful. I hope you'll share it with someone. and in your life and joy, act later in the week. For part. Two of this conversation, the rachel Hollis is podcast, is produced by me, Rachel Hollis, its edited by andrew weller and jack, noble. Think about a bicycle takes balance to get where you want to go,
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