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499: 8 Things You Can Do to Make ANY Space Feel More Like Home

2023-10-17 | 🔗
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messing up, but I would rather where it and he on past, if he would. Rather I wear it and get stains on it, then like hide it in some box in my closet, so precious things, whether there from your childhood, something you really care about or precious things from somebody that you, love or your wedding, china, that you got an have. Never you start freaking using that for dinner every day every day of your life is an opportunity to live your best Don't save the nice things for another day to day is the only day you are guaranteed so celebrate this life that you have by utilizing the things in it that are important to you. Hi, I'm rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast I spent
so many hours of every single week, reading and listened podcast and watching youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on this show We talk about everything life, and how to be an entrepreneur, what happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's that plan for intermittent fasting. What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guests are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these our conversations, this is information for the curious. This is the rachel Hollis. I guess, a guy, it's rates well having to another episode of the show. Another hang session and
their sola one on one between me and you, I'm glad you're here got my coffee and got my candle. I've got a crystal. I dunno what it does, but it's here it looks beautiful somehow it helping us. So let's have a conversation about making your space a home. Making your space feel more comfortable, making whatever area you have control over whether that's your bedroom, your entire apartment house, your car, you're cubicle at work. Any space that you spend a tunnel time in is worth investing some intention in its worth investing a little bit of time. I don't think it costs a ton of money. I don't think it should cost a ton of money to make the spaces, you and habit feel better for you. When I was a little girl, I wash superwomen for show every day, and are you guys hear me say this?
every other episode of this podcast. Thank you for listening to me on rp, but she said this thing that I have always remember it, I mean she said a thousand things. I've always remembered, but this one is so funny because I was a little girl when I heard it, which kind of doesn't make a ton of sense that this is what stuck with me, but I heard her say it an episode your home should rise up to me. You, your home, should rise up to me, you that you should be able to come into your home and have it feel like a nest. Have it feel like a soft place to land or a place It gives you energy, gives you creativity that fills up your cup, because when we go out into the world, when we go to our work when we're taking care of other people When we leave this space, oftentimes were encountering things that kind of suck our energy out
so we want to make sure that we're setting ourselves up the best that we can that whatever space we can control is for us. That's what I want to talk about today, because at the risk of sounding a little prideful, I think I'm really good at this I have this hut that I'm good at this, because now the podcast tapes in I have a studio in my back yard. So any guess that comes over comes to my home and they have to walk through my home to get to the studio. Every single guess we ve had to the house every
one, their assistance, the publicist that come with him, whoever roles in there always like it feel so good in here. If I feel so good- and I think that's the best compliment- you could possibly give any space that I've helped to create is that it makes you feel good. That's very intentional! I want this home feel good for me and my family, and I want anyone who walks through that door to feel uplifted and to feel on some level restored when I started to think about the podcast space and what I wanted it to see. I was really mindful that many gas that many celebrities athletes whoever's coming through would be coming through in the midst of oppressed, whore, if you never done oppressed her before it's so exhausting you're, going from one thing to another to another. It's kind of endless.
