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525: How Can I Tell If My Chronic Pain is Physical or Emotional? How Do I Get My Confidence Back After a Breakup? | ASK RACH

2023-11-29 | 🔗
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That would make sense, but my intuition always knew your intuition always knows and your body while men fast feelings that you're having in a way that it can get your attention hi, I'm rachel hollis- and this is my podcast I spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on this show. We talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's that best plan for intermittent fasting. What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for whatever it is. My guests are into. I want unpack it so that we can all understand
these are conversations. This is information for the curious. This is the rachel Hollis, I'd gas hi, guys it's reach. Welcome to another episode in our ask: reach syria. you ve never been with me before on one of these calls, then let me set the tone. Several years back, we decided to get a podcast hotline, which is essentially like an old school answering machine where people call in from all over the world and ask me literally anything questions about business s career sex relationships, how to handle their mother. How to become a mother. I mean you name it. I get it for today's conversation, I'm starting off with a voice smell that I feel it is gonna resin, so deeply with so many listeners,
and also is the kind of thing that we wish we had figured out at this girl's age. Let me play the voicemail about mindsets as it pertains to health and chronic pain and then we're gonna talk about all the things I wait till I need them enjoying your podcasting via was about seventeen or eighteen. I big. I had a question or you're ass great ass, soon ass. I am about twenty three and I have had a chronic pain that appears to have no medical explanation and continuing to go to doctors, because I know you really have to be an advocate for yourselves to find answers, but I'm starting to wonder if the rules, the pain, might be some sort of emotional conflict or trauma which the concept I never heard out of until listening thing to your podcast, I think when he talked about your experience with vertigo, so I know you can't fix.
we give me medical advice, but I was wondering if you could talk more about how you understand the mind body connection and how you go about healing pain caused by emotional conflict. Intention in your life. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you. Thank you for this question. I wish that you weren't experiencing these painful symptoms. I wish
that it was not so hard for women to be believed when they say that they have issues. I wish that you didn't have to be such an advocate for yourself, but I think it's incredibly wise of you to consider that the chronic pain you are encountering is not only physical. It is also very likely emotional said before I dive into that. Let me explain to those of you who haven't heard me talk about it, what she's referencing when she says that I told the story of having vertigo I've talked about this and books and Positive. I've shared it here on the podcast before, but I went through a period of time where I had really bad vertigo for a year. I was very young way too young to be experiencing that symptom, and I tried everything
went to every doctor. I got brains can stand. I went to ear, nose and throat specialist. I had myself checked for tumors. I did blood work. I could not understand what was happening. I just constantly felt dizzy and nauseous all day every day. and at the time I had young children- and I was running a company with- must have had five or six employs and it did not have the ability to just not work. I handled that for her to go by just pushing harder by having more caffeine by trying to make up the difference for how is feeling through stimuli It's like I'll have a fourth shot of espresso at starbucks like edges, I was young and I didn't know anything about health I remember someone told me that it could be cause from like AL.