and you're going into all of these different environments and many of them feel very chaotic. So I really wanted to create a space in this room that was like com. It was a vibe it like allowed you to relax just be in the space with us that I am loving how many guests come in and they're like. Can I take my shoes off on my girl? You can put your feet on my face, like you can literally do anything you want here. I want you to feel at home, but my actual home is set up to. Allow me and the kids to relax to feel restored to feel really good and I've done that for as long as I've been a mamma and probably even before I had the kids, but I think I've gotten a lot better out over time and because I get a lot of compliments on how good the house feels in
radically. I thought well what if I made a list for you guys about some really simple things that I do at home, most of which honestly like did if there is a cost involved, it so minimal. Really, I think almost all of these ya'll could pull off right now using things that you already have at the very least, if you don't have any money to spend, I pretty sure you can pull this off without spending money yeah. So I will Sure that with you guys but more than
Anything in I was praying before I started this. I just like to set my intention before we hang out and more than anything, what I'm hoping is that may be just one person is only one person out of hundreds of thousands of people will listen to this episode. If just one of you rethinks how you set up your personal space, if just one of you understands that the way that we set up our home is self care- and I say home, but that could be your bedroom- just whatever your haven is that's one of the greatest acts of self care that exist and the beauty of it. Slash. Also the thing that very few people get is that its whatever makes a home feel good to you when we live back in austin, my oldest son had this beautiful group of teenagers that we absolutely adored. We actually flew them out here a few weeks ago, so we could see them again cause we just love them
and they would come over about once a month, we'd host a big. We call, the full moon dinner and have a whole episode on on full moon ritual and like why we do it and what it means and to be totally ok- We actually dont know a lot of what it means, but we just like having an excuse to do it. once a month, and so full moon became our thing in any of that. We have this crew that would come over once a month and we love debt. cause. We all got to be together. We will talk about things and I would hear what going on in these teenagers lives- and I hope that I was able to like input a little wisdom cause, let's be real when your own parents give you advice. Sometimes you just kind of were it, but when you hear from another adult you're like oh ok, I think about that in a different way
also, I just feel like I end up playing the role for just said. No any of you who have kids are going to get this teenagers are so hard on themselves. I have never in my life encountered, kids, who are so stressed out. about getting perfect grades and what college they go to and they should already know there. You know top five colleges they want to apply to an they should already know. You know, exists do what they want. A major and- and I think a lot of ways I ended up should have being this like anti. That was like, oh my gosh. I, the chances of you actually doing. The job of the thing that you choose to major in college is so and here's what I keep saying the people you guys are going to be, like don't give advice to my teenager. Here's my advice for teenagers go to the college. That is going to give you the experience you want I am a firm believer that you can pursue any career with bay.
Sickly any degree and also without a degree at all. I dont have a degree. I've hired multiple people who did not have a degree think with the way things are going, it's not going to matters much. I do want my kids to go to college, but I want them to go to a place that experience. Chile is gonna, help them too, People have moments, get to do things that There never gonna get to do again, I have one son he's my athlete. I am positive, this kid's going to go to a college where they have an incredible football team, because he's going to want to be part of that culture. Where, like you're going to go. Watch the football game, you're gonna, cheer, you're going to paint your face. You do the whole thing. I have another son who cares deeply about education, so he's probably going to choose a school that challenges him.
chemically, but I'm gonna guide both of them to choose something that the experience they want, not that they have to figure out their entire life in one moment. But I digress. I had these teenagers However, once a month and after we ve been doing this for like a year, one the girls who is just my favorite, I'm not. I don't want to choose a favourite of my children, but this girl that I did not get do is probably her we're going around, and I dont remember what we are talking about, but she looked at me and she said this is my happy place. I want you to know that when I come here, this is my happy place, and I was just like: oh my god, like it made my heart explode, that I can create a space that felt so good for someone that wasn't even my kid, because when
I was a child other people's homes, where my happy place. So what I hope to do in today's episode is help you create a happy place. That starts with what makes you happy and then your watch that permeate through your kids, if you have them or through friends or through people that you invite, and it really is a beautiful thing. So I'm gonna stop going off and engines and start telling you my list. The number one thing cost zero money that I think will make any space feel better is air I'm not talking about a c I am talking about every single morning I get up and our open all the windows, and I opened the backdoor every morning because I feel, like the
air get sort of stale overnight and I have air filter like I have those like air genes in a corner that are like making the airfield better in whatever, but there is something a bow just a breeze going through your house that move things around. I think energetic. It just feels better, and I sometimes wonder, if that's one of the biggest things people feel when they come in here, is just that. It's not stale have we're gone away on vacation. You come back to your house and you're, just like. Oh, it's so weird cause, it's all been closed up and it's stuffy. I just a breeze is the fastest way to move that energy around and when I was thinking about this, I thought were well: are their places in the world where you couldn't bring a breeze in guy guess if you live somewhere where the air quality is really bad. But I did this in Austin Texas, where it was a hundred and two
and and humidity, and I do it now in l, a where it's like glorious in the morning, but it's just a way to move it through. So I thought I would share that with y'all, so simple, but make a habit three of the things I want to talk about our stuff that I do in the morning, and I really just think it clears the energy it literally clears the air just makes it feel so much better the second thing that I do every morning is palace onto. Maybe some of you have heard me talk about it or you saw it in the log that I did, but essentially pulse onto is piece of wood that you light on fire and I just walk through the whole house with it actually had some calling to the hotline for podcast and ask like how I use it. What it's for. So I recently that an episode of ass great that included that answer and its episode for sixty six. If you wanna go to
all things palace, otto, but essentially think of it as another way to energetically clear the air, but its smells delicious that is probably no one reason I do it. I freaking love the way smells and love that my kids wake up in the morning, and it's like I've set the intention for us before they wake up, there's something for me about the way base smells a lot of things on my less are about smell and it is the compliment I get. People walk and ass. You like, oh, my god, it smell so good in here you. Into the studio. Oh, my god, I smell so good in here. Am I explain how it that, but one of the ways is palo and end body, whose in two paulsen toe when they come into the space, they also love it.
They know that I cleared the space. So it's like my kids know that I've set an intention. Any gas know that I've set an intention. Just such a beautiful way. You can get palace sancho in a billion places. I get a whole foods. You refer shore get at amazon. If you have any kind of shop in your town, that's like sort of which you buy it's spiritual, but they have an out at the grocery store, is just sticks of wood. You lied it. You walk through the house, think of it kind of like incense, but it's put palace onto Hey parents, especially of you who are raising big families like I am. This episode is sponsored by the first ever toy yoda grand highlander. this episode is all about creating spaces that make us feel the most comfortable, and if you, are going back and forth to school drop off, taking kids to and from sports practices or dance rehearsal than you understand. How important it is that the space you dry then takes care of you and your,
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so everything on this list is portable. You can take it anywhere. Just bear that in mind. The third thing that I do to make the house feel like a home is actually something I read about in a mag seen years ago when I was like twenty years old and trying to figure out how to set up a home for the first time I had a little town house, I was trying to look, be more grown up, and I reading. You know like home and garden or something like that to try and figure out how to make it feel better, because it felt kind of like stale- and I read this article that said think of things that make you feel like you're home, like water, one or two things that you love when you walk into someone's home, and you see that
things. I had three things and if you walk into my home today, you will know that those three things are everywhere in my house. My three things are framed: family photos, books and candles. Those are my three things they are everywhere, but for this one I want to talk. about framed family photos. So when you come into my home, you will see hundreds a framework, as I'm really not exaggerating that they're everywhere and it's my kid. Through the ages. It's me doing things that I'm really proud of so like a frame picture of me crossing the finish line of my first marathon swimming with sharks, Joe being on the great wall of china, like I didn't used to have stuff like that. But I confident, love that I was doing things I thought were so cool and then it was like I would put them on. Ceramic. Then it was just done, and this was
years ago, when I was a lot more into creating cod, for the internet that at some point I realized like these, where iconic moments in my life and you will have your version of that doesn't have to look like swimming with sharks, that was bananas but I'm sure you have a moment could be like giving birth to your bed. b or walking across the stage when you graduated of something that your proud of, and I think those should be on display. I think those moments where we have achieved something where were alike yeah, that's who I am that should be shown you'll, see framed. It is all over our house of our closest friends of our family, of a thousand vacations. It's like being surrounded with a life well lived, and it's an important north star of this is what we're doing here. This is how shown up as a moment this
is what matters to me. The one thing I want to add to frame photos that I think is really really important is you should have framed photos of yourself as a child. I think this is especially important for anybody whose doing fairer, For anyone who is doing in her child work for anyone who went through a heart childhood, or went through trauma when they were younger, half frame voters of yourself. Around the house of you as a child, because every time I see those, sure of baby rage, I send her love I Commissioner, I imagine that me at forty is holding her at three years old and comforting her in that moment and its own, really beautiful thing, I don't do it all the time. I don't want you guys to think that every morning I get up and, like you know, blow smoke over a shrine of me as a baby