allergies building up in your inner ear and making you feel unbalanced. So I started taking claritin every day and then sometimes I'd take benadryl at night cause. I thought it would help my allergies. It was so stupid in retrospect it was stupid, but when we don't know what to do, we only can do what we know, and what I knew was go to a doctor. Try and find treatment, take pills, thats what I knew I dealt with it for a year, and it was actually my ex mother in law to my mother in law at the time, she now, my ex mother in law, but she was the one she's a nurse and she had a patient who had come in and they were adding and she was like. Oh yeah, I just dealt with my vertigo. And my mother in law knew how badly I had been struggling with its issues like war who'd, you go to and the woman gave her a number four. I don't even know if he was a doktor may
be. He was like a natural path, but I don't think so I remember so. because whatever this guy was, I had never heard of it before. But at that point I would have done anything to fix what was going on with me. It was awful and debilitating of so tired of being sick all the time, so I make them to go see this guy, and I kid you not today. If I went to him today, I be you're, my new favorite person were hanging out forever, but back then I had never seen crystals in real life. This guy had like a ponytail. He had a ganache statue He like did his own herbal potion. I was like I am about to be in doktor needed into witchcraft. This is crazy, but it was so bad. At that point, I might have picked up witchcraft if he told me that it would help ease ho
it was the craziest experience and I now totally think this guy was like a medical intuitive. I one hundred per cent think he was talking to like spear guides are angels or something because for the entire to our session. He never one time looked me in the eye. He looked off to the left, except asked me questions, and I kept talking and talking and talking and all of a sudden out of the blue helix slammed his hand on the table. He's like no! No, no stop. I know what your problem is and I was like, oh my god what and he was Your vertigo is not physical, it is emotional, he said you ve, me over and over and over the last two hours that you are experiencing Doing all this thing, your business is exploding. You have these kids, all this stuff was happening and you keep saying I just feel totally out of control. I feel out of control, and he said I don't even think you realise that when you say the words out of control, your hands
make a motion. Like your dizzy, your make a dizzy motion whenever you say that you feel out of control, and I was like wholly crap he's right and it was first time that I was like. Oh my gosh. I'm really stressed I'm really overwhelmed. I'm really feeling out of control and that out of control, Feeling that emotion in my body is making me feel dizzy, but I not acknowledging the emotion I'm just pushing through. So I continue to experience the symptom. And I remember just being like- there's- no way it's this simple, but I swear on my life that I got in my car and by the time I got in my car that day for the first,
I'm in a year my vertigo was like half is bad I still had it a little bit, but it was half his back. Just the awareness of what was causing this feeling half as bad. Our minds are the most powerful. You don't even understand how powerful your minus, if you did, if we even contemplated how power-
We are you wouldn't be listen. My podcast you'd be like levitating right now. If we even truly understood what the human mind was really capable of, but your mind is so capable of creating the manifestation of the feeling. Your body is storing emotions inside of it. These are unprocessed emotions that could be from what's happening in your life right now or pass traumas or china. had stuff that gets a locked and trapped in the body. So what I would say to my friend who left his voice mail and anybody else who might be experiencing a physical symptom. You get headaches all the time. You always have lower back pain. You know, you're, you
at this. Your left, ankles are always going out of whack and you can't figure out the physical reason to things. I want you to check out number one. I want you to read a book called the body keeps the score. The body keeps the score. It is a comic it's been around forever. It is like the essential book on this idea that trauma gets trapped in the body and then manifest as physical elements. The other thing that you can do is Google. Is google, the exact symptom that you are having in your body and it. It should just be something that you experience occasionally. This is like chronic pain that keep showing up google, the spiritual significance or the energetic reasoning behind exact thing that you're feeling there a ton of different elements and a ton of different diseases at are commonly linked to very soon
emotions so, for instance, lower back pain right. Lots of people have lower back pain is usually emotionally to a feeling of not having support, not having the support that you mean There is also the idea like when your shoulders, like the upper part of your back, like your literally like you, keep experiencing pain their painter. It's because energy equally or emotionally. It's like you're carrying the way of the world on your shoulders. How many p are getting. You have chronic sore throats right, you chronically getting tonsillitis. You constantly got something going on with you
oh and then energetically or emotionally, you don't feel like you're able to speak your truth. You don't feel like you have power in your voice. You keep having pain in the same ankle. He told me like. Oh, I keep I keep throwing off this ankle. I keep having you here, then I'm gonna ask you which ankle not. Now it's really get into this, which ankle, because the left side of our body is our feminine. the right side of our body is our masculine. So you tell me that you keep experiencing pain in the left ankle will then energy? clear emotionally I'd like you to explore. Who is the woman in her life that you feel like you're on the wrong footing with
Who is the woman in your life? That's on the wrong path. You can think about what the parts of our body represent to us and what pain in that area might mean. There are tons of books on this and you can get real- and I think you have to be careful because sometimes when you start to do research, they can all start to sound. The same, though be like pain in your head equals this this and this hair loss in its the same symptoms by It is incredibly important to ask yourself what ocean. We might be contributing to the way that you're feeling actually think you'll have a ton of success if you just start doing research on the emotional or energetic connection tied in to the chronic pain that you have hague I've, this episode is brought to you by the first ever toy oda grand