but when it catches my eye on a certain day I'll just be like. Oh yeah, you know, that's yeah, that's phenomena, that's what I'm gonna show up I also have a lot of pictures of my closest loved ones. My garden angels, who are no longer here. I have a lot of framed. Pictures of my grandma and grandpa was very close with, and I have a lot of frame pictures of me and my brother as little kids and if you ve lost some one more recently, it can sometimes take a while before you're ready to have a picture out With that. You need to go at your own pace. I think the movie cocoa or you know anyone whose Had a friend do where they ve got like the frame pictures of their family. I do think that our ancestors, our and like, when you put pictures up of them, it's like they vibe that they really like that. Their being remembered- and I think it's important- so those are some of the pictures that you'll find all over the house-
I did want: are you guys this? nah annette. I kind of hate talking our products on here, because I don't want you to think it's an ad, but one of the ways that I have gotten so many frame pictures is one. I have a lot of frames of collected them over time. If I would be a target whatever and they have frames on sale. I'd buy some. Even if I didn't know what else. I put in them. Yet there is an app called literally free prints, dot com or something I found this years ago was trying to figure out how to print pictures from my phone you get like sixty four by six prints from your phone, equality for free, and I think they do this because oftentimes you'll be like. Oh, I want to five by seven of this or I want this in a different size and those they charge like a dollar for its
so nominal. You guys, that's how my house is covered with pictures. This is not an ad. It's a real thing that I use. I don't think I've ever spent more than ten bucks. When you get a great picture, the kids, you get a great picture of the family, whatever oftentimes all do like five. Four by six and then I'll mail it to the grandparents. It's just a great little thing I want to tell you about. I'd also recommends that you change photos out regularly. The pictures that I had aimed from ten years ago, are not the same ones that I have today cause I feel like they become a bit stale. If you ve got like a baby picture of your kid, you cause you, don't even see it anymore, your kid! Sixteen old. You know that there is a frame baby picture there, you're not may be taking it in, but one we swap out, and it's like that, sixteen year old, when he was crowns in a prom king, it so cool.
You're really highlighting the life you have today. This feels especially freaking important in a world where everything is digital. We take one million photos of our kids or one in photos of our life and the second, you take the picture or the second, you posted on social media. You stop thinking about that, photo. What a bummer don't do that put all around you. The evidence of your best moments of you living your best life, to remind yourself like this is what we're doing adding two for those of you. Listening to this we're working parents and as high, hard and your due in the damn thing, but there are days refill exhausted, having framed pictures of some thing that your hard work education has allowed your family too. Joy is really important. A lot of the picture
was in my home, are us on family vacation and the family vacation happens because of how hard I work so, I love the reminder of like oh yeah. This is what it's about. This is why I'm doing what I'm doing the last thing I would say about pictures is, I also have bowls of polaroids everywhere side no actually like the fuji film ones- I don't know what they're called and then polaroids, I think the fuji takes better quality, but whatever is a great gift to give people. It's like a great hostess gift, it's a great gift, anybody, because it's one of those things that we don't buy. ourselves, but we love it. If we get it so I have pulled. It's everywhere. We have polaroids all over the house and we take them if we're taking a photo on a phone were also taking a photo on ports so fund to look through so like on my coffee table. I've got just bulls of polaroids that any
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candles. I have them everywhere and that's because I like a good smelling house and am very picky how what candles I use wanting to make sure that their natural there's nothing in them. That's like bad for us, but also that just make the space smell delicious. You come over here, there's a candle, the piece of advice. I want to give you for this. That really helped me is beyond the look out for cute little matches that have a colorful top. I see this all the time
at little gift shops and I've bought, probably seven jars. I don't even know the brand. I don't even know if it is a brand. I just think it's something they sell at gift shops, but you don't have to have cute little fancy candles be on the lookout for places that give match books away for free and do a cute little jar can be a glass from your kitchen and fill that with matchbooks. I used to collect matchbooks wherever I went until I got to the place where the vase that they were in was so intense. I had to calm down but have matches right next to the candle I like to do an acute little way, but I always have a source of fire next to the candles. So as soon as I see the candle- and I think, ooh I'd like a candle moment- I can light it. I love it not just for the smell, but all so because I think a flame is really beautiful. It makes me feel cosy, even in the summer time in the winter I love and actual fire. It's maybe one of my favorite things, but I love having fire around.
The time I don't know what that means. I dont know if I have a pirate, I don't know but love a candle gives. You can't have a candle in your car that exists or two things on this list. You couldn't do in a car. I digress all rights number five Another thing that makes it smell good. Yes, there are three things on my list about sent a diffuser, that's what it's called right it's like the machine and you put the water and then he put the oil in and then the steam smells yummy, I think, is called diffuser. I have those everywhere as one behind me right now in the office, your like, will you have a candle on future yeah. I like a double up when you first walk, and to my home in the entry way. There's a big diffuser, so you are just hit with deliciousness you're coming into a wave of well good, and I want you to know unless you shop unexpectedly
I know you're coming that diffuser always been running for about an hour before you get here. That's how much I care that you are walking into like a beautiful smell, good environment. Thank you for asking my to favour. It sense lemon grass If I want like we're vibrant when you to wake up in the morning, let's go and then my second favorite when I wanna be com is lavender to be told honest with you. Lavender is my number one. I love it. Maybe that's basic, I'm sure. That's most basic oil, but it probably is because it's so delicious. I love a lavender smelling thing. Little piece of advice from me to you is: I keep the little Was of oil like assent that I like I'll, keep it in the sinner console of my car and
and if I'm going into some are for a couple hours or a lot of times. I'll drive my card at the airport when I'm going out of town for a day or two all open the bottle of essential oil and just like put it in the cup holder. So it's sitting up and when I come back to my car, my whole car will smell delicious. You could also I'm sure, there's like You could put the oil on I've, put it on a tissue or like a paper napkin and just left that in the cup holder and her whole car smells great, I'm sure there you can buy blue eyes. One tell you about things you could do and you don't have to buy. I guess this assumes that you already have some essential oils. If you doubt, I think it's worth and investment think you get yourself a bottle of lavender oil. You splurge, he just make all smell, so good. The six thing plants I have plants everywhere now here is my piece of advice for people who are not plant people,
yet, but you secretly, wannabe plants are amazing. They look beautiful, they make it more homey and they also are filtering out your air, their great. You want to research or go to a garden centre and choose plants that are easy to keep alive. Some plants are very hard. Some plants are super, easy, get yourself, ten snake plants and realise that you are the queen of keeping plants life. If you kill a snake plant, you need to talk to. Somebody is real hard to hurt those plants but find yourself some plants that are at your level of plant parenting. Ok, set yourself up for success, start with one easy to care for plant. Keep it alive feel great about yourself. Add another napping said your girl has so many plants I use,
I have special names for my plants. Of course I did, but I got so many at this point and I felt bad that some had names that others don't have names, so I stopped doing that every single Saturday morning water. All my plants- and this was gonna, be my piece of advice to you- is get plants that only need that much maintenance. Once a week I get my low, Sure and I'll tell you I use when I was little girl. It was a huge treat to get coup laid so as a big tree and our family to get Kool aid a child of the aid. He's. I dunno. If any of you are going to vibe with us, but we used to get packets so as a little square packet that had the kool aid powder inside of it, and then you put that that packet into a pitcher And if I am recalling correctly, as I made it about a thousand times, you do like two cups of water and sugar. You would mix
together and then you'd have kool aid, and we had this plastic pitcher that looked like the kool aid man. and when we all got older. I think me and my sisters, we all wanted it, but somehow I got it so I have this picture. That's what I use to water, my plants, I'm going to come back to that guy. In a second remember him. But I go through. I. Water on my plants
prune leaves, I say good morning to them. Don't laugh! It's been proven that when you talk to your plants, they do better and there like taking care of us in keeping our air clean. So I want to take care of them and that's it. That's it. When you first get plants you might have to figure out. Ok, they don't really like this window. That's love too bright for them. Then sometimes you put a plant in a spot and it's like you hit the jackpot. You found the exact I gotta plant right now that I put on the table thinking. Perhaps it was not enough sunlight for her. She is the she is driving like taylor, swift, slash beyond, say, selling out every arena in the world. She is gone. She has put on the length of a she is if your plant isn't thriving. It's because you're, not caring, for it correctly do a little research. Now, maybe you're hearing this and you're like I'll, have a plant to rachel, but I have tried my. I don't have a green thumb. I have a black thumb. I kill every plant, I get that happens. Some people can't grow a plant.