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leases odors and stains more easily in the wash it breathes. Well, it absorbs moisture, and it just makes me feel good, so don't forget to check the label and make sure its cotton the fabric of our lives. Here's another weird one that a lot of us haven't wanted to face but facing it can be really helpful. I for years and years and years used to get super sick at the end of every year, super sick at the end of every year and in fact weirdly you guys. I experience that this year, for the first time in a very long time you ve probably heard me say I never get sick and ever get sick. I got a bronchial infection so bad over a month ago that still today,
hey I've had to cough a thousand times, while recording today's podcast episodes like it's still very much in my lungs. You can hear it right now. I just pause the recording to clear my throat. It's still affecting me and when it happened, I was reminded of how, every year, at the end of the year, I used to get super freaking, sick, super, sick, super sick and what so sad, but so real is for those of us who are high achievers for those of us who take care of every buddy for those of us who feel like we gotta do all the things and be all the things sometimes being sick, is the only way that we get care sometimes being sick is the only time we allow ourselves to slow down your body he is listening to your mind. Your mind is incredibly powerful
things that are going on in your subconscious will manifest in your body, and you don't have to believe that what I am saying is true: sometimes you have a headache. Is you need to drink some water? Sunlight? Do you have a headache because there's something bigger at play, but what I definitely don't want us to do is keep having a symptom that we keep treating rather than asking what the root cause of that symptom is, and My friend, you called in with this question. Beyond doing your own research and on being your own advocate the next place, the head would be to energy workers like rake he energy healers people who work. on moving the physical stuff your body and that usually does not require any actual touch. They don't lay hands on you to do that. Rape is just energy and if you ve never had ricky done, it is wildly and
Hence I challenge you to go, see a great ricky, therapist and not trip out at what can intervene. key happen when someone is not touching you at all, but just like holding their hands above certain parts, your body, I remember getting ricky done. Three years ago- and it was the craziest experience, so oh yeah, I was laying on. I was like at a spa and it was laying on the bed and she was just sort of going through my body whatever, and she got over my heart and She was holding her hands, like maybe a foot above my chest, eyes were closed. My eyes are supposed to be closed, but she got to my test. I can still tap into the feeling right now. and it was like literally like she had open pandora's box. And I know what I am about to say sounds crazy, but it was like.
A thousand lifetimes of screaming in pain like I didn't feel physical pain, but I just fell. this, like crazy energy rush of so much pain, so much sadness like deep, keep sadness, and I remember she did that. I was like my eyes- flew up and her eyes flew open, and I was like I can't I can't I can't sit still like I felt like I was gonna like run through a brick wall cause. I just had so much energy coming out of me and she was like this is intense like you, how you're holding so much pain, locked in your chest- and I was like, I feel but I really, I really understand the just the pain that I felt in my lifetime was it was crazy, but it really does help doesn't mean it's not intense.
I want you to understand that doing energy work in a lot of ways can be more hence thing going to a therapist and doing that kind of work. I think all of these things should happen in tandem, but there's all sorts of physical things too, that you can do just to help your body release energy. Some massage is really great If you find a masseuse that has good vibes and good energy, I always think you have to be really conscious where you get a massage and who you get one from, because if someone has bad vibes in there that close to your body, I just I think it's it's only gonna make you feel worse, A massage can be really great. A fantastic chiropractor can move energy. Your body, a re key therapist energy workers, but like your if you have never gone to someone like this, do not play, don't go on yelp, don't look in the phone book
like you only want to go someplace like that. If it has been referred to you by someone else, someone that you trust because there are a lot of people who like put a crystal in their lobby and try and act like there, an energy healer, and you should. Be letting anyone energetically into your space if you dont, know their intent and that sounds very dramatic, but it's not but There are so many things that you can do to help yourself in this way, and I really want to each and every interview to consider energy as part of your therapeutic work. As you go into the new year, it'll change your life. It really really will
I got into energy work with my friend kimberly Lucas, who have had on the show a ton and it started as she does facial stretching and if you ve ever had that done. It's like very deep intent stretching and I used to have people do it after I would do a conference. So after I one stage for three days that arise conference? The muscles in my body are like as tight as a bow, I'm holding it all in my body and so at the end of every day. I'd have someone come and do these really deep stretches to like helped me loosen up, while that I met him cause. She did that work and then we- I'm talking about the energetic side of things she be like. Oh, can I balance you and I'll be lucky and she'd like older hands over my neck or she'd even touch me at all and just like energetically and it would I'd feel so much better book. Would you just do
so I really started doing a deep dive with her and often times the pain my body was going back to childhood stuff oftentime, she'd, be like I'm getting you at twelve years old. I am picking up like a twelve year old version of you, and I we like why now and then I'd sit with it for metabolic, oh, my god that was the year that this happen. Ok! Well, How does that make you for unjust? Talking about that emotion would allow me to release it and would then see less tension in my body kim worked on My jaw, I had like very intense tmj. Like super super painful, you guys very painful jaw muscles and she works on that physically, which is so painful by the way, when summons, doing like a deep, massage or stretch on your job.