Get a fake plan right over my shoulder right here, this low cactus- and this thing. Ok, if you guys, are watching this video, you can't see what I'm pointing out, but behind me right now are two plants. There are real and they're, not real, because this studio when I'm not in it. I close very heavy drapes, there's no sunlight in here, so a plant would die same thing with my entryway. It's very dark in entryway, so all three of the plants in the entryway are fake. That's fine! Just get a fake plant that looks like a real plant if nobody inspects it close enough
and I researched today, because I wanted to be able to speak to those of you who are thinking about a fake plant but you're like what's the point I looked it up turns out. They have proven that a fake plant improves your mood, helps your focus, helps all the things that a real plant does, except it doesn't filter the air. So if you can't keep a plant alive, get the benefits of the plant with the fake plant on that tip, I understand that buying a plant involves spending money and we started this conversation by me saying you could do more these things without investing in it find yourself a friend, an anti a grandma, a person who knows how to prepare a plan and get some clippings from them and propagate your own plant in some water boom. Bang,
Thank you how low garden you didn't have to spend it. I just think it out loud number, seven make sure that you have precious things out where you can see them and in use member that kool aid picture, I told you guys about will for years it just sat at the top shelf in my pantry and every time I Every time I took notice of it, I'd feel kind of bombed cause. I thought man that was so special to me when I was a little girl and I got it my big sisters and get it and I'm not using it, I'm not using it for anything. So I found a use for that picture. I use atwater my plans and are you to fill all of the diffuses with water, that I told you about earlier so every time I see it, I'm using it
for example, is my grandfather, who was very close with had a glass coffee carafe, it was a glass carafe and that had a glass, it was like a percolator and if you guys have ever seen those and then it had this glass top- and I have used that glass pitcher for fifteen years regularly for the longest time again I had put away. I didn't want it to get her. I think it might be the only thing of my grandpas I have so I didn't want to get her and kept it away, but then same thing I was like will this is stupid. There's no! What's the memory involved in me hiding this thing out, so it doesn't get hurt, so I put it on the stove top. stays there always at some. In the last fifteen years, one of the kids accidentally broke the top of it, but I still keep it out and you know knock would I would-
for something to happen to it, but I would rather use it then not. So that's a risk I'm willing to take. I use it to boil water for lemon water for tee for iced tea, Anything we need boiling water for we use that pot and unable to use it all the time, because it's out where I can see it I know when we have lost people, especially it feels really scary to only have a few things of theirs and risk that those things get hurt. I have a t shirt of my big brothers that I love very much and over the years I've stained it. I've got like bleach stains on it and oil stains on it and when those moments happen, I would cry Kosovo This is all I have a message but I would rather where it and he on past if he would. Rather I wear it and get stains on it, then like hide it in some box in my closet, so precious things were
they're from your childhood, something you really care about or precious things from somebody that you love or your wedding, china, that you got and have never used start freaking using that for dinner every day, every day of your life is an opportunity to live your best life. Don't save quote the nice things. Foreigner. Day to day is the only day you are guaranteed so celebrate this life at you. have by utilizing the things in it that are important to you. The last thing this is the eighth thing on my list and if you have ever see me speak live. I dont think this will surprise you. I always have music on in my house, always swift, sleeping, there's, always music oftentimes during the day I'll, say, alexa play meditation music
the easiest command in the world, meditation music, sound sort of like via bees, spa, music, playing at a low level. In the background, it just add something. What some days I a little bit more, like a very specific genre, saw, be like play b for radio or play gypsy kings greatest hits like depending and what I'm interested in or how the day's going to shape up. I add a soundtrack if I'm cooking, always there's going to be music if a guest is coming for the podcast. Not only is there going to be music, but there's going to be vinyl on that dooce about my music that, if you walk in, I want there to be some vinyl playing. I have the most beautiful record player.