cells. It's you got, it hurt so bad, but she would also work on it energetically and I this thing where, if some one would even lightly- and I mean lightly- touch my left side of my throat- I would start choking and- in fact in realising this is the first thing she worked on. She was stretching and she went to. My head to the sides ass. She could stretch my shoulder and I started choking so bad. They couldn't breathe and she was like what just happened. I'm, like? Oh I've, always been that way as the law. as I have can remember, nobody can touch the left side. Of my my throw out. I search and she was like woe. Can I help you with us and our like a media and then same thing? She's like oh, it's left side, which is your friend inside. It's your throat chakra, it's you don't feel like you're allowed to express yourself, united
to speak your truth, who is a woman in your life that you have might have these feelings from mom and I was like what and we started to work through that. I can't I know I sound like over the top, but I swear. We talked about a certain situation in my life for I don't know ten minutes and then she fully with her hands on my throat and the sensation was gone and she had work with me on that for probably six or nine months, because it would come back and small degrees, but eve that changed, my life changed my life. like I had carried so much pain in my jaw and had this weird choking sensation that just is gone
and that's not the same as chronic pain. That's not the same as our friend who called in that a much greater issue that your experiencing, but I have a sneaking suspicion that for a lot of us, its emotional and I'm just A harp on this forever. Have your hormones checked? I know you're very young, but it's worth it soon are easy to have your hormones checked. Now they do it with a saliva test. Just haven't, checked and see where things are. I just had a conversation. I took one of my old employees out to coffee the other day, she's late twenties. It was like the saddest conversation she's, not even thirty, and what she has gone through because of her hormones. Endometriosis, pc, o s like, horrible pain in her body. She started on birth control when she was like very young cause. It was helpful at helped like her act in all the things the doctors tell us then completely
shadow hormones from being on it. For too long now she finds herself she's, not even thirty and she's. Just experiencing these awful side effect and is trying to learn how to balance or hormones much earlier age than I had to figure it out like don't assume that, because you're, not forty or fifty or sixty that it's not a hormonal balance, if you look it up, women expect, far more chronic illness than men do and there's a lot of reasons they do, but one of them is fluctuating hormones. Things affect us in a different way and often deeper than they would our male counterparts, who just make sure that your having your stuff checked out. from wondering and doktor seuss and coming to live from the top of mount crumpets, its tis, the grinch holiday. Talk, show
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is a really good question that I think a lot of people are gonna resonate with. and that is how d you get over the anxiety you feel dating again after you, ve gone through a messy break up after someone has hurt, you and you feel sort of shaken to your core how d you get over that and just to give you a little context on her story. She is divorced. Her kids are grown and she has been with her new partner for a couple of years. So even though they ve been together for a while, she says she can't shake the, allaying, that the other guy in the room are prettier or he's gonna see someone else and like them more or she says she huh
as every once in a while this desire to like snoop and look at his phone and then she said. Oh, I don't want to be that person like this, isn't the past relationship. Why do I think like this? And I'm going to give you, as always ya. A few different perspectives here and I'm gonna trust that our friend, who called in is, going to listen to her intuition and go with the one that resonates most deeply in her spirit, because saw your particular context. There could be a lot of different things going on, but why one of them is gonna ring more true with you, then the other. So, let's start with the one. That's not quite much of a bummer, and that is that you have been hurt before and the hurt that you have experienced. Is causing you to paint everything
in your life through that lends so it's interesting about what she said is she's. Like I used to be so confident, I have lost my company and this is not me- and I don't like it and I dont know how to fix it. Well, we lose confidence when we go through really traumatic events in our life that shake the foundation we always counted on if you never experience scarcity around money and your family goes bankrupt, oh that's terrifying, and it would make sense why you would now be very insecure, herb, not confident with things pertaining to finances. if your business always did really well and then you've just had the worst year on record and really not sure how you're going to pull it back from the brink. That would rock your confidence and if you had a partner who cheated on you and you didn't
backed it and you could never have imagined that this person who love so much, would do this thing. Will it really easy to see how scary it would be for you to fully trust someone else after being her in that way and if that's the ace. You really have to understand that this has nothing to do with your partner. If you our colouring this new relationship with the same paintbrush As the old relationship, it's not your partners fault that you feel this Because it doesn't really matter and she's, like you know you so great and always she's like when I have the courage to tell I'm feeling he's like babe like you, don't I would never like. That's awesome, but it doesn't matter what he says if you are still feeling these emotions based on something that happened before.
So it's really work that you have to do on yourself to figure out what is going on. Why you feel this way, how you- overcome it and that something that usually happens on the other side of therapy, It is not something that you try and work out with your boyfriend, is something you work out with a neutral third party who is trained to help you get past the way that you are feeling people try, and work out relationship problems with their current partner about emotions that they have from their past partner and all it does is here the current relationship. Like I remember actually speaking with, I want to say it was like an astrologer or one I think it was one talking to jessica when yadda last year- and she was asking me about my new relationship.
And I was telling her about my boo and like all the things- and he is my best friend, he is the most amazing human like. I can't even I'm not gonna gush over him, but he's the best, then I was telling her all these things. She's intuitive and like she's, a medium and all the stuff, and so she was like kind of king or maybe listening to whoever she talks to hide who know and she was like. Do you talk to him about your past relationship and I was like oh yeah because we were deep in the middle of so much staff and obviously he was walking through that with me and he was walking through it with the kids and he's such a advocate and care. Take her and like all these things he is like in it now. The guy is very much in it and he sees it and she's ikea. I see that, but in the long run. That is not healthy for your relationship and like,
was kind of like hurt by well we're grown ups like this she's, like yeah by think about if the situation was reversed, And even though he's watching things and seems to happen- and he knows that is- but if you keep processing with him about your ex- is unfair to him. Because he can't really be true for in that moment of use being true. For that moment, he be like if that guy right, but there's too any other lairs is too much other stuff. I really sat with that for several, and I was like she's right. She's right is not fair, so as much as we would discuss things that were like very much surface level from that
I never talked about like hard pass things. The way that I had, because I think the difference was that he was forced to encounter that person all the time. It's not. Like someone with an ex boyfriend that you're never going to see them again and your new partners never gonna see them again. That's not what we had. So it was really helpful advice. To me and maybe is really helpful advice to you, my friend, to not try and process this feeling about your acts with your new boyfriend. So that's one since Rio, here's the other one, that's a bummer but you need to hear it or maybe someone else needs to hear it. You have anxiety, because your intuition knows that this guy is not doing the right thing. How about that option? How about that- and
I don't know that that's true and if me saying it didn't like ring a core unlike the centre of your soul than ignore completely, maybe that Such was for some one else entirely, but there's a big reason that you might not be able to move past this feeling, there's a big reason why you might have an instinct to snoop. There is agrees and why you're? scanning the room to see who else is here, and she also If the guys told me a couple of other stories that he sort of is excused away and I'm not going to excuse away? My instinct is actually that this is what's really going on. Because I know that we always now we know We always now. We know in some things off, we know when it's not over and it doesn't have to be some big catastrophic. He screwing half the time,
leaders in town. It doesn't have to be that sometimes it's just that there is a fundamental value that you have. That is missing from the person you are dating. Sometimes it is just a core belief that this person when they're not around you acts and opposition of, sometimes we're just sensing on a deeper level that we I never know the answer to that. Something is incompatible between us and this other person, your intuition freaking knows you know right now. In fact, you knew before you then and left me this voicemail. You knew if it was something that you needed to go talk to a therapist about, and you are so new. If he's doing something, that's not yeah. You know in your heart of hearts.