some favorite albums do. I sometimes choose the song based on what I think the person coming over wants to hear. Yes, I absolutely do, but it's just such a moment when someone walks in and they're like. Oh, I love the song and knowledge of this. They loved the song, they go past the entryway and they see this incredible record player. That's like playing this vintage record, Well that costs money not going away. If you don't already have vinyl, if you don't already have a record player that yeah that's an investment, but when you love something as much as I love music, I think those are the things that you invest in. So this reminds me of that old expression that says, if you want to see what someone actually values, don't listen to their words, look at their calendar and their banks. and if you look at my bank statement, you will see that I care about my home.
I invest in my home and I invest in vacations. Those are the two like without question. Those are two things I spend the most money on an I don't care about. I don't have a fancy purse. I dont have fancy shoes. I have diamonds. I dont, but like this, I do really care about that being said, a bunch of walk in there, like oh, my gosh, who decorated this, and, unlike once, I have had that couch for a decade. These are pillows from tart like there's, nothing in the house that you can't plop onto and relax there's nothing in my home that you can't spread out grab a book and like. reed or chill or be calm. There's you no good tar, in every room. The whole thing is just sat up. so that, no matter what room you go to, you feel at home. That's what
for feeling there's no way that their thinking and actual interior decorator did this house. I really do not know what I'm doing in those terms I do know how to make it feel good. I know how to make it feel at home and I think, like anything else, this is a practice. It's a practice that you star and you work on, and you too one thing and you move stuff around. I love if you'll ever seen that movie, I think it's called like, because I said sources the like Keaton Mandy, more. Mom and her three daughters and the mom Diane keen and many more keep moving, the room around again and again they keep like pushing the furniture moving to a different spot. I was love that seen because I do that. I love like oh, let's try it in this spot or let's move it here. I dont mary,
to any one way of this home being, and I am open to a jew, seen the way that we have things over time. You know I have a coffee table in my den that's like two levels, those like the top, which is a coffee table, and then it has like this shelf underneath the shelf underneath is all bored games or games card games, puzzles because we are a family that plays games, we love to play games and I want those kind of things easily accessible. So you just grab em and play together. But when my daughter is fifteen will that we'll be there. I don't know, but for I now we make decisions about what works best for our family. When I had toddlers No way I could have things were glass or candles or let crystals out low enough. The little kids could grab onto them. You have to make adjustments for what season of life you are an, but I
would love for you to consider starting in just one area of your house, and it can be as simple as like asking yourselves that question what our things when you see them in other people's homes that make you feel com they make. You feel like you're home and see if you can incorporate that without spending money into some space in your life right now, today I hope that this idea was helpful. You got at least one thing out of it that you want to try. If you dug this episode, will you send it to someone that you think would dig it to just sid. However, you found the show for the first time and share in the same exact way, whether that was social or someone text you. I would love it if you'd help me get the word out I'll be back soon. with more information, and as always the one remind you guys, I love you and I'm rooting for you
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