one way or another, because I really understand what it is to be in a relationship that is filled with lies filled. I really understand what it's like to go into: a new relationship with trust issues, but even with all that I have to tell you. I have never worried about my new partner doing the untrustworthy things that my old power. nor did I've had anxiety, I've had nerves. I've definitely felt a a slowness to like really completely open. My heart really completely light Trust on all the levels like that took a lot longer than I think it would have otherwise, but I
never worried that he would do the same things. In fact, told me if you're, like oh yeah, your boo did this this in this, I believe IRAN, I don't know you just freaking, no new legal way way way. You didn't know last time you right in my mouth find in my brain surgery, brolly I did not know that feelings, I was feeling were my intuition and it's brilliant. I didn't mean to do this, but it's brilliant that the first question in this episode was paired with the second question in this episode, because I think it's the same thing. I can look back on that time period where I had that vertigo And it aligns exactly when a lot of things were happening. That I didn't know we're happening I didn't know, I didn't know,
and when I later found things out, I look back on my Train I'm like oh yeah, when you were dead Four year, an ex wise you happening behind your back, oh yeah. That would make sense. HU, as much as in my mind, I didn't know it. I never like snoop through a phone and like found no, but my in tuition, always knew your intuition. And always knows, and your body will manifest The feelings that you're having in a way that it can get your attention. In this instance, you get to choose here's the path that doesn't involve you breaking up with someone. If you're like I'm just not run great go, do therapy commit to six months affair. Pe get your confidence back
get your groove back start feeling yourself again. Work through your stuff cause, either way you ve got stuff. You gonna work through right on the other side of that. If you are still feeling the concern that your answer, one hundred percent, I keep saying mass, but you might never know why your intuition was screaming at you about a person and if you're lucky, you never will just trust the voice. Inside of you, that's telling you that this is the right thing for you or, if When I said it could be in two and your god was like tingling name. That's it trusts that you don't need to go through six months. I mean therapies great, either way but trust that law if people will feel these things and never do the work too,
discover what s really going on, because they don't want to know. they don't want to deal with it. They don't want to have to go through a break up. They don't want to encounter something that they see as a failure, but the biggest failure I can imagine would be to be untrue to yourself just so you can have a partner. Oh my god. What like being single is fantastic is fantastic. I mean I was never liked the dating single. I was the like, stay at home in order take out and where grannie, panties and watch documentaries about colt leaders single freaking loveday it. As the best the best. Oh, my gosh, so much fun, not for everybody, sir.
People would rather be inner relationships. Are there not alone, so they don't feel lonely, even if the relationship is hurtful to their true self. Thus, you re of this life. You got to do whatever you want, but if all that holding you back from following your truth is a fear of being alone. Ah what what a waste of what you could be missing, what a waste Of a potential partnership that is everything, you're, hoping and dreaming of what a waste of that which will never come to fruition, because we can receive anything when our hands are full and if you stay in this space, where your hands or full with the wrong partner you'll never get to an open handed opportunity to meet the right. One
Right guys, my six rolled has just gotten home from school and she's dancing out in front of my studio and it's time for me to come this session and she's coming in high. I can cut you up and advocate. Oh can you give me two minutes? Please thank you. it's time. For me to go, be a mom, but I hope that something I said today was helpful for you and that you'll share it with a friend if you think it will be helpful for them. If you'll have question, like they had questions. Seventy seven four hundred for sixty six I'll be back soon with more conversation and until then, as always, I love you guys and am rooting for you. The Rachel Hollis podcast is produced by me, Rachel Hollis, its edited by andrew weller and jack noble,
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